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Mon Apr 25 14:53:28 2016 +0000
25267c20666e0a7bddc6b63413488a8b1efd8043Patrick Cloke — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=betamerge,ba=betamerge CLOSED TREE
dbb60b7192437af6d588c39b36f57d9e2a6b1904Patrick Cloke — Added tag BETA_BASE_20160425 for changeset 54445fccee69 a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE AURORA_47_END
54445fccee69ad5133897ecc49684a2e3758be5aEdmund Wong — Bug 1190773 - Fix tooltool linux32 manifest. r+a=bustagefix BETA_BASE_20160425
c21a3b196cf4f771fc3083d52409a3099fb2a48eEdmund Wong — Bug 1190773 - tooltool manifest changes to support new tooltool repo. r+a=RattyAway
9a02557da4353c3e6d68907263446401c2f1d5d2Jorg K — Bug 1267069 - Strip quotes in font names. r=aceman,IanN a=jorgk
820389b55d0dd4b32012aa72e9d03d0bdcf828e4R Kent James — Bug 617946 - crash in nsImapMailFolder::GetDatabase() with null database, r=aceman a=jorgk
b300d9fbca1a5cd4366d524ddbc99e99df093134alta88 — Bug 1266052 - Crash in nsMsgGroupView::GetCellProperties. r=rkent a=jorgk
8d340a618eaf26cacccb929d22f3f7a6fee4e735Jorg K — Bug 1265326 - Made font menu handle multiple comma-separated font options. r=aceman a=jorgk
0d5dcdccea0b30d70c39c02a22e7bc7256883619aceman — Bug 1265326 - In the compose font selector, handle multiple alternative fonts, of which some are installed. r=jorgk a=jorgk
1549ca7806d2dd9e3ea78a0932fb43e9fc614681rsx11m — Bug 1265246 - Move Thunderbird-specific change of editor.CR_creates_new_p default from composer.js to all-thunderbird.js override. r=jorgk a=jorgk
f2494750025ac9e4654dab05b174a27b973a4a8frsx11m — Bug 1267025 - Fix paragraph handling for ForwardAsAttachment (branches only). r=jorgk a=jorgk
9b70b2cfee4d4b972f84611ead37b9427413d4e7tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-1086 - a=blocklist-update
27a1d7fb692cd99ee6ef88b7f6d60b0059475849lemon_juice — Bug 1096098 - Set full-screen-api.enabled to true by default f=rsx11m r=IanN a=Ratty CLOSED TREE a=Ratty for all comm-* branches
c6fe825dd6dc74778472e677935765cda415585daceman — Bug 1265181 - show used fonts like "Helvetica, Arial, Sans-serif" correctly in the composer font picker. r=jorgk a=jorgk
d53fffdcf7e6340b390d520b336d61e39eec7d97Richard Marti — Bug 1265170 - Set also class="noIconPopup" to some menupopups in compose window. r=aceman a=jorgk
35db6d2598f698c87ccbf63914e93f103c751784Richard Marti — Bug 1260697 - Use a class for menulist popups without icons. r=aceman a=jorgk
e67c3b9a615888243ea04d0e1d6d833fb657bda9Jorg K — Bug 1265170 - Backed out changeset 543f380b00f2 due to wrong apply order. a=jorgk DONTBUILD
b46542f375b67505195ceb309059aad949d34fccJorg K — Bug 1265181 - Backed out changeset eb8f339d7d06 due to wrong apply order. a=jorgk DONTBUILD
2e7e0003fcf7bd8e669f0eed929ebc58dc45674bGeoff Lankow — Bug 1255878 - Update timezones file to 2016c; r+a=Fallen
c3ba18f62b78b0821608411513810d899b432ee3Geoff Lankow — Bug 1255878 - Update timezones file to 2016b; r+a=Fallen
eb8f339d7d062c382e880e0574d2610ab4ffd214aceman — Bug 1265181 - show used fonts like "Helvetica, Arial, Sans-serif" correctly in the composer font picker. r=jorgk a=jorgk
543f380b00f28f2dd56e42c70a72fa98a132fd43Richard Marti — Bug 1265170 - Set also class="noIconPopup" to some menupopups in compose window. r=aceman a=jorgk
0c811baa5191033bd9c07a72c357449e108563eaRichard Marti — Bug 1263442 - Fix the toolbarbutton-1 on dark Linux themes. r=mkmelin a=jorgk
8e60b3615a59e22a766c2538c250381e13449619Richard Marti — Bug 1263432 - Set the correct color on brighttext chat- and calendar toolbars. r=mkmelin a=jorgk
0779f555eb353639bca45751f0b82b434babda5cRichard Marti — Bug 1262279 - Hide the .menulist-dropmarker from #msgIdentity. r=aceman a=jorgk
43c1462bfc4da9c1ab59f39814152da4481d84e0Richard Marti — Bug 1257160 - Hide the Update tab completely when ac_add_options --disable-updater is set. r=mkmelin a=jorgk
c66fadeb47f65eda25c9c809e771ee3a3986b4f0aceman — Bug 1265126 - fix printing of compose window and special tabs by using PrintUtils.printWindow(). r=jorgk a=jorgk
7d7b4275989563498e225748ac20b77660ed601eFrank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1263252 - Change attributes sequence of cookie.remove calls to take into account changes in Bug 1259169. Reorder cookie constructors for key fields. r=Ratty a=Ratty for comm-aurora CLOSED TREE
dd86a1b531eeb33a89de9161a3472201de129adfFrank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1251368 - add originAttributes to cookie remove call r=Ratty
2a59860f2ee09a5cc3f6e544d202fe867141e1e8tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-1052 - a=blocklist-update
ae5edf4e0802401c3bb53a022462d6e13ef09131Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1260035 - Disable text encoding menu when no message is displayed r=Ratty a=Ratty for CLOSED TREE a=Ratty for comm-aurora comm-beta comm-release
1905a5fcd5c7303ea5de807c3e0d758ed54362c4Philip Chee — Bug 1259928 Fix for "View Selection Source" throws TypeError: args is null r=IanN a=IanN for comm-aurora comm-beta comm-esr45
b6a6be98c8ee5bb75da5dcdab4ccdff31115fc99tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-422 - a=blocklist-update
543f24c95987b32fce1f10b650e6d85f314979cersx11m — Bug 1259947 - Add services.kinto.* and security.onecrl.* to SeaMonkey (from Firefox bug 1227956, bug 1224531, bug 1016555). r=Ratty, a=Ratty for comm-aurora
fe2b54b6a3edc5f54860223fb4746cde34b28698Philip Chee — Bug 1258955 Fix DuckDuckGo icon incorrectly added in Bug 1097818. r=IanN a=IanN for comm-aurora and comm-beta a=Ratty CLOSED TREE
e0ee809173f9161f938092d9c57da7062be80d43Decathlon — Bug 1260127 - Today pane: changing the number of days in the "Upcoming" section can cause an error "soonHeader is null". r=makeMyDay a=philipp
05bc4f17ba6e44ec7ee17a9264fbf1e2b1b17e3bSourab Reddy — Bug 1255177 - Add originAttributes argument to Services.cookies.remove calls in chat/. r=aleth a=jorgk
0ca649e66d7bba5df7b151527bc43aca62e50a44Richard Marti — Bug 1261608 - Re-add missing img-align* images bacj to r=jorgk a=jorgk
9ae020deb9f6aaf37deeac0e91be2c889633b30bRichard Marti — Bug 1258109 - Fix the tab start- and end background. r=mkmelin a=jorgk
504faf2bbf340469fc22025166d41a52fe3888a0aceman — Bug 1261678 - fix wrong copy-pasted variable name in nsActivityManager.js::getProcessesByContext() (value => activity). r=jorgk a=jorgk
5c3f4a388304f1da11fa37398a7e3d89062e479btbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-381 - a=blocklist-update
6e9854c25ecb7920c4ed1366bccaed3c1600a5edseabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-hp-linux64-3 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
aa7262925765e09922407bb43f0af40569f72ef1Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1258206 - Change comm-aurora to update DOMi and Chatzilla to the correct revisions. r=Ratty a=Ratty for comm-aurora CLOSED TREE
a1e819b01232a13fa90e75bc39f9b2611918ace9MakeMyDay — Bug 1241600 - cannot accept calendar invitation ("This message contains a sent out event that is not in your calendar anymore");r=philipp CLOSED TREE
74078932e28b8c9ee97e9620dc74ca58feb7dfc1tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-507 - a=blocklist-update
32525d5c50290547a0dabdd5f3585ce081da9ac8seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-hp-linux64-10 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
131e852c08ef4c4e537e40eb509f6d436edc47abIan Neal — Bustage fix for Bug 1223338 - Add DevTools client L10N language files to SeaMonkey builds r/a=ratty
ee5229f146d5f584beb73dd1206026e20449cd8cArlo Breault — Bug 955324 - Starting/stopping to follow someone doesn't update the participant list of the timeline. r=clokep a=rkent
a71a52dce14d3a207376b3a548bf2a0ea5ee690fR Kent James — Bug 1250723, fix crash and improve error handling when nsMsgKey hits max value, r=aceman a=rkent
cd63248f548abbef8b6a6d499f5232156e5ede8dR Kent James — Bug 610465, crash @ nsImapServerResponseParser::ParseIMAPServerResponse, r=mkmelin a=rkent
b56c25ae47483facf09e7451c5ab5e499cd7bc73R Kent James — Bug 617945, crash in nsImapMailFolder::DeleteMessages, r=mkmelin a=rkent
5e98424027a2de3fadbcde8919046a8515151a5aR Kent James — Bug 308148, apply IMAP filters based on highwater, r=aceman a=rkent
0513bb33212770a0e06e59137777a402ee7f83feaceman — Bug 1250295 - preset folder to run filters on in the filter editor in more cases. r=squib a=jorgk
d96d1ff6d19dcbfe8351e9b66f5cf703fa42e05dJorg K — Bug 1255071 - Don't use base64 encoding for message/rfc822 attachments. r=mkmelin a=jorgk
2699d102dc0013986ae2227898812797384f1e29Jorg K — Bug 1255071- Backed out changeset 5dc3ace8c027 due to faling test. Will reland in same push. a=jorgk
5dc3ace8c027f1051ad84dd5db5c600e637d43d3Jorg K — Bug 1255071 - Don't use base64 encoding for message/rfc822 attachments. r=mkmelin a=jorgk
37f8814f5abd9623b6ebc91c7d029e32afa394f0Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 321355 - Do not overwrite the original message when editing a draft message as new. r=aceman,mkmelin a=jorgk
ad6b817d917eed31da15de79ff8a27296296550aJorg K — Bug 1253931 - Don't access gFolderDisplay when it's null. r=mkmelin a=jorgk
2f90e3dba2f0538433cf839f683939812ba264e9Jorg K — Bug 1251120 - Some tweaks to stop a crash due to buffer overrun. r=rkent a=jorgk
511f19bc675a8ef369def0207420d4c55eb3403cRichard Marti — Bug 1252305 - Use a background image for the .toolbarbutton-menubutton-dropmarker. r=mkmelin a=rkent
ce5070e54d806a302d0dffd47b07a3f29a0cc007Richard Marti — Bug 1254184 - Remove the AB sidebar background color on Classic theme. r=squib a=rkent
74ad096eb84645c557b973aa7d9eafbce4001ebfRichard Marti — Bug 1251953 - Small size tweaks on toolbars. r=clokep r=rkent
bf9217456d7bda0b2deb5922cc1287e73b465f18Jorg K — Bug 1254596 - Switch nsPIDOMWindowInner to nsPIDOMWindowOuter. Regression from bug 1243760. rs=rkent a=jorgk
2e4149b931ad9d3cec4122f5b9a9482c45d901c6Patrick Cloke — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=auroramerge,ba=auroramerge CLOSED TREE
2b8c5494c89fa85925695a6a8347677e6b00c442Patrick Cloke — Added tag AURORA_BASE_20160307 for changeset dde0501d2d9b a=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
dde0501d2d9bedad7cdc014f37cc39287804def5Geoff Lankow — Bug 1254073 - Log source file name and line number in cal.LOG; r=Fallen AURORA_BASE_20160307
c408e8b9aa59c4ee9eb81cde95a443e7fa6eae59Geoff Lankow — Bug 1254057 - Stop running calendar tests sequentially; r=Fallen
874977941872aab3e7a198fa3912d7c73d7e5a85Philip Chee — Bug 1253846 - Port changes from Bug 1250294 r=jcranmer
24d73302dfca5bbd475cb09aa93884ef9a6b705bGeoff Lankow — Bug 1233949 - Make all parts of test_gdata_provider run; r=fallen
8f92bff511008dca9c6910aaacb6d8eb2bf3c5f3Ryan Nematz — bug 1218343 - add an option to toggle autoscrolling in the preferences window r=IanN
36c6b15cba1140ce509f639e6941929e29d97d50Ryan Nematz — Backed out changeset: 775da8e23ad9 Bug 1218343 because of wrong author
775da8e23ad9b3cce66a0e634d879c3204600e3ePhilip Chee — bug 1218343 - add an option to toggle autoscrolling in the preferences window r=IanN
2261194c0beb74d174655f042333c1b92d01a6aeseabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-hp-linux64-2 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
e8a311fcbd37114cd7d0372bd95ae5fdbe9727c2Richard Marti — Bug 1242251 - More stylesheet link removal. r=Fallen
efbcfcec00d35ff62239d67d58a554b3f6c082b8tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-367 - a=blocklist-update
afc38db4e0efe0037b21b0f2c6e49e66caea9a16Magnus Melin — Bug 561568 - Mails auto sent by "Reply with template" encode non-ASCII characters (in mail body) incorrectly. r=rkent
7b5667355f553e941f8829ac9e4b21f185a18494Shaif Chowdhury — bug729027 Identity Settings dialog too large for netbook. r=mkmelin
19112cfa2d6a0d65e3a463d0a53aca1d51b8940cJorg K — Bug 1251783 - Retrieve full header to obtain charset. r=mkmelin
278bc390b99bcac9259ce9e4aa83812a5b77bb99Jorg K — Bug 1251408 - Show images in reply/forward if site was allowed. r=mkmelin
05f5b779c4faf468de7b40abd160d9f8168fa513aleth — Bug 1248246 - Replace GRE_BUILDID with MOZ_BUILDID, mail and calendar part. r=Fallen
8045b9718c6a6eed6036eebcb2f2d74ccddffa31Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 1237787 - Don't load the deprecated dbg-server.jsm in the mail devtools code. r=mkmelin
0cd048db58c2e2263e29416419885aad4880b9f7Richard Marti — Bug 1251835 - Override global/netError.css with our own netError styles. r=mkmelin
afa056cc4fd9957381009e172a389d89d356d856Philip Chee — Bug 1238428 Workaround NS_APP_PROFILE_DEFAULTS_50_DIR directory key removed in Bug 1234012 r=IanN
0d9f1f044c554b07f5d564deaf0ef660cac829afaceman — Bug 1246897 - allow exporting all addressbooks - SM version. r=IanN
f59c225426eb2ea2d671d7f323027245ec2b25d9Shikhar Bhardwaj — Bug 1246516 - Corrected wrong reference in suite/themes/classic/communicator/sidebar/sidebar.css r=Ratty
b4a16725a5207420b8c67f8cc90bbb630379adf3aceman — Bug 1002006 - Allow to pass a specific filter to select to FilterListDialog. r=mkmelin
90cba014fbc0e9de1c484f0405bbc327bab86577Richard Marti — Bug 1252950 - Upate package-manifest file to account for Bug 1097398 Part 1 which moved AccessibleCaret default assets to layout/style/ r=Ratty
0ebd16588813ce6e4b1ff507409d03451163f1e3Richard Marti — Bug 1252926 - Port part of bug 1097398 to TB to fix package error. r=aleth
7550f71d73835e7679e7f659c7efdc1df8af9151Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1249972 - Adds a AddTaskbarSC variable. Fixes installer bustage after bug 1229626 rs=Ratty
8832ce9df1b3dc78ab5016d6f146a3befefef6d9aleth — Bug 1251724 - Add contact list header CSS for OS X >= 10.10. r=nhnt11
1a196501bc05394c7e70d5935762ab2f5d656e20Martin Giger — Bug 1251959 - Fix "this.contentChatNode is null" on shutdown. r=aleth
f2acd8984cea1a68e57a2c30e93a3089a9bce76dSebastian Hengst — Bug 1251419 - Remove non-standard JavaScript syntax |try ... catch (ex if ex instanceof ExceptionType) from chat. r=aleth
f5b45f40af3e78606270a5c75377322887dfd09aPhilip Chee — Bug 1224907 - Bookmarks Manager Search missing in Mac Menu Bar r=stefanh
e625d681fc96483f11c98b95588d94dd06b9f872aceman — Bug 1249693 - do not show HTML formatting toolbar when in plain text composing (regardless of preferred send format). r=jorgk
b563a58ac42c55d80074ceb40128204dea976e71Richard Marti — Bug 1251925 - Fix the missing left .toolbarbutton-menubutton-button border in rtl. r=aleth
9e71c34f77d7fe0f160ca1a9878ba1a4a206b455Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 920951 - update safebrowsing listmanager urls and preferences settings to match mozilla-central changes r=Ratty
8f6c2eaed8d6f83485d814fb2442f3299b36935ctbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-308 - a=blocklist-update
82a6d76b0e75811940fcc884290447a974d8a823seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-hp-linux64-8 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
82c7dbd1e48dd6dcedc3b6d32dfcd7b2a2661edbRichard Marti — Bug 1249987 - Fix the ExtractEventButton- and ExtractTaskButton icons. r=MakeMyDay
0e7d4f459bc628df89b3dd1b04b8a604d081c977aleth — Keep tooltool-manifests in sync. rs=bustage-fix
31f35c11ce0ae49869497ee1227d9695ef525433R Kent James — Bug 1251779, new bustage: nsPop3Sink.cpp(64) : error C3083: 'LogLevel': the symbol to the left of a '::' must be a type, r=bustage
3a3c1c1ab498fd01a3a4aebcd37345d826011833Onno Ekker — Bug 1249865 - Several string fixes in, both for mail and suite. r=jorgk
eb310fa6e2f2a91d3196ca28c27f7236525d52c9Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1249153 - drag and drop of contacts from list onto addressbook while All Addressbooks is selected shouldn't move only one and duplicate it. r=aceman
d4f1823361ae22261bd29518645d52a7050f360bJorg K — Bug 1233935 - use UniquePtr<T[]> instead of nsAutoArrayPtr<T>. rs=jcranmer CLOSED TREE
4b4a4f37d8347ee9fdac2e5ec054339cee2ba9adMartin Giger — Bug 953706 - Don't break auto-scroll on image load. r=florian,aleth
3c45b3a1dd2037c513943ea5157b0c1b92854f4aMartin Giger — Bug 1251029 - Throw when "item is undefined" in conversation.xml::updateBuddy. r=aleth
2b1fa8a0373c2b652b0920f5a6e7d308bc14309dNihanth Subramanya — Bug 1218193 - Remove redundant tabstrip styling rules and images. rs=aleth
07b10276713c5f9cd891ea6e5b944d985c3f2fc2Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 1218193 - Fix tab strip background colour on OS X. r=aleth
599fd18da6c144abcc9b7feec4ee30b92e9d7bfcaleth — Bug 1250605 - Fix some "gMsgCompose is undefined" TypeErrors. r=jorgk
afa5af5768bdff9dd55d4ef987b2b694bef466afFrank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1200263 - Fixes getReportURL function so Help -> Report Web Forgery works again r=Ratty
f4535b73ac7a8705c1370ef6f9bd4db05c0096abaleth — Bug 1248465 - Ensure chat tab monitor is registered even if chat core is not initialized yet. r=clokep
55cda620d5fd8e3b2bc9da09640b6717ea68bd3cJorg K — Bug 1249884 - Check for forward before inserting forward container. r=mkmelin
6cfd87993ea0ce3fe8640f6529bb0c9d88735feaAbdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 1249870 - Fix references to obsolete nsPIDOMWindow in mintrayr. r=aleth
131bd1aea9ee9b7fd4422a80df0eb619d4a47cc6Richard Marti — Bug 1207658 - Add a focused state to .aw-menulist and make some code cleanups. r=aleth
fb7c4eecfa942d3b31bf9f235ec38809d576635dRichard Marti — Bug 1249979 - Port bug 1229626 to TB. r=mkmelin
da9ea3ae700be5285cbbf2bab4c7cc877b2ce3c7MakeMyDay — Bug 1246512 - Resolve delegation strings in calendar dialogs; r=philipp
4f3e70f3eec4e431cab7bd45915a9f820331b674MakeMyDay — Bug 1212076 - Make unit tests for timezone definition work; r=philipp
e52fd32c6b6c1eae548617d57daf8b3b6b8be28caceman — Bug 1249873 - Use makeMailboxObject() instead of hardcoded 'name <email>' strings in displayNameUtils.js. r=jorgk
d1588f44c003ceb6c3f2787a9f22d6ab5ecb364aISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 1246048 - Initialize a variable passed to GetSummaryValid(). The function may return without setting it. r=jorgk
9881bbadd348d2d72806aba1a04a23e583323d6ftbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-541 - a=blocklist-update
2434ef1f8934df57157a68ebae689eba79e95a70seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-hp-linux64-8 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
819d62863eb1743f38f72740606271375f4f42c1Jorg K — Bug 736584 - cosmetic fix: removed unused variable. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
08fba24fc221c88b20399ad603bcabc58e232ee0Onno Ekker — Bug 1247905 - Several string fixes in r=jorgk rs=Ratty a=Ratty CLOSED TREE
cafcf1e5e13f3d1454405a86ccd6b64641b28578Jorg K — Bug 1209565 - Always show the e-mail address when name is in addressbook and the display name is not preferred. r=mkmelin
51fb7eddac3e0c0a62e5f4c4878dfed241180a0cJorg K — Bug 736584 - Move inline-forward DIV wrapping code out of cloudAttachmentLinkManager.js and into nsMsgCompose.cpp. r=mkmelin
5b8a2f463f3262466c983222dc289edd06c7b33dRichard Marti — Bug 1248158 - For the menulist dropmarker use a background image instead the dropmarker itself. r=mkmelin
2c5cd6504ce2e6f50a5bf1a05a6d46d342fedb70aceman — Bug 1019932 - replace numeric strings IDs in nsMsgProtocol.cpp ( r=Neil
1563ed562ea3066db891a2858a220876226ef142Roker — Bug 1232306: cast char index to uint8_t explicitly to suppress compiler warning "array subscript is of type 'char' [-Wchar-subscripts]". r=rkent
8f470598a61d72601a618c63129079a700d9e21fISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 1243117 - compiler warning: unsiged comparison with 0 is alwayse false. ldap/c-sdk/libraries/libldap/sort.c r=rkent
296187f1ff37cf3f491e416d60e27a7fb943dc31aceman — Bug 1202165 - Add mozmill test for draft deliveryformat. r=jorgk DONTBUILD
a26c5cd42b0c2cd89eae51971ca325297765738cJorg K — Bug 1202165 - Backing out test (changeset 87800d242806), will be updated with revised test. DONTBUILD
a095c7afeb055a1639d3df1b5311a4ccbda445a5Magnus Melin — Bug 1241647 - vcard using deprecated nsIFile as newChannel. r=aceman
63ee59a8e7868dabe30cfa4f8bae3d69b9857f5dMagnus Melin — Bug 1242676 - "Reply with template" filter should add References: and In-Reply-To: headers to the reply mail. r=rkent
6947cca9f5f1e6b20e4224aad0129d26f7e58801David Bug 529735 - double clicking on a .eml message doesn't show remote images r=rkent
87800d242806cc21feb07ea6ddb52e487d9fe32baceman — Add test for draft deliveryformat for bug 1202165. r=jorgk
91460cf3f5169c4a9050154f79c5595c8521627aSuyash Agarwal — Bug 1202165 - Delivery Format not preserved for saved drafts (Auto-Detect|Plaintext|HTML|Both), r=rkent r=jorgk r=aceman
817c2d391be1dce8a85790d236d62855fb39a669R Kent James — Bug 1242925 - use local database variable to prevent crash in msMsgLocalMailFolder::DeleteMessages, r=neil
81b5240cbf3b200bb1bc709b2d0e49dedc6e0a37Tony Mechelynck [:tonymec] — Bug 1242188: add "overflow-hidden" to sidebar header rules (additional patch for Mac) r=stefanh a=Ratty for all branches
57ada76a9c40be3115d8e4dd3e665c2a1ba28837Jorg K — Bug 1247662 - Added preferences for kinto. r=aleth
2de802a005e7d7e4544923373b9135ddda23a4c4ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 1247368 - Improper outdated octal constant syntax in C-C tree. Use '0o' prefix. r=acemen
f46004b3e9a6b6ac9f73a3a9897b277caff6ef29aleth — Bug 1247282 - Restore mysys-perl-wrapper for libical. rs=Fallen
bd1684a179caaf03f218e5ecb5aaec6ac27bb5afJorg K — Bug 1231902 - Fix nsMsgCompose::SetIdentity() to replace signature better. Test signature switch in paragraph format. r=aceman.
4ca276dff98aaaa672dc8c76baeb1c2b27e02158Jorg K — Bug 1231902 - backed out changeset e5153ceb5d4f for causing endless loops. DONTBUILD
f006326842f72330f016ac1feba17401db1d9138Jorg K — Bug 1231902 - backed out changeset 191ed0ff0f9d for causing endless loops. DONTBUILD
4ffdbec0f2778c4abcc1ee8764eb89cdb9b6e36dRichard Marti — Bug 1248157 - Change more info-/error screens to in-content info page style. r=aleth
475bcb77d9b9fc9ccdcd00a93845d3c2dccecf53aleth — Fix incorrect path in c-c's port of Bug 1246881. rs=bustage-fix
744ee111af426789a6d6fff8c71b779eb5db5c58aleth — Bug 1248246 - Replace GRE_BUILDID with MOZ_BUILDID, im part. r=clokep
c3cbaf48ff68694c15fbc863c65cb57e6d19da01aleth — Port Bug 1246881 - Generate a header defining MOZ_BUILDID for c-c. rs=bustage=fix
ddba7f8e793c2458e83c34d70c01d35ee95f5189aleth — Bug 1222740 - Port bug 1220501 (Remove unused compile defines from mail/app/ for IB. rs=bustage fix attempt
e0d0d65bad4738f1d797c1949533252b3a7fd5e6tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-548 - a=blocklist-update
2f3a6d299e03cf9c19dc4c91b0e912e14d761f12seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-hp-linux64-8 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
e5153ceb5d4fbf7c0e6226ad151ed2733ebad21cJorg K — Bug 1231902 - Test signature switch in paragraph format. r=aceman
191ed0ff0f9d878871607d5f6f43adb74e6fae98Jorg K — Bug 1231902 - Fix nsMsgCompose::SetIdentity() to replace signature better. r=aceman.
6e025138a9cf3f7a6e61dc8a9ce54b425b2e6993Richard Marti — Bug 1247676 - Style the placeholder-screen in in-content appearance. r=aleth
20fa8eb8cbafb5bbe6f87a7f51f5d08674cea190Jorg K — Bug 1246517 - Protect better against double removal of "spellcheck-dictionary-remove" observer. r=aceman
01d0cf9ebf8d95bfb7a15e5b4bd59183f5bb3968Philip Chee — Bug 1248023 - Update uses of NS_ProxyRelease to take into account the changes in Bug 1164581. r=jcranmer a=aleth CLOSED TREE
fa658e89c63aba91bd084037020bc2a84c28802cRichard Marti — Bug 1247225 - Wrong icon used in composer notification bar. r=clokep
23691a4045a696ce11c15032efec360b45c42a57aleth — Bug 1247653 - Replace array comprehension in gdata-calendar-creation.js. r=Fallen
fe0300249b7d125c87448b522c178c539aefaadbISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 1247052 - Use proper octal constant syntax in test_bug235432.js. r=rkent
b44ba41b58d64175a00200850d0ce597e4472716aleth — Bug 1245828 - Port Bug 1242641 to comm-*: GTK+3 still not working for buildbot builds on beta. rs=bustage-fix
f361348cbb4f7e52a5eec0746bd6ee421c470352aleth — Keep build/ in sync. rs=bustage-fix
4cfc2a04ebe02f53d789c7c27f8c3cd2a40b6483Arlo Breault — Bug 1245325 - Better error reporting for failed outgoing messages. r=clokep
19694424a48639d4f9ca458e3e891292e0c2ae1eMagnus Melin — Bug 1217161 - Mojibake with Chinese characters in email body (support cp936 encoding as an alias for gbk). r=rkent
1759abefc9195a9110c89822fcaf051cd05b0132Arlo Breault — Bug 1246431 - XMPP createConversation should handle incoming messages from the server properly. r=aleth
27b50a06b9b2b977b31f0777ae8f3ea355cc1130aceman — Bug 1182460 - allow exporting all addressbooks. r=mkmelin, r=Ratty
caa7a0d640e12d2c251869a7e01fbe0c3da63b82aceman — Bug 514762 - remove support for "keep unread messages only" retention option. r=mkmelin, r=rkent
5417e6434a1eecbc7d790f6e91a09ee027d4e66eaceman — Bug 1075149 - distinguish different server connections in the POP3 log. r=rkent
16f0b7d054b9a558710fbd93b61e665827b7cacdrsx11m — Bug 1245110 - Remove description of "Ask for each cookie" option in preferences dialog now that it has been removed. r=IanN
8c08b200cfbd057be5840afe21d23fa2fb727a5aDmitry Butskoy — Bug 1242287 Stop linking against "js". f=Neil r=Ratty
4a60c0ffe9af0b68a82a6601c121e251863235e5aceman — Bug 1225935 - Use https versions of Google maps and OpenStreetMap. r=mkmelin, r=Ratty
6051de19ee5989fda97499975681b0107bd3d2bcJorg K — Bug 597369 - Reset override when different message is displayed. r=mkmelin.
54355e275f9270110bea9476737dc2a208a04bedaleth — Backed out changeset 6cea02e28370 for mozmill failures.
4902a25378de0820f6cecd92a85565a7d7dd24c0Tony Mechelynck [:tonymec] — Bug 1242188: add "overflow-hidden" to sidebar header rules r=Ratty
9be1d7c29bb314552261b6a05628e8cbd3474028Tony Mechelynck [:tonymec] — Bug 1240894 - Make new tab button always visible regardless of position of close tab button r=Ratty
8262aa13936c778e5b5b919523b0d19ec75bc303Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1240284 - Remove ordinals and description statements from def files. r=glandium
945ced27efdba705d2778602fc93346ca293fe9aStefan Sitter — Bug 1244808 - Fix JavaScript Error: "calDate.jsDate is undefined" {file:[...]/calTimezoneService.js" line: 563}. r=Fallen
0ad909848849967c10930861b8d49a6847d54c99Stefan Sitter — Bug 1222189 - Revert fix because getElementsByTagName change was backed out. r=Fallen
63246ba6b8df37d44271c34a3c54305cea6d964eRichard Marti — Bug 1244165 - Show always the folder picker icon in menus. r=aceman
6fd0470fb29c33dbdc0f1f1305b392e0b625bf3aRetro — Bug 1115183 - Prevent submenus from unnecessarily triggering onViewToolbarsPopupShowing via bubbling of events. r=mkmelin
9fa59c97f44dead8c62d2baacf1fc6533504ab5aISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 1243895 - Uninitialized memory access - nsMsgDatabase.cpp. Failure to check the return value of GetSummaryValid(&valid). r=mkmelin
13181b2468b97b0c60b00596d997e3f3ed20cdcbRichard Marti — Bug 1244570 - Style the toolar menulists like toolbarbutton-1. r=mkmelin
0ac9bef5da9448b76836d3adeec5422a386b81d0Richard Marti — Bug 1246394 - Fix references to non-existent files. r=aleth
a714ca73dd9940729fb919918afc285882f0ae14Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1242140 - Fix Remote debugging broken by bug 1237602. r=Fallen
6cea02e28370cfd331f3fd36e6750d71bcd55440Jorg K — Bug 597369 - Reset override when different message is displayed. r=mkmelin.
0fe10e9c32454314c22058caedc4e259b8bc3971Richard Marti — Bug 1246275 - Remove window-drag bindings and use on #titlebar -moz-window-dragging: drag; r=aleth a=me CLOSED TREE
53b05ac559e7ef7086529ff115190c84f79324e0seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-hp-linux64-6 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
7dc7d3425d45b98cf55f501a766705b4ea093234aleth — Backed out changeset df1ff527de78 for missing review. CLOSED TREE
df1ff527de7875a37e049f98ef9506a3f9260056Jorg K — Bug 1246002 - Temporary bustage fix. rs=jorgk a=bustage-fix on CLOSED TREE
6edb758884746aa7af24a9d2fb6d9c6d2add5b1caleth — Bug 1245991 - Don't try to connect accounts if we're already shutting down. r=clokep a=aleth test failure fix on CLOSED TREE
2f6efb061544e45caef0efd0d7d5730484e3fa80Abdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 1237385 - Deduplicate populateProtoSpecificBox. r=aleth a=aleth CLOSED TREE
59e860b594d66e500e0dddb1b5024a2b246cacfdaleth — Backed out changeset 030d69914e58 for valgrind failures. a=aleth CLOSED TREE
030d69914e5828d2e84cc7d34e3e84e84d1476e8Justin Wood Bug 1245828 - Port Bug 1242641 to comm-*: GTK+3 still not working for buildbot builds on beta. r=aleth a=me CLOSED TREE
bb1364708cceef43055182c414b1c769dd2c631dMagnus Melin — Bug 1245613 - port "Bug 1241821 - Create a SecurityReporter component for TLS Error Reports" to comm-central. r=aleth a=bustage fix on CLOSED TREE
989a9aad4e24d78fa90fb219f7b2358d13dea06cPhilip Chee — Bug 1243760 - Replace nsPIDOMWindow with nsPIDOMWindowInner/Outer in C-C due to bug 1241764. r=mkmelin CLOSED TREE
4f1b3e5af8efdae0712600fe10017f7355cd6eaaaleth — Bug 1236133 - Disable facebook prpl. r=clokep a=aleth for testing in IB CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD
fa68d82ce36b192d6458e3ab321041fb768ed913aleth — Bug 1245605 - Followup to add to the source mozconfig. rs=Callek a=aleth CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD
72e817a0f26cbca44d06ab1936e935946f2d5083aleth — Bug 1245605 - Add 'dumb' source mozconfig (port Bug 1243448 - beta release source builder failing to run configure). r=rkent a=me CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD
eaa2499c8877a74e2ec0e34a71c4576286e260caNicholas Nethercote — Bug 1187188 (part 4) - Replace nsBaseHashtable::Enumerate() calls in comm-central with iterators. r=rkent, a=rkent CLOSED TREE
1cb65d027ed42657079a9b8be4b4c8265652ee5aNicholas Nethercote — Bug 1187188 (part 3) - Replace nsBaseHashtable::Enumerate() calls in comm-central with iterators. r=rkent, a=rkent
4da904c02e1a078c696c706e8a05f3b9cd1a1d61Nicholas Nethercote — Bug 1187188 (part 2) - Replace nsBaseHashtable::Enumerate() calls in comm-central with iterators. r=rkent, a=rkent
ecea79aeec5e24397e3a570ca0a09eec93e98e2aNicholas Nethercote — Bug 1187188 (part 1) - Replace nsBaseHashtable::Enumerate() calls in comm-central with iterators. r=rkent, a=rkent
c86d69003d74a01dfdaeba85b6ee5c104dcbba5fMagnus Melin — Bug 1243932 - Update uses of some nsIX509CertDB functions following bug 1241646. r=aleth a=bustage fix CLOSED TREE
ff1c31aa974c1258071b523e748fdc3a1b685c4fPhilip Chee Bug 1244758 - Rename nsAutoTArray to AutoTArray following bug 1235261. rs=bustage-fix on CLOSED TREE
de29414d264853d08ced88a2b416107b18b31607Jorg K — Bug 1244466 - Port Bug 1241901 part 4 - Stop using nsAutoPtr for holding primitive arrays. r=jcranmer a=aleth CLOSED TREE
6eac77f5536560efd9028d80faa8df716d20907aaleth — Bug 1151784 - Add Edit menu to the conversation window on OS X. r=nhnt11,florian
bd360247708a91a220b79303b4c0f59be61520f9aceman — Bug 584313 - if a message contains any style (element or tag attribute), it should not be convertible to plain text. r=mkmelin
e197472677d96d3684d12ef6800e90df579d0618aceman — Bug 1244434 - convert some 'for .. in Iterator(array)' constructs to for..of loops in /mail. r=mkmelin
bdce18b8b98e4242ca9dd739107ed00fa840e500Richard Marti — Bug 1244451 - Don't use white close button on selected tabs. r=mkmelin
f98bae5d9f4370b79c9c908bbacc376d008c2027Jorg K — Bug 806011 - Remember URL of message opened from file so that changing the text encoding works. r=mkmelin
d468c5939d660f0e3de9773bf302c96675d1cd56Jorg K — Bug 1244430 - Disable text encoding menu when no message displayed. r=aceman
bc15d2c4d2904d9b76b05597131add8a578001aatbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-1071 - a=blocklist-update
b8d90bb6d0ab4cfd0ec6b1f7424ff92990296ca2seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-hp-linux64-2 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
6a608b462d2defb4a519b83f8a0b09f561be3e01aleth — Keep tooltool-manifests in sync. rs=bustage-fix
31b6f3dc1408f613b32dc4f57ad7d179f5da4773Richard Marti — Bug 1243831 - Remove references to non-existent itemEnabledFader.png in chat. r=aleth
2a6797a9c8aa129a7a46f39da52098998a83a09fJorg K — Bug 1235294 - Always enable text encoding menu. r=mkmelin
f415ab31364d21c76b17b461dc7070eab536d3d0Richard Marti — Bug 1243508 - Remove references to non-existent itemEnabledFader.png in calendar. r=Fallen
bbc9245c4930cf5e3558b0315da4cd3d4f08ae59Decathlon — Bug 1239622 - Wrong Calendar Week range displayed for January 2021 in month view r=philipp
8e8225a7db7186b48cf02adcee8e0c97bf7cf08dRichard Marti — Bug 1242261 - Use a icon for the toolbarbutton-menubutton-dropmarker. r=mkmelin
8b8bcdeb0dca23f20d5f79054bbd046fea1eedb3Patrick Cloke — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=auroramerge CLOSED TREE
e6517e62ca5f58ab5942ce1144e517a25186a587Patrick Cloke — closing old head a=auroramerge ba=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
7efc317a3ffa7856ac83b70941e344c1885e163cPatrick Cloke — Added tag AURORA_46_END for changeset e87f84d3a977 a=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
ddf7c27890bacd680939129d64a72e0b47bf9b8fPatrick Cloke — closing old head a=betamerge ba=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE