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Thu Aug 28 10:16:02 2014 +0000
9ddc53f410750de6b23eb84859ce7dedccfd4a20Richard Marti — Bug 1046563 - Use inverted icons on Classic. r=philipp,r=josiah,a=Standard8 SEAMONKEY_2_29b2_BUILD1 SEAMONKEY_2_29b2_RELEASE
23db718a60f1e92f501318538c331c71009959b9Thomas Düllmann — Bug 966655 - Add 2px extra height for msgHeadersToolbar to ensure scrollbar-less visibility of recipients per addresswidget.numRowsShownDefault pref. r=Paenglab,a=Standard8
15a9f27b215793481c23e787b6e3a76394bf9865Magnus Melin — Bug 1008718 - sending to wrong email (list) if "name" is in address book twice and one of them is a list. r=jcranmer, a=standard8