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Wed Jan 15 21:10:47 2020 +0000
d7e99ea4d5ce43c8e4aa02c6fb438b2bb6b08286Richard Marti — Bug 1608518 - Set a max-height on the dialog to avoid growing the Manage Identities dialog excessively. r+a=mkmelin
a1082c92969ad53a34fa2d7510c2c61172e933f5Geoff Lankow — Bug 1608407 - Create one instance of the calendar navigation bar per window, instead of one for all windows; r+a=pmorris
796bb4a6c9874ea99591b5c52517f345a170d9a6Richard Marti — Bug 1608344 - Adjust Task and Event tree colours for the dark theme. r+a=pmorris
58449de9c7ce74770103e0b101bc3846f6aa5cc4Rob Lemley — Bug 1608314 - Port bug 1606869: Prefix decision task scope with comm trust domain. r=darktrojan a=mkmelin
3ccd1aa54a24f6a6c56edb4c257f87007941b2aaRichard Marti — Bug 1607477 - Fix resizing of "Insert HTML" window by adding a "flex: auto;" to the html:textarea. r+a=mkmelin
6a6d427d1bd3089991f202b850a1e4481c233ee9Rob Lemley — Bug 1606974 - Remove @APPNAME@/ prefix from r=darktrojan a=mkmelin
7e2733b1e871d5bcdd4e850889a44a865ff5a92cKai Engert — Bug 1604773 - Restore ability to retrieve S/MIME certificates from LDAP. r+a=mkmelin
560911f4360eb9798dfd75f9138037c4b2373757Alessandro Castellani — Bug 1601748 - Improve the UI of the messenger compose recipient area. r+a=mkmelin, ui-r=paenglab
8efbc97ee1181794e7292ff7b7702698c306af50Jorg K — Bug 1222046 - Follow-up: fix test properly this time. r+a=jorgk
1dcefcd94db905a5374efb3b7851fe3623436be4Gene Smith — Bug 1222046 - Fix SMTP server responding with timeout due to missing CRLF at end of forwarded HTML message. r=mkmelin,jorgk a=jorgk
4c6fc6e8bee93f83b0f1e5347b81b00c47916077Ben Campbell — Bug 1063723 - Move nsMsgPrintEngine mWebBrowserPrint to function scope to avoid potential reuse crash. r+a=mkmelin
4c76f8785bf216ef0f6c7428e97b6d1303a6c5fdGeoff Lankow — No bug - Pin mozilla-beta version (FIREFOX_73_0b5_RELEASE). a=me