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Wed Dec 07 10:14:06 2011 +0000
e65027f51cf3f046cda6da0607fd6f79e5d9a336Mark Banner — Bug 707792 - Port bug 549561 to Thunderbird to speed up mailbloat tests. r=jhopkins,a=Standard8 test-only patch SEAMONKEY_2_6b3_BUILD1 SEAMONKEY_2_6b3_RELEASE
a032dacc2a253d67e0ecc9a8d3b58e8379cf9033David Bienvenu — fix rss feed stores getting out of date, r=neil,a=Standard8, bug 687430
7b09fc4f9f86dac8adf815360b1cf035fa08e4b8Mark Banner — Fix bustage from bug 701261 a=bustage fix