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Mon Aug 27 20:27:17 2012 +0000
f9b6f18872f3cc5e2bdf39f02388e0533be6b5d4Mark Banner — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=betamerge CLOSED TREE
2808a09f74b709dd46c731df07b6357c93d2ae2bMark Banner — Added tag BETA_BASE_20120827 for changeset d6967732c4f0 a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE AURORA_16_END
d6967732c4f001cdff98fc293965f262af57654fRichard Marti — Bug 783267 - auth window spinner is misaligned. r=mconley, a=bwinton. BETA_BASE_20120827
3e81254c8f0c7ded0a2ed639d2e67051297efad5Brian King — Bug 767327 - Add to file link services. r=mconley, a=bwinton.
f5b049fb5d0da58770fbbbe4221775224327f9deAndrew Sutherland (:asuth) — Bug 783947 - "gloda should listen for folderAdded events and folder flag changes to avoid erroneously filthy folders for newly added accounts and keep indexing priorities up-to-date" r=protz a=Standard8
db0cc7630dbcf26c3febbb4ff6b5f0afcccfc5b3David Lechner — Bug 778246 - Allow for case that custom imap command returns FETCH response r=Bienvenu a=Standard8
2da3d597b702efd2e940a0a5f34621508b169e83David Lechner — Test for bug 778246. Add Gmail specific code to imapd.js for handling STORE X-GM-LABELS command, new test for nsIImapFolder.issueCommandOnMsgs() that uses STORE X-GM-LABELS command as test case. r=Bienvenu a=Standard8
db0e36fc782f1c64d5a13dd542543f7f30aded7eRichard Marti — Bug 774090 - Implement Bug 686959 on IM. r=andreasn ui-r=andreasn a=Standard8
5c8e147bdf4fc3c88cdf39e429418a57e63abf31Serge Gautherie — Bug 771459. (Av2) Package BrowserElementPromptService.jsm. r+a=Callek
a0e08da0014a469041a8407e3869fb5f15db36c5Serge Gautherie — Bug 773144. (Av1) Port |Bug 753239 - Implement a DOM component for|. r+a=Callek
f0f70426d010dc47623943f76394c84f39e8b3a4Callek — Automated blocklist update from host - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
4ab2340c2d041b8ff051448c2faa595d19e56da0Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 738078 - Make use of BigFiles/FileLink to attach files in the event dialog. r=mmecca,a=philipp
94e3cac31d51705362393e9320da059c88af8f7aseabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-5 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
990b3cabed5d7e07d4d52ef8064a38d64e159b80Philip Chee — Bug 784060 - r=Neil, a=Callek
fb8d0b1382738687fe3a848e7a1387d69eca371dSerge Gautherie — Bug 774265. (Av1) Fully update packaging wrt |Bug 534956 - Sync add-ons|. r=Callek a=Callek
9e694192b1e1b377f8339bcf75210f9eb19469a7Frank Wein — Bug 777005 - Fix Bookmarks and history menus behave incorrectly due to non-node weak map keys (Port Bug 760940) r=Neil a=Callek
7ba95316df03b53395341692e16c22918c6e4765Tony Mechelynck [:tonymec] — Bug 779077 - Don't focus the content area when closing a places context menu (Port Bug 776271) r=Ratty a=Callek
5bfe2d75751484593db51efbd676a62b759907edPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 688719 - Automate setting minversion/maxversion for release builds. r=me,a=philipp — Fix bug 784487 - calendar-multiget request is not correctly formatted (regression). r=philipp,a=philipp
90b0d23e8746c9f0c3ef613cd1d3786888abd8a5Irving Reid — Bug 482811: Work around hang by disabling slow script warning for chrome scrips on Mac, r+a=standard8
5bde783cb95a858c6f891190b76504c71db47d6aMark Banner — Fix bustage from bug 744077 - use nullptr instead of nsnull. a=bustage-fix
c2fc730615200b80a703a5b8eeb3efb300a7c3a7Magnus Melin — [Bug 761654] "Always load remote content from [address]" link in the preview pane is failing. r=mconley, r=IanN, a=Standard8
b503e56009970f41d8a451a791046b0703ecee05Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 744077 - Fix crash from use of PR_Free in ProcessBodyAsAttachment. Use delete[] instead of PR_Free for the memory alocatted with new. r+a=Standard8
d59b478123db2f5d3642bbecedb84c51198e2668Richard Marti — Bug 768919 - Refine the theme of chat messages, r=florian,mconley, ui-r=bwinton, a=Standard8.
516931b9529340be7a83539101b132331c9534c9Mike Conley — Bug 783022 - After initial message, IM conversations are not indexed on Windows until restart. r=asuth, a=Standard8.
9ffbd5c6d544a52982235897f96c84560b4363a1Mike Conley — Bug 782325 - Give Gloda a unique ID each time the index is regenerated, and ensure IM conversations are reindexed when the gloda database is reset. r=asuth, a=Standard8.
f002c6cc22146209fa8a86d07dbf8c5c7460563fseabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-6 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
f4eb3319a21982e4cc33b201ce6edfc89b164817Richard Marti — Bug 782666 - IMSearchInput not as tall as the other searchfields. r=mconley, a=Standard8.
6619227bcb335f3f179d39a5b0f2cdb14a5d1ab4Florian Quèze — Bug 778709 - Improve keyboard interactions with the status selector of the chat toolbar. r+ui-r=bwinton, a=Standard8.
d725db4fdfdba7243c7c94cf4a69ec5dd483ce91Mike Conley — Bug 741728 - Previous conversations should be collapsed by default. r=florian, ui-r=florian, a=Standard8.
6b01dcaa80578c2a01dca69aa99fd0654aab9b1aFlorian Quèze — Bug 779453 - Styling for active participants is lost when changing chatrooms. r=clokep, a=Standard8.
2825933b7b46c67cc731f0c4cc6f6b7b8b51dd62Richard Marti — Bug 780643 - CSS warning in a rule of the chat button. r=andreasn, a=Standard8.
f1d65ccc71a903aa12efa5fd755f95a7b3088702Florian Quèze — Bug 777873 - Viewing some old Twitter logs breaks log viewer. r=clokep, a=Standard8.
c48583d1810bbddd60c506b2b764d5dd048b1c4bTony Mechelynck [:tonymec] — Bug 768015 - Override Toolkit and increase image.mem.max_decoded_image_kb to 250MB. r=IanN, sr=neil, a=IanN
0ae2de3971548f9ebf643d594e5ebc605176318eseabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-2 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
f64150ef70dfbcd6e332cd02841cb04a73be3981Mark Banner — Bug 593571 - Add a certificate attribute check when checking for update. r=irving,a=Standard8
f368466591f13308fd8ab41c9676a8f77b601174aleth — Bug 742673 - Chat accounts are not connected automatically if Thunderbird was offline on startup, r=florian, a=Standard8.
e0dac55e262a18e97c81f05675e41dba687c7766Florian Quèze — Bug 780930 - Store contact aliases on the XMPP server, r=clokep, a=Standard8.
40921035fa399d09ae1a7a8fedb4612e62960727Florian Quèze — Bug 778276 - The topic editor for IRC channels does not work, r=bwinton, a=Standard8.
334e0b2c223d603831bcf5ba409780da19ff1f25Florian Quèze — Bug 780173 - The "connect" button of the "Show Accounts" dialog stays disabled after disconnecting an IRC account, r=bwinton, a=Standard8.
ccc8ae2d6b7216d6b6098bf544353b956d104a2dFlorian Quèze — Bug 777308 - searches started from autocomplete popup should include IM results, r=asuth, ui-r=bwinton, a=Standard8.
c5f625462e2919483f27a14242a1096e53bd4fa6seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-6 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
f19a2f8a86cb00e7908f2683eb3c429a2b10f00cMike Conley — Bug 779136 - Make Chat button in 3pane indicate for any new, unread messages. r=florian, ui-r=bwinton, a=Standard8.
ccec873292af8aaf816b177ab19f4562c7c9015ePatrick Cloke — Bug 779836 - Cannot connect to IRC channels. r=mconley, a=Standard8.
60d11d42527101b3e1d45705b87367cb6935da04Mike Conley — Bug 779147 - Can't spawn conversation in new chat tab from message header or address book if other conversations in progress. r=florian, a=Standard8.
439a8cb8357736b69ef728d080ee4ca5067aeb85Mike Conley — Bug 776566 - Enable deferred Gloda indexing for IM conversations. r=florian, a=Standard8.
f1e2c093a5b921d41798a7497cbadc232aee54c2Mike Conley — Bug 776609 - Instant Messaging button and menuitem in Address Book should integrate with new IM component. r=florian, a=Standard8.
fd4c95f30c97d45fedaced5ec27c7c8e56f89a10Florian Quèze — Bug 779117 - Import XMPP fixes from Instantbird - Bio 1568 - JS-XMPP should handle message type="error" stanzas instead of displaying the messages again in the conversation as incoming, r=clokep, a=Standard8.
333c11dc85ce9e782a53ec07108ae9ccbd48ccd7Florian Quèze — Bug 779117 - Import XMPP fixes from Instantbird - Bio 1609 - <presence type="subscribe"/> stanzas are ignored when the JID is already in the roster, r=clokep, a=Standard8.
3fd1d56ed51ce1f5fe9e9dd302bb701a4a0e6f8cFlorian Quèze — Bug 779117 - Import XMPP fixes from Instantbird - Bio 1556 - Download the user's vCard before uploading an avatar, r=clokep, a=Standard8.
ebababc57916184e8b7be70ffeb87b7c00f6c0e1Florian Quèze — Bug 741536 - IRC and XMPP connections fail when there's a system HTTP proxy, r=clokep, a=Standard8.
3a5ec8e368d2d84e239ae16c5e24a8c7ead96c10Florian Quèze — Bug 776511 - Remove the observers added by chat-messenger-overlay.js when closing a messenger window. r=mconley, a=bwinton.
7be00c62d51c29a7c8eb9e07861c8cdc9daa6ce5Florian Quèze — Bug 735642 - We need a Twitter OAuth key for Thunderbird (User-agent/UA name is InstantBird). r=clokep, a=bwinton.
b423b5dcf0581ff5f75055532a4770d19088b17cFlorian Quèze — Bug 774731 - Previous Chat conversations sometimes not displayed. r=mconley, a=bwinton.
662fb693f432672e16af25a873c5cb49040a1d37Richard Marti — Bug 735658 - The status selector of the chat toolbar needs to be polished. r=mconley, a=bwinton.
3b338f186b45787d45386ec0ab3c95e7d1c6e32fMike Conley — Bug 735331 - "Rename" in the context menu of a Chat contact doesn't work. r=florian, a=bwinton.
f7a52a7a0008e909c4538890d8cf862ad39e5d6fFlorian Quèze — Bug 776862 - "Restore Default Set" on the Chat toolbar selects "Icons" even though "Icons beside Text" is the visible result. r=mconley, a=bwinton.
6bbf30dd330f6a7ba805afd2b3bdeb2c7f052b97Richard Marti — Bug 772005 - Further improve notification of new chat messages. r=mconley, a=bwinton.
4abef6ebc9b24841ee1041c2a32c509c6e45bfcfFlorian Quèze — Bug 777311 - Display the gloda autocomplete popup while typing in the Gloda search box of the Chat tab. r=mconley, a=bwinton.
0dff2f2d166a9692b1afb09fffba0a149e165c90Patrick Cloke — Bug 776901 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - 2 - Bio 1477 - Handle NickServ messages follow up for more cases, r=aleth, a=bwinton.
f586a05bcff368af96942408e9797b7288236b71Patrick Cloke — Bug 776901 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - 2 - Bio 1477 - Handle NickServ messages when authenticating with PASS, r=fqueze,aleth, a=bwinton.
a39afa646460614c72483e6f27b2a1764c80f81ealeth — Bug 776901 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - 2 - Bio 1538 - Don't reset nick at reconnect if the last nick change was user initiated, r=clokep, a=bwinton.
6335bb979c060299de20735b769b65b9e8422c8fPatrick Cloke — Bug 776901 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - 2 - Bio 1310 - Do not log channel keys when sending the JOIN command, r=aleth, a=bwinton.
984dc1fe30b5eb11ade905321ebe097ebf870ba5aleth — Bug 776901 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - 2 - Bio 1520 - Make autojoin and "Join Chat" handle excess whitespace better, r=clokep, a=bwinton.
e038afa1d3f63a38f2df6204b6096edf0a3cdbb6Florian Quèze — Bug 776901 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - 2 - Bio 1203 - Fix logging in to Facebook Chat when the username contains uppercase letters, r=clokep, a=bwinton.
e7f31a1fb9b024115bd2b8eb59531c6a4fc06648aleth — Bug 776901 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - 2 - Bio 1499 - Avoid attempting to connect accounts while offline, and disconnect connecting accounts when going offline, r=fqueze, a=bwinton.
9837586641ed98db261aa17006d736a9efa5c7d3Patrick Cloke — Bug 776901 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - 2 - Bio 1218 - Twitter Search API queries need some escaping, r=fqueze, a=bwinton.
ad27580359d851c60b99b3fabb7b0bf08ce3112dFlorian Quèze — Bug 776901 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - 2 - Bio 1501 - Twitter's stream should the the moz-chunked-text XHR responseType, r=clokep, a=bwinton.
f4f32094136578aee3055f819dce5781dc66e7dfaleth — Bug 776901 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - 2 - Bio 1484 - Incorrect shutdown leads to the same tweets being fetched twice, r=clokep, a=bwinton.
a53bab1f12f63b719d75252aa119ffad89dbb7d1aleth — Bug 776901 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - 2 - Bio 1424 - Warning: GenericConvChatPrototype _init "setting a property that has only a getter", r=clokep, a=bwinton.
f0f189777f3e6734072d6171050a6c55ea9eb4d4Patrick Cloke — Bug 776901 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - 2 - Bio 1359 - Abstract the shared methods between ircChannel and ircConversation, r=fqueze, a=bwinton.
8cdb59680404a29d8f6e9d268d94dc572655ca85Patrick Cloke — Bug 776901 - Land in comm-central Instantbird's changes to chat/ - 2 - Bio 1472 - Handle a ChanServ entry message, r=fqueze, a=bwinton.
780fa44fb8fdd3a8863ccb3e3ae0a79b77ce186dTony Mechelynck — Bug 439312 - Site Navigation Bar misses its tooltip when minimized r=Neil a=KaiRo
4e82de0bf8fb775d23c4d9da9172822bc7099f22Richard Marti — Bug 778098 - Revert the Event dialog's toolbar appearance. r+a=philipp
84a77b11c96b3f578e154c0565632f19527c0c2eRichard Marti — Bug 362938 - Attendee Dialog: No borders between days in free/busy grid. r+a=philipp
7774b71a6ae4724848180c0bdcb1492f88bda4b1Richard Marti — Bug 776884 - The highlight of the focused chat input box is cut on the right side. r=florian, a=bwinton
54d1f9cc5d1cf04be584f32571a2fdaa4d2ce9a5Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 757902 - Weekly and Monthly print layouts don't work, remove e4x usage (cpg fallout) (regression). r=mmecca/ssitter,a=philipp
78caca3ca3fbd608fc769a8b72e9b6f12e01bdd7Justin Wood — Add Suite Release mozconfigs. a=Callek
c4ab8277fe029f45153d5b974b31eaaa61f74d33Justin Wood — Bug 738250 - Update Shipped-Locales for SM2.9. r+a=seabld
414a1fb495be7782c4a4bfa9396c8ab5ba2d00e9Richard Marti — Bug 776349 - Main toolbox still shown with all toolbars hidden. r+a=bwinton
79ec171c040cd6969c9345aad3f33f5e249af2c6Florian Quèze — Bug 775105 - Presence information in email headers is not shown correctly when there are multiple message windows. r=mconley, a=bwinton.
9ae2aa7edbc0cc8a7b3544ada4c3d837ed95dcf7Mike Conley — Bug 766834 - Chat status tooltips should be updated for chats without statuses. r=florian, a=bwinton.
c4ae50a781db06eee2e428586b50bcb271ede8cfMike Conley — Bug 764245 - Chat emoticons should have tooltips displaying the untransformed text. r=florian, a=bwinton.
da63d81338ee5ec526520e2be9871615eef088a8Mike Conley — Bug 772773 - "is typing..." message in chat box doesn't disappear. r=florian, a=bwinton.
91884e78c559c48d32d1078f5328b7fa1de05743Florian Quèze — Bug 767155 - JS error when the contact of an ongoing conversation signs off. r=mconley, a=bwinton.
433c392411541902fae5eac519baa87a39f253eeFlorian Quèze — Bug 776528 - Chat tab title not correctly updated after closing a selected conversation. r=clokep, a=bwinton.
3c7e60ef4858decbedfec83812163df875571b00Florian Quèze — Bug 776474 - Make Twitter account setup less fragile. r=clokep, a=bwinton.
e41c6af2dac6d298fc57aa569c4132905fb216b8Florian Quèze — Bug 742250 - Conversation items should be selectable without the mouse. r+a=bwinton.
1807ccf9cd0f4c5c702507f2ad71634073adbd8dEdmund Wong — Bug 772397 - Remove mk, ta-LK, si, vi, pt-BR from calendar all-locales. r=philipp a=philipp
c00be83b2a6cb4c5c08e98925eabd4b49ec74723Mike Conley — Bug 774666 - Avatars for past messages not visible when opening chat tab in a new window. r=florian, a=Standard8.
b71d5a96148f11006b289d98beb11927355c2f6aMike Conley — Bug 774658 - Online contacts appear offline when opening chat tab to new window. r=florian, a=Standard8.
41952791300e1d34d52505d1bec44b5c1725fc96Mike Conley — Bug 742677 - Chat participants not sorted alphabetically in certain cases. r=florian, a=Standard8.
6c2c3ee473c6c0e6aacde81ecb357fafb9c032b7Richard Marti — Backout patch for Bug 755793 - Allow for drawing in window titlebar for Austrailis. a=Standard8 (over IRC)
e442aac96ecb28513b1ccd9e19537e9a21fb741bMike Conley — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=auroramerge CLOSED TREE
d4252c5d2e246cc28cd6ff76e00995852244b296Mike Conley — Added tag AURORA_BASE_20120716 for changeset f0e7508fd586 a=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
f0e7508fd586861d18f0de9d43eb62da31503cbePatrick Brunschwig — Bug 768928 - New implementation of nsIPgpMimeProxy to allow for Enigmail to receive data from mimelib. r=bienvenu,sr=Standard8 AURORA_BASE_20120716
afea59d023bc76168da129c56e215944303fdb88Brian King — Bug 767327 - Add (disabled) Box support for Filelink. r-pending-further-work=mconley.
a4640c86e3a39ce6e287d32ea7376d6bdcb6f426Andrew Benton — Bug 769655 - "The installer fails if SeaMonkey was configured with --disable-necko-wifi" r=sgautherie
20d84b26c18a8c398e1746e9d4a3251a44b576edFlorian Quèze — Bug 769917 - Accesskey conflict in address book contact, r=Standard8,IanN, ui-r=bwinton.
1e7b4868e82be935bd562fde433db386c97b081bIan Neal — Bug 773983 - Switch to new drag and drop api for urlbar proxyIcon r=neil
ff0d44ec5e82a2f8498d23c89821cb7c47b55427Maxim Baz — Bug 765575 - Part 1 - YouSendIt Filelink upload fails on some non-ASCII attachment filenames. r=mconley
0cca2a35dc4c829ccd35fbb8b610e1eeaf51d22bIan Neal — Bug 638643 - Remove obsolete EditorToggleParagraphMarks from editor.js f=kaze r=neil (unbitrotting by Px)
c79e0a077cac73bf87a628d3220c76519240c7aaNeil Rashbrook — Bug 773999 Add support for new Windows 7 background constants r=IanN f=Ratty
f71ece130895b40234ff56b6741e54eeea56f99aPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 774203 - Error with python 2.7 distuils when installing mozmill. r=Standard8
dd788105a464f55de7e63262d67f9cfc6d8d4346Philipp Kewisch — Strings for bug 738078 - Make use of BigFiles/FileLink to attach files in the event dialog.
62acdb0f0b2322b83ef6ab3d7bf8ccad6ad21f10Ian Neal — Bug 773949 - Merge set default client functions in prefs f=ewong r=neil
a52505700b63794bf648a59db8b809bac621e758Andreas Nilsson — Bug 768525 - Update the twitter logo - follow-up to have square icons, r=clokep.
90e7d05fd84fade64d0a154ca52e4f2593393e25Florian Quèze — Bug 740499 - IM conversations aren't indexed in gloda on the fly, r=asuth, clokep.
ce0728de19f1755fa33643723503744c924a7aadseabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-2 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
a64c5aae9a0da49348890619da6e6205c65e7800Ian Neal — Bug 773821 - Use image instead of html:img in addressbook cards r=Neil
85c33a9e9f4684f5ee72e5504223ed711b6cc7c5Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout 42fdd61be0ba (bug 765575) due to test failures.
42fdd61be0bada487b16cc7a20b7dae530ec2a20Maxim Baz — Bug 765575 - Yousendit fails on some non-ASCII attachments. r=mconley
736f08622ee9a6f40963f96d380a50cb5bf30cc0Mike Conley — Bug 772072 - Add warning notification after Filelink uploads complete about URL guessing. r+ui-r=bwinton.
3824395191acd97e5e3fa6c0830855641593f857Serge Gautherie — Bug 771882. (Av1) Package identity.xpt. r=Callek.
3118dae53f3daec4e68d5bd19bd454c280a67f43Serge Gautherie — Bug 771235. (Cv1) Port bug 754062 and bug 765294 to SeaMonkey, Support MOZ_SERVICES_SYNC wrt SeaMonkey packaging (only). r=Callek.
e81f1cbcca64a5e556fe2f6199f310c2dc8fa7d2Serge Gautherie — Bug 771235. (Bv1) Port |Bug 757261 - Implement AITC manager and service| to SeaMonkey. r=Callek.
19a27ac8aa3e986b1d8a34216b297c6ee6ee95bbSerge Gautherie — Bug 771235. (Av1) Port |Bug 754538 - Implement AITC Client| to SeaMonkey. r=Callek.
e495782be1f69904c43103fd47503730050559e2Dale Salcedo — Bug 695255 - Change NS_ARRAY_LENGTH to ArrayLength by using using namespace mozilla and mozilla/Util.h. r=neil
47a3e05561568368957b6d82e97e39c3008b0f11Ian Neal — Bug 762669 - Port |Bug 519961 - Get rid of XUL box for hbox element contained an inline img child warning| to SeaMonkey r=neil
cf074c127ab9bfe21769ee8448a88df6b4a10e43Ian Neal — Bug 762513 - Merge abCardViewOverlay.xul into addressbook.xul r/moa=Mnyromyr
175f81ed0caa3e1aee2d69e632f8621adfa1f5e2Ian Neal — Bug 761852 - Port |Bug 664726 - Add hooks to make address book more extend-able| and follow-ups to SeaMonkey r/moa=Mnyromyr
f01683f0ef7e344ab10519a251bd9ee27a5ffac5Richard Marti — Bug 686959 - Improve multiple selection colors on Windows theme and fix focused vs. unfocused selection colors. r+ui-r=bwinton
9dc988d33d24eb199925f155f39822b21d1ae4a5Serge Gautherie — Bug 758552. (Av1) Update packaging after |Bug 745396 - Refactor utils functions into {Common,Crypto}Utils|. r=Callek.
0649237e1af4e3673f24d15908f8fdd041b20c22Serge Gautherie — Bug 758571. (Av1) Update packaging after |Bug 730989 - Refactor identity and authentication management|. r=Callek.
838889ff7ba6e4a7fba05a67f3a4417d28464b22Serge Gautherie — Bug 758554. (Av1) Update packaging after |Bug 727210 - Implement token server client for Sync|. r=Callek.
b07736fc7710b06d0b2f6ffd1b020377129124a7Serge Gautherie — Bug 758802. (Av1) Update packaging after |Bug 664792 - Tune sync intervals according to user behaviour|. r=Callek.
726d52c8a91331643932c0208d5e2de8d7850986Serge Gautherie — Bug 758793. (Av1) Update packaging after |Bug 587027 - Use as little memory as possible|. r=Callek.
77d7a236ea2aeddaf954501775d5d6224a5b7d77Serge Gautherie — Bug 758582. (Av1) Update packaging after |Bug 602876 - Implement network client for credentials exchange via J-PAKE|. r=Callek.
4b53d8410a361656c334f868a639b963916f2601Serge Gautherie — Bug 758573. (Av1) Update packaging after |Bug 669547 - Fix AsyncResource (or provide an alternative) to have better callback semantics|. r=Callek.
c2039f61de21c81778879c945a6b1e860696fb20Serge Gautherie — Bug 758567. (Av1) Update packaging after |Bug 706545 - Implement a sync engine for apps exposed by navigator.mozApps|. r=Callek.
23060289eeb3613771f413493acbb8f8999b54acSerge Gautherie — Bug 758564. (Av1) Update packaging after |Bug 562431 - Rewrite WeaveCrypto as a .jsm|. r=Callek.
760988db17f7f7e4f4c858962ec1950ba9a9f676Mike Conley — Bug 771132 - Workaround for YouSendIt sending malformed URLs with their new API. r=bwinton.
dec978837c2cc023e5e22069f8badc3b6485d9b1Mike Conley — Backing out f80dc5c5d591 (Bug 767118) due to opt Mozmill failures.
d63b11ddcd554b5ce23bfbc83d68eef4686fe51chhaamu — Bug 663886 Manual zoom reduction (85%) does not hold and returns to 100% with routine navigation within a website r=Neil.
06898b5bcf86ff66cfecaf5c4538244246e3f11bPhilip Chee — Bug 765820 Make MDN (return receipts) work for non-standard headers, and make the MDN confirmation message say which addresses the receipt will be sent to r=IanN sr=Mnyromyr.
f80dc5c5d591398d882181cd5611656c55ca3512Mike Conley — Bug 767118 - Part 1 - File > New menuitems in mail:3pane now use XUL commands properly. r=florian,squib.
a704b9b6944c869f605ded4a19546c842002cb59Serge Gautherie — Bug 772549. (Av1) Port |Bug 737841 - Ensure we properly handle redirecting and error visits| to SeaMonkey. r=neil.
0b2a814a303f613dc529ba5f1da2860c2867e6c3aceman — Bug 742503 - In Junk Settings, disable addressbook white list if adaptive junk mail control is not activated. ui-r=bwinton, r=IanN, r=mconley
e6d59effc2e1ea73cd2e160be9f08716ab1ca03fHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 145293 - Test. r=mconley
c9097070b4135b14d1088c64413fd4ada2f98c6cHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 145293 - Import in text format (txt,csv,tab): Should support non-ascii display names and email addresses. r=bienvenu
af0fb78b4713f39b3870c9e5e8a7cdc8bda9e55eMark Banner — Fix permanent orange from bug 755196 by porting the rest of bug 755339 to copy the modules directory into the packaged tests file. r=bustage-fix
ec94f604e49768bf18ae47fd238204c98c24d81bMartin Schröder — Fix bug 767830 - Remove chromedir attributes in XUL. r=philipp
105f391d603dfca47e9cf9f4596e10cda9086525Stefan Sitter — Fix bug 769938 - calDateTime returns invalid nativeTime property with dates before 1970 (testcase). r=philipp
af45c977d51710554bcba7bde8e4f18c40c9ba8fMatthew Mecca — Fix bug 769938 - calDateTime returns invalid nativeTime property with dates before 1970. r=philipp
24962325fc6ead602eecbc96a5b49d074d135524Neil Rashbrook — Bug 771954 Rename the shell feed service r=IanN
119a5a84e00eb5a7a0b1afcaaaf7c643c0848a0dNeil Rashbrook — Bug 771941 Port bug 526717 (canSetDesktopBackground attribute) r=IanN
e0c3eaa9f5ccdc85c68558f5744ed9bf3106c69bMike Conley — Bug 772070 - Increase Filelink offer threshold to 5MB. r=bwinton.
eca74a832489117990bfcf5dd734f15c72f734d9Edmund Wong — Bug 765789 - Fixed error when updating the cmd_saveAsTemplate command. r=IanN
263cf289bce4dd26e4efc18c57602c89cf9f9548Mark Banner — Disable new failing test on non-Mac platform after bug 715799 landed. r=unit-test bustage fix
53f0b1dc8aab1a1fa8b4a0ade50e9c81374c9cf7Irving Reid — Part of bug 715799 - switch Mac unread and new mail count summaries to a new mail notification service that will be platform independent. r=Standard8,sr=bienvenu
1043d897f4896df2379039b9a34cf1cbfff420d3Mark Banner — Unit test bustage fix - add the identity interface file to the package manifest to fix breakage of unit tests following bug 753238 landing in mozilla-central. r=bustage-fix
ee99a0d5cd6d61f4f3d8af3959c632aa0dd75f01Serge Gautherie — Bug 771869. (Av1) Port |Bug 749551 - Alarm API| to SeaMonkey. r=Callek.
4c32741c39514755d9697849167f70dbea0b6f62Ekanan Ketunuti — Bug 767916 - Decode percent encoding on non-ASCII filename when saving a video snapshot. r=IanN
a7777b8dcf1eb7ef9af4bb327b64d001e5384f4aEkanan Ketunuti — Bug 767913 - Remove WindowDraggingElement's redundant 'window' argument. r=IanN
827520edfaaac54ec35ee7c4d3ffe77d2fcd9ff7Philip Chee — Bug 758677 Implement a Preference Pane for Offline Applications r=IanN.
881420f9c131f20346b03b2c4751c69e4f01598eSerge Gautherie — Bug 767776. (Av1) Port |Bug 753205 - bookmarks import ignores separators| to SeaMonkey. r=iann.
f9abd1dbd5991ef5cf0958513cdf7bba46e3eeb2Jens Hatlak — Bug 746110 - Expose click-to-play plugins preference in the UI. r=Neil ui-r=IanN
1c89d1ce2a5316e10d9b18d5cddc5b6fee34b0c5Jens Hatlak — Bug 768954 - Improve error messaging in case of missing syncGenericChange string. r=IanN
9c5bb38d9a0cc4eb8d3061aa5bad195bd48b559cRichard Marti — Bug 767162 - New Australis tab design doesn't respect standalone message window. r=andreasn
a98a0a64fc0251e3b2e2bdc7806bb4dbfaad01d6aceman — Bug 766577 - Fix "octal literals and octal escape sequences are deprecated" in /suite. r=neil
05b0aa51099ab2b71a59c05b015f67e3378259f6aceman — Bug 766577 - Fix "octal literals and octal escape sequences are deprecated" in /mail. r=mconley
1457e15459687af23fd35c86dcd4cb719fdb713caceman — Bug 763437 - Make "Do you want to send/download messages now [no] [yes]" offline dialogs use more descriptive buttons. ui-r=bwinton, r=mconley
54bf0eb08ceb5d342cb39ec3f3f938cd21ae5dbcaceman — Bug 758803 - Enhance wording of compacting option (autocompact does all folders at once) and disable compact limit field when compacting is disabled. ui-r=bwinton, r=mconley, r=IanN
855bb70eb2c7f8aa01d0b1d271710725e8786075Richard Marti — Bug 755793 - Allow for drawing in the window titlebar for Australis. r=mconley, ui-r=andreasn
6d4fa81cc115e2330b92e3c6bfa8b5721bb21a76Serge Gautherie — Bug 760792. (Av2) Port bug 756325 and bug 762588. r=Callek.
0b698d9fedc862946cd9503ab35a3a8642055238Ian Neal — Bug 770842 - Port of |Bug 416666 - Clean up Thunderbird's global scope a bit| to SeaMonkey r/sr=Mnyromyr
ad15062dae0be609c5e453b055aa7300b5e93603Philip Chee — Bug 505056 Port bug 314124 Folder Pane Popup over folders with unseen messages f=InvisibleSmiley ui-r=stefanh r=Neil sr=Mnyromyr.
7b02996897778395e1ce7c3d8852219c75b070cdSerge Gautherie — Bug 767682. (Ev1) Port |Bug 750454 Part 8: Reformat FUEL code| to SeaMonkey. r=neil.
a9ea38d7a17cea78068dcce79bc8bb6d7696889aMark Banner — Backout Bug 767162 (changeset 2fffa32b055e)/Bug 755793 (changeset 106c1726c7d7) due to permanent orange on MozMill tests, part 2
b7dd4a4421e4da7f9280eaf169c923797981d455Mark Banner — Backout Bug 767162 (changeset 2fffa32b055e)/Bug 755793 (changeset 106c1726c7d7) due to permanent orange on MozMill tests, part 1
e61aeddc94efb35410442c5a02ef45ac76243292Mark Banner — Bug 771277 - Fix XPCShell password authentication tests so that they don't pass around fake docShells. pending-r=mconley,sr=bienvenu. Landing early to fix permanent orange on the tree.
ea902b44885b9fe3961202e756d62c29e580efccMakoto Kato — Bug 770416 - memory leak on some IMAP operations. r=dbienvenu
6446a293fb93cdebe043d27c09e87f41c336da5bteramako — Bug 770133 - Fix duplicated IDs. r=mconley
2fffa32b055e465b51a8c419953e2128823552d2Richard Marti — Bug 767162 - New Australis tab design doesn't respect standalone message window. r=andreasn
106c1726c7d7048908157664d115179863d3dee6Richard Marti — Bug 755793 - Allow for drawing in the window titlebar for Australis. r=mconley, ui-r=andreasn
cab17ecd7ab88190669a09f2a9eedd6d864d9ebdMike Conley — Bug 771207 - Fix permanent orange in test_temporaryFilesRemoved.js XPCShell test that was passing a fake docShell around. r=Standard8.
5f0f8b16b47700f31ef6bb7f4017b87ce97bdb1aSerge Gautherie — Bug 771088. (Av1) Package dom_system.xpt. r=philip.chee.
71fedbacea3b7267eb0a9bc52b91e9f63079d19bMike Conley — Bug 767150 - Fix mostly-permanent orange on Linux 64 Mozmill tests - test-cloudfile-attachment-item.js::test_upload_cancel_repeat. r=Standard8.
b3222ecb9e884139afeecb7fcfefdeec1cab38e8Mark Banner — Bug 771085 - Define MOZ_APP_BASENAME for Thunderbird to help fix Permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_0200_app_launch_apply_update.js failures (and test_0201..., test_0203...). r=mconley
e53991397f653eb279f9e25d0edd498803b68da3Edmund Wong — Bug 715410 - Fix accesskey for 'Undo Add to Dictionary'. r=Neil
5c2016c497e7cef79e402a57537ee3b3d85eebdcEdmund Wong — Bug 765643 - Ensure the tooltip pop up does not assert. r=IanN
d13f980cee1ededad99d9bb7e97e568c869e284dEdmund Wong — Bug 769603 - Call init method after creating nsITransferable (Port bug 722872) r=Neil
e52c0dab181cf26b36321feb56924f00b681a40bStefan Sitter — Bug 769910 - restore showing Build ID in the About dialog r=philipp
5f930520929dd5c2fe4739f506e3487e851bb12dSerge Gautherie — Bug 770730. (Av1) suite/common/dataman/tests/: Support and, added by bug 756641, Fix nits. r=iann.
2d4c1cd4193fdd08fa61eaf829b0a024c4077631Ian Neal — Bug 762704 - Add layout sub menu to view menu in addressbook r=Mnyromyr
3b54d4b9a06599ef35221188c403024d4a77d4d5Edmund Wong — Bug 769882 - Future proof clipboard.copyString(). r=Neil
36834d51ff848044b05c7ddf90ef2db3e7903b59Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 766412 - Remove duplicate firstMsgHdr function in mailTestUtils.js. r=mconley
2b7433987db15145c03b9a6b3845332c63413ed3aceman — Bug 738792 - Fix strict Javascript warnings in Thunderbird addressbook (found in Error console). r=mconley
52f7c3820faa8731dfe0e2926f67d5e870b6784faceman — Bug 718139 - Add "Manage tags..." item to tags context menu, and implement opening the Preferences dialog on a specified pane and tab. ui-r=bwinton, r=mconley
85ab3ec4b3f1cbc8f083f835f67a2125480f4263aceman — Bug 681735 - Make vertical space between actions in the Account central flexible. ui-r=bwinton, ui-r=Philip Chee, r=mconley
530a1afbf7f49fe6f1c1d7ebe1c99d1c510dda37Serge Gautherie — Bug 745998. (Cv1) Unbackout the 2 other files too. r=Callek.
0eb2a5d6ba932d7a6c0bd4f4aaee342ffa115983Neil Rashbrook — Bug 765466 Implement click-to-play plugin management for feed pages r=Mnyromyr f=InvisibleSmiley
ba0e8ddca94fb8b901f8a216ad52d3adaf1964eeSergey — Bug 767353 Incorrect link properties for non-link elements r=Neil
eac86a1b54c5239cb726874bdf4b1ea744c3b33fMark Banner — Bug 753000 Set the Windows resolution on the unit test builders to 1280 x 1024 by using the new machine-configuration.json script from bug 712630. This should fix the Windows 7 MozMill unit test failures. r=irving
d61f5bc92f00ca977e4f89845a8871517eb14aacSerge Gautherie — Bug 767682. (Cv1) Port |Bug 750454 Part 7: Test fixes| to SeaMonkey. r=neil.
4e50453f250dc48b6aabe93c02010c81cf3bbcc2Serge Gautherie — Bug 767682. (Bv1) Port |Bug 750454 Part 4: Fix bookmarks leaks| to SeaMonkey. r=neil.
88b36d0d1a856cc35666ee812c960a559494f4d0Serge Gautherie — Bug 767682. (Av1a) Port |Bug 750454 Part 2: Fix browser leaks| to SeaMonkey. r=neil.
01db369789e3e42ef8ebac20034ff6d58a48fc7dMark Banner — Really fix nsMsgContentPolicy.cpp bustage due to bug 767134 landing in mozilla-central. r=bustage fix
ad29e9ffcfe16536bcf1f7dea134fc9465bf55bcMark Banner — Fix nsMsgContentPolicy.cpp bustage due to bug 767134 landing in mozilla-central. r=bustage fix
82179c85043d0656106bd47f034f9ed582780265Mark Banner — Bug 752867 - Support disabling of what's new prompts via the update server snippets. r=bienvenu
2558d6c7f324c9ad5c484c74f161a86078e9d3c9Neil Rashbrook — Bug 770330 External linkage fix r=bienvenu
a013d9521c46192dd678e4968383922ffdf90dadSiddharth Agarwal — Bug 680636 - Add support for running nsinstall natively under pymake and convert a bunch of cases over. r=ted
fd6aa13b1c83f17372d00646ba3b37e74e296e48Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 757252 - Kill nsinstall_win.c, use on Windows instead. r=ted
c4e3fb7696f86437186130c98bd96333377295b9David Bienvenu — fix bug 721852, r=standard8
e62fe75b8abead5f3237e71d3498a5f933b80466alta88 — Bug 762631 - Enhance support for feed enclosures. r=dbienvenu
4ef0d79ae8b40bb9979a31d161656b4141b6bf84aceman — Bug 758979 - Convert mailnews/base/src/*.js to Services.jsm and MailServices.js. r=mconley,iann
93113d33421c806a4c410d0bf3d505a123d22e53aceman — Bug 485839 - Move mail.account.lastKey pref to mailnews.js. r=neil
4e1ef6937c5c5ef0321d863abceec33a24b8dda3Jens Hatlak — Bug 768950 - Port |Bug 763171 - Display received tabs|. r=Neil
5d6f4430479b61c82b8260295dcd6e2efb5feea4Matthew Mecca — Bug 766776 - Task View is no longer updated when text filter is changed. r=philipp
3b41166100328a7e93dbfc5ff83acc729a7f23e2aceman — Bug 485839 - Make nsMsgAccountManager::getUniqueAccountKey generate a new account key that has not been used before in the same profile. r=dbienvenu
09afb9b552a915afed06c971f4eb2219e46e0ad7Philipp Kewisch — Bug 768202 - Datepicker widget does not obey "Optimize colors for accessibility" setting, text not readable. r=mmecca
78bb622c7b9c1af527867bb2280e590e6688bf9dseabld — Automated blocklist update from host - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
fb0430f08f4acd2549c341f6de5a7cf14172309bPhilip Chee — Bug 769664 Fix trailing whitespace introduced in Bug 726415 r=Neil.
277754fca14cc3788683bf05dd38283fbb0da252tbirdbld — Automated blocklist update from host linux-ix-slave24
4b0c1a50b83615d1827ef6fc5de145ec3ed65d1bEkanan Ketunuti — Bug 767920 - Overlap tcp/ssl handshakes with typing in search box. r=neil.
304b06e5a6d4c7b599f26d197d1accde7c83a4a1David Bienvenu — fix discovery of 2 level plus deep local mail folders, r=neil, bug 751562
9128c033ee0554fd436c67ba061e1f07b1fdaecaaceman — Bug 768779 - remove duplicate definition of const nsIFilePicker in amUtils.js and am-identity-edit.js. r=standard8
b6b7503a7ed3091bcfa0977d9b4838e0e927adcbJames Henstridge — Bug 764312 - Use PLAINTEXT authentication in the Ubuntu One backend. r=dbienvenu DONTBUILD
c5def5a1d5e3c59410dcf5ad1d2a785a4c7ebc3eAndreas Nilsson — Bug 759744 - Remove the overflow-x: hidden; rule from all notification bars. r=mconley DONTBUILD
85713dfab9f82a17527878dbfdfa9a73e5202920Martin Schroeder — Bug 751965 - Remove leftover 'mailnews/mime/cthandlers/calendar/Makefile' reference. r=mbanner
2d29995c7043fd4c22fb94ae0eb0b1b74e23916baceman — Bug 738991 - Convert msgHdrViewOverlay.js to Services.jsm and MailServices.js. r=squib
f0373381ad06ed918a813a7b919e906bb60d1335Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 736928 - Cannot build libical using pymake. r=mmecca
4e4cd1fb04c3c9620fb4c26821c9d41bb5e401deMark Banner — Fix MozMill debug orange in test-about-support.js by porting bug 722872 to fix the issue. r=bustage-fix
7fa3d8900dc2fe2b8d8f595e6852474d79d7a51eKent James — bug 768317, dont try to save a reference to the internal buffer of NS_ConvertUTF16toUTF8 in DirPrefObserver, r=bienvenu
538abfda8a269f842a3e4881a221e9285eeb8305Andreas Nilsson — Bug 768525 - Update the twitter logo, ui-r=bwinton, rs=clokep.
98534b8f5aa5e7fd6dad34e973c8583d22b3d42fFlorian Quèze — Bug 763522 - Show presence information in email headers, r+ui-r=bwinton.
07edf83b2991d35aae562d1ddccc557ea644d2eaFlorian Quèze — Bug 767987 - Integrate new IM notifications in, r=bienvenu, ui-r=bwinton.
a960462c9a18aa1bf5ec3784cb0c8b4d3a271709Florian Quèze — Bug 755718 - There should be an audible notification when new messages are received on IRC, r=bienvenu,clokep, ui-r=bwinton.
c2e2bef7c4ac2ddb8320f17e064956f8f27056c0Florian Quèze — Bug 754824 - The highlight is off by a few characters in the search result view when some characters are UTF8 encoded on 4 bytes - Follow-up to only match UTF-16 surrogate halves, r=asuth.
4d1465a48f5a735c3f7b5b87fd125d0fa29ae8acNeil Rashbrook — Bug 753765 Really don't notify popup notifications on tab switches f=sgautherie r=IanN
ba181a8a94d4a34482fb7f257763f87600034087Philip Chee — Bug 765175 ReferenceError: getPref is not defined in addressingWidgetOverlay.js (Regression from Bug 713671) r=IanN.
bed20da5f695b6c0bdca7e00294f2918cca60aabHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 766380 - test_imapHdrChunking.js should use nsIFolderListener instead of nsIMsgFolderListener and nsIStreamListener. r=dbienvenu
b64833f40f05be5db58f9c70cc36be762cb4fe3fHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 751544 - UpdateFolderWithListener with null argument for nsIMsgWindow invokes FetchMsgPreviewText on Linux and leads to a crash. r=dbienvenu
bcd212ed28fc25e1abaa5559e5164e1c5258fd2bAndreas Nilsson — Bug 727598 - Create icons for new Next and Previous message buttons created in bug 235666. r+ui-r=bwinton
b7e38513bdb2a400fd8377f7e59c2a0898c0f640Ryan VanderMeulen — Backout 10bcebfa5b36 (bug 755754) due to suspected OSX Mozmill orange.
2a742063594737a7603a88e999b81798a2c8a45daceman — Bug 763236 - Change folderWidgets.xml back to sorting accounts. r=dbienvenu
10bcebfa5b3647ac1fc4b805e335e3417aa4ba5cRichard Marti — Bug 755754 - Australis - quickfilter toolbar styling. r+ui-r=bwinton
206610bffbe7937b474fb3adc19197f0e8fb019fHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 703175 - New Test. r=dbienvenu
c3444a3d3436db36bb9edb47c03971e161147778Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 703175 - nsImportTextAddress::DetermineDelim seems wrong. r=dbienvenu
9631a5ce50645b2b8e6e19c1412c37a01adfc449aceman — Bug 180312 - Do not call NS_NewISupportsArray in constructor of nsMsgFilterList::nsMsgFilterList(). r=standard8, sr=bienvenu
9ccbefb9df5e86b90c4b69fc6741e627c977a40eStefan Sitter — Bug 688719 - Automate setting minversion/maxversion for release builds r=philipp
bbe839080d59e1c288f1224ceb24ad6dc66245a5Richard Marti — Bug 754658 - Monochrome icons for lightning-button-calendar and lightning-button. r+ui-r=nisses.mail
fb66eb0893fcef004bc5d8a78b3f43ae87d9e2d8Florian Quèze — Bug 748358 - Change the appearance of the chat button instead of reopening the chat tab when receiving a message; code changes from florian, theme changes andreasn, r+ui-r=bwinton.
7d52f9f2998c6a561245c1b3f4248ef0218a49d6Serge Gautherie — Bug 758784. (Av1) Update packaging after |Bug 603489 - Simplify crypto by removing keypair and cryptometa and use passphrase|. r=Callek.
e714fc8b2becafd88bdc8160c7d082fe38340f44Serge Gautherie — Bug 758578. (Av1) Update packaging after |Bug 609421 - Combine various JSMs| part 4. r=Callek.
731a92396ec055a0f9ed35666bcf244ccd110488Serge Gautherie — Bug 758578. (Bv1) Update packaging after |Bug 609421 - Combine various JSMs| part 3. r=Callek.
48c6689e6b0d76e4f74dee5115fbbc6b8b93cb89Serge Gautherie — Bug 758578. (Cv1) Update packaging after |Bug 609421 - Combine various JSMs| part 2. r=Callek.
b98fab5efec2a0ba42dae892117f5e28c67434faSerge Gautherie — Bug 758578. (Dv1) Update packaging after |Bug 609421 - Combine various JSMs| part 1. r=Callek.
e7798995bdc58049fc866f16a3aef5247733e8aeSerge Gautherie — Bug 758575. (Av1) Update packaging after |Bug 636402 - Simplify Sync.js to avoid creating new objects|. r=Callek.
08dcb285b3759e71446e3471a0432955bc77169ePhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 767303 - Exceptions do not take over organizer from parent item. r=mmecca
7198d5992627f0b1deaee1f7a91375897483fa96Neil Rashbrook — Bug 767323 Ampersands don't appear in the Windows biff icon tooltip r=bienvenu
911e68201428ebc7e05cf27068b640696948bc0aRyan VanderMeulen — Backout test for bug 124486 due to orange.
61f488e9fab947aaebf807e203ab6dabf7c45104Ryan VanderMeulen — Disable bug 124486 test for real this time.
b8eee2f01dffbf3a48ee84bb19c2cde13ea3cf9fRyan VanderMeulen — Disable new test from bug 124486 due to Win7 and Win64 orange.
4878362e857d3982d79c79f459484da9aabecf11aceman — Bug 654933 - Clean up msgHdrViewOverlay.js - comments/long lines. r=squib
9f4fa3df291cca6c3fb577f8755f88bf82dcc0a8Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 124486 - Test for importing OE addressbook. r=mconley
a1b2e3523367ef82ba8696d3932b7e4a7c8eaf65Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 124486 - Enable importing the Outlook Express addressbook in a non-default location. r=dbienvenu
a0d1dd987e6b9bea2e014c58554c3e08883e931cSerge Gautherie — Bug 767772. (Av1) Package dom_browserelement.xpt. rs=Callek.
b3396b2cf032128cf12dd834dbace069ed34f799Serge Gautherie — Bug 744702. (Bv1) Fully update packaging wrt |Bug 731494 - Refactor generic code from services/sync into services/common|. r=Callek.
8c1e3a2dd2d5782082e779341011a3a6f529ebf1Serge Gautherie — Bug 760785. (Av1) Package 'dom_devicestorage.xpt'. r=Callek.
28be9af20eda2181c9d467f205fdca8121b63540Edmund Wong — Bug 755626 - Set up Windows machines to use MSVC2010 to build trunk. pending-r=Callek
d2c5fb093b06a2e8aaa582fde7d8e2bfeeaad923seabld — Automated blocklist update from host - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
dda57271e770afeaebbb4c13689a75f1df146557David Bienvenu — cleanup extra temp files left around by compose, r=hiro, sr=standard8, rest of bug 671440
f3f0544ae27f4fc8a0f29a3747be7eca8854c0cbtbirdbld — Automated blocklist update from host mv-moz2-linux-ix-slave18
017015de681d3c033b90afc3ba01348959c9e58dDavid Bienvenu — cleanup temp files in compose window, r=hiro, sr=standard, part of bug 671440
143eae5d29c9cbaf66ea5a6cadde0d30bdd009c4Neil Rashbrook — Bug 761790 Followup to support external linkage r=bienvenu
1fb738444ec20b2de4acb50b6c1ab058d1856fa2James Henstridge — Bug 766542 - Fix the layout of the Ubuntu One cloud files management pane. r=dbienvenu
9f8c975b8d30be5cb40fd3c20e749656635539c2Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 731877 - Test for Outlook Express settings importer. r=mconley
73bc66a4817e0813975d4d57e147b7a9b9e0a225Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 731877 - Rewrite Outlook Express import module with nsIWindowsRegKey. r=dbienvenu
28b099d53998b2a309e7bd319d774f178966b65fNeil Rashbrook — Bug 764306 Don't quicksort a nearly sorted list of keys r=bienvenu sr=Standard8
656121f74646dc0c9220d816f29eb30089b56fe5Laurent Jouanneau — Fix bug 568770 - Visible privacy status of events in calendar view. r=philipp
38c8671e8bc12327c9864e5ce6796c9cafe759ffStefan Sitter — Bug 762854 - No email send after invitation creation [Exception 'TypeError: aItem.calendar.canNotify is not a function' in calProviderUtils.jsm] r=philipp
8cce5c4cbec8bc7250117295affbfa013505ecf6Richard Marti — Fix Bug 765600 - Node cannot be inserted at the specified point in attendees dialog. r=philipp
edc7794adaf5429688b2ec302dba876780934780Mark Banner — Port bug 762358 - .mozconfig changes don't cause configure to run - to comm-central to fix unit test sync dirs bustage. r=bustage-fix
c7c81c0bcc94a0c1a02369b69ffb6d260451fa79Florian Quèze — Bug 736437 - Chat accounts without protocol plugin aren't correctly handled, r=clokep,bienvenu.
b8b975abb865437e08036a96b8f311c11feeb91bFlorian Quèze — Bug 760704 - GloDa search stays on "Searching...". Error: ReferenceError: aTab is not defined in gloda/datastore.js, r=asuth.
65ce4d455bc54e244b6f254256ae022ab8b256cfFlorian Quèze — Bug 763866 - JavaScript strict warning: reference to undefined property this._displayedLog, r=mconley.
9ad3986227d0e93c4657aca8c77824364f0e4f65Florian Quèze — Bug 762901 - Remove references to chrome://mozapps/content/preferences/preferences.css, r=mconley,Fallen.
17da70a358e26aa959cd78e8ca85ddb110630d5aFlorian Quèze — Bug 742793 - [JS-XMPP] Send the user's vCard (including the avatar and display name), r=clokep in bio 1381.
eee6c5a63844113e8f3dc703050a1e562646138eFlorian Quèze — Bug 742793 - Fetch avatar updates on XMPP, r=clokep.
de9b3a5e963a7faa51b1250b7321482565bdb950Richard Marti — Bug 763308 - Implement Australis tabs with Firefox tab construct. r+ui-r=bwinton DONTBUILD
484802bbbd985fa0c241c8de79dc6da5cf233a03Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 543429 - Disable test_largeOfflineStore.js on Mac until HFS+ supports sparse file. r=dbienvenu DONTBUILD
2b69382950af9bd0b83387554050f90077e2d6d9Nomis101 — Bug 764469 - Make c-c build system compatible with OS X 10.8. r=mbanner
7631dde8734bd28ef9454d259faa6516c138426fDavid Lechner — Bug 750012 - xpcshell test. r=dbienvenu
3cc2a51baba8892b77b83b344c3c8a48f1d28567David Lechner — Bug 750012 - Fix assertion error in nsIMAPGenericParser::CreateParenGroup(). r=dbienvenu
9d0f0dd107b1ed4448f070de1049932ca3efc82bAndreas Nilsson — Bug 748066 - Reduce the height of the attachment part of the preferences pane. r=mconley, ui-r=bwinton
c22b706b16e24f4f128b3f13a56fdc85835c8f8cMaxim Baz — follow on fix for bug 763008, change upgrade string, r=bienvenu
52c24582e9d6ee9148f345b8e0f5f81a86200631Blake Winton — Bug 763494 - Allow different prices per provider. r=mconley
4468b7bdbd889e79fee38891075804ff2735530eMaxim Baz — oops, missed new binary icons for bug 763008, YSI v3 api, r=bienvenu
ee9bf9095b6e5fd4528680448292ac52f7a39d06Maxim Baz — fix bug 763008, update to YSI v3 API and add custom upgrade UI, r=bienvenu, ur-r=bwinton
8c820d9d26126b9e3aa0a999e0ce789659dfacf5David Bienvenu — fix store token for maildir version of imap fake headers, r=neil, part of bug 765926
13c4be7e7d31a7c09afeb6a2290d7765bc730487James Henstridge — Follow up to bug 744037 Fix a typo in the _acquireToken method of Ubuntu One cloudfiles back end. r=bienvenu
0401e822b882080904cd31ab5b4524195ca0967bIrving Reid — Bug 740453: Investigate download whole message vs. download in chunks,r=bienvenu
5a6bee21734011d67e9b51162cf8e208f0d61f17Irving Reid — Bug 92111 (and bug 390795, and many others) - correctly handle case where we're downloading IMAP body in chunks, and the server lies about RFC822.SIZE,r=bienvenu
49aefca73b7a730d0b5d9a6c06f5920417d949b5Philipp Kewisch — Whitespace change to test calendar dep builders. Sorry for the noise
67d6bb332321e2b8ccb23e2fc5c3464c9c4beb6fBen Hearsum — Bug 763769 - Release sanity complains about Thunderbird mozconfigs. r=Standard8
09ee92ece7f2ebc55658c2eb38a5781d8adccdb1Mark Banner — Bug 758747 - Compose window is broken with Personas. r=mconley
c24070161c87dcc47695564ea106ee409a138013Phil Estes — Bug 670566 - Spotlight on Mac not finding any messages due to permissions errors. r=Standard8
5edf3019ddaccf043cddbba3a08570742e1d33a2David Bienvenu — fix bug 761790, remove import dependence on nsIDOMNode and sub-classes, r=neil, sr=standard8
47380a5f11f4a7bd2dcb857f35187b42d374eea8aceman — Bug 762393 - merge junkLog.* files in /mailnews and /mail. r=IanN, r=mconley
59d9b916d310ee83a37a8e10f41942af0fe28c38Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 756971 - Null check for the return values of nsIMsgHeaderParser.parseHeadersWithArray (SM fix). r+sr=mnyromyr
307193116eff79f395125562f6a6404898b12b2cRichard Marti — Bug 323747 - Rename "Other Languages" to "Unicode" in the "Fonts & Encodings" dialog. r=mconley, ui-r=bwinton
cff415a502cb6bdea2eb994d00741ea9426a1665Mike Conley — Bug 759758 - Thunderbird sometimes switches back to inbox tab after opening the Account Provisioner tab. f=bwinton,squib,bienvenu, r=bienvenu.
d4e85c946f4c1a427e8f9fcd1365e2b66213fd8fEdmund Wong — Bug 760644 - Add DSN option to composing Options menu.
e692284d13dcc2bc613ec9499a216f864d4aaa79Ian Neal — Bug 763622 - Port |Bug 388880 - Don't initialize the bookmarks toolbar item when it's hidden| and followups to SeaMonkey r=Mnyromyr
e5c33e9d0d7e2d4420d78f2ab25450a145de6e25Ian Neal — Bug 601091 - Port FillInHTMLTooltip changes from Firefox (e.g. HTML5 form validation) f=philip.chee r=neil for code r=sgautherie for tests
729da3db0e600f80f4d9490e84e46dc3b3bb0a2cStefan Sitter — Bug 764976 - Deleting calendar throws Error: error purging calendar: TypeError: calendar.deleteCalendar is not a function r=philipp
954f7f221df450e025727854c0441f60a81a5a50Philip Chee — Bug 765596 Error in macro InstallOnInitCommon on macroline 152 r=me+bustage fix.
8970f7c8948c4d8c6837329ba016b459a8b8f8e4Ian Neal — Bug 763708 - Port |Bug 726440 - The star panel should not replace the header with itself each time it's opened| to SeaMonkey r=neil
958663ccd83ec9896f650b47d8d2be90f88a547eIan Neal — Bug 762508 - Remove defunct abCardViewOverlay.dtd file r=mconley
38f9db262c936b192b384af5a99a2b3d7e6d74b0Ian Neal — Bug 761000 - Consolidate cmd_quit/key_quit into utilityOverlay r=neil
9f4f979d34f74bf898bd2a514695fa589421546eIan Neal — Bug 756787 - Match ID for overlay of viewSource r=neil
1347d4a8e05ecb180fa5e534a406cb4783deb199Edmund Wong — Bug 764862 - Select all | Copy, on the about: page (xhtml) does not paste correctly. r=Neil
f9fe2bc00bb0a7aa86ea2de659c9103e5a659895seabld — Automated blocklist update from host - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
bca02d8d10bd438ccd44bc8f9128773ceb175566Philip Chee — Bug 763204 Context menu should not handle OGG audio as OGV video r=Neil.
ce1107df35eb26c5faec0421fb46a4a584889a50Andrew Benton — Bug 763181 - "package manifest includes files not compiled causing the installer to fail" [r+a=Callek]
72bbbfe69e633242ca177b3e67fed1eb3b7aafb1Andy Civil — Bug 719413 - Update paste command validity. r=irving
8e5938f850f9ceab2d13db0a374dea7885c5c6aftbirdbld — Automated blocklist update from host linux-ix-slave22
22cd3c0c8c013f1c50b9d25e4acfeb7822171debTomoya ASAI — Bug 761889 - Update the mail.cloud_files.learn_more_url pref. r=mconley DONTBUILD
c0edd4f5d0e74833834c6eaa0d16c20fe61bed77Neil Rashbrook — Bug 740639 Followup to fix external linkage builds r=bienvenu
397a74ee1e0082ee473db9186ba72e56cbc9aab6Magnus Melin — Bug 270373 - Thunderbird needs smooth scrolling. r=bwinton, ui-r=bwinton
a4dcfae6ddad9b35f21fd4e3a0232522c522e29aNeil Rashbrook — Bug 758914 Followup to fix pulling from another directory r=Standard8
4cf03f36c629576503dc27f1b19b63686b7e28bfNeil Rashbrook — Bug 763493 Followup to fix packaging r=Callek
72a1699e3ad5b636e408ff5cee7dd03c3f820b9bMark Banner — Bug 758914 - always pulls from - restore the previous functionality that allows pulling from local clones. r=gozer
9c0bd48911673eb51b4bf6245c42b42b1f85cdeaHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 756316 - Cleanup redundant process in nsMsgLocalMailFolder::GetSubFolders and nsIMsgPluggableStore.discoverSubFolders. r=dbienvenu
13b5b398738cffefe6c511db8fef272c991103caMark Banner — Bug 764742 - Thunderbird shows reference count leaks on shutdown. Clean up more objects on closing windows. Patch by florian,standard8 and bienvenu. r=florian,standard8,bienvenu
13e86c34c73f425dd01c4004cb89b286abf1fd91Mike Conley — Bug 763471 - Remove Dropbox nsIMsgCloudFileProvider and related files from comm-central. r=bienvenu.
6be9b667699d746994edaa4f7768dd716cf384b5Florian Quèze — Bug 763857 - Stop printing chat debug messages by default on debug builds, r=bienvenu.
f99dd90965a182da0f58f7c38ddef912baa5c21eFlorian Quèze — Bug 762129 - Wrong behavior of the Participants/Previous conversations splitter when moved all the way to the top/bottom, r=mconley.
9f92a04afea23b53bc22a99e26edea82f5053b14Florian Quèze — Bug 739652 - [Instant messaging] The textboxes in the account settings for a GoogleTalk account have no labels, r=mconley.
7a9fe3d6a0a94acdceb14346692dc808d64d49a8Florian Quèze — Bug 739644 - [Instant messaging] provide an indication that an item is expanded or collapsed like "offline contacts", r=mconley.
47f05f31d03a4c2f538ee1a61be7f502d8e110fdFlorian Quèze — Bug 739599 - [Instant messaging] Make the conversation output a WAI-ARIA live region, r=clokep.
f00ab2e3c12d62cd6f759db0505dad0dd70c7a89Florian Quèze — Bug 735998 - HTML entities in the latest tweet should be decoded before it is used as the topic of the timeline conversation, r=clokep.
abcc437cc1f7e97581048ae094bb614b62136c5aMike Conley — Bug 740946 - Let Thunderbird use the Gecko profiler. r=Standard8.
b12ec5c00ac0ef335efd8b5e71758690ec712424Neil Rashbrook — Bug 763493 Bookmarks Manager has lost its icons r=IanN
51d7bc5661f21e4baf3aabddc7531967a3a4eb43Philipp Kewisch — Revert Changeset 1e979716ff6a, hg commit/push in wrong directory
1e979716ff6abd4d956ea87ee26491005187572aPhilipp Kewisch — Lightning: temporary changes for seamonkey builder
59b5e74682a63f8c3df83127ac54ba61760a3d2eNomis101 — Bug 764083 - Add NSPrincipalClass entry to r=mbanner
86730bd378601b1185c68741cc66993ddd1f8f8aNomis101 — Bug 764113 - Port |Bug 736689 - Disable tearing on OS X| to TB. r=mbanner
451ff2be061c716e9048b532f879addb48c01daaRichard Marti — Bug 761970 - Warning about missing mail-toolbar-small.png file in pinstripe. r+ui-r=bwinton DONTBUILD
ac54b600e9cec9f22e5a0cddeb94dede9238aeb0aceman — Bug 761961 - After pressing 1-8 accesskey, check if such a tag even exists before applying it to a message. r=mconley
b58cdd6384e3a5227422f85583abf2bce3593f6aRichard Marti — Bug 762861 - Icons are missing in Customize Toolbar dialog in event/task dialog.
cf638419710117a37b831012ddb734c4cdd35d86Mike Conley — Bug 763988 - Make Account Provisioner compare providers against general.useragent.locale instead of any values of intl.accept_languages. r=bwinton.
45d7d3c4c616c5f96b70482acd2d35d18bf8ebcdDavid Bienvenu — Bug 754301 - Messages lost when downloaded and inbox corrupted - POP3 - don't try to open the database twice. r+a=Standard8
57b50c3e3f7580df02aa644cd55c6ba619da0305Stefan Sitter — Bug 760806 - Cannot modify start and end date of an event in the datepicker with the keyboard, the value is reset when leaving the input field r=philipp
64605d5789ccb8c481dfa631f1388098a527274dAndreas Nilsson — Bug 761952 - Thunderbird 13 Attachment Window "add" button for attachment services is cut-off. r=mconley
e0ce067587b74d460d8afb4887ccce8bf9851034Mike Hommey — Bug 762621 - Force loading NSPR before prldap60. r=Standard8
26ae99d43de4d83a0a07d7ada4964ee292b460f8aceman — Bug 761028 - Remove remaining references to Mozilla Messaging as a company name and update some more links. r=Standard8
f7a0c097c8496694d4009d3bf34d6f7960680d6baceman — Bug 761443 - Spell "End User Rights" as "End-User Rights" in About Thunderbird . r+ui-r=bwinton
b7d246591716682452465248862a98aba9eb47dcaceman — Bug 413544 - Add null-arg checks in nsMsgMailSession.cpp, nsMimeBaseEmitter.cpp, nsMsgCompose.cpp and nsMsgAccount.cpp. r=standard8
7447698d6473435b31c7f6185a856b8b65706ad2Mike Conley — Bug 762413 - Fix regression where the user couldn't edit outside of the plaintext signature node under certain circumstances. r=bienvenu.
71786ff7840c135ecfea43e9d2fe73009f00cb97David Bienvenu — fix saving a local message as .txt or .html on windows, r=neil, bug 763319
29e0c83f32e71a512b1b2a881f59217a00a3c678Lavina Thong — Bug 730751 - Support animation when opening document-like windows in Lion (OS X 10.7). r=neil, r=stefanh.
1608d7734acb19fbb329686cc4b2ce74975fd9edMs2ger — Bug 751785 - Followup: update nsMsgComposeService::GetOrigWindowSelection to the new API.
81cae5edbac873bd2c220d7ea8c71f8fbc5c4027Ian Neal — Bug 762701 - Add ids to addressbook file menu r/moa=mnyromyr
51f43f28c12489a1957fb6b968de71931472ed9aIan Neal — Bug 761803 - Allow mailing list recipients to send messages via BCC r/moa=mnyromyr
172686daec1064e15c8860f71231e17ba92e7c48Ian Neal — Bug 761720 - Port |Bug 474721 - messagereader: message header should not prefer the address book over the message headers as a source of display names| r/moa=mnyromyr
0d2ec5a8ce0ea16e9ba3a23d7cb09c426db90ee8Ian Neal — Bug 131571 - [RFE] when clicking on a mail adress that is already in the adressbook the option should be "edit address book entry", not "add to address book" r=mnyromyr
f6fb7d268bcad18e384a0f5b6ace17d5b24fdb50seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-1 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
b5a3654eeafeb54adb983d9bc488c2f2a3c4f4e8Mike Hommey — Bug 763143 - Port bug 757339 to c-c. r=Callek to fix a CLOSED TREE
2a5d8529cf8c38991f4a3d44cbee643c1a8f3ef8alta88 — Bug 762636 - Import address book as csv causes description to push all buttons off screen. r=dbienvenu
4c87c8aa391ce2d3d8cc231f267a3a2f4b1e0621Richard Marti — Bug 687435 - New Event/Task toolbar layout is different from other dialogs. r=philipp
1322564440bac296ba5ddfdc17ba5d620030e271Richard Marti — Bug 392886 - Rename Tools - Options - Lightning to Calendar. r=philipp
0f5b58c630573f9508d79dd0dccdd6328fe82366Richard Marti — Bug 362932 - Attendee Dialog: Time Slot Indicator has no border. ui-r/r=philipp
0cab86861bef1815c22dba18421f13e23f814175Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 761518 - Cleanup dummyMsgWindow in xpcshell tests. r=mconley
d5a2b2d481d5076c6a8dd93f5ef5a1dce065230dHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 745919 - Do not set bodyAsAttachment flag true when content type is undefined. r=dbienvenu
d868e340d4653d0f8034ea12787bcf89f2ef5360Irving Reid — Bug 741865 - Set default log level in test pilot to ERROR, add preferences to adjust level, convert to Services.jsm. r=mbanner
605de2e920d5c03ad8487490c2af9e56264b9727Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 740639 - Test for Outlook settings import. r=mconley
ecb2970c809abc011e60c4b7efe8430f9c8a2aa9Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 740639 - Set smtp server key. r=dbienvenu
c2d74922a95a7464357eb6838773721a3c68fd5eHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 740639 - Rewrite Outlook import module with nsIWindowsRegKey. r=dbienvenu
7a5f6bbdc891b5bb0ab6a0bfc6e85a5fe0a124edJan Horak — Bug 306324 - Fix some mistakes in nsMsgUtils. r=neil
6c501efb77ec0630afee9c97525a19d2e6f3be79Jan Horak — Bug 306324 - Fix some Javascript imports in glodaFacetView.js. r=mconley
886950dee182990f65b886f63ffbf2815f77b219Mike Conley — Fix busted XPCShell tests due to bug 757460 and bug 755339 landing on mozilla-central. r=bustage-fix.
223e89649e752662cdba923a5bc3873b6a58dbf7David Bienvenu — ignore errors quiting smtp, r=neil, bug 758878
335ef42ee9ac4e7f856b70b64e3b2872c0b527f1Jens Hatlak — Bug 762824 - Move Bookmark stopped working. r=Neil
ef868802f89a0a91a28b5416344f0766a570ed40Philip Chee — Bug 762506 Application.restart() fails. Port FUEL - Part 1, Use weak refs in Application from Bug 750454 r=Neil.
d1233611df23c3d1af5d3dbe9bb36011e9637954aceman — Bug 758915 - convert mailnews/base/content/*.js to Services.jsm and MailServices.js. r=mconley
912ceff1e029f308edac83035b0460cd5157d93cFlorian Quèze — Bug 761983 - JS error when closing the Thunderbird main window in a removeObserver call in search.xml, r=mconley.
e7896b8dd498834e78c29fbb92bfa05f5cb8ebd9Florian Quèze — Bug 761688 - JS error at shutdown when calling nsIControllers.removeController from convbrowser.xml, r=clokep.
3a5b759c5a8470b739c183561432efff81d7ee35Florian Quèze — Bug 742669 - JS error after closing a selected IM conversation, breaking some parts of the Chat UI, r=mconley.
1157389e89204187a1fb7aadfca555cab52af90dEdmund Wong — Bug 760126 - Remove asterisk from non-preprocessed files from suite/. r=IanN
49e357c499d207c3958434a321bccec84027e2e1Joshua Cranmer — Bug 760126 - Reduce amount of preprocessing in content files, mail/ part. r=asuth
8601f9c3d4c39410fe3e1826be6e89d4fb3dcc4dJoshua Cranmer — Bug 760126 - Reduce amount of preprocessing in content files, calendar/ part. r=phillip
23c47e0bfbf18b9595ac8dff15aa17093578e8ffJoshua Cranmer — Bug 760126 - Reduce amount of preprocessing in content files, mailnews/ part. r=Standard8
acb43dfd25464dbc677750be7fe27a56145af3ddDavid Bienvenu — explicitly set an 0 expiration limit for ysi, r=mconley, bug 762245
686474e9b65d7dbb71a5c5c6ef52336111d39296Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Lightning enabled in TB trunk - Assertion failure: !connections[i]->ConnectionReady(), mozStorageService.cpp:852. r=philipp.
0a0d5257d2ec7139d4dbd7a4f301e5d362724166Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 760243 - Lightning enabled in TB trunk - Assertion failure: !connections[i]->ConnectionReady(), mozStorageService.cpp:852. r=philipp.
f6ebae91f995d05583d32e0a103336a5ccc166c3Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 760243 - Lightning enabled in TB trunk - Assertion failure: !connections[i]->ConnectionReady(), mozStorageService.cpp:852. r=philipp.
4efc4d422213244e3e6f20d42e365099973bb23cMark Banner — Fix bustage from bug 750454 (Fix FUEL leaks). r=bustage-fix
e622ef230d64994a56459ee3a026d09a34e0861cPhilip Chee — Bug 756800 Fix some tabbrowser.css styles that interfers with the Webconsole r=Neil.
9e8f283a8af138b0338d0d4e90518ad6adfd5f5dGeoff Lankow — Bug 749930 - Replace uses of nsILocalFile with nsIFile (compiled code only); r=Fallen,Neil sr=Standard8
2811ac856b274ab24a5c92f82c1ddc2c51c62e0eNeil Rashbrook — Bug 761319 Feed preview is broken in unpackaged build r=IanN
2c6b820cbf138f51dfd143ec47852bebce26402cDavid Bienvenu — fix build bustage due to nsIDOMHTMLElement.idl changes, r=bustage, bug 761747
22b9eecf711bbf4b6534810b88f27fa0ff16dc19Philip Chee — Bug 663343 The "List all Tabs" menu should visually identify which tabs are on-screen (rather than scrolled off) r=stefanh r=Neil.
51f29333aafd1abb0cb8bdbefb34b2a4a5fb1ad9Mike Conley — Bug 761304 - mailnews/addrbook/test/unit/test_nsIAbCard.js fails because of the changes to the way AIM screen names are printed. r=florian,IanN.
7588fecccb05c10134acc5203403ee321a1a7a88Ginn Chen — Bug 758478 Use CPP_UNIT_TESTS for TestMailCookie.cpp, so it will be linked by C++ compiler, r=mbanner
f6e3760f12cc3b214c6c2c1b596380a9589683aaIan Neal — Bug 760971 - Port |Bug 728141 - Replace old synchronous favicons calls in browser| to Thunderbird r=mconley
a32fc551300de8bbf412b6f58f1fb82eefc2d406Mark Banner — Version bumps for Calendar, SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=auroramerge
33531d4fdf2901c6e0de379ea534050584296894Mike Conley — closing old head a=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
8647602e19e483f1fbc10fbf65b667f52fcf1481Mike Conley — Added tag AURORA_15_END for changeset 0f257bd3c6be a=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
01ca3ff3a1e1ac453b21d0b2cf5ea4c9699c9633Mark Banner — closing old head a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
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