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Wed May 18 07:34:32 2016 +0000
3d73a3597a7ea8fe1fba4ae002c1e009b4f9065aaceman — Bug 1272505 - rename handleKeyPress() in maillist list editor to not clash with the function in autocomplete.xml. r=jorgk, r=Ratty, a=Ratty CLOSED TREE a=Ratty comm-esr45 THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH THUNDERBIRD_45_2b1_BUILD2 THUNDERBIRD_45_2b1_RELEASE
d6c18357ec727b1baede290045f047cc3bc93fd8Magnus Melin — Bug 1272972 - Redirect the donation link in aboutDialog to r=rkent a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
0c403744216b9517aa06c9219ee3a220e0c01541aceman — Bug 1272505 - rename handleKeyPress() in maillist list editor to not clash with the function in autocomplete.xml. r=jorgk, r=Ratty a=rkent (no suite changes) THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
f26e2e10ac61ed06c80a884262b9b8feae662e61Richard Marti — Bug 1272469 - Give #messengerBox colors to not inherit from LW-themes. r=aceman a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
6aebfedc330d1947e31b827fb7e77fdb9331cce3Jorg K — Bug 1271108 - Use sender/recipient or correspondent depending on preference. r=aceman a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
742502786eb96c18c2c9d41458e35bc6c7af5255aceman — Bug 1270651 - fix deletion of AB cards after search. r=rkent a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
79d6facfe3da6af2b9fe3037b6ad127377eedb42rsx11m — Bug 1267469 - New message invoked from news: URL starts in "Body Text" mode, replies allow undoing <p> insertion (branch patch). r=jorgk a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
d15084ee9caea3e9e2cb3ff55da668ae9a3cf495Jorg K — Bug 1270149 - Don't clobber options when using a template. r=mkmelin a=rkent (with no test) THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
15397c0df6eeebc9d366e27a236bc1396184e8beaceman — Bug 1268014 - downgrade message to plain text if it only contains our moz- classes. r=jorgk a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
1c1a6751370b50aa6c495bcf4e2545e6f27b4050Richard Marti — Bug 1268605 - make the bottom of the QFB icon thinner. r=aleth a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
8ce62730c60e8574fdd463c6fa5213f74cf77cd6MakeMyDay — Bug 1261692 - MODIFICATION_FAILED error when decimal separator is comma;r+a=philipp THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
5dbed2160850a27b86ddfd4027431bbcc80e0d68tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-389 - a=blocklist-update THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
3a28dc19ddb370c912f6fc3fd0893cddcd31fbe6Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1224437 - Fix state check so that publish will finish normally. r=Ratty a=Ratty DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
22887c4d69f087dde79cf79babda135ba64162f7tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-1070 - a=blocklist-update THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
f123e314da3c9957b31cb56ed348234ecaba63beJorg K — Bug 1268325 - Hide correspondents behind a preference. r=squib a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
7253e8e7f16832ecd2aa85421aebbbcc5e6e08f4Jorg K — Bug 1267804 - Use preventDefault() after address drop. r=aceman a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
43af1aba14338d4661ceabb50ab394e74cceeba4Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1223741 - Make content unblocking for mail addresses and sites work again. r=Ratty a=Ratty CLOSED TREE THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
e22acb30eccc908fb71fe142e428abcbcb81d735tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-507 - a=blocklist-update THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
41c4bde6ff71db7b3725b0c7394cdb97e61f21eaJorg K — Bug 1267069 - Strip quotes in font names. r=aceman,IanN a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
bd007e31d0180274d70081bf765a0e4f3105d31ealeth — Bug 1268081: Backed out bug 1193494 (changeset c37d201e97fa) as DIGEST-MD5 caused a regression for some users. rs=bustage-fix a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
2120129100d86e0ece6772ff9a9649206c51a835Jorg K — Bug 1265326 - Made font menu handle multiple comma-separated font options. r=aceman a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
e320822d90f0da0244aa8a862b0f07cea900f932aceman — Bug 1265326 - In the compose font selector, handle multiple alternative fonts, of which some are installed. r=jorgk a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
338f8a002e0f3daa905cffb6f163aeb01cc20d83rsx11m — Bug 1265246 - Move Thunderbird-specific change of editor.CR_creates_new_p default from composer.js to all-thunderbird.js override. r=jorgk a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
04856f12b73529574fd5f7edcba2b4a3b601a3e6rsx11m — Bug 1267025 - Fix paragraph handling for ForwardAsAttachment (branches only). r=jorgk a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
ebbb4bb643df792ce173b42a5b155c892cdb21bctbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-1054 - a=blocklist-update THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
f401353173f844165e4ba3b016944ffd137be016R Kent James — Bug 617946 - crash in nsImapMailFolder::GetDatabase() with null database, r=aceman, a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
38bd93a68e668d92b9dd80f5893ba2284bbff4a5alta88 — Bug 1266052 - Crash in nsMsgGroupView::GetCellProperties. r=rkent, a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
05269e463635fd266322f19d481c18a98b157516aceman — Bug 1265126 - fix printing of compose window and special tabs by using PrintUtils.printWindow(). r=jorgk a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
7c4e2f0b94c77553374438a91e826996fdc2cdf9aceman — Bug 1265181 - show used fonts like "Helvetica, Arial, Sans-serif" correctly in the composer font picker. r=jorgk a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
81af60331b9649f8b1d06b71d412e2a2515c11f8Richard Marti — Bug 1265170 - Set also class="noIconPopup" to some menupopups in compose window. r=aceman a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
4261c6c1bd3df564d775747b7d14dbac2d5e7044Richard Marti — Bug 1263442 - Fix the toolbarbutton-1 on dark Linux themes. r=mkmelin a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
2ab231e2a044c0051a43563a04ded1aa8bb6a268Richard Marti — Bug 1263432 - Set the correct color on brighttext chat- and calendar toolbars. r=mkmelin a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
d415c9b1470912737349d54dfc31522cc1ae915fRichard Marti — Bug 1262279 - Hide the .menulist-dropmarker from #msgIdentity. r=aceman a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
ac09d7a7381c210dcbe3bd166ea7579fe74e7a24aceman — Bug 1261678 - fix wrong copy-pasted variable name in nsActivityManager.js::getProcessesByContext() (value => activity). r=jorgk a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
381673c20648be0dbb7c448857df1a75408a3428Richard Marti — Bug 1261608 - Re-add missing img-align* images bacj to r=jorgk a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
933c8279edc4e59da4ca0020d2959c22460bebf3Richard Marti — Bug 1260697 - Use a class for menulist popups without icons. r=aceman a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
8e72678255cd6ce6e436189390cc7d8ddddaea50Richard Marti — Bug 1258109 - Fix the tab start- and end background. r=mkmelin a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
6b24e18d97b1521ff4691389f83af31b4ef8aa82Richard Marti — Bug 1257160 - Hide the Update tab completely when ac_add_options --disable-updater is set. r=mkmelin a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
921578f9f1b474a614363c2754024e41553f3d44Richard Marti — Bug 1249987 - Fix the ExtractEventButton- and ExtractTaskButton icons. r=MakeMyDay, a=Fallen THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
0914524726fc235db4c83dcbb4b369ebd6b65a97lemon_juice — Bug 1096098 - Set full-screen-api.enabled to true by default f=rsx11m r=IanN a=Ratty CLOSED TREE a=Ratty for all comm-* branches DONTBUILD THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
390c834aaaa0b80aed625d741cc27b3561ebbe7bFrank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1200263 - Fixes getReportURL function so Help -> Report Web Forgery works again r=Ratty a=IanN DONTBUILD for comm-esr45 CLOSED TREE THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
4cc0737d05db7722a58735c1a929dc1c12d9561dGeoff Lankow — Bug 1255878 - Update timezones file to 2016c; r+a=Fallen THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
7ba1037f6dbe835763d235daa17201a07888bd90Geoff Lankow — Bug 1255878 - Update timezones file to 2016b; r+a=Fallen THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
fd67388990fa29d16bb4273190449de0f9637a4btbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-419 - a=blocklist-update THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
29699fbacceaf1d2acc002bd1b7bfd5bc159d578Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1260035 - Disable text encoding menu when no message is displayed r=Ratty a=Ratty for CLOSED TREE a=Ratty for comm-aurora comm-beta comm-release comm-esr45 THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
d03aca46f89ca7513b3f468d4cc10f1578bd39a6Philip Chee — Bug 1259928 Fix for "View Selection Source" throws TypeError: args is null r=IanN a=IanN for comm-aurora comm-beta comm-esr45 CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
594b60143ff2e7301c05091a37807600e7a851b1tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-506 - a=blocklist-update THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
fba74e738129444d189f291e5d74ded2e7bd75f5tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-1070 - a=blocklist-update THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
4b6dee0de358f03bd8dd26119239043819bc9507R Kent James — Added default mozilla branch to THUNDERBIRD_45_VERBRANCH a=rkent DONTBUILD THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
1c2d8e2b4b20964c08d6576172c0bf3e2acac3cbMakeMyDay — Bug 1241600 - cannot accept calendar invitation ("This message contains a sent out event that is not in your calendar anymore");r=philipp CLOSED TREE THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
4c9a6d612b107d01c23e86a22c8a00dec559cf34tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-1068 - a=blocklist-update THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
f1769d0615ab22449ecb4c27a3edffc57e2b8031Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 321355 - Do not overwrite the original message when editing a draft message as new. r=aceman,mkmelin a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
f43ff88549b08489892b6aeb2858a2a876b6f751Jorg K — Bug 321355 - Backed out changeset e7e79f9aaf79 due to incorrect merge. Will reland in same push. a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
a953603f8460992aabe649856206b5a98a5d164cR Kent James — Bug 1250723, fix crash and improve error handling when nsMsgKey hits max value, r=aceman a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
0d176056e79528049c43c79ea29bef49344a79c0Arlo Breault — Bug 955324 - Starting/stopping to follow someone doesn't update the participant list of the timeline. r=clokep a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
f71972b90c3c27201a5f315c40e326df0221a971R Kent James — Bug 617945, crash in nsImapMailFolder::DeleteMessages, r=mkmelin a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
1e0478c1a9aa490959ed16650cf74557829cef90Richard Marti — Bug 1252305 - Use a background image for the .toolbarbutton-menubutton-dropmarker. r=mkmelin a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
3f155cb191b3423e0fb7163c8398d019aeede947R Kent James — Bug 308148, apply IMAP filters based on highwater, r=aceman a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
ea77c98c6d6098e089d9d71fe0feb2153b57406aR Kent James — Bug 610465, crash @ nsImapServerResponseParser::ParseIMAPServerResponse, r=mkmelin a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
936dd4da50821fb43ae32345edc3c42ecd778d9eJorg K — Bug 1255071 - Don't use base64 encoding for message/rfc822 attachments. r=mkmelin a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
783e478d9b036a939489a4f9fc198bb12caa7d32Jorg K — Bug 1253931 - Don't access gFolderDisplay when it's null. r=mkmelin a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
7cffc99889eda80f8ec52c14e1aadef55d1c341bJorg K — Bug 1251120 - Some tweaks to stop a crash due to buffer overrun. r=rkent a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
65455922e9027a26c53e56c8b1a66806e7f5c147aceman — Bug 1250295 - preset folder to run filters on in the filter editor in more cases. r=squib a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
7992f48cf3ef934bba44647af319b7e6a24a3c42aceman — Bug 1002006 - Allow to pass a specific filter to select to FilterListDialog. r=mkmelin a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
28f503950ffe6b188a82b96d0a476ed2038441aeHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 321355 - Do not overwrite the original message when editing a draft message as new. r=aceman,mkmelin a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
c4d665cc7c27c001ccc028a5bf5ac636dc7a2abcRichard Marti — Bug 1254184 - Remove the AB sidebar background color on Classic theme. r=squib a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
66cc28d34d8c25d07717a4feb6f2705ab145367fRichard Marti — Bug 1251953 - Small size tweaks on toolbars. r=clokep a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
69aa70b2be0a1d5c0e3b6f2c2b88bdf270e8692aJorg K — Bug 1251783 - Retrieve full header to obtain charset. r=mkmelin a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
51e9f5c318b891f69ef2a71a39c728ac13711878Richard Marti — Bug 1251835 - Override global/netError.css with our own netError styles. r=mkmelin a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
7436c51f6dfd0f75651bc90f2ca28c2c4fb7dab0Jorg K — Bug 1251408 - Show images in reply/forward if site was allowed. r=mkmelin a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
fb91e08f1b2ade7e5a8c320311bb1489b426dad4Richard Marti — Bug 1251925 - Fix the missing left .toolbarbutton-menubutton-button border in rtl. r=aleth a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
a6c11f8b327981839987d4a32e40335283d36928aleth — Bug 1250605 - Fix some "gMsgCompose is undefined" TypeErrors. r=jorgk a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
9bf6b40af3db0f1ce9bb5f169aa25cfeea990374aleth — Bug 1248465 - Ensure chat tab monitor is registered even if chat core is not initialized yet. r=clokep a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
160b06c551143aa25da1c488181af46810a81e1cJorg K — Bug 1209565 - Always show the e-mail address when name is in addressbook and the display name is not preferred. r=mkmelin a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
0110171f8fd1fb5ceddbf9c822342d3b10bf4718aceman — Bug 1075149 - distinguish different server connections in the POP3 log. r=rkent a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
7149ec04d7ed91eb0c655cd7425f8acf86a58837Shaif Chowdhury — Bug 729027 - Identity Settings dialog too large for netbook. r=mkmelin a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
8c47434b4c7539022032c7779f446ff52da6d0a3Richard Marti — Bug 1207658 - Add a focused state to .aw-menulist and make some code cleanups. r=aleth a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
842c08142aef424a02e21a890847587f336b2afaJorg K — Bug 1249884 - Check for forward before inserting forward container. r=mkmelin a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
ad57a8155f4401b7be3e8e934eac95021d182de2Richard Marti — Bug 1248158 - For the menulist dropmarker use a background image instead the dropmarker itself. r=mkmelin a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
00f00490e3b8fb1d1520fa65053c75c03db1368cISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 1246048 - Initialize a variable passed to GetSummaryValid(). The function may return without setting it. r=jorgk a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
6fef5bf716007a217e32cc9a5ce65acdac99fc4aJorg K — Bug 736584 - Move inline-forward DIV wrapping code out of cloudAttachmentLinkManager.js and into nsMsgCompose.cpp. r=mkmelin a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
bf436666bca1acfb2054e21db32f1eb965de1dccR Kent James — Bug 1242925 - use local database variable to prevent crash in msMsgLocalMailFolder::DeleteMessages, r=neil, a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
d9529e352d7976f43ad167d7e12c9f37b57183f9Magnus Melin — Bug 561568 - Mails auto sent by "Reply with template" encode non-ASCII characters (in mail body) incorrectly. r=rkent, a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
f5d814cb13130b5667dcaa367f48c726897bd986Magnus Melin — Bug 1242676 - "Reply with template" filter should add References: and In-Reply-To: headers to the reply mail. r=rkent, a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
f6eabee01a7582e2640912df68a22c33f8e2c4f8David Bug 529735 - double clicking on a .eml message doesn't show remote images r=rkent, a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
131f7cfce9e8530a02e3c7fd78b66f7af8a0be06R Kent James — Use THUNDERBIRD_45_VERBRANCH in Thunderbird l10n builds, a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
8f9fc7762c5466596e955a0f30cd3f87bd71e8dbR Kent James — Use THUNDERBIRD_45_VERBRANCH in Thunderbird builds, a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
6da811b58516c7fca4ca9f87f1a17dc7b4a5b404Patrick Cloke — Update to pull from mozilla-esr45 by default a=esrmerge ba=esrmerge CLOSED TREE THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
001f5d28531477423e956144e5887190e28ffe11Patrick Cloke — Update to pull from mozilla-release by default a=releasemerge ba=releasemerge CLOSED TREE THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH
3e0d80f1415e1b07ee76d1f109a5e4933d65833dR Kent James — Update version for Thunderbird 45.2b1 release, a=rkent THUNDERBIRD452b1_2016051723_RELBRANCH