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Mon Sep 16 20:21:48 2013 +0000
77f0178eb807c269920fa84a3c43212191b335efMark Banner — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=betamerge,ba=betamerge CLOSED TREE
41f417badd5f647171b1b203319f1fe84e579226Mark Banner — Added tag BETA_BASE_20130916 for changeset 029a9aaa62f3 a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE AURORA_25_END
029a9aaa62f3862263de6cfabfc4b3e0f4e01e79Mark Banner — Bug 904258 Fix l10n mozconfigs not to use hgtool for pulling repos, and fix the mac L10n mozconfig not to do a universal build. r=rail,a=Standard DONTBUILD BETA_BASE_20130916
87b939272ffd9c2649672fe53a29f1643ee6b3fdFrank Wein Bug 904485 - Remove the static linking to libstdc++ in Linux default mozconfig files (got replaced by --enable-stdcxx-compat), add missing --enable-stdcxx-compat to some Linux mozconfig files, r=bustage-fix a=Callek CLOSED TREE
3857fc8746f437f1dc1240d0d3db235753f0863dEdmund Wong — Bug 904485 - stdcxx error in build.
e1bb7e555abcf9ac7ddeb0ac6336158b4dbc0fa6tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-155 - a=blocklist-update
84636bf658588e3d8e8f177b7202449de6087cc0seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-6 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
a3ea653d4337c65237a99910ab270a8d7ff27fe6Merike Sell — Bug 895433 - Change some l10n comments. r+a=Fallen
800787d535dad2ac9662702981b4efc9b00ad2a0Merike Sell — Bug 895433 - Fix some extraction bugs. r+a=Fallen
d5612311be416ab7b3d1c7ea601f54e60214063fHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 891745 - Waits for statusString changed if the string is null. r+a=Standard8
2026e78b955534a1905564aa66ce41a5fbb60235Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 910286 - Set toolbar icons mode to avoid undrawn buttons on the toolbar. r+a=Standard8
8b7b5340f10238e743c8b9374c371ac9c88fb9b8Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 910281 - Calculate notification box height in case of showing notifications. r+a=Standard8
1033b3b326a0965db7cf298909c24c394bb5d707Makoto Kato — Bug 732687 - Crash [@ nsMsgSendReport::DisplayReport] during compose, save to Drafts folder fails - add some protection about possible bad cases when handling failures. r=irving,a=Standard8
7df1cb91c5b9d4eca9e4192b5682f744073ada74Mark Banner — Bug 901771 Package the LDAP Autocomplete javascript component to make LDAP autocomplete work again. r=Neil,a=Standard8 CLOSED TREE
8784f3689533eaa0042c496bbdcd674bbd410cb1Sebastian Hengst — Bug 913964 - Don't show 'Ignore Thread', 'Ignore Subthread', and 'Watch Thread' menu items on non-mail, special tabs like 'Troubleshooting information'. r=Standard8,a=Standard8
a3a0b7ac87c72ba35ba9bd6ca6c584df31d63f0cHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 902370 - Fix and Unit test for renaming imap folder. r=Neil,a=Standard8
a3574e532501fdfe2af4e86559099fb2e7ee4f7cMagnus Melin — Bug 814382 - Can't change encoding for source view in TB17. r+a=standard8
1219ee86cf3a1dd35a23e5b003fd7eefd98e933eMagnus Melin — Bug 741158 - "Always load remote content from ..." fails to work with Thunderbird on OS X (Picks up contact from OS X address book, rather than local) r+a=standard8
5c633bc9ae1eccea55053dbcadf7cfd69c1d033ctbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-395 - a=blocklist-update
e0300c86884e0ce40a3353f5a368810ff1a8069eseabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-1 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
90ad8c65cb012e0f61dd59a74e4cc84cfe96a157Martin Schroeder — Bug 504299 - Asia/Jerusalem DST record is erroneous in timezones.sqlite. r+a=philipp
d5d29d4513e9f45c008a6870d36569ef76285caaIan Neal — Bug 906937 - SeaMonkey is missing imapAuthMechNotSupported from r=neil a=ratty a=callek for CLOSED TREE
3d37ef817e5a75d32d7adb9089d1b7f83e434b91tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ix-034 - a=blocklist-update
08da124900fef28c1351d2a59509755a115c0a7eseabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-1 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
50e64aa0beb7863d2f252abd5c374e143158bfaeHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 857678 - Add null check barrier in nsMsgDatabase::RowCellColumnToCollationKey. r=Neil,a=Standard8
3749620ed69419ebeb990478c0c65ab0172f8a39alta88 — Bug 891372 - RSS feed does not get latest posts - don't use the cache when getting a new version. r=mkmelin,a=Standard8
cbfa43a464f8c329cdb1d766088540ea737e1c91Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 904162 - Fix for test_partsOnDemand.js failure. r+a=Standard8
76aee4d7b4ab81f9071c438c94e09a3fcf8d29b2Richard Marti — Bug 893548 - Print dialogue from main 3pane disappears immediately into background. r=mkmelin, a=Standard8
a46b0b97c245329f70a4bda112371675d6fb7dddPatrick Cloke — Bug 898760 - Twitter says connected but shows nothing. r=fqueze, a=Standard8
80c91c514ec22f456d5bba43f41579db615d7407Sebastian Hengst — Bug 516356 - Tools > Activity manager does not bring existing activity mananger window in the foreground. r=mkmelin, a=Standard8
11a2ae167584e10acef822f9026bc877014dc2c3Mark Banner — Port bug 902104 to fix build-sync-dirs bustage. rs=build system peer port,a=bustage fix
5e2a78f0636b3ff8180e6c0a89b5d5b32831b283Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 901959 - Do not remove .msf files before folderRenamed notifier. r+a=Standard8
3a0afb97438ab2becee1476fe600756691514bd8Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 904162 - Remove file extension in x-yencode text to avoid failure on Windows. r+a=Standard8
5e409e0e5afb8fa04c6ea67da9fd33f9b9c8706eNeil Rashbrook — Bug 901871 Plugin placeholder displays incorrectly in Modern r=mcsmurf
1ec37735e81895b4dac93adb11880e0c99ac8cf0Neil Rashbrook — Bug 899822 Stop trying to sync LDAP sessions r=Standard8
3a1cca236d711e43581a219e1b15aee3ad368ca4Neil Rashbrook — Bug 899104 Places should be able to open tabs in an active private window r=IanN
9a3e6cc59ab94aa6000afc1050592467dd375d0aNeil Rashbrook — Bug 898781 Opening a tab sometimes causes exceptions in WindowsPreviewPerTab.jsm r=Ratty
66f9ea142d333ff663d331dbc75491ca0df11361Neil Rashbrook — Bug 868486 Improve session restore preference logic r=IanN f=rsx11m
3587f0601a137676605c50dc9170ef50cc304c46Matthew Mecca — Bug 906650 - caldav calendar sync failing with aUri is null. r+a=philipp
e1a3449c40483759137276b67241986c49dde211Frank Wein — Bug 862701 - Fix SeaMonkey in case MOZ_FOLD_LIBS gets defined (currently not defined by default), r=package-fix, a=package-fix DONTBUILD
50fa92310b7aed462dd0a5756f3e773315c5232dFrank Wein — Bug 909037 - Fix test errors in browser_dataman_basics.js follow-up, r=test-fix, a=test-fix DONTBUILD
1d45434d829b1955529b11217c47d8cd5073771cFrank Wein — Bug 909037 - Fix test errors in browser_dataman_basics.js, r=test-fix, a=test-fix DONTBUILD
9ce5f85470ddcdb6c2ca474ff0edac22e209e074Edmund Wong — Bug 906976 - Fix for linux64 build failure. r+a=Callek on a CLOSED TREE
8d73909e4a3e42f8b3e974edc74546fe2cc92019Frank Wein — Bug 901673 - Fix calls to "getPluginUI" in click-to-play UI code, test fixes, r=test-fix only, a=test-fix only, DONTBUILD
839a532b06b81af7a5cc9327bff24b962140d123Frank Wein — Bug 901749 - Fix what preference "Activate all plugins by default" in SeaMonkey preferences window sets, activate click-to-play UI by default in about:addons, r=Neil, a=IanN
7febcfcd0ccd8e9e8236dc4fc329bbbdeb9866b8Richard Marti — Bug 906512 - Small strip in the color of the tabbar's calendar tab between tab bar and the calendar toolbar. r+a=Fallen
1465620aae23b758a1e93aaf79abc369382d4b8dFrank Wein — Bug 879170 - Remove mozLoadFrom from suite/, r=Neil, a=IanN
ff56a3c685ee28afe03b613bdd6035486d4467ebFrank Wein — Bug 906012 - Port contextmenu test changes from Firefox, r=test-fix only, a=IanN
e4940a9260b21f238220aa236785608ae2254102tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-336 - a=blocklist-update
25837b1e5eab1b125fd07d7c9c32c52f8c65c6d9seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-2 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
0d7241eebb9c32599419d60c2966dbc01d2f7924Ian Neal — Version bumps for SeaMonkey a=automerge
9af3de0af00579c55d78ec637fe2b80c4f14d794Mark Banner — Bug 904258 Update release and l10n mozconfigs to better match the nightly ones. r=rail,a=Standard8
31638cf345d75af4c38c378b6969b7c969ece1fcMark Banner — Unit test for Bug 900552 Ensure attachment names are escaped. r=jcranmer,a=Standard8
b4988a793e3810a345e540b5fd542723da8d6600Mark Banner — Bug 900552 Ensure attachment names are escaped. r=Neil,a=Standard8
019bb9b66dffcec47b9c92c2da515ce37bd6e2b6Mark Banner — Bug 903402 Workaround errors appearing on the console when the cache service tries to get cachePDir which isn't defined for non-mobile platforms. r=jcranmer,a=Standard8
3163066a4f5495a3236b4e7999dc6cd19cc33e1fJim Porter — Bug 898683 - Context menu for .eml files is broken - check to see if the message is not external before using message.folder. r=mkmelin,a=Standard8
7d12206a40149f56e8209708a18b2de467a445f6Markus Adrario — Fix bug 902916 - calendar-occurrence-prompt is not initialized correctly [Error: 'ReferenceError: cal is not defined' in calUtils.js]. r=philipp,a=philipp CLOSED TREE
6013a4dd10d8c9759d71adc1a7d7608eb2db41b4Richard Marti — Bug 884801 - In the contacts sidebar in compose window, the column titles of the found cards list are white. r=mconley,ui-review=mconley,a=Standard8
308f4b31c05645a97735e284b2a2baaea1a60dedHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 903946 - Avoid uncaught errors in nsIExternalProtocolService. r+a=Standard8
280df7892c113411a110b899786472d130ad2c86tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-centos6-hp-017 - a=blocklist-update
4588b7fc33848f7944bb3eeb32787bbc62e393a9seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-5 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
2312a96b19fe35ddebe9e5a92c0d2e37d84ee3e9Edmund Wong — Bug 886180 - Disable gstreamer bustage fix. r+a=bustage on a CLOSED TREE
1f32a4df63a7ea54e4643b2651b0afb06b976982Edmund Wong — Bug 886180 - Disable gstreamer on Linux64. r=Callek a=Callek on a CLOSED TREE.
674944f2cb638c134429a4ba08e60e9aad5f4557Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 901543 - Fix mismatch of async_driver and yield. r+a=Standard8
307e433e1dfa1bf1d7008964d0295106fc81e4f1Mark Banner — Bug 901678 Fix appending relative paths on Windows in pop3d.js. r=jcranmer,a=Standard8
acbc0c79daa4b10f86d8981eb48a604b77d24088Mark Banner — Bug 902934 Create an nsIXULAppInfo to fix errors in test_attachment_size.js and replace existing instances with use of a generic test module. r=jcranmer,a=Standard8
f225eb187d5b8ffeb467cdd111cb25953f526bbdMark Banner — Bug 901544 Define a UMimTyp directory service provider so that the code activated by the tests can use it. r=jcranmer,a=Standard8
a0bb131ccd75f06e286baf11c1bd76451b6d47eeMark Banner — Bug 901544 Remove unnecessary mailDirService.js since bug 459114 made it redundant. r=jcranmer,a=Standard8
cacaee75ce100e4fa3dc08486fc507f51061fa89Mark Banner — Bug 901544 Remove unnecessary mailDirService.js uses since bug 459114 made it redundant. r=jcranmer,a=Standard8
9d2960c036b883dd29d6283309584a6489b639dfFrank Wein — Bug 901673 - Fix calls to "getPluginUI" in click-to-play UI code, r=Neil, a=IanN
e4ee0c0868648efae3bc1d45b614479d2009cd76Frank Wein — Bug 798278 - Implement multiple plugin doorhanger UI, Mac theme patch, r=stefanh, a=IanN
d856a8a20b8dbfc0b3935a0d4907c77b6b3c080dMark Banner — Bug 901514 Stop the mailDirService being initialized twice, as is the case with some of the gloda tests. r=jcranmer,a=Standard8
d8f34d127f89310b6fd0a8a14c4d98c3b13d941eRichard Marti — Bug 900534 - Fix warning in calendar-event-dialog.css. r+a=Fallen
b9eea1e38b28fb3a2dd2207685ebfb66a64f7c91Philipp Kewisch — Bug 886211 - Provider capability for number of categories supported. r=mmecca, a=Fallen
ddf2bab9b52cf015eab41935d50207cb89ce98dcPhilipp Kewisch — Bug 874654 - Infinite loop at refresh when Caldav server is up but calendar is not available - extra patch to catch all 4xx/5xx codes. r=mmecca, a=Fallen
a8c46631e0dc8f7f7d60b5eff0fbb8beed083e72Mohit Kanwal[:redDragon] — Bug 788004 - No email send after invitation creation if offline cache is enabled. r+a=Fallen
70f9a67f54c1394e58998406965546ec770a1be6Mark Banner — Bug 901537 - In the fake mail server, correctly handle the socket being closed from outside when we're trying to write to it. r=jcranmer,a=Standard8
fb476910d19fc040cbd6f8159af6fdb36d6e0becMark Banner — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=auroramerge,ba=auroramerge CLOSED TREE
5d0fb1691835bcc27abdfaeef61f3533b7bdf5c7Mark Banner — Added tag AURORA_BASE_20130805 for changeset b7359393d3fe a=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
b7359393d3fe7e063a6b83676a9f672c00a13d00JosiahOne — Bug 887242 - Update tests and dependent files for the new IDs. r=mconley. a=Standard8 for CLOSED TREE AURORA_BASE_20130805
a7e0cc2171dc2205c2122f7fcf0ea911176adba1JosiahOne — Bug 887242 Add more IDs to the elements in MessengerCompose.xul. r=mkmelin
9463299217318bf8be1a346976cc0217eeb00041Andrew Buehler — Bug 495946 - Provide a selectable option for threading messages received by date. r=Neil
e2a13615d5d328418469fad3489fa030871546d2Suyash Agarwal — Bug 221592 - All POP3 error dialogs show the associated account name. r=Neil,ui-review=bwinton
2665b6cecf197dded7a30c5f0529841eb9beac17Mark Banner — Fix bustage from bug 786487 - Update the test for the latest changes following the module refactorings. rs=bustage fix for CLOSED TREE
6a97d8b565ea8b69c529e1e5f113691e9d1cad45Mark Banner — Port bug 884897 - remove dom_push.xpt from installers. rs=bustage fix for CLOSED TREE
15ad50bcc38d4f6691d9aa5ba72a1003bae595e0Landry Breuil — Bug 892678 - Port bug 763181 to TB to fix packaging when using native NSPR/NSS/SQLITE r=standard8. a=Standard8 for CLOSED TREE
f97b99aa324be8d5a5db51265832b23946ee808bMark Banner — Bug 876089 - Fix issue with inaccessible expando property in plugin test. r=Standard8
b08eaa87c337888a9e08615aca2ddb304a33e244Jens Mueller — Bug 876089 - Use a sandbox instead of a standard module in order to prevent leaking of symbols. r=Standard8
fb97446ddad96896fb326d655bf5df1e640848b8aceman — Bug 845992 - Merge similar code in folderPane.js and folderWidgets.xml for getting recent folders. r=mkmelin, r=Neil
07484e2a5190ca9ce0added2f3994b7eacbbbd70aceman — Bug 809609 - allow the full range of IPv4 address formats in isLegalIPv4Address(), e.g. those with less than 3 dots. r=Neil
aa2e90a554cc77cdbf1a39f0edc01c7ce754c53dHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 786487 - Fix crash in nsFolderCompactState::Init(). Don't Release() before AddRef(). r=Standard8
eb2a926e6fb5549425a9c5184486d420a5bda82daceman — Bug 343973 - Contacts sidebar: Implement [DEL] keyboard shortcut to delete selected and focused contact(s). r=mkmelin, r=mconley, ui-r=bwinton
d1686cb3f887429bd8fa1dec3e34ec63954e89ceMisak Khachatryan — Bug 886116 - back out errorneously deleted line r=Neil. Approval by IRC - Callek for CLOSED TREE
1f4e05dd53996a861c289f6a0f5ea6eef7796676Frank Wein — Bug 798278 - Implement multiple plugin doorhanger UI (Port Bug 797677 and Bug 754472), add missing test file
d9ab7a6d13fe0b691944434fc38e5a7565e82934Frank Wein — Bug 901222 - Missing zoom in/out cursor on images,r=IanN
28c68bdee3e6da1894add7f35d45105348791f89Frank Wein — Bug 798278 - Implement multiple plugin doorhanger UI (Port Bug 797677 and Bug 754472), fix plugin tests
e36c030950bc6b325861c1642673a345d6a07f2dFrank Wein — Bug 798278 - Implement multiple plugin doorhanger UI (Port Bug 797677 and Bug 754472), r=Neil
58d1d9ea6a0886e27b47b85168119943387c5221seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-6 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
e200ac8a1a849213da263567292464695c41aab1Mark Banner — Fix incorrect function call in test_viewWrapper_virtualFolder.js to fix bustage. rs=jcranmer. CLOSED TREE
e7c9fcd02462191bf319d13c43f17386c492eedaJoshua Cranmer — Part of bug 896738 - Fix various strict warnings and errors to fix test bustage. r=Standard8, a=bustage fix for a CLOSED TREE.
4006332617d13c2a14e4d637e1933b5ecf64088aJoshua Cranmer — Part of bug 896738 - Fix various strict warnings and errors to fix test bustage. r=Standard8.
7da78d07a9624a62cfdb4b21dab490139ea77162Joshua Cranmer — Bug 901048 - Move IMAPpump.js into a module, part 2: make it a module. r=Standard8. a=bustage fix for a CLOSED TREE.
cf3f13271fc8bd4f8a805db36404d75560ff5b6aJoshua Cranmer — Bug 901048 - Move IMAPpump.js into a module, part 1: collect the variables. r=Standard8
099f9cfcdec5354e78f8590c6264629e4cdd6e19Mark Banner — Part of bug 896738 - Fix various strict warnings and errors to fix test bustage. r=jcranmer. CLOSED TREE
d8010865c3189b19a77f51176e74136dabf3f618Mark Banner — Bug 900881 Make localAccountUtils.js into a testing module - Part 4. Make it a real testing module. r=jcranmer
5cdbadd8d714ab09c5180b59a9c457bc26746f64Mark Banner — Bug 900881 Make localAccountUtils.js into a testing module - Part 3. Move the last global into the object. r=jcranmer
7836bd5fcf41f6810ef8ef2934e2ec03004baaabMark Banner — Bug 900881 Make localAccountUtils.js into a testing module - Part 2. Move most of the globals into the object. r=jcranmer
c42b6328a83058d4929b9751ddc7870121b1a7a5Mark Banner — Bug 900881 Make localAccountUtils.js into a testing module - Part 1. Move its functions into an object. r=jcranmer
adae2181945233f512d8609f88e51678fec4685fJoshua Cranmer — Fix build bustage from bug 881323, rs=NeilAway a=bustage fix for a CLOSED TREE.
d80874664c3f07e982c03194fd79009b5699407eJoshua Cranmer — Bug 900519, part 6 - Move IMAP to a module, r=Standard8. Bustage fixes for a CLOSED TREE.
3382031f531485c542fb383e0586ed97c10b0fdfJoshua Cranmer — Bug 900519, Part 5 - Move POP to a module, r=Standard8
c0ec622b7f659144c035b59def59009fee50da42Joshua Cranmer — Bug 900519, part 4: Move SMTP to a module, r=Standard8
615a816c04c87fa6d86c9160e00e9d5ea31ac37bMark Banner — Backout changeset 73a55e607a3a / bug 522886 due to unit test breakage, and incomplete patch CLOSED TREE
259c50bae39e2276e1942382bf88652983447d46Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 889752 - Ensure that there is no updated folders to make recent folder menu empty. r=Standard8, part bustage fix for CLOSED TREE
01a94638cd2a25d30b978b65c4729c3378486e73Mark Banner — Attempt to fix bustage in calUtils.cpp from bug 897945 - move the include so that strings definitions are included before nsIScriptError.h. a=bustage fix for CLOSED TREE
80b93e4949465ccb89c247ac1fe92e2574a3c56dJoshua Cranmer — Bug 900519 - Make fakeserver into JS modules - auth.js part. r=Standard8. Part bustage fix for CLOSED TREE
8385a25e463228abc672ab18ab05e1c8524801b3Joshua Cranmer — Bug 900519 - Make fakeserver into JS modules - nntpd.js part. r=Standard8
931ed23245dbfb504eb7b8cc1ce230106b01ac54Joshua Cranmer — Bug 900519 - Make fakeserver into JS modules - maild.js part. r=Standard8
f7cbf04c3704a6382c51749278eb702a758328bbMark Banner — Fix some more issues following bug 896738 move of the mailTestUtils to a module. rs=jcranmer. Bustage fixes for CLOSED TREE
edd374db4de6677faa83675b15165b2580539116Mark Banner — Backout changeset 13c5e7a669b6 / Bug 871266 due to test failures CLOSED TREE
7cbfcea11dc9f1dba3a0723bf69e5bedcf115b17Mark Banner — Follow-up to bug 896738, add IOUtils import for compose tests to fix broken tests. a=bustage-fix for CLOSED TREE
65c33aac5dfb143ebaaf9893001f948033b27cf6aceman — Part of Bug 896738 - fix strict JS problems in mailnews/test/fakeserver/*. r=jcranmer. Part bustage fix for CLOSED TREE
3d83e962924d8b290f05682f873621bd261fe493Mark Banner — Part of bug 896738 Make mailTestUtils.js its own module, and move the local account functions to a separate file. r=jcranmer. Part bustage fix for CLOSED TREE
b26a399e5ded43c3ddb0ac2ce77231f42daefa6eMark Banner — Part of bug 896738 Move other misc functions into the mailTestUtils object. r=jcranmer
2482c00d7ebcb9dc4df0ce066a69fc3952a1a1edMark Banner — Part of bug 896738 Move large file related functions into the mailTestUtils object. r=jcranmer
5a2676f7a59ea6e0c816d9a5810704c0236c9de7Mark Banner — Part of bug 896738 Move firstMsgHdr function to the mailTestUtils object. r=jcranmer
b7cfccc838e8d480658ddab8cba420c25b368fe7Mark Banner — Part of bug 896738 Move Load*ToString functions to a new mailTestUtils object. r=jcranmer
97c76601c333ea1cfb1f1ee3eaeb858a490a7bc4Mark Banner — Bug 900535 Remove mailnews bloat tests support. r=Callek,a=Standard8 for removing obsolete code on a CLOSED TREE so that we don't need to look at it for maintenance purposes
6587da2f7b4eb909e52d1033e0f68a55e49fce9bstefanh — Bug 891099 - [Mac default] Make Sync setup wizard look better on Mac. r=Mnyromyr, a=Callek for CLOSED TREE landing.
456c95ec086b24ddc4e88336f91d474f331f3362Mark Banner — Disable test_customize_toolbar_doesnt_double_get_mail_menu on Mac due to permanent orange, and now hitting bug 900499 which needs fixing separately. rs=jcranmer. Bustage fix for CLOSED TREE
13c5e7a669b6eeaf574befc53c3d15fd92b80c58aceman — Bug 871266 - wait for Customize sheet close in tests on OS X. r=Standard8. Part of work towards bustage fix for CLOSED TREE
9b3eb173c798e59f54992ab3e9e56ee6e8dca066aceman — Bug 889752 - Focus clicked menupopups in click_menus_in_sequence. r=Standard8. Part of work towards bustage fix for CLOSED TREE
e9478b7910d032840d53b13ea508a5e5666c6360Mark Banner — Port bug 888510 - changes to plugin theming - to fix mozmill bustage. rs=jcranmer. Bustage fix for CLOSED TREE
bc77857518f24411c4aad03c023042deb6ef8de4aceman — Bug 896910 - Remove unneeded reference to aFolder in dbViewWrapper.js::_folderMoveHelper. f=asuth, r=Standard8 unit test fix on CLOSED TREE
c4909a44dea92cf1e404b1f222c5216e47f94789Mark Banner — Port bug 797561 - Expose a server tcp socket API to web applications - to fix xpcshell test bustage. r=bustage fix for CLOSED TREE
8b2e4c3d54d3b45f0d48958b549661fba4c38ca8Joshua Cranmer — Backout changeset c1021b0b890c, as the corresponding mozilla-central patch was also backed out to help unbreak a CLOSED TREE.
033bd64f032c6143d9f393c4d91757c5ea04771aJens Hatlak — Bug 396135 - add proxy popup to MailNews. r=Neil
e4c4ff49ed6613459c7a01ec7843e221c2b0a643Philip Chee — Bug 872127 Remove mozilla/StandardInteger.h (comm-central part) rs=bustage fix a=Callek CLOSED TREE
be3215e22270ce00190c3ff3bc73ebcf7ad3f8e0rsx11m — Bug 897233 - Change keyboard shortcut and correct typo in Help for Private Browsing feature. r+a=IanN
76255a2060f0a9d2cf4e17b94bbc0de803fbb1d0rsx11m — Bug 892060 - Remove Help page for Validation preference pane and update sections mentioning CRL management. r+a=IanN
9682b91728106a83a8eb52c3399d0d4b9a1ab614Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 885339 - Support for mac/ubuntu overlay scrollbars. r=Paenglab. Using an axe to get around the CLOSED TREE, sorry.
9daad1aa9c75be8d4f669975117bf8839b49a67aPhoenix — Bug 886116 - Port | Bug 698565 - stop excluding keys when calling JSON.stringify() and follow-ups | to SeaMonkey
b16446dc349d3a858f17322687754794cc0a3179Neil Rashbrook — Bug 886116 - Port | Bug 698565 - stop excluding keys when calling JSON.stringify() and follow-ups | to SeaMonkey
55edd6e9957e3e485639a8bc168379cd25e1069eNeil Rashbrook — Bug 881588 Unable to compose a reply using a recycled window r=Standard8
351c48846abe0aba0860fa7d5d90329426406914Neil Rashbrook — Bug 880595 Unable to turn inline spellchecking back on if it was already on when the compose window was recycled r=Standard8
9e5b10914063fd6c57ed2e5bd9382d20f3894e6cMark Banner — Backout 3a43daef7bb2 / bug 876089 due to bustage in plugin mozmill tests. Unit test fix for CLOSED TREE
dec0ccb9b6362ade9a363e6788670c841ed5ba10Joshua Cranmer — Bug 884061, Part 二: Clean up pratom.h and #include fallout from comm-central, r=Standard8 a=pre-emptive bustage fix for a CLOSED TREE
63ae3d6b6984b649228a8a2d5d1586238a4c2ea0Joshua Cranmer — Bug 884061, Part 一: Use NS_DECL_THREADSAFE_ISUPPORTS in comm-central, r=Standard8
45cc1abe255a26c5c6920c64c4ba257007d47d4aMark Banner — Part of bug 896738 - Switch mailDirService.js to be a testing js module, so that it is only included once. This fixes some of the strict warnings seen. r=mconley,a=part bustage fix for CLOSED TREE
6b2de324d78fa1261cb067efb1eef73c436493a8aceman — Part of Bug 889752 - Allow click_menus_in_sequence to keep menus open. r=mconley,a=Standard8 for CLOSED TREE
e3079c599ff61be3f13c07b6f8c120a4aad87866aceman — Part of Bug 896738 - fix assignment to undeclared variable gCustomSearchTermSubject in test_viewWrapper_virtualFolderCustomTerm.js. r=Standard8
7416f85f1f1c1fb8ec0f0222bf7aef4eb83b5b57Mark Banner — Bug 892419 - Fix permanent orange in plugin tests, caused by not correctly resetting the blocklist after the test has run. r=mconley
453c0293dce1eedfb63c2fcdea38082cb1b49555Mark Banner — Port Bug 894763 - Default objdir should reflect target, not host. rs=bustage fix for make check with build peer port for CLOSED TREE
fc759fc258a313ee15a11c03b4a086b6db0d99fcMark Banner — Part of bug 896738 - Fix various strict warnings to reduce failures in xpcshell tests due to warnings. r=jcranmer. Part bustage fix for CLOSED TREE
22a2433d1c667533b9fb45bd1608bd659d243867aceman — Bug 883563 - Make mail/test/mozmill/content-tabs/test-plugin-crashing.js properly skip testing if crash reporter is unavailable. r=Standard8. a=Standard8 for relanding on CLOSED TREE as previous backout was incorrect
ce02c28ecbc7d06082434a116458a441909e9e7eMark Banner — Port Bug 895253 - Disable crash reporter when cross building across different OSes. rs=bustage fix for make check with build peer port for CLOSED TREE
fe5478fe82c12ff7f01e75179a778412d2a23b76Mark Banner — Port Bug 895248 - Move --enable-stdcxx-compat in build/unix/mozconfig.linux. rs=bustage fix for make check with build peer port for CLOSED TREE
554332581c15af218c04e14aa8e96f9cf30c1434JosiahOne — Bug 895999 - Icon Optimization Part 4 (Windows). r+ui-r=richard.marti, a=Standard8
24f8a04ba24c9dbfc4da564aeecab32bc43c6849JosiahOne — Bug 895999 - Icon Optimization Part 3 (OS X). r+ui-r=richard.marti
3259ad5fddb21e1ca4e9752e5d9f7380a787a3c9JosiahOne — Bug 895999 - Icon Optimization Part 2 (Linux). r+ui-r=richard.marti
e3321c008575d5632882f201915225a34603224fJosiahOne — Bug 895999 - Icon Optimization Part 1 (Cross-platform). r+ui-r=richard.marti
28fadcfb3e19fccdf6d3ee18c7477b0a182ea445Suyash Agarwal — Bug 887385 - Warn when user opens many selected messages in new tabs e.g. with Enter key. r=mkmelin, ui-r=bwinton
d3fcee9dc98dab862b8c20ec0b490b4d91423ef9Richard Marti — Bug 885740 - Account central 2x icons for mac layout. r+ui-r=mconley
73a55e607a3ae78330b60eb85ce08f2fb34d6190Suyash Agarwal — Bug 522886 - Implement "Recipients" column that shows all recipients (To, CC, and BCC). r=mkmelin, r=Neil, ui-r=bwinton
5a8487d346162291ae7a8caf2ab24ce7476a60ddseabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-6 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
cacbb07e6d0af4325d61f92da30ecdf5630e13e8tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-350 - a=blocklist-update
89bbcd5a2293ae0338d1248b71b49338bece2bdcaceman — Bug 885538 - Fix clang compile failure in nsMsgSearchTerm.cpp by using an empty string instead of null pointer. r=rkent, a=Standard8
baddbdd06d16665bae94e98d1570602cbc6c88adPhilip Chee — Bustage fix. Fallout from Bug 893004 - Remove Navigator classinfo and most of its XPCOM goop r+a=Standard8 CLOSED TREE
d7237cd2726387ceb33c63f134d00591954d9bd1Neil Rashbrook — Bug 891081 Change Private Browsing shortcut key as it conflicts with spellcheck r=Ratty
bad026f4a798fab25016601aff9881248de0f2a7Neil Rashbrook — Bug 886990 Passwords not saving or autofilling r=mcsmurf f=IanN,Ratty
17f6b3acfc77d5a1c6e8f35318ab78930f405a81Richard Marti — Bug 884287 - Menu bar has too much space left on it's right side. r+ui-r=bwinton, a=Standard8
cf1808a7828299bf5679ae18a88149b2e674c77ersx11m — Bug 893740 - Make better use of Services.* in SeaMonkey's about.xhtml page. r=Neil
fdbac67cf0729fefc45c84f00a9f2d8896fe58aaMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 893102 - Port |Bug 888870 - Add Windows 8.1 support to seamonkey.exe.manifest| to SeaMonkey. r=Neil
835b680fda7ea39111f440e0fd80aa9c824e5c6cRichard Marti — Bug 894501 - Move close-sidebar.png into calendar. r+ui-r=philipp
839e3d7acdb1f25e88ee658ed0750540b3a9e8bfMatthew Mecca — Bug 824423 - Unhandled exception NS_ERROR_NOT_AVAILABLE on write failure to WebDAV calendar. r=philipp
3efb0311a21c7d8c7f2c754e8005f2b1f5bcc5faRichard Marti — Bug 893403 - Stop adding to the xpinstall whitelist. r+a=Standard8
7b8ec6ee5d7081da0ae760d143c356432ad4f6e9Richard Marti — Bug 893100 - Add Windows 8.1 support to thunderbird.exe.manifest. r=mbanner
c88e23a09a07aa3340c5f81945559f46102ec4c8aceman — Bug 876503 - Cleanup headers of TB mozmill tests - shared-modules. r=mconley
a333b9c43801605ab79f485a4bbb3c232ed7a907aceman — Bug 886112 - Clean up nsILocalMailIncomingServer::createDefaultMailboxes() implementations. r=Neil, r=jcranmer
0ba38b41f77f623b4c1dc1a6d31042dd3820b88dMark Banner — Final part of bug 452232 - Move LDAP autocomplete over to toolkit interfaces. Switch build configs to actually use the toolkit interfaces. r=jcranmer,sr=Neil,a=Standard8 CLOSED TREE
c06df11f1abf92b09be9401efe8ee4399e2da51dMark Banner — Part of bug 452232 - Move LDAP autocomplete over to toolkit interfaces. Switch javascript parts to the toolkit interfaces. r=Neil,jcranmer
f0535a4d8727fa11e925a1d52a65ecf6d20352f9Mark Banner — Part of bug 452232 - Move LDAP autocomplete over to toolkit interfaces. Correctly handle getting the LDAP address book for mailing lists. r=Neil
f5f4d4b6a815a8b4d105971cbb86de2ac07b3d45Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 884301 - Remove "URL Protocol" from some non-protocol keys. r+a=Standard8
9ae25dce6d9f036c9f32d76a250f46ba71ffccceRichard Marti — Bug 883755 - The "SMTP" label for Outgoing server is misaligned in the account creation wizard. r+ui-r=mconley
03311f1fcd050a2687f015217b53e3ccd263b99aalta88 — Bug 483505 - Tooltips missing in folder pane when feed or mailbox name too wide. r+ui-r=bwinton
bb45585aa2f5dfa8c2e7bfde957c39157c659a55Phoenix — Bug 892881 - Port |Bug 861101 - Stop adding to the xpinstall whitelist| to SeaMonkey. r=Neil
e6997dbb9d67b89ff8e82bc8a529426b7bdd0a59Edmund Wong — Bug 884132 - Make use of .isTopLevel now fix to bug 666801 has landed. r=Neil
5528186da5a0a185010949852ea6f5ff56595854rsx11m — Bug 883482 - Change the checkbox to search only messages saved locally to a more descriptive menulist. r=IanN, ui-r=Neil
9cf4459806ca03cadd52d0a690361bc800c7990fJens Hatlak — Bug 885506 - Port |Bug 840745 - default html5 audio/video player controls should facilitate changing playback rate| r=Neil
3ba0cc41732a044652c87a8f5d1cee21f2ac9a0aPhilip Chee — Bug 883546 Address Book Toolbar Search Bar visually overlaps line between icons and text labels in large icon mode f=Tobin r=Neil.
df887839a810eb715d76a8f9089a2246c43d10efPhilip Chee — Bug 881083 Add a "Validate this page" entry to the Web Development submenu r=IanN.
ec7c6d8af7d84ae594fc8061b46290dd287dcdfcPhilip Chee — Bug 879845 Lightning Bug 718332 broke SeaMonkey's customize toolbar context menu r=Neil.
3bc81f0c4a47606744768a17a0e95691149351a4Philip Chee — Bug 890348 Start the devtools debugger during application startup and register observers for preference changes r=Neil.
d20b9bdc60b2b54a09ca90fe3ad9f4fe87965128Philip Chee — Bug 886021 Rollup updates for SeaMonkey web search. Sync with Firefox r=Neil.
7847008544a127403791a27c7dc18b6fd2274c2brsx11m — Bug 892255 - Remove "Revocation Lists" button from Advanced > Certificates options. r+ui-r=bwinton, a=Standard8
82ac91515ee37ec0b9f676e5854cf00b0599a557Richard Marti — Bug 890204 - When using Personas on Mac, the title bar is overlaid by the tab bar on the standalone message window. r+ui-r=bwinton
571e326c89527fe6907416e2833959e5e315c5a3Richard Marti — Bug 881881 - Apply the tabbar-toolbar's button margin also to menu-buttons. r+ui-r=mconley
711a53006da4d86e1875a08e9524591d2781d709Richard Marti — Bug 878502 - Aero tabbar shadow purple instead of gray/white. r+ui-r=mconley
74ec5a627dcc57746d90183dee81683ed2e20d31Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 877831 - Fix crash nsParseMailMessageState::FinalizeHeaders. r=mbanner
ca0d6b4f36da8a5007ee86ce5f0537013d8f4556Arnaud Sourioux — Bug 703068 - Annotate 73 methods with MOZ_OVERRIDE in mailnews/news. r=jcranmer
5021826aed3ed9d053e6ba03d530786472273009Arnaud Sourioux — Bug 703068 - Annotate 40 methods with MOZ_OVERRIDE in mailnews/db. r=Standard8
7b91af46ee27d429bdaa9349fead363e283005fcArnaud Sourioux — Bug 703068 - Annotate 32 methods with MOZ_OVERRIDE in mailnews/mime. r=Standard8
4da44efb7fde63c7e60d4f6081c1fa662224ad7fArnaud Sourioux — Bug 703068 - Annotate 105 methods with MOZ_OVERRIDE in mailnews/local. r=standard8
f4773fcc281dbeeb5a4cb4d99947d85f47d6baacArnaud Sourioux — Bug 703068 - Annotate 163 methods with MOZ_OVERRIDE in mailnews/imap. r=Standard8
d3949b664af87690986b036e4ccf453e3b1c7945Arnaud Sourioux — Bug 703068 - Annotate 161 methods with MOZ_OVERRIDE in mailnews/base. r=Standard8
e6fdf34bd2225f9558d7a1f4915fe11d773c1b13Arnaud Sourioux — Bug 703068 - Annotate 196 methods with MOZ_OVERRIDE in mailnews/addrbook. r=mconley
4b57451b431906eefc9edbbcc427bb2c357e61baArnaud Sourioux — Bug 703068 - Annotate 49 methods with MOZ_OVERRIDE in mailnews/import. r=standard8
b34d771ffae67169d296aec86e0b05a21ef93dcdArnaud Sourioux — Bug 703068 - Annotate 10 methods with MOZ_OVERRIDE in mailnews/compose. r=mbanner
b0a0d184737c4e3aedd710aa58db099dd1149535Mick Guessan — Fix bug 874654 - Infinite loop at refresh when Caldav server is up but calendar is not available. r=philipp,a=Standard8
4b7b69bac9f2724e08170e5aa8d239d4fb86b096Mark Banner — Port bug 870173 Upgrade to clang 3.3 to Thunderbird. r+a=bustage fix for unit test orange
1e65ee5e592cb87b801cfe192abaf1592e7a7336Joshua Cranmer — Bug 837862: Remove MOZ_PSM as a configure option. r=Standard8, a=bustage-fix.
d4d533c8663fd3c0a8770b4dd263be8f01bf5f8brsx11m — Bug 893547 - About SeaMonkey page claims to be on the "default" update channel for 2.20b1 and later r= Neil
790781c18d26b65640efe705a7f30a135c1a4b2cMark Banner — Add header include to fix unknown PL_strlen identifier bustage. r+a=bustage-fix
c44fd572c03877d7270f6e8b43b5e38f3b0fb929Mark Banner — Port bug 892355 - Force enable elfhack with --enable-elf-hack. r+a=bustage-fix port of mozilla-central bug.
c5397c5f0faf64b89b41ad43c714d452d7283b94Mark Banner — Port bug 891474 to fix build bustage. r=bustage fix port of m-c fix,a=bustage fix.
3217efcff0c7b4e4c798d055124cb1e092e16f0etbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-425 - a=blocklist-update
b5afa9a133fb2a3941741077c603b5f72d4aac14seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-5 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
c29c9f0c7405ef30201d15cb96878cab15d1e9b0Patrick Cloke — Bug 884319 - Add http.jsm to toolkit for usage by Thunderbird FileLink, Lightning and Instantbird, r=fqueze,mconley,philipp,a=Standard8.
8d3cee8ca7c3ae64bb8aa629b1df3df586d59151Mark Banner — Backout 5217cd66bf76 / bug 883563 due to orange on Linux
1474fbd5ab3dab5eed50c9a21a42ab399d247068Mark Banner — Part of bug 452232 - Remove the autocomplete cache capability which was never part of the original core spec, and was causing issues with obtaining correct results from LDAP servers for the new style autocomplete. r=Neil,a=Standard8
3d5562a963ce2ccb81f90078f78e8f49cf1964b4Mark Banner — Bug 891271 - Remove some redundant methods from nsIImportFieldMap. r=kent,sr=Neil
9b3d185ac2a9a232a4bf9b0a08140727faed0ec9aceman — Bug 889031 - Remove some obsolete code from comm-central. r=mkmelin, r=Neil, a=Standard8
6d0fe5c39609142f3bfa1aa727dee72b055f86aeaceman — Bug 881694 - Clear Namespace text fields in IMAP advanced settings properly when switching accounts in the account manager. r=IanN, r=Neil
389cfc3d5e9fb3dfabcb26b63800848686e60c6drsx11m — Bug 880464 - Setting up an RSS account first should not make it the default account. r=bwinton, r=IanN
27e2e1c8ee5d06d384e65124dd99525a1cdd6e18aceman — Bug 878599 - Make postal address display in the addressbook card localizable. ui-r=bwinton, r=mconley, r=IanN
d91cc1d91c8b437a676c7ad00d2ec78c2509e9f3Richard Marti — Bug 888218 - Clickable links in Help | About not shown in highlighted text for Daily and Earlybird. r+ui-r=bwinton, a=Standard8
234fbd09cb3d95fed1e212c29d8c618feb596b84Richard Marti — Bug 887763 - "When opening Feed Messages" not working in AppMenu. r=mkmelin
5217cd66bf76bdeaaae8d94fe03567c647972004aceman — Bug 883563 - Make mail/test/mozmill/content-tabs/test-plugin-crashing.js properly skip testing if crash reporter is unavailable. r=mbanner
ee851dac38872ea9cf30ee1d5918b538e4df91c9aceman — Bug 876185 - Fix undefined 'messageSet' in messageInjection.js. r=mconley
ebd070933157bc2c64416a96463dffed9aa2e89fJens Mueller — Bug 876089 - Fix symbols which are used without properly importing them (worked before because they were found "by accident" in the global scope). r=mbanner
38a98ab05a36ba9006b15711275735cfc49e20f6Jens Mueller — Bug 876089 - QueryInterface added before calling addMessage. r=mbanner
3a43daef7bb2a5105040381d6bdc9100598f0ca8Jens Mueller — Bug 876089 - Use a sandbox instead of a standard module in order to prevent leaking of symbols. r=mbanner
b5b2cd16c19fc28c54c1f3acd69fae6eba11ab9eMark Banner — Bug 892315 In test_retention.js force CC as well as GC so that cycle collection happens as well and makes the test function as expected. rs=jcranmer,a=Standard8 for unit-test bustage fix
0eabb14b8b245d834cb0481eea5744ad9b3db5feMark Banner — Backout 568d0d8f7300 / bug 887242 due to unit test failures
49c485a0247c1fcacd008255c4b62fa0dfbb4429rsx11m — Bug 437139 - Part 2: Copy settings from the default mail account if one exists. r+ui-r=bwinton, a=Standard8
490d830d4e1a44a8dbc4c2a29872ad0f00241772JosiahOne — Bug 890546 - Force #titlebar on OS X to use a margin-bottom of 0px. r=richard.marti
7d8d252b70565a8d4c2efdb0af3463dc1e154281alta88 — Bug 888660 - MOZ_MOVEMAIL ifdef not working for account central page. r=jcranmer, r=mbanner
fd7834622e22b2ea439dde27fbcc8a41ca760396JosiahOne — Bug 865670 - Use consistent styling for sidebars on OS X. r+ui-r=richard.marti
6cdc08bdc5fc67ca301f0a32a845b889fef39d91Richard Marti — Bug 877153 - Adjust the appearance of mailviews picker in the Thunderbird toolbar. r+ui-r=mconley
568d0d8f7300d22774a6ecf6a74d5413c3e4be6bJosiahOne — Bug 887242 - Add more IDs to the elements in MessengerCompose.xul. r=mkmelin
6540dc82330aac172249a9f376d23fc2196125c4Phoenix — Bug 886113 - Port | Bug 871057 - Simplify session store initialization | to SeaMonkey. r=IanN
4520686e4809dec730be84ce7c7e276ebbe64254Philipp Kewisch — Bug 886025 - Attendance menu is not hidden when calendar is readonly (regression). r=linagora
67f97998db4722025dee23a2be04cdcdf48a056caceman — Bug 103870 - Fix some unsafe realloc usage in mailnews. r=Neil
65c5bfb05484d04ba58d906559a0177de392740cSebastian Hengst — Bug 863617 - Fix leftovers from switch to Services.jsm and mailServices.js: smtp remnants. r=mconley,a=Standard8 CLOSED TREE
1164d550d2253e7e7246ae26913362a9427adca8Suyash Agarwal — Bug 551919 - should used string based identifiers rather than numbers. r=Neil
322fc10273e53999809dfdbc77a09c59ce87e647alta88 — Bug 217941 - "Get mail" button label should be "Get messages" (to be more appropriate for News and Feed accounts). r+ui-review=bwinton
1915f5d868db429f36a19c22acb286e03add4b56Philip Chee — Back out changeset a60fa670d720 (Bug 886116 Part1) r=Neil for bustage backout a=Callek for CLOSED TREE
85ab07b6ae9acd86f11d65d58a9447547666c8e8aceman — Bug 826732 - fix some JavaScript strict warning seen during "make mozmill" - part 3. r=Standard8,a=Standard8 for warnings fixes for CLOSED TREE
8c8c0c53ad32b800390662ab11f3e264b845e5ccHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 891745 - Make sure that pluginInstanceCrashed has had time to be invoked to avoid test failure. r=Standard8,a=intermittent test failure fix for CLOSED TREE
9377331eb2623e0517c55a8cad7ca68f411e970bMark Banner — Bug 891745 - Make sure that pluginInstanceCrashed has had time to be invoked to avoid test failure. r=Standard8,a=unit-test fix for CLOSED TREE
d22aca802963b1cfe625ddad2218e48af06b23bfNeil Rashbrook — Bug 886099 Bustage fix on a CLOSED TREE
a6ac2d95f62d6676453555655d362106ab4bfe0eNeil Rashbrook — Bug 889352 Remote debugging doesn't work if any tabs have no title r=Ratty
2beded163a35f9297e49e2472a439cffc392c295Neil Rashbrook — Bug 887045 Some private windows appear in the undo close window list r=IanN
d2993f7c5ebc171d73baa0e139faa8a693876670Neil Rashbrook — Bug 886099 Remove "Manage CRLs..." button from Preferences r=IanN
ec27e2fa203ec62d1f371ea2816bda9a276bf53cMark Banner — Port bug 888574 - Remove TAR_CREATE_FLAGS_QUIET, make TAR_CREATE_FLAGS quiet by default. rs=build-peer port of mozilla-central change. a=bustage fix for CLOSED TREE
d6e582202f1ee435730fac0ce37f84227063fc54Phoenix — Bug 886116 - Port | Bug 698565 - stop excluding keys when calling JSON.stringify() and follow-ups | to SeaMonkey
6be882994daa85709392364a4d60234dcbf0b1e5Phoenix — Bug 886116 - Port | Bug 698565 - stop excluding keys when calling JSON.stringify() and follow-ups | to SeaMonkey
f1d8eaf50d5d5c6394e828052dc744d8dcf1127cPhoenix — Bug 886116 - Port | Bug 698565 - stop excluding keys when calling JSON.stringify() and follow-ups | to SeaMonkey
8fd8bb9a0da4dfaa7cd1806e815fa314f43f2221Phoenix — Bug 886116 - Port | Bug 698565 - stop excluding keys when calling JSON.stringify() and follow-ups | to SeaMonkey
bddf10c236b384985c7b02b026670ba0d5938a40Phoenix — Bug 886116 - Port | Bug 698565 - stop excluding keys when calling JSON.stringify() and follow-ups | to SeaMonkey
a60fa670d72082c1be17a44a1244af50083fd6efPhoenix — Bug 886116 - Port | Bug 698565 - stop excluding keys when calling JSON.stringify() and follow-ups | to SeaMonkey
684eb19d3cdc0691acd8370c1b94591587e2a252Mark Banner — Bug 869966 Switch Thunderbird to building with the Windows 8 SDK. r=Callek,a=bustage-fix for CLOSED TREE. This needs releng changes to be complete before it will fix the windows bustage
fee78f53d496baa1c35c20fd713ccda149c8c8f9Mark Banner — Port bug 213324 to comm-central - Remove getter_AddRefs(T*). rs=Neil,a=bustage-fix for CLOSED TREE
b1317c3ff66d195e151bea9aef832bd6bd669748Philip Chee — Bug 888310 Use more Services.jsm in SeaMonkey feed discovery and preview. r=IanN a=Callek for CLOSED TREE.
bb38043221de534440a9a3996b2022f08c339fbdHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 726966 - Reduce the number of random failures in test_copy_eml_message by handling compose window focus better. r=Standard8. a=Standard for CLOSED TREE as this reduces frequent random orange
b2a4c19e5f0438fe79c1eeeeda93e8dec7028594Mark Banner — Part of bug 880595. Remove unnecessary spell checker initialisations that were causing issues following the reworking of the spell checker to be async. This fixes non-cached compose windows, cached compose windows will still have an issue where inline spell check does not work. r=bwinton,a=bustage fix for CLOSED TREE
c1021b0b890c5492c07714bd460dbce1b518e1d4Mark Banner — Bug 891167 - Port bug 886526 - kill IS_COMPONENT and MODULE_NAME for things that go into libxul to comm-central. blanket-rs=build peer port of m-c bug. a=bustage fix for CLOSED TREE
cb74c0bcdd730c929efd0089f55a63c51afa8663aceman — Bug 889745 - Rework test-plugin-outdated.js to use the new blocklist loading functions. r=Standard8,a=unit-test fix for CLOSED TREE
3c6b34c52e8148ff8d6518d19f5a86f173401804Frank Wein — Bug 840474 - Clicking on new mail notifcation opens two MailNews windows when no MailNews window is open, r=Mnyromyr, a=Callek for CLOSED TREE
40e0c490e3d2b3c509576550ad8e56cefb365df8seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-5 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
b6061f538fcb2aa1cd1325b59fe90b662f94fed6Mark Banner — Port bug 888323 adjust prtime.h includes to fix bustage. r=bustage fix for CLOSED TREE
1a43322215340e5477436ec82efe8924f1fb7737Mark Banner — Part of bug 880595 - Fix the compose window spell check dialog. r=Neil,a=Standard8 for bustage fix on CLOSED TREE
8fac43cf94da2bfccd8f4b8f6a5652ec60727695Phoenix — Bug 887183 "GetPromptService is not defined" errors in Error Console r=IanN a=Callek CLOSED TREE.
06afc3f31ba66c31b570fa2158f0e8844edeb92dFrank Wein — Bug 870290 - Fix line endings of test file, r=Ratty, a=Callek for CLOSED TREE
7d37ef76c40deeb6d1d87f0e8eb693b8c3842626Frank Wein — Bug 829850 - SeaMonkey build errors with VS2012 - mixing MTd libs with MDd exes fail to link, r=Neil, a=Callek for CLOSED TREE
0db3e5e930fa03edb2928b1946fcea1f39c0a890Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 889104 - change 'yield;' to 'yield undefined;' where needed. r=Standard8,a=Standard8 for CLOSED TREE (not specific failure, but avoids blocking debugging other issues)
fa87b36d83ed6e1da4528aafd450ab9077ff6898Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 855687 - Ensure that target window has definitely been focused to missing GTK events. r=Standard8. a=unit-test bustage fix for CLOSED TREE
4fb6a496ca3fdc194f0a500043e9668cef5854efMark Banner — Bug 889484 Fix timeout in mozmill test-plugin-blocked.js by porting bug 882339 to our tests. r=aceman,a=unit-test fix for CLOSED TREE
f878ff74a85a3ae3d69cca9c97311e05ba4367b6Mark Banner — Bug 881361 - Fix permanent orange in test_re_test_config by adding a delay to let the stack unwind in-between opening the account dialogs. r=aceman,a=unit test fix for CLOSED TREE
089f43fe715b9534f6602738b2d40c216efacd8bPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 882334 - [Mac] Lightning 2.5, 2.6 & 2.7 not working [TypeError: Components.classes[cid] is undefined] (regression). r=ssitter a=bustage CLOSED TREE
9f7a9576623d57d2ef2f5e1d249f5b93e8f7d8e3Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 883855 - Remove "URL Protocol" from some non-protocol keys in NSIS installer files, r=mcsmurf, a=Callek for CLOSED TREE
223efdc91d322cbe03c83f1af3e5ae028eb74e2bFrank Wein — Bug 870290 - TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL test_hang_submit.xul | Test timed out. (Broken plugin crash reporter submit link), r=Ratty, a=Callek for CLOSED TREE
73e835b638fbfa43d825d398dcb8bc43521493f7Magnus Melin — Bug 888720 - MOZ_NOT_REACHED is no more (convert comm-central). r=jcranmer, a=standard8 for CLOSED TREE bustage
01352d5023d8d4efc456a3d660df8bb29584a23aseabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-4 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
c95e6993f4dfce050883c773ceb36accc62d7db4Neil Rashbrook — Bug 857678 Workaround for crash in RowCellColumnToCollationKey (fallout from bug 834757) r=jcranmer
849aa4cab973baba26e5802b5debf520b5a4dd1cJens Mueller — Bug 874690 - Import missing mailServices.js into test-nntp-helpers.js. Patch by Jens, updated by aceman r=Standard8 a=Standard8 for CLOSED TREE
63f411eb52f3cce0c7dd72a00df19aab480b37a3Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 887048 - Use mozilla::MallocSizeOf instead of nsMallocSizeOfFun. r=Standard8, a=bustage fix for CLOSED TREE
6f04beca8b73a684e0ff660abd5d9b91e2393c74Philipp Kewisch — Bug 853236 - Bustage fix for missing module registration. CLOSED TREE
bfe4e360ee0545e0eedd271bba2c6c64451284f7Makoto Kato — Bug 789787 - Part 2. Make mailnews be able to build if --disable-mapi is specified and there's no mapi header. r=Standard8. a=Standard8 for CLOSED TREE
a5ad797c274a5a0f890cbc0850e6ff2caf117ae3Makoto Kato — Bug 789787 - Part 1. Build config change (Add --disable-mapi for non-Outlook header). r=Standard8. a=Standard8 for CLOSED TREE
7307fb151f1d3929681566d2620a2e123aa6a094Mark Banner — Back out 77cbaaba1f0d / bug 881368 part 2 due to Linux and Windows debug bustage. a=Standard8 for CLOSED TREE
dd35e67c6af467143b6cc84bf8c383ac1d48ece5Mark Banner — Version bumps for Calendar, SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=auroramerge CLOSED TREE
3a0aa64f95e61aa12829cc48de71039f7c5f36c7Mark Banner — closing old head a=auroramerge ba=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
9e75ebc5cb5c1ee42e8477b20c88cca8108dc0d0Mark Banner — Added tag AURORA_24_END for changeset 18babcd78a58 a=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
ec13f5aa8ea2cbc6a3a642cfd0ec39a12adba7e8Mark Banner — closing old head a=betamerge ba=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
b6ac7be47464289c59c22f22d8bb3153920f1c57Mark Banner — Added tag BETA_24_END for changeset a71d07f78d16 a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE