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Fri Apr 05 21:17:14 2013 +0000
997fbd08ee62948fb325485484677742eeaa52a3Neil Rashbrook — Bug 846763 Browser feed preview needs to work with XBL scopes r=IanN f=Ratty a=IanN ba=Neil
863ec27812d612c69db7d67e4c6502cceb7220b2Neil Rashbrook — Bug 853268 Add icons for security notifications r=Ratty a=IanN
161dfb7785ac327eb0bb23d74629de1e260c9dcbNeil Rashbrook — Bug 851304 nsContextMenu.js save as handler creates a channel without regard for privacy status r=IanN f=Ratty a=IanN
f3408ba1247a6ea767a3d2204242ba58232328d9Neil Rashbrook — Bug 849440 Private downloads don't update r=IanN f=Ratty a=IanN
186f171a3d401b11b4981f9e817e4edd6395c79eNeil Rashbrook — Bug 844497 Open Location dialog should not save state when opened from a private window r=IanN a=IanN
73971e6fef8d05c63e78cb8a77d41bf289a97c58Neil Rashbrook — Bug 856406 Tabbed browser should use favicon service in a privacy-aware way r=Ratty a=IanN