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Fri Feb 08 10:35:50 2019 +0000
86cb9d0c8982cc11dc6e85f8f3471675b9739037Magnus Melin — Bug 1521016 - remove threadPaneColumnPicker and instead use customzied built-in thread-pane-treecols and thread-pane-treecolpicker for the purpose. r=arshad a=jorgk
fe791ff3dc62734b85b9e3aa9d6847112ecc6b54Jorg K — Backed out changeset 63b3267ac3ba (bug 1523074) to re-enable tests. a=backout
96ed115c265a0ade97dd3840a89202ea828d71f9Geoff Lankow — Bug 1522778 - Remove prefwindow and preftab bindings. r=aceman a=jorgk
7759b93fc8dd484d38a2596e65f86ac1516f0a40Geoff Lankow — Bug 1523904 - Return NS_ERROR_FAILURE when setting UID on a read-only address book. r=mkmelin,BenB a=jorgk
9378f2d586b07b4adef8802297ffa2bbf4dd3363Neil Rashbrook — Bug 1523904 - Fix crash in nsAbCardProperty::SetUID(). r=darktrojan a=jorgk
306a8f3a372d36bede07c7d438e308be54121c89Richard Marti — Bug 1504190 - Make the Calendar themeable with WX-themes. r=MakeMyDay a=philipp
7b3232d39834e897c97c00a9cfab2506b3d661cdRob Lemley — Bug 1525072 - Port bug 1524358: remove slugid and commit message from .taskcluster.yml. rs=bustage-fix a=jorgk
bd1158d19cdf2eaac8e7e8448ed49ebc9cb9d488Florian Qu├Ęze — Bug 1525730 - Fix the chat copy controller (was broken after the convbrowser.xml -> conversation-browser.js refactoring). r=clokep a=jorgk
a7c0ece1f2274bf442e9e764aaa07e980d89befeRob Lemley — Bug 1524445 - Fix incorrect release types in release-balrog-* kind.yml files. r=darktrojan a=jorgk
175d46dcc1ce8acc6fc3060235a936061e861403Arrigo Marchiori — Bug 1521454 - Follow-up: Avoid exception due to bad locale code when appending [-u]-ca-gregory-nu-latn (more call sites). r+a=jorgk
99bc32d53976fa2e087dbc40d7121cea3fbfc5fdRichard Marti — Bug 1523076 - Port bug 1512302: Indicate on Windows that the App Update setting is installation-specific. r+a=jorgk
fac9afbc5ce3b5cf6738361f3591429e06b2c5cdaceman — Bug 1523048 - when copying a filter, copy its triggering events too (filterType). r+a=jorgk
fb7f15d135af1492727d944176ea765ae7e6157bRichard Marti — Bug 1523700 - Remove the outline on treechildren to stop paint artifacts. r+a=jorgk
9abb72db409cf02aeb51bd2ab787ee026d77afb9Kai Engert — Bug 1523818 - Don't pass null to nsDependentString() to fix crash in nsMapiHook::PopulateCompFieldsW. r+a=jorgk