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Tue Feb 21 15:53:35 2012 +0000
937dbe2157f3c1cc3d5f446da4f7c667b2669188Richard Marti — Bug 728553 - Better styling for checked QFB button on mail-toolbox under OS X. r+ui-review=andreasn,a=Standard8
f353ac3ffbf7b72c25e3ca0207fbd3439c03b07dJim Porter — Bug 720420 - Context menu in Compose Window has non-functional and unrelated options; r=mconley,a=Standard8
b3fa8988e83b24d7b59e871918bf8898ff6e50c9Mark Banner — Bug 716481 - Spellcheck icon stays disabled if clicking on a mailto link with a subject parameter, or replying (any action where the cursor starts in the body field). r=IanN,a=Standard8