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Mon Jan 22 17:53:55 2018 +0000
c44930d8ad9b0f56d2a487406a8a40e675f26f4bPatrick Cloke — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=betamerge,ba=betamerge CLOSED TREE
2bb1ca20b0d02b28c5dac0444655fc5c76c564b6Patrick Cloke — Added tag BETA_BASE_20180122 for changeset 1f4e1c314fac a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
1f4e1c314fac5e97f4efa989e2731104d5e144a7Tom Prince — Backout ed51ab1cf68b and cb7877246369 (bug 1424254): don't adjust build-signing priority. BETA_BASE_20180122
ec9afb3329ab60924e34b4c0460b594d1a5f8474Tom Prince — Bug 1429603: Get rid of unused balrog configuration in builds; r=me
18938fc0dd706992c6fd9fec8baddee302b2cd45Philipp Kewisch — Bug 1408662 - Move date/time/timezone related functions into calDateTimeUtils.jsm - automatic changes. r=MakeMyDay
015d6cb840c4a0ed8db392a077aab10c2be6d0cdPhilipp Kewisch — Bug 1408662 - Move date/time/timezone related functions into calDateTimeUtils.jsm - manual changes. r=MakeMyDay
ec015f717cb05fdf8d6057a6526d8cdce9378eb5Jorg K — Bug 1431913 - temporarily disable test_fooUrl.js. rs=bustage-fix
d10e311b217af59593eb04d57be03fca16df6281Jorg K — Bug 1431913 - fix test_dod.js. rs=bustage-fix
26ee9005950789a7a3963618470f9c76c404f016Thomas Duellmann — Bug 229224 - Implement Drag & Drop method for reordering attachments during composition. r=aceman, ui-r=Paenglab
2ef0cd0692a20c0c7f82e7e9f359b0e8a7561d9estefanh — Bug 1429232 - SM: Restore the datetimepicker bindings/styles after their removal in bug 1428849, part 2: Use the c-c bindings and adjust location of datetimepicker.dtd. r=IanN
428b9f503c287d0faced0b5b2361e8e509bbaab9stefanh — Bug 1429232 - SM: Restore the datetimepicker bindings/styles after their removal in bug 1428849, part 1: Add suite-specific paths in datetimepicker.xml. r=Paenglab
1dd846f3e167ed1f8ddf4463239daaed86a00e38Jorg K — Bug 1431913 - fix SMTP protocol handler. rs=bustage-fix
866b5c60d753a85c42dbf7445a8c36c501184771Jorg K — Bug 1431913 - Port bug 1431204 to mailnews: Make nsIURI.spec readonly (JS part, follow-up). r=aceman
4b11d994f0234cd69ad3b4598c4bcee01c5f3a67Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1269145 - Show gtk3 scrollbar buttons in SeaMonkey. r=IanN
eadd0577e853c192bdb6f178a0780b6eceec8e2bBill Gianopoulos — Bug 1431752 - Port bug 1411579 to suite: adjust nsIGIOService::GetAppForURIScheme() call. r=IanN
54533507e7b21db321817c9afa1d7e7ed86f2025Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1239239 - Part 3. Pref network.dir.format should no longer be changeable. Option 3 has been removed. r=stefanh
fd0fd7d28d8c1ac3a9e37abed620c39bc987c4a8Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1239239 - Part 2. Set network.dir.format to a valid value after removal of the XUL directory viewer. r=stefanh
4f56e21c7e3ac583fa9c0154fbf48d1644f5179eFrank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1239239 - Part 1. Remove ftp/file tree view support from SeaMonkey. r=stefanh
8624191ab58e13219569c078d7476b9ad682fe8fFrank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1432047 - Move isContentFrame from contentAreaUtils.js to SeaMonkey. r=stefanh DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
603955ee98d37a04c231db0c5025f20b7d934a1bJorg K — Bug 1431913 - Port bug 1431204 to mailnews: Make nsIURI.spec readonly (JS part). rs=bustage-fix CLOSED TREE
56a1e0215340d31f7e86c82a8102e65ec439d46fJorg K — Bug 1431913 - Port bug 1431204 to mailnews: Make nsIURI.spec readonly. rs=bustage-fix
3b24922dc1938d8d8a8c2475e046984ce2fb154fstefanh — Bug 1427864 - SM: Restore the dialogheader binding and its styling after the removal in bug 1419600, part 5: Remove the now obsolete 'header-large' class from profileSelection.xul. r=IanN.
4a3f1b1488b69ccde91683cd3a864c594852c627stefanh — Bug 1427864 - SM: Restore the dialogheader binding and its styling after the removal in bug 1419600, part 4: Add missing style rules for the Classic theme. r=IanN.
7eb3f6ef9e89b9be6182609949d1198dd31fbdbestefanh — Bug 1427864 - SM: Restore the dialogheader binding and its styling after the removal in bug 1419600, part 3: Copy windows profile.css to classic/mac/communicator/profile/. r=IanN.
2a18c5427701ef8d2198e269770e4eee8154464bstefanh — Bug 1427864 - SM: Restore the dialogheader binding and its styling after the removal in bug 1419600, part 2: Add missing style rules for Modern theme. r=IanN.
9964c99ea965e47b89068bc45fe3bbec56c2b0cfstefanh — Bug 1427864 - SM: Restore the dialogheader binding and its styling after the removal in bug 1419600, part 1: Use the c-c dialogheader binding. r=IanN.
83de7e9299d5d52d34bef5e350d8f836081c6047aceman — Bug 1422721 - Follow-up: add utilityOverlay.js to abContactsPanel.xul to get goSetMenuValue(). r=jorgk CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD
67727712f9b0c7c9fd8058e1e627e8af8a02ae6baceman — Bug 1425962 - don't reference obsolete RDF service and subscribeDataSource in subscribe.js. r=jorgk
5160a541f4aa0f7477bc1e8fb81d905ab3b0c176eslint — Bug 1431761 - Remove getProgressMode from tree views. r=MakeMyDay
34300ae5649374108a30053992f4f5853bc43254Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1431946 - Copy goSetMenuValue(), goSetAccessKey(), goOnEvent() into suite after removal in Bug 1422720. r=stefanh
7324a6fcde0246813518c6b2dbed4bb5b5ccea92stefanh — Bug 1430896 - SM: Style the wizard-box class since it’s styling was removed in bug 1430739. r=frg
f5bc2c90e4e0e5d30c2182d5764edb3363ac4fc7tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-326 - a=blocklist-update
054a3e83432531c040df013e4002b49bbcdc618cseabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-hp-linux64-7 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
9dd7d3ad611c6067297fc165f99baa2897fab97bTom Prince — Bug 1431640: Actually repack 32bit Linux binaries on linux32 L10N builders; r=me CLOSED TREE
10c155c4f9941a12c64b18cb78e5115c1d0b339dTom Prince — Port Bug 1431297: Build a xz-utils package for Debian wheezy; rs=bustage-fix
f13ec451886d865f9e9aaba07a503e8ffefc2dfetbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-324 - a=blocklist-update
d1acf1ac18cf975727f590c704097711e9b29cdfJorg K — Bug 1431548 - Port bug 1411579 to TB: adjust nsIGIOService::GetAppForURIScheme() call. r=aceman
ae43fcf7b9ee449f0f0a573d10c93421dbe645bfJorg K — Bug 1430374 - comm-central: remove GetProgressMode() methods. rs=bustage-fix
3d52812591b80b0555fa6d6f36209d4d3b138f52aceman — Bug 1425962 - Convert subscribe.xul dialog from XUL templates to a manually populated tree list. rs=bustage-fix
f1f49dd06edb2a788d9688d7b429ab5d31d7bbf7rene — Bug 1294027 - use mail sender's address for SMTP MAIL FROM (updated tests). r=jorgk
202106d62ad7246b25f9a5ad4fe4e7785cb98d1arene — Bug 1294027 - use mail sender's address for SMTP MAIL FROM. r=jorgk
e0a83f533ebaf778e284026bafba23ddd2554eeeRichard Marti — Bug 1430861 - Port bug 1418131 to TB: Add security software section to about:support. r=jorgk
85e4ac0d421f1ed720e209bdeb16d30f7f8855c8Tom Prince — Port bug 788974: Don't disable elfhack when enabling profiling; r=me
b68fd8f127d19b9adff89c22452106c13307cf79Tom Prince — Port Bug 1430037: Use the in-tree image builder image to build docker images; rs=bustage-fix
87da74e0446e18a6e14a7e20b93500f038862c02Jorg K — Bug 1422721 - Adopt goSetMenuValue(), goSetAccessKey(), goOnEvent() into mail/base/. rs=bustage-fix
f8fdf9ff01990489e82cd2a6ad2222976867c936tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-325 - a=blocklist-update
5d90cec1e409e712aa2b30f89c8f2a9d86e6f9fcTom Prince — Port Bug 1430315: Use the separate llvm-dsymutil toolchain to build Thunderbird; rs=bustage-fix
2b936818a22ee307bf9bfa2b64f23c0820bd52f4Tom Prince — Bug 1431269: Enable win64 builds on taskcluster; r=me
2a3f9a84a077099778a5210d3d26491a7d147347stefanh — Bug 1430889 - TB: Style the wizard-box class since its styling is removed in bug 1430739. r=Paenglab
89529844079e83c70a63ead5144480b43889e3d5Richard Marti — Bug 1431191 - Stop using the -moz-border-*-colors on Mac. rs=jorgk
606c2407c2ca8d976402bec1863a959c36c15e2cTom Prince — Port Bug 1430504: Build a GNU make package for Debian wheezy; rs=bustage-fix
cbdedec8dda55ca1f6da0d83454cf1a11358daectbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-303 - a=blocklist-update
850f0f59574d40e97755558e3f7084c73a9c2d69Edmund Wong — Bug 1430985 - Update to rustc 1.22.1 for OSX r=frg
6da9066ad17a515e534f21a54b06bf655b71104fTom Prince — Bug 1428494: Install mozterm when installing mozmill; r=Fallen
4f8929c9473c1b71366fc43876b03ce63e1a3b9bTom Prince — Bug 1428494: Clean up linting of; r=Fallen
3685d53a5ca41857185983ac2fde9038bb86ae6cFrank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1430721 - Remove unused method readRDFString. r=stefanh
516e3eb307e9b94f458a46d528ab67438ebda231Richard Marti — Bug 1430653 - Replace the -moz-border-*-colors in the addressing widget fields. r=jorgk
4695df0fa8565f1dc7309fb2bd10825c1adcf6a9Jorg K — Bug 1430415 - Closing old branch that is no longer used. r=tomprince COMM20_20110405_RELBRANCH
69596360bfb5a62349fa4ddebef05382a90fc8edJorg K — Bug 1430415 - Closing old branch that is no longer used. r=tomprince COMM2000_20110314_RELBRANCH
0b85d8abddab7df53f62bd90c4ea5a11b44398deJorg K — Bug 1430415 - Closing old branch that is no longer used. r=tomprince COMM20b11_20110203_RELBRANCH
3ca2da0c5ce46d4609acced0b1d5a63f36845c1eJorg K — Bug 1430415 - Closing old branch that is no longer used. r=tomprince COMM2000_20110114_RELBRANCH
651cb6ad1e72208e669ba37ec993ee8c5c7a8957Jorg K — Bug 1430415 - Closing old branch that is no longer used. r=tomprince COMM1925_20100422_RELBRANCH
a324a7cd9a0f8574a3059e899c59edbaed45b53eJorg K — Port bug 1409707 to TB/IB/SM: Add Wayland DLL to package manifests. rs=bustage-fix
059f1f76c27aba1ac5502ef25b6ec15f62304976Richard Marti — Bug 1430655 - Replace the -moz-border-*-colors in primaryToolbar.css. r=jorgk
98f69558bff6e51db9eab41636bad2729f72d949Richard Marti — Bug 1429861 - Follow-up: Add the toolbar-drag to bindings.css for Linux. r=jorgk
cb7877246369f699080e2a75b607257f80bbfdadTom Prince — Bug 1424254: Realy drop build-signing priority to `low` temporarily; rs=bustage-fix
ed51ab1cf68b41dd39f91b37724e880dfa4fe85fTom Prince — Bug 1424254: Drop build-signing priority to `low` temporarily; rs=bustage-fix
330cc57633430f81004a95687f6e4500de4187c8Tom Prince — Bug 1430661: Add windows tests; r=me
96ff1dfa2c1458e0a8570accd0953395e71be030Tom Prince — Bug 1430006: Add build signing support; r=me
8764bc6727ef4043fe4b3afd5b9478b135a2434dJorg K — Bug 356002 - Follow-up: fix typo in localization note. rs=typo-fix
8035dbacafd4e26dda08e47fdf5a2cd30f1726adPhilipp Kewisch — Bug 1424350 - Move string bundle from global to service to fix string errors. r=MakeMyDay
8bebc74d29d4eafe52df8281703aac1f6eee3079aceman — Bug 1429883 - clean up syntax in msgPrintEngine.js and switch SM to using mailnews/. r=jorgk,frg
22fd03a810f712cd7599089802f1e4d491043bbeMakeMyDay — Bug 356002 - Allow dismissing alarms for read-only calendars. r=philipp
44f05d685ecb69379d7a81e20a9307a416b2a1a2Richard Marti — Bug 1430490 - Remove unused -moz-border-*-colors in chat.css. r=florian
96960de143cfb4bc01e3186753bea72e92ae9a05Richard Marti — Bug 1430489 - Remove unneeded stylesheet in abCardOverlay.xul. r=jorgk
4b4040445c6008c5731a34e4bf83959bc492553dRichard Marti — Bug 1430484 - Move the statusbar bindings to bindings.css. r=jorgk
a2d13b6b92874d04fb4036ea54af7f36c600072eRichard Marti — Bug 1430482 - Port bug 1430457 to TB: Stop using -moz-border-top-colors for the lwtheme faux window border on Windows 7. r=jorgk
fcae4e56142712dda7966c17dc21eac4a1200415Richard Marti — Bug 1430462 - Remove the toolbar-primary class. r=jorgk
73858a61806859269666a58fd830d145e1522425Richard Marti — Bug 1429861 - Follow-up: Remove the .toolbar-primary rule. r=jorgk
1cd7416310516ff11b04225dbf0d5f07103b7697Philipp Kewisch — Bug 1430421 - Add .arcconfig to comm-central. r=tomprince
29104fe7818dde8fbcf74933c62c069de80aefe2Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1331208 - Part 2. Re-add padded removed in Bug 464450 and the dropmarker removed in Bug 1407613. r=stefanh
89ff7aac58750003d4e66d2f2a2c8c940238e635Richard Marti — Bug 1430389 - Remove tree-progressmeter from task view. r=philipp
4eaad292b77b4fa8554a43ffd657894316bff996Richard Marti — Bug 1430386 - Rename mTabstrip to arrowScrollbox (following M-C bug 1415537). r=jorgk,frg
b5cb90c44461cf27424f643025705c518fc1777fRichard Marti — Bug 1429861 - Follow-up: Add our own binding to the menubar. r=jorgk
921adfb2b877ebb005d99ec815927f3bdc2c8dacTom Prince — Port bug 1430011 to comm-central: Build a Git package for Debian wheezy; rs=bustage-fix
1358f87e83504ab91fb952cf21c5de421680bc1fseabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-hp-linux64-5 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
8b25ca7b9a119d981891cf5a0eff95b3d251f652tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-324 - a=blocklist-update
35d2dc1476b40f7414ade6efffe758e3e10a2cc9Jorg K — Bug 1430168 - fix the way the account manager handles the trash folder. r=GeneSmith
9b5a09047b8d9430ed0db23645e5592c790d83cdRichard Marti — Bug 1430280 - Bug 1429861 follow-up: Add bindings.css to messageWindow too. r=jorgk
03cfb25c0204b18ac46b2c114c5cc28ebc88a634Jorg K — Bug 1429861 - Follow-up: fix missed overlay in rs=bustage-fix
1f77e76d57f7fe42bc160840a918e61c8cac806cJorg K — Keep build files in sync (Port bug 1430036: Don't set PKG_CONFIG_LIBDIR when building on Debian). rs=bustage-fix
22778ea407d249cecddb32fbe02041c3b0791f4bJorg K — Port bug 1284391 to TB/IB/SM: remove filepicker.xpt and nsFilePicker.manifest/js from package manifests. rs=bustage-fix
e129b4cce936f5eceabf8d4086931b02bf24ea80Jorg K — Bug 1427940 - encode folder name into MUTF-7 for folder URI. r=aceman DONTBUILD
eed41f9f141bff387ae5e039d6e9dd406c379518Richard Marti — Bug 1430208 - Move the datetimepicker bindings to bindings.css. r=jorgk
a39c71c8bd8a8e150a91eb991148eff13bec7d25Richard Marti — Bug 1429861 - Follow-up: Fix the style link in one missed test file. r=jorgk
e51b1503b985b33f66de6c2074fa41a772e4a2fcTom Prince — Backed out changeset 9a40dfc76b55 (Bug 1420695) for not fixing the test. DONTBUILD
6978caf561491e25b02ac6f91e9493b5ddf9c97fTom Prince — Port bug 1429669 to comm-central: add deb7-mercurial package task; rs=bustage-fix
9ef1f7640ce1f1b1c0496f692a7f674ad5b513e3Tom Prince — Bug 1424334: Switch to uploading symbols to; r=me
96bc2a18af751c288559a7cc361efbab352ec283Gene Smith — Bug 1427507 - Ensure newly selected trash folder is enabled and has trash icon. r=jorgk
a554d6a6752db5ae72d637347b77caa335630907Gene Smith — Bug 1428666 - Follow-up to bug 1335982: Correct trash folder problems with certain imap servers. r=jorgk
d8d5f8093401ba48dbaff0c7dc1418fe927288fbJorg K — Bug 1335982 - Store full folder path in pref trash_folder_name and document it everywhere (analysis by Gene Smith). r=GeneSmith
6f984a633da61cbae7b6e479ee0046907c72ff49Jorg K — Bug 1429861 - Follow-up: correct customizeToolbarDTD entity. rs=bustage-fix
66e477f2094cacbd835bbc9ef36f8686c5f16526Richard Marti — Bug 1429861 - TB: Restore the toolbar bindings/styles after their removal in bug 1428938. r=jorgk
37b853ebb72630500b8d003c0fb37ebe993af2b4Jorg K — Port bug 1427512 to TB/IB/SM: Remove dom_stylesheets.xpt and dom_css.xpt from package-manifests. rs=bustage-fix
a32ea71ed256576ab9c18e0e58bed6257d733aecThomas Duellmann — Bug 1429726 - Polish showCommandInSpecialFolder() function to accept commands array. r=aceman
b5669673cf9a1d513a61748682382a8bc112224eRichard Marti — Bug 1428991 - Remove the usage of the tabmail-tabs class. r=jorgk
a6bf50338fdbc0799a04dda59f15d84dfdcecdb9Richard Marti — Bug 1429385 - Rename adjustTabstrip to _updateCloseButtons (following M-C bug 1415235). r=jorgk
9a40dfc76b55a13e0a4730b4a2fcf2254643d7b4Tom Prince — Bug 1420695: Don't try to connect to fake ISPs in tests; r=BenB
1521b069c5113b8597bada7f1d9cb1355256c642Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1429864 - Add missing -moz prefix to media queries. r=stefanh
4de3d93be6902eaf6dc4318813fcd97037d82e24stefanh — Bug 1426098 - Port bug 1425363 to SeaMonkey: Switch window menu to JS instead of RDF. r=frg.
e87932c3f91ee4ec6eff9682628bd05b01e7aa5cFrank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1429231 - Add missing datepicker locales to SeaMonkey. rs=bustage-fix
9f30d72759f523f06d5b94783a035c2d53d59bc5Jorg K — Bug 1389062 - Follow-up: typo fixes. rs=typo-fix DONTBUILD
5dd349d1efbc8f9dcd69ce24e3eade189027f5edJorg K — Bug 1389062 - Implement 'Edit Template' command (cmd_editTemplateMsg). C++ part. r=aceman
921778a9bb1a9e15cae9072ca2958f27ce736c76Thomas Duellmann — Bug 1389062 - Implement 'Edit Template' command (cmd_editTemplateMsg) and UI. r=aceman, ui-r=paenglab.
54f5d17398d11209ea0e17f03e96385cf7cf03b2Tom Prince — No bug. Don't skip taskcluster try syntax on builds requesting buildbot; r=me DONTBUILD
854d46a8fc81c5126c57a2b7513e2156645c6168Tom Prince — Bug 1425194: Fix typo in windows tooltool manifests; rs=bustage-fix
bc092a4b0df8c4879c08f5571d92d688dbe9ace0Tom Prince — Bug 1428494: Fix installation of mozmill virtualenv in automation; rs=bustage-fix
cedd9a7e2e89637fb53e5da1c29f564e4cda009bTom Prince — Bug 1429664: Add windows builds; r=me
7029b3d04e131d54e46725f8d25774608d734275Tom Prince — Bug 1429664: Sync windows installer makefile with upstream; r=me
902f0dde1fa87cdcb9f472f3663baed628e51aebTom Prince — Port win32 locale/packaging changes to comm-central (bug 1370506); r=me
4a44a83771677c1e9ac876d41bbad19290acead5Tom Prince — Bug 1425194: Use mapiheaders from tooltool instead of from puppet; r=Fallen
bd596856ab3708ea822ca2ca4e200fbac75b763bTom Prince — Bug 1424171: Pass mozilla dir to compare-locales.
32ad15ba47d542729e582bcb70e8289767a29324Tom Prince — Bug 1424171: Control locale dirs.
91c8db119e72a1299dfbf9bb40f268f75f46c8a5Tom Prince — Port bug 1429285 to comm-central; rs=bustage-fix
f4201af4ba70bc3ebddd78a25fac3ecaa2a93b06Richard Marti — Bug 1429231 - Follow-up: Add missing changes for Linux and Mac. r=jorgk
765639df2573769e67c607dfe0fee22829c5e11dstefanh — Bug 1429132 - Remove obsolete reference to global/skin/dialog.css in the dialogheader binding. r=Paenglab
64f28bdfff1fac6e305231b9e27360c51ba82fabstefanh — Bug 1428630 - Restore css for Composer bottom tabs (m-c support for the tabs-bottom class was removed in bug 1428061). r=frg.
aea8da53babbd550b0c61d37555dc868f785dd82Richard Marti — Bug 1429231 - TB: Restore the datetimepicker bindings/styles after their removal in bug 1428849. r=jorgk
c470737be118e33d1caf76c2d12d7864e4ced8a8Tom Prince — Bug 1428494: Stop installing mozmill in automation; r?Fallen
3235e39f29240f4984296d6baece6d5236316fd0Tom Prince — Bug 1428494: Package mozmill test resources in mozbuild; r?Fallen
23a721e864ace0924c0f4ee947bfae6f8d9ab107Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1398973 - Show active tab with a color stripe to make it more visible. r=IanN
694dba22656c382059061d91aff886d3e7345621Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1331208 - Fix to show the menulist- and history-dropmarker under newer GTK3 versions in SeaMonkey. r=IanN
aa693b8ed7312bd8521ba938d002d1e92a580127Jorg K — Backed out changeset bcfa74cb6921 (bug 1335982) for unwanted side effects (bug 1428666). a=jorgk DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
9eaf60bf2eca55834e2da02c396a3ed20ddcf52etbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-305 - a=blocklist-update
ed4ad752029dd945b1df6b5377f68eb0e21f5a2aMartin Schroeder — Bug 885910 - Remove comments and code specific to Sunbird from once shared files (part 2). r=MakeMyDay
27191bf09df89656d92f1daba6d9a6e88f398bbaTom Prince — Backed out changeset b72aa771a12d, 65634ac5e471 (bug 1428494) for breaking mozmill tests on taskcluster. CLOSED TREE
a7badbfcf7b33fafe5f6d1f05bedea599f3e965aTom Prince — Bug 1420449: Include optional graph config setting, now that defaults aren't applied; rs=bustage-fix CLOSED TREE
4eb6a69f3447c144539b5f694784bc8fdfe05abdTom Prince — Bug 1427326: Include `toolchain-build` docker image in comm-central build; r=me
b72aa771a12d567b4999196fd09ade759ee137a6Tom Prince — Bug 1428494: (typo-fix) Stop installing mozmill in automation; rs=bustage-fix
4cf5e206f3f7283f8503ce03318ceeafb57601aeJorg K — Bug 1425962 - temporarily disable failing test test-subscribe-news-filter::test_subscribe_newsgroup_filter. rs=bustage-fix DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
0af78811488721bb7f0fe0583d33fd80fadf0d56Alexey Asemov — Bug 1428374 - Bug 1411716 follow-up: allow ftp: and magnet: type URLs. r=alta88
51e77d9e8626a2e07e45b931f5b5276a2997d080Richard Marti — Bug 1428545 - Add the preferences.css style sheet to sanitize.xul. r=jorgk
8de7a1c3ea4082d935d92ff9bec3840f62328292seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-hp-linux64-7 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
50504ece5f31731a4773b92aac4b204859b5a48aJorg K — Keep build files in sync (Port 1427339: Make mozconfig.stdcxx work with both CentOS and Debian-built GCCs). rs=bustage-fix
65634ac5e471611c17e67dec85ccd167f2e90b4aTom Prince — Bug 1428494: Stop installing mozmill in automation; rs=bustage-fix
8afc685a7b4810b8bcfa761dd6a828a57896352cstefanh — Bug 1424602 - Restore suite Preferences bindings/styles after their removal in bug 1379338: Part 3 (add missing style rules to Linux/Mac/Windows preferences.css files). r=IanN.
6f7be81e3c4eb706b23d4ca3799cf7a78b4d79adstefanh — Bug 1424602 - Restore suite Preferences bindings/styles after their removal in bug 1379338: Part 2 (add Linux/Mac preferences.css files). r=IanN.
5087b6ba1eeb6a82b31c6f1d39105296ebcf47dfstefanh — Bug 1424602 - Restore suite Preferences bindings/styles after their removal in bug 1379338: Part 1 (restore bindings). r=IanN.
ea396b8000c33aafb56d0db1535aae216700a017Neil Rashbrook — Bug 1428100 - "Get Map" button visible even if only a web page is added. r=mkmelin
a18fbb14a13cc21bbf86798f9d2b1abe7524bad5Tom Prince — No bug: Sync build filles: remove unused `build/win32/mozconfig.vs2017; r=me DONTBUILD
007155df7eb96eaa992085feb7e086d61d96e577Jorg K — Bug 1428341 - Port bug 1428172 to C-C: s/Services.intl.createDateTimeFormat/new Services.intl.DateTimeFormat/. rs=bustage-fix
662f3ff6f50c5c9a648a5a6f8fdc6a661ddbaa90Richard Marti — Bug 1424601 - Restore the Preferences bindings/styles after their removal in toolkit in bug 1379338. rs=jorgk
1cfb05317fd671eaa55ac38409dd0cb1aca49964aceman — Bug 464710 - remove nsIMsgFolder::SetInVFEditSearchScope. r=mkmelin,frg rs=bustage-fix
298602f444343d7680cdbecaf962f8727be53112aceman — Bug 464710 - remove RDF datasources nsMsgFolderDataSource.cpp and nsMsgAccountManagerDS.cpp. r=mkmelin,frg rs=bustage-fix
f4140f045ad0fb5345e3f3e27491d1b785b644c5aceman — Bug 464710 - Use folderPane.js to convert RDF trees in msgSelectOffline.xul and virtualFolderListDialog.xul to JS (most of conversion done by Joey Minta). r=mkmelin,frg rs=bustage-fix
afc58e5a8f81fe7e5fc5a7df028ba268371ff401Joey Minta — Bug 464710 - Add simple test to check if trees in msgSelectOfflineFolders.xul and virtualFolderListEdit.xul work. r=mkmelin
32e98bb5f25c59ec492980b2dd06c776807bbe3bJorg K — Bug 1427382 - Follow-up: fix compile error (signed/unsigned). rs=bustage-fix
8473687592d873da66a8a3752594bc61251bc9e9Jorg K — Bug 1427382 - don't use header display name straight off, in case it contains @ (analysis by Magnus Melin). r=mkmelin
678d7a3b822aa27c2d7371b7b9596e89fb753cdaTom Prince — Bug 1423801: Use comm-central sccache buckets; r?Fallen
91d3849b3197f2702d0945df6098304a3ea0321eTom Prince — Bug 1426892: Use ccache on buildbot; r?Fallen.
616bad023654c1e801c5ece0b5886602c58de4b9Richard Marti — Bug 1428012 - Remove .tabs-left/.tabs-right styles no longer needed after bug 1427787. r=philipp DONTBUILD
ff91862ffb2a5c3904d8a3fa1414343cbb5ffe18Richard Marti — Bug 1427509 - Follow-up: restore the previous message icon which was accidentally replaced. r=jorgk
1a1d5017159e650fcf50f0165b943614905c0c3btbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-035 - a=blocklist-update
b2d833012dd9f871223e91d56e22eeec502c8636Jorg K — Keep build files in sync (Port bug 1427404: Always export PATH when passing it through mk_add_options). rs=bustage-fix
b9d14117cde47a1db4db8940c838a1fedbe2a540Jorg K — Bug 1425962 - Port bug 1425356 to TB/IB/SM: Remove xultmpl.xpt from package manifests. rs=bustage-fix
4821a86a55d2bd707fb0c1a7bc52a9fdb096dad3Richard Marti — Bug 1427865 - Restore the dialogheader binding and its styling after the removal in bug 1419600. rs=jorgk
454eb3e4fa5e77f2a52f1db213cbc30624573467Tim Nguyen — Bug 1427509 - Use Photon style icons in Thunderbird. r=Paenglab,philipp
aa5d726dc7cb94831d962514a98e58c22ff81754Tim Nguyen — Bug 1427497 - Change Add-on Debugger to Debug Add-ons in menus. r=Fallen
638b68e225775ea8fff0a6650d8c5f521705671fstefanh — Bug 1418094 - Use the c-c statusbar/statusbarpanel bindings and migrate css. r=IanN.
608854301907a894df7f747167a6a2486c26e631stefanh — Bug 1418094 - Migrate statusbarpanel-iconic, statusbarpanel-iconic-text bindings from m-c to suite/common/bindings/general.xml. r=IanN.
96593a2f19eff987b165009a0be750d24a0a9270Jorg K — Bug 1427645 - add 10 tests for body search for non-ASCII bodies encoded in quoted-printable. r=aceman
863d0cd8bb5327ebee696c9c3f5692ef0abf580fJorg K — Bug 1427124 - Follow-up: charset can be quoted. r=aceman
726cc3c0baf21c0e6e351cb6950412b039b55991Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1427560 - make accesskey for 'Theme' in Options > Chat > Message Style work. r=jorgk
cecc2f11dcca399c7c91bca688f7fa52c12f839cGene Smith — Bug 1345266 - Allow access to messages with no expected header. r=jorgk
25e260b9958157daed1021916711bab304b73938Jorg K — Bug 1427124 - fix body search for non-ASCII bodies (incl. 10 new test cases). r=aceman
bb674bf2da143e8f074239cfe30cde7d8a760770Jorg K — Bug 1414022 - Follow-up: Correct typos is localization notes. rs=typo-fix-only DONTBUILD
4dc0b697b15dbe80ff0f51d3887498a2e615c53aEdmund Wong — Bug 1427337 - debug build requires mozconfig.linux.common. r=bustagefix
0c0a020c4779ccea0a3d3ec3ba338e510e34e398Edmund Wong — Bug 1427563 - Port relevant parts of |Bug 1526555| to SeaMonkey r=frg
058aa6495c2db7c13eac1e23c74d2354bf9d6355Edmund Wong — Bug 1427337 - Add mozconfig.linux.l10n.common for l10n repacks r=frg
759973c6bcae9fa6afc4de218cba7c4123ef22b3Jorg K — Bug 1259534 - correct comment (insert 'not'). rs=comment-only DONTBUILD
bb53b1cf7bc041edfc106c12bf4618c151a69804aceman — Bug 1427188 - Follow-up: open a new tab for add-on options if not already open. r=jorgk
13a022fef0c88df570f7fb3d0ba435cf5ac7df4dJorg K — Bug 1259534 - fix body search of base64 encoded bodies (incl. 10 new test cases). r=aceman
7774e765fe5f83b4d826fee5d1331cb01f3698aeTom Prince — Bug 1427505: Move `MOZ_SUITE` to `moz.configure`; r=frg
2b82730084427beb0d775a99b1dc8399a77799f4Tom Prince — Bug 1427505: Move `MOZ_THUNDERBIRD` to `moz.configure`; r=Fallen
e60b3d52d364eb91499b7b90f11487fdc261d03cTom Prince — Bug 1427505: Move `MOZ_SEPARATE_MANIFEST_FOR_THEME_OVERRIDES` to moz.configure; r=Fallen,frg
abd3ecd7c46d908d3ed76470f3f9b22c5b87915dTom Prince — Bug 1427505: Move MOZ_MOVEMAIL configuration to moz.configure; r=Fallen,frg
395185d6319339129f58ad58d1431fe4b4a5f4c5Tom Prince — Bug 1427505: Get rid of setting MOZ_LDAP_XPCOM from; r=Fallen,frg
e6ab2f1c372f9af2624d8a939eb42f49ff585a8eTom Prince — Bug 1427505: Get rid of always-set `MOZ_COMPOSER` configuration; r=Fallen,frg
c24349d92dd8e07e6050079a77786eb7312c1f91MakeMyDay — Bug 1409560 - avoid deletion in task tree if decimal key on the numpad is pressed with numlock on. r=philipp
34c27412bf320d5a061db968fdab398a2cab06cfMakeMyDay — Bug 1324454 - Make long item descriptions in conflict dialog scrolling to not overflow the dialog controls. r=philipp
bcd1094e527e71632ff89d2c3b43e51a18c7e6a9MakeMyDay — Bug 719351 - Prompt for a target calendar when pasting an event. r=philipp
fc7ab2a4422ac76030fc814c3eeb8ffa35dd71ffRichard Marti — Bug 1425517 - Make the Today pane button arrow better visible with dark LW-themes. r=philipp
bcfa74cb692186f00ca34c12d2d9315d4212d202Jorg K — Bug 1335982 - for trash folder use proper URI parsing instead of home-made parsing (analysis by Gene Smith). r=GeneSmith
fb4b9040b9f3a94ce171089cf123bf01cfa90e40Tom Prince — Get rid of build configuration from l10n mozconfigs (followup to bug 1426555); r=me
3744f4ef8956d4368a213b31d7b75c169eab406fTom Prince — Bug 1426547: Fix branding to use; r=Fallen
2639c3ea8ba0f3642ea0dadb2504f934b964ef12aceman — Bug 1427407 - add "Add-ons" menuitem in the Add-ons submenu of appmenu. ui-r=Paenglab, r=Paenglab
dd64bc33f829ef8c87475e4eb0c3ab15b081415cRichard Marti — Bug 1427188 - Add the openLinkIn() to utilityOverlay.js for add-on search to work. r=aceman,mkmelin
095948115b2c4613f42f50f7aedfc99f73e34fb2Richard Marti — Bug 1427370 - Follow-up: Show the right border on active tabs. r=jorgk
678a35e90cfeb5dd5589d7ade973a05eb8f71e33Philipp Kewisch — Bug 1427297 - fix use of Array global in session. rs=jorgk
a64eb1d3d9166d389f95c4ab8aad6384bcc10ff1Jorg K — Bug 1427265 - provide better moz-icon for messages attached via drag&drop. r=aceman
4469c475c6b473927956f509a1ef78da8db5e48cTom Prince — Bug 1427210: Move check-sync task to `lint` platform; r=me
048f5041c99145a4f1aedd6856f3c0685e9c6590Tom Prince — Bug 1427210: Run as seperate task; r=Fallen
4474dbcf45b8c029276e7094f4ae2613008203c1Tom Prince — Bug 1427210: Use mozlog for outputting check-sync test results; r=Fallen
cf81f9130dd32094827a3d65206bae021709a255Tom Prince — Bug 1427210: Use python docstrings; r=Fallen
158d7aebb58423b4e3a038fbff450ae814fe6529Tom Prince — Bug 1427210: Since we are using python 2.7, we can use a set instead of simulating it with a dictionary; r=Fallen
f8693edcab2bc4f629521f6b6d093701eaf942e7Tom Prince — Bug 1427210: Fix flake8 errors in; r=Fallen
a752c3d29777401d8ae5d6c70809194890377c7cRichard Marti — Bug 1427370 - Apply the negative margin to the ::before pseudo-element instead to ::after to avoid too early appearance of the scrollbuttons on tab bar. r=jorgk
4ef7e0ec1af717503c6172f14a9c0e7a164e7b11Richard Marti — Bug 1427369 - Set a top-/bottom-margin on #alltabs-button to not let the tab bar grow when the button is shown. r=jorgk
c55b6973a1094b09ad2ced5a779b0cd20169c29bThomas Duellmann — Bug 1427037 - Enable 'Reorder Attachments' (cmd_reorderAttachments) regardless of focus; implement showPopupById() function. r=jorgk, ui-r=Paenglab
dc0dd21764903490c50828534673b74c8e65b41aEdmund Wong — Bug 1427337 - Fix build config bustage from the fallout from bug 1426758 r=frg
a24ffb32892cd8f6cf09f5a7cb6aa11312ac8cc2Gene Smith — Bug 1414022 - fix wording of 'save message' and related dialogs. r=jorgk, ui-r=Paenglab
1a7c1ae7a902c3aca80a5e36ce6c97a9a914802fRichard Marti — Bug 1427158 - Add some space between long subjects and the datelabel/smimeBox. r=jorgk
ed82a1c69080cdef71c39a0ee7776d2dff530f37Jorg K — Bug 1402558 - Follow-up: fix grammar error in message. r=me
1138aa902823aef12ec8cfe085cbbca44f9af699Thomas Duellmann — Bug 1426344 - Mac keyboard shortcuts for 'Reorder Attachments' actions revisited (follow-up of bug 663695). r=Paenglab
be410fe9478cdf09d253addd144a8207527fbee6Tom Prince — Bug 1426785: Drop tooltool manifests for linux taskcluster builds; r=me
2cf483e70c05b19b77c9c8633a9b2581e1864411Tom Prince — Bug 1426785: Re-add config to use tooltool gtk for Thunderbird buildbots; r=me
c40ded187da8f5a9dd8f388648208b002b4e3abfJorg K — Bug 1402558 - Follow-up: remove unwanted trailing full stop from allFoldersOffline2. r=me DONTBUILD
74af140bbc7c5bed0fd23c7ef41e27dbc6b157e0Richard Marti — Bug 1427106 - Use search-glass.svg instead of the removed search-glass.png for #searchResultConv. r=jorgk
13c3ef7d9883ef0020d9ad8c9bad7a308b6f97a6Jorg K — Keep build files in sync (Port bug 1426785: Remove mozconfig.gtk). rs=bustage-fix
3aead30001a80d0785151efba7d42df0dac72b8cJorg K — Backed out changeset 0e55b426edf3 (bug 1408867) for causing test failures. a=backout
6b5debab1881c3f2dd49f4a948e8e4d38b132b77Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1427045 - Add back search-glass.png to SeaMonkeys Classic theme after it was removed in Bug 1380268. r=stefanh
0e55b426edf3b577214e746e146df3ead5335f9eMagnus Melin — Bug 1408867 - Disable preconnect (pref network.http.speculative-parallel-limit) to fix privacy issue. r=aceman
b92a49ff3bd994870770e57aec8eed3b3aa47dd0Thomas Duellmann — Bug 1425891 - Remove malfunctioning accesskeys from Reorder Attachments panel, add shortcut for sorting attachments. r=Paenglab
9edc25fc05b9fd7631c4cccb88b7ac7224faee86Richard Marti — Bug 1425895 - Add pdfium.dll to package manifests to make printing work again under Windows. r=jorgk
f9c68d3f6054c52681edc55e9b75b943ebd584b1Jorg K — Bug 1264673 - don't crash when no header was returned. r=m_kato
39910427c7e99008fa3d061e972efc89166a5c31Jorg K — Backed out changeset b8a53c098461 (bug 1426640) since ported bug 1417826 was backed out. rs=bustage-fix
2a682edf04acfafd482c543e690d017fb5435f9fJorg K — Backed out changeset 9452138c4e83 since ported bug 1426785 was backed out. rs=bustage-fix
9452138c4e83fa19c259689a44469eee6e80c72dJorg K — Keep build files in sync (Port bug 1426785: Remove mozconfig.gtk). rs=bustage-fix
b8a53c098461b86bd40254101e826c175d53e917Jorg K — Bug 1426640 - Follow-up: Use MOZ_MACBUNDLE_ID=thunderbirddaily (port of bug 1417826). r=me
9933611b9af5129a7a0e00f754aff7a1a30f2d94seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-hp-linux64-2 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
2bbcacab46138cd928a68399e4fe87b0cebb624aGene Smith — Bug 1402558 - Guard against unexpected sync status changes for all folders in account. r=aceman, ui-r=Paenglab
63658572abf98b4894787f69305afb6da9f9e1a2aceman — Bug 1426240 - turn off linter warning of undefined identifiers due to too many false positives in /common. r=philipp
047814effcfb98afc9e43f219f4e504e3f6b7cb2Richard Marti — Bug 1426640 - Show the full name "Thunderbird Daily" in the menus. r=jorgk
eff69224fa31f5be737de82a322d96be96551394Richard Marti — Bug 1426640 - Rename Daily to Thunderbird Daily. r=jorgk
2854e42e7eed61091e84e2a86488aebbdf39a25fRichard Marti — Update sync exceptions with mozconfig.cache because we still want to use ccache on buildbot. r=tomprince DONTBUILD
cc6dd8b859765a7b34db34a149ceeaee6c8db6cfTom Prince — Bug 1425786: Create the directory used to pack windows installer; r=me
597e7300392f2ac97def515e2e53aa33cbd72765Richard Marti — Backed out changeset f3cd3f17c1cb for not correctly packaging on Mac. r=build-bustage
19ba0c25cd49d6ef52d945be3e144f2920a2230fJorg K — Keep build files in sync (Port bug 1426555: Move --enable-stdcxx-compat to python configure). rs=bustage-fix
f3cd3f17c1cbbee724205a5b9b0c3836760e0587Richard Marti — Bug 1426640 - Rename Daily to Thunderbird Daily. r=jorgk
f45975e98daa7287b7a2bcebdbaae34fa5e19e09aceman — Bug 1419145 - Expose add-on preferences via a menu. For addons with optionsType==3, load the prefs into a new tab. r=jorgk, ui-r=Paenglab
df8752c8f5c8d1c180658a79e392f00157cd267bRichard Marti — Bug 1426667 - Remove the Australis toolbox height. r=jorgk
2f139e8255673be65eacc4ee022e2bde5595a9ffRichard Marti — Bug 1426730 - Make the search glass spacing consistent. r=jorgk
eebd75773de62de9bc46afbbb108200fd4f73fdfFlorian Quèze — Bug 1426376 - fix broken mailnews xpcshell tests, r=Fallen.
977d47e829bd0ce3cb253b459826565743400a09Florian Quèze — Bug 1421992 - script-generated patch to replace do_execute_soon, do_print and do_register_cleanup with executeSoon, info and registerCleanupFunction in C-C. rs=philipp
1f1fcc3507f3a6f8b537899802f5296ae15320b5Richard Marti — Bug 1426236 - Remove now unneeded styles after bug 1423453 in mail. r=jorgk
a5821ed6d476059687021cb3979a76ef7c8a470fJorg K — Bug 1414398 - use XRE_EXTENSIONS_DIR_LIST to detect add-ons. r=aceman
27a869913c53dfbb229a84a4f0130f7519e673baJorg K — Backed out changeset c05fa00a2d5f (bug 1414398). a=jorgk
528c352530e7a3c3ba89186081a9aea8eabaf30eJorg K — Backed out changeset 8ccb4ed89302 (bug 1414398). a=jorgk
50a3c056f06d80b14e13522bde6e7ff9879e1516Tom Prince — Bug 1425786: Fix a typo from Bug 1392245; r=me
7b4b4d36f450e7985fcbef1c0f5cf2c7f4d367daTom Prince — Bug 1425786: Pick up (un-)installer branding from src instead dist/branding (port Bug 1385227, follow up to Bug 1392245); r=me
c321b48e87d63859b0a2285a71016b75490b4a0fTom Prince — Bug 1426222: Remove unused aurora branding files; r=Fallen DONTBUILD
a644e16e6d6985d211177dc8ab363f8fbd56095aRichard Marti — Bug 1426237 - Remove now unneeded styles after bug 1423453 in calendar. r=philipp
455230ec2c827d98538cbb626c323627b7e23352Florian Queze — Bug 1421992 - script-generated patch to replace do_check_* functions with their Assert.* equivalents in C-C. rs=philipp
8ccb4ed893026c1f0b2d330de91340bf86292fcaJorg K — Bug 1414398 - Follow-up: Skip preferences for restartless add-ons. r=aceman
5e23d65bdcfcd95150f93b8866d3adb44168d8b9Tom Prince — Bug 1418883: Specify files-changed for lint tasks.
f64410aa2f07031ab257ef7bf01a18dc068439fdTom Prince — Bug 1425931: Cleanup yaml files; r=me
059f0d567118681be8fa9326a223242be762b3dbTom Prince — Bug 1425931: Add a task to lint the taskcluster configuration; r=me
78ab01764d65aa60a84c9e1ffc73a969ff9c9e8aTom Prince — Bug 1425931: Allow specifying eslint via try syntax; r=me
5b6d18ff9a4fabcda71c8315c3d4a99b98d08583Tom Prince — Bug 1418671: Re-enable lints; r=me
e2167dafd13a61ecdd9ed8f6c3f645bd996e3ccfJorg K — Port bug 1425363 to TB/IB/SM: remove windowds.xpt from package manifests. rs=bustage-fix
196822e358c0ee72c217cff8e4f32ae9688c28f1Tom Prince — Bug 1425148: Specify thunderbird product for comm.v2 indexes; r=me
12a18e736fca9a9ac8e0866caf470fa9342af842Jorg K — Bug 1399756 - remove trailing spaces from IDL files in mailnews. rs=white-space-only
8c5ae32e395e84c2d9c682679df2e2d2ebfabdf5Jorg K — Bug 1399756 - remove trailing spaces in mailnews/mapi. rs=white-space-only
c05fa00a2d5fcf9237e904f98411ae5b6740004aPhilipp Kewisch — Bug 1414398 - Read default preferences supplied by add-ons. Use add-ons manager instead of reading extensions.json. r=me
7d31bdf07253a68df8d6bfffd1c861184ec2b448Tom Prince — Bug 1420706: Remove obsolete gconf work-around; r=aceman
b045d93bbd539474f6c9ded13bd993ba2f3e4c07Richard Marti — Bug 1425750 - Port bug 1386979 to TB/IB/SM: add aboutdevtoolstoolbox to package manifests. r=jorgk
99fdde8a63b4d827e2718803378299ca7e20ad27alta88 — Bug 1419946 - Reenable error disabled feeds if now successful and previously user enabled. r=mkmelin
8c2e2bb95746a38c4df4677f8a37f04c19da83e8MakeMyDay — Bug 1394524 - Fail gracefully when parsing invalid ics data. r=philipp
a5263e1448cf09bfa8b846a9bf1d924c45a1e584tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-301 - a=blocklist-update
f0951a2aab634515d29697caffc52f2ccf4e6802tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-320 - a=blocklist-update
366a608bbf3be76e3e04163288a9341b4930133fseabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-hp-linux64-5 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
68bfb968e75ed387acad1a4132b727807c4fe035Patrick Brunschwig Bug 1414518 - introduce pref mailnews.headers.extraAddonHeaders to emit extra headers to currentHeaderData. r=jorgk
32ac7a019454be10f74362ed775af83a10e8bbabRichard Marti — Bug 1425139 - Priorize the LW-theme color on toolbarbuttons in statusbar. r=aceman
c1ce68052c2b2badccfabf5e2aff28adc429b6a8Jorg K — Bug 1424847 - set appropriate preferences to allow auth prompt for image insertion. r=aceman
536fa44fd7e47bf661df4b21ea43ddcc10ef7069Edmund Wong — Bug 1422737 - Require the MOZ_SCM_LVL env set up in order to push to the real symbols url r=bustagefix
1b9ac062781a2de16b47869b84c92f7e134dd589Tom Prince — No Bug: Remove unused make variable; r=me
cdceb81023b89971e63cd7916fbe394d3497dc1fJorg K — Bug 1425206 - port bug 1424898 to mailnews: nsILineBreaker and nsIWordBreaker are no longer COM services. rs=bustage-fix
8111785ba27ec36701b5f216dc80509c8960ea3aMagnus Melin — Bug 1284302 - fix crash in nsImapServerResponseParser::ParseIMAPServerResponse. r=jorgk
d81799e4dedf7968c514c18376a49174ebb9a972Magnus Melin — Bug 1285098 - fix memory leak in nsImapServerResponseParser.cpp (coverity issue). r=aceman
f14a2331480c63fe38dedf30b649d32e5c791733Tom Prince — Bug 1424651: Specify SOCORRO_SYMBOL_UPLOAD_TOKEN_FILE in linux32 mozconfigs too; r=me
1bf6631f02522412e2bd0c82db943c49e8ff5a2eTom Prince — Bug 1425131: Refactor win64 mozconfigs; r=me
599e0b970229391dfe85ecd1c7063074a87c19b3Tom Prince — Bug 1425131: Refactor win32 mozconfigs; r=me
283f951180b50740e5b161f5fa7fecc0f43af7a6Edmund Wong — Bug 1422737 - Use mk_add_options instead of just export and fix eof r=bustagefix
7bdcd1133fec7348cb780eebbc0162ccad11a3abEdmund Wong — Backed out changeset 09fe256af08d for not having a r= comment.
09fe256af08dca60177b187fcc0394d409d0bf42Edmund Wong — Bug 1422737 - Use mk_add_options instead of just export and fix eof
da114cd6aacfae147b5603aac3d395ff36f9b412Edmund Wong — Backed out changeset 37c896fb3de9 for being applied to wrong file.
04cc5e0fb3fd0d7cde9a0d6ace1127354ec3d508Tom Prince — Bug 1424334: Actually pass symbol server URL through to upload symbol step; rs=bustage-fix DONTBUILD
4a70bed624069fb0cfc9e2874cf24fb5535113e1Tom Prince — Bug 1424825: Skip cargo checking file checksums to work around ; rs=bustage-fix
02fd46566f884ab908321e95b2bbb9d3f75535feTom Prince — Bug 1424651: Move SOCORRO_SYMBOL_UPLOAD_TOKEN_FILE to the Thunderbird specific mozconfig files; r=me
37c896fb3de9745e6b594aed91011ff16738a8c7Edmund Wong — Bug 1422737 - Port relevant parts of Bug 1424651 to SeaMonkey r=frg
69dc542cb00dec043869b5d11d7e8bc15dad1316Edmund Wong — Backed out changeset 8ecd82f4b211 for bustage.
8ecd82f4b211d07a1a55f1e204efec38eb414ddcEdmund Wong — Bug 1422737 - Port relevant parts of Bug 1424651 to SeaMonkey r=frg
60d8f821b8b32ecd87a54e952a3d855e1273e529Philipp Kewisch — Bug 1414398 - Read default preferences supplied by add-ons. r=jorgk
8cc636483513cc4e3fdbb6c951dc0b7aa81f5008Jorg K — Bug 1385573 - Follow-up: Fix indentation. rs=white-space-only
fc9ceedc099d68943f2c4418ad2bd3535c09b0f1Jorg K — Bug 1424421 - Follow-up: fix Mac packages. rs=bustage-fix DONTBUILD
fbac67197f7b16e924aaf4210658d10be47a5312Jorg K — Bug 1399756 - remove trailing spaces in mailnews/intl. rs=white-space-only
5534aed3ebb2c65678c0bcffe3c16eae7122cb6cMerike Sell — Bug 1396639 - fix undesired modification of start time and end time for an event. r=MakeMyDay
0f8ba2af483996a51b2a1f645a3c1066d91c48c2Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1424440 - Update SeaMonkey tooltool manifests with rust 1.22.1 or later. rs=bustage-fix
f2dde79f7e44cc3546c75561da45d5c76853db57Jorg K — Bug 1424552 - port bug 1423798 to mailnews: Add include of nsMemory.h where needed. rs=bustage-fix
8d075c2cd445af6010469446e73619839d3668f6Jorg K — Bug 1424421 - Follow-up: fix copy&paste error. rs=bustage-fix DONTBUILD
e68975aea49460e776227f3cbef28ef020806a4aJorg K — Bug 1424421 - Update tooltool manifests with rust 1.22.1 or later. rs=bustage-fix
87048847b0a3394a17eb395d3e6546488996733cmakemyday — Bug 1299610 - Enable enforcing of email based scheduling if caldav servers advertise auto-scheduling capability - UI part. r=philipp
bc64c9f2d5258de10f5b7575f64bd78eba955cd3makemyday — Bug 1299610 - Allow enforcing email based scheduling instead of server-side scheduling on caldav servers - processing part. r=philipp
ce4ff887b8425043b2c9b2231c05797cfcdf6da9stefanh — Bug 1422969 - Stop using the 'toolbarbutton-image' binding in im/ and mail/. r=Paenglab
0c1598c0813c57cf910670007678572f79043ce5Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1424507 - Import menu.css into Modern themes global.css. r=stefanh
0979f3e2020e44073e4e86b4d5a9e1d15ffe271cFrank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1423723 - Remove the reference to nsIDOMXULPopupElement in suite. r=stefanh
af99a2aa084fd790853a365d56c76e355e6084e3Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1413329 - Replace references to nsIDOMHTMLTextAreaElement with HTMLTextAreaElement in Seamonkey. r=stefanh
1420d31fa6714b0ab75d24b62ebb0b6e4f019287Bill Gianopoulos — Bug 1420717 - Restore 'about:' URL functionaliity removed by bug 1408044. r=stefanh
dfd2aaddad149c537a38459735ec457ae179d086stefanh — Bug 1422970 - Stop using the 'toolbarbutton-image' binding in suite. r=frg.
6c5d6da403b7ecc43279ddc85db4dd85d8a345d0seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-hp-linux64-9 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
da594b621ed067a5dd190426ec0ad8220186cce3Richard Marti — Bug 1423675 - Port bug 1416673 to TB: make #titlebar-content on active moz-lwtheme visible. r=aceman
2cae1c1516dfe197397ea0c6098a9e8d76bf3e90Tom Prince — Bug 1424334: Follow-up for MOZ_AUTOMATION_UPLOAD_SYMBOLS. rs=bustage-fix
d39b5cd2fc784c443471d90d9e903e3a569bf5b3Jorg K — Keep build files in sync (Port bug 1424323: remove MOZ_AUTOMATION_UPLOAD_SYMBOLS from in-tree mozconfigs). r=tomprince(via IRC)
db576aeb2b0e1346e91f0268caa5395b54071f84Jorg K — Bug 1424350 - temporarily disable failing test_datetime.js. rs=bustage-fix
ae6f5b83b87315ca7f7485fe3c98378da9a79afdTom Prince — Bug 1424334: Re-enable symbol upload on buildbot, reverting change from Bug 1424323; rs=bustage-fix
dc9d11aaa56b50c5a307342eecca0c2c58fc20ffTom Prince — Bug 1424334: Revert symbol upload URL change from Bug 1422735; rs=bustage-fix
4d8fb3c5fcd0bf3db52a022d0a7f20ab055f3cf3Jorg K — Bug 1401528 - Backed out changeset 4de5f6029108, setting of jsloader.shareGlobal, since it was a temporary fix. a=jorgk
cea82e83ff448fec6472862a25d6633a7cfe3d20Tom Prince — Bug 1392245: Make l10n repack builds do what they're supposed to do (port bug 1385227); r=Fallen
564d515b57a1fd5ea737fe8589065e6747221e67Tom Prince — Port bug 1407285 to Thunderbird and SeaMonkey; rs=bustage-fix
356b95d1856cf1ff45367c4d666a69d141695deaJorg K — Bug 1423432 - remove null characters from headers (idea by jcranmer). r=mkmelin
b38e2320eddafb839458a962e55c381a9dce1848aceman — Bug 1401528 - fix unregistering factories in calBackendLoader.js. r=philipp
bfe09fa01a6d910b21a966ac084ec2ec136f4730Richard Marti Bug 1423639 - Port bug 1422100 to TB: Refactor in-content UI font sizes. r=jorgk
c9cb2d57063edb2f0cde67deedc51b35592f537eRichard Marti Bug 1423639 - Port bug 1419867 to TB: prevent menulist labels from getting bolder when they're under a caption. r=jorgk
158051b8fe505e72db798dfbffeaa604876fca7atbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-035 - a=blocklist-update
187b19434a76550a5db61a1b3137117c278c3b02Ben Bucksch — Backed out changeset fef67283fe69
fef67283fe696e1175ab56d3c2b367ac30932057Jorg K — Bug 1423432 - Strip null char from email addresses - p=JorgK, r=BenB
ce8dba0d6a298a23d651a9622db5520b48ba90cfRichard Marti — Bug 1423622 - Port bug 1419898 to TB: Fix address bar border hover state on lightweight themes. r=jorgk
d9a5bbca4663b1dd7e06b88b0cace6113cd3e066Thomas Duellmann — Bug 1417856 - Enable attachments sorting regardless of selection. r=aceman, ui-r=Paenglab
1dd5743524e588262bcc553687e95d1ad0db6359Jorg K — Bug 1423532 - Port bug 1414390 to TB: Migrate general.useragent.locale to intl.locale.requested. r=aceman
b062a18e4cee489a873b9961c943bbdf3d39f061Tom Prince — Bug 1422046: Fix path matching when skipping tasks.
8cd26835235c2356404eab8643a14d0193ffed58aceman — Bug 1379976 - allow longer top level domains in account wizard. r=BenB
cc3095993953d8e0908cc9960d3077ea248ad6b3Jorg K — Bug 1422541 - port bug 1420954 to mailnews [Make nsIURIMutator setters return nsIURIMutator]. rs=bustage-fix
22df986bd72c8238177b5859091dadc2c59fba0bTom Prince — Bug 1423096 - port bug 1423094: Remove use of msvcrt='static' in mailnews/mapi/mapiDll/ r=me
492ec0687aad00eb74afb0eaefe6f40d368e3fa3stefanh — Bug 1417693 - Stop using the 'button-image' binding in suite/. r=frg
340a97792676ac7891681b97d02eb5c32ad414dfRichard Marti — Bug 1417693 - Remove the use of the button-image binding in TB. r=florian
b45bd66320d5b265d9a49ca018ae14aaed335da3Richard Marti — Bug 1423260 - Add the navigation arrows back in Add-ons manager. r=jorgk
0810e7646b069ccc267d1a6ea47c1b83c8e8dca2Jorg K — Bug 1408175 - pass nsCString to MsgStripQuotedPrintable() instead of a raw char pointer. r=bz
5c425fadb34db1d2432b1cf47cb5e29ad337fd47Tom Prince — Bug 1423313: Refefactor L10N configuration for thunderbird; r=me
50615dc9c516b44b8991da59be622364052429f5Tom Prince — Bug 1423313: Standarize L10N configuration for thunderbird; r=me
6337ad40c7d2c4dbf167c7aeb2829faefd6b356bTom Prince — Bug 1422046: Skip suite/ and im/ changes for triggering builds; r=Fallen
b2e0ad79b1b276625dc73a79c44ec08aeacacd39aceman — Bug 1353919 - polish log module names into consistent naming style. r=jorgk
ff694bbc2956c869faa235842d8963fa9540d6b9Tom Prince — No bug: Adjust decision task command to pass chain-of-trust verification; r=me DONTBUILD
ede07b1d8a69a49eb1dca01c22c042951b666142Jorg K — Bug 1416033 - removed include of nsAlgorithm.h and <algorithm> from mailnews/ were not needed. r=aceman
f0026407a38866fcea2d5331dcdc2ad98eea45c5Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1422261 - Temporary disable extensions distributed with SeaMonkey to fix l10n build issues. r=ewong
cea2dc7d3190d13ec294a567282b8a6bb64934ceFrank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1401528 - Use global scope for TextDecoder. r=jorgk,aceman
722cc2e9d87d150919c259440969b9d7fdbb9111Richard Marti — Bug 1422543 - Remove reference to the removed about.dtd. r=jorgk
8209695b2056a4566bff8ff792baeb6fbbbaad73Jorg K — Bug 1401528 - fix password failure xpcshell tests by switching from C-C's MockFactory to M-C's MockRegistrar. r=aceman
62404081e20b48ccbacdf4964087848b0cc0a7d7Richard Marti — Bug 1417250 - Make the Start menu icons HiDPI aware and match the icon size of Firefox. r=jorgk
cfa1e1483a5eb9f057b5f7d9183fbedc51ca0eb2Jorg K — Bug 1320191 - Cater for Outlook's/Hotmail's 'Deleted' folder. r=aceman
5c41c835bbc316c5f50e095741f75ccd4841c2fcseabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-hp-linux64-7 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
21a50e25d59706b85e6bcec5d1eb6c7af44a3ad3Bill Gianopoulos — Bug 1417395 - Restore preference removed by Bug 1416703. r=frg
67fed2b90824b91de9c571594bae02435f186d47Edmund Wong — Bug 1422243 - Update VS2017 to the 15.4.2 tooltool package r=frg
f44c101732e94a83ce61adfe8bd5d3574fc68bfaalta88 — Bug 1420473 - Follow-up: hide buttons initially. r=me
1654a1adc838380b2262f3981986d61cf9ee4a80alta88 — Bug 1420473 - Refactor and simplify the feed Subscribe dialog options updates, import/export part. r=mkmelin CLOSED TREE
1c1e48b383bd2eef370210381f3a037785d0b85dalta88 — Bug 1420473 - Refactor and simplify the feed Subscribe dialog options updates. r=mkmelin
5389c3dc10db277e79d8a86f8b682b4c3aaf7be2Jorg K — Bug 1409458 - use new document and importNode() to avoid loading of blocked images in attachment keyword check. r=bz,aceman
9ce6d19a9dcadcff950c64506d0ca9a834f003f4Tom Prince — Bug 1418058: Update .taskcluster.yml in preperation for supporting actions tasks.
9cf3c079320c1501a66a2b11655f8652e49db53cTom Prince — Bug 1421002: Support `mach try fuzzy`; r=me.
d039483dc6204f440c53c50117b2ce2fff215303tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-325 - a=blocklist-update
c387f1f2e93e85eafa3e1536ceee229111b9ca69Jorg K — Port bug 1420355 to TB/IB/SM: Statically link DMD. rs=bustage-fix
1f76939382a1b6ec8a347379091c2ec5574cb261aceman — Bug 1401528 - replace __defineGetter__ on top-level objects in chat. r=florian
5fa68c3f123f29c824d100ef4c856765b6f11c55Richard Marti — Bug 1420735 - Stop resizing the last tab when opening/closing a tab on the right. r=aceman
c5cab791999af8f79c06314038ab9916d91732f7Richard Marti — Bug 1419179 - Migrate statusbar and statusbarpanel to comm-central. r=aceman
dfb07694e8cf55b46e844f2d51a20a5977d2abf1alta88 Bug 1420978 - Bug 1338798 follow-up: test for treeBox.view in ensureRowsIsVisible(). r=aceman
ea30a7f29acc01eb0bdc971a435adf4c36e600d0tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-030 - a=blocklist-update
524390c422029686be94445ad7287c8074500377alta88 Bug 1421003 - Fix bogus summaryFrameManager.js "do not load stuff" message. r=aceman
7e90fcd346bb3119413af043bde1938943a29d56alta88 Bug 1355965 - Fix rec units for days calculation. r=mkmelin
ec11eac01617df3c75725565bfaff22c7c45c148Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1420708 - Allow the Data Manager Window to be closed with the standard command key (Ctrl-W). r=IanN
0954b13949a2e01f3746e02eab8270b2d5413191Prashant Baisla — Bug 1256724 - Treat both DOM_VK_DELETE and DOM_VK_BACK_SPACE in OSX as Delete. r=stefanh
51ec1985ad3a8485e5c957af3930e5d0322c36e8Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1366607 - Additional changes to allow building SeaMonkey with m-c as topsrcdir. r=IanN
4424cbfd2136f2eb783dabe0545e1a50f405609eFrank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1417819 - Replace undefined GetOS() with Appconstants.platform. r=IanN
b7db773f2a4399bcc9bcd5c9d5355169c4d53426Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1418512 - Move xpfe autocomplete to comm-central suite. r=IanN
85eb5dd6d56ac9bef58264480fd924c8ef190b97Joel Maher — Bug 1341808 - annotate xpfe/* with BUG_COMPONENTS. r=enndeakin
2f2c5da25817721114ea94df8371fa242b5dbefcFlorian Quèze — Bug 1334156 - script-generated patch to replace .ownerDocument.defaultView with .ownerGlobal, r=jaws.
87c73ef55f948eb5360075a34fbc1e5c75954cfaTom Tromey — Bug 1286877 - do not set c-basic-offset for python-mode; r=gps
58e10a57231466920dda9c66396ca54ef12e6ed3Philip Chee — Bug 1160770 - Unnecessary return in tabScrolling property in XPFE autocomplete.xml NPOTB r=Neil DONTBUILD
a33bd476481d7da3cd22d61961320962f4aaaa5aGregory Szorc — Merge old head into default; a=me
83e7581a608f767f449cadd8c7fb7029e87e8900Neil Rashbrook — Bug 1070768 Fix up more references to XPFE's autocomplete.css r=Ratty
9d89b054b860f71207e3ec35ad291f2e5da62038Neil Rashbrook — Bug 1070768 Move XPFE's autocomplete.css to communicator so it doesn't conflict with toolkit's new global autocomplete.css r=Ratty
e0e3a50fed7ce77f11a082ee27838a44d0d1f5f5Jon Morton — Bug 979835: Port BoxObject and its subclasses to WebIDL. r=khuey sr=bz
3e9828cc49e70b0a248b07af82d24d83e912f304Philip Chee — Bug 1053166 Part 2 Remove trailing whitespace in blank lines and comments r=Neil DONTBUILD NPOTDB
63e59ba6b2d5b9d97fe3a2997260cb27f9616fb9Philip Chee — Bug 1053166 - Fix typo in autocomplete.xml comment, s/openResultPopuup/openPopup/ r=InvisibleSmiley DONTBUILD NPOTDB
6520f949f61cad9bb0873174bdd73bd3df3e8888Trevor Saunders — bug 1036694 - merge nsIMarkupDocumentViewer into nsIContentViewer r=smaug
532337d61c38f97ac7ae636acb62fcf99c57fe65Neil Rashbrook — Bug 974258 Manually size autocomplete history popup to the autocomplete's width r=Ratty
6d1223f072ad6b112e297a6422627cfe90c3053cRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out 3 changesets (bug 956657, bug 974824, bug 974258) for mochitest-other failures on a CLOSED TREE.
e34ccb9162d1b81a6bface73a823aa1bc2ff3dacNeil Rashbrook — Bug 974258 Manually size autocomplete history popup to the autocomplete's width r=Ratty
f3e87352a592a52d703e44fc7da107b5dc54c1a7Gregory Szorc — Bug 774572 - Part 2: Define JAR_MANIFESTS in files; r=glandium
c4c79dfa59f32c417f963b7477598f060bb3254cNeil Rashbrook — Bug 906920 Implement additional toolkit features in the XPFE autocomplete widget r=IanN
9d6cd52cdd8369505ea469946af5861688b284c3Trevor Saunders — bug 846185 - don't call into js when creating accessibles r=surkov, smaug
9dfd51ec3a5bd5b7b72b5d0e40f3f5aaf6db43deNeil Rashbrook — Bug 905155 Stop building the XPFE autocomplete component r=Standard8
78bb1e757a3346bc9f77e844b87a315177ff0cfaSuyash Agarwal — Bug 135019 - Inline autocomplete: single backspace deletes the last character typed along with the suggestion. r=Neil
b247ffdacb5348373b86e64732ddc425ad3ebe8bNeil Rashbrook — Bug 896213 Remove XPFE autocomplete interface usage from the XBL binding r=IanN
ff4064f6df334c7d60a9e273740e417a183f9092Trevor Saunders — bug 886526 - remove IS_COMPONENT and MODULE_NAME makefile vars for things in libxul r=bsmedberg r=glandium
557b63bc4535cdbed649e4c0830cba7152f7d9b5Trevor Saunders — backout bug 886526 because it probably made us use a lot more memory to link on windows
2dafc2b959cf5479c09d5ad1df3e1282dd732565Trevor Saunders — bug 886526 - disallow MODULE_NAME and IS_COMPONENT for makefiles in libxul r=bsmedberg
7ad90353e3ffd57945788e3bf308c36f71efb961Brian O'Keefe — Bug 875934 - Move LIBRARY_NAME to (batch #1); r=mshal
664a157c798e46d50e3fb0871fa0bfde617e1f82Mike Shal — Bug 864774 - Part 2: Move CPPSRCS to as CPP_SOURCES; r=joey CLOSED TREE
7c508dc68f5d170a9bcb33a5630d29d7c1e1abc0Ed Morley — Backed out changeset 8cb34980d514 (bug 864774)
8cb34980d514d04eaa7a8ddc9ecebfce46045138Mike Shal — Bug 864774 - Part 2: Move CPPSRCS to as CPP_SOURCES; r=joey
82d7b3962b8edb9a8c95fa2d2f870d7e564ca373Trevor Saunders — bug 856349 - follow up to fix c-c by removing SHORT_LIBNAME from xpfe/components/autocomplete/src/ r=me
51d07d8d4ebfbff01514eccbd885027fc9b386a7Kyle Machulis — Bug 855465 - Add emacs python mode comments to files; r=gps
2c4e3be380142ac72335a83b803a7a912b389f5dKyle Machulis — Backout for changeset 39dc6e2c2140 (Bug 855465) due to bustage on a CLOSED TREE; r=qdot
39dc6e2c21402cf572298ddf28bb07811922440dKyle Machulis — Bug 855465 - Add emacs python mode comments to files; r=gps
6f17c39578f4be5a4529a2a5a6f91ffa1f550f2fGregory Szorc — Bug 844654 - Part 3: Remove now empty files; rs=khuey
420e272f6ff2d7b08e465c18512366738bb1f81aMike Shal — Bug 844654 - Part 2: Move MODULE to; rs=gps
4b634d79040499a5a0e81c8a609975f053b019c6Gregory Szorc — Bug 844635 - Part 3: Remove empty files; r=glandium
9b4c645eca90f7eca885e7aa72c0a7852daedbcaMike Shal — Bug 818246 - Part 7: Move XPIDL_MODULE to; rs=gps
a7df814385d4e90517dca023911a07712e43de5fGregory Szorc — Bug 818246 - Part 4: Move XPIDLSRCS into (auto); rs=glandium
6ed938b4d3f0a945b9d1a2469246f6c2e67125f0Trevor Saunders — bug 407956 - make nsITreeView not take a nsISupportsArray* r=neil, bz sr=neil
61bb9dd749ca1d4e0eff88aadd9a96e44391bc02Gregory Szorc — Backout 730d4b16a116 and bcf1e7525699 (bug 844635) for causing test failures
bcf1e75256991effecb233fa0fccbac291357c12Gregory Szorc — Bug 844635 - Part 3: Remove empty; r=glandium
730d4b16a11636042d344db899de105de8ec363dGregory Szorc — Bug 784841 - Part 18ξ: Convert /xpfe; f=Ms2ger rs=ted
8288831a9dd7f526660d87561186fd612e2f6b9aSerge Gautherie — Bug 747668. (Iv2a) XPFE autocomplete.xml: Implement (nsIAutoCompleteInput) searchCount and getSearchAt(), Nits. r=Neil.
700f01b617fc5165631b14566db9a4f8fe13ead4David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
8f43cc202cb6b320ec86c1c8f23aede2731785b9David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
c2e2e5c1539ecbabfd91e23d20058be17a5b7712David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
320cae563eac5e6aa9ccf352f6d10a97f33d6cfaDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
3ff6119f7e1bc7983c7430a9e47394e3aca8c8e1Sean Stangl — Merge m-c onto Ionmonkey.
e7334028cfdc323ec3cd1951bb354e637f40dabdDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
8e79a1d38b11bc3724ef0bb25e61d8614fb40d37David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
868be59bba212acebb65f5f21c4ea41834a06d60David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
a359b27deb84e8827c9a491f450aaaef714b2901David Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
316bf3db0a53fb1fce5375354a8ffc598d61e19cDavid Anderson — Merge from mozilla-central.
a44c609f7f027bfa905b8e7a6d2cd8cbb2fc2031Serge Gautherie — Bug 707039. (Dv4) XPFE autocomplete.xml: Adjust the direction of the (content) autocomplete popup list based on the textbox direction. r=neil.
b252a074431b222412aa01a04b04d78b8ffb17baMike Hommey — Bug 785269 - Replace a few DEPTH and relativesrcdir. r=ted,r=callek
8155c0ef40e68f6334170918d93d317eeddb2e95Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 579517 - Part 1: Automated conversion of NSPR numeric types to stdint types in Gecko; r=bsmedberg
0d46c53ac539facdbbcee034eef114022fd10201Ryan VanderMeulen — Merge the last PGO-green inbound changeset to m-c.
e274c043bbdf5158aa0b83a72df8eefaa752f973Ed Morley — Merge mozilla-central to mozilla-inbound
b8593b776833aa2b45d889cdb3dbd3e05e1852e7Ed Morley — Merge last PGO-green changeset of mozilla-inbound to mozilla-central
3134f4c81f2c40ab982a791f4e832c1450dd86f0Benjamin Peterson — Bug 772963: remove empty parameter name. r=Neil
bcbe43f604634e827c79a97635d658e18736a339Benjamin Peterson — Bug 772963: remove empty parameter name. r=Neil DONTBUILD for m-c land
3f5c7f2c7b701bf42f8a60b14c47a5dbac83ef1cSerge Gautherie — Bug 747668. (Hv1a) XPFE autocomplete.xml: Implement nsIAutoCompleteInput.textValue. r=neil.
0aa7d37049496dff2ceba8f8a485475b36dd6df2Serge Gautherie — Bug 747668. (Gv1a) XPFE autocomplete.xml: Implement nsIAutoCompleteInput.popupOpen(). r=neil.
a7e6e3d7bcfb3fb55f4c4e5fc71f04bcfec51874Serge Gautherie — Bug 747668. (Fv1) XPFE autocomplete.xml: Move selectBy() into nsIAutoCompletePopup section. r=neil.
1130eb7b4a2aaf2bf8483789e7737063857feb80Gervase Markham — Bug 716478 - update licence to MPL 2.
9a9b4f7a44f5203c8014b020e00748b1371dd7b1Serge Gautherie — Bug 747668. (Ev1) XPFE autocomplete.xml: Move code into searchParam. r=neil.
775954d54d208704e368203a0284b77d219e18ddSerge Gautherie — Bug 747668. (Dv1) XPFE autocomplete.xml: Move code into onTextReverted(). r=neil.
86b125b9cad96f8f57da6d54432fbf313d9de7f0Serge Gautherie — Bug 747668. (Cv1) XPFE autocomplete.xml: Regroup code into onSearchComplete(). r=neil.
13ae00e9b517b08643bbaadc711715996f4d5e91Serge Gautherie — Bug 747668. (Bv1) Port |Bug 418712 - nsIAutoCompleteInput should fire an event when a search begins| to SeaMonkey. r=neil.
cb26ffb49e69c8893987181317321b37005f7a0dSerge Gautherie — Bug 747668. (Av1a) XPFE autocomplete.xml: Regroup nsIAutoCompleteInput properties, Fix some nits. r=neil.
8a1a95f644d494e648e357195179d4189c7f0dedNeil Rashbrook — Bug 727954 Delay autocomplete of pasted value r=IanNDONTBUILD
bf8a6c3f910f95225f9992338b0974e86212ee26Neil Rashbrook — Bug 732738 textbox should only execute inline onfocus and onblur event handlers once r=smaug
0dc60e044f07050a1dca42dee9d3840b2be539f3Serge Gautherie — Bug 707039. (Dv4) XPFE autocomplete.xml: Adjust the direction of the (content) autocomplete popup list based on the textbox direction. r=neil.
d062329d9868ccd87738c66ab7682f93a255f247Serge Gautherie — Bug 707039. (Bv1) XPFE autocomplete.xml: Rename resultsPopup to popup. r=neil.
bc127aa3994f9a98480a7c7813464ab81d8961d4Serge Gautherie — Bug 707039. (Av1) XPFE autocomplete.xml: Rename openResultPopup()/closeResultPopup() to openPopup()/closePopup(). r=neil.
6098be142a9fbf5216b84b732b32f86b9670c026Mark Banner — Fix comm-central app bustage from bug 696498 - change the depth of the makefiles to account for being generated from the comm-central build system now that the old xpfe autocomplete files are no longer generated within the mozilla-central part of the build system. rs=Neil over irc. NPOTFFB DONTBUILD
6ac0c7cb2b5244cf5ed283a77338dc9afb3e68f9Neil Rashbrook — Bug 685457 Don't set attributes until after accessing the box object r=bienvenu
92ad477b9ccb7e6f10db7d8ff7a6d9560b09d81eJoe Drew — Close the branch containing all the bad commits, because we're rebasing on b674202b178a
b674202b178a75ed2887a1a55249ae7937b5fc22Serge Gautherie — Bug 642420 - (Bv1) XPFE autocomplete.xml: restore explicit <children includes="menupopup"/>, but at start instead of at end.
88d84cad10c90c37e72c14e2cbe8cba73e9bbbbeEd Morley — Bug 659621 - Remove EXTRA_DSO_LIBS, EXTRA_DSO_LDOPTS, OS_LIBS from makefiles containing LIBXUL_LIBRARY = 1, now that libxul is always built; r=ted
66d7bf407cd2618cdd282000f6ee23238d82f105Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 648911 - Remove support for non-libxul builds. r=ted,joedrew
d6635971297159c0702ff42af7ab36b4b4040a72L. David Baron — Make nsBox more careful about accepting XUL attributes only on XUL elements. (Bug 102440) r=bzbarsky
df59fc963dc8d5024ed7ab5103181710abea86dfNeil Rashbrook — Bug 642404 <autocomplete disablehistory="false"> displays incorrectly on Linux; switch SeaMonkey (and Thunderbird) to use enablehistory="true" instead r=Standard8
ff1317027f4cca4f845f359463d0b9f7cbc3c21fNeil Rashbrook — Bug 614330 maxrows="10" doesn't work in SeaMonkey's search bar r=IanN
acb8957ae56872b29b3711382c08dc2525309e14Serge Gautherie — Bug 642420 - XPFE autocomplete.xml: investigate removing explicit <children includes="menupopup"/>; (Av1) Just remove it, Update a11y test_combobox.xul.
df201099745c54bc5bc36b712e18194409aa0390Neil Rashbrook — Bug 632433 Fix for "An error occurred - attempt to run compile-and-go script on a cleared scope" r=IanN a=beltzner NPOTB
9a2a2cf30642cd19fe0c731375f71fec5d9f6c11stefanh — Bug 635404 - Let a few more attributes inherit to the html input field in xpfe's autocomplete.xml. r=Neil, a=shaver over IRC (NPOTB).
e7770564b9382fff008de8380120f2921ca98c77Philip Chee — Bug 406396 xpfe "history-dropmarker" binding makes invalid assumption about menupop children. r=Neil a=NPOTB DONTBUILD
eb22a9c3bd276c7f4d070c4090bf13300f5d9502Mark Banner — Bug 597465: Support linking app components into libxul. r=khuey a=blocking
67b61bb763a54631cf84e3237fe7a81231c06814Neil Rashbrook — bug 450781 - make xpfe autocomplete build with |--enable-libxul| and build it from, r=Callek, a=NPOTB for Firefox
c266a6c182364d3d6064e0679724fcd214f05a27Neil Rashbrook — Bug 575740 Switch xpfe autocomplete to the new component registration r=bienvenu
c0376d573ac4402a787b54232d57833e53c31ed9Neil Rashbrook — Bug 561116 Autocomplete controller expects to be able to process ESC key r=KaiRo
83e7088268651839cfdc5dac28527a36c913115cPhilip Chee — Bug 537098 - |this.mInputElt is null| triggered by FireFTP extension; Trunk Patch v1.0: Minimal backport from toolkit to fix the FireFTP problem.
7973091eed08dbe54e0f6b570ef11a48177415b9Neil Rashbrook — Bug 476422 Compose window menu activation triggers bogus JS exception r=philor
1ae48b2a2992d6746096120437fc2695eaae2bdfBenjamin Smedberg — Followup to bug 398573 - remove REQUIRES from the tree since it is no longer used... automatically generated patch, rs=ted
0d857a5c72d29a4507f5a85e7e741b84d11cd306Michael Kohler — Bug 106386 - Correct misspellings in source code (old); Part 3 v2; r=timeless
480ff1057204795fb9ef05e9517ed7be12cc1ba7Dão Gottwald — Bug 500977 - xpfe's autocomplete.xml should not depend on bug 232598. r=neil
c4cd5cc4d356f7dbb8db0a467570b98c263c9e48Neil Rashbrook — Bug 494169 Tweak xpfe autocomplete to track toolkit change and pass tests from bug 494410 r=mcsmurf
96e297d08b3fcc01ba93c929de23d6436846c615Frank Wein — Bug 468363 - Clicking on URL in autocomplete drop-down while search is running does not autocomplete URL, r=Neil, SeaMonkey/Thunderbird only
1d9491c4203932436860e8d54108500b460b5ccdNeil Rashbrook — Bug 456256 autoFillAfterMatch is now completeDefaultIndex r+sr=jag NPOFB
baadbaceab387a11f67c531f72394d6a0e3e6f96Neil Rashbrook — Bug 464914 (regression from bug 270128) Watch for menubar activation r=Standard8
f11503f5c3e9228d894e84afdcd8a172e2f5b74eNeil Rashbrook — Bug 460466 Clicking on autocompleted <input> disables autocomplete for that window r=Callek NPOTB
68c03fef05ad5dcf57066f3174822bccdb8340deNeil Rashbrook — Followup to bug 443370 autocomplete doesn't ignore input events well enough r=ajschult
ff48fcec876b12bd5cc90c2d4f402544b166127eNeil Rashbrook — Bug 457820 Clear autocomplete results when the search string is empty r=Standard8
8f845805d35a3ed1b369a2eec14afa51fa72726aNeil Rashbrook — Followup to bug 443370 to fix handling of RESULT_NOMATCH_ONGOING r=ajschult
b65f73fe8eaba16dd26a4e06a6866d3b7a833d14Mark Banner — Fix SeaMonkey bustage from bug 325842. looks reasonable from Neil over irc.
18a3ad252c7bcd850193b86410ed81ecfee5d95dMasayuki Nakano — Bug 451015 <panel> element should not be topmost window r=deakin+gavin, sr=neil
e19a28d4591117cd3a4c6d3cea19b3cdbadea5ecNeil Rashbrook — Bug 453999 Fix handling of partial autocomplete results r=ajschult
1d8477b3472d18333d6746d434a4545be540844dNeil Rashbrook — Bug 453999 Bail out early when the autocomplete field is empty r=ajschult
d417e8132c4815a0c5cf4acaedd14a71f4486b2eMark Banner — Bug 364168 Winhooks commandline options won't work in suiterunner. r/sr=Neil
8c10c22a3f96dcb9087c17c852add08623d82a45Robert Kaiser — followup kinda-typo fix to bug 443370, use correct index to fix error when doing async autocomplete updates, r=Neil over IRC, NPOTB for FF
fb5ac135ba36f7f6fd1ddb466c4160bf8997ab49Neil Rashbrook — Bug 443370 Toolkit async autocomplete support for xpfe's autocomplete r=ajschult
7c0511017c7a958114d844a302d0868511abd38dMark Banner — Bug 441526 Implement highlightNonMatches in toolkit autocomplete. r/sr=Neil for xpfe parts,r=enndeakin for toolkit parts
0efdaf0f86db215ca380a519d9ea7897bb77c95aMark Banner — Bug 446678 Fix test_autocomplete2.xul crashing on SeaMonkey, and fix the test by implementing the searchcomplete event. crash patch by Neil,r=me,other changes by me,r/sr=Neil.
04bd0b3e026d1f91a62e31154e476e57c7a99243Robert Kaiser — fix xpfe autocomplete bustage from bug 438861 to be really in sync with cvs
c188a0d1e01c59bf9efa09674957a3e34849f3fdJustin Wood — Bug 440515 Allow up/down arrows to be home/end on the Mac r=Standard8,stefanh [p=Neil]
9fabd5fd77a9f8e67ff80aa759795e5db585c060Justin Wood — Fix xpfe autocomplete bustage from bugs 366837/438861 [p=Standard8]
b2f92440571566189bbd74b9d29f7e99e5df2235Justin Wood — "LDAP server connection failed" message erases address b=366837 also Autocomplete only passes back previous results for first search session b=438861 r=ajschult [p's=Neil]
df6e968a4f9cc9701179f6314f1966bf27c8e0d8Justin Wood — Bug 270128 Menu access key should close autocomplete r=aaronlev,ajschult [p=Neil]
c5c58619fe8f71ba119274f991f78b820467ec7aneil — Move the "my domain" autocomplete suggestion to a separate JS component b=370306 r=Standard8 sr=bienvenu
acf6008113c5a7264f080d40bde1ffd8df7d5948neil — Size the autocomplete popup relative to the page's full zoom b=407912 r=ajschult
f4811ba7c78092d9bed7ef22274e1587c660165bbugzilla — Bug 309081 Sync xpfe autocomplete attributes with toolkit ones (sync case). r=mkmelin,sr=Neil
971e6fa6771ff36088cf1a5381dbacc6eaf1867bstefanh — Bug 411226 - Migrate SeaMonkey's smart browsing preferences to new pref window (also rename panel to 'Location Bar'). r=IanN, sr=Neil.
2dc5d118f70889eab37f27ebde5e232437cd6effneil — Fix nsIAutoCompleteController's handleEvent signature change bustage rs=ajschult
32e089cc6736f68c86225d4d0c607b56bad2f21cjag — Bug 73353: Clean up our MODULE/REQUIRES story. rs=dbaron, a=brendan
9d0dcc06751f8b0298e91b44c6501a34f2f028d6martijn martijn — Bug 257722 - No visual feedback when clicking on scrollbarbutton in autocomplete popups (no depressed state), r=neil, SeaMonkey-only
b7e81a12ee4ad434fad2a18ef8aa9490c587d9cdenndeakin — Bug 400893, escape should close panels, r+sr=neil,a=beltzner
dd1c6d51c3c93780623b5d1b88e3e02bbc39e7e0martijn martijn — Bug 399316 - Bug introduced with patch for bug 216434 (autocomplete dropdown covers textbox when textbox is near bottom of screen), r=neil, a=mconnor
c377e77c7836a00b7fe6a6ed6465cdb89c2a93dfneil — Ensure the tree selection exists before trying to do things to it b=397788 r=jag
55c7f52e0e4ff6cc61b7c989f26fcb50454df898martijn martijn — Bug 216434 - autocomplete dropdown covers textbox when textbox is near bottom of screen, r=neil, a=mconnor
2a36bd0acce5b7b4345a3cd560c1c886f2e9c9bcneil — Typing should deselect autocomplete search engine b=79069 r=KaiRo sr=jag
abceeaf385f8b7b7e7d0b4d68cab400c43d19db5enndeakin — Bug 385275, handle tab navigation in popups properly, r+sr=roc
11b7efd84beb8f9ed6184908bc4c6ee7caad0c2cneil — Bug 391338 Remove popup tree hover event coordinate hacks r=Enn,mscott
e40d54276af6114f40179fa23cb31a7f96b3b80aneil — Start using satchel in suite b=304309 r=KaiRo (toolkit change is ifndef Firefox)
8d1b9edd87ee4f2d61d5707240a514d0359e372fneil — Make xpfe autocomplete implement nsIAutoCompletePopup b=304309 r=ajschult sr=jag
13e6e2cbb2eb660aee51a306e7bb0ea2a0680cf9asqueella — Bug 383936 - Continue synchronisation of xpfe autocomplete with toolkit autocomplete
a2477a8e0a9eb929dbdfbb18d6569cb5276ca32cneil — Rework xpfe autocomplete selectedIndex handling b=304309 r=ajschult sr=jag
e5dcb3170fc6849b90655cc27122a1dcb49bc7b9neil — Change column names to match what toolkit wants b=304309 r=ajschult sr=jag
8e44615e3bd23b389e62589a6f8e4f1c1ed9738eenndeakin — Bug 279703, rework XUL popups to use asynchronous opening, plus many other fixes, attempt 2 with creating widgets later, r=bz,neil,roc,sr=bz
6009e09cf861af1051ad65271d0bfec6eff8447eenndeakin — Bug 279703, backing out the popup changes due to performance regressions. sigh.
9a8ca53c8fe044962a9b2e7e6a6fb834adf6bd68enndeakin — Bug 279703, rework XUL popups to use asynchronous opening, plus many other fixes, r=bz,neil,sr=bz
f9f2ffc5968f11c074fd1dfe14e0dbc404aab91aneil — Continuation of synchronisation of xpfe autocomplete with toolkit interfaces (change getOverrideValue() to attribute overrideValue) b=304309 r=ajschult sr=jag
889e9251a6862fecabf149be81353a3be8fffb8dneil — Clean up some uses of __AUTOCOMPLETE_BOX__ (more to follow) b=303409 r+sr=jag
6cd0c87d55b4a682b48178c144710977e68446b1neil — Switch xpfe autocomplete widget from -moz-tree-*(menuactive) to -moz-tree-*(selected) to match toolkit b=304309 r=Mano sr=jag
d6542f70f7d5c16c52313f270d3c39e85d3c73bbneil — Continuation of synchronisation of xpfe autocomplete with toolkit interfaces b=304309 r=ajschult sr=jag
47841d72f5850095a5164bdf67dc71defa84e51eneil — Continuation of synchronisation of xpfe autocomplete with toolkit interfaces b=304309 r=ajschult rs=mscott
e41df42b422128d1986ba95cc0991f23388c286eneil — Bug 379571 autocomplete should not try to create empty search sessions r+sr=jag
2088c6317f4cfd40ad5785fd73530b462395c3ddneil — Bug 366831 JavaScript strict warning: reference to undefined property r+sr=jag
bc99db46d731244ee6f153fa78b8c23b7b35722ehg — Free the (distributed) Lizard! Automatic merge from CVS: Module mozilla: tag HG_REPO_INITIAL_IMPORT at 22 Mar 2007 10:30 PDT,
0fca2b6480744d708a6e4f541fc4607b174ea0e9Jorg K — Bug 1417187 - Port bug 1390708 to mailnews: Remove implicit stream decoding of BinHex encoded attachment on non-Mac platforms. r=aceman
e3cec7382989e544f0b50f3eeb04bc287ecd930aaceman — Bug 1420683 - fix chat test test_filtering.js by sorting style attributes to get a reliable result. r=jorgk
e716b8199c2d722ae6ba4b0e29aa52683d3b28c2Richard Marti — Bug 1420254 - Add additional Theme API colors to TB. r=aceman
97cf0d5fff720ef1315a131148cc8467521b4237aceman — Bug 1416033 - remove some unneeded includes in mailnews/db. r=mkmelin
d95ef8a28c21b444910b5b3fbb4400aa1e3ed491aceman — Bug 1416033 - remove some unneeded includes in mailnews/addrbook. r=mkmelin
8c1100ce057072d0a868035f650f6936dd4a3860Edmund Wong — Bug 1420538 - Do not disable compile environment as it is needed now in mac r=frg
3241088b8110a47833b9a649df57bdb3f27c70d0Tom Prince — Bug 1419582: Enable linux32 builds in taskcluster; r=Fallen
48299a73bbc6c2f0ca8c338b0e0700cb432ac76eTom Prince — Bug 1419582: Refactor linux32 mozconfigs; r=Fallen
207bc898d11bac95d901dcf3e998d54203f85c73aceman — Bug 1416033 - remove some unneeded includes in mailnews/intl. r=mkmelin
28f105287badd523cc9e6cba0e33bc74b5f03ddaBen Bucksch — Bug 1420417 - Startup fails on Windows 8 due to undefined Cu - r=mkmelin
e5073cc8c66d069e284b3fe21eb816d062e4c2ffIsaac Schemm — Bug 1419507 - Disable WebRTC by default in SeaMonkey until bug 956854 is fixed. r=frg
fcf78ba5b8218086c64e48cc7a3615ff678a4817Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1419149 - Image from eml file not shown in SeaMonkey Composer. r=IanN
154e8b31b4856c3a961ad881056e1d842078e744Richard Marti — Bug 1419816 - Set mail.tabs.drawInTitlebar to false on UNIX_BUT_NOT_MAC again. r=aceman
27ab0eeb6c58b7a5e015f39f54cf96aeeb94c486Tom Prince — Bug 1419997: Don't allow building Thunderbird or SeaMonkey with dbm disabled; r=Fallen,frg
59274d12d99e6bbbdfebfaf5f02b79113f67a4cbTom Prince — Bug 1419997: Get rid of MOZ_MORK configuration variable; r=Fallen,frg
cbb5f8f6b1fde563858e306838193f69db971a2bJorg K — Bug 1419955 - Port bug 1419382 to mailnews: remove shared use of m_inputStream to allow releasing ownership. rs=bustage-fix
7b4b3f38a557f527e30a58f7b46653165f87c8bdJorg K — Bug 1419955 - Port bug 1419382 to mailnews: NS_NewInputStreamPump, NS_NewInputStreamChannel* take ownership of the inputStream. rs=bustage-fix
df5aec613e965de8bc2250ddcc6faf7b98fbc057Tom Prince — Bug 1418652: Migrate configure options to moz.configure; r=Fallen,frg,chmanchester
a8f450397be97f025751e0d50957661708662adbTom Prince — Bug 1419474: Disable clang-plugin until we fix the compile errors from it; r=Fallen
bc5a77e67b013c6d41ece2596687155880d92a24Tom Prince — Bug 1419474: Enable OSX builds in taskcluster; r=Fallen
ce398e52256474a3344d2a3c3309253d875bb385Tom Prince — Bug 1419474: Refactor OSX mozconfigs; r=Fallen
b6f4085c4cb77cd876b3ff44414147b07cb1fd47Tom Prince — Bug 1419474: Use standard cache config on OSX; r=Fallen
b08cc5536c30e4a7d8781fac38da439e274139bfTom Prince — Bug 1419474: Remove some left-over code from OSX universal builds; r=Fallen
3eb4ce879dc99f17968383e145115d1da650bf6aJorg K — Bug 1419657 - Follow-up: Fix incorrect indentation. rs=white-space-only DONTBUILD
ae04ad2124c20148fd23543f03c857bbcb169f5fJorg K — Bug 1419657 - Port bug 1415205 to mailnews: Add add Mutate() to four mailnews URLs. rs=bustage-fix CLOSED TREE
4910d88cd4849c46281de4f1ebcaebe4df701cbaTom Prince — Bug 1419672: Don't fail to build if compare-locales fails (port Bug 1402401); rs=bustage-fix DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
d372cccbbe8b32347998713d432e2240efddd8f0Richard Marti — Bug 1419499 - Port bug 1417940 to TB: Change various instances of manually calling getService to use Services.jsm. r=aceman
2c76835b3e179559f4d4679056f466f1c0a952d3Richard Marti — Bug 1419172 - Stop the attachment icon's flickering when selecting/deselecting. r=aceman
bdf2d5e6377f104c9d526425d2c497c1a27379e2Jorg K — Bug 1401026 - Follow-up: Fix unsafe use of NS_ConvertUTF8toUTF16(). r=me DONTBUILD
cc3998b70032e8f6740c2d554259ded668d1abb5Tom Prince — Bug 1419141: Update thunderbird l10n-check step to match firefox; r=me
913f3f064116bc2651a84b462a93902a2b3b8761Tom Prince — Bug 1418593: Enable mozmill tests in taskcluster; r=Fallen
c61cae26239bb36cddc40f1b93efca1bc9a1d493Tom Prince — Bug 1418593: Enable xpcshell tests in taskcluster; r=Fallen
8a7e6dbec102041287c3e12f97e2f70ccd94670cTom Prince — Bug 1418593: Enable linux64 builds in taskcluster; r=Fallen
5bfdd8678f3e7a2fbcad324df2faf73aaf5a080fTom Prince — Bug 1418593: Refactor linux64 mozconfigs to handle m-c topdir; r=Fallen
7d2c6071fa82d97cd38b06efc23202c0a4e66822Richard Marti — Bug 1419133 - fix text contrast on buttons in multimessageview's header. r=aceman
166a992457994cb15e7043a91748dffc6bc6ea79alta88 — Bug 1418666 - Bug 1411699 follow-up: Fix regex typo causing commas to be missing from feed content. r=jorgk DONTBUILD
526482d119f67b40ad260604c1feef2684152c47Florian Quèze — Bug 1418834 - Clicking a new message popup notification should select the right conversation, r=clokep.
dca513134e87023fecc41e12d88f86980d1aabfbFlorian Quèze — Bug 1409905 - Add an option to bounce the dock icon when a new directed chat message arrives, r=clokep.
e224c053eefe76c208e0bd0c47c9c874e82c0b47Florian Quèze — Bug 1418821 - Conversations with unread messages should be bold, r=nhnt11.
976cd8d722ff98d79f332c6cad9e7646cf14a7b4Edmund Wong — Bug 1418536 - Port [Bug 1405670 - Stop importing old search settings from search-metadata.json] to SeaMonkey. r=frg
3ef16c10c6230a01b901e58df859b15aafde4699Tom Prince — Bug 1418566: Remove unused MOZ_ALLOW_LEGACY_EXTENSIONS setting in linux64 debug mozconfig; r=me
6ad50e5e75facb08fd07cbe12454de596233dfbcFlorian Quèze — Bug 1356569 - Remove some more newURI null trailing parameters, rs=Fallen.
c1bac684acdaf04b8345136d3e4dbb4f71d348dcFlorian Quèze — Bug 1356569 - Remove notifyObservers' last parameter when it is falsy, rs=Fallen.
53145b875f09aa860f1593b9260b0bb79344b66dFlorian Quèze — Bug 1356569 - Remove appendElement's last parameter when it is false, rs=Fallen.
9992e10b341b3c91de991878055e0222e2c27f6fFlorian Quèze — Bug 1356569 - Remove addObserver's last parameter when it is false, rs=Fallen.
21f2508f16a2268aa2c53400705c9bf3dc0b7f9dFlorian Quèze — Bug 1331081 - omit addEventListener/removeEventListener's third parameter when it's false, rs=Fallen.
0d601be171e546943bd62f15a13db0b784875c3dTom Prince — Bug 1418671: Disable linting temporarily due to cache poisoning. r=me
89b1fa68fd3d5d341b65eccd8dd449e7502b6cd8Richard Marti — Bug 1418640 - Additional tweaks for draw in title bar. r=aceman
49382e304893db41f96ca9ce3dde03afb21d55c6Richard Marti — Bug 1418088 - Use the edit icon in "Edit Draft" notification bar. r=aceman
8f7f2170dd259c43f83e1b09378d4ecbc0bcf8f9Tom Prince — Bug 1418566: Turn on MOZ_ALLOW_LEGACY_EXTENSIONS even in local builds; r=Fallen
b1e4499b6989c1b31ccfe8f9c59a2372676130cbTom Prince — Bug 1413976: Update sync exceptions for having our own virtualenv packages; r=me
a76a4d378bf9b4e212e38c964d79ecd18e23e9a2seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-hp-linux64-11 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
502d6658a41df319188af3ff9c2348328f23ab4bTom Prince — Bug 1413976: Support defining toolchain and docker-image tasks by reference to mozilla-centrals definitions; r=dustin
306fff0f8a9d1fe8b7eeafd86c68166d78288767Richard Marti — Bug 1418525 - Port bug 1405670 to TB: remove support for NS_APP_SEARCH_DIR_LIST and NS_APP_SEARCH_DIR from the directory service. r=aceman
d342491c066b3641a046d7249a98cb01da05d8fbRichard Marti — Bug 1417198 - Fix TB after landing of bug 1416368: Remove unused statusbarpanel-* bindings. r=jorgk
4816ac3cb5bcb4c5f313c090b87495bc08282787Richard Marti — Bug 1418005 - Draw CSD titlebar according to -moz-gtk-csd-available and draw tilebar buttons. r=aceman
09e954abfc4a5bff50244c043d77448dfb35769aeslint — Bug 1417450 - Fix eslint after upgrade to v4. r=MakeMyDay
e2ea6bf5f52766ee6b4c4db05c10b0b999165f00Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1417800 - Remove conditional catch consumers in suite/. r=frg
92e2cda4467f367eb6e3b74a30a0494a71baf24cTooru Fujisawa — Bug 1417799 - Remove conditional catch consumers in mail/. r=aceman
b089a39f3423eb5586ed6c2e763b357b22e05842Jorg K — Bug 1418063 - disable test_alertHook.js and test_nsMsgMailSession_Alerts.js. rs=bustage-fix
5acc341c64ac2af9b224ba951f3b4382d6edf999Jorg K — Bug 1418011 - disable failing part of test_fooUrl.js. rs=bustage-fix
2807eb6d3c02bbc61ad857f701d52c4c1dda1518Jorg K — Bug 1417995 - More: Fix compile warning in nsOutlookMail.cpp and nsAbWinHelper.cpp. r=aceman
99accbe79a6d60ee02878aa2b99f1c45e250b108Edmund Wong — Bug 1416996 - Re-enable stylo/webrender building in suite using separate stylo mozconfigs. r=frg
6680a5309dda8f178eaadf6cd4e7b8c19f0b9599Richard Marti — Bug 1417334 - Add default64.png and default128.png to the Linux package. r=aceman
b9e03060960694525a6d1ba65c1eee7d2d5db2feRichard Marti — Bug 1417508 - Port bug 1408738: Give more left/right margin to window controls. r=philipp
ed175fca802f794b1574bf086412779a87a3689eJorg K — Bug 1417995 - Fix compile warning in nsAbOutlookDirectory.cpp. rs=bustage-fix
c7449572b78cc092cd045f0250d9b9a311394157Jorg K — Keep build files in sync (Port Bug 1417689: Remove explicit --enable-elf-hack in mozconfigs). rs=bustage-fix
4fd7237c5c2f1569e2d1ebbdddf3be2f8f572f73Tom Prince — Bug 1417319: Remove use of MOZ_PKG_MANIFEST_P for MOZ_PKG_MANIFEST; r=Fallen
5a4b1f1d4e46641a8392be7dd4067adac19a35e0Tom Prince — Bug 1417605: Stop using multiple patterns in TEST_HARNESS_FILES pointing to the same destination; rs=bustage-fix
8885e04ebabd5e529a86454e42225e375d886ea5Jorg K — Bug 1417620 - follow-up (Linux only): fix compiler warning caused by bug 1414067. r=aceman DONTBUILD
ac5e3ca48e15496fbec777e2a74110f808b253bdJorg K — Bug 1417696 - Port bug 1416343 to mailnews: Mark URI interfaces as [builtinclass]. rs=bustage-fix DONTBUILD
41bc780f0d2ed4a0a0ee00668cd473074197a280Jorg K — Bug 1417620 - fix compiler warning caused by bug 1414067. rs=bustage-fix DONTBUILD
d08d18c8b7913cbf4100ffe4f73cf5d75fde2722Jorg K — Bug 1417328 - Remove unnecessary include of soon to be removed nsIPlatformCharset. r=me
9d2ede676b3bceaa3fbf860324ec6fd7c24463c0Thomas Duellmann — Bug 1416717 - Follow-up: fix local variables with the same name as attachmentsSelectedCount(). r=aceman
323b721c2abfd6d97984ce1b207f797aebaac033Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 1416038 - Update comm-central for SAX XML parser changes in mozilla-central. r=aceman,philipp
6ae7d703276dbbfbb55963f6e637a9147a105e1ftbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-039 - a=blocklist-update
10d6a264303bd65085f79dd6256fa8a5431062e3Jorg K — Bug 1415723 - back out bug 853881 and follow-up bug 1368786 for causing a performance regression. a=jorgk
0261a2ac5448701538adcda96a63fff38f965f15Edmund Wong — Bug 1415811 - use TOOLTOOL_DIR (if it exists in the env) otherwise use $topsrcdir/$commreltopsrcdir r=frg
c412f40f1eecf46cb25ad3b47e7323ed360c0028Jorg K — Bug 1416469 - follow-up: fix comment. rs=comment-only
76c38b6ed5710ace7319e9fc3b9a217e934e34f0Joas Schilling — Bug 1413302 - imip.css rules are too broad and are interfering with basic HTML emails. r=MakeMyDay
0b656c52b5465d8de6bc3bd42a66d3d26cf056cbJorg K — Bug 1411699 - Remove possible unprintable ascii 00-1F from non-formatted tag values; remove same except for CR, LF, TAB from formatted tag values. r=mkmelin
bc4dff04bede39d57bc4353f8eeae800fb470877Jorg K — Bug 1410973 - make nsMsgI18NFileSystemCharset() return an nsCString and related clean-up. r=erahm
b78d73bcd985069e7def132f00540e2cea19be92aceman — Bug 1416469 - do not call the inline spellchecker if compose window is already closing down. r=jorgk
3793eea86ca42ef36c1daef66f1c5c663766d200Thomas Duellmann — Bug 1416717 - Rename function MessageGetNumSelectedAttachments() to attachmentsSelectedCount(). r=aceman
e0ac597a0b180571739d242c2983709a05609ce3Patrick Cloke — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=auroramerge CLOSED TREE
6c6c7642bf6e7bfc9d42b7b7665de202a5c0a696Patrick Cloke — closing old head a=betamerge ba=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
fe1c282a0d069e5d2d57c01ca0d52703d9fa8274Patrick Cloke — Added tag BETA_58_END for changeset c7138bf78f4c a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE