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Mon Nov 23 21:14:38 2020 +0000
5ebb024f8a6665892562139d237ef16c4bea7791Alessandro Castellani — Bug 1678029 - Follow up: fix performance issue. r=darktrojan a=wsmwk THUNDERBIRD_84_0b2_BUILD1 THUNDERBIRD_84_0b2_RELEASE
8a341c45b167fec2e92c72c3b4d63807b0e2e2b5Alessandro Castellani — Bug 1678029 - Fix dark theme variation for Linux OS. r=mkmelin, ui-r=Paenglab a=wsmwk
b9b52ab28e234aeb3c86d76797605d22a9cb0fa4John Bieling — Bug 1675012 - wait for editor when calling getComposeDetails. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
4c0368798880a7c2b226ccac7ecac8ee30e9f84bJohn Bieling — Bug 1675940 - Honour allowScriptsToClose argument in windows.create API function. r=darktrojan a=wsmwk
53579f8b6b65f90238ea1a1cb9b60aee01b1a3c2Magnus Melin — Bug 1678302 - fix GSuite calendar detection. r=darktrojan a=wsmwk
f2cb00c1c2b59107e2b498a73b1560dc127c741dChris Gaudry — Bug 1676128 - Make UpdateExtraAddressProcessing function not throw Error of "does not have a method named: "hasEmailAddress" when mail lists are updated r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
ca6b28642c6f25f24acddeb444d3aef4684fe2ecBen Campbell — Bug 1586494 - Release nsImapMailCopyState directly after IMAP copy to fix shutdown crash. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
b9510d5520f81ed3650ef5578d3e4391084d7dc8Geoff Lankow — Bug 1669950 - Update timezones to 2020d. r=Fallen a=wsmwk