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Tue Apr 09 19:47:37 2013 +0000
1d1de403c5843eecbb2e05b99f9363e592e8fa34Makoto Kato — Bug 856506 - Fix crash in nsSmtpProtocol when parsing IDN. r+a=Standard8
9277665dfff33ea2c36cff019bbb59e31635dd10Mark Banner — Bug 806814. r=rstrong,a=Standard8
d5ea73d10f3aa3459707a753f477aafed4bde002Mark Banner — Bug 833971 LDAP password requested for each lookup even if password is saved - obtain a window to pass to the password manager so that it can detect private browsing even though this isn't supported in mail. r=Neil,a=Standard8
147ec991f2dd4291145cc36d513db0cf36c843a4Patrick Cloke — Bug 857049 - Port Twitter API v1.1 from Instantbird to c-c, r=florian,mconley, a=Standard8