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Sun Nov 25 08:12:23 2012 +0000
b37400660da0aa6fdf9c1c05217ca62b2e65020bJustin Wood — No bug - Add release l10n mozconfigs (by transplanting commits made in 2.14 cycle) for SeaMonkey 2.15 Beta 1. r+a=myself
9afb7c562102aba5d2e7bcec1217a3612bfb602fJustin Wood — Revert the stdcxx-compat change for release-l10n, as it appears it broke SeaMonkey here r=release a=release
96a5ffefe927d11aec722f1fbf40d2a7cf840a0aJustin Wood — Add stdcxx-compat for linux, to mimic fix from Firefox
c5d9c5001e338ab10fddda7c4f4e9fa3082a790eJustin Wood — SM2.14 Beta 1 - Add l10n release configs. r=release a=release