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Tue Jul 19 20:04:29 2011 +0000
aee08b4d6cf3dabb2a5329baa9ab4ecbe5449121Philipp Kewisch — No bug (comm-beta only) - version number and l10n.ini changes a=philipp
60ef4d2dae1f9a2ec2498d6b708c33fa46ec0272Philipp Kewisch — Bug 658978 - Add en-GB to all-locales
4336df6a21d65e984b2e14dbb9a2f9888f584971Philipp Kewisch — Use jar format for locales to work around bug 666896
575269058ddd7035c2be2cf993ed8d00b905a385Richard Marti — Fix bug 668955 - today-pane-panel Aro theme maintenance. r=philipp
2ef5bd6a16c58106c975cf407cebf9edb3598e98Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 603416 - startup crash [@ cal::UTC()]. r=mschroeder
8e47a172319384366aafa691f481f4a99f05e84aPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 668222 - Thunderbird Does Not Process Meeting Invites from Outlook, Google Calendar. r=mmecca
5ac6e80b1116159099c359bfd63ff707fcc363baRichard Marti — Bug 668958 - #calendar-status-todaypane-button should use the aero icon r=bv1578
0052b843faf65a5eb3cac7a612cc966003ee4019Matthew Mecca — Bug 624211 - Current Tasks filter should only show completed tasks if completed today r=philipp ui-r=richard.marti
fc9ceb0f742efd537f80e42c7f04ad06e13842b0Philipp Kewisch — Backout bug 554267 - Deleting a single item of an recurring event, does not delete the alarm of this event.
0d2d9c6e02e98385d41db9e73affe6812865dea7Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 668474 - Remote calendar with webcal:// location not working (regression). r=mschroeder
0c9616d1699c5ab5e9a6a9059ce944b1cde08e42Matthew Mecca — Fix bug 668153 - wcap not working since TB5 and Lightning 1.0b4rc2. r=mschroeder
4566a5af9d76ab355a1ae6ed6fd42e196356a33cPhilipp Kewisch — Bug 494598 - Update Lightning icons to match new Thunderbird default theme - Correct Aero mode switch icons
5566a7cb0d933c225a3d960b1ed544d1e2588ceaPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 494598 - Update Lightning icons to match new Thunderbird default theme. r=paenglab
518c0fd4d729f688f24b1c6ece7492074737a1eaMatthew Mecca — Fix bug 667313 - Current Tasks filter is broken at startup if Task View is active. r=philipp
deefec7bd03ca280cbdc0066b1b64502d3e563e4Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 662718 - Empty "Calendar Alarm" popup at every startup. pending r=mmecca
184049e2fddf87e629207c4255a6d256d95a4d33Mark Banner — Bump the max version for Lightning to 5.* as interfaces won't be changed now and Lightning will then be compatible with any 5.* version. rs=Fallen over irc CLOSED TREE
c034b424519f4dd0d53a142480b1717701a7205cEdmund Wong — Bug 611735 - Added to openPopup() parameter to make it work properly. r=philipp
1b5a9fcbc493a94d5d4dad44035c87d517c1fbf7Richard Marti — Fix bug 663160 - Missing line on Thunderbird's tab bar with Lightning installed. r=philipp
a67b394ad448997526fc97854752fec9f6a1d3bdMatthew Mecca — Fix bug 367190 - Task list needs more contrast for tasks. r=philipp ui-r=paenglab
28b7f3e771a1358244c216bbad1f0a2a43d3c56cPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 404900 - Add Accept/Decline to Calendar item's context menu. r=nomisvai
c81a17a68ce60b9ce81f2b6d2d8715c1a7fa21d4Philippe Martinak — Fix bug 520667 - Pressing Select All (Ctrl + A) in the tasks view selects all the items in the calendar view. r=philipp
a6be3ec0cdc64c8b4c1f3dd828c0bc06b5a78c34Richard Marti — Fix bug 662142 - Adapt Thunderbird Aero theme changes to Calendar. r=philipp
ba753763c17af1373d3b7eac6c5c526429b1c5e4Stefan Sitter — Fix bug 662617 - Update GData Versions for comm-central/comm-miramar. r=philipp
e1d20d0e6d15cc0fefe95341df3a8378777050baPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 491118 - reminder for non-dismissed events fire again after hibernation (double/twice in alarm popup) (regression). r=mschroeder
cb831258d4e0875d8c2117d7d3609f1a2856289aRichard Marti — Fix bug 663503 - Icon missing in Alarms > 'Play a sound' filefield. r=philipp
820023af7d15e5aea720f54dc6d6fcb9a1d189dfRichard Marti — Fix bug 663605 - Make the calendar-task-view persistent. r=philipp
065882bf82e94d0d5a445f59bb145e9feaddd3efRichard Marti — Fix bug 663693 - Lightning uses 24px icons on toolbar under Aero. r=philipp
b927b08339656e4a1b353e4c0c9d27089af3c354Decathlon — Fix bug 652461 - Edit dialog: the Privacy menu item generates an error "event is undefined". r=philipp
ad8da7dcf856e8e36d14b21654fefbf7db2ee358Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 492069 - Lightning corrupts ATTENDEE / ORGANIZER with CN parameter that contains a comma. r=decathlon
4d23a5f6078f81407213674589dedcabf0e9aebfTom Laithwaite — Fix bug 659312 - Use of PRE in html exporter produces undesired results. r=philipp
bfcf3bb75b165b7b1eace7640a5bd37401b8186aBZ — Fix bug 422069 - Attendees in Event Dialog with only common name should have email address as tooltip. r=philipp
835d80a25c6476b7c7dcb45d632839aa94bad00aPhilippe Martinak — Fix bug 632352 - Items with base64 encoded files cause dataloss, missing timezone components cause caldav error. r=philipp
491a63ff61aafab5a552ba96121eef0aca6a94b5Decathlon — Fix bug 570124 - Long task title breaks task preview header UI (pushes buttons out of visible area, behind today pane; truncated). r=philipp
e9651c7fb2550bf2198532a868b9b7f1d9d704b9Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 577695 - Filter out the Nounclass strings in compare-locales.
6898a8eb99837d72e30c5b64839b95282a7125caStefan Sitter — Bug 662027 - Update supported Thunderbird/SeaMonkey version in Lightning [r=philipp]
7e1d2074bc5bd2ab87dce4e128753949d747004fPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 632352 - Items with base64 encoded files cause dataloss, missing timezone components cause caldav error. r=philippe.martinak
74f08dc06935562c20f08699ee13b806a9c32303Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 639799 - New icons for the tasks header. r=philipp ui-r=clarkbw
c53e83988e2680c2c654a437d37bbfb89cd92be1Matthew Mecca — Fix bug 554267 - Deleting a single item of an recurring event, does not delete the alarm of this event.. r=philipp
067609fdfcb2e5b29940911544d52eff2d0a275dPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 660522 - Lightning completely replaces the Thunderbird/SeaMonkey user agent in the protocol headers. r=ssitter
2eb5d4baf83b3ef3f9f3c8ecc03750f61f3cd2c8Stefan Sitter — Bug 659958 - Weekly Planner and Monthly Grid print formats are broken [r=philipp]
728a63b46d38569186c9b0ce1c1fa08eb9fa59c0Pavel Franc — Fix bug 577695 - Filter out the Nounclass strings in compare-locales. r=philipp
6a406cf2cc0baf7b738bdcd4e7eab6bafccab119Philippe Martinak — Fix bug 349641 - Lightning asks for master password again. r=philipp