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Thu Sep 21 15:25:57 2017 +0000
430b691235dc428f852bbb36eb44fbe519061a93alta88 — Bug 814978 - Edit|Select|Starred Messages doesn't work in cross folder view (saved search/unified). r=jorgk a=jorgk
7159bd45a4f6813f96ad665986bd4e9da2ced430alta88 Bug 1354809 - Fix crash in nsMsgGroupView::LoadMessageByViewIndex(). r=jorgk a=jorgk
958254c475a5fbbe93a8ad261d037a21deac9966Jorg K — Bug 1400359 - Follow-up: Add NS_ERROR_NET_RESET and NS_ERROR_NET_INTERRUPT in nsMsgProtocol::ShowAlertMessage(). r=me a=jorgk
9ccf7f64ce420ef440989f27cf70e6769aee01d9Jorg K — Bug 1400359 - Follow-up: Don't try to report NS_BINDING_ABORTED. r=me a=jorgk
f26b00899997420bbb3ea06037a4487f4ce30de2Jorg K — Bug 1400359 - show user alert if pop server cannot be reached. r=frg a=jorgk
eca90d4a27d2e1e30c7ddcfddddda5be2227b967Jorg K — Bug 1401026 - Follow-up: update test expectancy with server name. r=me a=jorgk
1e947b81c3f74b8a4eff17186bf7a74b30f1499cJorg K — Bug 1401026 - user real server name instead of account name (pretty name) for IMAP alerts. r=frg a=jorgk
7b6daa02a908409623dccd98f9ca63fc1ed34500Jorg K — Bug 1387581 - use getSelectedMsgHdrs() instead of currentlyDisplayedMessage to select correct message in multifolder search (idea by alta88). r=alta88 a=jorgk
8cb3077054c23c5590469eafd25f1e5c78db2f4cJorg K — Bug 1368786 - release m_mdbRow in hash table entry and also in DTOR. r=rkent a=jorgk