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Mon Jun 09 22:14:36 2014 +0000
ce127428ad7dfa6248bd8a03aef9d7dbdc0ea688Mark Banner — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=betamerge,ba=betamerge CLOSED TREE
4c2cfc3ec00cd53b4bb07f31724e7fca0d4d5889Mark Banner — Added tag BETA_BASE_20140609 for changeset f4dd28fcd93c a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE AURORA_31_END
f4dd28fcd93c341cdc2f978a64f30d52dabc5dfdNeil Rashbrook — Bug 794749 Vertical view doesn't persist splitter positions correctly r=IanN a=IanN BETA_BASE_20140609
275585d6b51ab73ed629c87045acce9307c5f13eNeil Rashbrook — Bug 1008925 Port plugin crashed handler changes from bug 981237 r=Ratty a=Ratty
e83fae600a28b856159927a707ce4bc55542bbf4Neil Rashbrook — Bug 1008585 Fix popup blocker fallout from bug 933462 r=Ratty a=Ratty
9539a7c8a0bfa6be14e38c5fe8708005e6197b16Neil Rashbrook — Bug 1008835 Unable to defer a new account to the Global Inbox r=IanN a=IanN
95db674d95ddefbda79d4054e755581697dc2112Neil Rashbrook — Bug 998171 Clear the Aero Peek favicon when the document changes r=mcsmurf a=Ratty
37784421ea8cc60a2792509e0fd5262b86356851Neil Rashbrook — Bug 999462 Support the HTTP cache v2 API in the UI r=mcsmurf a=Ratty
ba9979c7444cbc3ccbdce8231fdcee900fcccdceNeil Rashbrook — Bug 998724 Stop using an explicit sandbox to create the feed preview r=IanN a=IanN
c96abf99252d63b778de44f1be6e681e044c9815tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-086 - a=blocklist-update
3f6da621b55e84f2206728eb23d71f82c873c4f6seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-6 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
a2f495de01e3b2a650b02a32c5b6195c6df66b49aceman — Bug 978592 - Fix toggling of folder modes and add tests. ui-r=Josiah, r=mkmelin, a=Standard8
16aeda13363e6c456549bce2f2cc6be1409385bdJosiah Bruner — Bug 1010714 - Give the correct padding-left to the From field. r=Paenglab,a=Standard8
00b489b31ed1540c5dc7d49955f3783b8e2e6580Patrick Cloke — Bug 1011616 - Port |Bug 955417 - Fix breakage in Join Chat dialog from typo| to Thunderbird. r=aleth,a=Standard8
08b288b58838b863455dda29a06de0b92fa41f2cRichard Marti — Bug 1003295 - Win8: Change text color on inactive tabs depending on window color. r=mconley, r=philipp, ui-r=josiah, a=Standard8
144a6741d45709c6d6e79bc6ba731acfc1b9dfa6Edmund Wong — Bug 1005566 - Hovering mouse over a link causes SeaMonkey to send packets to the link's address r+a=IanN on a CLOSED TREE
89a8396cbbea8fc440f3ee5a21ed25686a66c7d5tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-1061 - a=blocklist-update
6acb4c433c83c234a9780614d472ce50eafcfc09seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-6 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
6022cfee2d5428ab15779effbace87f4698fe839Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 1006536 - After a (caldav) password change multiple password dialogs are still shown after bug 991723. r=redDragon,a=philipp
960cb84ee048af1bdd7af71487506a3c0c8bc958stefanh — Bug 1006068 - Lightweight themes: title bar overlaps toolbar and no window title is displayed. r=Mnyromyr, sr=Neil, a=Ratty for aurora and checkin to a CLOSED TREE.
e7239770fdfdc827da7b009d32ab550768385ffdrsx11m — Bug 1004685 - Rename all occurences of "check" attribute in mailWindowOverlay.xul to "checked". r=mkmelin, a=standard8
525c829ab5fbcafd9ea44ec8baceeb0a9ebd4236Ian Neal — Bug 1008596 - No SeaMonkey 2.28a2 nightly aurora builds, likely due to wrong relbranches in configuration r+a=bustage for CLOSED TREE
9b908ba8401b224a0391f36484a3f93b75c9b7f0tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-303 - a=blocklist-update
876c363ab27089411012713c391da24784cbb17cRichard Marti — Bug 1005577 - Add QFB button text color on Win8. r=josiah,a=Standard8
568b09e4edd7f7db93974c3bc224a295cb1a0107Josiah Bruner — Bug 1005575 - Remove the bold font-weight on OS X tabs. r=Paenglab,a=Standard8
632ce31d883888244a13ec0e1794a843334c3665aceman — Bug 1003525 - Fix renamed createNewHeaderView function. r=squib,a=Standard8
bdc1746d44501bd349927a08790e78a73ac44beaRichard Marti — Bug 1002550 - Win8: style AppMenu. r+ui-r=josiah,a=Standard8
01be4135cb03f3a8f91e5f0871dec91bbf848e6eJosiah Bruner — Bug 768516 - Add the ability for tabs to be moved into the titlebar on OS X. r=mconley,a=Standard8
a8c45c656654ad80c49dbb170d2ae6b51d87bd79Thomas Düllmann — Bug 1005687 - Scam/Phishing alert no longer showing when links in identified scam messages are clicked/followed. r=mkmelin,a=Standard8
b3744e4ffff068e8a36d12d4a2d145ed5a23cd13Magnus Melin — Bug 1003856 - Selecting address from recipient autocomplete broken for all scenarios except {Name beginsWith} topmost match (selecting from dropdown list disfunctional) r+a=standard8
41510a00604f1daf5b7c88fefcd910a429e6aeffaceman — Bug 978592 - fix test failure in test-unread-folders.js::test_newly_added_folder. r+a=Standard8
14e652347dee887f1c3182f1a4604f557ea06e0fMakeMyDay — Bug 1002611 - Autocomplete widget for entering email addresse of invited attendees/participants: First one in invitation dialog shows 'null', values get ignored. r+a=philipp
287d35b00ecfb09db159ed670c3a01017d47848cMakeMyday — Bug 1002415 - Imip bar button type is not adjusted automatically. r+a=philipp
c6b6d2fad11ac61e2c76de8dde0f7b6ff7a3b18ct-master — Bug 986936 - No update to iCloud caldav possible since March 2014. r+a=philipp
2d6118e1f800bec197acdb3ef8d3de39a555efe3seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-4 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
c76da58f8b9668c8d7041cc31f047a302737e662MakeMyDay — Bug 1003137 - Imip Bar is not longer displayed after string update;r=philipp a-comm-aurora=philipp
4f0499e8b5cb85d6877b7aaa726be88de01e5f72Mark Banner — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=auroramerge,ba=auroramerge CLOSED TREE
f93d645d4c407cae7e39251af49afdf956de805fMark Banner — Added tag AURORA_BASE_20140429 for changeset 6d6550f3e91a a=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
6d6550f3e91a5cd10c55837017e3a56dd3945835Mark Banner — Re-add string that bug 978592 removed in case of backout. a=Standard8 CLOSED TREE AURORA_BASE_20140429
c23b118f9dafbb29e90d78b7ee24f350c7c87a04aceman — Bug 978592 - offer the flat folder views of Unread and Favorites again that got removed in bug 533775. ui-r=pending, r=mkmelin, a=Standard8 (and for CLOSED TREE)
a184d0a8e93c696a0d8097daf8059366eabe7b09Philip Chee — Bug 1002278 - Location Bar is missing on current trunk r=Neil.
98e5bde73ece1019cb3dc46971ada2b4db258070Joshua Cranmer — Bug 905910: Run comm-central xpcshell tests in parallel, r=Standard8, a=jcranmer
f006681a23c0a18feb89b332e8bd75141b72f39bSebastian Hengst — Bug 986724 - security > passwords: strings for error message if FIPS active not defined, error popup not shown when deactivating master password: /mail. r=mkmelin, a=me
77e5b383391e1fc30e03ba936f098d61d0cba34fSebastian Hengst — Bug 986724 - security > passwords: strings for error message if FIPS active not defined, error popup not shown when deactivating master password: /im. r=florian
bd8a30ab9160372f28fe7be1f41f3e3ec1446768Richard Marti — Fix bug 1001979 - Win 8 Style for Lightning. r=philipp,ui-r=philipp
c3d5f07afddd6efee64c764bdd6e0e1270224e45MakeMyDay — Fix bug 1001831 - Wrong text in new imipBar button strings. r=philipp
676cdd2e540a1ca35721282815c27c3b2855c182Andrew Buehler — Bug 964824 - Change the thread-pane padding prefs to percentage values, and limit total combined thread-pane padding to the height of the thread pane. r=squib, a=me
11c8b396d7269cae3841366f51df20a5b108c642Richard Marti — Bug 953204 - Use the Fx Australis titlebar. ui-r=josiah r=philipp, r=mconley
35badd55a546b137bea97066c416acb0a95bdc0aaceman — Bug 898860 - Make headers from extraExpandedHeaders pref reuse existing xul elements. r=squib
6991232407063296e14bd1bc26941b5330cc36c9aceman — Bug 749097 - Allow to search for ( and ) characters in addressbook cards by urlencoding them in the search query. r=Neil, r=mconley
af30e12503ab60017b490d09d4108696e77cb2fdMagnus Melin — Bug 457296 - Part 4: migrate RemoteContent pref (Implement separate whitelist for addresses/domains allowed to load remote images for email. r=mconley, r=standard8, a=standard8
45cc03b40060d5d5aa8f8bd3c20082e1e709d723Magnus Melin — Bug 953426: expose remote content per-host privileges. r=mconley, sr=neil ui-r=bwinton a=standard8
ec82de81c636d3d76a61194fefd88e27e5c7b90bMagnus Melin — Bug 457296 - Implement separate whitelist for addresses/domains allowed to load remote images for email - part 2: content policy changes. r=standard8, a=standard8
c8a51e3fbe7e71108dbd6982eb02e463d3e50843Joshua Cranmer — Bug 1000190 Run string bundle service on main thread for IMAP protocol to avoid threadsafe issues. r+a=Standard8
f5b5722c7fe108d779c374f08d2360e61b7787deLandry Breuil — Bug 1001985 - fix lightning calendar view on non-linux unix oses after bug 882761 r=paenglab a=standard8
a027d3e971ca6506dd2e0b82ed8839bbbcd5be79Joshua Cranmer — Fix bustage from bug 900988, a=bustage-fix, CLOSED TREE for SeaMonkey.
7f010544c325d5102da792dcf38ee7b73a6a1676Joshua Cranmer — Bug 999881, part 2: Replace charsetOverlay.xul in the compose window, r=mconley, a=jcranmer.
416056a645fe0ba386be7556030d0b92b1452861Joshua Cranmer — Bug 999881, part 1: Replace charsetOverlay.xul in the message reader, r=mconley.
62d03039a71812e5246f512a4aa160dde4f19a3dMagnus Melin — Bug 959209 - Investigate whether Thunderbird still needs the XPFE autocomplete widget. r=standard8 a=[avoid bustage since m-c part landed]
b940fa424367d7eb34ce2811d29b779b982535baMagnus Melin — Bug 992643 - Options... and some others should not end w/ ellipsis, part2. r=squib, ui-r=squib, a=jcranmer
109486fb2b22e038fb0efb57118b092e39e3aa1aaleth — Bug 1001886 - Participant tooltip content doesn't wordwrap. r=clokep, a=me
9de04a348c2c4c16ff78431e4858ab7e29ff9c0fJosiah Bruner — Bug 1001869 - Use the Australis button style in the AB. r=Paenglab
11089a6b1153d4ff29197a9461fd5f07ed2dfb90Josiah Bruner — Bug 1001866 - Use the Australis style for the toolbar buttons in the compose window. r=Paenglab
c3d0ef6e2ac0b87dc499bf3456fab5148ed50a81rsx11m — Bug 1001659 - Update Modern for bug 948901 changes on directory listings. r=Neil
db754252ae056315ef85e889496332bb1d51105eRichard Marti — Bug 1000855 - Icon for closing chat used in hover/onmouseover strechted, should always be square and never become rectangle. r=aleth
d806f9b3564f949839e860a199274f70f0e0c752Richard Marti — Bug 984978 - Part 5: Win8 style Chat window. r+ui-r=josiah
e422ced708f9c3da970f896af82c86996eb1f334Richard Marti — Bug 984978 - Part 4: Win8 style Composer window. r+ui-r=josiah
53a9fca6dc70b14a2b39a957b3ff1d4354524eb5Richard Marti — Bug 984978 - Part 3: Win8 style Addressbook window. r+ui-r=josiah
14948c94ca0d29e15208ba9b23ac62061554fa5aRichard Marti — Bug 984978 - Part 2: Win8 style messageHeader. r+ui-r=josiah
748dcbeb8dbc1bb40af1514dbee614471ded8c0dRichard Marti — Bug 984978 - Part 1: Win8 style main window. r+ui-r=josiah
6a49f493fac33d9df04c896ecbb83367e9ed6de5Richard Marti — Bug 853516 - Better HiDPI graphics for the folderPane. r+ui-r=josiah
65baf781db3cacb84fb1df75864422689ae725b8Suyash Agarwal — Bug 558931 - In composition's recipient autocomplete, implement *foo* AND *bar*
9ee372f0a6b840b10c6248754af2cab9f93f2f8cJoshua Cranmer — Bug 973316 - Always null-terminate headers in nsParseMailbox, r=rkent, a=jcranmer.
e358431f68a129c2baa042382d1af8cb7b7c59a3Frank Wein — Bug 795509 - Port |Bug 645288 - Associate the webm file extension with Firefox|, r=IanN
5032475287aabf438fa20067f069c47ca82629f0tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-395 - a=blocklist-update
676372b5dbe6d2b9842117219e058f50280da835seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-3 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
20ee75096096ee183455dc7c26410a5705daceb1Josiah Bruner — Bug 1001008 - Reduce padding on compose findbar on OS X. r=richard.marti, a=me
c7a964c0288bd889b9b7aa22e8044b21e051067fRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 0239a98f60ab (bug 1000851) for xpcshell failures.
b4015729ed245be550e8ef2b616cebb60b261cc6Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 986411 - Add dumbmake-dependencies to check-sync-exceptions to fix spurious check-sync-dirs warnings. r=nalexander, a=orange
8e78ded52ec3a119e1919aa7bcad3dccbbda10baHenri Sivonen — Bug 1001113 - Move test_bug718500.js to c-c. r=Standard8, a=me
b4ef4ada8d8ae5afa221b07797349bc80eb71e79Josiah Bruner — Bug 1001064 - Update .statusMessageToolbarItem to match the new button style. r=richard.marti
80184b569ecfbf2dec2f3f0649bd58f3aead4e35Kevin K. — Bug 995755 - Fix StarUI broken by bug 989083. r=Neil
ca113c2a2e1d27d863abb89818a73dba13690bc4rsx11m — Bug 995706 - Handle mail/news URLs internally by default but make protocol-handler prefs easier accessible in about:config. r=IanN
4ab1373c5f887193f612ae6949afeff5775cd11crsx11m — Bug 993847 - Get rid of name decoration for method functions as they are no longer needed. r=InvisibleSmiley
936dcea1fd3158aeac558d8ae99a491817c6655caleth — Bug 986411 - Add dumbmake-dependencies entries for easier incremental builds. r=gps
0239a98f60ab74c5220036a0615b71520de7193dFrank Lenormand — Bug 1000851 - Fix crash when setting long password. r=Neil
734c1ddd74438af7ad7b779e3023ba9534a56ec2Neil Rashbrook — Bug 998727 a=bustage followup fix on a CLOSED TREE
60dccdfc1277188f9a3f25249d8749ccf1b43b6fNeil Rashbrook — Bug 995802 Don't throw from registerProtocolHandler r=IanN
8067ac095355c72f8d518fab3c839f7decf6fbedNeil Rashbrook — Bug 991945 Fix modern theme fallout from bug 649490 r=Ratty,IanN
707b47552a07ed768bbb411103307abb64b8ada8Neil Rashbrook — Bug 8408072 Ensure nsMsgWindow is released on the main thread r=Standard8
1485af0790aa1a61fc34389a796b5cc7aae5eb10Neil Rashbrook — Bug 984948 String move and rename followup to bug 878805 r=Ratty
107302e430f161f000cc386b7872fcea1a6bb71fNeil Rashbrook — Bug 525125 Ignore double-clicks in the blank space at the end of a paragraph r=IanN f=mkmelin
2d5ceaf7ac973612153d73247a7cf7752bccb7a1aceman — Bug 995797 - Improve localizability of the reply header string. ui-r=Josiah, r=Neil, r=mkmelin, a=me
1ed1687e45b391e978c5c66d4d57296b7fe0fe94alta88 — Bug 998963 - Handle slow-loading feed favicons better. r=mkmelin, a=me
e3b89706dfb6c58b0e31671024e432b867f5c786Mark Banner — Bug 937056 - Fix tests in c-c. r=hsivonen
c36c9c4b65e510b00e933235b2305db093fbfa7bHenri Sivonen — Bug 937056 - Add UTF-7 converters to comm-central. r=Standard8
3bf3e1ea970280b5a9fee3bdae5a5494e28f7640Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset ac5495ab2fdc (bug 558931) for xpcshell failures.
97318005efc08b4df263677c7205ebece8e9e90fMike Kaply — Bug 1000203 - Fix bad variable reference in readFromXML (fix by Mike Kaply). r=BenB, a=me
a129bf9b105799169080af1c0b7cf354ac43660fThomas Düllmann — Bug 975816 - Enable Shift modifier in various UI locations for starting new composition in non-default format (HTML vs. plaintext). r+ui-r=squib
2b84947b05864731360159e346bd88ea86ecfce9ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 670445 - When creating a virtual folder, the selected folder for search is
ac5495ab2fdce046e539282ea3d8eebff801e986Suyash Agarwal — Bug 558931 - In composition's recipient autocomplete, implement *foo* AND *bar*
723fdaa34a1682ca6eb299ceb86bffe0418def73Suyash Agarwal — Bug 991220 - Remove Ubuntu One Support From Thunderbird. r=mkmelin,r=mconley,a=Standard8 CLOSED TREE
fd35deed885de2a526ce4f4438f5a770f38b192aMakoto Kato — Port bug 915735 - Build ICU as a shared library where JS is built as a shared library. r+a=Standard8,r=mcsmurf CLOSED TREE
711cff83201484cb559e0c00e09338e2bb733d92Jeremy Morton — Bug 999365 - Remove centering of mailnews new tab button so as to stretch it (default behaviour). r=Neil, a=me
94cf07d93040e2146f21cc086c862f279286002arsx11m — Bug 999269 - Forwarding a message without CC header inline gets an empty "CC:" line in header table. r=jcranmer
d7ea041f90d350c99486a154076c40b66efd5358MakeMyDay — Bug 998281 - Default status new event is available, should be busy. r=philipp
2888ec23050f21c3c4d35d4a8a185a3d25b6ba79ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 997638 - Declare folderNameField properly. r=Standard8
94ef382306f57d253d072cfb6980d8e9adfbf73aRichard Marti — Bug 995747 - Port Bug 946987: [Australis] curved tabs looks ugly when scaled up (hi-dpi). r=josiah, a=me
1b9edf24461c11dec8a53af27ebfa2573460e2d9Philipp Kewisch — Bug 994742 - Check if calendar.setProperty('xyz', null); will reset the pref or if it fails. r=redDragon
3235e26c17c8a53d4b82de4928bbf4fa533d2aabrsx11m — Bug 993847 - Move event handling for SeaMonkey's aboutSyncTabs.xul page into aboutSyncTabs.js. r=InvisibleSmiley
e7c80980ee67aac0b50c07cb04fba818000eec7fMakeMyDay — Bug 990009 - Rework imipbar buttons to offer more options to the user. r=philipp
fa28dedcd0095f86bae51a4a75ac2733d71a1034Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset f169a340dd89 (bug 975816) for mozmill failures.
f169a340dd8913ee129e39bf1084d361dde3a392Thomas Düllmann — Bug 975816 - Enable Shift modifier in various UI locations for starting new composition in non-default format (HTML vs. plaintext). r+ui-r=squib, a=me
8e052b6380e54b84b5780b5c8e00ab0e69d2c805aceman — Bug 883670 - Expose outgoing username in Account wizard and make it obvious which username is for which server. ui-r=bwinton, r=mkmelin, r=BenB
b711c55bb1747e195536190dccf799fd21be9dd7aceman — Bug 549712 - Select the custom header the user selected in Custom headers dialog (patch inspired by alta88). r=mkmelin, r=rkent
cab0a07d474cf15228dcc1d4b39fa33cb8971409Suyash Agarwal — Bug 86233 - Show account name in status bar when downloading messages from POP servers. r=Neil
e07e871681ab4f5d8bc4daa21da0a29e007c232fPhilipp Kewisch — Bug 901332 - Google CalDAV OAuth2 authentication dialog not shown in SeaMonkey. r=Ratty
b48e859d40c84ebab77d2c52cbd40b673d96efa5Philipp Kewisch — Bug 992677 - Lightning Calendar and Tasks tabs are blank on trunk SeaMonkey 2.28a Bustage caused by Bug 986908 r=Ratty
af08addd69773d16b4250b8d17b33804f2146a0aMark Banner — Bug 999524 should default to https urls. r=jcranmer,a=Standard8
4409679b6df5f353b602216226cb4b189305940aMark Banner — Bug 909952 Remove unnecessary l10n *_REV arguments, as these are not necessary and break the build. Also add an additional possible location for hgtool to work with releng systems better. r=jcranmer,a=Standard8
6771e0bf853e53ab6aefb09cfb8dce2daab6f587MakeMyDay — Bug 998974 - Property duplicate in offlineCachedProperties. r=mschroeder, a=jcranmer
80f09b08cbd2e3367f26e03b3c9f1b2a068463d0MakeMyDay — Bug 994200 - Changing calendar in event dialog may cause an inappropriate organizer/attendee set. r=philipp
6fc71637650a6916fa0fffdaa0b07fad1acd7f0aPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 987275 - Make test_deleted_items more resistant against timing issues. r=mschroeder
2fd4762ea2bb6ec40be6758812fd1044ccbcf232MakeMyDay — Bug 969823 - Attendee Dialog: attendee list entries are not properly aligned with time grid;r=Decathlon
7c838d41bce0ce7ac38167a29d701920a4604991Joshua Cranmer — Bug 441437 - Enable folder lookup without directly using RDF, r=rkent
d3e56e118e43d5a1c676aadfa25d98915b6135f4Decathlon — Bug 995137 - Attendee dialog: freebusy-timebar doesn't always expand to 24 hours. r=philipp
ad94d483149f5aa0dec807a79bc8f1fbe2c28c90Philipp Kewisch — Backout bug 680203 - Make Lightning tests work with packaged-tests.
f79b49f9149ccf471c2d823d341a7569085913e1Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 680203 - Make Lightning tests work with packaged-tests. r=Standard8
77069dcfa601c429df5797183a9b8c31bf8cd61cJens Hatlak — Bug 998466 - Port bug 841096 part 1 [TypeError: engine.locallyOpenTabMatchesURL is not a function]. r=Neil
a00c8fec3a8a814b02b1482811553dcd92a4987bMagnus Melin — Backout 7342df10a60f due to OSX10.8 orange. Bug 904458.
c4b939c489e643b764065b8f2bd49bd2513e92e7Patrick Cloke — Bug 996540 - Unhandled IRC message: 597 RPL_REAWAY, r=aleth.
925b77b5231946d9185cc4efa7edfbf906ad0046Patrick Cloke — Bug 998621 - Clean up some XMPP code, fix usage of Components, r=florian.
68daf0b72c942fcfdc4871a346c4b4e7e14f1392Patrick Cloke — Bug 998621 - Clean up some XMPP code, fix spacing, r=florian.
7342df10a60f4c8f5043cfd23620f6c84afdafffMagnus Melin — Bug 904458 - Filters that "Reply with Template" must add an Auto-Submitted header and prefix subject Auto:. r=irving
16758a07a0dcce2bbe2f64f7e5abaf22544efc8bPhilip Chee — Bug 997445 Windows ShellService Fixups @2014-04. Port Firefox fixes: Bug 950368, Bug 950372, Bug 980415. r=Neil
da2a1fab3f66e7aec70a6713e4ffb5eedec5a6c9rsx11m — Bug 993845 - Move event handling for SeaMonkey's aboutSessionRestore.xhtml page into aboutSessionRestore.js. r=Neil
d619fe2d8921e75c0f085a964df8f6384329806cFrédéric Wang — Bug 992127 - Load TeXZilla.js via the SubscriptLoader. r=neil
b1d860289be90a0e77d5179af07721c02c3ebc17Frédéric Wang — Bug 992127 - Add a LaTeX-to-MathML dialog box to the mail composer. r=mconley
fd84c515f4c8f904db4bbb6dccfeb4a051bb16e9Suyash Agarwal — Bug 530629 - For composition, implement find bar (Ctrl+F) with "Replace..." button. r=Neil, r=mkmelin, ui-r=Paenglab, ui-r=JosiahOne
494eb7379715f7ce1b81546eef4d4100de915ffeMark Banner — Port bug 741014 - pymake is busted with make l10n-check - to help fix l10n repack bustage on Windows. rs=port-by-build-system-peer.
a0340443fdb6ff4c38804a12b00fc64395c2e35daleth — Bug 954979 - Inform open conversations when adding or removing a buddy. r=florian, clokep
3c403cc6faf404c645fef82fb62af4aaa0cbc847aleth — Bug 996545 - Disable the conversation inputbox when the ui-conv is closed. r=florian
f9b8f3cd63898b7b922d5e8391ad977a6dbecd1cPatrick Cloke — Bug 954410 - Support Microsoft Office Communicator protocol (SIPE), package library on Linux, r=florian.
391390c89e5faa8f0d23ea8ddbed97bda4c0ea99Suyash Agarwal — Bug 961666 - Fix typo introduced in the base patch. r=me
a71ece472c8a355ade973e50cce558acb498916eSuyash Agarwal — Bug 961666 - Chat notification sound should be customizable. r=mkmelin, r=Neil, ui-r=Paenglab
e52da7ad68d18e2420521f26a25e32dcbe566ba7alta88 — Bug 946279 - Implement autotagging of feed <category> tags - suite strings. r=philip.chee
937875025e76167791b0ef3448c5d3c2728c1563alta88 — Bug 946279 - Implement autotagging of feed <category> tags. r=mkmelin, ui-r=bwinton
a3378f94e2605cfdf46d36e2a7298979b21a98c0Jörg Walter — Bug 817596 - JS-XMPP: Unable to parse nonce values containing the '=' character, r=florian.
680de2fdeb3492c51e87cc6eb5f3557cf6aec57aFlorian Quèze — Bug 987420 - The /list command should focus the server tab, r=clokep.
214f7086063fa7f0eeddb995e2f416d9d8d2a256rsx11m — Bug 994849 - Move inline scripts and styles for security-related about: XHTML pages into separate files. r=Neil
c7590f41f8c311846577788036a2bbe940fd59afaceman — Bug 981405 - Fix wrong scope of 'this' in folderWidgets.xml caused by bug 981405. r=Neil
9a838a1dd341c4b05dc0104ce6033badb30f2ca6Neil Rashbrook — Bug 943732 Port the new Character Encoding menu to SeaMonkey r=Ratty
960e6799841307b2dbec96ea0e093877910d8ad6Neil Rashbrook — Bug 909093 Update SeaMonkey to use nsIContentPrefService2 r=Ratty
188e288501f286f8d26c438f295bd5c29b9808b1Magnus Melin — Bug 992643 - Options... and some others should not end w/ ellipsis. ui-r=squib, r=squib
a35073be7f832c7055eda9ebcdb11477bd26e0d6alta88 — Bug 993371 - Instantly get and use favicon for feed after importing feeds from opml file or adding single feed manually, don't require restart. r=mkmelin
3eea5da66000af0025d8919b95fa944c8943b0b0Suyash Agarwal — Bug 586131 - Add OR functionality using | (Pipe character) to Quickfilter bar. r=mkmelin, r=squib, ui-r=bwinton
386eb4315d1974d0409f8411a521f6f4f425e2f1Matthew Mecca — Bug 986850 - Use correct pluralization in preferences menus. r=philipp
6ebe3fce935cd5ba3591888a24d046631c14e41aMatthew Mecca — Bug 476937 - Support optional default Start and Due dates for Tasks. r=philipp, ui-r=paenglab
93141ad601459764905a098f4e4da44ae6dbc233Josiah Bruner — Bug 995681 - Show the toolbar button separator when hovered if disabled. r=mconley
9a3d5155a909303de1de898fc7a7aec6817e6d38Josiah Bruner — Bug 927876 - Remove tab character added accidentally r=neil
671ff40abfb53cd087e109a81d76bc8b76956fa8tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-319 - a=blocklist-update
3fa32ee55379d2a021bc808e178290d89811fa11seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-2 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
c8031029a680854dd31d0cc6ccb114427e5a626faceman — Bug 842963 - Check array bounds in nsMsg*GroupThread::RemoveChildAt(). r=Neil
7ef9725513af7daa20a1b875ed46fc2c4861be65Mark Banner — Bug 982077 Set up DLL blocklist before LoadAppInitDlls (Port Bug 932100 to Thunderbird). r=irving
c27f7537bc1b10e9127d8f7252657b7b2bf00db3Jan Beich — Bug 993467 - Follow-up to bug 941595 to unbreak --with-system-pixman after bug 845874. r=Standard8
80a530af380d1a54004c4d6492052bf6a241d578rsx11m — Bug 989777 - Move inline scripts for SeaMonkey's aboutPrivateBrowsing.xul page into a separate file. r=Neil
b9bef7723091338b5e0ba772c233a07dac415a8fJohannes Buchner — Bug 765471 - Mail Compact should on filling the disk clean up before alerting the user. r=Neil
cf2fa9a5616b7138335e5afefd74c8dcb034659baceman — Bug 993646 - Do not needlessly preprocess messageHeader.css and tabmail.css. r=Josiah
2980ef9bd2d082f133b785b7a04a23eb4260ffe6Andrew Buehler — Bug 950455 - Remove thread-pane "snap to last page" behavior. r=squib, ui-r=bwinton
5609327aa568592bd6d0a44f4c4b759a9f5b1b69Suyash Agarwal — Bug 499995 - Fix signed/unsigned compiler warnings in mailnews. r=Neil
eef76db70585568e5db8d8d678abcfcfcd3ff991Suyash Agarwal — Bug 414865 - Append the file extension when the attachment is renamed in "Save as" dialogue and "hide extension for known file types" is set. r=mkmelin, ui-r=bwinton
bab0110410a5aba50dc3add20d39e80d1ee62a49Edmund Wong — Bug 949884 - Disable pulseaudio in SeaMonkey. r=Callek a=IanN on a CLOSED TREE
10ee88a776360e9d33eaba763847b39abc6475baJustin Wood — Bug 949884 - Disable pulseaudio in SeaMonkey. r=Callek a=IanN on a CLOSED TREE
c6e5d3661bccac0bb66e575d3069cbe64aed798dPhilipp Kewisch — Bug 991723 - After a (caldav) password change multiple password dialogs are shown. r=redDragon, a=Fallen
2a1878f04d4e534f8875951b092616a4ebff9c4fSuyash Agarwal — Bug 989653 - Send filelink attachment should disable attachment reminder. r=mkmelin
3e6e4aee7b4c48f755a698dbf658251f557fb159aceman — Bug 981405 - Force case-insensitive folder sorting in some places of the folder pane. r=mkmelin, r=Neil
4bfb2e080bcd612c489d79999dc6f121ae98c8d3Suyash Agarwal — Bug 686851 - Implement "Open containing folder" contextual action for messages in search results (faceted search, open in conversation, open as list, advanced search messages dialogue, saved searches). r=mkmelin, ui-r=Paenglab
98472cddbfa935829c0d39dafee5cb8e65a8ce2dRichard Marti — Bug 992889 - Shared mailWindow1.css not imported. r=josiah
ab1bce66aaf9aea5675b5c1ad57546bb019512d4Philip Chee — Bug 980356 Make nsMessengerWinIntegration.cpp compile with frozen linkage. r=Standard8
9f14b4a8e7e7b1145527a5fd9def79f3f3a0846cPhilip Chee — Bug 984155 - Build Thunderbird with frozen linkage / external API - Windows fixes r=Standard8
5b937000f7ed3479e820e651dc92ab856771ca09alta88 — Bug 991070 - Fix typo from bug 955869. r=mkmelin
4bade6f109d8ef021e13d24fc65a884767a9501ePhilipp Kewisch — Bug 989953 - [mozmill] testLocalICS fails on mac. r=merike
db4ed248dd292f416ed5636a5efdc4cb6ccc7f8eFrédéric Wang — Bug 986839 - Add a LaTeX-to-MathML dialog box in Composer. r=neil
f54b4a260506e01ac41104f8e2dc9d2e6d6fe8ddISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 865972 - Fix the incorrect double usage of NS_ERROR_GENERATE_FAILURE to an error code. r=Bienvenu
e16ffc0bb97ce7f406a75560747f20be7798b59drsx11m — Bug 989776 - Move inline scripts for SeaMonkey's main about.xhtml page into a separate file. r=Neil
07d5e7fb20ff04677f2dc831f105b61d8bde9ecePhilipp Kewisch — Bug 964025 - TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-message-header.js | test-message-header.js::test_toolbar_collapse_and_expand (regression). r=mkmelin
b58fa42c31025ce9518d95475ada5cbcc75542fcalta88 — Bug 745301 - Show favicon next to RSS/Atom feeds - Cumulative parts. r=mkmelin, ui-r=Paenglab
fce1dc971d43e3318bce1b89d839a4fc16f8c0f7Suyash Agarwal — Bug 742746 - Directed messages should be able to hook into system prompts/give notifications. r=Florian, ui-r=Paenglab
15c1bea389b211d04dbed2edcf5132d710693aadaceman — Bug 581940 - Do not truncate filename of dragged messages if subject contains '&' and handle empty or too long subject. r=mkmelin, ui-r=Josiah
82de126cc39026d221fa10714866d20430c86c83Richard Marti — Bug 992675 - Tab is missing end stroke. r=josiah
58057c999706b2540b9b62bd3c2fe2b05b17908aaleth — Bug 989271 - Tooltips and context menu should refer to the correct accountbuddy. r=florian
c360b8faf0d4b7455808d08ac2434c970a3a13cfaleth — Bug 987577 - Use the idle status to display whois idleTime when appropriate. r=clokep
79da7bc65337f05aa40391fa376a593a5b8c8592aleth — Bug 986470 - Hide #lastMessage time text in logs. r=florian
6b8380355ecdb639f8d32481b9b9f7aad0d783ecaleth — Bug 987178 - Drop DOM_OBJECT classinfo from jsProtoHelper. r=florian
356897e7ca90978773ba150ad8e6ce6db43bcf69Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset bdff1219fc1f (bug 927672) for Windows bustage. DONTBUILD
bdff1219fc1f8c58e760ddd9660814f5dffcad71Mike Hommey — Bug 927672 - Get mozmake from tooltool - comm-central version. r=mshal
73a7476f42d906a2862719b85d1c5f2e55dd2d24Josiah Bruner — Bug 992080 - Use @import for shared files instead of %include r=Paenglab
036172dd21fc913a1c6aa516f6b086bce1ef7266tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-487 - a=blocklist-update
a96f7d60646ca48e9ecfd654567a873cbfa9f839seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-1 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
c7154af5cfaa16e769d06d24c00fabf59b9292afJoshua Cranmer — Bug 959309, part 2: Allow more charsets to be used than TextDecoder in JSMime, r=irving
2ad8960eb3968db3402f21b933daa3f5376c2f32Joshua Cranmer — Bug 959309: Import JSMime 0.2 into comm-central, r=irving, sr=Standard8
ff757dfd6501b532036c111d9d44f44ffbf51fbdPhilip Chee — Bug 973346 - Use plural form for blocked pop-up notifications (Port Bug 853126) r=Neil
44c98536c733d57855199c3d20df91ab9c6cf14fRichard Marti — Bug 991491 - Fix the CSS variables after bug 985838. r=Standard8,a=Standard8 for CLOSED TREE
9b2efad40ef88923957353256d347320472f288aEdmund Wong — Bug 967492 - Update text form bug 864291. r=IanN a=Callek in a CLOSED TREE
8d7d568f2ff8e599879d5acaec3671df40c95d0fEdmund Wong — Bug 970475 - Use unprefixed box-sizing internally. r=Neil a=Callek in a CLOSED TREE
8e381db999ecfdf10f84f0e829f51058ff97a404Edmund Wong — Bug 665708 - Gopher links show 'Launch Application' in SeaMonkey 2.1 r=Neil r=mcsmurf a=Callek on a CLOSED TREE
ad04a45191498a0006e97e0e3e3b710739e562e3Edmund Wong — Bug 958128 - Make jumplists listen for 'active' instead of 'back'. r=mcsmurf
9d7718c69e6a5720dc541eb6591f9e7dc687379aEdmund Wong — Bug 938673 - Add context menu to status bar padlock icon. r=Neil
c47c0a01993f8e6604e1c767737d57122e4743dfEdmund Wong — bug 957895 - Remove unnecessary strings. r=Neil
7c0c052eebf1f026ae3237ca011b981109efee0bEdmund Wong — Bug 904338 - Empty port line when creating a Blogs & Newsfeeds account. r=IanN
50444e73055af39c88bd1a388c8893f90745820bMagnus Melin — Bug 894306 - Filelink: YouSendIt is now Hightail. r=mconley
51974b3f7cbc589c5ecad501b637624735de4a4eMagnus Melin — [Bug 953102] external api build bustage: ../../../mail/components/build/libmailcomps.a: No such file or directory. r=jcranmer?
5b98bc77a2810331fe3fec4bdce45809cd77f9b0Josiah Bruner — Bug 927876 - Add some visual feedback to adding columns in the message filter window. r+ui-r=Paenglab, r=rkent, r=neil, f=aceman
d0e95d03514bfb8f0476f9ddce99518873b845c0aceman — Bug 927876 - Move focus to newly created rule field in filter editor. ui-r=Josiah, r=rkent
9d9a9045b462b7ed86c4d619c12ba9c54922ca1bJens Müller — Bug 952735: Autocomplete does not work in address book for lists (and in other places). r=mconley, r=neil, r=philipp
86ee54b4f7bb9561b94e5b0633a0135e4ad560f9Philipp Kewisch — Bug 986908 - Lightning modifies Thunderbird's min-width when installed (failing TB mozmill tests). r=mkmelin, r=redDragon
8fb24ee695c2b358ce18c565df6eb4f5051ced66Philipp Kewisch — Bug 987275 - Make test_deleted_items more resistant against timing issues. r=redDragon
9f44644c7f9058923717715609a435cbe3593982rsx11m — Bug 989780 - Untrust about:life without moving inline scripts and styles into separate files. r=Neil
e2fda9a870d63897e56b2f2167ae0f9bdcbbad76Philipp Kewisch — Bug 986927 - test-attachment-menus.js fails if message reader size changes. r=mkmelin
dd60d59f9f2b62caf9d46e4bf5614fc0e079dadbRichard Marti — Bug 985595 - Toolbarbutton-icon is too small. r+ui-r=josiah
11cd943edd27fe9f7f4f9090418ba361ea2c8eccHessam Salehi — Bug 957184 - Replace |.getService() .QueryInterface(iid)| by |.getService(iid)| in comm-central. r=florian, r=Neil, r=mkmelin
9afe71c06fa39310a931f3926c439f82787bf02fMartin Schroeder — Bug 989147 - Fix bustage on comm-central.
43b4a4ac9623ae1bda93eee8851defc294f07e60Martin Schroeder — Bug 924837 - Update internal timezone database from version 2014a to version 2014b. r=philipp
1bf3d59a5f9b8a543d43971f9d74dd59c84c8435seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-6 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
a397a6db00e29832388f083ca489bb3b92eb7decMartin Schroeder — Bug 924837 - Update internal timezone database from version 2013d to version 2014a. r=philipp
de5b8a8af767ea500a2f9b679b2cb4ce2da31791Martin Schroeder — Bug 984154 - Remove traces of OS/2 from Calendar Makefiles. r=philipp
b24fd4b3bd3686694121476c1da351bf85d8bd02Sebastian Hengst — Bug 975381 - Use DOM_VK_RETURN/NS_VK_RETURN instead of DOM_VK_ENTER/NS_VK_ENTER in /mozmill. r=mkmelin
50a6de9d6eaf526eae83bc5eb9d66d066f015462Sebastian Hengst — Bug 975381 - Use DOM_VK_RETURN/NS_VK_RETURN instead of DOM_VK_ENTER/NS_VK_ENTER in /mail. r=mkmelin
df12dc77a0c8eadc199bcf690e6c10c225ced2caRichard Marti — Bug 968993 - Add missing Aero rule. r=Josiah
d69fef57ca197b3fd7fa0d1639a5bc30d9c53fe7Quentin Headen — Bug 955910 - JS-Yahoo: Conference room numbers jump two values. r=clokep
48c954601f34e528a90050dde879a07adfab4fc1Sebastian Hengst — Bug 988280 - Use node.remove(), especially instead of node.parentNode.removeChild(node). r=Fallen
736e032e270ed0cd981842cd65661f7e1113ab2aJosiah Bruner — Bug 968993 - Don't assign a non-existant 'mixed' property to background-color. Also add a multicolor icon. r+ui-r=bwinton, ui-r=Neil
30d91b2583f15a6a9a149f1e90495573f2992678Suyash Agarwal — Bug 802266 - Review NS_* definitions in nsComposeStrings.h. r=mkmelin, r=Neil
bf99513cdccd01140a9c07577476fa80a8f36b4eJohannes Buchner — Bug 802266 - Remove unused definitions in nsComposeStrings.h and r=mkmelin, r=Neil
0434372166021c79db19ca4198456aaebf1a45abPhilipp Kewisch — Bug 641665 - Caldav synchronization error in cached calendars. r=mmecca
6574e5b750aa5d3c6e36cc32331189eda240a88eRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset f1199b0e2cf3 (bug 883670) for mozmill failures.
d18a9d5c9a52f450660818ed1d25727438b1d784Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 986756 - Remove DataContainerEvent dependency from Mail. r=standard8
f1199b0e2cf38a176bd7662cf67e298efb734f7faceman — Bug 883670 - Expose outgoing username in Account wizard and make it obvious which username is for which server. ui-r=bwinton, r=mkmelin, r=BenB
13a79c6de877329af078eb6eb97362a001218402Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changesets cf87c5c76627 and 1ab1fff092a5 (bug 802266) for bustage.
ec45d32bc40505afaff00cea374dc3ce10aa31aaSebastian Hengst — Bug 975381 - Use DOM_VK_RETURN/NS_VK_RETURN instead of DOM_VK_ENTER/NS_VK_ENTER in /suite/mailnews. r=IanN
48a7d8a8d68135594374e53a5c329d4f91427380Sebastian Hengst — Bug 975381 - Use DOM_VK_RETURN/NS_VK_RETURN instead of DOM_VK_ENTER/NS_VK_ENTER in /suite/common. r=IanN
4653c492f0d1e08383bee4905af58350aeaf4282Sebastian Hengst — Bug 975381 - Use DOM_VK_RETURN/NS_VK_RETURN instead of DOM_VK_ENTER/NS_VK_ENTER in /suite/browser. r=IanN
e78cda038ecc7f5e7c380f9e0e4476dc21b8d82fSebastian Hengst — Bug 975381 - Use DOM_VK_RETURN/NS_VK_RETURN instead of DOM_VK_ENTER/NS_VK_ENTER in /im. r=florian
e4e8cb6ade8b7072569c7fe33c05aa1def9fc908Sebastian Hengst — Bug 975381 - Use DOM_VK_RETURN/NS_VK_RETURN instead of DOM_VK_ENTER/NS_VK_ENTER in /calendar. r=philipp
cf87c5c76627761d0d9f366e5834ac766a342cd7Suyash Agarwal — Bug 802266 - Review NS_* definitions in nsComposeStrings.h. r=mkmelin, r=Neil
1ab1fff092a5273a2687416a776fab1ef063b1eaJohannes Buchner — Bug 802266 - Remove unused definitions in nsComposeStrings.h and r=mkmelin, r=Neil
7b4c6dfd26751ada3174fc0073658b417be601e1MakeMyDay — Bug 986852 - Email invitation only sent to the first attendee if "Separate invitation per attendee" is checked. r+a=philipp
edbe40b94a4d60c66d45c3a9d3a163908cdda053aceman — Bug 983443 - Cleanup some unused includes in .idl files of comm-central. r+sr=standard8
3320c766cf5bcde11d0f6a9c63cf25f0febd24edaceman — Bug 66763 - Auto-rename folder being deleted if a same name folder already exists in Trash - version for local folders. r=irving, r=Neil, ui-r=Josiah
5eccf54ec4c072f0ed8b786971e0c329c73b6e75Florian Quèze — Bug 860731 - Move LockedFile to WebIDL - stop packaging dom_file.xpt to fix bustage, r=bustage-fix, a=bustage-fix on CLOSED TREE
1ba07b762e2e72e4f29ba0a467d03418104b79e4Richard Marti — Bug 986710 - Splitter gone between today-pane and 3-pane window. r+ui-r=Fallen
53d94b6aec5e6d5f6dcc6dc573bcbdc6ae8c7640Sebastian Hengst — Bug 984917 - Remove Sunbird code Redux. r=Fallen
d6ee8f7c2fee84088600ce6a31f7bf1fad5ac6a3MakeMyDay — Bug 984119 - When creating e-mails from event dialog/summary dialog sender identity is preset with standard mail user. r=philipp
4805e92bc2cbd3f7bdce2b1d3273912c54a468f8aceman — Bug 876503 - Some cleanup in mozmill tests + clean up after some test runs. r=mconley, r=mkmelin
46881f948e10c5bdb2d65be69ef0250a164a5924aceman — Bug 876503 - Remove some unneeded includes in mozmill/shared-modules. r=mconley, r=mkmelin
b3f8494224e6dcea54f657d9d2c1fe94d9c5f14bMark Banner — Port bug 980697 - Add a configure option to pull newer versions of the d3dcompiler dll from installed Windows SDKs - to fix check-sync-dirs bustage. rs=build-system-peer port of m-c bug for CLOSED TREE
28b75077c9ef4df94c0160f0ed8b15eb2038c707Philip Chee — Bug 986400 Sync does not start in SeaMonkey 2.28a1 r=Callek
5c4f8cf4c147b82a12d5f80777296946911622ccPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 984105 - Undisclosed Attendee checkbox should be hidden instead of disabled - fix unchanged entities. r=philipp DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
f2b500cb36bdf3851264e6698c2636a322d73667seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-1 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
15d8e9787b163d17506fe19bd0acda45d4b0dd9dMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 981237 - Remove DataContainerEvent dependency from Plugin crash handler. r=standard8
46b7123a670d65e443bd5097ca28fd8de9b3c20eRichard Marti — Bug 986584 - Use the new OS X buttons. r+ui-r+a=philipp
c288b8a5f6dc192719914e924ab696fbae1bea39aleth — Bug 955698 - Participant tooltips should set presence info. r=florian
7256839a4e30044959701cf16e4d2b74786c889aPhilip Chee — Port bug 984466 - change CallQueryInterface to assert in cases of trivial conversions (MapiMessage.cpp) rs=Standard8
4364bdeed60112c7f4c6e4b7013f1bb038157ca8MakeMyDay — Bug 984105 - Undisclosed Attendee checkbox should be hidden instead of disabled. r=philipp
f74a61340d25a4cd030dcac7ad7c3c95a8cdffdfaleth — Bug 981404 - Mutationobserver event bunching breaks time bubbles. r=florian
32a293b64afb6c2a5465a7813caf92382fc6649fMakeMyDay — Bug 818688 - Commands that allow to create new events/tasks don't always reflect the calendars read-only status (regression). r=philipp
30d1d947dd94e8852d90cf14911ed0f9db39aadeMakeMyDay — Bug 702348 - Accepting an event invitation does not respect "Bcc these email addresses" account setting. r=philipp
de8c292373778763a8b2abea2cbd981afcacb517Mark Banner — Port bug 984466 - change CallQueryInterface to assert in cases of trivial conversions - rs=Neil. Bustage fix for CLOSED TREE
550064ca5ff6f8702e6be7d97ada6fd3b196540bPatrick Cloke — Bug 986234 - Port config.status changes made by bug 979118, r=jcranmer. CLOSED TREE
12cc690d92b3d8f8c29ab755ce87a8d50e1303d5Patrick Cloke — Bug 981333 - Update Fake for the normalize method. r=florian
c7ddf29222cd86d0efd4db3ba637c01f56bbab8aSebastian Hengst — Bug 982752 - Error: childNodes.lastChild is undefined Source file: chrome://editor/content/editor.js Line: 2756. r=IanN
74fed8c5ce2d196c2ff41f612e7393ac48f65053Chen Wei — Bug 974816 - Right click in the calendar list bring up wrong calendar property dialog after toggle offline. r=philipp
297a405a9c853df52aa62464bcfde68d9b70c478MakeMyDay — Bug 949444 - [Today Pane] Create new event/task from agenda list box by double click is not covered by command controller. r=philipp
9de1aac7e0311957a878cb05af72550ffe33a989Anant Kumar Singh — Bug 392418 - Sluggish response on rapid clicking of several checkboxes in the calendar list. r=philipp
e7be96ffcbbee1c56370af30e807f813614a6a03Mark Banner — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=auroramerge CLOSED TREE
8dbc08b25b61a7f6c79a210f4869be79d0476a55Mark Banner — closing old head a=auroramerge ba=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
12bb259f6ce6287854d9d6d49e0d3c7b1cf0d778Mark Banner — Added tag AURORA_30_END for changeset ebcaac24ae6e a=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
8e66b839e980fbbeef34ba95caf7bfbf556acc8dMark Banner — closing old head a=betamerge ba=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
96e4797efac526b5d1f46305bcdfc54cd41a8263Mark Banner — Added tag BETA_30_END for changeset 7f5c3615cd4e a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE