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Mon Jun 22 18:33:17 2015 +0000
e167a3321887135cb7effdd0503fce5dd89743adMagnus Melin — Bug 1174580 - Doesn't display GB2312 encoded texts correctly for Chinese Characters. r=jcranmer, a=rkent
71c23450e64ea4c4ccb4d1e49076391d2a5e7917Magnus Melin — Bug 1151448 - Cross-posts won't send becuase Newsgroups: groups are separated with comma+space, not just comma. r=jcranmer, a=rkent
839e5b1bcdb6b4daf16f180e6da8e6417f4c102fRichard Marti — Bug 1172240 - Add win10 media queries. r=bwinton, a=rkent
a62f8a4e3c1ebe51da978db6f98f209d278f418dR Kent James — Bug 1174159, NTLMv2 authentication fails in SMTP, r=neil, a=rkent