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Tue Mar 13 21:17:18 2012 +0000
d080a8ebf16a8bc737d877099ea9633699a75513Mark Banner — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=betamerge CLOSED TREE
72b7adf2c1460aa5a03aa01a4c844dab1992e29fMark Banner — Added tag BETA_BASE_20120313 for changeset 9420ad8a9c7f a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE AURORA_12_END
9420ad8a9c7f57fd709618faaabdfb5fcc4787edPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 689130 - Enabling timezone support in the event dialog should be more visible. r=decathlon,a=philipp BETA_BASE_20120313
8deff9ff0b8928c8f5ef0f7a13b5727d6c944fb3alta88 — Bug 732798 - Make sure feed sync (bug 705504) is more robust and handles edge cases without UI loss. r=bienvenu,a=Standard8
dc97cb1e9c004c5007f8c4e78bf971b1200039bcRichard Marti — Backout bug 713852 which causes strange tab appearance due to backout of bug 497995 on mozilla-aurora. r=mconley,a=Standard8.
c821822ca24eb5f289475767b032d63ebc5d17ddJens Hatlak — Bug 732808 - Make Move Bookmarks dialog resizable. r=Neil a=Callek
bf89b7ad6f3cb422dee3a57cfd1a1735d5fba4a2Jens Hatlak — Bug 728840 - chrome directory missing in fresh profiles. r+a=Callek
c0666f5a239c4c0e90e8aaa1def26532e30da716Serge Gautherie — Bug 726521. (BBv1-29) Port |Bug 595292 - browser_394759.js seems to hit network with dns failures|. r=Neil a=Callek
e1cc720b420033f7536cf21be77f4b5148e0b56eseabld — Automated blocklist update from host - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
d823d69dddabe847de365c54e1f39596ce72fd14Jens Hatlak — Bug 727929 - test_idcheck.xul > preferences.xul: doubled 'languageBundle' and 'regionBundle'. r=IanN a=InvisibleSmiley
808401c2b2f2959569637c6254498859b81c50e8Decathlon — Fix bug 377744 - Optimize drag & drop and rezising of events/tasks. r=philipp,a=philipp
2da24b86b1fbbe6938258ad9dde7981ebe9134dePhilip Chee — Bug 724499 TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | chrome://mochitests/content/browser/suite/browser/test/browser_pluginnotification.js | Test timed out. r=IanN a=Callek
da05932da8513e1a6039013fc2e0111385498602Neil Rashbrook — Bug 605786 - Make the bookmark properties dialog fully resizable. r=InvisibleSmiley a=Callek
7b7fa546c0c31bc9e4b049d48ab38a3feae314d8Serge Gautherie — Bug 729212. (Av1a) abTrees.js: Use a safe-file-output-stream. r+moa=Mnyromyr a=Callek
0c8b3aab1faaed831132be042230c584dd9f909aAndrew Sutherland — Bug 732372 - Search fails - is undefined in gloda.js. Part 3 - don't pass the card as a raw rep; wrap it in an object. r=bienvenu,a=Standard8
8b99bba4247fb722d71b688de1d77cd16862411fAndrew Sutherland — Bug 732372 - Search fails - is undefined in gloda.js. Part 2 - add some tests. r=bienvenu,a=Standard8
2b2a01474c5747fb756a12f7cea6ada8ac6667f3Andrew Sutherland — Bug 732372 - Search fails - is undefined in gloda.js. Part 1 - Fix some logging issues. r=bienvenu,a=Standard8
d30a1377f5bce803491c159bf8acb6ed6999fc3bIan Neal — Bug 491843 - IPv6 address literal is not usable as server name r=dbienvenu a=mbanner for comm-aurora
4138254af9bf2a14382f974d19a0183ef8e6bfd5Jens Hatlak — Bug 725679 - "suite/common/tests/browser/browser_346337.js | Test timed out". r=sgautherie f=Neil a=Callek
cdf01bf6473ecb3802fd0e1400cabdbf9dd5aebaMark Banner — Bug 733517 - Update Bing search. rs=bwinton,a=Standard8
dd485d8ef66484758c09f055632ec4317f0f4978Edmund Wong — Bug 611585 - Allow user to enter a 'snooze default' larger than 999. r=Fallen a=Fallen
47a0cd44ed96898bf0a7f8acafb2d67c0055838bPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 718386 - Attempting to open an event from message window fails (modifyEventWithDialog is not defined) (regression). r=decathlon,a=philipp
8c524c672943c9740377bd140737a3c54414a15fPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 723533 - Lightning 1.2 does not send invites from CalDAV cals; only cancellations. r=wsourdeau (tentative),a=philipp
b6a938eafd87d6f517127abd356eb5bc80c1fc36Michel Verbraak — Fix bug 731674 - One calendar item stays visible after multi or recurring item deletion in multi-day view. r=philipp,a=philipp
0db16351395ca8b1e43837481139cf20dc38cf5aSerge Gautherie — Bug 732749. (Av1-CZ) Upgrade to CHATZILLA_0_9_88_1_RELEASE. r+a=Callek
80ddee7da026ed009ff1449de973334c9b4f80acPhilip Chee — Bug 721327 Implement Tabs Toolbar for Thunderbird and Lightning Compatibility: Branch patch r=Neil a=Callek.
d8d42ca3e46320da153d4c2d285211948536840fseabld — Automated blocklist update from host - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
5afefec96bc17d10c9eb868bba1a97e2b14d7a91rsx11m — Bug 729633 - Disable "View Background Image" in context menu for stand-alone video content (SeaMonkey). r=Neil a=Callek
be64885ac405ca02914b570ed40ea2dfbbfcf646Richard Marti — Bug 548635 - Provide a toolbar button to open the unifinder. Initial patch from Philipp, additions by me. f=philip.chee r+a=philipp
810dff72d28195b54b644947effb58a01798b823Chris Coulson — Fix bug 730078 - Don't hardcode defaultset in an overlay, as it can break migrations and conflict with other addons. r=philipp,a=philipp
79790980748ae7dfc98361323aefe516e38136fealta88 — Bug 723469 - RSS feeds are not properly recognized [rss2 feeds with isPermaLink=false and no link url only]. r+a=Standard8
1c843848bd127563471c787c49fbcf74db48e9b3Mark Banner — Bug 731590 - Update search engine list for Thunderbird. rs=bwinton,a=Standard8
315ceda5ffe6fff32ae04bd19210dbd2fa67b2e0Steven Michaud — Bug 728964 - Fix crash [@ -[NativeMenuItemTarget menuItemHit:] ] when 'About Thunderbird' is clicked. r=mconley,a=Standard8.
6b006b33f66195f64dc47b78d767ebd4cd148fdeMike Conley — Bug 723910 - Fix Account Provisioner failure to react once account has been successfully created. (fallout from bug 680456) r+a=Standard8
ad79480a62c3424267d636b68727936d8323778cJens Hatlak — Bug 728651 - Add a new test to check that all bundled add-ons are compatible. r=Neil f=sgautherie a=Callek
5c44d1dfbacea7627c287ad7ea8fb0daa005fe44Richard Marti — Bug 721506 - Aero theme: Message summary toolbar looks crappy. r+ui-review=bwinton,a=Standard8
04fc8f6476e8df482b8567bcd5b639212bc0ecfaRichard Marti — Bug 730043 - Checked QFB button should better work with Personas. r+ui-review=bwinton,a=Standard8
ad55f3cbf5cd4a2285d8141b2476ce49940ce9e8Richard Marti — Bug 721506 - Aero theme: Message summary toolbar looks crappy (XP followup). r=squib,a=Standard8
80a80cd502a765d1887b4651ff07d80546fbdeb3David Bienvenu — ignore errors attaching anchor parts when sending mail, fixes lots of issues with fancy sig files, r=standard8,a=Standard8, bug 714825
2fd0193985102296ae8e94f445a70707556f1225Mike Conley — Bug 714337 - Make Quick Filter Bar remember icon state on mail window spawn. r=asuth,a=Standard8
7ca24db0dae96079c1a6d5f8d02bdfa9df670038Mark Banner — Account provisioner - improve the wording of the introductory string. r+ui-review=bwinton,a=Standard8
546853a06b44ae0237a88bb3ff582d80f88c8848Mark Banner — Bug 728897 - 'Search All Messages' should be just 'Search'. r+ui-review=bwinton,a=Standard8
99185e5ec92cec9c91aa73dd034a9c7c9b0fe403Serge Gautherie — Bug 730260. (Av1) Add the comm-central source stamp to SeaMonkey's source stamp file. r+a=Callek.
832c3b8f4941a0e87bc6336fe3ba0fc63ef00000seabld — Automated blocklist update from host - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
c951cc0c7887c594d55783cd0a9fa18841966a83Richard Marti — Bug 729674 - Broken calendar-tab-button / task-tab-button on tab toolbar during toolbar customization. r+a=ssitter
c06f0acf8326ebcc3444fcfcf024fbe0aac78ba8Andreas Nilsson — Followup for Bug 719008 - fix Gloda tab toolbar height for Windows classic theme. r=mconley,a=Standard8.
e89b6379f7b0dab61c968f433924649c57a4885dPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 728019 - [hr] Request for including Croatian translation in Lightning 1.3. r=philipp,a=philipp
2464602e9a8f5cb47813f27094a074b787cb7228Mike Conley — Bug 719008 - Add toolbar to Gloda search results tab with text input for modifying search query. Patch by mconley and andreasn. r=asuth,ui-r=bwinton,a=Standard8
a97e6cafdc03488c140d6bdce89508a769d19ec0Mike Conley — Bug 728309 - Re-enable mail toolbar in message tab and Gloda search results list. r=dbienvenu,ui-r=bwinton,a=Standard8.
240d12a4dbe264d475a79b251dc78dc8b98de037Mike Conley — Bug 729197 - Make Quick Filter Bar toggle work for glodaList tabs. r=bwinton,a=Standard8.
80897e9cafe7dfc2b18aa7daa276abd1572691d7Mike Conley — Bug 717264 - Move Quick Filter Bar toggle button from tab toolbar to mail toolbar. ui-r+r=bwinton,a=Standard8.
958575ce81d007e7b7975388ea98b00155377305alta88 — Bug 711173 - Fix for UI freeze on feed biff/get new messages; renovate newsblog.js. r=bienvenu,a=Standard8
dd393081fb7308c82e840a8834d68e2be2659fe4David Bienvenu — fix perma-orange in gloda indexing, fix unsolicted keyword responses, r=asuth, sr=standard8, a=Standard8, turn tests back on now that issues fixed, bug 723081
73fa7507f71ef3085224f2e8f1419ad821375f6eAndrew Sutherland — Bug 723081 - pass the true gloda representation in so the attachments can hang off that v1. r=bienvenu,a=Standard8
c27ce7eb1b03ee040abd405a4d1022f81b16ec13Jim Porter — Bug 674473 - Make MIME parts in a multipart/related context that are not referred to or cannot be displayed inline available as attachments again; r=bienvenu,a=Standard8
60a05d6cffa1d558edcb723d719c7cde7347e75eRichard Marti — Bug 728553 - Better styling for checked QFB button on mail-toolbox under OS X. r+ui-review=andreasn,a=Standard8
96355948daf9aad6c629797a1e03f55f8d3db71dRichard Marti — Bug 721249 - Tab-bar buttons are slightly too small. r+ui-review=andreasn,a=Standard8
0dd0060b96854d0c0f26c4f60d4ba2e4af8f7bd9Jim Porter — Bug 720420 - Context menu in Compose Window has non-functional and unrelated options; r=mconley,a=Standard8
be844aef82292aa85170bb092f74b772827e8275Irving Reid — Bug 717225 - Figure out why folderTree.json is getting corrupted, and improve stability during writing. r+a=Standard8
6f794e627928785f6874b951f9e7f3f23c357ff3Mark Banner — Bug 716481 - Spellcheck icon stays disabled if clicking on a mailto link with a subject parameter, or replying (any action where the cursor starts in the body field). r=IanN,a=Standard8
16b9be046aafea937fe696b66a58a4f0966a66feMark Banner — Part of bug 723081, disable test_index_messages_imap_offline.js and test_index_messages_imap_online_to_offline.js due to near-perma-orange. r=test-only-temporary-fix a=Standard8
77aa2c8c04680e4249edfdf3ff5743e7674b591aMisak Khachatryan — Bug 700144 - Port Bug 640136 [onchange & input events are not fired for all form elements on restore]. r=Neil, a=Ian Neal
6b8a0385000024854dfe9c0595ef91bcc521c55eJens Hatlak — Bug 723178 - Port |Bug 716736 - Re-add performance data to daily add-on update check|. r=Callek,Standard8 a=Standard8
53ca2f194327a9cb5fe17e68b1e1d78600f43449Justin Wood — Bug 726486 - Add Ukrainian to all-locales. central/aurora. a=Callek DONTBUILD
3d07b19ee18de7964af1d2f6d40e7cddb220b4fbseabld — Automated blocklist update from host - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
79ae59ea472f88c68944ed18501cb3e285832cc0Neil Rashbrook — Bug 728096 Patch for bug 684805 forgot to make background tabs inactive r+a=IanN
96b130e0a76da1af3c5cf8176be3fa387590833fSerge Gautherie — Bug 726530 - Port |Bug 635673 - Content inside xul:iframe with type=content is always able to resize top chrome window| to SeaMonkey. r=neil a=Callek
27c9708bfc662ae4f1d98cb63dfbede1e14bae86Jonathan Protzenko — Bug 726301: SummaryFrameManager logic is wrong r=squib,a=Standard8
02c3bf169c41ebde84409f73d2ce1b1813858caaRichard Marti — Bug 723863 - Standalone Message window toolbar doesn't show personas. r+ui-review=bwinton,a=Standard8
1f916fceb08179cbb1f4a84bcb69a80306b0fea2Mark Banner — Update the test pilot version shipping with Thunderbird to incorporate latest changes from bug 723583. a=Standard8
3afe7fc35f3e223c0f49229f83e3d3bef85faa1cGregg Lind — Bug 723583 - test pilot thunderbird 'all your user studies' shows each more than once. r=squib,a=Standard8
4b4f1883cd214ad82d828bdbeeecceb8bb15b55eJonathan Protzenko — Bug 705431: make sure a MIME part with content-disposition: attachment is displayed as an attachment nonetheless even though it doesn't have a filename r=squib,a=Standard8
e265914697e80674f32e7f9752261621454b5e66Mark Banner — Bug 636014 - [autoconfig] Align labels and textfields on the existing account wizard. r=bwinton,ui-review=andreasn,a=Standard8. Patch by Standard8, theme tweaks by Richard Marti
785cee15cf2be95f5fc03191e3139363b95e6869Mark Banner — Backout Bug 697964 and its follow-up bug 698405 as the core bug was backed out from mozilla-aurora. a=Standard8
8811915b46f3782984b26d2c4448d1cb38717c2fGinn Chen — Fix bug 725224 - printf SEGV when passing NULL string on Solaris 10 in icalparser.c. r=philipp,a=philipp
2b493a7c2592943508d39894946128554cf66254seabld — Automated blocklist update from host cb-sea-linux-tbox - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
58d020405ee4bcb52bbeef8e55a603735a5769d9Philip Chee — Bug 723970 Backout Bug 698187 due to mozilla-central back out of parts of bug 698986 to resolve bug 716945 r=Neil a=Callek.
4d09c63a01c93cd38fedfa7b07c842696d97d40aDavid Bienvenu — Bug 723105 - crash CrashInJS | nsMsgIdentity::SetFullName | nsOutlookCompose::CreateIdentity. r+a=Standard8
a4536456e92a28aa5f6d783734adb8efc5ca4f4eIan Neal — Bug 722758 - Print button is misaligned in the Mail & News toolbar with the Modern theme r/a=philip.chee
55ae7a6b32acac77633f27f219c5ce685b28f94bDecathlon — Bug 308175 - Visual indicator in day and week view to show current time (slot). r+a=philipp
0e082f56031d32bbd4be9015897d3c86003efd1dPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 719193 - Open/Delete Commands are always disabled (regression). r=markus,a=philipp,a=philipp
21ce5b4eef21d3ca00ba651e8f06c2ac65abffe8Philip Chee — Bug 721330 Part 2: Make Customizing the task-actions-toolbar work in SeaMonkey r=philipp a=philipp.
bd529b6e1eb69c5ede280851c1394ed11e7d2049seabld — Automated blocklist update from host - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
0518df280d7840fb0df6b3035cdd20e4b67d95f9Markus Adrario — Backed out changeset 212c1afd18f3 - due to l10n-freeze & no entity broken as suspected. a=philipp
212c1afd18f37d5d88f67360f7beac86cf115bf8Markus Adrario — Fix bug 723884 - Typo in the name of an entity. a=philipp
2b548cb6ca5ce3bc69fe8cb049462b2fafbac87ePhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 722635 - MODIFICATION_FAILED when writing to the Oracle stbeehive caldav server. r=wsourdeau,a=philipp
dbb73260ee5f3a8df90a17fe965206043beb133bMark Banner — Fix typos in a=Standard8 for DONTBUILD due to clobber pending when mozilla-aurora merge lands
93a839a86f5a9bdfceeffb6e5f33c060ebc0feeeMark Banner — Bump versions, and add extra test preferences following merge to aurora. a=auroramerge
1d8e0da85823cb48d64dd5863888a8a987d16e47Mark Banner — Added tag AURORA_BASE_20120131 for changeset cce7de6de28f a=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
cce7de6de28fb23566bf8ec5476bebaab97f5544David Bienvenu — try to fix test failure in test_offlinePlayback.js, r=standard8, bug 722798 AURORA_BASE_20120131
421466ffede8a93fbc059527b21146ebb1852871tbirdbld — Automated blocklist update from host momo-vm-linux-08 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
ed69c6a773d6361c3e0f83a16a2729b23163bbc6Philip Chee — Bug 721330 Make Customizing Lightning Toolbars work in SeaMonkey f=paenglab r=Philipp.
db773e5019e5e1e14a402b20d4a55ec0207d561cPhilip Chee — Backed out changeset: d577ee1e51ab Bug 721330 due to incomplete commit message.
bec2e72ce8ed680641e5b2188ec97f2033f08453Serge Gautherie — Bug 721357. (Av2) Add support for MailNews Core test suites to SeaMonkey. r=mbanner.
73d713767f753d6a09d71f6f6df36a8d2ac4c458Serge Gautherie — Bug 721357. (Bv2) Fix support for SeaMonkey in MailNews Core 'mailbloat' target. r=mbanner.
9b1782c766aa7f39ebc7dff1a31c7cda36bc209aSerge Gautherie — Bug 721357. (Cv1) Add support for SeaMonkey in MailNews Core 'mailbloat' preferences. r=mbanner.
d577ee1e51ab28ed194761552511dc3ab36978d3Philip Chee — Bug 721330 Make Customizing Lightning Toolbars work in SeaMonkey.
eb282639e268ae57d0bdc74bebe43bb54290f333Edmund Wong — Bug 717493 - Removed bin/components/proxyObject.xpt. r=Callek
f14e9fd13faf744b9d34ad16abd49cedca895010Markus Adrario — Fix bug 262729 - Allow to view all events in current display in unifinder. r=philipp
b0f2bbc5d75229a346606a3f61ea892f77e386bbPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 632355 - calendar-summary-dialog : attendees names overlap. r=pmartinak
fbbc916ed9876b1b85daca347d4f64c5824a17d6Matthew Mecca — Bug 481080 - Task filters "Today" and "Next Seven Days" should show all active tasks for the period. r=philipp
050136c0cfc3ff40baa875cd3b027c11871bd307Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 710351 - Full sync providers like ICS very slow when refreshing. r=mmecca,f=redDragon
0df7c1cf555f83ceaf5f1f4a74f315738bcfee20Serge Gautherie — Bug 721533. (Av1) Stop packaging dead chardet.xpt. r=smontagu.
c504e4a24ad9dcbd3be0e0aa00082969816c6ef0Jens Hatlak — Bug 721881 - Port |Bug 666306 - Video content should become large play button ...| to Modern. r=Neil
145f94bea560b8ded31c920000d96283dc5ca245Matthew Mecca — Bug 694803 - Save event with Ctrl-S after changing calendar produces misleading dialogues. r=philipp
7cf8ce4693a4e3b7ef6e62dc7788d786de64b20eaceman — Bug 714265 - Encoding not retained in GatherMimeAttachments - remove obsolete code. r=bienvenu
1cf98bececea041c2357c206a848b934ecae16cfNomis101 — Bug 721317 - Port work to use Quirks mode on mac when hardware acceleration is enabled. r=Standard8
058b7f29a5b7f832cb4214c80eb7f5105ee49979Richard Marti — Bug 722010 - Make the calendar-tab-button and the task-tab-button a toolbarbutton-1 r=Philipp
db9e96b875aad1940a1ae7fffd9a38a383decbc5Jens Hatlak — Bug 721583 - Make lightweight themes / Personas work in the Download Manager window. r=Neil ui-r=stefanh
1694822c492e9b89079d96c987edcc2084a155b3Mark Banner — Fix comm-central bustage from string rename and change in m-c bug 714277. r=bustage-fix.
157f705bd2e7ed06270cf1c74b3e32330cf68308seabld — Automated blocklist update from host - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
bec2f20e8669936372cb08afbf6e5c23fe15d540aceman — Bug 593443 - Add some new prefs to the about:support whitelist. r=Standard8
c319515fbc608a20dcca414be2319b63949ba7c8aceman — Bug 559500 - On about:support, "Open Containing Folder" is misleading. r=Standard8
990749c785266cd80eb9e667d1e278db02fc8022tbirdbld — Automated blocklist update from host momo-vm-linux-15 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
5608d36000c94907492de76012d66c021ca4a8feMike Conley — Bug 718486 - Make Account Provisioner XML handler only request XML once. r=bienvenu.
0989a2c506dbf2604aad2ad10399c7f5ac0538f0aceman — Bug 346306 - Instructions in account wizard not platform dependent. r=IanN,sr=Standard8
d58e5898881d51ba101168cfa56e6d6a0a3a7842aceman — Bug 720354 - Drop unused MSG_FASTER_URI_PARSING code. r=Standard8
c335daff820f1b38f5576ccbe6597075b25da710aceman — Bug 720524 - use PRInt32 for variable containing return value of FindChar in nsMsgDBFolder.cpp. r=Neil
aaaa9a12e543bb92c29a7faa6ab2687660699014Tobias Koenig — Bug 380636 - ldap addressbook book results are not sorted when autocompleting is in action. r=Standard8
3d41f0339494e0f9041d0d6468907f77a8455bb4Jonathan Protzenko — Bug 721365 - Make AddMsgUrlToNavigateHistory scriptable r=bienvenu
9ca9b3da507ba07e2409f201ef6a20b1fedd8f78tbirdbld — Automated blocklist update from host momo-vm-linux-15 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
3b8bc1264075ebcaba9a37a062c47b745c9a3147Serge Gautherie — Bug 719325. (Av1) Package dom_network.xpt. r=Callek.
76bdaffc721cde3e88a07604356a038a604be346Serge Gautherie — Bug 718912. (Av1a) Stop packaging b2g-specific 'Webapps.js[m]'. r=Callek.
ad326b038421abd33cbfc8f3286b4196bb4dbf6dSerge Gautherie — Bug 716395. (Av2) Package mozglue when MOZ_SHARED_MOZGLUE only. r=Callek.
81f9de6c78e60d4821e9a14964c6cc4eb7107e8aAndreas Nilsson — Bug 710831 - Fix transition between tab selector and message header. r=mconley,ui-r=bwinton.
caff6d2d5ca128c5437f02d8d6a17eab9fdd26a2Richard Marti — Bug 720120 - Apply button ID only on calendar-event-dialog and remove unneeded CSS rules. r=Philipp
09fa0d1410b9bf24de6d54f13a5fad56018b09b4Mike Conley — Bug 721378 - Bustage fix for permanent orange on OSX, caused by redundant throbber patch (bug 715565) landing. r=Standard8.
ab375980b297d5e22a0ca123e5891ca40d745a86Mark Banner — Bug 721071 - Permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-eml-subject.js | test-eml-subject.js::test_eml_normal_subject. Adapt logic for Mac versus non-Mac windows r=test-only bustage-fix
6ce8a61a49324065cea284b8c47ec4b63c3a7bd7Mark Banner — Build bustage fix from m-c bug 706227 - Add way for JS_GC API users to give detailed reason for invocation. r=bustage-fix
5ac1fc167d04cb6a064bce3877493fd4a2d790dfBenoit Girard — Bug 721285 - Add NSSupportsAutomaticGraphicsSwitching for better MacOSX support with Gecko. r=Callek,stefanh
e65f0736efe74a7d22e6f1ea8bd57e0b42b0d2bdJens Hatlak — Bug 721021 - Port |Bug 593321 - Opening saved .EML with empty subject has wrong window title|. r+moa=Mnyromyr
fd2f08281cf0b609d04d505a0943cdf78641f6ecDavid Bienvenu — fix crash in WriteStartOfNewMessage, bug 718514, r=neil
0cb453fc659cbdf51d002b642a45e01c29f34024Kent James — bug 228949 - marking as junk with "delete mail marked as junk" set will undelete deleted mail, r=bienvenu
511a77d523ccf7182a9c9f470d2116ece60be429Neil Rashbrook — Bug 720940 Really fix buggy MathML3 link detection code r=IanN
c878fa4dd773b2e4faf2b70fd38c70e16d405dc2stefanh — Bug 713445 - [Mac Default] tabbrowser tab title text styling is wrong in Lion. r=Mnyromyr.
dc8b1860f835186cb6175e986f2cf55404874433Richard Marti — Bug 718182 - Use on Aero inverted icons. r=Philipp, ui-r=andreasn
bc502832e7cd660be1098f3ec2c0c68fac2ea704Mike Conley — Bug 715565 - Remove default redundant throbber from menubar / mailbar. r=sid0.
42920d816bd1afdc2161f1ff7d072d97ce453c30Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 593321 - Opening saved .EML with empty subject has wrong window title. r=bienvenu
feb02f8299400911d95ad37bb2c12c30541a0de3Andreas Nilsson — Bug 529933 - [Mac] "File" toolbar button shows old folder after bug 491294. r=bwinton,ui-review=clarkbw
02545f6f91d88593706173c8b6296e833b381e46Serge Gautherie — Bug 714257. (Av1) Package 'necko_websocket.xpt'. r=Callek.
ec4b5babe5669f468c631fe13786cecbb94d040fMark Banner — Bug 704722 - Incorrect regexp in OpenSearch. r=squib
bf5a281dec5c68a11620bf8b4bbd2d4408964d32Mark Banner — Bump version of TB's test-pilot add-on to cover latest changes. rs=bienvenu
1aac7486766c0f299dfd07731edfef1625558005Gavin Sharp — Remove outdated reference to "build configurator" webtool, rs=Standard8 (direct port of m-c changeset), no bug
e828b319282e8b3261f50b4c58d2e5cf8f29d79cRichard Marti — Bug 719006 - Move the Lightning buttons to tabbar-toolbar. r=Philipp
568c0a31db46aac7d87df5c81b304702fd405f9bMark Banner — Bug 720328 - Update LDAP c-sdk to LDAPCSDK_6_0_7D_RTM - Pull in build config only fixes to reduce unnecessary rebuilding of files (bug 712785) and improve the OpenBSD build config options (bug 720373). r=bienvenu
318d0671f8819d19c0b77c12088255dc14ad2303Richard Marti — Bug 633679 - Quick Filter Bar button and menuitem shouldn't be invisible when disabled. ui-r+r=mconley,r=sid0.
a049f0583298ee315f70f4849b583c4c3307895cMark Banner — Bug 720341 - Fix error downloading Test Pilot tests and fix the endless "Loading, please wait..." message. r=mconley
1be4fb48726f5a2a6a5631dc61bd5a325803c298Simon Montagu — Remove usage of nsIDocCharset and nsIDocumentCharsetInfo in suite, Bug 720312, r=Neil
c557ae46d0dd4a1629325881679e8b128489533cPhilippe Martinak — Fix bug 420831 - On sending updated iTIP message, the subject does not indicate 'updated'. r=mmecca
99470a5f7a8bd63f138cccddf61db7598a08b12eMike Conley — Bug 715961 - Add Mozmill tests for the new attachment events in the compose window. r=sid0.
ad14796cbb77abcd6a98936f5a3196042c02afe6Philip Chee — Bug 719034 Support CTRL-SHIFT-K as the Lighting Task Quick Filter hotkey r=IanN moa=Mnyromyr.
205b8ff54fe0cb716555e6eb49803ae8071083caMark Banner — Backout part of bug 697943 / changeset b6160b9a2dc4 - disable test_offlineStoreLocking.js on windows again due to permanent failures. r=bustage-fix
d653fdc2972c326706331be8498f503d56121f1cFlorian Quèze — Bug 714733 - Let Gloda noun definitions specify a tableName, r=protz.
bed472157fd2a2fc4cf29bf45549d07306a26f37Florian Quèze — Bug 714733 - Fix crash @nsMsgDBFolder::HandleAutoCompactEvent, r=bienvenu.
916cf00f9afa55573be784c77351d84bd52e17a0Florian Quèze — Bug 518597 - [Faceted Search] GLODA search results should contain matched message fragment, r=asuth, ui-r=bwinton.
230f526f4fca93f622cf855b816156afbeb3718bEdmund Wong — Bug 688745 - Add 'Open in Browser' to context menu for Opening a Website from RSS. r=IanN moa=Mnyromyr
edae64607f3dd136074ee41badc46fca1c6269dePhilip Chee — Bug 714595 Simplify FillIdentityList() and getCurrentIdentity() r=IanN moa=Mnyromyr.
0a9e4a441196dfef17f0bbe83a73aefac90584d2Philip Chee — Bug 714452 Auto-save happens even if message is currently being sent r=IanN moa=Mnyromyr.
8bfedaa2586dadadcb8e02fe2c8c31c7a1aa14b7Justin Wood — Bug 715802 - Move mac quirks triggering into nsSuiteApp.cpp. r=BenWa pending-r=stefanh
ace0712e72cd729d7bf153c4005a98b76201b1d6Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 700637 - fix minor issue
3ce3754f549d5b22233a627f1f83125be0786d79Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 720253 - Zimbra uses different conflict code 409 instead of 412. r=release
7fea8872e552bf865fbfb0b9a7f08d6941e0a006Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 700637 - this.mItemInfoCache[] is null using caldav cached calendar. r=release
3885fa7e5eefe0d6779d5766b81b9a0aa61483e5Neil Rashbrook — Bug 713565 Don't forget recipient type when adding contacts from drag-n-drop or sidebar r=Mnyromyr
677095a66adfbda3939bb0f6d12937a09168e788Neil Rashbrook — Bug 720225 Fix buggy MathML3 link detection code r=IanN
e51b6e8ee03bd4f7429b258e9590a9a103b40f33Jens Hatlak — Bug 718310 - Port |Bug 526998 - Implement F2 keyboard shortcut for renaming focused attachments when composing (on Windows and Unix)|. r=Mnyromyr sr=Neil
d6deaa2e233766dc7cd588df23aa01b52ddef5dbPhilipp Kewisch — Backout bug 412914 - Enable offline caching for ical calendar with many events -> startup horrible slow.
2970fc9537afee3137027060090c9e19b59c5914Philippe Martinak — Fix bug 428022 - Category color indicators should be printed. r=philipp
a54fa7dae43fc85aa0823f9fd069dc82387e7708seabld — Automated blocklist update from host cb-sea-linux-tbox - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
e87fb7e201465dbf3d7872533df16b4fa996d698Justin Wood — Bug 714495 - Port - |Microsoft.VC80.CRT SideBySide errors, browsercomps.dll| to comm. r+a=Standard8
826fa2ff7adea8d03b7aa794e2b4579b51494726tbirdbld — Automated blocklist update from host momo-vm-linux-06 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
bdd7940e145542a693af8dbb0edf161f2ad1499eRichard Marti — Bug 715495 - Inconsistency in styling of buttons in tabs-toolbar. r=andreasn,ui-review=bwinton
dc9e0a5726061439283376927c2e960a26e0bdc7Simon Montagu — Bug 677111 - utf-7 encoded characters are not interpreted properly in TB 5.0. r=bienvenu
7a34e038ee945fac4f8c069414933e102e36ebd9Neil Rashbrook — Bug 717587 Support new MathML3 href attribute r=IanN
7ee4b898ee415ddb6af0b3659113c08c71d45476Neil Rashbrook — Bug 717111 Plain text editor context menu broken (regression from bug 702019) r=IanN
2a9cca621e7cc3b750691f6a0f31bd12d951f0b6Neil Rashbrook — Bug 713405 Can't drag-n-drop from the address book sidebar r=Mnyromyr
d3222f251e1cd5a02760326be5e11c1d49e392b1Jens Hatlak — Bug 719196 - Port |Bug 712421 - allow pasting a URL in the download manager window to download it|. r=Neil
b6160b9a2dc42b3bb0aa33cbfd4234e85e536bc5David Bienvenu — fix offlineStoreLocking test failure, and turn test back on for windows, r=standard8, bug 697943
f50b1ec0a5c1542b1e1024a2111fece838514dcdSerge Gautherie — Bug 694353. (Bv1-CC) Stop explicitly packaging NSS .chk files which are now created in the staging directory directly, Reorder PSM files. r=mbanner.
d5336758d17e382a3f8fe018df005f6b310e9cedtbirdbld — Automated blocklist update from host momo-vm-linux-11 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
2451261c298fed302ade98480ca87c16b8967231Edmund Wong — Bug 718356 - Remove Debug > XUL Test suite menu of tests. r=IanN
e7388ff07ff92f5a27d856396d3cd7051240d3c5Jim Porter — Bug 526998 - Implement F2 keyboard shortcut for renaming focused attachments when composing (on Windows and Unix); r=mbanner, r=mconley, ui-r=bwinton
6559b1814a9bc93918aa1604d6c0fae8f0a2e662Wolfgang Sourdeau — Fix bug 719016 - responding to invitations as an attendee fails to set the "SENT-BY" attribute. r=philipp
3b98674b500b31ad6819c3c39310d8f570b0a7abWolfgang Sourdeau — Fix bug 718387 - Accepting an invite fails (NS_ERROR_OBJECT_IS_IMMUTABLE). r=philipp
b43d9f97aad8bb299a5308f87e78d87fa7cb3614Wolfgang Sourdeau — Fix bug 714431 - Extra Fix comment 30 - New Event... and New Task... are always disabled (regression). r=philipp
277a05c41121a286737e5299cbf0a51125799a81David Bienvenu — fix permanent orange in xpcshell test, bug713767, r=standard8
f05734727929a26c86f08f394a5a4578877ae394alta88 — Bug 712035 - Feed Subscribe dialog should respect user location preference. r=Standard8 ui-r=bwinton
d1a2fb2627fa083e714cb18c0b9f96af71e7a0dcDavid Bienvenu — fix bug 719307, pop3 move filters can misfire, r=standard8
57d0ff8ff406fb4e2507639bc00d619189fa8ff8tbirdbld — Automated blocklist update from host momo-vm-linux-04 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
17750def96794c25223e11c2b42b2936a1a62b45Philip Chee — Bug 719050 Lightning aero #button-delete style makes the SeaMonkey Mail delete button image disappear r=philipp ui-r=paenglab.
4b50e227e649e5323341ac98822afc3217da62f3Jim Porter — Bug 718860 - Use the "dummy" smart reply button in the message header customization dialog; r=bwinton, ui-r=bwinton
120cf812400a344b3f5bedfd78f432d1d00bb4d8Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 719197 - Rename "Reload Remote Calendar" to "Synchronize Calendars". r=paenglab
7617b704d5638be3888a7b85fd2d0dc3f3270072Ian Neal — Bug 718517 - Add print button as an option to messenger compose mail toolbar r=neil
243812475f89ad3d3e6b646f768b0d4791c7f4f1Ian Neal — Bug 718515 - Update messenger compose window's mail toolbar to use removable attribute r=neil
ef508aa563580a09cdabb4797a8a050cf6d4f07fMike Conley — Bug 713919 - Toolbar buttons dragged onto the stand-alone window menubar should have text-beside-icon. r=sid0,ui-r=bwinton.
7bddc0e90669a8ba2aa1663e7f258c35fdbd48e2Serge Gautherie — Bug 714536. (Av1) Remove --disable-smil build option and "#ifdef MOZ_SMIL" wrappers. r=Callek.
72e27df65c8409eb4d2a36d3775d5ae3eeca28e1Mark Banner — Bug 718812 - TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-install-xpi.js | timed out waiting for modal dialog. r=mconley
930cd24e1af8255cd19c1988a28c051fbf5a9603Irving Reid — Bug 706798 - 'Tune' the time to wait before displaying the update been downloaded / restart notification. r=Standard8
f05c98a3a3a2dc45311d26c57f0fba733d83c273Jens Hatlak — Bug 714747 - Port |Bug 655678 - Precompile startup cache for xulrunner| and |Bug 639462 - "make install" doesn't install the SDK| to SeaMonkey. r=Callek
f907e1b1efd97f35aa88e1fd8dfd69d6a01f75f3Jens Hatlak — Bug 718315 - Advanced/Crash Reporter checkbox should be independent of shell service. r=Neil
dedeed79d795d21e60e8aa3c6ef156f937a000daJens Hatlak — Bug 700162 - Add mozapps/extensions/newaddon.css to Modern. r=Neil
1f2265369e5ebbe367316da32b07b6a02fff38d1Jens Hatlak — Bug 718302 - Update Help for |Bug 620776 - Add UI for new plugins.disabled preference|. r=IanN
f092cb0bd85c438ecf26c4e10dc6d088677f52e8Jens Hatlak — Bug 714588 - Update Help for changes from bug 527173 (new Spelling pref pane). r=IanN
d7619adc645ff3326d688d9920c5993b9d71307bEdmund Wong — Bug 527173 - Spellchecker settings are in the Mail section but the SP is used by all components. r=IanN
986abadfbeb759e5de8f81397f67f90bb3c6471cDavid Bienvenu — fix bug 715922, pop3 move filters with quarantining turned off get result msg size wrong by two bytes, r=standard8
45bca33cdcfdf1d06dbb7dce497e3e623a550526Philippe Martinak — Fix bug 412914 - Enable offline caching for ical calendar with many events -> startup horrible slow. r=philipp
221b010fd6a1b3e60ea935449d2abd58c5e68e38Mike Conley — Bug 718640 - Link to view providers in other languages in Account Provisioner should be hidden if no such providers exist. r=bwinton.
a4aede33b0d4b68f5b9cb600689b5ecede0930a8Richard Marti — Bug 516970 - Attachment toolbar borders need a bit more styling on Windows. r+ui-review=bwinton
9bc16b440416c5874ab6612a8ad5d5c365d80c74aceman — Bug 61831 - bloat / duplicated code: ConvertBufToPlainText() in nsMsgCompUtils.cpp and nsMessenger.cpp. r=Standard8
e9fc23fc90274c95f3c3d8ffdb731c8279f9d07bMark Banner — Bug 705660 - OpenSearch tab looks weird with some Personas. r+ui-review=bwinton
66527bcf0a8a5696372ea3d86eb3a2ace5881e26Alexandre Demers — Fix bug 657763 - [PATCH] There is an uneeded (F) next to Event in the Event window. r=philipp
6bb7dbe6d90c9cd1b5cbea149bb69ff6ee9ef876Decathlon — Fix bug 577023 - The until date of a repeating event changes from UTC time to floating after Thunderbird is closed and restarted. r=philipp
ab19fa1cf57fd24dbecb3e89a0b20703f8024a5aPhilippe Martinak — Fix bug 711994 - Add support for nested mailing lists in the invitations dialog. r=philipp
80959a308cf78589317bd7f9fdc2dac587add63cMarkus Adrario — Fix bug 351870 - unable to unselect single event from a group of selected events in main view.
24c90a00c902107d04a052ca915ed049b21ec260Philip Chee — Bug 701432 Add support for Favicons on jump list uri entries. Part 1: Whitespace cleanup and remove DOS line endings r=Neil.
61e32a70af338ffa7bc213d6e744a2d93baeb1c3Edmund Wong — Bug 716186 - Simplify @media queries. r=Neil
a9339f69c68ab9c9404cb301893e4247fa392c73Stefan Sitter — Bug 713380 - Fix error "property is not defined" in msgHdrViewOverlay.js. r=standard8
322e170393850091a447b93cd34f5a8603437783Ms2ger — Bug 718488 - calDateTime doesn't need to implement nsIXPCScriptable; r=philipp
74aaf5c6fa4840a652ce0097399756e70f168388Jim Porter — Backout changeset 25f87dd2453f due to test bustage in test-attachment.js
8bdd5d2f7ecef0f21f583a9307ba0ec9be90dfb6Richard Marti — Bug 718278 - Remove chromedir attributes, use -moz-locale-dir instead r=Philipp
ff9d678c33716a97a5d8df5e1c41f45253cda5ccMs2ger — Bug 718300 - Stop including jsdate.h.
600face6bd77ebf150f8176f7d9beead23ce9fabEdmund Wong — Bug 620776 - Add plugin.disable UI to Preferences. r=IanN ui-r=neil
069ae74f83d93204992ca0ec9aba28902091a9cbPhilipp Kewisch — Bug 396417 - apply missing hunk from the patch
25f87dd2453f478a05b64e21e4d24cf5f1efc5b3Jim Porter — Bug 526998 - Implement F2 keyboard shortcut for renaming focused attachments when composing (on Windows and Unix); r=standard8, ui-r=bwinton
f1d6a28d03963a71fe9ea8302c8914937bc32834Jim Porter — Bug 714391 - Text on disabled toolbar buttons in the menubar doesn't look disabled; r=mconley, ui-r=bwinton
d29573dcbadb6a1e01aa88e648339d71d93b30bdJens Hatlak — Bug 588807 - Add Unsorted Bookmarks to Bookmarks menu and rename Personal Toolbar to Bookmarks Toolbar. r=Neil
81c392144bebfb017c254a3fad992de049dbd081Mark Banner — Bug 717240 - Remove incomplete add/edit image map code from editor. r=IanN,sr=Neil
36edebf6bd3ba83ff50794d11c12cc7d5dd02830Jens Hatlak — Bug 716224 - Port bug 643167 and bug 707512 for better pymake support. r=Standard8
22615ec6dccb16089d8d272f833905cb672ef52fMark Banner — Bug 717883 - nsNntpService::WeAreOffline is a redundant function. r=jcranmer
a66d30b82ac27c0deb2033c529e601d4d0b5497cMark Banner — Bug 717182 - Permanent orange on Windows | TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_largeOfflineStore.js (NS_ERROR_FILE_NO_DEVICE_SPACE). r=bienvenu
459717882b5b399efa4bbb84f9b9f27377a3c0a0Serge Gautherie — Bug 714556. (Av1a) Remove Native uconv from the tree. r=mbanner.
7c894b95efe463e247b483e330858ef1c3f0fe6cMike Conley — Bug 715488 - Bustage fix for test-attachment.js Mozmill test on Linux. r=Standard8.
b23090be53f45a42da3eac094bacb175a19b04efRichard Marti — Bug 714448 - Today pane closes when attempting to scroll message preview r=Philipp
a6ca255de8ff46fe39599526c9c3ceba1bf19b40Wolfgang Sourdeau — Fix bug 715890 - useless refresh of the ACL entry during initialization. r=philipp
5b6cf9b3be522a23e4d9613275117e884428a33cPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 717081 - Get rid of extra onLoad during cached calendar sync. r=redDragon
7ad0f0a36639cadc9c9e36ad5bf9e7575f92a7c1Serge Gautherie — Bug 714630. (Av1) Use "UniversalXPConnect" only, or "SpecialPowers". r=neil.
49f1b07d5c78618a2975986d8ca192c169e00e7fSerge Gautherie — Bug 716381. (Av1) Error out if too old 'February 2010 DirectX SDK' is found. r=mbanner.
c01205ffb4f85dff0a3097746e5eebb24e7fa273aceman — Bug 717402 - Bustage fix for broken about-support Mozmill tests. r=bwinton.
39a180d6662c91f21731036d73751900b705aa99Serge Gautherie — Bug 717376. (Av1) Fix libalerts naming. r=mbanner.
72d5e7579d32be5f64f9fcb08ac7849e243fc43bSerge Gautherie — Bug 716378. (Av1) Use $(LIBXUL_DIST)/bin/xpcshell instead of $(DIST)/bin/xpcshell. r=mbanner.
6932b947f06a2ec9feea398ff2ca37e4eed0c750Jens Hatlak — Bug 717355 - Port bug 716868. r=Callek
4a3f5d039f95e3dc6d95571c66510ada33dd1172Mark Banner — Bug 669925 - Wrong "From" shown in message list when email address contains Unicode. r=bienvenu
5f64160772c85e88e3e3d6fd9332931abbee3a9cDavid Bienvenu — remove include of proxyobjectmanager, r=standard8, last part of bug 675407
6c76c56402934196e8088c474ee49a031f816172David Bienvenu — bulletproof fix for crash in mime_parse_stream_complete, r=standard8, bug 715810
0b709763595de346fa0b0233cd0f9afc133688a6Joshua Cranmer — Bug 695309 - NNTP protocol objects can become doubly initialized if there are pending URIs, r=bienvenu
2216e845c307efbf93adfd8c32de368f730057a2Mark Banner — Bug 707329 - Folder panel has no content. JSON.parse: unexpected end of data Source File: chrome://messenger/content/folderPane.js. Correctly handle a corrupted file. r=bienvenu,ui-review=bwinton
1b02f7bd7a43cd3ab417e8a7a47a956b75877b5dMark Banner — Backout bug 633679 / changeset 9f829c7a28d5 due to unit test bustage.
fad5022b0bf7a5a80750df5a7b8bd2082772d21cJens Hatlak — Bug 716401 - Some bookmark.*Cmd are missing an ellipsis. r=Neil
59b240e1e76c6035b775d9db2acc88cc9dc6079eMakoto Kato — Bug 715807 - crash CMbxScanner::CleanUp. r=dbienvenu
9f829c7a28d58b78ca1c0cdaac29460911a3b6a9Richard Marti — Bug 633679 - Quick filter button / menuitem shouldn't be invisible when disabled. r=mconley, ui-r=mconley.
775c1ec9d57661b2293622f4f735aa8e051297c4Serge Gautherie — Bug 611233. (Bv2a) nsImapService.cpp: Fix 4 crashes reported by bug 412109 (WIP) test, Add 3 additional NS_ENSURE_SUCCESS(rv, rv), plus some nits. r=dbienvenu.
6e42a9a28e06d3f17ee17746327914941f44a938Wolfgang Sourdeau — Fix bug 716933 - Can't invite/add people to an event (regression). r=philipp
36e27e06b67ce216e61197406a56d79ba9840237Wolfgang Sourdeau — Fix bug 714431 - New Event... and New Task... are always disabled (regression). r=philipp
fa7ba14da2071c0739f4196551b183f4ea5bcd18Mike Hommey — Bug 701371 - Rename mozutils to mozglue. c-c part. rs=Callek
25d62c5e3121d290269118ad0aba11f3c40c652cDavid Bienvenu — fix gug 704707, don't need event target when running imap urls, along with a bunch of fixes for issues with test that this change exposed r=neil, sr=standard8
b43c074160f0a71b1d0fd519cc7896b20b1c8a9eDavid Bienvenu — fix pop3 move filters truncation of inbox, r=standard8, bug 715924
71326b6d853187d8d6792d2f33ae397476926edeSerge Gautherie — Bug 711937. (Cv1) Send 'quit-application' too (Copied with bug 715554). f=jh r=neil.
f7d035d679629152bbc7ecc5e74fbc9951019b2cAlexandre Demers — Fix bug 657755 - [PATCH] Missing close button for Event dialog under Gnome3. r=philipp
899c2df75f2d77cd8918a278a72366b039afcb25Decathlon — Fix bug 711029 - move the keep-duration-button's images inside the calendar-event-dialog.png file. r=paenglab
5885cc4465d8ade83488a4eb641eb1f6fc77d4f4Richard Marti — Fix bug 709572 - Add Calendar and Task toolbar for tabs on top. r=philipp,ui-r=andreasn,p=paenglab and philipp
298e996a1267f37e41239a435609fb96ffb18454Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 396417 - [Mac] Datepicker freezes after changing month/year. r=ssitter
619bee8cb53cded516e52383b0059009bd72106bFlorian Quèze — Bug 713974 - function does not always return a value JS warnings in chrome://messenger/content/accountcreation/, r=bwinton.
439e89ac3f1d161362fa98431875d1f4325fc2daFlorian Quèze — Bug 713008 - Tabs shouldn't flicker when hovered, r=mconley.
e89709934a86b4c9e3c7421001f65fc4d2165b0bFlorian Quèze — Bug 712938 - Polish tabs-on-top theme on Mac OS X, r+ui-r=mconley.
c1bc172a24158ba61d6476e02a63b04d7d2f3768Jens Hatlak — Bug 716382 - Update Help Peer Support User Newsgroups link. r=IanN
d88227c9496d503084054a9e7c6c6ec04adbc3f0Jean-Bernard Marcon — Bug 707443 - missing accesskey for "Recently Closed tabs" menu item. r=Standard8
8dd62e9e6253d2377b48379ff6f7a7eaf806642caceman — Bug 307629 - When importing an OPML file that only contains feeds that are already subscribed then error message wrongly says the file is not valid. r=myk
0eef83152b2d320d504b030f46756e065d543f4eaceman — Bug 596885 - [UI] Mov focus to newly created filter; select previous available filter after deletion. r=bienvenu,ui-review=bwinton
70fa39beb291c7e8db1ffb1d8d829bc525f9304caceman — Bug 714983 - avoid exceptions in file-utils.js when dismissing file picker dialog. r=myk
26a499076c7ed60f4d115c3c7fa0caf38fd02636David Bienvenu — Bug 713768 - Permanent orange | TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test_nsIMsgFolderListenerLocal.js | exception thrown from do_timeout callback nsIMsgFolder.deleteMessages (32 bit Linux & Mac). r=Standard8
b425904a629f856318dda9f78ec09951c76f9bd8Richard Marti — Bug 707315 - Add bottom border to the views. r=Philipp ui-r=Andreasn
2371d35790a8bf6116edd6476a733305efbdd535Richard Marti — Bug 651805 - [Month view] Distinguish "All day events" from other events. r=Philipp ui-r=Andreasn
1ab3229278a65b423e5a605cdd1785cbeb77204fRichard Marti — Bug 709718 - Vertical lines between off-time hours have the wrong color. r=bv1578
f4949f4aa3c72cf474ed86d3b65e05657d472ebdRichard Marti — Backed out changeset: 2041d3468562
c3006bc94bba66da275d986664974d912f79650bRichard Marti — test
6fc2fec2f0f63a69daf72d48cf75dfe90160fbf1seabld — Automated blocklist update from host - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
9cb3a323d9e0dfb660dee58272edf287f6ff6fe7Edmund Wong — Bug 704836 - Update because update.locale has been moved into omni.jar. r=Callek
9216811591720d75d921eded64efa23a72fae7e2Matthew Mecca — Bug 714569 - Add menu commands to postpone the start and/or due dates of tasks. r=philipp
8d7688c22e84fae2bcccfa5dc6d09f2aef78d1b0tbirdbld — Automated blocklist update from host momo-vm-linux-04 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
d61f5345cd2d44b7e3879a9fabe12c7dfe07c760Justin Wood — Bug 714574 - Have Suite use MERGE_FILE rather than find_locale_file, to find the files properly. r=KaiRo
0a09cd457084726ea65e27d55285c94ba4fd51dfJustin Wood — Bug 402392 - Suite Portion. r=bienvenu
1032ac00f490700e1c32a675b7b7138e3ea871d1Edmund Wong — Bug 715793 - Port |Bug #715048 - is generated into $topsrcdir instead of the $objdir.| to Comm-Central. r=Callek
0d2d347a94df8aacbf0b375efdb1d1a606edc309Jim Porter — Bug 714390 - Folder Location and Mail Views items are cut off in the customize toolbar dialog; r=mconley, ui-r=mconley
7fd685d744acd2517a35cf17618ba4921c45d663Andreas Nilsson — Bug 712285 - Fix throbber styling on Windows Aero theme. r=mconley,ui-r=mconley.
b36e411f3104b7b4495a97c075105d187c6f63b1Andreas Nilsson — Bug 713071 - Unbold the active tab text on Windows and Linux. r=mconley.
e046e36e67966cccff86358303837e6c359e1091Serge Gautherie — Bug 713173. (Dv1) Sync' 2 comments with FF bug 356590. r=neil.
9728c7c02d7c5106443ace4ef5ea7d2552815403Serge Gautherie — Bug 713173. (Cv1) Sync' some more (= fix 'context-sendimage') with FF bug 346849. r=neil.
d85919a5059486f0a6018fc84aec233239254139Serge Gautherie — Bug 713173. (Av1a) Port bug 556563 ('inSyntheticDoc'), code (addition) part. f=philip.chee r=neil.
4aba635a2e77e6c430138dd89d401b41443ebc97Richard Marti — Bug 715212 - Fix appearance of toolbar buttons in customize toolbar dialog. r=mconley,ui-r=mconley.
3d61a0034ce12ec1cfccde00fd8d1547df4208a5Richard Marti — Bug 714510 - Fix offcolour Viewpickerlabel on Windows Aero theme. r=mconley,ui-r=mconley.
18b527ba1dee9a03e5ab769789ac0704851debbbRichard Marti — Bug 714456 - Fix theme of navigation-toolbox on Windows Classic. r=mconley,ui-r=mconley.
a038320a5ee61d365722ae595b65b7d9233aea5ePhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 714431 - New Event... and New Task... are always disabled (regression). r=wsourdeau
7fd4f1e85fa05916ef5e7c1cc0d1dd8133990d93Serge Gautherie — Bug 715210. (Bv1a) Remove last "wince" occurrence (in Imap code). r=dbienvenu.
b6386143895437a929b296d59e4b82ea8a16b15bDavid Bienvenu — bullet proof removing of rows when collapsing thread, bug 629487, r=standard8
89c8246838518ba686fe1fd95f4e2a7b2d17f5f5Philippe Martinak — Bug 428022 - Category color indicators should be printed. r=mschroeder
6ad18d15c741f6816d6aeb94f8e6d3ad3f5ec0b4Stefan Fleiter — Fix bug 588799 - The latest thunderbird and lightning no longer work with chandler projects server. r=philipp
39923c3c85c33666bdb8fe9a14246c590c789b20Serge Gautherie — Bug 707039. (Cv1-SM) XPFE autocomplete.xml: Rename resultsPopup to popup. r=neil.
bf6957ab2201fa59e5b92a13bf1cf2e87cc0e5a1David Bienvenu — oops, forgot unit test for bug 713611, r=standard8
3e9df5c471859ff7cefc5b15581a217fdf5f5374Ian Neal — Bug 695842 - Move Editor startup/shutdown functions to editingOverlay r=neil/standard8
34489081da88f9d9a0c6cf0974ddc3862212b9f5David Bienvenu — fix pop3 download of multiple msgs when quarantinging turned off and leave on server turned on, bug 713611, r=standard8
9eda40ffb503df34edc91891b7d22d4bf90a667cSerge Gautherie — Bug 715210. (Av1) Remove 4 more WINCE occurrences. r=Callek.
75840841cc213e66ec6cbad279e3962a29958d3eDavid Bienvenu — fix deadlock in imap ssl calling isAlive, r=standard8, bug 711787
7b724a79de0cbb589895552ac9585a0fa79f6819Mike Conley — Bug 711085 - Fix and run attachment tests as part of Mozmill test suite. r=squib.
fd9f0ac2bcaf627de8e34bfe9ffcbac868af220cJens Hatlak — Bug 711937 - [SeaMonkey] xpcshell: "TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | [...]/test_clearHistory_shutdown.js | places-expiration-finished == places-connection-closed". r=Neil f=sgautherie
3ad982e0fa84ea090b4bec97d51282621ca465c1Matthew Mecca — Bug 316916 - Implement Task filter (Search for tasks in task list on tasks tab) / Implement "Find Events or Tasks". r=philipp
e139a77f8bb1b701f23298e7200639a0f9de251aPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 714432 - Lightning not working on some Windows XP [Failed to load native module at path ...\calbasecomps.dll]. r=Standard8
196773fc977cd74c7a138d6eccf60d9d2df0e73ePhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 711715 - gdata-provider versions should increase from release to beta to aurora to trunk. r=Standard8
9de6fd3a8f73cc6fc1e43b973da027a7e3c65c75Philip Chee — Bug 713671 addressingWidgetOverlay.js uses non-existent gPromptService r=IanN.
5a6fd97bbd458e57cf0cde0bffe8cb226c39449cPhilip Chee — Bug 713563 gPromptService is not defined trying to add empty contact from sidebar r=Neil.
8e26b6757c392cc5f617a216a96640f34046c931Matthew Mecca — Bug 537456 - Disable paste command on task context menu if clipboard empty. r=philipp
d55f78f230ea173bea1ad09f3e142c77ff6693bbMartin Schroeder — Bug 362940 - Invite Attendees dialog: remove "Next hour" and "Previous hour" buttons. r=Fallen
e358fbbcf19418446c36aeb46743dacaec001652Magnus Melin — Bug 696347: Compact Folders throws error message cmd_compactFolder. TypeError: this._resetThreadPane is not a function. r=asuth
18c05c2bfb153e53c6f634be5641c79687c25896seabld — Automated blocklist update from host cb-sea-linux-tbox - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
a3b6a095274ed6bc0905346217b435303fb71ecbalta88 — Bug 709247 - Fix to sync feeds database on folderpane moves. r=bienvenu
e657c5051b99fc4c97d7dbd0d00e1b1f4e0e42b7aceman — Bug 490749 - File/New/Saved Search produces exception, if no account/no folder is selected at folder pane (Error: folder is undefined Source File: chrome://messenger/content/folderPane.js Line: 1463). r=bwinton
090cf78b2b5f3b0c99b41c169b109769f5a7cfb1Mike Conley — Bug 712395 - Fix random folderPaneBox collapse by unasserting collapsed property in localstore.rdf. r=sid0.
7c6a0d1e09f72a1b6000eed921b10ae5f0c5a70eSerge Gautherie — Bug 714255. (Av1) Package 'profiler.xpt'. r=Callek.
4cf4fbe4e4fb7033ad787427ad9ff9f3de356e58Serge Gautherie — Bug 714253. (Av1) Stop packaging dead 'dom_threads.xpt'. r=Callek.
d3bff6c2045fffd06029c4b220b10e235e5680fdSerge Gautherie — Bug 714252. (Av1) Stop packaging dead 'jetpack.xpt'. r=Callek.
1da44a2affb8ec892229b797966a6d1e925b2661Serge Gautherie — Bug 714251. (Av1) Package 'dom_apps.xpt' and 'Webapps.*', Reorder bug 576970 additions. r=Callek.
143b8dd429edde966d3ada48eed7c63cdc5e11caSerge Gautherie — Bug 714249. (Av1) Package 'dom_battery.xpt'. r=Callek.
f5e0b5aa530f4240c486679098d87ac978fd98d9Serge Gautherie — Bug 714248. (Av1) Package 'dom_sms.xpt'. r=Callek.
48f14d18ad22e925b677370cc0626224577bf37cSerge Gautherie — Bug 564656. (Dv1-SM) Port bug 713418 (Stop packaging dead [XP_MACOSX] '/Contents/Plug-Ins/'). r=Callek.
c1d0f7844251e60b1e4d74171e4b4373f3e640f4Magnus Melin — Bug 391004: "Open Browser with Message-ID" should be removed from References'
6846848bd7d042f097f54eb0daf8b0ceefb5acdeMagnus Melin — Bug 389650: "Unable to save your message as a draft" and "Assembling mail
29a4d87cee06a081b4716944d7fc7bf1e80549d0Mark Banner — Bug 714042 - Stop trying to package MacOS/Contents/Plug-Ins/ since we haven't put anything in there since bug 520494. r=sid0
f9d611e3d0a562cedb52cdafb65dd4f8f5af3b23Mark Banner — Bug 695256 - Switch from PRBool to bool and replace PR_TRUE/PR_FALSE with true/false in comm-central. r=bienvenu
6e4299ead2275bbea6787413a609d9a2b3cd3026tbirdbld — Automated blocklist update from host momo-vm-linux-06 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
068dfc71f91de78c7473a3cf41e35c1727eeff24David Bienvenu — fix setting of db valid when doing pop3 incoming mail filter moves, r=standard8, part of bug 713611
4c03954be2d1ee050cbfd3715126e6cbf090ec55Richard Marti — Bug 713852 - Fix fallout from bug 497995 that caused tabs to look strange due to a change in how border-image works. r=mconley,ui-r=mconley.
c25a8efb95854346b857abcf964d694772ff319eRichard Marti — Bug 704001 - Remove the dotted lines in trees. r=Philipp
e953d8a7e7fdb46912c176d82dff6838a19ebbb8Serge Gautherie — Bug 713173. (Bv1) Port bug 556563 ('inSyntheticDoc'), test part. r=neil.
9099479af66e7fe05490f85b3db91746a6425d17Mark Banner — Add some missing dom_*.xpt files to the package manifest to fix xpcshell-test bustage. r=bustage-fix.
e58436e512e5192aba6327b636ac2576e320a475Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 713633 - Fix calDateTime nsIXPCScriptable implementation (build error calDateTime::PreCreatePrototype). r=bustage
79858d243f949e322399184f0166c71434c87498David Bienvenu — fix msgOffset for moved local messages, r=neil, bug 713958
349840cd946a01511ec142bd32b61a5de258c374David Bienvenu — fix crash in nsMsgDatabase::SetSummaryValid if feed db is out of date, r=neil, bug 713873
0c99685ae14e4ee33a9d001ab375cd9b0b740c91Richard Marti — Bug 710838 - Make selected tab titles easier to see with dark Personas. r=bwinton,ui-r=bwinton.
472d42af0853e890b21aab4a0df91e27d0cd6c9cBen Bucksch — Bug 561517 - Remove exception dump when setting up an account with the wizard. r=bwinton.
dcd9503ca6987a8f7982856e668286c7d96dd881Richard Marti — Bug 713058 - Polish the tabs-on-top theme for Windows XP. r=bwinton,ui-r=bwinton.
3d887d2fce0847eeb12136d80c29cdbc6b57420aRichard Marti — Bug 713061 - Polish the stand-alone message window under Aero. r=bwinton,ui-r=bwinton.
c55d07ab42949b2dc1fe508fedd9ecf0c68a801bRichard Marti — Bug 713457 - Fix menubar styling for gnomestripe when using Personas. ui-r=mconley,r=mconley.
b18bc785b36dd4cc89a0edde60d9501ab9a5e828Mike Conley — Bug 712560 - Add a comment about how addons should interact with the tabmail element. r=squib.
3b4cb1418917b1fd1c28cb131171da172cea352fMike Conley — Follow-up for Bug 644169 - undo regression on Undelete button behaviour. r=squib.
acd227a49aad5d9d0e3555d945ea5a5ad821a73bDavid Bienvenu — fix crash filtering pop3 mail to a folder whose db is out of date, r=neil, bug 713683
378ab7f9d3bb14a77fe77b70fc0801e91ecd976dSerge Gautherie — Bug 712871. (Hv1b) Port m-c changeset d957a1dd0894 (semicolon), Reoder cases and elements to make things clearer. r=neil.
07bbbe99496fd8dd5360710abcd771314b867c15David Bienvenu — fix filter lossage regression, bug 713429, r=neil
4548f08f3f762969aef55a922c8bc73db71eb5cdDavid Bienvenu — replace do_GetAtom with MsgGetAtom, r=neil, fix merge conflict resolution screwup in bug 402392
cdb39b18e62c551e20758d134c0d6093faa4624cJustin Wood — 713649 - Add zh-TW locale to all-locales
332abbd051eb8362702125423cf6eff7a776e566Serge Gautherie — Bug 712871. (Gv1a) Port bug 364914 ('shouldWaitForFocus'). r=neil.
e866151d44a0c403da64742baa6945622d6b4b7eStefan Fleiter — Fix bug 588799 - The latest thunderbird and lightning no longer work with chandler projects server. r=philipp
2c9760e11c347dcf6576b1f337f422557d070e71David Bienvenu — fix test bustage for bug 457168.js, r=bustage
3b30e81cd037b49b2202cee955a98677299953c4Jens Hatlak — Bug 713087 - Port |Bug 534956 - Sync add-ons|. r=IanN f=Neil
308ce8610f4ae102969ef2830ac6e7578f302652seabld — Automated blocklist update from host - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
097bc36f180d6abb8cb38b43f667fdc19d1d3e8eDavid Bienvenu — fix bug 402392, add support for pluggable stores, r=standard8, sr=neil
65b901f262c02a3d50abba329f07a0746aa68f69Jens Hatlak — Bug 713119 - Port |Bug 682356 - Make AddonRepository.getAddonsByIDs() not send performance data|. r=Neil
c3df472badcdf84ed021cc789e44c1e60977283fRichard Marti — Bug 703877 - Implement bug 583197 in Task views r=Decathlon
6a2ea51fb76104669196b0191eaf24b2d050a496Wolfgang Sourdeau — Fix bug 586276 - Hooks / stubs mechanisms for Mozilla Lightning. r=philipp
a6e30fd92350bc335fc12335498110b11fbf65fcPhilip Chee — Fix bug 684518 - (bustag fix 2) Task view rows get a border after restarting (aero theme not applied). r=philipp
bcff96e429897cb8f4e0db15fa313ad011047b8dtbirdbld — Automated blocklist update from host momo-vm-linux-04 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
d0537d740e8ea747bcbc8a2258578feabbbe917fSerge Gautherie — Bug 712871. (Jv1) Remove extra '+' from patch Cv1. (no review)
d4a15b0bd70ea00b4047e2a2d7099371e6161697Serge Gautherie — Bug 712871. (Fv1) Port bug 682618 ('lastElement'), Port bug 46555 ('context-selectall' fix). r=neil.
f59488355a189fba512885b0c1e2eca45bad344cJens Hatlak — Bug 711779 - Add Bookmark This Link to feeds' Website header link context menu. r+moa=Mnyromyr
8f98ccdf3d9b61e889a6593f580e005c17e80277Richard Marti — Bug 684518 - Task view rows get a border after restarting (aero theme not applied) r=philipp
24729d88b962d3b1f33e20df1ec7b60c87092ae5Serge Gautherie — Bug 712871. (Dv1) Port bug 677463 ('Item w/ textContent'). r=neil.
abb5e5bbbcd3e5bab55fb62ac1e01cb0fa0bf06cSerge Gautherie — Bug 712871. (Cv1) Update test after bug 702019 (generated submenu). r=neil.
8085035d9d83b2d336f1bcf8d1f3ed3f85e9f4c8Serge Gautherie — Bug 707539. (Av1) Remove MOZ_IPC support. r=mbanner.
6c3d1a8db097dc8389bf6581febb81bd7afce044Serge Gautherie — Bug 707517- (Av1) Remove --disable-profile-guided-optimization support, Fix some unrelated nits. r=Callek.
bc7c26552fe4cb8c9689b8bf806afd8dd041d208Serge Gautherie — Bug 705573. (Bv1a) GetCPUTime(): Report error when not MOZILLA_INTERNAL_API too. r=mbanner.
05cbde022f0be0eb30089d806d2087eb37731375Mark Banner — Back out part of bug 698702 due to broken updates and it probably isn't necessary anyway.
323b7de4b3999795e68cdfed66f9a1ea3789c81bSiddharth Agarwal — Bug 711980 - Fix permanent oranges caused by interpreting xpcshell tests as UTF-8 (bug 687679). Originally by David Bienvenu <> and Mike Conley <>. r=bienvenu+mconley, sr=bienvenu. Bustage fix so that we'll hopefully be able to reopen the CLOSED TREE.
aeefba3ebe64a7f51053c069673b0868349725beSerge Gautherie — Bug 712871. (Bv1) Update test after bug 697124 ('controls' part). r=neil.
84ba7b2c99f6f34a6925388f61f9b8d18c8f16cdSerge Gautherie — Bug 712871. (Av1) Update test after bug 697124 ('context-video-saveimage' part). r=neil.
525cf03902bc0d7b0143c7289bf25728e8a80452Philip Chee — Bug 703836 MsgComposeCommands.js Code cleanup: Use Services more, reuse code, and remove commented dumps r=IanN moa=Mnyromyr.
07d03fadd4ea351085f583ef916662343f4e2332Mark Banner — Bug 698702 - Symbol packaging problem in Socorro symbol store - change the executable in the Spotlight mdimporter to be a lower-case name to fix symbols packaging issues. r=bienvenu. a=Standard8 for checkin to CLOSED TREE
3118433d580820da58a918339fe8039b50786f00Mike Conley — Bug 712624 - Bustage fix for permanent orange in test-autohide-menubar.js on Windows for CLOSED TREE. r=sid0.
2f1324b63fd77753b3bcc80b3a3b0b5f214f0e7bMark Banner — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=auroramerge CLOSED TREE
44348b5e6c919193055fd6d7a1ad870e248e5337Mark Banner — closing old head a=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
622ad66301538f349ba031827e22c346079a3465Mark Banner — Added tag AURORA_11_END for changeset 75682133bd20 a=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
8da87ba7f98a83bd9e9068665991a4229e149ea6Mark Banner — closing old head a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
197de508d0b58a225ac614eb184f950d40c601c2Mark Banner — Added tag BETA_11_END for changeset 4d40e194ab38 a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE