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Mon Jun 24 19:03:14 2013 +0000
936bfe9d120ba12ac8d12e2768b2af997d24ea10Mark Banner — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=betamerge,ba=betamerge CLOSED TREE
6d2e36f1128fe418f9226d05556c9e31f9389f8bMark Banner — Added tag BETA_BASE_20130624 for changeset 184c3151bdef a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE AURORA_23_END
184c3151bdef7efea035b9a7bec2c3a5fb5f5cc7Phoenix — Bug 876244 - Port | Bug 872324 - Restored maximized windows blank or incorrectly positioned | to SeaMonkey. r=IanN a=Callek BETA_BASE_20130624
77ec547b5146cbf2a1787210d10a5c5c9567e437Philip Chee — Bug 871536 (CVE-2012-1964) Mitigate clickjacking of about:certerror r=Neil a=Callek CLOSED TREE.
98964551fc101f26e2aeef8a6ce9b58041ab1bb8Neil Rashbrook — Bug 868495 Workaround for unusually large DirectWrite font line heights r=IanN a=Callek
e84bb9894e03095c743097a95415b79810e08d48Neil Rashbrook — Bug 873355 Private downloads should ignore the Download Manager r=IanN a=Callek
b6c2f215640a56e9058ca55306101cb8a0d40590Neil Rashbrook — Bug 874042 Private windows should not opt out of the private browsing session r=IanN a=Callek
8710bdf5b09f5910a4fa21e3cc96a68ffaa60a38Neil Rashbrook — Bug 875889 Private sidebar searches should not open in a normal window r=IanN a=Callek
0be1bcbc416c7a6d49a407874cee88de3ececce0Neil Rashbrook — Last page visited should not include private browsing windows r=IanN a=Callek
add50df1999673d1178220b68b6a7400a18856fctbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-352 - a=blocklist-update
32d0eb464bac3ba1b21ea41fe9b4ccce2030a695seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-5 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
c7f34340e86d4f7d1f65a4210d8ef088a7e00cf9Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 884291 - Localized Lightning *nightly* builds using Thunderbird Infrastructure. r=Callek,a=bustage
b70c6ab4ac8570ab7b950680b0b2f4becb449564Mark Banner — Fix bug 884291 - Localized Lightning *nightly* builds using Thunderbird Infrastructure." a=philipp
06308c8fcd5228b35ef0ffa68521618e2d9097ccRichard Marti — Bug 876710 - When using Personas on Mac, the title bar is overlaid by the tab bar (Address book & Compose windows). r+ui-r=mconley,a=Standard8
717c4e2c623ca455fa0153c8d9062881274f38c7Robert Strong — Bug 883322 - SeaMonkey and Thunderbird Windows installer only. r=callek,a=Standard8
7be812eeae723c49dfb365198ff562a9139c7284seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-6 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
1eda7c30ee58340e2271aff18ccea6a7273c4510Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 855067 - Localized Lightning builds using Thunderbird Infrastructure. r=Standard8,a=philipp
5a92a652a0f4a190ed3159ae2973759d26db74d9tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-318 - a=blocklist-update
468eda0bcf7e64460e756c94ef1089f102a01423Richard Marti — Bug 875472 - Close/Minimize functions top right are disabled/masked when non-standard themes are used. r+ui-r=mconley,a=Standard8
4755c9aafe838251d141d41d1a7e84510a6304fctbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-709 - a=blocklist-update
22eb4f29fa78cfe9bc6a6a547f6c248a574bcff6Philip Chee — Bug 875706 Flip the pref to enable the Content Security Policy (CSP) 1.0 parser for SeaMonkey r=IanN a=IanN CLOSED TREE.
8d0d26c680238ce14f9722fcb30e51d62df152eaPhilip Chee — Bug 871548 Query params sent when reporting a phishing site could contain sensitive info r=Neil a=IanN CLOSED TREE.
9cf36ae1f02ac263bd210cba0e619f8f8a1e0022Philip Chee — Bug 870728 The Geolocation prompt should not offer action in PB mode if the action remembers permission for more than a session r=Neil a=Callek
c75bd0c80e55ddeec7b3e6fc0460d3110157a64bMark Banner — Bug 877132 - System integration dialog broken - Components.classes[";1"] reference to undefined property. Add mailcomps back to the build. r=Callek,a=Standard8
7bc2fd64ec45483742899ccafdf17d80442b1e40rsx11m — Bug 874899 - Hide new options in Notifications pref pane when the old alert is selected. r=IanN, ui-r=Neil, a=IanN
485de398bd2fcf2f16e48585afb6a758837df3dfrsx11m — Bug 872133 - Focus textbox for "seconds" when checking "Show an alert" in Notifications preference pane (without string changes). r=IanN, ui-r=Neil, a=IanN
44f12869291b165de1d2c12fe42ec1f446f65f3ftbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-676 - a=blocklist-update
98015487a17c4fcc30ad0a324406231fe5514465Mark Banner — Bug 758149 - (l10n repacks) should get mozconfigs from source, not from buildbot-configs - add release-l10n mozconfigs to Thunderbird. r=bhearsum,a=Standard8 DONTBUILD
cf6eda1735f71041ee86cac3d3c44283c6ebda8eaceman — Bug 872041 - Fix regression from bug 68784 - expand mailing-lists before checking recipient validity. r=mkmelin,a=Standard8
524e6222349b198e5f933b5edd1fc41181e530a1Sebastian Hengst — Bug 864417 - Broken observer calls in editor.js due to bug 795158. r=IanN, r=mconley, a=Standard8
7fa839f756253f8c389c1664ffe2b0995dff3767tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ix-023 - a=blocklist-update
667ebf6e2d633c0d0c77704649aed132c5678d25Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 873630 - Merge "Improve ICAL.Event time handling interface to also handle times and new properties" from upstream.,a=philipp
568a50beabe994a1c418230194da334ce7346830Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 873624 - Merge "Don't allow zero/negative INTERVAL, assume 1" from upstream.,a=philipp
203edaea8c5a051f7fe1c5baf5afc3051447cb1ePhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 873611 - Merge "Fix Timezones with RDATE information" from upstream.,a=philipp
6742cf89cbcd50d6c6aecc1b1da585013eb50f9fPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 873617 - Merge "Fix expanding timezone into the future" from upstream.,a=philipp
efb9e5d15ffd648f64673e3fd820c179b8e2eab3Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 872618 - Import "Make sure components and properties are correctly hydrated" patch. r=lightsofapollo,a=philipp
ca558379591d04f0c96dfa0875e0f400a6f5fb81Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 872694 - Merge "Add numericDayToIcalDay method" from upstream. r=lightsofapollo,a=philipp
4037e43679e8058039ee641f4aeeb2d47a792b55Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 872692 - Merge "Add a second subtractDate function that takes timezone difference into account" from upstream. r=lightsofapollo,a=philipp
4399d1d6780a2a7acffb6be361ee278ce6d9e5a1Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 872682 - Merge change "Remove obsolete componentFromString method reference" from upstream. r=lightsofapollo,a=philipp
87f38360d9888042c7eab29aa274e377fb8c7e4dPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 872671 - Adapt to changes for ical.js Issue #85. r=lightsofapollo,a=philipp
37c0e43104736253572e1bb8213ed78cca52e00dPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 871199 - All day events are corrupted by ical.js backend. r=lightsofapollo,a=philipp
d1f63ec5c6b4ca46e43f85df4fc1f748df4bcad3Ryan VanderMeulen — imported patch 872101
89eea795de119ee8d6a5df637c8775ccec57f487Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 871269 - Using a free-form pref is misleading, change to boolean pref instead. r=ssitter,a=philipp
09630b06812b0ee5d9f38a2085778ca0c0739faeMark Banner — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=auroramerge,ba=auroramerge CLOSED TREE
f386a43e6138e5e6c27c1705bdf38c62f5368ffeMark Banner — Added tag AURORA_BASE_20130513 for changeset cc6213af0ce8 a=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
cc6213af0ce8a32093186c2548dc8db20d5a6139aceman — Bug 640371 - Prevent POP3 inbox folder to grow past the mailstore limit when getting mail. r=irving AURORA_BASE_20130513
9242d22c0ce2fceb8497d07df34b7f863d21ab45Mark Banner — Port bug 566746 - Form history should use asynchronous storage API - add FormHistoryStartup.js to the packaging manifest to fix xpcshell-bustage. r=unit test bustage fix
1ae201906fed5b9a90cb8bf5895bbce5e941da2fRichard Marti — Bug 853531 - Use a nicer icon for the new "New Mail" notification. r+ui-r=bwinton
54623a36117422cde572c874c5d8fb3b42b8cc49rsx11m — Bug 830177 - Typographic fix in Account Provisioner labels. r+ui-r=bwinton
9c0455b81f2fe5f320db0f9c25ffda72c0681cdfRichard Marti — Bug 679908 - probing.png is missing. r=bwinton
01e1e414fadd38c832d9d9ea4d285dc216cfcd5aPhoenix — Bug 252423 - FinishHTMLSource() is no longer necessary. r=IanN
1f435c4e5b43fd12d20aaac96a751ad836f63fcePhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 871269 - Using a free-form pref is misleading, change to boolean pref instead. r=ssitter
48e87ece411a287b8aba338a9d9d0923df814c9dPhilipp Kewisch — Bug 869407 - bustage fix for OSX, keep targetPlatform for merging
ca1f6fcd7bd8555a065b76ef5c661ee8d7944800Philipp Kewisch — Bug 868737 - bustage fix for MODULE varibale
c5b0682b53ebe7d14c04cf11b7612db76e93e92fPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 869407 - Part 4 - ical.js backend - Unit tests and test changes. r=mmecca
a9164d7753495da3bbacf1dfdb4ea72e82394e53Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 869407 - Part 3 - ical.js backend - Timezone Service changes. r=mmecca
7062dbead024d22ec838b8992e4635078e2801e6Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 869407 - Part 2 - ical.js backend - Split calIDateTime interface for js/cpp. r=mmecca
1ad08ece23155aaf0c267b8fe87d2a59e85b5ca3Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 869407 - Part 1 - ical.js backend - Add JS wrapper objects. r=mmecca
638db6e0f8a7e299666fffd0d127c1c6fd7eb25ePhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 869405 - Add a few interface methods to the libical wrapper. r=mmecca
f743582c7050fd12afc8dbc3ffc30ffec44c555cPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 868740 - Add initial ical.js implementation. r=mmecca
72f565c70050bcd991449c8e7543d91b5077abdfPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 868739 - Use forwards instead of includes. r=mmecca
c948fbc5b33ce9a5c0a17c29bda8fdf8800fabd5Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 868737 - Allow loading different calendar processing backends. r=mmecca
9a3c2f2a0729b3dcb1788c861da2c57410dda901Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 868721 - Replace doQueryInterface with XPCOMUtils.generateQI. r=mmecca
3ca1770cc64312e83d1020cbe47357076665dc95Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 868815 - Add a helper function to simplify module loading. r=mmecca
16f11f7df3c5ba0dc48c656eed4da9ea5f9a1598Brian O'Keefe — Bug 862986 - Migrate PROGRAM to files, c-c edition. r=gps
0bf5ed8e19a0fae3a444a06cdaaabdce5a2dc54fBrian O'Keefe — Bug 862986 - Part 1b: Remove references to ipc/app/ from comm-central. r=jcranmer
0c393554118703d58f706db50ea7cb5bb5913045Mark Banner — Port build config parts of bug 597064 to comm-central to fix Mac universal build bustage. rs=straight port by build peer
ebc5dba345c48b1a6693d68e241566f82bc93055Richard Marti — Bug 858010 - Display error in TB 22 using personas. r+ui-r=mconley
01d20147655d210e0684833149a25f563beadd0bJoshua Cranmer — Bug 869359 - Kill off newly empty Makefile.ins, r=Standard8
af822b0c7f4c7e72a2993498b215462a6fd6b12cJoshua Cranmer — Bug 869359 - Move XPCSHELL_TESTS to, r=Standard8
004899f9fceb1cac80f443853fd3b5e5894484e5Joshua Cranmer — Bug 864192 - Kill off newly empty Makefile.ins, r=Standard8.
7c11525375636aea09f39c92d750dcaa3eadb67cJoshua Cranmer — Bug 864192 - Move EXPORTS to, r=Standard8.
35d46ca30d0c136ee3da0e7b40f595e3bdabf472Joshua Cranmer — Bug 869425 - Kill off newly empty Makefile.ins, r=Standard8.
2793685324eb3bcb77b903c42f0966c6dcf57b7fJoshua Cranmer — Bug 869425 - Move MODULE to in comm-central, r=Standard8.
993e2baa351076529cf93e613c7ef8044f3f0d90Joshua Cranmer — Bug 869449 - Kill off DIR_INSTALL, r=Standard8.
e9c5bb4029cda62562ea8076bcffe059683246c0Joshua Cranmer — Bug 869445 - Let configure work without a mozconfig, r=Standard8
d7c72b841e66363fd19fb5f31a094124c36ec90aCykesiopka — Bug 807699 - Remove unused sanitize dialog strings. r=standard8
fbe5fc95050d4f22415c1e96e26d017e298f8dcbSuyash Agarwal — Bug 734550 - Remove call to Services.prefs.getPref() in test_mailGlue_distribution.js. r=mconley
4e6e804b478d16f08d66191bd8149eefde0e83b4aceman — Bug 248808 - Search/filter/mailview: fix "date", "is after" ("is before") to not include messages on the date. r=rkent
fa82bc15f789a250bf8b4eddd2e0ca951b682f78Mark Banner — Bug 870307 - Remove some redundant nsVoidArray includes and member variable. r=Neil
4c366a1789a7284d9a5c4d515e0225dd0883aa8fSuyash Agarwal — Bug 595104 - Support plural forms for 'getNextNMessages' and 'openWindowWarningText' in r=standard8, r=Neil
f3ce31d62e7ca985dc9d071eae752ba073d4b474Chris Cooper — Bug 852553 - Set l10n base dir to l10n/ in mozconfigs (DONTBUILD) - r=armenzg
e3d49393a3b250c00c72b09f3842a39ca3a80f2dJonathan Kew — bug 869891 - declare seamonkey.exe as dpi-aware in its manifest. r=neil
f85134b411f6465e7eb99a8c6d35327b948db652Jonathan Kew — bug 869890 - declare thunderbird.exe as dpi-aware in its manifest. r=standard8
debd86770270c0ef7b777ea3ec914bdb605e572fMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 863025 - Reenable the UTF-16BE test for bug 862757. r=standard8
741a7f4c5e1677ea20fbc34da9d4576b809192d8Phoenix — Bug 868964: Port | Bug 864107 - session restore does not ensure restored windows are actually on-screen | to SeaMonkey. r=IanN
e80ecf705881aa45e26bfdf6d9fbda7509fedb11Mark Banner — Bug 852869 - Remove some redundant files in comm-central. More complicated removals to clean up files with redundant MODULE definitions. r=jcranmer
a9ccae227c13a44b55eb6b8b3bd0a88d1dedf83eMark Banner — Port Bug 852745 - Build clang with gcc 4.7 headers. blanket-rs=clang update for make check failures.
730e8799d9590f034ff3c5686f0535a7836e1401Mark Banner — Bug 868393 - Require alphabetical order when assigning to order-independent variables. r=jcranmer
2f747ef4292ebb0eb916f3b7e315e48ab8adce22Mark Banner — Bug 852869 - Remove some redundant files in comm-central - Move mime/emitters/src to mime/emitters Part 2. r=jcranmer
aeb3e1a89e9b5925a5d7676fc2be0f48f3bb068dMark Banner — Bug 852869 - Remove some redundant files in comm-central - Move mime/emitters/src to mime/emitters Part 1. r=jcranmer
6dca35019107f9c975a50769d7630b4acd3f1f80Mark Banner — Bug 852869 - Remove some redundant files in comm-central. Simple removals. r=jcranmer
fe96d228cc6a757143ff7b25e9510d4a1ef4ba76Mark Banner — Bug 852869 - Remove some redundant files in comm-central - Port part 16 of bug 784841 to fix dependency issues for makefiles. r=jcranmer
3281b0e5ed4d088c47a12b145af1e8f72cd31c84Mark Banner — Bug 852869 - Remove some redundant files in comm-central - Port part of bug 757637. r=Callek
7890f6b58058d21842274a8fd224038821da3bddMakoto Kato — Bug 694196 - crash [@ MsgGetHeadersFromKeys(nsIMsgDatabase*, nsTArray<unsigned int, nsTArrayDefaultAllocator> const&, nsIMutableArray*) ]. r=rkent
8b432fa340ec64ce63eca71fe6c19f83dd3655a3rsx11m — Bug 867210 - Put "Display emoticons as graphics" in a new line. r=IanN, ui-r=Neil
14e6ef96bf28930d261bd98b4f8b5fda3715cd3daceman — Bug 103870 - Fix some unsafe realloc usage in mailnews/mime. r=jcranmer
6563e7c341e6d14b0fb9cfbccc8ae106f59eff4cStefan Sitter — Bug 863798 - Don't break Event dialog if Filelink account exists and Attach button is removed from toolbar. r=decathlon
e343d88d8379693bca52ca5ed511a6c59f237590stefanh — Bug 859120 - Unprefix the last -moz-linear-gradient in mail/themes. r=mconley.
be604ac62cedc7abc28b1effb0456a1006402a22stefanh — Bug 864034 - [Mac][personas] lightweight theming crunches window title bar. r+moa=Mnyromyr.
3658f802883b83d3aa4fbee5541d278f3793ee29Neil Rashbrook — Bug 861691 Search bar should not save search history in private windows r=Ratty f=IanN
8220c3ebe215c1c1da55f0076c6a305a5bb6cd15Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 868738 - Fix rsync command. r=philipp
a2c8da197f5d389dff0c28b02f962af80f26985ftbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-457 - a=blocklist-update
3baa61e7a871a91580a612e0793923a33413bdf5seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-5 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
ab0df1933cd6af0cc5f3c847b0ef0b568b76d9f6Mark Banner — Remove unnecessary do_test_pending/do_test_finished pairs in test_attachment.js and test_detectAttachmentCharset.js as async_run_tests already manages this for us, and doesn't like the fact that bug 863311 added optional parameters for them. r=unit-test-only-bustage-fix
0dc685246f2b73742f2493706319a1fc1c504947Philip Chee — Bug 849525 Missed at least one occurrence of "row" -> "aRow" rs=bustage.
b41c479f74a394c18d08251ecc6eab7c8cd9e72cMark Banner — Attempt to fix xpcshell bustage in test_tcpsocket.js by bringing Thunderbird's up to date with missing files. rs=bustage-fix
825c641f6e2a88afdac935568036aeb7760085ceIan Neal — Bug 786316 - Save As Template should correctly manage multiple selections r/moa=Mnyromyr
76bab0a290ee770a807f44af216098fd34448e73Matthew Mecca — Bug 856422 - Playback of multiple offline item operations causes stored password removal at startup. r=philipp
9ac411b180b2cdab6f973f68433487ccfc1b19f0Matthew Mecca — Bug 860589 - Add logging for unmodified etags. r=philipp
c448a8a204bef6a21852a3b677a86370b38c14edNeil Rashbrook — Bug 866223 Compose windows are no longer recycled r=Standard8
50dcb67013a59c7999fd81f8144cff9b1f9d721eNeil Rashbrook — Bug 859125 Clean up and also unbreak some external API build bustage r=Standard8
c43c04005b15f735cc628cd59bfcc7ab0f0b2329Mark Banner — Remove GPSDGeolocationProvider.* from following bug 866893 landing in mozilla-central. r=bustage-fix.
4628ff514b949b98b3c58e2a42e589d18fd7d081Frank Wein — Bug 867008 - Remove previous calls to PlacesUtils.backups and move them to PlacesBackups (SeaMonkey), r=Neil
3c006f64c18271f3b56f71078102b960d1290ce2Frank Wein — Remove GPSDGeolocationProvider.* from to fix SeaMonkey build. rs=bustage-fix
346a2722d7e9e8f8a9d2e9066a4db8b77621704fFrank Wein — Bug 864271 - Permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | browser_dataman_basics.js | Test timed out, r=KaiRo
d65767045b33e33c0322ae31be613efed8c45362Frank Wein — Bug 863426 - Port test fixes from |Bug 854467 - can't un-set the clicktoplay flag on an nsIPluginTag| to SeaMonkey, r=bustage
24722af6fb8b2a2836052a7d6b47c397d67e5e50Magnus Melin — Bug 837409 - crash [@ nsImapMailFolder::AddMoveResultPseudoKey(unsigned int)], [@ nsImapMailFolder::AddMoveResultPseudoKey] r=rkent
eabed5c2dfe1699cbff291553797d25e81d3ce10Magnus Melin — Bug 745919 - TB 11.0.forwarding plain-text (non-MIME) emails creates empty "Attached Message Part" even when forward messages is set Inline, if no Content-Type header, no parameter in Content-Type:. r=mconley
1dd4af110c7bb36392f8a7d1444c3b26e940dc6dRichard Marti — Bug 866498 - Radio group for Main Menu Bar->View->Feed Message Body As not working correctly. r=mkmelin
9c50ce882411372f093a6c6b5e459fae9b0be7e7rsx11m — Bug 861471 - Update the SSL Preference Pane after bug 733642 changed preference names and semantics. r=IanN, ui-r=Neil
1692e1675694ee4425971b9333d664a2e388b8adISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 845187 - JavaScript interpreter encounters an uninitialized memory from XPCOM interface (thunderbird). r=bienvenu
8c6a778401843c7d21aa13004158b9855d3a2ef6Jim Porter — Bug 308690 - No confirmation prompt when force-deleting messages with SHIFT+DEL (currently no protection against accidental permanent dataloss); r=standard8, ui-r=bwinton
578c72b610fc8f8970693c7514f0d401b001458fSebastian Hengst — Bug 735333 - Use Services.prefs in SeaMonkey code: Sidebar. r=Neil
018b7593362133c7d56ce702be63578781697906Sebastian Hengst — Bug 735333 - Use Services.prefs in SeaMonkey code: Session restore. r=Misak
e08a9159f21c1cb19b1116f173161d19779e7b84Sebastian Hengst — Bug 735333 - Use Services.prefs in SeaMonkey code: Sanitizer. r=Neil
23c3a3219b7a44952b6e76a3a23ac4ca039f99bfSebastian Hengst — Bug 735333 - Use Services.prefs in SeaMonkey code: Profiles. r=Neil
47e3113cae26788c0ad13bd85fb67f3690485d68Sebastian Hengst — Bug 735333 - Use Services.prefs in SeaMonkey code: Preferences. r=Neil
3012cc6c16a493be87cf3c65b33d18e37f2e6591Sebastian Hengst — Bug 735333 - Use Services.prefs in SeaMonkey code: Message display. r=IanN
9469da28530bbdc13559d3378169209111af56ceSebastian Hengst — Bug 735333 - Use Services.prefs in SeaMonkey code: Mailnews preferences. r=IanN
1abd011504d4a5e2d64ddfc29a52df3ce04c6d4fSebastian Hengst — Bug 735333 - Use Services.prefs in SeaMonkey code: Feeds. r=Neil
f6139533313a491a428d40a67fb41e30ed463e23Sebastian Hengst — Bug 735333 - Use Services.prefs in SeaMonkey code: Downloads. r=IanN
e84996845fab454e6d25e4304450dce6d0d82092Sebastian Hengst — Bug 735333 - Use Services.prefs in SeaMonkey code: Compose. r=Mnyromyr
7521116629d4b267b4a88cc3b5315b76c2f42ba6Sebastian Hengst — Bug 735333 - Use Services.prefs in SeaMonkey code: Common. r=IanN
95453373499835482fcff7a1cfb1c1691b151840Sebastian Hengst — Bug 735333 - Use Services.prefs in SeaMonkey code: Browser. r=IanN
033e8c1a0f198bcd9f807a2cbeb7e88906d46f86Sebastian Hengst — Bug 735333 - Use Services.prefs in SeaMonkey code: Bookmarks and history. r=IanN
72c20852b189b4635b6f6001e5cba6ecef9473f1Sebastian Hengst — Bug 735333 - Use Services.prefs in SeaMonkey code: Backend. r=IanN
be2fd7f4ecf5c4b6b1ec4ce02268bee8c27cd15eFrank Wein — Bug 820797 - Remove calls to addvisit() from SeaMonkey, r=Neil
87d846122a36df48796c893ae3eb626568c126bfrsx11m — Bug 866503 - Notifications preference pane doesn't observe locked status for show_alert and show_balloon. r=Neil
34a8710a63793e507acddae8c0b5369b57cc05dcRichard Marti — Bug 851173 - Can't change encoding for e-mails in TB17 using AppMenu button. r=mconley
65dc3b9f02e02e06db484287bb9b4cc210a2749bFrank Wein — Add DownloadLegacy to to fix xpcshell-test bustage. rs=bustage-fix CLOSED TREE
c6407f244d727bc0b1153221b1582a7e8dae369bMartin Schroeder — Bug 479674 - Don't include toolbar.css in application chrome. r=philipp
d749dae12abec43ab4e257cee4a490437d9afdd7Martin Schroeder — Bug 864138 - Duplicated condition in switch statement (calXMLUtils.jsm). r=philipp
eddffcc754449f231e9e0e294bd94e5b309517f4Philip Chee — Bug 852499 Port Bug 835730 (Properly tear down components when the profile is being shut down) to SeaMonkey r=Neil a=Callek CLOSED TREE.
85e820e19cc8feb97db52dde20638307bf96c697Philip Chee — Bug 861194 Part 2: Rename the property to onContentClick to match the attribute r=Neil a=Callek CLOSED TREE.
678c5e8865f235f184cfff02865fbabc098089fePhilip Chee — Bug 864369 Turn on preference in SeaMonkey to enable Mixed Content Blocker and to block insecure active content loads on https pages r=IanN a=Callek CLOSED TREE.
1a94aa1b1afcd1332b2f21cdd97eae5d5b3d3d02aceman — Bug 863231 - Enable Send button properly when filling recipients via Contacts sidebar. r=mkmelin
c1d874b2977833677517665657a88cd35adaa95aJosiahOne — Bug 861867 - New Toolbar Icons for TB. r+ui-r=richard.marti
f83862bd189f06639bf5d11e187c84cef2b45befalta88 — Bug 847259 - (Linux) drag and drop rss feed link from browser to folderpane does nothing. r=mkmelin
13b289848f1dcbb1c5219dfe358657b81d1be0b8alta88 — Bug 813725 - Top of RSS item viewing window frozen. r=mkmelin
ae455e4b6d11d95465d12ed009f239bd2b8a17dcSakshi Bansal — Bug 507103 - Add radio group behaviour to menuitems in "Save As" submenus. r=mkmelin
0d7306fe5d6f904fb6f9e7f217b4ccda16167ee6Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 861656 - Removing X-Parameters does not work. r=mmecca
8a6adb5199107cac1c80e8e49ca095a25df25804Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 861654 - Fix repeatOffset and repeatDate in calAlarm. r=mmecca
18f37bd4030eab530fc525187708fb2c9e76ed97Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 861652 - ics parser is missing listener, everything is called synchronously. r=mmecca
0aa5292b1bd3c216640fcc7ab73bd748ad0938c0Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 861651 - Minor issues in calItemBase (immutability, properties, attachments). r=mmecca
c6a0da0532c6f33766f467b5965c4d90bd456867Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 861650 - calIPeriod implementation doesn't correctly understand duration periods and forces utc. r=mmecca
947ce1330963f87ebb4776b8c3336f3f1e99e35aPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 861647 - aMaxCount argument is not correctly taken into account. r=mmecca
66fc614e214ae2fc0259f986d0b93518254ffb34Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 861657 - Setting count = -1 in calRecurrenceRule causes isByCount = true. r=mmecca
d676895910f723f5aec331141cb9ad886ccdb91cPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 861644 - Comptor for binary search is incorrect. r=mmecca
d45b873dc078298bdbbc3319a7b48c073611768bPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 861646 - Missing nsIObserver on calIStartupService. r=mmecca
d1605239dd10fc460a0e6eb7fbef20111e1a66c8Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 861620 - Improve test coverage in backend components. r=mmecca
c2c419ac7ebe09508e3e124eded71883c3e45630Mark Banner — Add DownloadLegacy to to fix xpcshell-test bustage. rs=bustage-fix for CLOSED TREE
ce69db7d49362547b69f3b5ab7f74e2e142ed1deMs2ger — Bug 863091 - Followup: sync mozconfig.common change to c-c; r+a=Callek to land on a CLOSED TREE
3d3e10b5c2896213ea0fe8b4ae55e02706f98759Ms2ger — Bug 866412 - Followup: fix a missed change on a CLOSED TREE.
dabe938d0e0946f66d6e4794967e8179cb548450Neil Rashbrook — Bug 864256 - Build failure in nsMsgStatusFeedback.cpp: "error: 'class nsIXULBrowserWindow' has no member named 'SetJSDefaultStatus'" r=Standard8, f=mcsmurf on a CLOSED TREE
271b24c7b6672776fd4396c14d6dfa9c699173eeMs2ger — Bug 866412 - Make MsgNewAtom return already_AddRefed and fix callers; r=Standard8 on a CLOSED TREE
c03aec45332725e0ce060fe9b25f1285743ce9f7seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-6 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
3267f9ecf52c84e1724ce29984d84975f3864d24Philip Chee — Bug 861194 Crtl+clicking on a link should open it even if content is calling event.stopPropagation() in a click event handler r=Neil
f38ddf425fabbb489ba7471a1029f4250ebcfb61Martin Schroeder — Bug 409950 - Clean up, Split and Eliminate calUtils.js - Patch 1 - Remove unused function. r=philipp
1637ab8d5a0155d25c75849d65c56790b5d62a8dseabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-4 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
35929de31d2af21718b1ea6b998619dfcd877f96tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ix-024 - a=blocklist-update
27503b22e289f9f377df23c5a290e3a736d88439Frank Wein — Bug 863099 - [SeaMonkey] TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | browser_ApplicationPrefs.js | Check existing boolean property for existence, code comment fix
f8a15129dddd602d9f6653de52aaf87568ba0736Frank Wein — Bug 863426 - Port test fixes from |Bug 854467 - can't un-set the clicktoplay flag on an nsIPluginTag| to SeaMonkey, r=bustage
9e3a901b219315071f0a34b0f8dea881aaa1eb1eNeil Rashbrook — Bug 863008 Dispatch content event to content so video statistics work r=Ratty
fdd3e4d771972ba9188fd6d6b6f0e45eeb74c725Philip Chee — Bug 863300 Themes (Modern and Classic) are broken due to Bug 846540 rs=jcranmer
7ec742c695b8ec67cdaf81cce89ac88adef76e53Frank Wein — Bug 860966 - Compile failure in msgMapiImp.cpp with Visual Studio 2012. r=standard8
09c9f84de3e17facdaa8f17f7294530c57f3020bFrank Wein — Bug 863099 - Port trivial test fix from Bug 857820 to SeaMonkey (browser_ApplicationPrefs.js)
85a59368547cc304e7da57343dddeaaea8b37184Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 862757 - Disable UTF-16BE testcase for now. r=bustage
bd4327b7d4876efd3908ecc3910979bd14db68b9Masatoshi Kimura — Bug 862757 - Fix a mailnews test to keep up with the UTF-16 handling update. r=standard8
56d6207a6bf53dd6f4ef73f972b4a3e2e6ea91a3Frank Wein — Bug 862701 - Update SeaMonkey installer, r=bustage-fix
d9a1835283be496b1232837964167e06412e0851aceman — Bug 431217 - Send button should be disabled until we have a recipient. ui-r=bwinton, r=mkmelin
b88d292f0f027f64931bd7e04a8d008e3bb1e07daceman — Bug 826732 - Fix some JavaScript strict warning seen during "make mozmill" - part 2. r=mconley, r=standard8
8aa513badc221cb85dd82a4bf6f72189812155ecaceman — Bug 826732 - Fix some JavaScript strict warning seen during "make mozmill" - part 1. r=mconley
49dde1b4cfab379b01ada464342c0bbfce7cfc19Joshua Cranmer — Bug 856540 - Emasculate comm-central/, part 4 - Kill dead code in, r=Standard8
7182ff7ca21e32d38af511b8ed761797d98220a8Mark Banner — Fix Mac unit test failures caused by bug 846540 - explicitly disabled accessibility on Mac as that is how it was previously in which was overriding the mozilla-central default that we have now picked up. Bug 862238 will look at enabling it. r=bustage-fix.
06eca229282cd783c32ef5d138a27578051df58dMerike Sell — Bug 727434 - Import Calendar.CSV files doesn't work for Lightning calendar add-on. r=Fallen
463b6050612089df176deb0b9cdeb4fa77332330aceman — Bug 68784 - When sending mail, first check if there is any recipient then any subject. r=mkmelin, sr=standard8
46356c9afbfdd43e355d88a20599602d529ad102Joshua Cranmer — Bug 846540 - Emasculate comm-central/, part 3: (effectively) eliminate r=Standard8, gps
660427430cdd7dd6688e0ede44e3137926c2b665Decathlon — Bug 374973 - multiweek/month view jumps to another week when (de)selecting 'tasks in view' from context menu. r=philipp
3e3f42cceba5ae415400622c8f8bd3f7002202dbRichard Marti — Bug 856432 - Modernize the Newmail alert appearance. r+ui-r=mconley
8f3d0d5e5dfae4ce65bfba6bb6c3f316bfe70391aceman — Bug 851275 - Show size on disk for newsgroup folders. r=jcranmer
a252686c9393c61e2ef7fd5aec9edfb2b084303dSebastian Hengst — Bug 860093 - Regression from bug 824150: toolbox has no method getElementById(). r=mconley
41b14c833e76e9c14ac91f9855276218d66d6e25aceman — Bug 859287 - Restore "Get Mail" popupmenu to full width after customizing the toolbar. r=mkmelin
feb408f0b984cffb99cb3cff83d242e60b466df2rsx11m — Bug 856454 - Add ability to customize new mail alert information. ui-r=Neil, r=IanN
d3b26176b0dfa932aee0156c84a218d362b424baaceman — Bug 832034 - Add foldersCreatedAsync attribute to nsIMsgProtocolInfo to indicate servers using async folder creation and make the protocol info easily accessible from nsIMsgIncomingServer. r=rkent, r=Neil, sr=standard8
96d7f4197146df55ce79c971e1ab28573d9f66b4Makoto Kato — Bug 856506 - Fix crash in nsSmtpProtocol when parsing IDN. r=Standard8
10d2778de689e951714fea46f69774300d47c9e5Mark Banner — Bug 806814. r=rstrong
d47c6eecf7eb2ece3f43d5d2e0e9b34255aaa49dMark Banner — Bug 833971 LDAP password requested for each lookup even if password is saved - obtain a window to pass to the password manager so that it can detect private browsing even though this isn't supported in mail. r=Neil
758434b4079be94f02032f9af2673b0542780ce1Frank Wein — Bug 861333 - Add new host from server-locations.txt to data manager test (Error was: The correct number of domains is listed - Got 19, expected 18), r=KaiRo
60e9936a1bdbaf9828ddd0f80d40c4e7b88b93e1Mike Hommey — Bug 462463 - Stop using (c-c). r=Standard8
53106593a26c3f2ddf3b266273bf2325fbefbb43Neil Rashbrook — Bug 858825 Can't undo close tab in a private window r=IanN f=Ratty
737e81a09f30d1f088907fb5cbe1216865e9a8a3Neil Rashbrook — Bug 480843 Followup to compile with external linkage r=irving
aa06f3a652c14904f737d1a85ec723daa33db7bfJoshua Cranmer — Bug 856914 - Add a mailnews services C++ helper, r=Neil
c4139faa3d0ce6b23f86114e466fbeb2c071f125alta88 — Bug 825012 - Expose methods to insert/remove indices in the m_keys array in msgDBView. r=mbanner
f0afbe8933345d5500db198e1247c0562bd4d4b0Ian Neal — Bug 859068 - Cannot create or amend mailling lists in the address book r=standard8
b30782c12707f70ef590e5389f5dcaadfcc183d3Richard Marti — Bug 860406 - When using Personas on Mac, the title bar is overlaid by the tab bar. r+ui-r=mconley
505edc73c23a1ec5c17baf653319402c1a1a4a90Richard Marti — Bug 856451 - Make the New Mail alert show time easy adjustable. r=mconley, ui-r=bwinton
a3df3ce94ea83218dc78d7f7b3b8a5ebdcf80800aceman — Bug 856304 - Replace some obsolete constructs. r=Neil
8e1af095f1bb8e9236c1c0de897fa0aa0cc09004Patrick Brunschwig — Bug 855754 - Pass message uri to decryption object. r=mbanner
aaca244264632c4e39595b09b76dfa0dd9278b47aceman — Bug 855057 - Handle account name that is a substring of another one properly in the activity manager. r=mconley
f601c38e6fe7e0c5ef8ee61038e02d3fcce8ec43Richard Marti — Bug 846551 - The unread count on the chat toolbar button is ugly and unreadable on a Mac retina screen. r+ui-r=mconley
c4c8dc9e4c8f2fe10ea9badcff6c574c381dfda6Richard Marti — Bug 814956 - AppMenu of standalone message window does not work. r=mkmelin
6230fb9db54d53f090ca92a9e0430be657c46fdeaceman — Bug 810763 - Create test file to check proper handling/rejection of certain values input into the Account manager - bug 80855. r=Neil
8e2f580b0622ab78618d8f9edf0027b74b107d41aceman — Bug 810675 - Do not needlessly preprocess some mail/ files. r=mbanner
115c44b4353a2ee8efad8aa6bf789d40708dfd37aceman — Bug 789679 - Make HasSpaceAvailable of mbox and maildir store consider free disk space too. r=irving
739363e1ea8225b9c19d0e3f66c4d04026e77b99Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 523796 - Do not use base64 for file which has last line without line feed. r=irving, r=Usul
26b57aedf46bae509af290c9ad9d0eb05ddf14d8seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-4 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
f7b7fb0fe84a40d1307ecb886fc3abd8aa7500a8Mark Banner — Bug 854536 Remove GRE_MODULE from's (port bug 852534 and of bug 817076). r=Callek
d03957221df4bd3da0152d3dbc668b5878f00c11Mark Banner — Fix build bustage following bug 854503 landing in mozilla-central - rename UnwrapObjectChecked to CheckedUnwrap. r=bustage-fix for CLOSED TREE
10a64867756e57a5e637de9fbe7486be9c8da9dbNeil Rashbrook — Bug 860851 Slightly less useless access key for new label r=Ratty
aadbe43b0aa3768404d1219555d8c44184e0034dNeil Rashbrook — Bug 860970 Need to sync new security prefs r=InvisibleSmiley
0e185eec4ded775c61774f93d8a2ccb4829ba5dcNeil Rashbrook — Bug 860537 Some parts of click-to-play don't work if doorhangers are disabled r=Ratty
9ba43addb8ab59472fefd372902154ced3874c54Neil Rashbrook — Bug 860905 Fix context open link in new window item in mailnews r=IanN,Ratty
724e23e39c73b281c474a45933632133ca37a91fFrank Wein — Bug 856872 - Remove obsolete XPCNativeWrapper.unwrap from test_feed_discovery.html, r=Neil
cddaf61b0b4b724b4747a8601a5183c5654e0aceFrank Wein — Bug 834498 - Remove usage of setPageTitle and isVisited from SeaMonkey's tests, r=Neil
0d3770a601e5b000829f36e21bd1345ad71255f9Philip Chee — Bug 856322 Private Browsing changes for browser feed preview r=Neil.
d04c9f8a73adcc45ee4fe35fab71230635754961Philip Chee — Bug 849525 Clean up mailnews/subscribe.{js|xul} Port some improvements from Thunderbird r=Mnyromyr moa=Mnyromyr.
34a222f3e8cb07e068fa8e67563860e304bc43c3Philip Chee — Bug 849525 Clean up mailnews/subscribe.{js|xul}. Part 1: fix whitespace issues r=Mnyromyr rs=Mnyromyr.
d39a8d280ac3796ac787a121e7c9c96d7d8fab6fPatrick Cloke — Bug 857049 - Port Twitter API v1.1 from Instantbird to c-c, r=florian,mconley, a=Standard8 for CLOSED TREE.
6fc0ac415187cfa6d5f6ccba41d00609e3dbbc7dJoshua Cranmer — Bug 846540 - Emasculate comm-central/, part 2: eliminate comm-config.h. r=Standard8 CLOSED TREE
c845afc74ced6f27e6dd4af4f76329186613fc31Joshua Cranmer — Bug 846540 - Emasculate comm-central/, part 1: make the subconfigures. r=Standard8, Callek
1d584cce7616839c52757d1d947d2216d31447a3rsx11m — Bug 857647 - Don't show balloon notification on new mail if tray icon is disabled. r=Neil
eba0a4c7228298adf247c576be19e1bafafee65fRichard Marti — Bug 857575 - Various UI complaints about the threadpane's header. r+ui-r=bwinton
3e75505e71662108c0436077e9f912e0c60455b4Neil Rashbrook — Bug 854867 Make per-site click-to-play permissions work again r=IanN
f3890baa96844d9c93204a079d4a7849d71510e9Neil Rashbrook — Bug 855631 Fix Get New Messages for All Accounts (regression from bug 831993) r=mkmelin
54463e2e941d92803a1ecec60bd2ce32b35a0d2bMagnus Melin — Bug 507622 - remove some usage of obsolete dialogOverlay.xul in mailnews/ r=neil
fbc1cf677a5c264f25fcf8ca1dd4b0984ee1a4faaceman — Bug 838805 - Remove some small occurrences of nsISupportsArray in mailnews. r=Neil
fe1a271e742f365852161ce56502963afc028568ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 794303 - Declare m_totalMsgSize as uint64_t instead of uint32_t for dealing with larger than 4GB mail folders. r=irving
68687817c22da87d42306bba0eab0f207bb26a9bMagnus Melin — Bug 853135 - the Attachments menu belongs under the Message menu (port seamonkey bug 352696). ui-r,r=bwinton
125f9c2a7a678211b59f2c90cf076694f236eabfMagnus Melin — Bug 837643 - crash in nsMsgDatabase::ClearHdrCache. r=irving
bbdfb610ba028bdcf0558c4fad7c217e0ba3e6bbaceman — Bug 856478 - Remove nsISupportsArray from mailnews/extensions/mailviews/src/nsMsgMailViewList.cpp. r=Neil
174f5ed7dc28e19371aba8e3e402476e8e53f57faceman — Bug 851899 - Fix some compiler warnings in mailnews/imap/src/nsImap*.cpp. r=irving
4ad03358510af478fe24c0d8d81da53cf4318fc6rsx11m — Bug 855135 - Change link and signature colors in themes from hard-coded definitions to follow preferences. r+ui-r=bwinton
2fb4295da0ac3aeb52da8aa9b0ea685bac5a9306Frank Wein — Bug 856587 - Fix clipboard context menu test in test_contextmenu.html, follow-up fix
f1db6220a9390da4211ecd48b950389185d6a2f7Frank Wein — Bug 856587 - Fix test_contextmenu.html test, r=Neil
04bd0d8809c90e033d62ed5808beb3e3d4db1aa9Neil Rashbrook — Bug 856406 Tabbed browser should use favicon service in a privacy-aware way r=Ratty
00904d68f8785c25625c82d8568a3aff00a160aeMark Banner — Version bumps post merge. a=auroramerge CLOSED TREE
4af4a6dc3487723507cac0cbf98af265cf955c1fMark Banner — closing old head a=auroramerge ba=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
6df0478cdcfde9a7e0e8dc4894934cb7d01cf120Mark Banner — Added tag AURORA_22_END for changeset 643c572b2ce7 a=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
414e9b8057addcfe4bc1508a78114fa67eb21ddcMark Banner — closing old head a=betamerge ba=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
c2edf46ab8209af8e09134c001191588bace045fMark Banner — Added tag BETA_22_END for changeset 0b9179cfe65e a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE