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Fri Feb 21 22:57:54 2020 +0000
8c986f1b128d6aa100d9dd94df1a7b31d3cce3b3Geoff Lankow — Bug 1617022 - Make compose.onBeforeSend listener actually change composed message. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
f6cd636ceb740dde5d108647c5a68da77725a710Richard Marti — Bug 1616764 - Add a flex="1" to the subject header label to let it wrap when too long. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
19caa7e2f99524c46b8a93ae142bdeeee2f7fe90Gene Smith — Bug 1593611 - For accounts with OAuth2 authentication, make passwordPromptRequired false since the normal password won't be used. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
f08f6af8f30b20fc5978e2343aa32295aaa141b4Geoff Lankow — Bug 1615934 - Send tab ID with composeAction.onClicked event. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
685223c79e780fdeef4e14ed48c861e9b8478e2bGeoff Lankow — Bug 1615934 - Send tab ID with compose.onBeforeSend event. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
ec0a5a8cca852543292b24669975ac1fe54966d9Richard Marti — Bug 1615907 - Fix the searchbox focus with the default theme. r=aleca a=wsmwk
f76618ef7750b160074178b5c1f1325ed03b0d6cRichard Marti — Bug 1615373 - Set browser.zoom.full to true to zoom images and text together as default. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
0e08687e9ecdbc62f6ad391d859710e965a39bd2Geoff Lankow — Bug 1614031 - Check chat window selection is not null before adding magic copy listener. r=clokep a=wsmwk
af9061aaf712df08e2a2f3fe989bf342a634417bRichard Marti — Bug 1613758 - Update the Account Manager in Tab UI to match the Preferences Tab UI. r=aleca a=wsmwk