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Tue Aug 16 21:25:04 2011 +0000
6970c86be3cd50473f05dda84dd7a7102e5541c4Mark Banner — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=betamerge CLOSED TREE
df0b29d742bb43bbc5bb8a4d4efdf1b86a21a34bMark Banner — Added tag BETA_BASE_20110816 for changeset 59a62c39d5d1 a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE AURORA_7_END
59a62c39d5d1bb24037434ab575081ab016a58dcMark Banner — Bug 678964 - Update package-manifest for latest changes; r=sid0,a=Standard8 BETA_BASE_20110816
47fc904950ffdb17f5b695be43a9ad2cfc1effc5David Bienvenu — Bug 672022 - Thunderbird 5 does not sort address columns correctly if showing only display name; r+a=Standard8
9bb45d76612a41fed16b6488ba99714b71f8132fDavid Bienvenu — fix message threading when message-id is on a continuation line, r=neil,a=Standard8, bug 676916
cb2c7a7d3b65e74687313111df670727d43b7fbaMike Conley — Bug 672830 - Very slow autocomplete on 7.0a2, os x; r+a=Standard8
2538fe12949040cca1cad059def8c673e5521194Mark Banner — Bug 677347 - Build support to install hyphenation patterns in Thunderbird; r=Callek,a=Standard8
15e5ee238a76e89453ab6332a26a4e4b80fc92c0David Bienvenu — run autocompact from an event, to unwind the stack, r+a=standard8, bug 605511
c2b9aaff6ff58508c47db9d5a0a76e2e9aaf2e94Mike Conley — Bug 677089 - crash [@ nsAbOSXDirectory::AssertCard]; r+a=Standard8
4eb158b9555d8b6e2d516b3daf7cdb77ed1d5954Jim Porter — Bug 676754 - Detaching a single attachment doesn't work; r=protz,a=Standard8
9ef10c2815edbd84f226af283f1edffc81214aa1David Bienvenu — fix bug 671965, failure to report invalid pop3 account password when auth login fails, r+a=standard8
a166416526d2dfeab16b40918e409f2f26f2946dMakoto Kato — Bug 529429 - crash [@ morkTable::CutRow(nsIMdbEnv*, nsIMdbRow*)]. r=dbienvenu,a=Standard8
f0dd4c316c5a24b47f87286cacac212c3d421542Mike Conley — Bug 673480 - Cannot delete Mailing Lists; r+a=Standard8
9c7f4200754d15645795987dc45345d616be9643Jim Porter — Bug 577925 - F6 doesn't work when message summary view is shown (operate on collapsed); r=asuth,a=Standard8
271501c7d9a22bcaa71db5787d6e5d1c9a3de8d5Jens Hatlak — Bug 677539 - Bookmarking group of tabs greyed out after restart with session restore. r=Neil a=Callek
a9f91402bf4c67800f271984834bbdc84f5e60a7Neil Rashbrook — Bug 361495 - Advanced Property Editor should "propose" values r/a=iann_bugzilla
6008655dbf7f8d1e7e276f56bc9d5174cbc6c51bIan Neal — Bug 677457 - Error: GetLocalizedStringPref is not defined chrome://messenger/content/addressbook/abSelectAddressesDialog.js Line: 403 r=neil a=callek for comm-aurora
ab422cc8f58cf8c8bf1060a54d9a8727863a4b03Jens Hatlak — Bug 672561 - "awDocumentKeyPress is not defined" when opening Mailing List dialog [New List]. r=Neil a=Callek
a068360cfbef0771ba225775f5aba533eb986755Mark Banner — Bug 673084 - postflight_all errors when building official mac universal builds manually - don't attempt to install lightning for universal builds as the install process doesn't work, and we're looking at a different solution (bug 673083); r=Fallen a=transplanting-calendar-changes CLOSED TREE
218eee0c4d28e0ca14e980fc873d6e5465e6fdcaPhilipp Kewisch — Additional bustage fix
d9492c2cfab8b8c12b3468b0088a74c6451e08ddPhilipp Kewisch — Backout bug 405007 - Create unittest buildbots for Calendarr=bustage
a054da113fa8667d5555a6216028354b600fed2dPhilipp Kewisch — Undo mail changes for calendar unit test patch
696f0ff4a0fbe4b0c73dde0474bfde3f3f76d129Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 351581 - [Win] Print fails on first attempt but works on second. r=decathlon
6ade8a6feeec364dee50923cd6ca85339f2fea4bPhilipp Kewisch — Bug 405007 - Create unittest buildbots for Calendar. r=mschroeder
952e2f8e45ca646eee493a67dd277019e1ba54d8Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 438369 - Create database backup before performing a database upgrade. r=mschroeder
29ea4eb2c6fbb292cc6b1d1a826c382053d3caa8Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 247486 - can't load several calendars with different passwords on same server/realm. r=mschroeder
0f3c47940325cb003984493ad2a97d491cde36eePhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 424808 - addItem in calendar-month-day-box scales badly. r=mmecca
39b63aa540e7232effecfddb47aafc5728ee64b2Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 442607 - Reminder details link does not work if calendar window is closed. r=decathlon
60e9603ad9dffdf47168f4916598a22f4447d818Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 496883 - alarm dialog plays a sound for each alarm that is displayed. r=mmecca
6d732f363f2e25dcb4320d4436fda314b88e8aaePhilipp Kewisch — Bustage fix for bug 672460 - Event invitation not sent out when Outlook compatiblity is checked.
b088d2fbc44e18c129a0ae9b5370949b18cafda3Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 482110 - calendar stays hidden after adding event to it; new event not visible (regression). r=decathlon
b389221ca8a0765ebf34b73dd62345478cc0726bDecathlon — Fix bug 669311 - On Windows 7 the navigation buttons inside mini-day and the keep-duration button need an adjustment. r=richard.marti
95972f87ab48d3196c0b03f4376f7ecba8b69d4eRichard Marti — Fix bug 672102 - toolbarbutton-day-text is hard to read with personas. r=decathlon
d9230f21632a0b51bcc75c6295f204d3242ec93cDon Rhummy — Fix bug 672816 - Snoozing/Dismissing one event on alarm popup closes entire window. r=philipp
dbccd428da1a5e2e474c17c8c3b703c9608978c4Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 672158 - Custom repeated task - cannot click on OK button. r=decathlon
3fb9f6c5653781ecc09dc1d72942f9c03e63fdecPhilipp Kewisch — Bustage fix for one of the recent checkins
2c81a6328404ddbac3258dce05a6933532d7b107Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 672460 - Event invitation not sent out when Outlook compatiblity is checked. r=mschroeder
207439d394f904745ab555e374ec8a91ef911d87Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 463275 - Edit Recurrence dialog shows wrong rule when editing event. r=ssitter
8c418cb8fd8e371128e47278076afe1fd6cdb620Philipp Kewisch — Fix BOM introduced in bug 603416. r=obvious
6bd9fbfeb8c577eeab5ffb2a9182ac1b41f869f2Richard Marti — Fix bug 668955 - today-pane-panel Aro theme maintenance. r=philipp
8b8b410f68f7216d45bc3d394584b8b0a4a96f28Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 603416 - startup crash [@ cal::UTC()]. r=mschroeder
e191867446976d0448db06b1068f4d72e9ad2274Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 668222 - Thunderbird Does Not Process Meeting Invites from Outlook, Google Calendar. r=mmecca
6feddf7992baddc59d1d0281ff7ece6085def671Richard Marti — Bug 668958 - #calendar-status-todaypane-button should use the aero icon r=bv1578
f8fd586b28152119f9d1214f8b835b477657a4b9Matthew Mecca — Bug 624211 - Current Tasks filter should only show completed tasks if completed today r=philipp ui-r=richard.marti
936873f0612db38cb2c577fb26ff15f9a8c32b95Philipp Kewisch — Backout bug 554267 - Deleting a single item of an recurring event, does not delete the alarm of this event.
6ed6ce9c50e0efeea80a141033464590e5ce5f26Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 668474 - Remote calendar with webcal:// location not working (regression). r=mschroeder
8b58620e5e106377537cf2ff4e7370ce03653d3fMatthew Mecca — Fix bug 668153 - wcap not working since TB5 and Lightning 1.0b4rc2. r=mschroeder
7ef5c796fa98bb6e21403b53b4266729c38028e3Mark Banner — Part of bug 676757 - Provide nightly builds of Lightning on the aurora/Earlybird channel. Update the version number for Lightning builds to 1.0b6pre. r+a=Fallen
c9f70dd77f6576eef38b4959834d230b7ba12683David Bienvenu — fix bug 593829, a=standard8, crash in nsBufferedOutputStream::Write
52f5f813485abd4e641b035b69e2bc9b88c5798fDavid Bienvenu — fix crash in ExpungeByIndex, a=standard8, bug 664790
f323eeb4e6bce36594b784438006a2aa99c52e25Richard Marti — Bug 677345 - when Thunderbird is unfocused, the menubar is hard to read; r=bwinton ui-r=andreasn a=Standard8
119d6eb6b9a014f95d6982953f9837422f6a730cIan Neal — Bug 676985 - Print and page setup do not work from QaPlain Text Editor r=neil a=callek for comm-aurora
7129f758c363162a6fbb9eed8b8819d07bc67db6Philip Chee — Bug 677254 Build support to install hyphenation patterns in SeaMonkey. r=Callek a=Callek a=comm-aurora.
3f39b51fff16453b3fa109340d13b990595a187cJim Porter — Bug 669385 - Wrong date format in print preview (and on paper) of today's messages; r+a=Standard8
b72d03c050aedd220ed10fd4436d098e16a5d143David Bienvenu — fix bug 617721, crash in nsPop3Protocol::LoadUrl with port set to 0, r+a=standard8
c22150b0c74a2bd63092a6dd8601c269bbf83bbeJens Hatlak — Bug 639970 - Error: "document is null" / "Weave is not defined" in syncUI.js. r=Neil a=Callek
851aad78b9c6ceffc9386d396521d4f785e0a90bDavid Bienvenu — fix bug 663761, a=standard8, downloading certain imap messages for offline use repeatedly
c8a1c83f60a8babc03ca4cff81a9470447e2f397Richard Marti — Bug 671904 - New Account Wizard bad-input warnings are unreadable (gray-on-black) in Ubuntu 11.04; r=andreasn, a=Standard8
27f93e4cf450309c3f7b1c64d3ee18cbd171288bDardo — Bug 572074 - Certificate for mail encryption not found using LDAP; r+a=Standard8
56aa3a1b61e2acd38d964655eeaa14a0faee646bMisak Khachatryan — Bug 675162 - After update, tabs are restored, but not loaded, except the first one Error: uncaught exception: nsISHEntry.stateData in nsSessionStore.js :: sss_deserializeHistoryEntry :: line 2827. r=Neil. a=iann_bugzilla
8965e28225cc94daf2bb74646241d90a879f8888Robert Kaiser — bug 665826 - Make Data Manager safe for IPv6 (and more tolerant against other errors), r+a=IanN
e8172bb6b4f1427f53967292287d889706283994Philip Chee — Bug 667201 Front end changes for Bug 545070: plugin-problem UI shouldn't say "click here" r=Neil a=IanN a=comm-aurora.
789f16509ca9039d7ba3267ee9a286b7dc09f1f7seabld — Automated blocklist update from host - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
6dfd6ef0263810d7e58d2e2f5c846e13858514e2Philip Chee — Bug 675211 Update default preferences for changes in Gecko 7. r=IanN a=IanN a=comm-aurora.
46ae0f621bf07dc4ca7ed3c674100f44b90fd34dRichard Marti — Bug 667248 - menubar and primary toolbar buttons are impossible to read with aero-glass effect r=bwinton ui-r=andreasn a=Standard8
5c29f890b7a7b2446983e69f353fd093f1166b97Mark Banner — Bug 673880 - Port Bug 406026 - Consider allowing the blocklist url to direct to a particular point in the blocklist; r=bienvenu,a=Standard8
5e7da8cde985fea0fb905824a0656e530f9be810Makoto Kato — Bug 673240 - Thunderbird crashes when opening IMAP Account mail with MoreFunctionsForAddressBook addon [@ morkTable::HasRow] | [[@ nsAddrDatabase::HasRowButDeletedForCharColumn] (Mac & linux). r=dbienvenu,a=Standard8
43b778218bea3bf03a07066d204cae75bb461ce3Jim Porter — Bug 656045 - Attachment bar actions should be disabled if only a text/x-moz-deleted attachment is present (fix fallout); r=bwinton,a=Standard8
5ae46961864a8973720994f68a6abcdbb23ec397Jim Porter — Bug 673049 - Forwarding an .eml message causes message compose error; r=protz, a=standard8
aaa0212de46822f8152aff2d641c6ef40d4f032aMark Banner — Bug 673884 - update for bug 643816; r=bienvenu, a=standard8
58ab4ae9a089ce5a0767474c0d53932734c14d6fDavid Bienvenu — fix for bug 671675, a=standard8
12b3fc9c38d05f0cc9d6a7ac9d31771c6fde0222Ian Neal — Bug 674246 - Workaround event handler having the same original prototype node r=neil a=Callek
395d2c74f7b052716f667688b9f896842d8a2212David Bienvenu — fix for bug 660019, a=standard8
808d304bffad6e8ba404365dadd72ccb617819ccDavid Bienvenu — fix bug 658534, fail to expand folder pane items, a=standard8
9315a92a8dc24aeaaac8466a3be770e617492232Mark Banner — Fix to pull from the correct location on the aurora branch, missed at the last merge point. a=Standard8 DONTBUILD
5129a00ec84c5622f29d7704db9476eb2e690950rsx11m — Bug 672146 - Ensure that valid arguments are passed to Zoom Manager when 100% is not within the allowed min-max range r=neil a=iann_bugzilla for comm-aurora
1e274c1f9e3bd7631cbeb6ffca1876995f773a58Ian Neal — Bug 670948 - Missed gLocSvc.pwd in dataman.xml r=KaiRo a=KaiRo for CLOSED TREE
1aaea7153818aadf96207636cae23ca19f294d72Jens Hatlak — Bug 654864 - Suite changes from |Bug 422845 - Replace rdf-driven addressbook directory tree with js one|. r=Mnyromyr sr=Neil a=IanN
40707d58c3658609615b6d57ed00bba7f547b2b9Philip Chee — Bug 666246 Accidentally dragging a single tab moves it to the right edge of the tab bar. r=Neil a=IanN a=comm-aurora a=comm-beta.
453d7b8da84787ab0eefa5940c4076a45c5917baPhilip Chee — Bug 673877 Increase performance of Win7 JumpList favorites queries. r=Neil a=IanN a=comm-aurora a=comm-beta.
22a4e7168d11163de51cda9bdf2c91ba00bcb63cNeil Rashbrook — Bug 673717 Live bookmarks aren't r=IanN a=IanN
23c92504abe89d71ed5396fe944c4ad3f49ac479Karsten Düsterloh — Bug 671605: reuse message window from search; r=Neil, a=IanN
fe506f5faa6ec0b9b7392acdf54e915dab7df401Edmund Wong — Bug 668723 - Updated for bug 643816. r+a=Callek
cc15d55edff53979052fb90013992bf2ac108e09Justin Wood Bug 673559 - Make comm-central support the June 2010 DirectX SDK. r+a=KaiRo,jhopkins
35c6bc5e1e051d336214523fe8047319b7b20dfbseabld — Automated blocklist update from host - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
73eba6d39764c1d6ec5ee5523575e26a2cf417f1Edmund Wong — Bug 512378 - Removed java-specific preferences from SeaMonkey UI and hidden prefs and Help. r=IanN a=Callek
e4037890a90da4411598d0a29876432141855902Justin Wood Bug 668744 - Update from 2.0 leaves behind some files in some locales r=KaiRo a=KaiRo
d163c3c13f846a6daee06f6d339a714e36f258b8Misak Khachatryan — [Bug 671517] Port relevant bits of Bug 588506 [nsSessionStartup is keeping restored session in memory]. r=Neil. a=Neil.
a0b96b0f6a6f19698aa8bc1beba44a47de7d170bDavid Bienvenu — fix bug 657696, crash in nsMsgThread::GetRootHdr, r+a=standard8
d7e23e1082cb8c9e1ac8d85bdaf0cf0738b11e9eEhsan Akhgari — Bug 666607 - Improve the address book import for Outlook Express. r=sid0. Updated by Siddharth Agarwal <>, r=bienvenu
2eb76e7ad17e6cd294cf694afcbbb3e1c75ba300Richard Marti — Bug 668494 - Highlight of mailboxes crosses the characters. r=bwinton, a=Standard8
356946b0d1c2c42e1cbfbb6ed63561839a674fbbRichard Marti — Bug 668631 - Dragging message(s) over a folder doesn't highlight the drop folder. r=bwinton, a=Standard8
92e34294d51fa4d4ba9beabf5f2bb59442725881Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 669463 - WSEnable.exe needs to have its manifest set to requireAdministrator. r=bienvenu, a=Standard8
b73776796adeeaf1076724c917d246e64aba5f31Ian Neal — Bug 670691 - Sync can't deactivate device - bundle_prefutilities is not defined r=jh a=neil for CLOSED TREE
a555dac15d9033b6b2e66343426eb1c9b3447ee7Mark Banner — Bug 664967 - Remove channel switching UI (Port bug 659972); r=sid0,a=Standard8
4ad6cea2a306525c7d4c8da604c72eba160718a3Neil Rashbrook — Bug 541313 Image Properties dialog always reverts to Actual Size. r+a=IanN
3f57dc8c8349525c69d52fa63e1d7b636c0c1f48Jens Hatlak — Bug 668993 - Sync account wizard does not close after clicking on "Finish". r+a=Neil
4f630202911791bbc9c7aef18ba5ec468278224dNeil Rashbrook — Bug 663919 Search engine icon missing in urlbar search r=IanN a=IanN
651f261e49c437dd5c8e0f46fd03c0559cab3635seabld — Automated blocklist update from host - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
244bc1b87576974301a5e1550ab4eb0c4c6e4147Mark Banner — Unit test bustage fix - port bug 645922 to comm-central (Remove nsIJSON.encode/decode, because their functionality is subsumed by JSON.parse and JSON.stringify, and their idiosyncrasies are hindering code improvements). r=bustage fix,a=Standard8
b3603e475d44ec493613c4de57bbd5d6efbc917cMark Banner — Bug 669504 - Port bug 649373 - remove the PRE_RELEASE_SUFFIX so that nightly/aurora builds don't have Alpha in their window titles; r=bienvenu,a=Standard8
59a9908520a7538444595cb976e294f2bddd4af9Mark Banner — Fix Thunderbird's branding to be the earlybird branding a=auroramerge
673765d19dbb1038a655950c0cf51c60f6a7bbe7Mark Banner — Fix version numbers for aurora a=auroramerge
48fcd0e54208e0ec363f3a2248a23c8c8d07627aMark Banner — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=betamerge
50eaece760eec16178d1dfed1a2216cbbea7c2f7Mark Banner — Bump versions for Thunderbird and SeaMonkey
06cdfd6a80e0b06c6ea88167c9d43b9c7cdab7bfMark Banner — Added tag AURORA_BASE_20110705 for changeset 2f5b60440770
2f5b60440770e4c8a01a7d691441a29b9a6152deMark Banner — Bug 669153 - Error: couldn't find mozinfo.json at <location> Perhaps you need to use --build-info-json?; r=Callek AURORA_BASE_20110705
72f40b7e9357b68a2fe8ca356e5aba049604ff9cMark Banner — Back out part of bug 611458 due to unit test bustage.
8c885c3fc9acbf97cfd9d6044137f62cc379bdf0Ian Neal — Bug 662203 - Enhance openLocation so that it can be used by message compose r=neil
2bfa709f04ce425daf07825f288140b27dfb74b3David Bienvenu — add simple unit test for deleting incoming pop3 duplicates, r=standard8, bug 668563
2a1da01c4f764df9b733da7134797aa7b8ce4f82Mike Conley — Bug 664726 - Add hooks to make address book more extend-able; r=jcranmer,standard8
79ea291ad0c0261dc49b8507c33a15e8ef04bfabMark Banner — Bug 669151 - LDAP connections are not cleaned up until shutdown; r=bienvenu
092c812854b89891587b8211bc44cc484abf86fcRichard Marti — [Bug 573360] qute theme: tabbar background blocks lightweight theme image (with personas add-on not enabled) r=protz
1f38992f40affcf3697b644f139221e160da7c0aJonathan Protzenko — Bug 611458 - Add Ability to Print Summary of Collapsed Threads in Message Pane r=squib
1a874442f742fb67a484a2be2b267f79ea17815dDavid Bienvenu — fix nsStringBuffer leak in xpcshell tests due to static nsCString, r=standard8, bug 668393
2ffa1a8f346375e9f23d798f7707023748e8e585Misak Khachatryan — [Bug 669077] Cleanup sessionstore tests suite. Ports bug 667202 and syncs head.js with FF. r+=Neil
ae84f8b74c90e52908360b1fd5cc7077b3b0ad57Ian Neal — Bug 665603 - Centralise sound preferences r=mnyromyr
e3f147cb26aae09acd4909e62a06d1d33e6097fbMike Conley — Bug 652855 - De-RDF the address book; r=standard8
bc728348268b58d865327dcc493ca895190ef4f5Ian Neal — Bug 665569 - Add GetFileFromString helper for getting File from native path or Url r=neil
9dc27ff100db032d2ed99f83e8596cf5fd4e6c4fIan Neal — Bug 667662 - Switch suite to use r=neil
a264f7b230164354885c6aa49b90ac2a969b16f6Takanori MATSUURA — Bug 662051 - Port |Bug 608934 - About window needs a close button| to comm-central; r=Standard8
30308622251ceb232ef938c6d1ebabf56a11cdf1Mike Conley — Bug 661239 - New mail notification shown for autosaved drafts; r=Standard8
585da56d82a4e207ebc0a8294d69ee52ec21aac2Richard Marti — Bug 658872 - Move the splitter on top of the FormatToolbar; r=bwinton ui-r=andreasn
f6adf57025405e094d7e12a426427b6eb319a94dRichard Marti — Bug 658328 - Make the viewPickerPopup and folderLocationPopup look more native; r=andreasn
1281fc89bac53103e40f3da71b2e6ab2346af885Stefan Plewako — Bug 649989 - display account names in favorite folders pane view only when there are duplicated folder names and location info in the tooltip; r=bienvenu ui-r=bwinton
1f367f35734935abcfbf6507e516822cd1fa6d30Richard Marti — Bug 646570 - Implement Bug 603790 in TB (remove the drop shadow and reduce border radius for buttons); r=bwinton ui-r=andreasn
ec4f54ab8cf3dee2a61f9cdf4dec31f08269c7b8Rafael Avila de Espindola — Bug 641232 - Make HAS_XCODE_2_1 detection compatible with Xcode 4; r=Standard8
9f8456bb68f62ef592232675115eb121ffd14188Ian Neal — Bug 667952 - Fold imageContextOverlay.xul into context menu code r=neil
c319bf1f086a9a6a0adda661bd8441b91f641defIan Neal — Bug 667643 - Switch suite to use Services.wm r=neil
e307f0c7a8f1e456b18a41542f30eae69f9f0bfbDavid Bienvenu — fix bug 661774, handle error fetching all imap flags, don't throw away hdr cache on such errors, r=neil
53f62c5da9e2c68247c719646e67cb6d4cb3c648Opera Wang — fix bug 600140, unread quick filter hides some messages, r=bienvenu
2df0e948f73b019d8ed0a63c71a96eb8bcb0050fJim Porter — Bug 667391 - Restoring to default toolbar state changes to text below icons; r=bwinton
90bd3cecdf0775d6253e6c4e5a8f01796b9b8c10Ricardo Palomares — Bug 582715 - Five message views, not four, and more can be created. Fix wrong number missed from previous check-in. r=InvisibleSmiley
8a89b84f138033c503e182afe1fd403162988854David Bienvenu — fix bug 668590, messageGenerator should use addMessage, r=sid0
0bde656fe3aeb9f55308d611cd8ad9fb1412bb08David Bienvenu — fix bug 662792, imap marks messages read when falling back from partial download to full download when all parts inline, r=protz
f03b17b338ef31cbddb0b305c269c8b4bd4b5418David Bienvenu — fix Mutex reported memory leak in unit tests, r=neil, bug 650508
0a3c60c01adff4ddfbdbb4de7fc72641f99d1886Ian Neal — Bug 665290 - Switch suite/mailnews to use Services.urlFormatter r=neil/standard8
679c4c87691c17c7347bdd9284778de4710552bcPhil Ringnalda Bug 618726 - Use Date object's support for ISO8601 dates instead of ISO8601DateUtils.jsm, r=myk
7ac67e03558bfe35ec3d04d80a63d6cba17cf306David Bienvenu — stop using stdlocale for isalpha and isdigit, r=standard, part of bug 207156, r=standard8+Mike Kaganski
09338da2c41e3653f400a62ff5169d00c360108cIan Neal — Bug 667674 - Switch suite to use Services.obs r=neil
c0cd6fb84c738c1f3bb0126b4c19a90000ada5b1Philipp Kewisch — Bug 494598 - Update Lightning icons to match new Thunderbird default theme - Correct Aero mode switch icons
9fd15e2648362dfe31dccf3919792258f27d094bPhil Ringnalda — Bug 512772 - Chrome file doesn't exist: tasksOverlay.css, r=Standard8
230e76c2936f24d6da70a5724aa690907ba2b2e5Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 494598 - Update Lightning icons to match new Thunderbird default theme. r=paenglab
3baf0a5f7956e4b17e3f18ac2446d39c4f01127bMatthew Mecca — Fix bug 667313 - Current Tasks filter is broken at startup if Task View is active. r=philipp
ca6d34101ba0e9197c6defbdaa7a9ba2b26227dePhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 662718 - Empty "Calendar Alarm" popup at every startup. pending r=mmecca
5bea1f1b715b4836c82514a8a68b9f3d5de87a06Ian Neal — Bug 667289 - Switch suite to use r=neil
f25b9ef3514b4da0cf5abb833ce583f7f582c72bNeil Rashbrook — Bug 665313 Message attachments don't open from the message window r=Mnyromyr
0ff1183779b132a40be6cea81fec580302fec7afPhilip Chee — Bug 665276 Remove nsISHistory_2_0_BRANCH from /suite/common/src/nsSessionStore.js r=Neil.
e7d8e36b4769bb0f391147e361f101dd3b610d10Ian Neal — Bug 665565 - Make fuller use of GetStringPref in suite r=neil
18cdf1e1fc2b743a772da75c2803cea75ad2529eIan Neal — Backout of changeset 322b0049a5a7 wrong patch
322b0049a5a7ee723df62415277ef43893f0ec12Ian Neal — Bug 665565 - Make fuller use of GetStringPref in suite r=neil
94a1caddda3757285c40adb2a617ddc57b876b93Ian Neal — Bug 665806 - Remove some stringbundle duplication in preferences r=mnyromyr
be997f247a37ee401d163cadfa39e3af82b6569aEdmund Wong — Bug 638816 - Update Help for FAYT changes. r=InvisibleSmiley
8a841fad97059c903a75e300fd3b6c88ff3326efEdmund Wong — Bug 582715 - Five message views, not four, and more can be created. r=InvisibleSmiley
8f6268c4dc0a33c1428dce9ba8a0abd448996499David Bienvenu — make backend base and db [noscript] methods scriptable, bug 661682, r=rkent, sr=standard8
c6ae532c6e61dc60545982e05005c13a3877b860Jim Porter — Bug 666978 - Tree twisty in folder pane doesn't update when expanding; r=bienvenu
3d6995fc1b105bc06577b87dfd7386d99339b2b6Mark Banner — Bug 666994 - Update blocklist for latest changes; rs=bwinton
c79c60af54c95ae1ad578d494d1a22b93fd2643dJens Hatlak — Bug 666840 - Rename left-over mimeAttachmentName after bug 544984. r=bienvenu
1f69c32774025dfe66b20fc45f7545fe5ce21ef1Philip Chee — Bug 666555 Add mozapps/skin/plugins/pluginHelp-16.png to Modern (missed out from Bug 601562). f=ewong r=Neil.
174e92903cc26f5affaa0b9fc1264ccf174c0e8bJim Porter — Bug 662015 - Dualbuttons in message header have no right margin; r=bwinton
f0eadc314e206a2209a49447605555f9e04b7e38Justin Wood — Bug 666518 - Stop making extensions optional in SeaMonkey's installer. r=KaiRo, a+=KaiRo (for aurora and beta)
b7462630a424d15aedbbe96bc8b57c8ce1d9d4f4Robert Kaiser — bug 662277 - remove MOZILLA_BRANCH_VERSION hack from comm-central, r=Standard8
3205136dcb66c4dccc44ccee5428b2ac62994455Michael Puls — unescape mailto url params, r=bienvenu, bug 423768
4433bbc6185637ec6aae52044d98efc133985b40Mark Banner — Fix xpcshell-test bustage from bug 664441 - add a QI to the test so that the interface can be found. a=bustage-fix
4a840e811aa31c7935e323a11060379a9ffdc29bPhilip Chee — Bug 666522 Add telemetry.xpt to the packaging manifest (added to mozilla-central by Bug 661574) r=Callek.
c736643477f09d4e0bb2cb2cf15dc1402cc8e138Jim Porter — Bug 661263 - Attachment bar loses attachment number and name when action button is removed by toolbar customization; r=bwinton
841c8228000453ff7c3525a3aa616f0561655e60David Bienvenu — fix bug 664441, separate folder discovery addSubFolder from local folder creation, r=sid0, sr=neil
db68cef4037681b9f9bccffd01e9fa7d29274b60Ian Neal — Bug 657214 - The Composer status bar doesn't display the correct status r=neil
5ce7f0580209af721c1122b4892ec7c22de16d91Philippe M. Chiasson — merge
ec4a75961dc81c863353e81bf40716f8aa3e2de4Philippe M. Chiasson — backout 0f79491664e9
77f6f7bb67a27915c6f8fb274cad8902d19528edJohn Hopkins — Bug 631597 - Prototype the "Canary" system for Thunderbird. r=standard8
fd5a6fd35d156db261e58f35cec1a4e5fb8dfdcdJens Hatlak — Bug 665336 - SeaMonkey clears all LSOs (Flash Cookies) when clearing cache only. r=Neil
845cb720fef37d458365d19f803d7d6dc267d000Jim Porter — Bug 660165 - Keyboard shortcuts for tags are always effective; r=protz
e840f4d4a1b3c62e57c2ce02c70aaf48d09e147dJim Porter — Bug 652318 - Email sender is displayed as quoted when name in from is quoted; r=bienvenu
4d2abb43abcb2de531c336c9215d4dde3915cba9Ian Neal — Bug 663193 - Cannot attach non-file attachments from command line r=protz
13c0878630cfa3ade728b69cfd5c2943086e90d2Mark Banner — Add telemetry.xpt to the packaging manifest (added to mozilla-central by bug 661574), to also fix unit test failures. r=bustage-fix
fbe40875d241b3d37712c70e7db870d339e11d28Edmund Wong — Bug 611735 - Added to openPopup() parameter to make it work properly. r=philipp
8a5612882e86d21924d072d0ffed9d3ee1c6f97bSiddharth Agarwal — Bug 664892 - Set --enable-application to mail by default and --enable-debug-symbols to on by default. r=KaiRo
5d78f1886da8f797b2c723651e0858733eb942a6Siddharth Agarwal — Fix C++-style comment in rs=Neil
42afd587c7d20eb5a7a20e44a1ec9a4f8c4fe173Kent James — Bug 629497 - crash [@ nsMsgDBFolder::CallFilterPlugins(nsIMsgWindow*, int*)] | nsPop3Sink::EndMailDelivery, r=bienvenu
0f79491664e9d3dabf1ff563e98174fe1aa262c0Philippe M. Chiasson — Bug 656049 - teach comm-central to invoke r=Standard8
91d67ba9a6b5fcf536826b283fef17a8fc46eafePhilippe M. Chiasson — Bug 661267 - Add --tinderbox-print to to output hg revision links for buildbot. r=Standard8
33d556250e18c453d3c88a75b762a267175070e3Blake Winton — Bug 663687 - Make the folder text visible when dropping something on it. r=Standard8.
5b9733bc60feb990a84b9d258e7976415646930aIan Neal — Bug 663631 - Simplify getParentIndex in folderPane.js and jsTreeView.js r=mconley
d321084e2e8a90e34112aee8669630225ae6b981Ian Neal — Bug 665291 - Switch suite to use new cookies, logins and eTLD services in Services.jsm r=kairo
e5d292f48f15eda1f644ce1528bffeb48bbacf4dIan Neal — Bug 665294 - Switch suite to use Services.dirsvc r=neil
1173d460d8896f92ca7761e2b751b2412fe9025cRichard Marti — Fix bug 663160 - Missing line on Thunderbird's tab bar with Lightning installed. r=philipp
4ccac5d597d4366cf72cb00738b10b7745db2998Matthew Mecca — Fix bug 367190 - Task list needs more contrast for tasks. r=philipp ui-r=paenglab
16cf72def333b67966c0627e4117bf6e6f04acd6Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 404900 - Add Accept/Decline to Calendar item's context menu. r=nomisvai
ebd9fe59182351d861c386f5a54a3d96955babd2Philippe Martinak — Fix bug 520667 - Pressing Select All (Ctrl + A) in the tasks view selects all the items in the calendar view. r=philipp
b7a5437581eff779521548c0d2ce471e373fe2abDavid Bienvenu — improve perf of expanding large threads, r=neil, bug 617839
60e8a71353ae10a3da670d092e2e0961cb55aee7Ian Neal — Bug 664841 - Switch suite/mailnews to use Services.obs r=neil
6a9dc33c7bc34e9484085e64e2fd649cc232851eIan Neal — Bug 664839 - Switch suite/mailnews to use new GetLocalizedPrefString helper r=neil
8f52a70cb585dbbe94d60be0c341c84d17b47360Ian Neal — Bug 664834 - Switch suite/mailnews to use r=neil
28902a0bb8344e40b388a6dd3af6420a6a04b782seabld — Automated blocklist update from host - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
e6a000e3b33d7c4302c9743227c46b9eef815cf4Richard Marti — Fix bug 662142 - Adapt Thunderbird Aero theme changes to Calendar. r=philipp
68f7e39576683d5e069e96edd81f39a9db8698b0Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 491118 - reminder for non-dismissed events fire again after hibernation (double/twice in alarm popup) (regression). r=mschroeder
441d2c66b41011001159a0e95078e38435ac99aePhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 662617 - Update GData Versions for comm-central/comm-miramar. r=philipp
c21c8a4d3d558872368de97225b0dba92675d585Richard Marti — Fix bug 663503 - Icon missing in Alarms > 'Play a sound' filefield. r=philipp
3cbfa9d7f3d797556a244cfd21ff5121d7ce8563Richard Marti — Fix bug 663605 - Make the calendar-task-view persistent. r=philipp
c53843c0d1bbb5ccdec03a0214a24b4f8c9caabfRichard Marti — Fix bug 663693 - Lightning uses 24px icons on toolbar under Aero. r=philipp
70f82b97c52c1c23ed94f85e3a0fb02bc9f0337eJustin Wood — Bug 663636 - Missing addons, directory distribution/extensions is not there. r=KaiRo
9685aa9dadd42a15a820a822d785ea8cd63d1a8dJens Hatlak — Bug 664569 - Next button on Account Details page does not get enabled. Fix enabling. r=Neil
aeb02008b00fc186128672aaa3cabfc95bcc8a34Edmund Wong — Bug 603213 - Rename MailNews-related ToC entries that only refer to Mail in their title. r=InvisibleSmiley
495ed5579693197798e418f90cc966fbf2d4be50David Bienvenu — array bounds checking fix for bug 596567, crash in nsMsgSearchDBView::InsertMsgHdrAt, r=standard8
e7765eb76068d86e90522f07a3d3fa1391c08c4dDavid Bienvenu — fix bug 655578, some custom header filters not working r=rkent
72632e714b5fedcc1b20c279cfab001be6b20671Andreas Nilsson — Bug 664794 - Update branding for Thunderbird's aurora equivalent channel: Earlybird - Change the wordmark on the About dialog; r=Standard8
622605d68e3fb686b3fdc147e8bee0b251df4d8dMark Banner — Follow up to bug 651845, remove obsolete entries in mainlews/ rs=Callek
6d46dca5b7cff1e8b0398c940e537e93cd08b38dSteffen Wilberg — Bug 663608 review-follow-up: update corruptedContentError.longDesc. r+ui-r=bwinton
91fa9d39ce94c0cd47e8227cd5f1a33caf5d80ddIan Neal — Bug 664740 - Create helper function for getting nsILocalFile complexValue prefs r=neil
90657f3c1efa2321f231b1ed05194303f4a61502Mark Banner — Bug 664794 - Update branding for Thunderbird's aurora equivalent channel: Earlybird - Initial text changes. rs=bwinton DONTBUILD
333f411bf5964a4e2d0b767c32cf5d2c64418b3eEdmund Wong — Bug 657126 - Add Leave Messages on Server help. r=InvisibleSmiley
405de702239b46f36aa0ae6d4b69b56631c172d2Edmund Wong — Bug 654680 - Removed Cookie Notification from Help. r=InvisibleSmiley
bb640d2baa38669246e6f8495f5d0a84c2e3b21dDavid Bienvenu — comment only change, accidentally changed a reference to nsEudoraHTMLImageElement to nsOutlookHTMLImageElement when fixing build bustage
86e139ec514b8872723556341280a6d75d7e4c59Ian Neal — Bug 664612 - Switch suite/mailnews to use Services.scriptloader r=neil
2f905aedc4a8ba342c9d63c8c3f8100993457d7dMark Banner — Back out the bustage fix from bug 658503 now that the mozilla-central patch that caused that bug has been backed out (bug 658580).
a1b4183608753f23e67e5158500eeb25c69a236fMark Banner — Part of bug 658666 (fixing xpcshell-tests after switching to manifests) - get Thunderbird and SeaMonkey running the core xpcshell-tests again. r=KaiRo
eb466e13ad1d794fcf02b6cd1d6d3cb5a60a1d14Ian Neal — Bug 664348 - Switch suite/mailnews to use Services.wm r=neil
ed07dea78b2900f55881e02ab89886f89a1f73c8Edmund Wong — Bug 503248 - Use nsISound::EVENT_NEW_MAIL_RECEIVED r=iann_bugzilla
f8c7fb6bdb239161e59e94407ce7d3577a65682fDavid Bienvenu — fix line endings in previous checkin
ca8f2b65d2cdc4499fbc1b43b1f47accc1e643b8David Bienvenu — fix build bustage, bug 664138
eca67f1468038f00ab3e248705be0eef38df3027Philip Chee — Backed out changeset: 2b1706a6c9f1 from Bug 663345 Add onLocationChange2.
fb4131cc7c16deed970c4ea4daf0adb3a9cb4344Ian Neal — reland fix for bug 664138, nsIDom3Node bustage, build breakage
a9dbef5819f83a73035e6af4ff5c38d9b4f7b841Neil Rashbrook — Bug 664105 Ensure mailnews URLs are equal to their clones r=bienvenu
7fef82f28d55048f0b6aa57abb1755c48892b82fIan Neal — Backout winlivemail fix from Bug 664138 due to backout of fixes from Bug 659053
f6fc6968ee0fd2733610b2da6e2a76753a9bea1aIan Neal — Bug 664138 - Fix various build bustages following landing of |Bug 659053 - Remove nsIDOM3Node| - winlivemail fix r=neil
1cb7f969b6c0b578abd87d533c8998e5ccc905f0Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 663971 - Make account wizard look at MX entries again. r=BenB
462b99d36822b820675b6e31085722e46a6dfe00Mark Banner — Port Bug 508905 to comm-central - /Zc:wchar_t- is no longer required - to fix windows bustage. r=bustage-fix
804b99311f804e0253b2e1e7543b1c63146eb783Ian Neal — Bug 662698 - Port |Bug 662087 - Adding attachments via the command-line doesn't record their size| to SeaMonkey r=neil
172703bbcfee3e36bb7f2bad7efbff4bc2f41bd4Ian Neal — Bug 662855 - is null (unable to view feed entries) f=jh r=neil
c1af5d9c9f65b9fa69f0d53a6a58c9a5f27990b7Philip Chee — Bug 660581 Packaging fixes for TelemetryPing (Bug 585196) and native cursor manipulation from OOP plugins on OS X (Bug 621117). r=Callek.
228f42df2090da21632549706bbf8f251af0e236Ian Neal — Bug 458548 - Get rid of string-bundle globals brand->bundle r=bustage-fix
54eadc0a91835fd5cda9c1612ee23b787a699ddaJim Porter — Bug 662088 - MAPISendDocuments doesn't record attachment size; r=bienvenu
22ca502d734cc9aa2f65493ca66e97bfbad6dbf9Ian Neal — Bug 663629 - Home button does nothing (Error: nsIPrefLocalizedString is not defined), Also Translate Page, etc, etc r=neil
119c61c869a8086895223698734ff31fd0795d29Gary Kwong — Bug 413578 - null-arg checks in nsMsgAccountManager.cpp, nsMsgPurgeService.cpp, nsMsgIdentity.cpp, and nsImapIncomingServer.cpp (original patch from Joey Minta) r=bienvenu
50c4e955e8db5345141d68d9b8a87461d64192feSteffen Wilberg — Bug 663608: add strings to netError.xhtml for NS_ERROR_CORRUPTED_CONTENT, and update string for offline, to fix XML parsing errors.
ae64e58a6575d07d0b0312d3a04e6391c885b591Ian Neal — Bug 458548 - Get rid of string-bundle globals r=bienvenu
26ac8de4c1267651b304e331e4c5f45de1e21a88seabld — Automated blocklist update from host - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
2b1706a6c9f141f6fb4f044955e953dc7fda7d9fPhilip Chee — Bug 663345 Add onLocationChange2 to web progress listeners. r=Neil sr=Neil
95db7b815f5a38100b52fee774528ecd344224c3Philip Chee — Bug 663347 Give popup notification panels role="alert" and make their close buttons tabbable. r=Neil ui-r=Neil
9028347f71aef50911245d4bdd3706d973ceb155Philip Chee — Bug 663349 Fix the borders of the Find toolbar when a Persona is applied. r=Neil
84125b1c374da956c646909b837f21efd457014dSiddharth Agarwal — Fix xpcshell bustage by removing manifest entry for test that's no longer there.
0d12ed87f04599b7b6aac9d1d0c19ff983cc5b17Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 621213 - Remove dictUtils.js from comm-central. r=Standard8
bd76f2cb3589cde0a133cc71ed3afb6e12ef87acSiddharth Agarwal — Switch nsMailNewsCommandLineHandler over to the new class info format. r=Standard8
35c8dbaacf7faaa81ee9927f771647a8f5212e2fSiddharth Agarwal — Bug 661720 - Add a |tabmail| property to the tab container. r=bienvenu
520c1e110d3db43a013549cfd34587e3a6499b2dMark Banner — Fix mozmill unit test bustage by fixing steelApplication.js which appears to be broken in some instances, by porting bug 658632 from mozilla-central. r=protz
405dba20aa4f91b9506654c9aed68f2f2a6218e7Decathlon — Fix bug 652461 - Edit dialog: the Privacy menu item generates an error "event is undefined". r=philipp
4272db0f51c652cd72721d0fc8cd0e1b53ad58c2Jim Porter — Bug 657446 - Archive Options button in Copies & Folders should be hidden based on target, not source account; r=bienvenu, r=standard8
3d8db10ee378db5b3c5c93ccb827eb74a6aecbd1Jens Hatlak — Bug 663142 - Port |Bug 568653 - Change "Last Update" to "Last Sync" in tooltip|. r=Neil
995678d4c9111649bf1af9aaba82b0d771c1adb3Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 661363 - Port bug 562753 (On upgrade, old win7 taskbar entries should have their app model id upgraded, based on install path) to Thunderbird. r=Standard8, sr=bienvenu
c0d4c89007cff6a8cd115d9817a8d8278c199084David Bienvenu — fix bug 578104, cons up filename with content type appropriate extension for data uris, r=standard8
08be6ad1285b993fd88b779a248076ff7f5fc443Mark Banner — Bug 660809 - Fix about links on about:license when accessed from the about dialog and also fix Bug 659527 - the manual update link opens a new mail compose window, instead of in the browser; r=protz
422b90f2587828cd429ccec73df820c0eb0bda50Neil Rashbrook — Bug 657343 Vertical misalignment of some message headers r=Mnyromyr
6d97c01e32a5db60a0b7033178e507f6e63bbc11Blake Winton — Bug 661795 - Properly handle the IMAP/POP radio buttons. r=BenB.
e112386d59da3428a625f7c0311844d75df22d51Mike Conley — Bug 661906 - Add a waitForEval to poll the address book tree until it's ready. r=Standard8.
e4bf37abb9f46bb3eec67e1d35413ef76480e6eaJonathan Protzenko — [Bug 644983] is null (unable to view feed entries) r=standard8
bb121626a06aaac195d387a4c1afaac5c8fb6bd4Mark Banner — Bug 662506 - percentMsg in has incorrect localization note.; r=bienvenu
7f3f984ba3a130e25f138070530f52b56cb5f6a4Ian Neal — Bug 658060 - The Preferences Popup Windows Sound play button is not enabled r=mnyromyr
aeae283c99ef0c2d4d6d6ca05f9bb613a7287c25Jens Hatlak — Bug 660882 - search window does not allow to open message from result list [currentHeaderData is not defined]. r=Mnyromyr sr=Neil
920dffc43f304ce0fc34d7cabf5b571d5be446a1Jens Hatlak — Bug 659277 - Remove microsummaries support from SeaMonkey - bustage fix. r=Neil
07e73a5d9fff5025440ccab3c9261caf79a6d0d5Takanori MATSUURA — Fix bug 662244 - Port bug 608594 to calendar. r=philipp
0155789c1e3c908ae603d128cc957c06bd4247c8Jens Hatlak — Bug 659277 - Remove microsummaries support from SeaMonkey. r=Callek sr=Neil
8d78eb1a21728c213cbe6cc250c6cd6947a75487Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 492069 - Lightning corrupts ATTENDEE / ORGANIZER with CN parameter that contains a comma. r=decathlon
2aaa39c691fe3ecd32389fc7639f4e481ae3b1e5Neil Rashbrook — Bug 662188 Fix linker spew when linking mailnews into xul.dll r=Standard8
e76c429aac9c07b1105188654b5c80127bb9d64eTom Laithwaite — Fix bug 659312 - Use of PRE in html exporter produces undesired results. r=philipp
1683deedbd847444cf07cdd330f108a4e7f2c8c9BZ — Fix bug 422069 - Attendees in Event Dialog with only common name should have email address as tooltip. r=philipp
05d369d9ecaf62c38e22776a77def82b89bd20e3Philippe Martinak — Fix bug 632352 - Items with base64 encoded files cause dataloss, missing timezone components cause caldav error. r=philipp
4167a6e9313fa1448da0c3b1dd53da71f069e031Decathlon — Fix bug 570124 - Long task title breaks task preview header UI (pushes buttons out of visible area, behind today pane; truncated). r=philipp
2d7862781f8c07c5b80c8ed531610595267d6578Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 577695 - Filter out the Nounclass strings in compare-locales.
0bf46f79173a0cc64b907be5fbeb72f41653f9c1Steve Snyder — Bug 660473 - Replace PR_Atomic* functions with macros in mailnews; r=neil
1cd9c6cf8b231bcf94ea58adff98bf2a9782780bRichard Marti — Bug 659730 - Option window-->Network & Disk Space has disk space textbox for cache too little; r+ui-r=bwinton
2ce1037fbf74f0a70fcb47f116635302a730fca3Robert Kaiser — bug 662280 - Bump SeaMonkey version numbers on new-process repos to new version scheme, r+a=council
52f3f5815beceadcbebbe9361d7bab3d134e932bJim Porter — Bug 662087 - Adding attachments via the command-line doesn't record their size; r=protz
cdf8c2ed1214875d01832edd67bc00e5b8762ebdJim Porter — Bug 661993 - Forwarding emails as attachments doesn't record the message's size; r=protz
cc8f23d60452de44fac51ea0f3ee4736f3ec4035Ian Neal — Bug 662162 - Create helper function for getting nsIPrefLocalizedString complexvalue prefs r=neil
845c32ca819958bd2f1e5f76a469dd6ef22f0a2aPhilip Chee — Bug 662062 Add resetProperties method for messageHeaderSink (added to nsIMsgHeaderSink in Bug 659925). r=Neil sr=Neil
c2dc4fb6d8e4b715bba51075c64bd610a7913762Ian Neal — Bug 662107 - Switch PageInfo to use Services.jsm r=neil
ecf634e9df25b8d26a56795965fdb975ea2bd443Stefan Sitter — Bug 662027 - Update supported Thunderbird/SeaMonkey version in Lightning [r=philipp]
cbc47df094415e3d83755c9e18fe19ab5deb2a23Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 632352 - Items with base64 encoded files cause dataloss, missing timezone components cause caldav error. r=philippe.martinak
48cf0f78c33b9699745d7e7b0f12f3f0c1e06435Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 639799 - New icons for the tasks header. r=philipp ui-r=clarkbw
f10f4495a9c55d32121a95d5c87f63ec7bec5d7aMark Banner — Fix xpcshell bustage from bug 659925 - add missing function that is now required.
0981a6b6bdaa8527d3d045b049f24e8aecab0b3fJonathan Protzenko — [Bug 659925] msgHeaderSink properties are never reset after streaming r=standard8 sr=bienvenu
2367dffaa3cb381c816c5bc56f32204bc0965ee7Ian Neal — Bug 659940 - Remove MOZ_IPC checks from comm-central since IPC is always built now rs=standard8
78cbb0581f0fef8c2d9cef5d82e12ca786730776Ian Neal — Bug 659205 - tier_platform_dirs doesn't include APP_LIBXUL_DIRS (mailnews/ etc) -- mailnews, xpfe autocomplete etc aren't getting built - Fix BUILD_STATIC_LIBS rs=standard8
f250c280616213b4e8059c6bfc72bdeeb45b06f7Ian Neal — Bug 659205 - tier_platform_dirs doesn't include APP_LIBXUL_DIRS (mailnews/ etc) -- mailnews, xpfe autocomplete etc aren't getting built - finish removal of MOZ_ENABLE_XUL rs=standard8
7982801ac52affe324c296b90162ec57a509dac6Ian Neal — Bug 660942 - Account Copies & Folders page uses h as accesskey which will conflict with help button - fix other accesskey conflicts r=neil
1384d22c46ecabd728a76730fc0a1b15be109207Matthew Mecca — Fix bug 554267 - Deleting a single item of an recurring event, does not delete the alarm of this event.. r=philipp
4f9afaea10c94bdb03a8c06e594975904c0c6e16Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 660522 - Lightning completely replaces the Thunderbird/SeaMonkey user agent in the protocol headers. r=ssitter
4f695a99301c32620ae3b65677fd878400b772ccStefan Sitter — Bug 659958 - Weekly Planner and Monthly Grid print formats are broken [r=philipp]
c3d6867fa36f5a788c0cd5255e7b46b3411d9cafPavel Franc — Fix bug 577695 - Filter out the Nounclass strings in compare-locales. r=philipp
48d8cac97e593ffe0f0595c31820a0aaf8b71bcbJean-Bernard Marcon — Bug 658197 - Add a br to push the search results message underneath the image, for easier localization. ui-r=bwinton, r=bwinton.
57310aa503db34bed0f2ad26e5b7f0a2ff754d4cFrédéric Kayser — Part of bug Bug 473791 - Optimized PNG files for TB icons - do nightly branding; r=bwinton
bc7df0f8a3f148047136e347c881de0a6143fc0cNomis101 — Bug 653246 - Disable -dead_strip on OS X if LTO is enabled also on comm-central (port Bug 638149); r=Callek
c2d23014f95cce9b54fa13eadf185f5ce4004d56Mark Banner — Backout bug 649989 / changeset 3c71fa107bce due to build bustage.
91f133c6ed33c9239d1a721f8210627830cb772cMark Banner — Backout bug 649989 / changeset 24639f45f5c1 due to build bustage.
73546bde038cfe05d6aed7388aa660bb43d2e40cJim Porter — Bug 656045 - Attachment bar actions should be disabled if only a text/x-moz-deleted attachment is present; r=bwinton
ad6e9c9ea5746021a4435def5f7d466da24e887fJim Porter — Bug 657856 - Improve interface for attachment objects in the message reader; r=bwinton
24639f45f5c1498ae549fe2d8a5813de8f27f111Mark Banner — Fix MozMill test bustage from bug 649989
00d0a464d61e07e70f510ae80461a4e6c3ee14cfPhilip Chee — Bug 660618 Don't show progress indicators when using bfcache to go to another page. r=Neil
3c71fa107bcef05fbc1d3a77a25a0917d500a0e3Stefan Plewako — Bug 649989 - display account names in favorite folders pane view only when there are duplicated folder names; r=bienvenu ui-r=bwinton
d871692cdeb9fb4d539c5f5df19eb099983f5888Mike Conley — Bug 661142 - nsIAbCard.idl needs noscripts stripped so that nsIAbCard can be implemented in JS.; r=bienvenu sr=Standard8
7b686a8fd57c73539372a2436e7b982c88c061baMike Conley — Bug 661319 - JSBool assertion failure causes crash when connecting to GMail IMAP; r=bienvenu
c2a14a487c41d222cff1a9de6d50950ebedd873eIan Neal — Bug 660665 - Use existing string bundle rather than creating a new one for MsgOpenFromFile r=neil
07a5574693d4263253ee4b1a27d9ffc283290ed9Edmund Wong — Bug 112356 - No option to leave e-mail messages on server when creating a new account. r=IanN,bwinton sr=Neil
f438ee543856e72c9c04a2b073b868581d18b41dMark Banner — Backout bug 458548 / changeset 4f13eb9c9536 due to MozMill bustage on Mac and Windows. Bustage fix for CLOSED TREE
2e4cb4a1ea64864f9f2414987949f2bce7046a4aEdmund Wong — Bug 658959 - Fix DownloadManager (and tests) usage of deprecated Storage binding APIs. f=Ratty r=Neil
011b3037aa413fda8a5ad0192c92294edb86968dGary Kwong — Bug 654402 - 'Copies & Folders' page in Account Settings is cut off. Original patch from Alexander Ihrig. r=bwinton
c163d201bbbb49f89e1522595bb35710e2c3e1e4Ian Neal — Bug 660942 - Account Copies & Folders page uses h as accesskey which will conflict with help button r=neil
4f13eb9c95362d86119ef4c4c53708a74270e546Ian Neal — Bug 458548 - Get rid of string-bundle globals r=philringnalda sr=bienvenu
d3359524a8d4602c155bc3e0e2d19304e6b7d9f0David Bienvenu — ref count body shells to fix crashes when doing mime parts on demand, r=neil, and a lot of whitespace cleanup bug 632011
6d8bcd20f245a8bcdefcb041ca4595074d11fb72Philip Chee — Bug 657208 Backout removal of the microsummary service due to test bustage. rs=Callek
357b0810c42730f501e1a5ae7f219f2881789af1Philip Chee — Bug 657208 Backout removal of the microsummary service due to test bustage. rs=Callek
32f5a8ec9c3b72be14af33cd5aa524680f6168afPhilip Chee — Bug 660582 mTabProgressListener claims to implement nsIWebProgressListener2 so should implement onProgressChange64(). r=Neil
84251abfe297cd79d1f7f908672106fee24ddba4Philippe Martinak — Fix bug 349641 - Lightning asks for master password again. r=philipp
0a9a8f6999ab5a880eafe90cdb92313799326114Ian Neal — Bug 660501 - Fix Threadpane context menu after nsContextMenu clean up r=neil
abd07d9a9ac843bb75f341819734dce8f4dfc74cSerge Gautherie — Bug 657208 - (Bv2) Stop packaging dead dom_views.xpt, services-crypto.xpt, webshell_idls.xpt and nsMicrosummaryService.js (= Port bug 657252), Remove an obsolete MOZILLA_5_0_BRANCH check. rs=Callek.
8b4036c5e3aa1bcd102bb3ed885e913cbb31197dSerge Gautherie — Bug 657208 - (Av1) Stop packaging dead content_xmldoc.xpt (= Port bug 657251). r=Callek.
c6bf2e2ff84198ed0e5fc34b4eedcba3952d0328Serge Gautherie — Bug 653765 - Remove dead WINCE support from SeaMonkey; (Bv1) WINCE.
41df0c16c211cf119c3e9f2c135c3eeb1135dc0eSerge Gautherie — Bug 653765 - Remove dead WINCE support from SeaMonkey; (Av1) MOZ_FASTSTART.
63fecd11f21a81eeaa1e1be548b8cdd190a8d015Mark Banner — Follow up to bug 660439 also fix nsOutlookEditor.cpp to fix bustage on windows. r=bustage-fix
e446bec7e45f78681a2ecea90b6b6ed9bb91a470Neil Rashbrook — Bug 636133 Followup to remove unnecessary use of PromiseFlatString r=bienvenu
957b62145ea24ee75d007035ea2be2fe4274675aMark Banner — Bug 660439 fix build bustage on Mac and Windows following bug 587021 landing in mozilla-central. r=bustage-fix
b49eecda390a5ae2fbca28efc63b62786c241671Siddharth Agarwal — Update about:support graphics section: port over bug 642502 and bug 650723. blanket-rs=bwinton
61853088e44def1b71ba0bd28f36465e55d67b0bPhilip Chee — Bug 632361 cannot resize domain pane in Data Manager. r=KaiRo
a8ac500e3a6fdeff2dc187a829f16f12027c7c10Jonathan Protzenko — [Bug 659746] Have the space key scroll the thread summary as well r=bwinton
6531be8cabba62833de221e9d98a4619482db9beMark Banner — Sync version numbers for Thunderbird with Firefox and Gecko as per the change discussed on tb-planning.
50d8db11a0fe984c95fba9df59000a940de74163Philip Chee — Bug 659982 Don't use XUL flex on html:input elements. r=Neil
450b97c769ad894b423f850721166aeb09c8307cPhilip Chee — Bug 659968 Simplify DOMMouseScroll event handler. r=Neil.
a5aa5b32235daf50e81c0dead12dec3e464ab16dDavid Bienvenu — one more attempt to disable hdr chunk fetching test just on ewindows, CLOSED TREE
2a65b3384a7c82e2255956335df9529bf12d63b6David Bienvenu — disable test because of strange failures, CLOSED TREE
7544fdd7dbe8d1d5d005c22af8513666590c8512Robert Kaiser — Bug 659219 - [dashboard] Add sm_central, sm_aurora, sm_beta to the L10n master - fix the aurora and beta paths, r+a=release
dd89f674bce410b18cdf86d6a1ea16aa13ef6cb0David Bienvenu — disable test on windows to get around bustage, CLOSED TREE
76fcd4bc9dfcd6861fa42352c216b6affc2ad548Neil Rashbrook — Bug 527360 Part 3: Reset session type once the session has been restored r=Misak
fbb55f15d3a0b63453be0bb91c8c6c333e1c2646Neil Rashbrook — Bug 527360 Part 2: Port bug 589441 r=Misak
f75c2d6efad8de23b7677e887cec998313bf113eNeil Rashbrook — Bug 527360 Part 1: Fix typo r=Misak
a76450adea2a2dbdf2dc2c1bf1eb5cf7be94a68aDavid Bienvenu — one more attempt at getting more logging for imap test failure CLOSED TREE
4b053270226b48a9ef2057a1a3096fba09a69aceDavid Bienvenu — dump exceptions in imap hdr chunk fetch test CLOSED TREE a=test bustage
6a05e36ee576c11fff11a7813818d812c07a0b25Mark Banner — Change the extensions.checkCompatibility prefs for MozMill to use the new nightly pref created by bug 659048 rather than the version specific prefs. a=bustage fix for CLOSED TREE
2cef541bd517d17d4fa2225ca39ae829664b92dcMark Banner — closing old head, a=auroramerge
2ead170ec7130f786db4ee1828ff6a4329491912Mark Banner — Added tag AURORA_6_END for changeset 1be20a148a24 a=auroramerge
0b7dbb311e538ec410fb716e50fe2e4758dca153Mark Banner — closing old head a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
d8fc70184add0f4eb58cf1f71b496d2949ffc7f9Mark Banner — Added tag BETA_6_END for changeset dfb2896a516d a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE