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Tue Sep 27 19:18:14 2011 +0000
e47b99c61e4d340fd91d72f6f2a6923715e92e5eMark Banner — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=betamerge CLOSED TREE SEAMONKEY_2_5b1_BUILD1
66cc3d55f88cf923c3730ee6b66621eaade65944Mark Banner — Added tag BETA_BASE_20110927 for changeset 69f72be98a48 a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE AURORA_8_END
69f72be98a484f60dfccd34720e99ee0b72945d1Jim Porter — Bug 373996 - Attachment panel in message reader is not focusable / accessible with the keyboard (needs [TAB] stop) (fix hitting spacebar on attachmentToggle); r=bwinton, a=Standrd8 BETA_BASE_20110927
61e68359839bfa19501ba0ef827cfc6dccf4106aJim Porter — Bug 373996 - Attachment panel in message reader is not focusable / accessible with the keyboard (needs [TAB] stop); r=bwinton, ui-r=clarkbw, a=Standard8
b8bad8be49ca280f7e09f483ef4214628519752eMatthew Mecca — Bug 678930 - ICS calendar fails when connection temporarily unavailable. r=philipp, a=philipp
d4c1eff7a5e10bbedb4ca880f22c98919baab83dMatthew Mecca — Bug 543323 - Task list does not show incomplete tasks when you toggle "Show completed Tasks". r=philipp, a=philipp
82bbc61f708ba74cdef72ff1ec961e4fd22a63b0Justin Wood — Bug 689152, Regression fix, Feed Preview is broken. rs+=bustage a=bustage
e1882338158d11903339df2bbbef0ba4709fea1cMark Banner — Bug 680680 - Renaming attachments during composition broken (does not update display name in the pane); r=bwinton a=Standard8
c1fdf33063f283f8887ed37a53715f91572fcb19Jim Porter — Bug 685437 - Attachment pane width in composer is not consistent; r=bwinton, ui-r=bwinton, a=Standard8
ab0cc674e75ece65767c1274e6c8b1ab7abaf36eDavid Bienvenu — make local folder search reparse folders in the case of missing summary files, r=neil a=Standard8, bug 682731
bed118c12fa59970c6cb162ab59d73580c79aad2Jason Yeo — Bug 682183 - compose window is not noticing attachment keywords r=bwinton a=Standard8
567184a444a229379883e29fb420f2eccb05d6e0Jim Porter — Bug 677021 - [regression] Attachment extension can again be deceptive; r=bwinton, ui-r=bwinton a=Standard8
9d247c12a9a4d98f940b36dea7e28813f799e4b4Kent James — Bug 668952 - Inbox corruption/error message occurs with "move to folder" filters, r=bienvenu,a=Standard8
4bc1aa261198535fbcf0a8b291050fbc547fe675Ian Neal — Bug 688970 - Fix hiding of print preview menus on OS X r=neil a=callek
37ad99156e2a4038dad9ccb720f5fa0cb162180aFrank Wein — Bug 552118 - File association icon for HTML and .eml files is set to a generic icon, r=Neil, a=Callek
12eb54a1b68002e61c1a7955789522b6f65909deMark Banner — Part of bug 685133. Create a lightning upload target for releases, and fix the repack-l10n-all target to work with shipped-locales. r+a=Fallen
9ee5e3330894e5524c20e14828d7ecfca6398218Decathlon — Fix bug 678649 - Today pane in Lion won't expand. r=bv1578,a=philipp
f22d01143155f3f25fba6d4a3e91b5e34a9edf9fJens Hatlak — Bug 688281 - Port bug 660684. r+a=Callek
cc5f843c694176dcf60e1e91b6ed72fc756662acMatthew Mecca — Bug 415548 - Support filtering of tasks in Today Pane (like in Task Mode) - Part 1: Context Menu. r=philipp, a=philipp
5525d1a7f9b1a7e046cac70af64965fa6f19ba76Richard Marti — Bug 675488 - Use the monochrome icons for New Event/Task r=bv1578 ui-r=nisses.mail a=philipp
fecfead4cd0b44467b25923acc3fe6878d2d48fcRichard Marti — Bug 668966 - Remove the padding around the Calendar list r+a=bv1578
849118e659987645795147d11ff88d5af99b736cPhilip Chee — Bug 687317 HTMLIsIndexElement is no longer available (spew when dealing with FAYT bar) r=Neil a=Callek.
07a8a12ce937901279d0aedc2d6b8c147e66deafMark Banner — Part of bug 685133 update the shipped locales file for Calendar. r+a=Fallen DONTBUILD
f49d83800dff375c98a98027e71041f05b4da764Mohit Kanwal — Fix bug 502936 - cached calendars should not be refreshed at launch/startup time. r=philipp,a=philipp
b59fbda1674f14ba3c88e6a3e9e24240b5a44987Matthew Mecca — Bug 673741 - Snoozing one alarm on an item with multiple alarms causes other alarms to fire early. r=philipp, a=philipp
bc61f0aededfc644399a276733f60cdb6a64323bJustin Wood — Bug 682808 - Improve the way nsIClassInfo is handled in components (Port bug 658632 to SeaMonkey). r=Neil a=IanN
af0063799d09d6122858efff753d337b224eb221Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 523860 - Do not escape double quote character " to \" in iCalendar output (potential RFC 2445 violation). r=mmecca,a=philipp
3fb86c930b2066f9f5dc3944089fd4064a5c40dePhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 683988 - Event is accepted even though Cancel is selected on calendar choice popup. r=mmecca,a=philipp
5ae3020b0dc4c7e19e64ded90821fe67c0e453e0Richard Marti — Bug 680222 - Category colors are invisible - calendar-category-box width is always zero r+a=philipp
8efe8b2979c1613d44904d72d883366db3889545Richard Marti — Bug 680657 - Give thinner splitters like Thunderbird r+a=philipp
894ab91e98b5da37fde1a5541324b04504415fcaPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 636058 - Errors on import, mac only (Components.classes[contractids[fp.filterIndex]] is undefined). r=mmecca,a=philipp
b12547a628cf769c1083801d3bdf022444752b84Ian Neal — Bug 687292 - is undefined r=neil a=callek
a7f24c946128ac2577b2871ffdd238c697f54875Philippe Martinak — Fix bug 373251 - Can open multiple windows of a single event/task from Agenda, Task lists and Unifinder. r=philipp,a=philipp
cd938bbe1d04a784b3b140b0ee2cb7d32c87dc24Richard Marti — Bug 683269 - Use the same toolbar appearance in Event dialog as Thunderbird r+a=philipp
826ae0ae8d339ac6aca6579f973f96cd88e9cb34Richard Marti — Bug 604757 - Attendee status icon is missing r+a=philipp
1dc0f48aede4705dcfda3ce73e1154bd961768a9Mark Banner — Bug 680446 - Printing more than one e-mails at the same time reduces the message content. Multiple selection prints only summary. r=bwinton,a=Standard8
40ca0d8ca4fde04acd2c808d129263770a09cffeNeil Rashbrook — Workaround for bug 685457 URLbar popup not shrinking when there are no results r=IanN a=IanN for comm-aurora and comm-beta.
fb18bfa4967cbd8ded01efb28356037a266b8b9aDavid Bienvenu — fix bug 675598, list reply fails if any identity is missing an e-mail address, r+a=standard8
9adccbd3f5a3fb4acc44cb4ad6fd453216ef16ffRichard Marti — Bug 672189 - Quick Filter bar results not visible when using High Contrast Black theme (port bug 575841 to aero). r=andreasn,a=Standard8
983882cfe7c443ef8caef3dfd1c6cd5463dc1817Mark Banner — Bug 684481 - crash in nsImapService::OpenAttachment fails to check to check for a null string before trying to use nsDependentCString. r=bienvenu,a=Standard8
56356e25cd0173098c8259fdacc4a3fd12ffaa4bPhilipp Kewisch — Missing review comment for last checkin a=philipp CLOSED TREE
3c7c84d10d4bd11b97e805bd8287593ecdb14cb0Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 678343 - Adapt to the new chrome worker code / Cannot parse ICS files / workerfactory undefined. r=mmecca,a=philipp CLOSED TREE
b1fa151ad16953a1dbbd29c0310b7b0d4245dbebPhilip Chee — Bug 685466 [element.onSecurityChange is not a function] on every tab change. r=Neil a=Callek for comm-aurora/comm-beta.
2c654b93aaa12ba5a63574c970e0b4d6687b1ebdTony Mechelynck — Bug 564100 No way to tell if a non-current tab has been read: [selected=false] is not possible anymore r=Neil a=Callek for comm-aurora/comm-beta.
5827d8225ac45e4941b9564ccef51af03b9e379aPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 247486 - can't load several calendars with different passwords on same server/realm. r=mmecca,a=philipp CLOSED TREE
bade0f3294aab22460922939f77e2193b213eb48Stefan Sitter — Bug 686273 - Subscribed WCAP calendars not appearing (do not use "cal" as variable name because it shadows the namespace "cal"), r=philipp, a=philipp
96acac491c88c83b172a4ad8d987613eb82f2ea5Justin Wood — Bug 686139 - Port |Bug 556382 - Link 32-bit Windows builds with LARGEADDRESSAWARE| to comm. rs=KaiRo (simple port) a=Standard8
2d56b3334e86f464943181e7d508a8a5a468acf8Jens Hatlak — Bug 683716 - Port bug 682803 |can't set address book in filters|. r=Mnyromyr sr=Neil a=IanN
26562225175667b429f0a65d54130721cd751a6aIan Neal — Bug 664832 - Page info should use the same last dir for both single and multiple file saves r=neil a=callek
723da19f3ca545505223b54fc1181b0201581af7Neil Rashbrook — Bug 684808 Fix reference to undefined property this.init r=IanN a=Callek for comm-aurora and comm-beta.
2484ce22cc7573a4a2eec7811a0111e50caa31d4Mark Banner — Follow-up to bug 673083. Correct the symbol store path for Lightning on Linux. a=Standard8
0dea2457b16857b49939a62761a6a4e33b197753Mark Banner — Bug 673083 - Create a buildsymbols target for Lightning. r=Fallen,a=Standard8
f2a20e7a20103588aade0663266ad2f41d506c08Stefan Sitter — Bug 684582 - Fix strict warnings: assignment to undeclared variable. r=philipp, a=philipp
7e2d74761334493ea03263865b3748862fd534bbPhilipp Kewisch — Bug 685528 - Sort out calendar version numbers. r=sitter per comments,a=philipp
90af3615e483080eb6e2169d4f5a55ca04099fdaRichard Marti — Fix bug 680351 - Windows task bar on right hand edge of screen prohibits entering data. r=philipp,a=philipp CLOSED TREE:wq
76e53d36be013043bef9048b8f99dc888f28081bMatthew Mecca — Bug 469684 - Unifinder-todo: raising of the context menu fires blur -event. r=philipp,a=philipp CLOSED TREE
ff331d4a33a83b04f476a623c2552b5c439378ccPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 673086 - Fix the repack-l10n-all target and call it from release automation. r=Standard8,a=philipp
b215a1058a32a7d19f55dc6b5dc65e330bc24a44Richard Marti — Fix bug 675877 - Remove the top border of #unifinder-searchBox. r=decathlon
698eada5f616d80954911537ba86ef2caab1ab65Mark Banner — Fix missing comma in due to Callek's change of freezing the chatzilla tag. r+a=bustage-fix
1565b81ff3d980df42afbe39caa1a1c5236da0b1Justin Wood — Mark chatzilla tag for string frozen Sea 2.5. r+a=Callek on a l10n freeze
27805def8a857e4b1b12558534b96ddc3336bf92Philip Chee — Bug 683422 An Ampersand (&) on the URL line breaks Translate Page r=IanN a=IanN for comm-beta and comm-aurora.
2d0d6815d0f3eaf1827ef7de50251f570ec94576Ian Neal — Bug 219821 - can't open a 'news:' URI in new tab/window (enable Open Link in New Tab/Window context menu entries for news URLs) r=neil a=callek
e4fd39348d46eb9c308118c5d9af40d5f256925cDavid Bienvenu — fix tag loss with condstore servers,a=standard8, bug 678148
f7580538c7957b86994a56dd153ed631c0dc39a0Philip Chee — Bug 664357 SeaMonkey 2.1 mail compose window back tab bug r=Neil a=Callek a=comm-aurora a=comm-beta.
06cd5532ae6179a83489addc3690c66a15eadda7Stanimir Stamenkov — Bug 675858 - Include utilityOverlay.js before any calls to Services r=Callek a=comm-aurora a=comm-beta.
121d0daa0447619141a1474b64632663f1f31952Mike Conley — Bug 682803 - can't set address book in filters. r+a=Standard8
8c41f2a2a78f4168e302e530d98a0a5ad33e6ceeMike Conley — Bug 682096 - Address Book opens empty. Appears to be missing/lost. tree is undefined Source File: chrome://messenger/content/jsTreeView.js. r=bienvenu,a=Standard8
d991560b8b51723410b5c283df38a11e2b618e54Mike Conley — Bug 680826 - Fix empty Address Book List in Junk Mail. r+a=Standard8
8e66fd9a98bf5071da19f9decb2d70489ce5a9d2Jonathan Protzenko — Bug 353205 - request way to set default to no alternate text for inserting images r=bwinton,a=Standard8
dda730b7af4a3f1788a5a125d18c5597fff42af7Mark Banner — Follow up to bug 405007 Disable test_webcal.js due to test failures. Bug 680201 will fix this. r=unit-test bustage fix,a=Fallen
092d1cb3a09175169fb9dd9e557cc8525fc83b6eMark Banner — Bug 405007 - Create unittest buildbots for Calendar - make it possible to run Lightning unit tests from within /calendar/lightning/test. Inclusion in the global run will come later; Based on patch by Fallen with r=mschroeder, r=Fallen for my changes. a=Fallen.
ad5bc4ef1e4a7b8a41fa6a8883fe2fc270ae02f9Jens Hatlak — Bug 682531 - Bookmarks Toolbar endless recursion (regression from Bug 677539). r+a=Neil
253dc0829ebdaf83760ef1cdab73b67ad081f69ePhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 669082 - Create l10n.ini's for aurora and beta a=philipp
8d6af20d3293cd595717eacb9eaf32d8b6fbb8fbNeil Rashbrook — Bug 682587 Application.activeWindow is undefined (regression from bug 658632) r=Callek a=comm-aurora a=comm-beta.
ceb61068f6e7685cf39a0ea9d010517afd9b24dcStanimir Stamenkov — Bug 681148 - Define getPostDataStream() as in Firefox r=IanN a=comm-aurora a=comm-beta.
433133e6ec86f10fe15616d83c13574fbcf2d3dcRichard Marti — Fix bug 471378 - Create gnome theme (gnomestripe). r=philipp,a=philipp
81675a52450aa334addd373a5c9b0417db26cddeDecathlon — Fix bug 671062 - The up and down arrows used to adjust the number (minutes, hours, days) for the snooze are missing. r=richard.marti
a709a5fdca1c6cfa9bd0ca8a1ae8ad5f6d449960Richard Marti — Fix bug 471378 - Create gnome theme (gnomestripe). r=philipp
8e731eb1d074f231517f8367aff423d08ed6b2d3Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 441992 - caldav calendar isn't switched off after canceling the login dialog. r=mmecca
e7058e17b135112eeecc0c8ed2b8ff2fcf5f9926Stefan Sitter — Bug 680236 - raise em:minVersion to not allow Lightning installation in builds that are binary incompatible [r=philipp]
2a3da6d15c356719179a67a6519425cb0fb7b8b2Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 678853 - Get rid of annoying UTC/floating undefined messages. r=mmecca
8cd8084c08e99aab5bfba38e22d168e63beb3ad4Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 561550 - Disabling Events/Tasks checkbox in Print Preview dialog sets calendar to read-only [Error: Bad aItemFilter passed to getItems]. r=mmecca
71929579880ee2319d98b9351c77bcbe64ef4da9Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 679669 - Update calendar for nsIUnicharStreamLoader changes. r=mmecca
7cd890eced944dbe3d88dc1c3352bf8f3888ceb7Philipp Kewisch — Bug 669082 - (comm-aurora only) Fix calendar l10n.ini a=philipp
d159ccad44d49ec2179aadd1a89557e7c4717797Philipp Kewisch — Bug 658978 - Add en-GB to all-locales
ad1933bba1c977f59cbdb5b17c5cd3ce8c26bd2ePhilipp Kewisch — Use jar format for locales to work around bug 666896
49d31af85184e0bf9fda2dd8a943862f5912cb60Makoto Kato — Bug 680396 - TB 6.0 crash when sending or saving an e-mail with attached PDF. r=dbienvenu, a=standard8
7ad5d6eb752754785bd410fb3ad3710d2281be69Richard Marti — Bug 676038 - Remove the top border of #folderTree after landing of Bug 667245 r=andreasn ui-r=andreasn a=standard8
ba1eb5fe355ba4f3244e13f2213818febb8898d4Jonathan Kamens — Bug 678244 - Fix minor coding errors in patch from bug 602718 r=bienvenu a=standard8
4d2fab5dcade3dc58da3820fd436250b4607331fJens Hatlak — Bug 666873 - Modern theme - icons missing in Add-on manager. r+a=Neil
c521b24510c94369a4ab66a2255e14c4d9029d68Jens Hatlak — Bug 679773 - Replace custom helpers with Services.jsm (Port Bug 648364). r=Neil a=Callek
af1001813b05dba4a4c2d816d8544f60fc80280cNeil Rashbrook — Bug 680280 Make Tools -> Search the Web focus the correct sidebar element r=IanN a=IanN a=comm-aurora a=comm-beta.
2c601ad0b4d0ecec960c05078a6d3e0e8ddd02b3Neil Rashbrook — Bug 401552 Don't create extra collapsed menubar grippy when exiting full screen r=IanN a=Callek
6f5b341d84d1e1069f4283942a40b74ae65c4f3eJustin Wood Bug 679677 - Add more app.update.certs.* possibilities to SeaMonkey. r=KaiRo, f=fox2mike, a=Ratty
518c2acdd70ca7b40dfc22718334a5d4e36e5d89Andreas Nilsson — Bug 664794 - Update branding for Thunderbird's aurora equivalent channel: Earlybird - update the actual icons; r=Standard8 ui-r=bwinton,a=Standard8
cefe50ba156862da24c32e6fd928d958f880c719Mark Banner — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=auroramerge CLOSED TREE
bafeec1cd4a49e24c640e869c8fd2f68b3c1ca2aMark Banner — Added tag AURORA_BASE_20110816 for changeset e1ae2ddb930c a=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
e1ae2ddb930cee9faf344fd65ae8f5b9ac4b10deDavid Bienvenu — generate xul cache at build time, r=standard8, part of bug 674352 AURORA_BASE_20110816
de5786ac0fd7ce1929448bc5181f527a3c0da585David Bienvenu — Bug 636681 - Send in background silently doesn't work if Outbox folder has corrupt .msf file; r=Standard8
181f38be31944679475fb83d3939edc5d9c374adMichael Wu — Bug 675473 - Incorrect use of PRBool when other types are more appropriate or vice versa (in comm-central); r=Standard8
912f956bb78f6a9ea03b85ab6f3207fd742c0b23David Bienvenu — Bug 671673 - mailnews.sendInBackground tries to send in background even when working offline; r=jik
18242a1afda037caaf3f741b512f59fc784ff669David Bienvenu — Bug 672022 - Thunderbird 5 does not sort address columns correctly if showing only display name; r=Standard8
eb57589bf5699fd77da0d72dec479da205307eb7Mark Banner — Bug 678964 - Update package-manifest for latest changes. r=sid0
1a19ffe0f5deedac14428e4bf83ab039d651def5Ian Neal — Bug 675607 - Make Composer use utilityOverlay's key_close and menu_close r=neil/standard8
00239d93ef1bfd765552c54707bb08bd1f4383a8Ian Neal — Bug 678945 - Remove duplicate InitPrompts function and only load mail-offline.js once r=neil
279fd9704fede4e2f9b2c73940b5422fa6c0bc0fMark Banner — Update mailnews and ldap url classes to include new functions from Bug 677260 which landed on mozilla-central. r=bustage-fix
3f27028bcc5f31c04831d4620c3fea615f68ecfcSiddharth Agarwal — Backout changeset 69050ad29af0 due to Mac/Linux test failures. CLOSED TREE
edd17fb955abbff6679178966dd009f23ca8ef1dSiddharth Agarwal — Backed out changeset 9b454b15b8ba due to test failures.
9b454b15b8bafe0cd1500c7a62f731f56ca7f9c0Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 662960 - MozMill: replace uses of waitForEval with waitFor. r=bienvenu+bwinton. Landing on a CLOSED TREE
69050ad29af01176ec99a8e94a91d0a55ef28d1aSiddharth Agarwal — Bug 656736 - Support upgrading to the latest version of MozMill. r=Standard8
93daa0229bc738aade47133aa90ce401e3a28b69Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 678453 - Fix some misuses of NS_ENSURE_ARG_POINTER; r=bienvenu
d5bf69e8b36cff315ed9ff799988ad490988b65cNomis101 — Bug 678012 - Add DS_Store files to hgignore; r=Callek
bbf265b99212be581be15720e509bc1ba00b8494Mike Conley — Bug 677089 - crash [@ nsAbOSXDirectory::AssertCard]; r=Standard8
34e57d72adab829757defbc502f7337cf1cfab53Nomis101 — Bug 675445 - Align Thunderbird appearance after Bug 668195; r=bwinton
fd30dc96a8caa0acf818a0e7f8e0b1412d25ab2dMike Conley — Bug 672830 - Very slow autocomplete on 7.0a2, os x; r=Standard8
513f083fc91f4c5e9b502123a544b9ba2320f9ffMark Banner — Bug 678963 - Remove README.txt from release packages; r=mconley
7119cabbefe6519ecc246f8361b9565108f1a27dMark Banner — Bug 677347 - Build support to install hyphenation patterns in Thunderbird; r=Callek
66d6cc55d0e30aca90e911fa58ae4e115e4e295bDavid Bienvenu — fix unit test failures, a=standard8, bug 678984 CLOSED TREE
2f4de0b727c865cbbd858cffca4919ecd38a43c2Ian Neal — Bug 671554 - Switch suite/mailnews to use Services.prompt r=neil
498b0870ae9f40eb91e5852b296dd1b1bdff1df6Tony Mechelynck — Bug 677905 - Add menuitem to "show all body parts" (followup to bug 564423, port bug 602718) r=IanN sr=Mnyromyr ui-r=Neil
34b76e16e129b222b5796d0117b1767f2003a388Edmund Wong — Bug 678118 - Fix Sunbird build error "mozilla/net/CookieServiceChild.h: No such file or directory" [r=philipp]
b76dac043e0f757c111427ea5431e183f45fa125Jens Hatlak — Bug 677539 - Bookmarking group of tabs greyed out after restart with session restore. r=Neil
8cbc5bf82c4c0631ea1bfdc50084f578ede883b4Richard Marti — Bug 678230 - Thunderbird tabs lack background image at the bottom since the landing of Bug #609714; r=squib
70eef5cd560757821e83fe5c24542f58d5331c9bRichard Marti — Bug 676807 - Mail view picker label text invisible with dark gtk themes after the landing of bug #666227; r=squib
eeef3926b5eb3de836c362ef38f72bbc1c9a881aMark Banner — Bug 678186 - Make nsIMsgVCardService use charPtr instead of string for return values; r=bienvenu
1ba91121b8d5355a5f5ce73c1055a350c05d8ea6David Bienvenu — fix message threading when message-id is on a continuation line, r=neil, bug 676916
8f7fe249332ec79dc752f310d7bae61cf69b19fbJonathan Protzenko — Bug 678356: Better document nsIMsgCompFields.idl body property r=bienvenu DONTBUILD
a4076abb21b7d233750ef92c66c0b3f839e78325Pranay Choudhary — Bug 644567 - large search text causes thunderbird to hang then crash [@ operator new(unsigned int) | gfxTextRun::operator new(unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned int)]. Similar patch for quickFilterBar. r=asuth
6dc199267eb46d0ade56b4cdcc842809499d3de6Misak Khachatryan — [Bug 677873] Port relevant parts of [Bug 646641 - If a document has multiple history entries (either by pushstate or anchor navs) only the last one is hooked into bfcache]. r=Neil
76b2f28de5ec3d9114f1d4303fa6252556102416Jim Porter — Bug 677412 - Improve error handling in HandleMultipleAttachments; r=protz
3f5b162400701da0e85e922c3387640177a410c1Jim Porter — Bug 676754 - Detaching a single attachment doesn't work; r=protz
551872168f3a470db1028fb44a402336d87765f4Jens Hatlak — Bug 672561 - "awDocumentKeyPress is not defined" when opening Mailing List dialog [New List]. r=Neil
1d8fcac369e09e08d2390341132f251d194cf641timeless — Bug 671726 - operationFailedFolderBusy -- another should be another, not an other. r=bwinton+neil
ba7a02b46f599db33320c100648dedf086d45ba4Andrew Sutherland — Bug 646307 - stop annoying error console message: Warning: reference to undefined property msgWindow.msgHeaderSink. r=bwinton.
2c5755959cde9f7c048b5107d4cba53cb19e7f27Pranay Choudhary — Bug 644567 - large search text causes thunderbird to hang then crash [@ operator new(unsigned int) | gfxTextRun::operator new(unsigned int, unsigned int, unsigned int)] r=asuth
e7baa8d39055607dbb700a451f99734a347ddaa3timeless — Bug 675783 - Delete Folder should not underline the 'd' in Folder. r=bienvenu
3d7a6ee8b730a2113bcc0831269df922caff87c1timeless — Bug 675779 - Favour capital letters for accesskeys in utilityOverlay.xul. r=bwinton
923b924c9422bddc54a3d8c08b765da58dddeeddSiddharth Agarwal — Bug 659788 - Add icons for Windows 7 jumplist taskbar items. r=Standard8
4cb88997f292f9cb49d10603d741703551d6e5c0Mark Banner — Bug 673084 - postflight_all errors when building official mac universal builds manually - don't attempt to install lightning for universal builds as the install process doesn't work, and we're looking at a different solution (bug 673083); r=Fallen
71b93e1bf96c235a83de95f9df0479aac4974233Jonathan Protzenko — Bug 676882: Crash in libmime following bug 674488 libmime passes badly encoded char* into JS land as AUTF8Strings landing r=standard8
b1d3493ea46637b8bbb18c7a1f003580f74a1ffdJonathan Protzenko — Bug 655536: MsgHdrToMimeMessage could understand detached attachments and feed enclosures r=asuth
447605dd23677f139d315bde7caeac06ff1507deJonathan Protzenko — Bug 527927: JS Mime Emitter drops parts for inconsistent MIME hierarchies (multipart/encrypted, uuencode) [parentPart is undefined; components/jsmimeemitter.js Line: 311] r=asuth
5441c058d7145561172523c7a945deb70270b9afJonathan Protzenko — Bug 564423: Get rid of "Part 1.2" attachments being displayed unless "Show all message parts" is selected r=asuth
34d03378d72b58da2c9185ad774f209bdc081371Ian Neal — Bug 677457 - Error: GetLocalizedStringPref is not defined chrome://messenger/content/addressbook/abSelectAddressesDialog.js Line: 403 r=neil
3b67c67a2ab0528db52c476ecddb6887c5fab093Justin Wood — Bug 515734 - Provide More Entries in the Win7 Jumplist Tasks list. [r=mcsmurf]
34d40a7f678b1ca4c261a9632547064e5074a810Blake Winton Bug 675300 - "Can't build Thunderbird on Lion." [r=bwinton]
993e496893bba9bd8098ff59362ed8f81fb29939Blake Winton Bug 675609 - "Port bug 673209 to comm-central" [r=mbanner]
d745126176278c7c04bfcc90b30568f36f45ca92Blake Winton Bug 665303 - "Pimp the message header appearence" [r+ui-r=bwinton]
aa8e3dd28126cbf653c0a7ff26b43fbc5efcb732Jonathan Kamens Bug 675514 - "folder name comparison when deciding whether to include account name should be case-insensitive?" [r=dbienvenu ui-r=jik]
53a2ab49111744ae0d4b9a1b9129ab642dcfa3ecMichael Wu — Bug 675472 - Incorrect return of NS_ERROR_* codes in functions returning PRBool, r=standard8
ef977dca2337aebabfd77af8d02a9d8a394d849bIan Neal — Bug 675739 - Remove nsIDOMWindowInternal from editor/ui/composer code r=neil
0c5f5d10b4bc41c934b7c502ae632e9b41e6da4fJim Porter — Bug 532505 - Cannot select address book if quick search widget is removed from toolbar - Error: gSearchInput is null ... abCommon.js Line: 588; r=standard8
e15d27718d811d77d67e8915fa492ad9d98a0ef3David Bienvenu — run autocompact from an event, to unwind the stack, r=standard8, bug 605511
971f1e2c850e61db2dc8a49f6345904b52240ba6David Bienvenu — fix bug 671965, failure to report invalid pop3 account password when auth login fails, r=standard8
aa02408a5fdb237674e67c88e564da75597d40cdRichard Marti — Bug 677345 - when Thunderbird is unfocused, the menubar is hard to read; r=bwinton ui-r=andreasn
8b76ed94d36fc1d6d87a9ecfad7ad75ad39ef788Ian Neal — Bug 675392 - Remove code duplication for find keys and menu items by moving to utilityOverlay r=neil/standard8
93228cb070476333034dc8cd99a591a580053cf0David Bienvenu — potential fix for crash in nsImapFlagAndUidState::ExpungeByIndex, r=neil, bug 664790
aef8948fd115ac348064e48510adb8c0351f2d83Ian Neal — Bug 550484 - Hardcoded widths for pref-proxies-advanced and pref-languages.add dialogs r=neil
20e0368c597af9f853a31591989018f52a0e979fMark Banner — Bug 670468 - Shredder update from 20110708 to 20110709 results in unstartable application due to jemalloc; r=rstrong,philor
9f04e6aca01342d96eb6e0b925521eed2db79437Mark Banner — Bug 677179 - Fix nsMsgResultElement definitions in idl files; r=bienvenu
0a791b412d030b38b3fa5a9dc8d9165b49719ebdPhilip Chee — Bug 677254 Build support to install hyphenation patterns in SeaMonkey. r=Callek a=Callek a=comm-aurora.
3ffc5d736389ccbfa4b4b62b5534e1cc6aa4b333Honza Bambas — Bug 451081 - Add flag to protocol handler to distinguish that trust domain is the whole spec, r=mbanner
f80dd2316fcbfb445bb95453b454992951af0dfeMakoto Kato — Bug 529429 - crash [@ morkTable::CutRow(nsIMdbEnv*, nsIMdbRow*)]. r=dbienvenu
a0adbb4addc84977d284208aa286bd3e63c3152bNeil Rashbrook — Bug 361495 Advanced property editor should start suggesting values again r=IanN
c63fefad39c037cf02b2a05dc77baef8a1b56f0dPhilip Chee — Bug 676792 Improve string for 32-bit plugin restart. r=Neil r=Stefanh.
d57afbc83f6b34a32c4507a56ee86e575d4251c7Philipp Kewisch — Additional bustage fix
8e61adaa68abad062da8a0e0e96663ecb661274ePhilipp Kewisch — Backout bug 405007 - Create unittest buildbots for Calendarr=bustage
5a78c93dc2d5c5bb11d5d8b0235aa2e29d0ece5eIan Neal — Bug 676985 - Print and page setup do not work from QaPlain Text Editor r=neil
b641b088aebec4a8c6b5a80ad82835e476b94b0bPhilip Chee — Bug 676781 Enable Mac Async plugin by default. r=Neil r=Stefanh.
fe906413af26b867220a77709b6c1387d0088865stefanh — Bug 674368 - [Mac default] Download manager 'Clear List' button needs a focus ring. r=Mnyromyr.
eb1f0b511bda81a631d4472ffbb60fee80c26bc1stefanh — Bug 675462 - [Mac default] No identity icon in pageInfo window's security tab. r=Mnyromyr.
5f9ac7a79f696d4677c3670c1ebac59476b8d589stefanh — Bug 675690 - Full Screen menuitem should be disabled when no windows are open. r=Mnyromyr.
8951a95a0755f98f3501e6d0016be20bd58d723bPhilipp Kewisch — Undo mail changes for calendar unit test patch
9cf88871ec0936c854ddd5b2f33e4ff844f6ad98Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 351581 - [Win] Print fails on first attempt but works on second. r=decathlon
ec28666abc48ffbaa96b8bcbf1daf39fca9c4001Philipp Kewisch — Bug 405007 - Create unittest buildbots for Calendar. r=mschroeder
67346373f6d18bab7147a0b2178cf047957a46a3Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 438369 - Create database backup before performing a database upgrade. r=mschroeder
736a510d807e16cd6ad1309212d26d1fc4d0df88Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 247486 - can't load several calendars with different passwords on same server/realm. r=mschroeder
bdd326df804a0bb88bde80e75a0bf0bd399a9642Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 424808 - addItem in calendar-month-day-box scales badly. r=mmecca
9a65b6556462743e378fd45c001c17b7ff0d4703Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 442607 - Reminder details link does not work if calendar window is closed. r=decathlon
b49da44d861f9fc94e14ff52d91d5166be83cadbEdmund Wong — Bug 670513 - Added Recently Closed menus help to Help. r=InvisibleSmiley
f5e24cffb9b21d584915397b0c145438290622a3Jim Porter — Bug 630759 - Improve attachment list XBL bindings (fix bustage due to forgetting to save)
ef87ceb03b37a8069e8b84fc03893e9ec4c88016Jim Porter — Bug 630759 - Improve attachment list XBL bindings; r=bienvenu, ui-r=bwinton
65095963557ab64b5de9e462e1daa7a2fd09a43aJim Porter — Bug 669385 - Wrong date format in print preview (and on paper) of today's messages; r=Standard8
5ba3c4ec69922759882709ad4d05ac51813bf52aDavid Bienvenu — fix bug 617721, crash in nsPop3Protocol::LoadUrl with port set to 0, r=standard8
89947432225137e2cf07460e4055c573bf0fbc91Mark Banner — Backout bug 609245 / changeset 9ee393ca9926 due to Windows and Mac orange. CLOSED TREE
90c0fbac9a7e093b2807dd9c49660ceafc0dd657Richard Marti — Bug 666227 - Change toolbar and tab background area pick up window control color r=squib ui-r=andreasn
8cc237a58058702dfa4371009193c80038b07547Richard Marti — Bug 669285 - Look into if we should give some color to the sidebar r=squib ui-r=andreasn
9443b6a6b7e3118cae6a1b2d08ee99f9dc5fba74Jim Porter — Bug 535349 - Message header pane says "to You" but search filters says "To Me"; r=bwinton
9ee393ca9926d6acaf0fbfaeb8f0c249fd744079Jim Porter — Bug 609245 - usability problem: address book may seem "gone" after accidentally collapsing "address books" pane - need min size on AB sub-pane; r=asuth, ui-r=bwinton
7325a5a4b19bcb0ace246572c768c8c67ebf7169Jens Hatlak — Bug 639970 - Error: "document is null" / "Weave is not defined" in syncUI.js. r=Neil
90e169ce924323a2f2bcc831589e6061b657adb5stefanh — Bug 650642 - [Pinstripe] Make the filterdialog and the advanced search dialogs look better. ui-r=andreasn, r=bwinton.
6b22e35111fd3683ff64a488b31975f88a49ec5aMike Conley — Bug 673480 - Cannot delete Mailing Lists; r=Standard8
fd34f29cd4b8ea36923f19dc4ec055231463e866Dardo — Bug 572074 - Certificate for mail encryption not found using LDAP; r=Standard8
4f6a003e62737cbe76a6d554f9dfa89af7041bbdJonathan Protzenko — Bug 545218 - "Advance to next unread message" doesn't work r=squib
b9ce47b3670b302fb6fc1077a0937d539170500dJim Porter — Bug 526303 - (Persistent) "Reply to sender" button on header should not be dropdown; r=bwinton
6e04b4cf944f2a1e8cb98a35835d5f1bbf82b2e4Jonathan Protzenko — Bug 674488 - libmime passes badly encoded char* into JS land as AUTF8Strings, results in complete garbage r=bienvenu
f48b7e182d043dae4933fca098cb7dd95b5e59f5Misak Khachatryan — Bug 673902 - Patch 2: Handle more failures from shistory gracefully, so session restore keeps updating. r=Neil
acdaa73f5f498fd8162c7df55153bd0c2de0a9d5Jim Porter — Bug 564328 - Keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F conflict and cmd_find ambiguity, used for both Find in This Message and Quick Filter (fix strings); r=bwinton
365eb61807a5e28ccfc368732170f4fbd6a6191aSiddharth Agarwal — Fix bustage due to bug 583533.
a7169a94d871e9502c7533e5c8d9ff7c490f4423Misak Khachatryan — Bug 675162 - After update, tabs are restored, but not loaded, except the first one Error: uncaught exception: nsISHEntry.stateData in nsSessionStore.js :: sss_deserializeHistoryEntry :: line 2827. r=Neil
b1de7404347d74abd09fa0bd028158b000f9e819Jim Porter — Bug 669235 - Address book search box should have flexible width; r=standard8, ui-r=bwinton
1461665d8d73af512473f8e536f4f236b9cbe7f8Robert Kaiser — bug 665826 - Make Data Manager safe for IPv6 (and more tolerant against other errors), r+a=IanN
423a04323c61b03de207124533cd45f8dc58bf0fPhilip Chee — Bug 667201 Front end changes for Bug 545070: remove unneeded event argument missed out in original patch r=Neil r=typo.
c15ed4c2c86da5f9682aae85c846c6c0c3d5e9b7seabld — Automated blocklist update from host - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
b0be62c945b9b04b81e3286d5caa41633071de9bPhilip Chee — Bug 667201 Front end changes for Bug 545070: plugin-problem UI shouldn't say "click here" r=Neil.
3309b98f01df5767a394fb32e0d7a114d2466ab1Philip Chee — Bug 675211 Update default preferences for changes in Gecko 7. r=IanN
cfb57e11ca398adcc3f44ee2dd6da554b8794ad5Jens Hatlak — Bug 675255 - Port part 2 of |Bug 669913 - Viewing Sync quota blocks the entire Options window|. r=Neil
1dbfc673bc3f4b223a1a418e72d17ebdc7a48cfbMatheus Kerschbaum — Bug 669040 part 2: Add new db/ directory to the build-system. r=Standard8
52efa9789800829c6f0ee6a005f83ed45a250396Matheus Kerschbaum — Bug 669040 part 1: Move mozilla/db/ to comm-central/db/ r=Standard8
abfd23d7c5042bc87502506c9f34c965fb9a09d1Jens Hatlak — Bug 675263 - Port |Bug 668622 - Move sync at startup logic (autoConnect, etc.) to SyncScheduler|. r=Neil
3435704c16d9bfaecd9b5a433193d0552f1e5cdeIan Neal — Bug 660739 - ERROR TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL test_idcheck.xul | check id: messengercompose.xul#contentAreaContextSet r=neil
04c68787486d054351462cb057da4e7fb0616569Ian Neal — Bug 657161 - Make use of contentAreaContext in Composer r=neil/standard8
277788e3ca3bc31f1e150de0902a70bada5c47e7tbirdbld — Automated blocklist update from host momo-vm-linux-16 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
a5788969f1947e85730e7953a26ab75252701b9bKent James — bug 661987 - Failed loadVirtualFolders causes tab registration to fail, r=bienvenu
989daa36e0113039be9e596e243fd7b8e6ad85baPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 496883 - alarm dialog plays a sound for each alarm that is displayed. r=mmecca
a005672d01ad749eeb5d70d5de25e2b569e7c017Jim Porter — Bug 666232 - Smaller resize grips on Linux (fix grip in standalone window); r=protz
9c3800484d748c62fc3baa66ca6b55f0dabfba5cDavid Bienvenu — fix crash in nsBufferedOutputStream::write, r=neil, bug 593829
cb57fc284a4138b9ece07c54c764bedd1f94f2f9Jim Porter — Bug 667245 - the widget for switching folder pane views is heavy and ugly; r=bwinton, ui-r=andreasn
d76b160f0737363d0bfb6a5dcb6b00195fe1318dJens Hatlak — Bug 674310 - Automatic Find as you type broken. r=Neil
1704c4677e9c427f7946fc1c05d903a67c22def4Richard Marti — Bug 667248 - menubar and primary toolbar buttons are impossible to read with aero-glass effect r=bwinton ui-r=andreasn
0fd8d928a349c88e3543188ab075de47adfa9acfRichard Marti — Bug 671236 - Flatter appearance for quick filter bar r=squib ui-r=andreasn
5e361c76f4e53bf1d566394272cb9a74708dc33cDavid Bienvenu — add unit test for undoing delete of a local message, r=standard8, bug 669647
a4811dffa2705f1dde06fb72b07db5498ad2da8fDavid Bienvenu — add unit test for copying a message to a local folder whose db is out of date/invalid, r=standard8, bug 670159
55e6502234617e9afa227177d51b1d33549acb63Philipp Kewisch — Bustage fix for bug 672460 - Event invitation not sent out when Outlook compatiblity is checked.
190843c8536a85b17613f322c7367fd1d29471ceMakoto Kato — Bug 673240 - Thunderbird crashes when opening IMAP Account mail with MoreFunctionsForAddressBook addon [@ morkTable::HasRow] | [[@ nsAddrDatabase::HasRowButDeletedForCharColumn] (Mac & linux). r=dbienvenu
273d03134e263c6f1762af57a5ad517eaf2874e0Ian Neal — Bug 674246 - Workaround event handler having the same original prototype node r=neil
fb61d037609aabaf33f96ef48fd79fc4c1a2fb44Daniel Holbert — Bug 671921: Add hyphen to "Double-check" in invalid-email-address warning message. r=bwinton ui-r=bwinton
fcd97e93cea62ea2d8c16ed91ebff3418dced77bKent James — bug 502724 - crash [@ nsMsgLocalMailFolder::GetNewMessages(nsIMsgWindow*, nsIUrlListener*)], r=bienvenu
7dbc9c5c2b4159a25da8f92eca10a5409168ed71Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 482110 - calendar stays hidden after adding event to it; new event not visible (regression). r=decathlon
59230f04d91cc7542f90a7cf9547d3629e967207Edmund Wong — Bug 537153 - Added accesskeys to message-id context popup menu r=iann_bugzilla
07690eba75582fe2489aa09ef401901fcf8f548fEdmund Wong — Bug 670652 - Removed extraneous import rules r=iann_bugzilla
1252c3a5daed46217864e22c9ac01ca873b124bcRichard Marti — Bug 671904 - New Account Wizard bad-input warnings are unreadable (gray-on-black) in Ubuntu 11.04; r=andreasn
6d8318b1709e2259c1077ba1f80374bfc45af9baTakanori MATSUURA — Bug 672286 - Copy xpcshell.ini only if ENABLE_TESTS is set; r=Standard8
6596041bb85c5106dc474767bc481c6522f926f3Edmund Wong — Bug 635179 - Exposed browser.zoom.siteSpecific preference r=iann_bugzilla
a811189e920ae933157c5018a75e8689a410e4fdEdmund Wong — Bug 672101 - Added browser.zoom.siteSpecific preference UI help r=jh
bfd229071b8832df2972b4a9dd44c36ad45c9963rsx11m — Bug 672146 - Ensure that valid arguments are passed to Zoom Manager when 100% is not within the allowed min-max range r=neil
8ef37ea1e1ee393e318eed563aa88dc0bd761814David Bienvenu — fix crash trying to clone a xf view w/o a search session, r=neil, bug 557129
06700b789e04c60067c63157160efdd656641f8dDavid Bienvenu — fix unit test leak, r=standard8, bug 673268
cf242a5c4d701e39a63b7e9bf1760f3879f46177David Bienvenu — backout patch that should not have landed, patch was landed as part of fix for bug 658877, backout fixes bug 660019, r=backout
d5812a6f28b98a7d2ccbb851a31a44acc5476df5David Bienvenu — fix error expanding folder pane tree rows, r=standard8, bug 658534
9875fdbfc9db2680007f3305f85e951606725465Mark Banner — Bug 669586 - Replace some nsCStringArray instances with nsTArray<nsCString>; r=bienvenu
9eafe179ea092c754372049f24c6cb6c28593866Mark Banner — Bug 673884 - update for bug 643816 (remove previous D3D dll versions); r=bienvenu
728871c36cf767b087ee614a78b8692628cf3926Mark Banner — Bug 673880 - Port Bug 406026 - Consider allowing the blocklist url to direct to a particular point in the blocklist; r=bienvenu
a095c9ff5f8259be2f9c3c7e0ad34d6a0a7ecafbIan Neal — Bug 670948 - Missed gLocSvc.pwd in dataman.xml r=KaiRo
073a5733981e76f240c02e5eb2bd451c3220db9cPhilip Chee — Bug 673877 Increase performance of Win7 JumpList favorites queries. r=Neil.
bb52e3b67d0a4c180fca0f20d5eb334dbffed64cPhilip Chee — Bug 666246 Accidentally dragging a single tab moves it to the right edge of the tab bar. r=Neil.
e20890e96b5614bd6ea558f7c32111b58572c5c7Misak Khachatryan — Bug 673902 - Port [Bug 669196 - Session Restore losing nearly all tabs] to SeaMonkey. r=Neil
2959eb33d4e7b2943e1d05745918a246690791feDecathlon — Fix bug 669311 - On Windows 7 the navigation buttons inside mini-day and the keep-duration button need an adjustment. r=richard.marti
f30c7074a6599fb3ec176dcfaa5aa9304953bca1Richard Marti — Fix bug 672102 - toolbarbutton-day-text is hard to read with personas. r=decathlon
d5ef3936415b7f4160568bd88360bef1c3ab314dDon Rhummy — Fix bug 672816 - Snoozing/Dismissing one event on alarm popup closes entire window. r=philipp
3654eb8aa8e94fb1d8d824b0e6199292988d0514Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 672158 - Custom repeated task - cannot click on OK button. r=decathlon
3b77cabb3de926f13d1c9807b00bd5ac1fbc44e9Jens Hatlak — Bug 654864 - Suite changes from |Bug 422845 - Replace rdf-driven addressbook directory tree with js one|. r=Mnyromyr sr=Neil
7e1f64a04369274876b83c30b6e78516d2d05de9Neil Rashbrook — Bug 673717 Live bookmarks aren't r=IanN
ea935b82337f51cbab0e50c46e2bdf7000533c34Karsten Düsterloh — Bug 671605: reuse standalone window; r=Neil
946b956a9bad5a7f083fc22f5d51513cc61acfc4Richard Marti — Bug 666232 - Smaller resize grips on Linux; r=protz, ui-r=andreasn
c72b0134955aca6d042404e96f7a52d5dd96acc4Jim Porter — Bug 577925 - F6 doesn't work when message summary view is shown (operate on collapsed); r=asuth
f239d5efaa6d4b85461b217626e4f79019b388deEdmund Wong — Bug 668723 - Updated for bug 643816. r+a=Callek
92b97ca4be6792359c4de0651a886ea64001ebb7David Bienvenu — fix leaks in xpcshell tests, mostly due to not removing listeners, r=rkent, bug 673022
31e6cae8d2015570a2d05f51d002b05d68c28912David Bienvenu — fix memory leak of thread tables, r=neil, bug 673235
614000f364da61986692b080c6a951fe7856b44aseabld — Automated blocklist update from host cb-sea-linux-tbox - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
274f1a42aa8697cdc9c3ff100793507bcf69d882Justin Wood — Bug 673559 - Make comm-central support the June 2010 DirectX SDK. r+a=KaiRo,jhopkins
c1ef44a22eb2f828b5e869263e20e061ae3b3566Jonathan Kamens — Bug 602718 - Inline images not shown in attachment pane when "View>>message body as.plaintext" (after bug 351224, image embedded in multipart/related part is not accessible as attachment) r=bienvenu ui-r=bwinton
bfee0c972a27570a1b66c5fd3bf1356d99db42eaJim Porter — Bug 673049 - Forwarding an .eml message causes message compose error; r=protz
1bf028c0289ba6d4f2e067c7f0ac5fb4cd5616dbDavid Bienvenu — fix saving of junk data on shutdown, r=rkent, bug 533530
711a25ccc01cf000fec931265066d701a8d895dbPhilipp Kewisch — Bustage fix for one of the recent checkins
faa021d9ea442b322b4995b3ac8e1b71376dfc3eDavid Bienvenu — fix leaks in test_searchBoolean.js r=rkent, bug 672964
b073f07771eaa48eb27b47a9d009258f2bc3c082Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 672460 - Event invitation not sent out when Outlook compatiblity is checked. r=mschroeder
6247f4ccff75e7f35d9d6f62977e3b7b6c8eeddfJim Porter — Bug 667384 - When "From" header is pushed down by message header buttons, too much space is wasted; r=bwinton, ui-r=andreasn
a159b6b376801cba6995d8e07dac14604c7d4e14David Bienvenu — oops, left blank line at end of tail for prev checking, whitespace fix only, bug 672691
de3adcbeac327f9d6092a8d0a28f5e608aebeb46David Bienvenu — fix reported leaks in mdn xpcshell tests, test only fix, r=sid0, bug 672691
3b287bec428373c4222637294a269e474899e51bRichard Marti — Bug 671132 - if switching from icon+text to just text the text becomes misaligned r=andreasn
cde2834b56188f9343b2d2db6e206049424a0c91Andreas Nilsson — Bug 588007 - Investigate using monochrome icons for the headers r=bwinton ui-r=bwinton
c93871cba778326fa621208e772e23ca0031e972Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 463275 - Edit Recurrence dialog shows wrong rule when editing event. r=ssitter
3e5e383e863f93d2e900040028187491930e05a2Ian Neal — Bug 672528 - Switch suite to use Services.strings r=neil
6307d22ee150d81a0596e10109aab8e2c0b9fefcPhilipp Kewisch — Fix BOM introduced in bug 603416. r=obvious
35b1c5b4ce0f447f9ea02bd0b0435b1aa21d0d96tbirdbld — Automated blocklist update from host momo-vm-linux-16 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
a87f3182f6f9052c2a163f9d1d76fc82dd73aa07Ian Neal — Bug 671572 - Switch suite to use Services.prompt r=neil
812004f6e421995c507f5fdb626ad488c5614a11Richard Marti — Fix bug 668955 - today-pane-panel Aro theme maintenance. r=philipp
741351000bdf8fd4ed148ecac3c00c99e16f1731Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 603416 - startup crash [@ cal::UTC()]. r=mschroeder
a047e0ff2fff6ba62a8dbc0b65e27a2b9fa4507fPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 668222 - Thunderbird Does Not Process Meeting Invites from Outlook, Google Calendar. r=mmecca
f23b0d4708fb88e87b64734da798d131c4c67f51Misak Khachatryan — Bug 672178 - Port Bug 670040 [Make nsISessionStartup.state a jsval to save repeatedly stringifying/parsing the initial state]. r=Neil
c2992c343ccba6e19639eb8a9d02e710695343b8Misak Khachatryan — Backed out changeset e309169f6cc8
e309169f6cc879ea32dc85ab319444316dedd6a4Misak Khachatryan — imported patch Bug670040
3d95e40b74f20426800c17c277a701ebd863c1d3Justin Wood — Bug 579571 broke comm-central, bustage fix. (Cleanup remains). f+=jcranmer
bacbe700c292f2852f60c98a600f95606a7dc340Justin Wood Bug 668744 - Update from 2.0 leaves behind some files in some locales r=KaiRo
a534791838e84b3e2b130eb3ee714c34afd4c1e0rsx11m — Bug 621823 Zoom levels in toolkit.zoomManager.zoomValues are always reset to 0.5,0.75,0.9,1,1.2,1.5,2
17dceb3435d33071090bf4d81cf5abed57c7a146stefanh — Bug 670532 - [Mac] When a download starts, default to open download manager (like other OS). r=Mnyromyr.
aa2bf01bdb8efe9553ed3d16a0101bfe40baeb6fNeil Rashbrook — Fix fallout from bug 670235 harder r=bustage
43bdfad505b34caa0b8f0323740b711dde4fb2c2David Bienvenu — fix some error handling when doing pseudo offline imap move/deletes, bug 671657, r=neil
26c88a50b37169c68b1c3d80cd5e53d17c728b5dMark Banner — Fix js based bustage from nsIDOMWindowInternal merge (bug 670235) r=bustage
70caf2978218414edf83a040c0410fc087b1aa26David Bienvenu — fix image element build bustage
93e0048687b7572593f2fb3b082b449112b883bcDavid Bienvenu — fix build bustage with nsIDomWindowInternal
f52dd4f082202ae2bce11e3f78b75f37bf7b171cNeil Rashbrook — Fix fallout from bug 670235 r=bustage
bbf03e583fa409872e16deff442b64b864526474Neil Rashbrook — Fix fallout from bug 670235 r=bustage
8d55529ca56333344a52e6c88df8df49d5855579Jim Porter — Bug 656045 - Attachment bar actions should be disabled if only a text/x-moz-deleted attachment is present (fix fallout); r=bwinton
c7733cc3da46aee7686bbafd3c65c5f75c4c3827Jim Porter — Bug 564328 - Keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F conflict and cmd_find ambiguity, used for both Find in This Message and Quick Filter; r=asuth
38876eeaef86c170e7188b9412267174e00aebddSiddharth Agarwal — Bug 670249 - Get rid of NFSPWD from rs=Callek
45a849aee6165bb8e10b3d46cd0c0b61ceaef9c3Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 667252 - Autoconfig wizard: fix order of buttons on Windows, plus make all button text the same size. ui-r+r=bwinton
e42ccacdc80ad5054a1c5d7100c82622c49c8559Misak Khachatryan — [Bug 671520] Port Bug 668646 [Invalid cookie hosts causes sessionstore to stop updating]. r=Neil
8bb302ea0895a775db22722507228571479e5e53Misak Khachatryan — [Bug 671517] Port relevant bits of Bug 588506 [nsSessionStartup is keeping restored session in memory]. r=Neil
592a6c14182d362b17c7e80dbfac127d632bcfc0David Bienvenu — fix bug 657696, crash in nsMsgThread::GetRootHdr, r=standard8
408ad8acf00193679aa2487765ec5253116280b1Richard Marti — Bug 668958 - #calendar-status-todaypane-button should use the aero icon r=bv1578
86474babc711c1cd5983b678e7d57056c510cdebRichard Marti — Bug 668631 - Dragging message(s) over a folder doesn't give highlight the drop folder r=bwinton
640675ba244ac0749d3f87f58573ecb59da3ececMatthew Mecca — Bug 624211 - Current Tasks filter should only show completed tasks if completed today r=philipp ui-r=richard.marti
dd41379e2ec129411f26de9752100d1498dbb488Jean-Bernard Marcon — Bug 635318 - Duplicate accesskey in Copies & Folders settings dialog r=bwinton
7c0c838f516de331f7aca8ecba0707906920fd92Ian Neal — Bug 670749 - Have individual methods for cookie/image/popup menus in navigatorOverlay r=neil
4579fdf3d43674cc5774113a1e5a4a0b1df3c307Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 668058 - Add a DIR_INSTALL command and allow NSDISTMODE to be target-specific. r=Callek
004c3d95bb3e6c85c5fcc898bb21132a68824147Justin Wood — actually remove files from Bug 656049. DONTBUILD
f78f865e5fad62b1e566d42eb411594e05376400Justin Wood — Revert Bug 656049, as one clean cset. r=bustage
f66eb5d6026dc5ac169ec0a287590248d67e1306Jonathan Kamens — Bug 437494 - Reports lost connection to outgoing mail server; tcp dump shows client sending invalid data (last [LF] or [CRLF] or .[CRLF] in final [CRLF].[CRLF] sequence is not passed to SMTP server)
9127a0af1ca2d889ea1f3492323867cde772f228Richard Marti — Bug 668494 - Highlight of mailboxes crosses the characters
1cb6eac2ee6f44cf455b5fcc1e6348d41019d201Richard Marti — Bug 660672 - Toolbar dropdowns looks different than the other buttons in Aero glass
f1a16d7594b83e7aec7e211f49fe4bf5ab698950Jonathan Kamens — Bug 667133 - Allow mail.SpellCheckBeforeSend to be tweaked by add-ons by converting it to an overridable function (mail patch)
e88d35502646bd82df4aba2afe70ea44e3f16102Jonathan Kamens — Bug 667133 - Allow mail.SpellCheckBeforeSend to be tweaked by add-ons by converting it to an overridable function (suite patch)
f516d5606ecdf382bbe57b6569977a6640f3e680Richard Marti — Bug 655202 - Message header alignment is off (from / subject / to)
55631bb5a28f35d2a2473a2da1fb014ade511ab6Mark Banner — Bug 664967 - Remove channel switching UI (Port bug 659972); r=sid0
c4d0fb70b99a082988a33b8a969fc353ff10c591Ian Neal — Bug 670750 - Move appropriate entites from navigator.dtd to navigatorOverlay.dtd which are only used in navigatorOverlay.xul r=neil
c8093f8d23e173a368446b8a8c3abbb67a54390crsx11m — Bug 667529 - Don't use the "Other" entry in View > Zoom if a matching menu item is available. r=Neil
77c0f9cf803d31e7b60f527740a2e8684df9db22rsx11m — Bug 667525 - Base the initial "Other" zoom level on a pref rather than a property. r=Neil
82bc524240a40fa84b31615508bdd25a70d16592Mark Banner — Fix outlook import build bustage from bug 648910 landing in mozilla-central - Make nsIDOMHTMLImageElement widths and heights unsigned to match the HTML5 spec. r=bustage-fix
f7b16da534a15006605df6e519dfd5912673eaffEdmund Wong — Bug 512378 - Removed java-specific preferences from SeaMonkey UI and hidden prefs and Help r=iann_bugzilla
31ef6d0355618a585730c926ff16ce76c1a94573Edmund Wong — Bug 667829 - No accesskey for Folder in Add Bookmark Dialog r=neil
b37fc31661668387d5c7665822e8c3f1e8cd1c0aEdmund Wong — Bug 633935 - Put 'reply to newsgroup' on top r=iann_bugzilla
d826f0f7f749bc16d048b8e4829cc75b7f904302Edmund Wong — Bug 621042 - Advanced Account Settings should mention account name r=iann_bugzilla
b1075fd310df3eb78338b8923a00f70ae3d5cabbEdmund Wong — Bug 599731 - Moved Recently Closed menus to the Go Menu r=iann_bugzilla
ec2edbeb7888b5d6adccfd4d6e14158e5c83766bEdmund Wong — Bug 513895 - Audited preference panes for duplicate stylesheets r=iann
3df45b9372f7ce61058236c4316a14e00eec508fMark Banner — Fix import build bustage from bug 648910 landing in mozilla-central - Make nsIDOMHTMLImageElement widths and heights unsigned to match the HTML5 spec. r=bustage-fix
e6a7df2f0c204f7df080bb74e30ac6f1ca1fa57dDavid Bienvenu — fix bug 663761 imap messages keep getting redownloaded if they incorrectly start with From instead of a : header, r=neil
cc1d417cfbf3dc6d46bb525343c2e9219864bdacIan Neal — Bug 670691 - Sync can't deactivate device - bundle_prefutilities is not defined r=jh
0e65da451a67a39fb00c527adc00a98b5dd336f3Ian Neal — Bug 669291 - Fold permissionsNavigatorOverlay.xul into navigator code r=neil
52f1ee7f7590815bda4a8c8e49f81e3aa35d9fcaIan Neal — Bug 670010 - Remove unused overrideHandler.js file r=mnyromyr
2942fbea749662facbf5fb74736f1dbbd897c04dNeil Rashbrook — Bug 541313 Image Properties dialog always reverts to Actual Size r=IanN
22c588256c89e72bf3308fc41632bb91972d0f72Jens Hatlak — Bug 668993 - Sync account wizard does not close after clicking on "Finish". r=Neil
f4ecb26d2773b8088fc3c4f9bf4324cf4806284eEdmund Wong — Bug 584849 - Make Personas feature more discoverable. r=Neil
2490cbb6ef98a1a24d8ff66586212479438a9383stefanh — Bug 667299 - Turn off 'ui.click_hold_context_menus' on Mac. r=Mnyromyr.
5a568e874b0fc4d88049a9c40afbd5248ff6b6d2Mark Banner — Backout the port of bug 414946 Disable jemalloc on Mac for now due to a packing error (bug 670468) and other issues. r=nightly update bustage fix
24b8803d73c0c4c667c088833d335b5dc44a3f85Neil Rashbrook — Bug 663919 Search engine icon missing in urlbar search r=IanN
e2313d570e1084be5f161d79d49c17224b053c0bseabld — Automated blocklist update from host - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
ed32049114173169e2da8b0c011ff02f6d0f5257Neil Rashbrook — Bug 22112 Show replied and forwarded state of mail messages in the thread pane r=Mnyromyr
9b9d32bb5fd2b497cc3351a3cf6ef0f849b2cec9Philippe M. Chiasson — merge
1fe64d255b2b0c733ad9610ba43b4ed1b1d20585Philippe M. Chiasson — Bug 656049 - teach comm-central to invoke r=Standard8,Callek
31cb62010d42c2338eebe3d894382d122333853fPhilippe M. Chiasson — merge
10df3ade195d15f6ce8000d8d7c5e9a036197542Philippe M. Chiasson — Backed out changeset ec4a75961dc8
39dec65470833a2d9a767a478ae90e0a2ee209cfMark Banner — Bustage fix for Mac - port bug 414946 - Enable jemalloc on Mac. r=bustage-fix
5869ce3fda484bf7c7276ff696816252afc49dddtbirdbld — Automated blocklist update from host momo-vm-linux-08 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
7dab38a4d5ce2fcd008844ed24e988668295a1edPhilipp Kewisch — Backout bug 554267 - Deleting a single item of an recurring event, does not delete the alarm of this event.
65a97840d9258e90772d76e1f0e55c5712fe2677Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 668474 - Remote calendar with webcal:// location not working (regression). r=mschroeder
8961a80e383c2b133bb6e6f3c9f4bf6f127cec8eMatthew Mecca — Fix bug 668153 - wcap not working since TB5 and Lightning 1.0b4rc2. r=mschroeder
a6bdbe78f1f75d4199f303e13af6cbb0bc9f1034Jim Porter — Bug 64267 - clicking on email address/mailto link in message body doesn't set the correct From (identity) - bustage fix for .emls; r=bienvenu
cc06bf5d9186e3c5664a212f69a685a344b4307eSiddharth Agarwal — Bug 669463 - WSEnable.exe needs to have its manifest set to requireAdministrator. r=bienvenu
8a25422c9fca5df3703535e54475cc5ccaea356cSiddharth Agarwal — Bug 666607 - Improve the address book import for Outlook Express. r=sid0. Updated by Siddharth Agarwal <>, r=bienvenu
b65e94778dbd5d6a1f852bb167da792488a0e6b3Jim Porter — Bug 64267 - clicking on email address/mailto link in message body doesn't set the correct From (identity); r=bienvenu, sr=neil
3ac94faeeb559a7b41afe1710e83e7e8262f68bbMark Banner — Bug 669504 - Port bug 649373 - remove the PRE_RELEASE_SUFFIX so that nightly/aurora builds don't have Alpha in their window titles; r=bienvenu
69de1b1f58f7264ba2952c9f9a8e320541d804adMark Banner — Unit test bustage fix - port bug 645922 to comm-central (Remove nsIJSON.encode/decode, because their functionality is subsumed by JSON.parse and JSON.stringify, and their idiosyncrasies are hindering code improvements). r=bustage fix
7e3a06ce86c8c465b39fbdba4860942c6fb308d8Joshua Cranmer — Fix orange tests from changeset 7f1d82e03723.
cf80c93a7d8d84bceef945a77a2a6afade45a62dDavid Bienvenu — centralize search handling of input stream in preparation for pluggable store work r=rkent, sr=neil, bug 668700
7f1d82e037238e0a8375695ccc26b541bb737287Joshua Cranmer — Bug 226890 - Thunderbird doesn't handle news URIs properly, part 9: Parser fixups and more testing. r=bienvenu
b3944d5783fc86205f28eae4954ecb0893a9e95fJoshua Cranmer — Bug 226890 - Thunderbird doesn't handle news URIs properly, part 8: Only initialize m_nntpServer once. r=Standard8
8e5dde6eb30787e8f3f40ae1ec5d87c6a9430127Joshua Cranmer — Bug 226890 - Thunderbird doesn't handle news URIs propertly, part 7: simplify nsParseNewsMessageURI. r=Standard8
cd466d24ba2fd85f3f1ad80231d3dc526eb4f898Joshua Cranmer — Bug 226890 - Thunderbird doesn't handle news URIs properly, part 6: Move the message key to nsNntpUrl as well. r=Standard8, sr=bienvenu
296ff5717bcfbf8f227ac4f3578b4dc92ad5d195Mark Banner — closing old head a=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
abb1166ea9c56f3675f632a4bb105d97ac4b4adaMark Banner — Added tag AURORA_7_END for changeset df0b29d742bb a=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
00ff04c6910d3c1e9dc8abc5bc581b1014fd8770Mark Banner — closing old head a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
3f005474698475edab5bf8d9deba4f1a44846f31Mark Banner — Added tag BETA_7_END for changeset bcf680e15221 a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE