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Wed Dec 21 12:08:36 2011 +0000
6d973fa5c2e82da192723b8021f28ad0db514085Mark Banner — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=betamerge CLOSED TREE
7d00efca8e9777393e3f7d2e74c074aa5fa8306bMark Banner — Added tag BETA_BASE_20111220 for changeset 46cc23c3ac7d a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE AURORA_10_END
46cc23c3ac7d95248dd5e2db51a44e9e68d14d86Mark Banner — Follow-up to bug 709737 - Fix busted test-pilot add-on UI caused by the toolbar overlay fixes for CLOSED TREE. a=Standard8 BETA_BASE_20111220
28c353f2451817e83fdee1df512818e784e9da03Andreas Nilsson — Bug 711968 - Make buttons in Account Provisioner wrap long text. r+ui-r=bwinton, a=Standard8.
069949884c7c63a2995a26525f46f6e0caf375a6Mark Banner — Bug 704830 - Clears missing file complaint on startup for chrome/messenger/content/messenger/webSearch.js. r=mconley,a=Standard8.
3240d9a05ac06df73085fafead1318c9b1f087dbDonna Oberes — Bug 458454 - Add the ability to customize vanilla Thunderbird with a group of settings, through distribution.ini. r=sid0, a=Standard8
e2a0482484a7830c68fff3c1263a95ef93ed061eMark Banner — Bug 706905 - Pull in the latest ldap/sdks tag to pick up bug 693141 to allow LDAP C SDK with pymake on windows. r=bienvenu a=Standard8
ecdab82ad58c49a08ea7fcb625c51b3369cbf010Justin Wood — Bug 712298 - Fix Mac Info.plist generation. rs+=Standard8 over IRC. a=Callek,bustage
7d46b8c526c9e002b7740e79bcf5989bdf929d93Philip Chee — Bug 705452 BrowserSearch.loadSearch() uses the current search engine if the search sidebar is selected even if the sidebar itself is hidden r=Neil a=Callek.
374402aa2520d94b0ff1b8bc13a6e97d443987a5Philippe Martinak — Fix bug 459021 - Invite Attendees dialog: automatically expand address book mailing lists. r=philipp,a=philipp
b14a19d774e563933dd43866d4045f398dc2e61cMike Conley — Bug 710912 - Fix Mozmill test bustage on Linux caused by Bug 700536. r=bwinton,a=Standard8.
425c740ccd4bc0282e678933da466c06f6b83be3Mike Conley — Bug 700536 - Account Provisioner UI and behaviour polish. ui-r=bwinton,r=bwinton,a=Standard8.
962c4118375acc77ac43a07a919068ec1cbc6cd3aceman — Bug 697740 - "Run Junk Mail Controls on Folder" quits early with error gMessengerBundle is not defined chrome://messenger/content/junkCommands.js. r=bienvenu,a=Standard8.
0274ebc20d7fe393507ea9192f06529c83555abbStefan Fleiter — Fix bug 605378 - Fail to parse supported-calendar-component-set results from Chandler PROPFIND. r=philipp,a=philipp
bd89d0fef4549bee1ea97bd2dcbad4b34435ef32Jens Hatlak — Bug 709717 - Send the compatibility mode when using AMO Search API. r=Standard8,Callek a=Standard8
cd28972a77084917f8f0b342e89dc6e8e47a8057Justin Wood — Bug 711718 - Mac64 builds failing during packaging. r+a=Standard8
fd114815d1949481a60e45f84dc5f5e9558f33deMark Banner — Follow up to bug 709737 - fix error in previous bustage fix by correcting the element tag for the toolbox overlay. r=mconley over irc,a=Standard8
6a837d0eb99f6a9514c05f4879a21351d7d5319fMark Banner — Follow-up to bug 709737, hook the notifcation panel into the menu toolbar rather that the button toolbar to avoid breaking the migration assistant. r=test-fix,a=Standard8
0c9973a71788b88792d9d4934c0e57509040cb3bMark Banner — Bug 705808 - TestPilot first-run tab shouldn't open for Thunderbird. r=Standard8,ui-review=bwinton,a=Standard8
a92b37de1cd9e03b9c54532ed48832ab892ac59bMark Banner — Bug 709737. Fix some issues in Thunderbird's test pilot - get notifications working, make sure test pilot looks and builds the same on all channels, remove the unnecessary preferences button. r+ui-review=bwinton,a=Standard8
0c2f7e874143492aa6784e714c0da90842c3acbeEdmund Wong — Bug 697379 - Bustage Fix. r+a=Fallen
cc60f45fcbd1a07f995309648b6c352ed304d676Stefan Sitter — Bug 710239 - Minimonth and Timepicker mousewheel support is broken [Error: NSUIEvent is not defined] r=philipp, a=philipp
6f2ecdf14a0dc1407e66a050e6c3ff4cf44283f2Jens Hatlak — Bug 702792 - Port |Bug 700201 - Addons that haven't been updated for an extremely long time should not be compatible by default|. Part 2: Enable compatible-by-default (port bug 698653). r=IanN a=Ratty
e58434f258bdd4e5a49a3fbca650ba521542d1aaJens Hatlak — Bug 707225 - Addon update check should take into account compatibility preferences. r+a=Standard8,Callek
0e06cd71ea6fc6bab237755fe328f14da6f0c0b7alta88 — Bug 606818 - RSS Subscription stuck at "verifying the feed" r=Neil,a=Standard8
ad8fbea7f9e225c4e6e9c7468ddbd60cf8e2988dJim Porter — Bug 698272 - Long attachment file name screws up message reader UI for messages with single attachment; r=bwinton,a=Standard8
a959f49751bfbf38c423f480c0c6d101782246c8Matthew Mecca — Bug 709549 - Adding a new task selects the last item in the task list. r=philipp, a=philipp
c17413b85bd1e73ee782647f2c919fd1a909b5d4Matthew Mecca — Bug 697639 - Editing the Start Date of a series of repeating items with an UNTIL date can leave invalid occurrences in the views. r=philipp, a=philipp
85f02f719a966b41aad1eb865065442a79ea9b91Edmund Wong — Bug 697379 - Fixed buildsymbols target for lightning on Windows. r=Fallen, a=Fallen
4e2fd1b775b68d48ffeef2894eec50baca90c66cMichael Wu — Bug 701875 - Rename omni.jar to omni.ja, r=Callek a=bustage
494757cf43d99d34a60251910912ff41b876fe1cMark Banner — Bug 706796 - Addons that haven't been updated for an extremely long time should not be compatible by default. r=bwinton,a=Standard8
bf785218e72cd0ec431a01a72c79c3751060d16eMark Banner — Part of bug 706794 - Add preference to globally (re)enable strict compatibility checks for Thunderbird. r=bwinton,a=Standard8
77f0abdaca62a85cee4c3d152ef1d13b6d42368cDavid Bienvenu — fix rss feed stores getting out of date, r=neil,a=Standard8, bug 687430
b301ba4dfd33837fc88bcf6131bb7025d8dfee8dMark Banner — Bug 707792 - Port bug 549561 to Thunderbird to speed up mailbloat tests. r=jhopkins,a=Standard8 test-only patch
27141263834ba71eaf075dbf7068bee5ff683130Jim Porter — Bug 701261 - Emails with body as "attachment" appear blank with no option to save attachment, and is shown as attachment by Forward; r=bienvenu, a=standard8
beb64265e9984553b080186de8fef6eef3278ef6Frank Wein — Bug 705141 Fix silly typos in SuiteBrowser.manifest r=Neil a=Neil.
fc03978d144b0dd3a6db8a33789c7acc91fb81b0Martin Schroeder — Bug 700079 - calItipEmailTransport does not set default SMTP server. r+a=Fallen
8ac2cbe36ec1462024d3501170077b91c3e534e2Joshua Cranmer — Bug 670935 - Fix handling of news URIs when group names contain `&' and other characters. r=bienvenu,a=Standard8
602f4250cca6721dd5510d4428fb28e4c3bb076cJens Hatlak — Bug 702019 - Port UI parts of |Bug 617528 - implement the HTML5 "context menu" feature (contextmenu attribute)|. r=Neil a=IanN
786b3e3abd0fa654d529453b2bd635fe62742934Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 689742 - Disable hardware accelerated layers and direct2d in Thunderbird. r+a=Standard8
5e5e2914d86635d3dc302369720a3df3564444f1Richard Marti — Bug 434009 - Replace Task Progress bar colors r+ui-r+a=Fallen
cbbb9d07d60efc3d1ead26fdd385739d9d368384Justin Wood — Bug 698916 add Danish locale for SeaMonkey, r=me a=DONTBUILD
2a43cac72f41275d55d45d8af60a385f022e06efJens Hatlak — Bug 702792 - Port |Bug 700201 - Addons that haven't been updated for an extremely long time should not be compatible by default|. Part 1: Add prefs, compatible-by-default disabled. r=IanN a=Callek
cfdd9d8f5cbec239ccf09e1f6e53292d5f32f89aRichard Marti — Bug 687453 - Event dialog: No icons in customize toolbar r+a=Fallen
4905a7e97abe5c95aacc06dfc74bd9dba0760c54Mark Banner — Update Test Pilot version to 1.3.1 to match that uploaded to AMO. a=Standard8 DONTBUILD
7006d9f54b82df76c0a3403e0e6d6f88355ac4e9Jim Porter — Bug 704436 - "Get next N news messages" never works. r+a=Standard8
a5b1789406ad6ae9f8af8683d8eb441f62e9b715Jim Porter — Bug 702201 - Clicking the "Delete" toolbar button with an attachment focused should delete the message, not the attachment; r=bwinton, ui-r=bwinton, a=Standard8
91945160ae4f5fc36c89989fb0fa5a3cf29ca9b3Jim Porter — Bug 702094 - Dragging attachments from the compose window doesn't work anymore; r=bwinton,a=Standard8
4bfc00a0d86a7bde01459c17c48e81ac72af58ecIrving Reid — Bug 535103 - Thunderbird does not (offer to) remember authenticated proxy password. r+a=Standard8
5de7b954c1ebce523debba96b2257b01bb90c486Jonathan Protzenko — Bug 700993 - Chrome tabs broken after landing of bug 677421 r=squib a=standard8
2e6e0faf665bd92fbf66757d1769cfd728fe860cMatthew Mecca — Bug 701659 - Alarms fire but cannot be removed from the Alarm Dialog for occurrences of repeating items starting more than 6 hours in the future. r=philipp,a=philipp
81ba3f6ba5c9bacc666cfdd5c126ed14a404464dPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 703308 - Replace call to isSameNode() in agenda-listbox.js (method was removed in mozilla10). r=ssitter,a=philipp
cef9d63993e8e3313d14d7862cc97aaebbd61df1Philipp Kewisch — Related to bug 406579 and discussion in dev.l10n: report strings, but don't cause an error,a=philipp
22f47b166a2e5359cfea3851a54c6cd8bcf9cf11Mike Conley — Bug 690655 - Fix regression caused by bug 664726 that prevents users from editing their identity vCards. r=bienvenu, a=Standard8.
7136dac30fb36f029bcc7510189d44a4280d4bd3Andreas Nilsson — Bug 583197 - Fix hard-to-read To/From/Subject field labels on grey backgrounds on Windows. r=bwinton, a=Standard8.
8b8a008046611f2118e79144b2603cf52da745ecMike Conley — Bug 702349 - Test Pilot study details window no longer has transparent background. r=squib, a=Standard8.
64561e066845cf0b3613ef4a38a09e2704eb6598Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 406579 - Update story for timezone database. r=mschroeder,a=philipp
478b84124a097978a9cd6f48cf96fa6e896ae16bPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 647232 - Update internal timezone database from version 2011b to version 2011n. r=ssitter,a=philipp
a7f24947dc03a2d9ae802bf40bfa9cf996d1db2bJim Porter — Bug 702086 - Don't throw when version is null in specialTabs.splitVersion; r=standard8, a=standard8
3deba8f0c001d56293e00f1147e5f11b55be51fdJim Porter — Bug 700054 - Emoticons not displayed in pull-down menu using GNOME desktop; r=bwinton, ui-r=mconley, a=standard8
622c1cb931273d1d89d7d2656a24ec98ba33ffc4Mark Banner — Bug 702209 - [testpilot] Disable feedback buttons in Tools -> Feedback menu for now. r=bwinton,a=Standard8
042d4caf36c367310aebcf37830e7d310828cc72Adrian Kalla — Bug 632922 - Port |Bug 579175 - services/sync ignored in| to SeaMonkey. r=KaiRo a=Callek
72c877fda3de0df12ac134df751669f02b0af394Mark Banner — Bug 700947 - Really hide the feedback button this time. r=protz,a=Standard8
d9beb3cdfc5290be55f544b75caf2462cf00fb8eStefan Sitter — Version bump for Lightning r=me a=auroramerge
3a9ca8ed436e441988681773837ec129130675d2Mike Conley — Bug 701016 followup - change the ID of the "more" string so that localizers can see the change. r+a=Standard8.
03b3fb0e6e55780324d260caff343d07eb86c93dStefan Sitter — Version bump for Lightning r=me a=auroramerge
2c75e2e2702db4ccb63164a0735d2425f2103db3Mike Conley — Bug 701016 - Remove hard-coded "Free" string, and add plural form support in Account Provisioner. r=sid0,a=bienvenu.
f31549cb18b41f6e7596ae80a4c59c3856b0b85fJim Porter — Bug 700947 - Hide Test Pilot Feedback button on Aurora until works for Thunderbird. r+a=Standard8
e094cf96a9a5e8c8483ef063dc43ac44c0a8ebd5Mark Banner — Keep nightly in the list of checkCompatibility for unit tests, so that developers running Mozmill on aurora branch will still be able to test. Bustage fix from aurora merge a=auroramerge
5be8bb62735f75fedfd6a08cc849e1f825d98f14Mark Banner — Bug 700627 - Add ast to all-locales for Aurora. a=Standard8 DONTBUILD
3ab51e6a98c39279650df2274549a3d6068fb36cMark Banner — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=auroramerge CLOSED TREE
9b8232843bdb958acd71ca52276e004509c48f97Mark Banner — Added tag AURORA_BASE_20111108 for changeset 9a930641d132 a=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
9a930641d132dbeccb9e54478da709ed34d12629Mike Conley — Remove cache-defeating test code from Account Provisioner. rs=Standard8. AURORA_BASE_20111108
79673156553b919c8aabd6b9d84eac7fd13e1b89Mike Conley — Bug 700535 - Add ability to pref off Account Provisioner feature. r=bwinton.
e8073cc15e83ce8af411118012b019dea727c86aMike Conley — Bug 700650 - Point Account Provisioner at the official URLs. r=bwinton.
b429f50bac8c18050c60d927f4bf38b11cc90833Mike Conley — Bug 700657 - Fix Mozmill test bustage and a regression in account setup wizard caused by Bug 686347. r=Standard8.
1e24b0d463669d94a2fb5c2140ec8b3c873504daagx — Fix bug 699894 - [PATCH] timezones.sqlite gets installed with mode 0755. r=philipp
8c470c364b6a30b332282950f6c01781a7473272Simon Vaillancourt — Fix bug 695117 - No access to Apple iCloud calendars with TB/Lightning. r=nomisvai
d6e2658d3fc1f1dc8c454ae375d1de9e146cb79bNomis101 — Bug 697572 - Port Bug 680277 "Debug builds should always be compiled with frame pointers" to c-c. r=Standard8
0eb34d6ba3f391f040d321281504326a871b8414Blake Winton — Bug 686347 - Add Account Provisioner service for email to Thunderbird. r=Standard8.
e2f56742693c0e2f3045a3cf92569c3980378121alta88 — Bug 699825 - Ensure valid 3pane layout pref value, UI fail if not. r=Standard8
543f0ca1555ec0b59a21e2f6375bf92eb5d7ddb3aceman — Bug 649268 - msgReadSMIMEOverlay.xul: 1 s/observes/command/. r=Neil
b4ae149b9eb5240130eb64e400b8750abb9e44c3Walter Doekes — Bug 584962 - automatic CC to self stripped on Reply All. r=bienvenu
77d2995562e0e8593278fd3384a69f365549cf62Jim Porter — Bug 677421 - Add support for OpenSearch from Thunderbird. Part 2 - add opensearch. r=Standard8
d29730042bdf4fe317d6ec9562527d1f44b95630Jim Porter — Bug 677421 - Add support for OpenSearch from Thunderbird. Part 1 - refactor contentTab interfaces so that they can be reused a bit more. r=Standard8
48ae165062471a3641556f407e1ce3b2a6aa0ff4Jim Porter — Bug 700220 - Multi-message summary broken after bug 397424; r=standard8
c185e3d53e5b687be7d2ea836c09449da2c73222Mike Conley — Bug 609245 - Make address book Mozmill tests pass; r=squib
0337ecd9b60051748fd84cb21815d055e14e0b6aJim Porter — Bug 609245 - usability problem: folder and address book panes may seem "gone" after accidentally collapsing them; r=asuth, ui-r=bwinton
453c7e5b617db5e65ddbfc8329eddba53dd2c649Mike Conley — Bug 686347 - backout changeset 66e4aa9e3f45 due to total build bustage.
66e4aa9e3f45298c0e8e086a34eb1c89a8e7e477Blake Winton — Bug 686347 - Add Account Provisioner service for email to Thunderbird. r=Standard8.
e5917383a6ae7c666ac9b1031554a1a76ba0de39David Bienvenu — fix crash importing outlook folders, r=standard8, fix in patch for bug 681647, fixes bug 698987
23f39809c091e8791d7796bae3b9fba3f0d9f3d2Jim Porter — Bug 609245 - Backout a68fc7427f0d
9b23a4e3f4b32667bf19c7c49506b0a0db658e26David Bienvenu — fix xf view threading issues when messages arrive out of order, r=standard8, bug 671936
8fddd3135669b7016c589153fad88cddfef37024Cyril Roelandt — Bug 250415 - Make ctrl + scrollwheel zoom / unzoom message by default. r=bwinton.
599195f0ef00ce39bc5666a20db68bc3846c5b49Richard Marti — Bug 682070 - Fix new attachment view to work with Personas. r=bwinton.
8bd40bb0d720df7f5b18ca89deb227bb0830898cIagoSRL — Bug 582576 - Fix quick-filter / quick-filter-button state bug on switch to account folder. r=bienvenu.
f6fb52e9f657f927c5262792c6218c9a4a72b25fNeil Rashbrook — Bustage fix for bug 692423
4aedb030685a8cb952ddb272901e0a61957fc030Andreas Nilsson — Bug 579912 - Remove some quirkyness from folderPane.css. r=bwinton,ui-r=clarkbw.
7acf46d99ceab558b32ddeed2d8a97f55751de72Andreas Nilsson — Bug 666229 - Switch to simple glyphs for the message header buttons in the gnomestripe theme. r=squib, ui-r=bwinton.
d4943eb34ac075101ff1af7b2e380ce47121e819Mike Conley — Bug 690761 - Switch nsIAbManager::convertQueryStringToExpression aQueryString parameter to nsAUTF8String. r=Standard8, sr=bienvenu.
7e11d75ffd08a7d74a887bda984b9fd17f2f55cbMike Conley — Bug 698077 - Can now "Don't Save" on TB quit more than once per compose window. r=Standard8.
7ec79765fce95bc6b2f0e4c95d6f051b2b3c6c32Jim Mathies — Bug 577867 - Create taskbar registration ids based on the install location. r=rs
ed660e715f22849b48030d7a03b05b25dd1e3f2dPhilip Chee — Bug 693261 registerContentHandler() fails in SeaMonkey's WebContentConverter.js r=IanN.
bd69b32048913160e4510720c41cf765506ee502Neil Rashbrook — Bug 692731 Re-implement sidebar.addPanel as an interim measure r=Mnyromyr
d78a56d046889e9869b04a0651ce89b80bf6d6f0Neil Rashbrook — Backout of bug 692731
16efbe29a2a2dbcc4467f6ed88074ea11a7a7829Neil Rashbrook — Bug 698011 You can only "Don't Save" a message once
f67cac940290e7c8db6de630f9160f4a1a704398Neil Rashbrook — Bug 696788 Build usiung jemalloc and SDK compiler crashes shortly after startup r=khuey,Callek
70fdc5a2d00894b1c3c2dad905001543558a5830Neil Rashbrook — Bug 692731 Re-implement sidebar.addPanel as an interim measure r=Mnyromyr
a3b479f825958a1701b4714423ad5889e00bb01eNeil Rashbrook — Bug 692423 Re-implement "Last page visited" option r=IanN
1ff1d44b5720f14f447e5f085411dd441b77d548Neil Rashbrook — Bug 684805 Followup to fix per-tab active state ignoring minimised state r=IanN
c52d179c5fd15d74e7d5b57ab23d593f15bbc940Neil Rashbrook — Bug 669203 Re-sort address book after renaming LDAP directory r=Mnyromyr
820f6ebfe0773a79b169e3606661c5093e7589b0Neil Rashbrook — Bug 631983 Fix for this.mCurrentBrowser is null in tabmail r=Mnyromyr
a68fc7427f0d1770fbfe84f0bfbc21cd3190ea27Jim Porter — Bug 609245 - usability problem: folder and address book panes may seem "gone" after accidentally collapsing them; r=asuth, ui-r=bwinton
bd56a0704795f2930e04ca9486d3c923ccf72d9dJens Hatlak — Bug 696598 - Add default value for extensions.autoDisableScopes. Fix getting browser. r=Ratty
6123910b473d28710815829fbd73f3314efcd0fbEdmund Wong — Bug 678979 - Removed README.txt from release packages. r=Callek
58837246ee0b7202c0c37ba99bcddd4e8a83269aJens Hatlak — Bug 696598 - Add default value for extensions.autoDisableScopes. r=IanN
1c71e12be421ba7b8f303cacdf1ca30a008abd9eJens Hatlak — Bug 700045 - Update splitter state instead of deck for BM Properties context menu option. r=Neil
1662ababd5c0d37e23e3bfe4566fdb3705a7151caceman — Bug 618624 - Enable "doesn't contain" and "isn't" for news filters. r=jcranmer
6657f0f95a518605784788b663828ce307619c4eMisak Khachatryan — Bug 699164 - Port Bug 687710 [Restoring session causes hang from nsSHEntry parent loop]. r=Neil
3b5eb5168d3908a5bfdb01095830a5a0a10470c7Misak Khachatryan — Bug 698557 - Port Bug 665702 [expose session information in getBrowserState]. r=Neil
e118342300e7f01403c9774232c5cc5a1773c809Misak Khachatryan — Bug 698274 - Port Bug 665260 [Store start time in sessionstore data]. r=Neil
ed4417a1de15ed42fc02d390f3419dc91a585e0bMisak Khachatryan — Bug 698267 - Port Bug 694378 [session restore fails when selectedWindow > number of windows]. r=Neil
af1f3ca3e1a0b9ee831aab9686e269c0b22517e9Philip Chee — Bug 699452 Remove dead code from msgPrintEngine.xul r=Mnyromyr moa=Mnyromyr.
806affdb379c0aa9493387d140664ea216cbed5eJens Hatlak — Bug 696731 - Properties context menu option in Bookmarks Manager does nothing when the embedded properties pane is already open. Focus the Name field. r=Neil
a523d5bffbd470485e3e2eaf3e455d885783dba4Jens Hatlak — Bug 693210 - Add support for some keys to Advanced Search. r=Mnyromyr sr=Neil
88df002aa48a65c7f8fcada76cfb6d0064e570caJens Hatlak — Bug 695523 - Port |Bug 564560 - Sync dialogs should persist position|. r=IanN
24f6f528d54ad4377c739b3dd80ef9ac87414e64Justin Wood — Bug 684537 - Port Bug 626949 |Sync UI: Style generic change dialogs like the setup and Add a Device wizards| to suite. r=InvisibleSmiley. ui-r=Neil
391c1e8fc7c3362c9632a80f6dd1b14527393ddfNeil Rashbrook — Bug 698186 Stop using deprecated Places methods r=IanN
5ec555797b025b56913891240a9e769bd1c2c918Neil Rashbrook — Bug 695801 Insert Character dialog doesn't switch to other editor window r=IanN
1dd58de982ee535cadff07a679b02759729060e8David Bienvenu — fix editing of drafts with inline images losing track of part numbers, r=neil, bug 692875
2b890c7316e88dbfc76bbfde9f30fa36f6363e35Decathlon — Fix bug 689140 - Icons in task view and mail icon in Write button are size scaled with aero theme. r=paenglab
f0b2b1abfbd4b0a339f39a1640d0009f0688cbf4Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 695247 - Allow opening event if invitation has already been processed - additional fix.
8bba60eda697bca1822e06579c378349d308e894Makoto Kato — Bug 77972 - Non-ascii name is garbled in the Reply-to field on the Account Manager mail panel. r=dbienvenu
b2910ea08553596d62f2950d46e3e87e69f96868Mark Banner — Bug 686278 - Drop --disable-mailnews. r=gozer,a=Callek for checkin to CLOSED TREE
3f817c4323c98d9139fd4650de43fd017c2ba4b4Philip Chee — Bug 698187 Sync pluginCrashedUI with changes from Firefox (Bug 665196 and Bug 688083). r=IanN sr=Neil
54ce07c8295ec64db8cb36309d0787281fc46686Jan Horak — Bug 306324 - Fix some Javascript imports in msgMail3PaneWindow.js and mailMigrator.js. r=mconley.
2a8720e7927077285d0eca1b11a3c023925830abPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 697812 - After creating a new event, clicking on other elements doesn't blur the title textbox. r=decathlon
cda39712fdaed8730528f6b0a1bee56cfab14170Philipp Kewisch — bug 699280 - temporarily disable wcap cache
1e91922620bafb8ae925fd84d2c5954b1c30f432Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 698938 - Invitations Dialog: Selected option is not totally obvious.
034b7f13581984d3a9ab4669d004c7ca6832cb72Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 695247 - Allow opening event if invitation has already been processed. r=decathlon
b519ca5ae1f2d935572ee4538784d9e0debbb472Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 698760 - Calendar Views UI freshening. r=paenglab
4a14fc769a0d90d8845e2e534929f287183e933ePhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 697553 - Adapt to the calIChangeLog interface changes (gdata offline support).
79fa4eac2aee9fcf02838a5d599e616e3611391fIan Neal — Bug 698876 - Port |Bug 692616 - large images not be scaled down to windows size| to SeaMonkey r=neil a=CLOSED TREE
46b0cf2f1a85d26ac091ee0d0791af9dd12a280fGian-Carlo Pascutto — Bug 499557 - Do not show the new mail alert while running a fullscreen app or in Windows' presentation mode. r=sid0
a7f5d729875728ae8c712dbad2952d4d5687651aDavid Bienvenu — Bug 694915 - crash nsNntpService::MessageURIToMsgHdr. r=Standard8
3162014fdc4b6074476e8ac0f7fa443483e7ff92Mark Banner — Bug 692616 - large images not be scaled down to windows size. r=bienvenu
8ec73dd248a38599f12b68c907011722a9206dd5Joachim Herb — Bug 627829 - Add hbox enclosing messagepanebox. r=bwinton
f8b873c3a7bfff1ae048cc4a79fd8df2f9be09edMark Banner — Bug 698447 - Remove binary name hack in mail bloat tests now that we have a Thunderbird executable on Mac. r=binenvenu
e535f63f9c7e3089b581acad4d45456c5b171475Mark Banner — Bug 698451 - include hyphenation dictionaries in omnijar - remove old files from builds on update. r=bienvenu
2ac65ac0ab684a9504f673a93a2365c612d30816Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 698238 - test-font-chooser.js fails on Windows after bug 454532. r=Standard8
c63ad16c02bcc15aea1469c0f0dc7e1fd9dc353fIan Neal — Bug 690145 - Move CharsetPopupMenu code from editorOverlay to editingOverlay r=neil/standard8 a/rs=callek for CLOSED TREE
b5ccd380ba512401765ce093f88439ef4dfd502bIan Neal — Bug 688765 - Move file menu from editorOverlay to editingOverlay r=neil/standard8 a/rs=callek for CLOSED TREE
cd6be6781ce7b210e55f9094d7f20a1f9680c051Ian Neal — Bug 680805 - Share edit menus between Composer, Plain Text Editor and Messenger Compose r=neil/standard8 a/rs=callek for CLOSED TREE
1a22958b82ca3cfe9af09ccb5c493eacfb908436Mike Conley — Bug 698405 - Fix permanent orange on Windows in test-plugin-crashing.js Mozmill test. r=Standard8.
9891f11fc4c6c61b6ad412f8102171496b8c2e86Mark Banner — Bug 698374 - Port bug 476430 - Make third-party add-ons disabled on startup, and allow users to activate them. r=mconley
2edbbb6c5f596a175526afed535472be932bb5b4Dan Callahan — Bug 690277 - Multiple (duplicate) Address Book Entries In "do not mark mail as junk if the sender is in" (Account settings -> Junk settings). r=Standard8
4055e0843ad8abef2f15dfbfe0f78f69911e7920Mark Banner — Adapt test-font-chooser.js for bug 454532 - accept Courier New as the font on Windows, due to changes in core. r=unit test bustage fix
0e560a2d28a37350dbede03977ee69bb01afc33dNeil Rashbrook — Fix more bustage from bug 684821
b5f37d7e71999da63f7f636645ba09cf775075fdDecathlon — Fix bug 695136 - In rotate view (day/week views), creating events via drag and drop doesn't work. r=philipp
7a2784430d36a31e5de2b36f75c15d6a2f6cb063Ms2ger — Bug 684821 - Fix bustage due to nsIDOMNSHTMLElement removal.
a04018b04d0bfc0ba745a62482c474d64bdf0097Phil Ringnalda — Fix bustage following bug 687400 landing in mozilla-central, remove IsSameNode methods and one use of isSameNode
cdb6254a77f9e6b63d13e47377598b7bef75b825Takanori Matsuura — fix build bustage, r=bienvenu, bug 698190
1a8d3a88db1837e6f9b947e73d7b408558439ad7Philip Chee — Bug 697453 Allow setting report submission preference via XPCOM r=IanN.
654ab89c2ab5b521d4d1fb550d4a112a9261f574Mark Banner — Bug 697964 - Port bug 665196 (submit crash report & reload plugin in one step) and bug 688083 (sync submit crash report checkbox between instances) to Thunderbird. r=mconley
1229a3ea5f7b0a3c955f68c05b67ff49306e798eMark Banner — Fix bustage from bug 693949 landing in mozilla-central
b06edef5f72205fe56e8802e97fe88bffcee01abNeil Rashbrook — Bug 682580 - Remove suite's dependency on nsTryToClose.js with reviewed changes r=IanN — Bug 682580 - Remove suite's dependency on nsTryToClose.js r=IanN
1cc58919c01af8f0446fb1e57100667dfa5ad1fbIan Neal — Did not set username - backout Bug 682580 - Remove suite's dependency on nsTryToClose.js
a5bfc8f64c861210376be9266368b0e3a41b5243Ian Neal — Bug 682580 - Remove suite's dependency on nsTryToClose.js r=IanN a=CLOSED TREE
8e21a323a4bb61a721164989cfa38b824b896a1dIan Neal — Bug 682580 - Remove suite's dependency on nsTryToClose.js r=neil a=CLOSED TREE
6afdec9daeeb02057191a089387a65f53b030db9David Bienvenu — fix gssapi ldap auth, r=standard8, bug 671827
ea1af2ee2c0f2c4ab3bd98e8ca57b4621542eea0Decathlon — Fix bug 678649 - Today pane in Lion won't expand. r=philipp
595eb542fdd9221393cce901605ce8cc404ce4fbWolfgang Sourdeau — Fix bug 459021 - Invite Attendees dialog: automatically expand address book mailing lists. r=philipp
922bba081c7b730449cff85f571ffcf97f167d89Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 541310 - Related Link (in Edit Task and Edit Event Window) is NOT clickable. r=decathlon
a83e6190537e07a8eb22b5eedbcdc590738797eaPhilip Chee — Bug 697124 Update the Context menu video items. r=Neil.
cfc7b233b9255a6b9a6f318dd59e156cce87600ePhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 477287 - with Cache, Provider for Google Calendar loses alarms and categories on event edit / alarms and categories cannot be added to existing events.
26ac80defe36ab334a77559ca8ccef4000dbaf4aPhilipp Kewisch — Bug 684582 - Fix a few calendar warnings
2f1b2dd6d46cc612973d3a4962fa32b24615a595Decathlon — Fix bug 663400 - Changing view causes an error "this.tabbox is null". r=philipp
ce15e4d47e74365ef195420b9a3ac05d3fc7c958Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 386516 - Monthly repeating event on last day of month occurs on wrong dates. r=decathlon
515e751fd70801bc5a168cf9a6d4680a2bf60bb0Jim Porter — Bug 694890 - Subject and date labels don't line up; r=bwinton
973e669c921cfe5fcea11a084823c839ab138e0fJim Porter — Bug 654222 - Attachment list should resize to fit long names; r=bwinton
2888b3f9bb7598cf90875b7b3c41b42ed2019efbJens Hatlak — Bug 696633 - Port |Bug 678586 - Trigger a delayed sync after pairing a new device|. r=IanN a=Callek CLOSED TREE
a3f05706a27b37cf54bca5623c29b22a578fa0c1Marco Zehe — Bug 697013 - Change about window to be an accessible dialog and put all relevant static info into its acc description, r=bwinton
65786a56851e8604733dda71b0218d506d7b2367Mark Banner — Bug 694793 - Missing notcached.title element in DTD. r+ui-review=bwinton
88ee178d968d35e35d727e55a41da1f19a3d9d15Richard Marti — Bug 671119 - Calendar widget colors do not adapt to GTK high contrast themes - mini-day part r=bv1578 ui-r=andreasn
7582d11356ffbcccd5c93ec275a08e1cd39c888cMark Banner — Part of Bug 668869 - port ffox work to lazily load libxul to speed up start-up perf and remove wrapper startup script - finish the Mac port which creates a thunderbird executable. The duplication of thunderbird-bin will be dealt with by bug 697218. r=bienvenu
3fa232956b097cbb0b2e9115400c0354eb7ece1bDavid Bienvenu — fix bug 691770, add x-mozilla-keywords header to message copied from imap to local folder, r=neil
5a31f3205da382ee31a699129bef2ccedc1335caMark Banner — Bug 696122 - L10n files (lightning-AB-CD.jar) missing in Lightning 1.0rc builds. r=Fallen
ba59002a7b9deba110ee85db3e14252fd6fd9f6bPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 355282 - Click and Dragging a new event can't be cancelled by Escape. r=decathlon
39274b8328eef1bcf9b25b9fcfa0a8a0804a1176Philipp Kewisch — Part of bug 462277 - Turn on experimental cache by default - string change only. r=release
1eacd7078a2043fe062b18c9084cbb649e29d147Richard Marti — Bug 692783 - Attendees not aligned with their respective free/busy timelines r=bv1578
4a0103285d09cad0fb75627d3fbb2f9c760cd0daPhilip Chee — Bug 696542 Remove obsolete preference places.database.cache_to_memory_percentage (q.v. Bug 674210) r=IanN.
3a0739b35583e4cb192c635a7c7e1def67022a34Philip Chee — Bug 696400 Close Places containers after use (Sync Suite with changes from Bug 641531) r=IanN.
2fb357773d137554eda6cf131af95dd612ff4472rsx11m — Bug 535128 Additional home page preferences not cleaned up when reducing the home page group r=Ratty.
2ccfc6528ff2cd42dffab83f063357776e105ec7Philippe M. Chiasson — Bug 696445 - make package-tests should include reftests r=Standard8
c005213082eb1d15ea95aa190975a40515f3a4b1Philippe M. Chiasson — Bug 695812 - with RUN_CLIENT_PY doesn't work with mozconfigs that include from mozilla/. This should fix Mac builds on try server. r=Standard8,Callek
17379c903992b6d20fe0d0bb11c7060d0d83729dMatthew Mecca — Bug 496897 - an exception occurs when closing the alarm window containing alarms for several occurences of the same event. r=philipp
be3fc48234808019e465f38b982f764925ca876cRichard Marti — Bug 696629 - Task-view button text not readable under Ubuntu default theme r=Philipp
3a0d41813b9a4ada352ce7a1ae1cd6644ef27786Jonathan Protzenko — Fix unit test bustage from bug 678621
50f2f9fc6789e45bad1e6373a14e258244237be2Stanimir Stamenkov — Bug 576402 Add small icons for Address Book toolbar to Classic theme. r=Stefanh, f=Ratty
d7ed2d9fa348a2ce5ec4ed625b9a622de315f833Jonathan Protzenko — Bug 554033: don't index stopwords r=asuth
87b0510db268daac8fed6814edb89f9c0a0810bbJonathan Protzenko — Bug 678405: trim messageattributes table. r=asuth
123782592812d3047e4a2d84ce14c7e3e099b669Jonathan Protzenko — Bug 678621: make GlodaAttachment url property a getter. r=asuth
5924bd54abed12de05210da493e37ad203a0f591Jonathan Protzenko — Bug 532522: don't index trash subfolders. r=asuth
5273b72d2e585a48f229c5a842c5ceda044d8795Jonathan Protzenko — Bug 554015: make body the first column r=asuth
f2e38e7e432e494a16c7bb9ec14f3a3d37379338Jonathan Protzenko — Bug 677805: bump gloda page cache size. r=asuth
44e4cd3ac604d507208baaed644b8dffd7bac38eStefan Sitter — Bug 696460 - Database backup fails [Storage: Error creating backup file: ReferenceError: CI is not defined]. r=mschroeder
15741c8587525ca4f4443d2992e21f210e1537aeMark Banner — Bug 693365 - Subscribe to newsgroup labels are blank. r=jcranmer.
543d72f7ebf5c67aa2c6f1c1c68acac6fe3d705dSerge Gautherie — Bug 694371. (Bv1) Remove leftover WIN32_CRT_SRC_DIR from bug 678195 port. r=mbanner.
4c71825eecd2e547d8f95680e4899c12ad7c5888David Bienvenu — fix bug 694090, undoing imap delete when expunge after delete is set can produce duplicate messages, especially with condstore servers, r=standard8
9205412330a6d7e2456f98a5758567a6c718b5d2David Bienvenu — finish getting rid of our use of xpcom proxies, r=standard8, bug 675407
ee0587158a5de3918d48e0e9d92671e60790aa31Mark Banner — Bug 693946 - Remove nsCStringArray usage from nsMessenger. r=bienvenu
a915d25fcece2393a97a926a132fb281969180a0Richard Marti — Bug 692926 - Labels in Task header pane have hard coded colors r=bv1578
4124e14e4d5e599bae37faa9048768730d57078bMakoto Kato — Bug 694500 - crash CCompositionFile::EnsureHasDataInBuffer. r=dbienvenu
6fae7c2136869e9923d784c37076e7867a2ae704Makoto Kato — Bug 684492 - shutdown crash nsLDAPConnection::~nsLDAPConnection(). r=standard8
742551c287240f8cb6665160383e247fc6a75f92Matthew Mecca — Bug 554267 - Deleting a single item of an recurring event, does not delete the alarm of this event. r=philipp
bee90a739e1242fa61d0edc2df18c440dc5acaf1Jim Porter — Bug 664640 - artificial titles of message/rfc822 attachments borrow from names of other attached files instead of own subject lines; r=bienvenu
9dc9ef78f28b779bbb3ee1e0b731eeb0f0b77f3fJim Porter — Bug 682639 - can't open attachment from compose window; r=standard8
d18a04c66ee8cdf26b65c2115fa07789d845b742Mike Conley — Bug 682581 - remove mail's dependency on nsTryToClose.js. r=Standard8.
a11e4a98b8a4c00d4aa280f2b107e1ac226b76daDavid Bienvenu — fix nsAddrbookUrl clone method, bug 692801, r=neil
f61c89aaa7482ea2e8d75bf0ce3b1e6bd04c36a2Mark Banner — Fix calendar l10n bustage from bug 690560. r=bustage fix
0fb5c93dd679be03aacfe4edf493a1c4af3a6049Mark Banner — Disable spellcheck test on non-mac platforms due to frequent test failures as a result of focus issues after bug 364914 landed in mozilla-central. rs=sid0 CLOSED TREE
1d9799928879b991a397415d009ec2b8eb81880dSiddharth Agarwal — Attempt #2 to fix MozMill bustage from bug 364914 landing in mozilla-central. a=bustage fix for CLOSED TREE
a707b9553a99dfd270ee9316c6ff6302748fdd7aPhilipp Kewisch — Bug 380060 - Freebusy fix for cached mode. r=msk
0687c5739f95342efbc3e4b9a70c6e88cc108b47Mark Banner — Attempt to fix unit test bustage fallout from spellchecker changes from bug 364914 landing in mozilla-central a=bustage fix for CLOSED TREE
78ea7266922d752f0b1b56a33aab907b6c50bfb4Philipp Kewisch — Part of bug 684582 - Fix strict warnings: assignment to undeclared variable. r=me
136a5900adf27d1495118dca251b52d26fbbbf6aPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 355288 - Can only delete multiple events at once, when not right-clicking on an event to get the context menu. r=obvious
7e8510888a51bbc513f077b72592623ccd68fcd9Merike Sell — Fix bug 686420 - Cancelled events are not shown as cancelled in "Events and Tasks" bar (Today pane). r=philipp
2fbfb9106027549e8ba6d97d58a17d11939cccacPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 653924 - RELATED-TO headers are duplicated during write. r=me
5e6faac8fe0116c8d03c90d6fbd94ca91595001dPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 695223 - Exception in caldav provider. r=obvious
5b97fe84948c2be8074e6a9b0df70d850d11a6e8Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 675608 - startup crash [@ mozalloc_abort(char const* const) | NS_DebugBreak_P | cal::getTimezoneService()] (regression). r=mmecca
844b78f8712eccbd26cdc2679725464c093954bcMohit Kanwal — Fix bug 380060 - Implementation of full offline mode (esp. modification of calendar data). r=philipp
d30928e424c419bac7031006e180fe7fc498d534Ian Neal — Bug 694164 - Fold mailABOverlay.xul into addressbook.xul r=mnyromyr
671f2a3826715a732c1b35a4f1acf624ed3756fbMark Banner — Fix bustage from bug 692826 by including plugin.xpt in the list of things to package. a=bustage fix for CLOSED TREE
c9ba8a4a9e785f192a267336f63b3ae63497d20aDavid Bienvenu — fix mac build bustage
e708d4e7aa412fd13921d71a10809b12f6f28db8Jens Hatlak — Bug 694144 - Port syncAddDevice fixes from bug 690532 and bug 689428 follow-up: Add callback dummies to let the pairing process finish successfully. r=Neil
fd03acbff68a203b4f1358ae861c3e60b1d6f3e8Mike Conley — Bug 694409 - Suppress Telemetry notification in Mozmill tests. r=Standard8.
142afe5421fb2477360880486ac9a73bd31ec034David Bienvenu — fix crash in mime draft due to un-refcounted nsIChannel, r=protz, bug 692735
6feb8945d4e0ad984508b851c96d363e4737daa9Mark Banner — Bug 682583 - Remove calendar's dependency on nsTryToClose.js. r=Fallen
a3c4a41ba069ccbeaed4ef7df8108c5d7045ba5bMisak Khachatryan — Bug 675493 - Port [Bug 655550 - Persisted tab attribute gets lost after restart twice] and one relevant line from [Bug 644998 - Session should not be restorable after Clear Recent History. Part 2 - hide restore previous session menu item after clearing private data. r=Neil
6472355bbf4dd985b84f48a646ec68f6edc80cddTony Mechelynck — Bug 694740 - Port Firefox bug 687754 |unread attribute set at different times during page load| part 1. r=Neil
b91ee912502229584f609f8159d874fec47c5c3cJens Hatlak — Bug 694144 - Port syncAddDevice fixes from bug 690532 and bug 689428. r=Neil
ef00acb3f67a7070b6bf7c412733dbed8c39605cMisak Khachatryan — Bug 675493 - Port [Bug 655550 - Persisted tab attribute gets lost after restart twice] and one relevant line from [Bug 644998 - Session should not be restorable after Clear Recent History. Part 2 - hide restore
47490a1cb67cf78a1125ea211111fe35e0eda924Jim Porter — Bug 673322 - Multi-message summary buttons don't match message header buttons; r=bwinton, r=standard8, ui-r=andreasn
05f2ab551575b037e1c84bb2479af88c483642cfJim Porter — Bug 452634 - Add keyboard shortcut to add attachment [Ctrl+Shift+A]; r=standard8, r=neil, ui-r=clarkbw
2d95f8176f0ea655ddf6f8da036f93a8350f34cfJens Hatlak — Bug 693844 - Port xpinstallItemGeneric.png file removal from bug 572043 to Modern. r=Ratty
cd42170819eba9953703aae43ea138bf5e48aff2Ms2ger — Bug 694749 - Remove remnants of nsIDocumentViewer from comm-central; r=lumpy
e501ef5727b89199f61d53886141c12aee8f8f31seabld — Automated blocklist update from host - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
f83d90948464f222043d4ad66f52d6b13f5a58aeMike Conley — Bug 690522 - fix broken write to mailing lists action. r=Standard8.
f9887fb58929562dc46677e97d7879b520cee5d6Richard Marti — Bug 691730 - toolbar buttons and global search box are different height. r+ui-review=andreasn
f8a7f558e7e32b0013e8ef4c772e6f60f5061b8dRichard Marti — Bug 691724 - The folder view tree aligns with nothing. r+ui-review=andreasn
7265f78b6ceb5c59a14a15ba2a7ad0e22e9273c0Richard Marti — Bug 690080 - Tab focus ring enlarges tab. r+ui-review=bwinton
ee2d1f664a9d217a40b2dd7ea83a3e0da2a09582Richard Marti — Bug 689543 - Alignment in message thread pane is off. r+ui-review=andreasn
e655f329a4303b047b42fe3bada1e808d460f7caAndreas Nilsson — Bug 666231 - Monochrome graphics for the message list tree header. r=squib,ui-review=bwinton
c320a8c6b331ad8fd9d7ad9ba5d44be2f70d6d68Irving Reid — Bug 690316 - Disable the what's new tab for users updating to minor/security release versions. r=Standard8
cfb27ad57643d7faab29a9b4be085c59ef85d651Serge Gautherie — Bug 690369. (Av1) remove USE_ARM_KUSER, fix MOZ_INSTALLER, prepare for NSS_DISABLE_DBM. a=kairo.
227eaa4b8ccc0133f623638da3df731244b69f0aEdmund Wong — Bug 678255 - Advanced dialog for POP3 account showing the IMAP dialog. r=philor,ui-review=bwinton
30e79f5daa63cd609e53f3200aacaa40f28d72fcJens Hatlak — Bug 674208 - Add a Properties context menu option to open the embedded properties pane in Bookmarks Manager. r=IanN
d7c22250beec2353ac83545cf85b1eae4ba71a2bMark Banner — Bug 691748 - Enable privacy policy link on Thunderbird's about dialog. r=bwinton
0ce6b64964dd758eb2533bb12f7b954a27f84ee1tbirdbld — Automated blocklist update from host momo-vm-linux-16 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
cce766c7afd7b3615fee2af87a64ca76d903f25eJim Porter — Bug 689950 - RSS attachments can't be downloaded. r=Standard8
61eba1c8e780988bf72a419c5e5fb56428a9ef2fMark Banner — Bug 690560 - make repack-l10n-all doesn't work correctly on Mac universal builds. r=Fallen
c24fbeb1f0d4d25a80a62abf5118ff1365fcf914Mark Banner — Bug 683093 - Drag Attachments to a Finder-Window isnt working. r=squib
57183fd2f0757eaa283a62a073bfacd8819787e4Mark Banner — Fix unit test bustage from bug 679513 by specifying prefs to disable the test pilot information tab
959565f8013a1611102c63921dec0cad276263f7Jens Hatlak — Bug 692765 - Adapt Modern for restartless dictionaries support. r=Ratty
99b3ebba53e4a713f5f8a8cd8c87c087ac539201Mark Banner — Part of bug 679513 - actually build test pilot and distribute it. r=bienvenu,gozer
c32fffefbfd9b99db1401e35a0ef213a1af0f6e1Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 692755 - Fix channels for the ics provider. r=mmecca
1878d5d66a784e543da7aa8cef8997f8fdd5bfabJens Hatlak — Bug 692392 - Advanced Search misses all search fields. r=Mnyromyr sr=Neil
90841458f49f1c613527a12866160d19e6fc6143Jim Porter — Bug 544359 - Replying to an attached messageļ¼ˆmessage/rfc822 part) or an opened .eml file shows incorrect date; r=bienvenu, r=mnyromyr
2f3de21ffceee9d255028a35f39a4587f2a91d7cMark Banner — Really fix bustage from bug 691059
16d3b323a5defa76fad5f95453909e3f54a55089Mark Banner — Bustage fix following bug 691059 landing in mozilla-central, add more methods to ns{Outlook,Eudora}HTMLImageElement.
2f5fc32bffe79adeb3118d125def744a3c0d7670Philip Chee — Bug 690706 Followup patch to remove obsoleted comment. rs=Callek.
ef2d000c558003fe0f89219ca49b0ed40c09f574Philip Chee — Bug 690701 "Save Video As..." should respect the filename set in the Content-Disposition header.r=Neil.
4c5d0bf412497988c13a111394b5c151b5ce6fc4Mark Banner — Bug 686189 - Replace nsCStringArray in mailnews/db with nsTArray counterparts. r=bienvenu
dab2afffdc60af62902672bcd18a55efd6fd4049Mark Banner — Backout bug 673322 / revision adf6153b25db due to unit test failures
bbe11d6cbab50ba4ca1786a20e6cdf68a3b23f41Jens Hatlak — Bug 693080 - Change pref default to true. r=Neil
adf6153b25db4598deb7c5f6767379dff75fe4d3Jim Porter — Bug 673322 - Multi-message summary buttons don't match message header buttons; r=bwinton, ui-r=andreasn
84e7dc2dda02359a3a112ca61d9cab73c7282868Jim Porter — Bug 680695 - Implement / add context menu with actions for all attachments for right-click on [paperclip icon], "X attachments" or [size] labels of attachment bar; r=bwinton, ui-r=bwinton
0e2c50947711e57ef336a1db333129fbe470c419Jim Porter — Bug 673826 - Fix text shadow in standalone message window with personas; r=paenglab
8ce6f4918021204c802ba8b39bb245d34d71b447seabld — Automated blocklist update from host - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
942e6b119d204310313687748b4ef478225ef4d2Ian Neal — Bug 691144 - Open Containing Folder should preselect the file r=neil f=stanio
4ab5a3448398b7e18023f249482cc200756aa54fJim Porter — Bug 690526 - Compose window address list won't resize smaller once made bigger; r=standard8
866b5e6fdea190151f850264ae175af9df98dafeDavid Bienvenu — fix clicking on mailto links, mailto url cloning not correct, r=neil, bug 691288
e2ec39613c79e01018d6f2e23c076d800b94e709Mike Conley — Work around Bug 689580 - random orange due to the test-plugin-crashing.js tests on 64 bit Mac - by disabling those tests for now. r=Standard8
5d28210323c40e20235b35c1c19fb323d1416856Jens Hatlak — Bug 665678 - Open Add-ons Manager, Data Manager etc. according to Link Behavior preferences (i.e. in a window if the user chose so). f=Ratty r=Neil
7767f7386c9da43460ef2c209548011268a1ca08Mark Banner — Bug 686188 - Replace nsCStringArray in news with nsTArray counterparts. r=bienvenu
658151bc236d4dfeb1b44a6d2edf48c0e35beacaPhilippe M. Chiasson — Bug 688856 - teach comm-central to use r=Standard8,jhopkins
95f3a33acb64878a649f2ffcca5208b04b906f08Philippe M. Chiasson — merge
02cbd36d596ed267caba5d7315d07d57b5dc2589Philippe M. Chiasson — Bug 688856 - teach comm-central to use r=Standard8,jhopkins
637ba790eb127c1281c59c9f95d8583325bc423fDavid Bienvenu — fix bug 380372 attachment error saving a msg as draft with inline image when going from local to imap or vice versa, r=neil, sr=standard8
c6a8260db0aa54e116597f98fc11e2df9d0537d5Edmund Wong — Bug 654966 - File > Save As > Template should not be active for NNTP folders. r=IanN.
3f0cb19942bc5e536465d2a0a91ef647c81d0f02Philip Chee — Bug 690778 Update nsFeedSniffer.cpp (Port part of Bug 589292 Add contentDisposition{Filename} properties to nsIChannel). r=Neil.
b7be236800c64f9b40f758b7cc3ce7cd968e310aPhilip Chee — Bug 690706 Future-proof CrashSubmit against future argument additions. r=Neil.
b83fba0bc529ab4fcab3a920dc0ac1cb2e4d385aDavid Bienvenu — fix bug 686087, add ability to stream just the headers of a message, r=protz, sr=asuth
007485db1000460d0ab4515613c47ddf885af42fMatthew Mecca — Fix bug 689589 - Lightning doesn't work in Thunderbird 9.0a2 and 10.0a1, startup errors [document.getElementById("calendarDisplayDeck") is null]. r=philipp
1b02fbd2f3b0af778f5aa887bf1bf98cfdc86c45Diomidis Spinellis — Bug 684508 - Line breaks in internet-cited text break UTF-8 quoted-printable characters. r=bienvenu
96ec61738c9614fa6a5999327b5647d574492f45Jim Porter — Bug 673826 - Improve borders in various themes; r=bwinton, ui-r=andreasn
23eab72a5925e2be08a09f38b2c1e30a3e4fd056Mike Conley — Bug 690319 - Random orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-summarization.js | test_summarization_thread_detection (preceded by something like "Thought we would find row 0 at 92,-9 but we found -1"). r=Standard8.
acec4a5a9de0763277e35dd8aafa9a0708c2fcf7tbirdbld — Automated blocklist update from host momo-vm-linux-04 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
ee54a6adada1bf7f8a43c97abc27412f40b716b0Siddharth Agarwal — Sync about:support with m-c (port over bug 660718) and open added links in new tabs. rs=bwinton
41c376e2297ba86a1ab8f023e986622c3d877820Siddharth Agarwal Bug 687275 - mozconfig detection code: remove an unnecessary pipe -> string -> pipe redirection and use FOUND_MOZCONFIG instead of MOZCONFIG. r=ted, rs=Callek
2f9ac9b08d5a8fac8ca7b356d91790017ed0af4bMike Conley — Bug 690520 - Mozmill tests for plugin crashes are skipped if crash reporter is not enabled. r=bienvenu
f5a33f4b3f2be57856bb40ca8efcae23ae6e3b35Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 675781 - First Last does not have a comma. Original patch by r=Standard8
ef49959ab0db3facb71f51ed06b7bd71e28aa0d3Justin Wood — No Bug, update seamonkey shipped-locales properly, for our current beta shippings. rs+=KaiRo a=release
0d2fa760d84050613c6cddae9351fe4b97ce280dJim Porter — Bug 544359 - Replying to an attached messageļ¼ˆmessage/rfc822 part) or an opened .eml file shows incorrect date; r=bienvenu
d55249b452bd7e699c948cedcbcd999690264019David Bienvenu — stop replacing : with | in file paths, since gecko escapes those, r=neil, bug 224733
6a05eb45b0a7d1b1937b67e22afc9cca2fede4b9Mark Banner — Bug 690267 - Insert|Insert Characters and symbols not working - no options in drop-downs. r=Neil
caf8af5a305dec6925fef518f4aa2f1928f5e3c3Michael Wu — Another follow up to bug 681188 to fix bustage on CLOSED TREE, r=bustage
a2a93cb77d7c500e4577e3c1ed83f11bca9bf41bMichael Wu — Follow up to Bug 681188 - Fix bustage on CLOSED TREE on windows, r=bustage
1c8c69af4d1df163082aba68b7602e37e8a80363Michael Wu — Bug 681188 - Switch from PRBool to bool on a CLOSED TREE , r=standard8
0700a7d70b3164b89112ba63ec613839574b17a9Stefan Sitter — Version bump for Lightning
6b83f5b68f4ce1936a78ac7d6bb61589629c8940Philip Chee — Bug 689963 "Error: nsIClassInfo is not defined" in nsSidebar.js r+a=Callek.
84c24ed51c84dd0d346fb36c2cdc657715f58e09Philip Chee — Bug 689593 Change users of Array.prototype.splice to not rely on non-standard behavior of deleting all elements from |k| onward for |arr.splice(k)|. r=Neil
1189f39be20cb18cb14be6da9d7613143742fc5aJens Hatlak — Bug 689123 - Add support for Ctrl+A to Message Filters dialog list. r+moa=Mnyromyr
3e550b22c4493a670dfbb0e4e28550de1095843fDavid Bienvenu — add a little more pop3 protocol logging for errors sending data, r=standard8, part of bug 673438
e0aafab0f5da1e2dc6901b1ab1ac4a8797631eb8David Bienvenu — timeless <>
a87f09bcf2bcd29ac98a72738c193bf9bed371acMark Banner — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=auroramerge CLOSED TREE
128e8ad9cc28b062f15329c56bed9739d996bc42Mark Banner — closing old head a=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
97334a26206c9b93153677baf3ffb23e959e6ddcMark Banner — Added tag AURORA_9_END for changeset 20ddb394e7e8 a=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
fe8050643a3c1fce40922705f5b525e26f89d587Mark Banner — closing old head a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
4cb7e5e4cc734aef91a131293b4700de9709eb04Mark Banner — Added tag BETA_9_END for changeset 2c0b8d3bac14 a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE