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Tue Jul 16 19:08:36 2019 +0000
7334d3e992dc16b72b65cf7131db4016957e8142Jorg K — No bug - Pin mozilla-beta version (FIREFOX_RELEASE_68_BASE, THUNDERBIRD_68_VERBRANCH) for release. a=jorgk BETA_68_CONTINUATION THUNDERBIRD_68_0b5_BUILD2 THUNDERBIRD_68_0b5_RELEASE
3eed19e3c66f40d0af54381941d938f9949f109bRichard Marti — Bug 1566177 - Remove rule that makes the selectLangs menulist text smaller. r+a=jorgk BETA_68_CONTINUATION
ac4b295f7e75adef6fd16c9206e4c6f5f1ac9f98Richard Marti — Bug 1566281 - Fix the input[type="number"] width in AM and make the first column of the amServerSetting smaller. r=aceman,mkmelin a=jorgk BETA_68_CONTINUATION
e6763c25c04949deb0dbc895c1b9edb28b4b741eOnno Ekker — Bug 1562750 - Add pref for language pack install. r=sancus a=jorgk BETA_68_CONTINUATION
d9c1209339c10551c1a7de72e4dd2e0f55483422andriusr — Bug 1362483 - Fix Gloda hang. r+a=jorgk BETA_68_CONTINUATION