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Sat Mar 30 21:10:54 2019 +0000
a07bc5354c4034a625063cc4920cc3c3626b4923Jorg K — No bug - Pin mozilla-beta version (rev 0b745b93a430, FIREFOX_67_0b6) for release. a=jorgk
ca5158979d6b994f440147bd31007249361137b8Geoff Lankow — Bug 1538585 - Add missing scripts to show custom element datetimepickers in timezone dialog. r=MakeMyDay a=jorgk
327877d322571c16c5ffbe60c3780a887f51786fGeoff Lankow — Bug 1538588 - Correctly initialise attribute inheritance in date picker widgets; r+a=philipp
6812e206e6d86f89ac989dba9bdc066672e25b43Geoff Lankow — Bug 1476725 - Fix tasks displayed in day view and week view. r+a=philipp
d9af5609d45e9208eada712d2b210d35db2e45d6Magnus Melin — Bug 1535955 - fix display of current selection of charset-picker menulists. r=khushil,jorgk a=jorgk
1599c84ad552ea0ba55cc708a72cbdee25ccecb9Magnus Melin — Bug 1517818 - add some guards against adding children and event listeners more than once since connectedCallback() can run many times. r=arshad a=jorgk
e4751d2e281f1e75367ca24b5bd11f13c925a474Jorg K — Bug 1539295 - fix tab after auto-complete in mailing list add/edit. r=aceman a=jorgk
922f9c9d7024ad76354f18566d905c1cdbdeed75aceman — Bug 1538789 - Don't show tooltip if not hovering a cell in the folder pane. Show full cell text when on a truncated cell. r=darktrojan a=jorgk