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Wed Nov 13 09:10:23 2019 +0000
216e79bcfb3ffdb15169f9445b2fe2de00926e3eRichard Marti — Bug 1594200 - Use an envelope as "new mail" icon in systray. ui-r=aleca r+a=jorgk THUNDERBIRD_71_0b3_BUILD3 THUNDERBIRD_71_0b3_RELEASE
8d03e8719bd7868586632ab3ce82e1041fff90faGeoff Lankow — Bug 1364167 - When repairing a folder only re-display it if it is the current one. r+a=jorgk
89c74493e695121bf9c83bb29252328bdbedf633Ben Bucksch — Bug 1595991 - [autoconfig] Shorten console output for HTML responses. r+a=jorgk