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Tue Mar 18 07:44:06 2014 +0000
50c6279a0af0a4110727f547d3841b8c10b16026Mark Banner — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=betamerge,ba=betamerge CLOSED TREE
b3a83b1afda1a5be6e1fca4c9ed6a7a3b76ae8d1Mark Banner — Added tag BETA_BASE_20140318 for changeset 43b1e7e0119c a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE AURORA_29_END
43b1e7e0119cceac3e96d33b169866ba596b8f0bJoshua Cranmer — Bug 961564 - Fix handling of empty/null strings in nsMsgHeaderParser.cpp, r=irving,a=Standard8 CLOSED TREE BETA_BASE_20140318
ba9b337ff4c17373ddff67314cb3a7b9908e73e9Neil Rashbrook — Bug 943732 Port the new Character Encoding menu r=IanN f=Ratty a=IanN
b446d67f4a2278bf1faea939b88945f00f3cdaa0seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-1 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
de02227c0b4eea2d5a1bd7afeba822b0c43bbe68tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-019 - a=blocklist-update
fa1d2b9991516361080e9227dffad1b344668168Magnus Melin — Bug 969358 - Reply-All on an email I previously sent To:myself with Bcc:others has no recipients. r=irving, r+a=standard8
180cac6ac8fec38e9712306a663f81de94a93a3dMagnus Melin — Bug 968270 - Thunderbird no longer automatically BCC's myself when replying to myself (unless it's the actual sent mail that has the original bcc header set) r=irving, sr+a=standard8
c3bc00303b43f3d2385536de2961bdc08341ebfdaceman — Bug 883540 - Fix text color button in composer to work again after saving msg as draft. r=mkmelin,a=Standard8
ec19033be82f244dba2f5045cbee16367d4ba7ceNeil Rashbrook — Bug 936785 Don't cache LDAP address book queries so aggressively r=Standard8 a=Standard8
0a4bc3f2bd4601e2871e38dfcb203312163a74cftbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-485 - a=blocklist-update
1455ffb96dd391a951f1c1e38a3c17ed7d6be90cseabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-6 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
24ae86940cfe4f080bf92908c3d666b3b50284e8Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 977097 - Add more aliases for the UTC timezone. r=redDragon,a=philipp
688071119edd3088d5c0c7ce62216a01a97ea9e8Decathlon — Bug 975157 - Day/week view: the off-time zone get shifted one hour later in the timebar when changing the "Day ends at" setting. r=markus a=philipp
4dc8b408b032c23221e04d3db84eab871c4fc052tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-centos6-hp-019 - a=blocklist-update
d817ecb03c9c050dda77628812485395bf314418seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-3 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
e448e21bee724740cf3a0c0a4dc3a82289a67f81Tatsuya — Bug 747321 - Invite Attendees dialog: Free/busy display bug while scrolling with a 50% zoom. r=Mozilla a=philipp
57e0bbb9e934287049faab8eb072357e021ace9aSven Giermann — Fix bug 927346 - Missing 'Accept/Decline/Tentative' button for event invites since v2.6 [Error: "foundAttendee is null" in calItipUtils.jsm].,a=philipp
ec4b4e4a95ed36eed74fdad2dfd18d050045f449tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-028 - a=blocklist-update
858aa94ad9c9e466e583519ee4c96faa3dacff01seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-1 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
04d4cc61fd29cceba492686b90e0fd38dae6c62fGeoff Lankow — Bug 918182 - Calendar Properties dialog has no value for refresh rate if it is set to manual. r=Decathlon a=philipp
ad29705a9914468e8ad01a89cca6b2194dd3befcJustin Wood — Bug 949884 - Disable pulseaudio in SeaMonkey. r=Callek a=IanN on a CLOSED TREE
61acfeb042651af9368000cc3e8f7895f15f0300Justin Wood — Update extension branches (for seamonkey) r=bustage a=Callek for CLOSED TREE
ace19f046493a8e2ba48f68d07b0115913e8036btbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-405 - a=blocklist-update
a37372ba428b0b006fabe98bd336108d44624223seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-1 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
301c46466eac9b51262684748a719c2f53850edeISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 935958 Suppressing the printing of unsupported sort key: 17 r=IanN sr=IanN a=IanN a=comm-aurora a=comm-beta
267d8e9143d56b47b3f5f238601d2ab0895664ddMark Banner — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=auroramerge,ba=auroramerge CLOSED TREE
f99c2881ede0c82b794b2c7955530a3599baa1bbMark Banner — Added tag AURORA_BASE_20140203 for changeset 352692ad4e24 a=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
352692ad4e24ae2415f50b494c1878e6be4011e0Joshua Cranmer — Fix the broken implementation of changeset 83d6fcf228ab, rs=bustage-fix on a CLOSED TREE AURORA_BASE_20140203
83d6fcf228ab08a89724fe18cdf80d79f3508dc5Joshua Cranmer — Disable tooltool to ameliorate bustage of bug 938510, rs=Standard8
0e6a3afba623c71a894f082b0209d2944c86df8eMark Banner — Back out changeset 2f2d7eb25158 as it didn't help anything
2f2d7eb251583ec0c4d79265e2c3f3a4e82155e9Mark Banner — Attempt to fix ongoing linux bustage after porting of bug 938510. rs=bustage-fix
5ea6651ce4159a63c4eaa77e1fbed00367edb61cJustin Wood — Bug 962420 - repack failure during SeaMonkey 2.24b1 release. [tentative] r=glandium a=Callek for CLOSED TREE a-comm-central=Callek
2fa5c020b2845cc6db36e10efd9681eeb25454e1Richard Marti — Bug 965357 - Compose header alignment tweaks. r+ui-r=josiah
1a226670cfeb408ea57b820012666af96a7cc7fdZach Nickell — Bug 516354 - Get Mail-button should have more informative tooltip ("Get new messages for <account name>"). r=bwinton, ui-r=clarkbw, ui-r=bugzilla2007
acb32ddefce0d294be41a562f882570e5c493890aleth — Bug 957557 - Implement removing IRC buddies. r=clokep
704cbe92153e3b264f8ef3af2be77ad00a47d74falta88 — Bug 368266 - The "RSS subscription" dialog should have an "OK" button. r=josiah
d3290a8c9b4400d6754c4822f1693d5f6c6752ceJoshua Cranmer — Fix check-sync-dirs bustage by porting bug 938510, rs=port by build-system peer
45ad1b4359c1ba8f6f515514106e57887817385cstefanh — Bug 69489 - Keyboard shortcut Cmd+Opt+S for opening/closing sidebar on Mac. r=IanN, sr=Neil, a=mcsmurf for checkin to a CLOSED TREE.
632820fa398b8d5119273331d4b04826a7d5f91etbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-339 - a=blocklist-update
ef6e8496fc31705c591e99b71c833f69410b5417seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-6 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
9668ba473b987f1c2a1eb7351f8e31e813a5722fMagnus Melin — [Bug 401014] Configure Text Format Behavior, Send Options, HTML Domain and Plain Text Domains match too broadly. Domain is truncated when using format autodetect. r=irving
507ea58cbc083993fdee0906a5279b3093715548Birunthan Mohanathas — Bug 828300 - Replace NS_ARRAY_LENGTH with MOZ_ARRAY_LENGTH. r=neil, r=jcranmer
8c6ac23f07468cae607fe6f0988ef70ca62f0e8aBirunthan Mohanathas — Bug 962088 - Fix incorrect use of NS_ARRAY_LENGTH in nsMailGNOMEIntegration.cpp. r=jcranmer
55b7979abab7ab1b3cd3446d51336664e9161a9cRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 268ad6c0803b (bug 401014) for bustage.
8d2596dd4feca5ed86d4a6adcdb129462afd7f08Magnus Melin — Bug 941545 - Default to UTF-8 for outgoing email for the en-US locale. r=standard8, r=iann
45b0c057c97b67536e5d3b4ad6e680297e904765Magnus Melin — Bug 949125 - remove unnecessary nsISupportsArray usage in SearchDialog.js. r=squib
268ad6c0803bf3c0946e04551425a36f4a127571Magnus Melin — Bug 401014 - Configure Text Format Behavior, Send Options, HTML Domain and Plain Text Domains match too broadly. Domain is truncated when using format autodetect. r=irving
00d7b30ca49922953473480beaa884d9b001edc8Joshua Cranmer — Bug 842632, part 4: Introduce the new API to nsIMsgHeaderParser, r=irving, sr=Neil.
efa3650fd3b721fb113ba211175dcc092362b7daNeil Rashbrook — Bug 8965057 Fix zoom menu fallout from bug 691614 r=Ratty
2f2fa58f41a7b89fab896503edf8e0e52f8e4b97Richard Marti — Bug 964400 - Compose window alignment tweak on Linux. r+ui-r=josiah
cdad0f5e26d0f753f29c65b87ceb0c382ccd2cefIan Neal — Bug 943318 - Remove Google as a content handler for feeds, because Reader and iGoogle are being discontinued r=neil f=flod a=callek for CLOSED TREE
1e1da3a4dac386e69ba7c57f349877ec512af1ddRyan VanderMeulen — Bug 875562 - Add CrashManager to comm-central packaging manifests. r=bustage
358685ba6a84f652acb3ecc29eea8aaddc2c7f1bRichard Marti — Bug 964364 - Restyle the Quick filter bar. r+ui-r=josiah
63f631f47649162da892c99c84f9a2a674c3faefRichard Marti — Bug 964066 - Restyle the Quick filter bar. r+ui-r=josiah
dc59ad3ee2f7223e0dd40b35a4eefb7cb3306e39Jim Porter — Bug 296952 - Improve Phishing Detector to recognize host names of the same domain (address review comments); r=mkmelin
887255521bffafa5ad87c901c7a58f897f13117dJim Porter — Bug 929784 - In gloda facet view, long email addresses can push content off-screen; r=mkmelin, ui-r=josiahone
9e9dbdb601b789bb1469c754afdff89eb0ca7884Jim Porter — Bug 296952 - Improve Phishing Detector to recognize host names of the same domain; r=mkmelin
12e6710c1ed6acae9969f7c2caff7626db26e48bJim Porter — Bug 528044 - Global search: "Show/Open as list" results view does not remember columns (should persist column visiblity, e.g. for "location"); r=mkmelin
eff977c910411052b787ce442d19d6b69c58aa8ealta88 — Bug 964072 - Add ids to some preferences dialog elements. r=richard.marti
c1f8875ca4cd39981a12fce0c145f7cba5437606Antonio Miras — Bug 958850 - Port Firefox Advanced | Update UI changes to Thunderbird (port bug 600505, bug 701987). r=mkmelin
7bbe14c99c911009c666726ea361a2aeef8fcb45aceman — Bug 939700 - Tests for manual attachment reminder from bug 521158. r=mkmelin
a52afd9180c5ee7c561b8bc287fd229802b68e23rsx11m — Bug 936898 - Add global alert icons in missing sizes to the modern theme. r=philip.chee, ui-r=Neil
e5faabbee912a1466e075d9b99304bed9f36b815alta88 — Bug 878805 - Check UI consistency across all Thunderbird folderpickers - Suite strings.
2db24bbb4a11b7a7dffa44d062859a8ce59bd855alta88 — Bug 878805 - Check UI consistency across all Thunderbird folderpickers - Part 3. r=squib, ui-r=richard.marti
8779877620ee74c1e73da8f8a8dd4f32d20027fdalta88 — Bug 878805 - Check UI consistency across all Thunderbird folderpickers - Part 2. r=squib, ui-r=richard.marti
62ad06c7ba12ebc9c09d3d384179c73bcb063102alta88 — Bug 878805 - Check UI consistency across all Thunderbird folderpickers - Part 1. r=squib, ui-r=richard.marti
5a029594d5f05a72da26c31a947d127d2a1295cfRichard Marti — Bug 963923 - Fix small Windows compser issues. r+ui-r=me
675bc914df2cc54ea903a5dffdad4f37d5975f62Josiah Bruner — Bug 963946 - Fix theme regressions caused by bug 963739. r=Paenglab
259945c339ef91423130e6a1f69769146cc39b27seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-6 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
97edbba481ad69f76f5e6829037af2ecbe7d1d94tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-481 - a=blocklist-update
1bcfb38955550f5718da366227f3ef24620b1efeJosiah Bruner — Bug 963739 - Make minor changes to the OS X quick filter bar. r+ui-r=Paenglab
2585e3499bd51aff7c1054bc9bba000ac9a6f600Richard Marti — Bug 962738 - Fix small 'Postcard' composer issues (Linux) r+ui-r=me
929ee62f22ff2bfe180268fbe5936414aac27369Richard Marti — Bug 963731 - Fix small OS X composer issues. r+ui-r=me
62c82ae99b5133b243c116b9a7e6128b0833f567Marco Zehe — Bug 963506 - Get rid of all references to NSIAccessibleProvider, r=florian, r=bwinton
52e6bc2710750c6da29ec18f445f1b64cf1825e8Patrick Cloke — Bug 962848 - Port |Bug 957220 - Enable code to build from m-c's config/ copies|. r=florian
df0b77fa9170dcecb3a72037ab4b737be7917985aleth — Bug 962581 - Notice disconnections faster after waking up from sleep. r=clokep
cb2e8c1d0782938f41a9a2a1df7170e41579d1feMark Banner — Backout dcc265385f91 / bug 528044 due to possible bustage
fa65d797444ec261b498e542eceee5c8fc1ce1adPhilip Chee — Port Bug 960966 - Remove TelemetryPing.js from telemetry. Suite patch rs=bustage-fix
7586a9a93b6a2499d03259322b922da8b768c78dMark Banner — Port Bug 960966 - Remove TelemetryPing.js from telemetry - rs=bustage-fix
dcc265385f91a1347d8cd4e2a868b174d08cad13Jim Porter — Bug 528044 - Global search: "Show/Open as list" results view does not remember columns; r=mkmelin
507cf80a989eeb205649c7d4db7bad995ebe52d4Jim Porter — Bug 962821 - error: cast to pointer from integer of different size [-Werror=int-to-pointer-cast]; r=jcranmer
90bc6a3ced716d86571ce1f310eed22a76c231a3Neil Rashbrook — Bug 844148 Followup to compile with external linkage r=irving
0aa01b4601143d60932df3268b0c7d8dfd3945d3Neil Rashbrook — Bug 945045 Followup to compile with external linkage r=Standard8
bdb58bfe10413baf71f810e76463baa43e28a3e3Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 88fdc4a97ae7 (bug 939700) for OSX mozmill failures.
88fdc4a97ae73ef31651914962147c86928c8c76aceman — Bug 939700 - Tests for manual attachment reminder from bug 521158. r=mkmelin, a=me
bcca0f06c29abfacdfeebfcf19fb5c62e2e55554Richard Marti — Bug 960672 - Windows - Update Composer UI. r+ui-r=me, a=jcranmer
39b45b030c767ff945cd33ee837c16e111b05943Josiah Bruner — Bug 906264 - Update the Linux Composer UI r+ui-r=Paenglab, a=jcranmer
ea395ef923163c5486e56611a9263fc44e6123cfJosiah Bruner — Bug 867161 - Update the Composer style on OSX r=mconley, f=richard.marti, ui-r=richard.marti, a=jcranmer
bbdeef3a2990cef77f1ddc1257953b50fcd1236aRichard Marti — Bug 961506 - Add a margin for .menulist-label on menulist.folderMenuItem. r+ui-r=Josiah, a=me CLOSED TREE
f28b79f5b46f3a31e704f3d308fd9a2cbb37c2bfaceman — Bug 946669 - Refresh "trust junk mail headers set by" menulist items in junk settings properly (not accumulating them). r=IanN, r=Neil, r=mkmelin
b4cb7f82793b245aa300d62abf97d7071bc4c2a1aceman — Bug 813929 - Make account manager handle broken accounts more robustly. r=IanN, r=Neil
67785d81fb610c86209c00ff34213bc785aff8d0aceman — Bug 776438 - Mark new mailnews.forward_header_originalmessage pref for syncing in Seamonkey. r=IanN
996fcc9d6d30146659375cc8f05c87495060537eaceman — Bug 776438 - Create new pref for the delimiter of a forwarded message. r=jcranmer, r=mkmelin, r=IanN
b23556d6614277a95918aeadf341180d0640633bRichard Marti — Bug 962035 - Remove html namespace in imbuddytooltip.xml. r=florian, a=me
95758315e5a1f92d153dc5f604fbdc9406645766aleth — Bug 959523 - Port browser.xml changes from bug 666816 to convbrowser. r=florian
3f8221754cf9f5f9750ba15e0b65ab41948c4fe0aleth — Bug 959365 - IRC: /list is broken due to chat.irc.automaticList missing. r=clokep
c47f6742a8c583e79727cc68d44d83913a3ccff8Richard Marti — Bug 952953 - Use the Fx Australis tabs. r+ui-r=Josiah
59023e39e8a02dcfb43d934075603c152f479a96ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 932904 - Eliminate mFirstNewDate completely. It was meant for NS version 4 compatibility, and was used uninitialized, and no longer necessary. r=jcranmer
b4576d25f30fad511aaf594d551899e6ae52611eRichard Marti — Bug 732803 - 'Menu Bar' menu entry not on top in View > Toolbars menu. r=squib, r=philipp
3004aa37ac7f571a681a619227739aca788e5027Dom Denham — Bug 731612 - gloda search no longer scrolls when clicking more and ensureNodeVisible function in glodaFacetBindings.xml. r=mkmelin, ui-r=bwinton
3b5aff8c29213267b466dcfe9b53d1c2610ff5f8Joshua Cranmer — Bug 957220, part 4: Make the Windows installer work under mozilla-central, r=Standard8, a=me
af840d94732d817f1dd6950959c1254e250f0c20Joshua Cranmer — Bug 957220, part 3: Fix shell metacharacter quoting issues, r=Standard8
c9169bcd6f4f7b78bf4dd547562df842d086eaecJoshua Cranmer — Bug 957220, part 2: Stop using LOBJS in comm-central, r=Standard8
287a93b9779abf858254df65d1163dc7c5d2a51dJoshua Cranmer — Bug 957220, part 1: Move png2ico out of config/, r=Standard8
0cc1fba46d56fb787d75eaa5889bc561062a47e0Ian Neal — Bug 943096 - Search subfolders checkbox is always disabled in Search Messages dialog r=neil a=me for CLOSED TREE
50104122059c467493a2b12acc81658d44b77536Mike Hommey — Bug 960854 - Port |Bug 920353 - pymake native commands can't easily use e.g. mozillabuild modules| to c-c, r=jcranmer, a=me
95c57fa13b413200794733f9bcd08ed7f1cef1d1Frank Wein — Bug 937035 - SeaMonkey/Thunderbird require at least GLIBCXX_3.4.9 although it should only require 3.4.8 as maximum, link executable to compat library, r=jcranmer, a=me
576245902b22794df3c47cc7434ee0b07b975d48Philip Chee — Bug 636104 Redirect Lightning Preferences to the Suite Preferences window. r=r=philipp
e698d16798075ccedfbfdf4efed2ba7351196d70Joshua Cranmer — Bug 960287 - Move to comm-central, since it was removed from mozilla-central, r=Standard8.
a34d7425f4b73168d74ae0cf33f190e2b57941fbseabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-3 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
385ea939531db815c41b07ca7119c24bc06cab05Joshua Cranmer — Port bug 939294 (add handles to xpidl jsval) to comm-central, rs=mrosenb to reopen a CLOSED TREE
ef334467a41c9b4c4b84049efc429ff603f80692Philip Chee — Bug 942548 The hight of editor spell check dialog is too short so you can see only the top of the buttons at the bottom r=Neil.
9d8c31ac797257d1f9fc4eff58a7ae96c5f2e9e8Jim Porter — Bug 942638 - Clean up the multi-message summary code, part 2: Make messageDisplay.js know less about summaries; r=mconley
f29c718dd3d8f9bddba0515b8c4afac22527df32Jim Porter — Bug 942638 - Clean up the multi-message summary code, part 1: Clean up selectionsummaries.js; r=mconley
407015c80f27604ffa37b6d3389678d5ae0212a3alta88 — Bug 959272 - Fix feed folder rename/move/copy and db sync issues. r=mkmelin
5b6082f048ddca5e97257b61fdb3fc24a94b9882alta88 — Bug 958072 - Support <origEnclosureLink> in feeds. r=mkmelin
76d9545cff2084ba03877b61a705a3153d9243b6Richard Marti — Bug 956589 - Port Bug 954653 - Redesign buddy tooltips. r=aleth
0456c50549f6d4de124e2c6456e0f809e5a3f83eMark Banner — Port bug 331376 - nsIDocShellTreeItem and nsIDocShellTreeNode should be merged - rs=Neil,a=bustage-fix for CLOSED TREE
b291715d50d3990478a6e169a100863d74086739Richard Marti — Bug 958959 - Cleanup of tagColors-aero.css. r=josiah
779f464eb237b5178cb70cc2c96230e72729e78aDom Denham — Bug 591317 - General Preferences now has play button enabled when using the default sound and play button moved. r=mkmelin, ui-r=richard.marti
00705b36d10c0d75adbff297ef2cda8cf6f7dfbbNeil Rashbrook — Bug 937616 Click-to-play notifications should track plugins that are no longer present in the page r=mcsmurf f=Ratty
df2467f3dc22f5589dd1166056e8ccea711efab3Neil Rashbrook — Bug 952954 Update plugin placeholder visibility code from bug 853973 r=mcsmurf
b5728377e9c604ce428a48dee26d3b9361416e90Josiah Bruner — Bug 947657 - [Shared Themes] Pt. 3 - Move messageHeader.css code to shared/ r=Paenglab
f81a23bfefcd0f6ec6215fbde12f8af2bc7749f1Florian Quèze — Bug 956609 - Land the IM front-end in comm-central, r=florian.
52aa6eef5ed1e3c30dd97128599ae0a3e358f647Patrick Cloke — Bug 956609 - Land the IM front-end in comm-central: Port bug 912292, r=florian.
f7505b63b60f22eef70568f9749cf2e097682542Patrick Cloke — Bug 956609 - Land the IM front-end in comm-central: Make changes to, r=florian.
e43bd1dc6a341b6d9fe7a1ece8e947d51b9e1fbePatrick Cloke — Bug 956609 - Land the IM front-end in comm-central: Port Bug 885074 and Bug 862986, r=florian.
f33b14ad938c7175b290e02788c00a705b4fbc2aPatrick Cloke — Bug 956609 - Land the IM front-end in comm-central: Remove the MOZ_INCOMPLETE_EXTERNAL_LINKAGE, r=florian.
79eb38219c2af934e862fcf5786c09d27db1302fPatrick Cloke — Bug 956609 - Land the IM front-end in comm-central: Fix path to, r=florian.
63f3e50c425da3b32413933397659b94c475bba2Patrick Cloke — Bug 956609 - Land the IM front-end in comm-central: Move mintrayr's stuff to, r=florian.
0cee455a4a5a077778ee6311b58a47022ac7ef85Patrick Cloke — Bug 956609 - Land the IM front-end in comm-central: Move MODULE to as XPIDL_MODULE and XPIDLSRCS as XPIDL_SOURCES to, r=florian.
38ff82c394a8280c94946e8a710736e96871f8f1Patrick Cloke — Bug 956609 - Land the IM front-end in comm-central: Move EXTRA_COMPONENTS and EXTRA_PP_COMPONENTS to, r=florian.
27adb7f11318a61a8474b98ac27ea973f66707e0Patrick Cloke — Bug 956609 - Land the IM front-end in comm-central: Move EXTRA_JS_MODULES and EXTRA_PP_JS_MODULES to, r=florian.
03b35a918510ed1af45235dda2dd90be122a98eePatrick Cloke — Bug 956609 - Land the IM front-end in comm-central: Port bug 928966, switch core_abspath to $(abspath), r=florian.
6fe5532ae53e34a4008e5868d366e71e9e466778Patrick Cloke — Bug 956609 - Land the IM front-end in comm-central: Define JAR_MANIFESTS in im/, r=florian.
c671681801013d2a94dc8bebc8668b188eebedd5Patrick Cloke — Bug 956609 - Land the IM front-end in comm-central: Port Bug 870565, r=florian.
8543b65a1a732593e6117227d217dabc8b7f120cPatrick Cloke — Bug 956609 - Land the IM front-end in comm-central: Switch instantbird to im, r=florian.
bd40ffb0777d6150f11d49d8ab30e88f277dcdcePatrick Cloke — Bug 956609 - Land the IM front-end in comm-central: Remove purple references, r=florian.
714d7b91360ade0ee9fa259ac08884129bf139aaPatrick Cloke — Bug 956609 - Land the IM front-end in comm-central: Revert build system in chat/: remove/revert, revert, r=florian.
f390498ca74f25241c991540babc169a29951eafAryeh Gregor — Bug 780618 - Fix broken nsNetError.h references in comm-central; r=mconley
277b8b7226a6bb5ab7325262d536ba6bcb22022cFlorian Quèze — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1982 - Create Yahoo! Messenger Protocol Plug-In, r=clokep.
7cd6e711801f24dd989014a963edc8ff118f9d8aMihnea Dobrescu-Balaur — Bug 905822 - Annotate manifests with run-sequentially. r=jcranmer, a=me
7fee025498c27d02419d5d41aa126bba5a61336aFlorian Quèze — Fix line endings in chat/protocols/yahoo/test/test_yahooAccount.js and chat/locales/en-US/
fe83d78f308cdc16d66ef49f339654c196f235ddGeoff Lankow — Bug 749930 - Replace uses of nsILocalFile with nsIFile (compiled code only); r=Fallen,Neil sr=Standard8
eeb7b4a893fbeba05319dc8f48281291d2f57046Florian Quèze — Fix chat unit test bustage from bug 812995 Support 'blink' value at -moz-text-decoration-line and drop -moz-text-blink - rs=bustage fix for CLOSED TREE
8f2d45c9252f184807b6e67a8a3d6df06b7b2c53Quentin Headen — Bug 955708 - JS-Yahoo: Shutdown error: this._keepAliveTimer is undefined, r=clokep,aleth.
1e29eb7415cdbf4251736e66d825d5996c544952Florian Quèze — Bump the version number to 1.6a1pre for nightlies.
6b83cdcd4be379de40f7a216713d4393e1a89143Florian Quèze — Set version number to 1.5 and add shipped-locales.
747d983bc9c53d11c18d41b7a56303638fb43ac2Florian Quèze — Bug 955737 - Port 'Bug 867465 - Remove "Revocation Lists" feature' - code removal, r=clokep.
e6c284c5526758c00c5a6752fcb619d89aa1b031aleth — Bug 955731 - URL context menu broken in private conversations, r=florian.
9acc8f72c7c118ecef60ead12842ee558e611091aleth — Bug 955730 - LIST results don't always appear in awesometab, r=florian.
028366f38c19a9e0d579d6e91ad25d6f6b1d51c0Florian Quèze — Bug 955639 - Blinking scrollbar whenever timebubbles adds a pixel at the bottom of the conversation, r=aleth.
3c713331e68fc45cb2f845830a1737ae190805e2aleth — Bug 955551 - Buddy tooltips have incorrect sizes, r=florian.
c217d099628bf1bb0969deef0f20e4d7c4dbbfa4aleth — Bug 955727 - Don't keep conversation stats if logging is turned off, r=florian.
82486025c7c8349fe223d2ff9b1d775226e5715ealeth — Bug 955734 - this._account is undefined on connection reset, r=clokep.
e0cd8e7d0f4daa2f239e535911c873202746645aaleth — Bug 955680 - Only remember on-hold state for autojoined conversations, r=florian.
d310ff73344f9d222bd7b1dd1ff0ba2c54b27864aleth — Bug 955717 - Ensure awesometab is refreshed immediately after log sweeping, r=florian.
22399b1a8ff468a130a7f0582d5033c098b625d7aleth — Bug 955716 - Delete all computed scores when log sweeping is complete, r=florian.
763d2e192f22585aef2093cded778e8247ad3adbaleth — Bug 955710 - Contact list context menu broken over the drop target, r=florian.
da8b013217fc18c057f4b63279617a5f718787e7Patrick Cloke — Bug 955720 - Fix up Yahoo strings, r=florian.
e34a65cf0a4feff16adcd28c03938e30ba323c6baleth — Bug 955703 - Open conversations when joinChat is called for better responsiveness, r=clokep.
6970ee9e10c8339bf0e2a6a7c324f35a5a99de07aleth — Bug 955655 - Stats ids are not set consistently, r=florian.
83143cf0158913bc68779b74c0d3cae8937d971ealeth — Bug 955518 - Better handling of navigation keys between the filterbox and listbox, r=florian.
3f013684c8e108489b8c284106e655f739b224e6aleth — Bug 955711 - Buddy disappears when detached in the Other Contacts tag, r=florian.
8d001c4695915b3c24f6f9e4a514990e4fdf8344aleth — Bug 954931 - 'this.buddy is undefined' error when dropping a buddy on a contact's drop target, r=florian.
58a653bca55b3436d453258743ccc18e8d98de3aaleth — Bug 955707 - Log sweeping code should close its iterators and handle errors better, r=florian.
40eb954eab7b4e00211eeba13271dcf7900a1a4aaleth — Bug 955709 - Fix the getNormalizedName stub in nsContextMenu, r=florian.
b7f323388d3fec7f11beece72985697056976dd6Florian Quèze — Bug 955587 - Remove VKontakte protocol - remove it from, r=bustage-fix.
e5e1a92e91a65731d6191135cc5c3a194268747ePatrick Cloke — Bug 955587 - Remove VKontakte protocol, r=florian.
d08bd96f5f9241950fc2153c12ff0d8d58d8df93Patrick Cloke — Bug 955553 - Provide a way to obtain the normalizedName of a nick, add imAccount implementation, r=aleth.
696da7e27739c30704866ab4b4fa54746a87051eFlorian Quèze — Bug 955579 - Nightlies depend on gcc >= 4.5 via libstdc++ - add --enable-stdcxx-compat to linux mozconfigs, r=aleth.
72787b02f400e7263ab620a1ebadb204019f7449aleth — Bug 955653 - Show a notification bar in the awesometab while log sweeping, r=florian.
f64f0684d462a47d4b0827104875395316b3d3eePatrick Cloke — Bug 955553 - Provide a way to obtain the normalizedName of a nick, r=clokep,florian.
a4b5ecdce12f746b9ad51e17b03d97477b7cc693aleth — Bug 955688 - Existing conversations should filter on all contacts, r=florian.
09c7117e50e3719f41fc9ba996771fe6ddee714dFlorian Quèze — Bug 955704 - Add MOZ_FINAL to avoid lots of clang warnings, rs=clokep.
d4e6e230a882948b37b3adaf1181d2a59380cde3aleth — Bug 955700 - Accounts stuck in the "Connecting…" state, r=florian,clokep.
bf9bc8d8d719d6865e8ba7169909a5c89fef95a4aleth — Bug 955654 - Error: (intermediate value).buddy is null at ibConvStatsService.js:479, r=florian.
f23b0a32906539643147c161b4e381b9184b410ealeth — Bug 955701 - Stop findbar from overflowing into participant list, r=florian.
6900800c1796b1fede99cb9d1f67e27330fd0ef6Patrick Cloke — Bug 955017 - Re-sync build scripts with comm-central, r=florian.
7dd72d970c549e3a279d31290f0bdcffa1c56a55aleth — Bug 955121 - Show participant tooltip when hovering nick in conversation, r=florian.
97aa44cd53c94a5e0389933a6acdc7851e373fc9Florian Quèze — Bug 955551 - Buddy tooltips have incorrect sizes - better workaround, r=clokep.
f8360848d2b1d40ef82e3c6e06b2aa77445f4b5caleth — Bug 954887 - Add explanatory comments to document normalizedNames, r=florian,clokep.
b1574c44ca2ccb153e5518fdb706e10a0e26043ePatrick Cloke — Bug 955634 - package-manifest:35: Missing file(s): bin/uninstall/helper.exe, r=florian.
b985822e06a069f1507ca5696020de527caf7224aleth — Bug 955506 - Update theming for '+' button on Linux, r=clokep.
76743075c40f0c81787f58647b220ea7f5a207ffBenedikt Pfeifer — Bug 955490 - Add data to 'conversation-loaded' notification to let observers know that the conversation was moved, r=aleth.
667a503cf3a145480f3b7b91b56efea404200e8ealeth — Bug 955420 - Default normalizedName normalization is too aggressive, r=clokep.
74405c5aecb2928bb7cce03517a76f446847acefaleth — Bug 955030 - RTL messages on the receiver side, r=florian.
9998037778e2a08088fff21db44a36157c57f157Will Nayes — Bug 954653 - Redesign buddy tooltips, r=florian.
39061c78f15a1604700f70c81b201d35cb0c6bf9Florian Quèze — Bug 955689 - Conversation findbar chevrons swapped since moz25, r=clokep.
f48c60fbbe53fddc3de643993fb2c37167da78b7Benedikt Pfeifer — Bug 955650 - Error from log sweeping with a fresh profile, r=aleth.
675a28481286f8ee7aa7a526f59fbaeb85e3a07faleth — Bug 955486 - Awesometab should filter on all contacts not just preferred buddy, r=nhnt11.
bbd4fbb8bca6732e9ec1ac67a5e8cf1549816cd0aleth — Bug 955675 - Don't keep recalculating possibleChat ids, r=nhnt11.
a150f8450095300729c72502341bef94562f3e0aaleth — Bug 955485 - Click on awesometab when window is unfocused should not open conversation, r=nhnt11.
d52d9574a87e12b413d6e2a80bded52cfe52f1e2Florian Quèze — Bug 955671 - Follow-up to fix shutdown error / unit test bustage, r=bustage-fix.
0c38c50d69587c7cec4312194cd333ab61e0fd60Florian Quèze — Bug 955657 - Switch to using - follow-up to fix upload paths (re-add lines removed by mistake), r=clokep over IRC.
9f0bc5f86d2b9f8da78098fdf1698f62a29bee02aleth — Bug 955621 - JS Error when reordering buddies inside a contact, r=florian.
0ac2f96b0b12d5f2fd2644e5cdbe0e3c673f0e97aleth — Bug 955676 - Don't handle incoming data synchronously, r=clokep,florian.
23e9bcfe799219fc9c5adc9efca4e7f0431ddeb9aleth — Bug 955671 - Awesometab fails when you change the protocol being used in a conversation, r=florian.
da6b4177ac723e6233c2965374286e73fa99fca3aleth — Bug 955623 - this._account socket error on disconnect [regression], r=clokep.
60e407de5d1ca0031354c179e37528bd1aa2326aQuentin Headen — Bug 955522 - JS-Yahoo: No handler for Yahoo! packet 83, r=clokep.
2e0f4bc972df335e7ffdd7a33ac5bc44c12e85cfFlorian Quèze — Bug 955633 - Port 'Bug 846540 - Emasculate comm-central/', rs=clokep.
22d9ead65ffe68c93164a89699f32fe88fb979ccFlorian Quèze — Bug 955657 - Switch to using - change instantbird/app.mozbuild to what it should have contained in a9e6354b9484, rs=bustage-fix.
aecef621e18ac9ea1b72778ffa4f970f8bb23082Patrick Cloke — Bug 955433 - Port |Bug 845089 - Convert build system to files on a CLOSED TREE|, r=florian.
43618a31ce1b6bff61678f97f9e1227bb1c4d4f7Patrick Cloke — Bug 955537 - Ensure that commands that only work in channels use CONTEXT_CHAT, r=aleth.
03a1d87c844ec29708d1a2340283beba06a75997aleth — Bug 955003 - Contacts added directly to "Other Contacts" don't show until collapsed/expanded, r=florian.
fe1660b5139132dc358fc8184ab2522b2cd6070cPatrick Cloke — Bug 955606 - IRC ping does not properly send a timestamp, r=aleth,florian.
a2e3a113185da50bb18c44d533a46e179a31ca49Patrick Cloke — Bug 955672 - Use defineLazyModuleGetter instead of defineLazyGetter, r=florian.
0396145c4329b82381f90b9acab90d103f0583a6aleth — Bug 955667 - Unhandled IRC message 263: LIST refused, r=clokep.
8c0c4bbab2fc057a0544f0fe61ae5f0a22719b91aleth — Bug 955668 - Force-refresh open newtabs less frequently during LIST, r=nhnt11.
a4f9bcb9fe2a2fd429fa1aa204ed5742caa33294Benedikt Pfeifer — Bug 955598 - [a11y] Ensure the newtab is accessible, r=nhnt11.
6334f31da0b46712301fdd3f20650ea82ab9bf4fQuentin Headen — Bug 955569 - JS-Yahoo: "Would you like to be my chat buddy" sent on accepting buddy auth request, r=clokep.
82523776afa50f1f78381641a64c70a22956e7c9Patrick Cloke — Bug 954088 - Configurable alternate IRC nicks, r=aleth.
44b666cb6f7f996fcbb7763894572bd02258557daleth — Bug 955619 - Remove unnecessary sorting of tag list, r=Mic.
9d31b9ef77cbdf651e2ce8fde78e58c0a3994039aleth — Bug 955659 - LIST results not added to awesometab, r=nhnt11.
32e1b6cb06c48319b38ee21bf5c373fefca39935aleth — Bug 955664 - Newtab numberOfItemsToDisplay may grow much too large, r=nhnt11.
ab630c829a4b942a61569c98ce6975f2eedad5c6Patrick Cloke — Bug 955417 - Fix breakage in Join Chat dialog from typo, r=florian.
a6bef6c9556acce7610e2231dfafb4823a23c54faleth — Bug 955665 - executeSoon calls pile up on addPendingChats, causing jank, r=nhnt11.
211c86885af24058f73d8cc640b93389d5cceb15Patrick Cloke — Bug 955661 - Warning: Unhandled IRC message 042 and 338 when connecting to, r=aleth.
bed8c2e0eb6a724370caf0ee31d7abfd6c0c0270Florian Quèze — Bug 955662 - The stats service shouldn't block the UI for more than 15ms, r=nhnt11.
74d5549f26ff148beaa31d408636d634a0e013eealeth — Bug 955658 - Match channels without insisting on the prefix and treat whitespace as AND in the awesometab, r=nhnt11.
0fda90182e8f0ddb7d352fa659aa6d78d94458daNihanth Subramanya — Bug 955645 - Use a conversation's statusType for ranking, r=aleth, Mic.
fc34ad42aeac08d11c0c0278b8305a5ce08fa612Patrick Cloke — Bug 955599 - Bustage fix for Yahoo tests, r=florian.
7000347c558d87bc5d852c1c85b459ab415e9183Patrick Cloke — Bug 955599 - Port |Bug 884319 - Add http.jsm to toolkit for usage by Thunderbird FileLink, Lightning and Instantbird|, update YMSG to use new API, r=qheaden.
f82ee7dc794ea1d815451907d9e0ffc465dd988bPatrick Cloke — Bug 898760 - Twitter says connected but shows nothing, r=florian.
85591ce42460c366f78fb0b27b73a17b2f6aa127Patrick Cloke — Bug 884319 - Add http.jsm to toolkit for usage by Thunderbird FileLink, Lightning and Instantbird, r=florian,mconley,philipp.
2e4541c2f9a96df2a3a30ea1a46e7a665fc88554Patrick Cloke — Bug 955417 - In Join Chat, Auto-Joined Channels doesn't support non-ASCII symbols, r=florian.
02fb8e754d6b9869bc9dcd42aaed673eaf9463dbPatrick Cloke — Bug 955635 - Update the credits for Instantbird 1.5, r=florian.
32074aeb736b7810830f62ae11878579b6de11e9Florian Quèze — No bug - Package the files required to make the gecko profiler work, r=aleth over IRC.
cdce49a6cf9dd9c70d4e8fd9b03377979e20e83fPatrick Cloke — Bug 955648 - Max length is incorrect for MONITOR, r=aleth.
7abc25a94924d0600a55dddc8590899fac2eab81Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 955646 - Duplicate items in the new conversation tab, r=Mic.
ab50f4fdc1333ffcd4a72a6af9f2edea7c66eed4Nils Maier — Attempt to fix warning: deletion of pointer to incomplete type 'mintrayr::platform::Icon'; no destructor called, rs=florian.
938fb582b400ee57067f7574771f0bff0e0e0b48Patrick Cloke — Bug 955443 - Remove last vestiges of WINCE support, r=florian.
5e24720a776590f5f521d1313f2fb62f01b676ddNihanth Subramanya — Bug 955513 - Offline contacts no longer appear with reduced opacity, r=florian.
f44774bfbea63df0b839d05a0590f8ac906be114Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 955640 - ExistingConversations for chats don't get ranked until added from the room info api, r=florian.
7c2df40b1b326ef95ccf2b90ee2bd8b5bcfce036Quentin Headen — Bug 955575 - JS-Yahoo: Yahoo! Mobile status not taken into account, r=clokep,Mic.
83436cf997d9872c6347ee63fccfd59a6db9e82cNihanth Subramanya — Bug 955638 - Typo prevents stats service from sweeping logs, r=florian.
0533f22a20e4eaca8cc24436471aef6931310f1dNihanth Subramanya — Bug 955627 - Overly greedy regexp butchers topic on LIST responses, r=clokep.
25d0650dcb2c5f36fc223ea68c79c2f877f54a59Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 955582 - Stats service should maintain statistical data for conversations and use it for sorting, r=florian,aleth.
486b8e0aea97d38651335043806ae6439d96ab73Florian Quèze — Bug 955470 - Update to Mozilla 24 - disable gstreamer on Linux buildbot mozconfigs to fix bustage, rs=clokep.
5c9329a91282f9adeced7ea0f33925e4787d9359Florian Quèze — Bug 955470 - Update to Mozilla 24 - backout most of ea513e7129a4 'port Bug 869635 - Eliminate the master xpcshell manifest' to fix xpcshell failures, rs=clokep.
edf7a521e7f8ac0bc88ec2a94c817041b6373a4aFlorian Quèze — Bug 955470 - Update to Mozilla 24 - port 'Bug 869635 - Eliminate the master xpcshell manifest', r=clokep.
49f67dad100abb0eac3a23b0df00dac33d2aa4c2Patrick Cloke — Bug 955336 - aPhotoNode.getElement(...) is null when connecting to LiveJournal, r=florian.
67b3ec260c417311b92a0d8a6883938299c7e5c5aleth — Bug 955586 - Bubbles' last message sometimes doesn't auto-scroll, r=florian.
06a794eb4e2edc9e18ab23bd4e2515bf17141c98Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 955625 - Include LIST results in awesome-tab by default, r=Mic.
d76e1f3c613f8cf99abf479c994a67f1a086a569Quentin Headen — Bug 955540 - JS-Yahoo: Support Server Pings, r=clokep.
ed1579315534eb8771f7e821675262c8b4895ddaNihanth Subramanya — Bug 955609 - Tab key doesn't behave as expected in the new conversation tab, r=Mic.
6bff0c07b8fd091ffa3b5582ee3eb0496ad8d544aleth — Bug 955615 - Clicking the topic in the header of an IRC channel with no topic and focusing something else without typing anything clears the topic, r=clokep.
297bb4080efc61f221f96501d034280161809c7aNihanth Subramanya — Bug 955617 - Buddy icons for contacts are not updated in the new conversation tab, r=Mic.
d4f633e95ef9857ce84edefccd8fde1129fd9652Florian Quèze — Bug 955613 - bubbles shouldn't fade in when displayed in the log viewer, r=aleth.
165094adac56ba1041f5efd8b55322948d087509Florian Quèze — Bug 954044 - Exception from buddies of an unknown account type, r=clokep.
715ab5afdc32dcdda4d91638ede09411cc3e07eeNihanth Subramanya — Bug 955610 - Status attribute in newtab-items is not set for chats, but isn't cleared if it was previously set, r=florian.
cd905bfc5ee1bf0cc223741592410d7307bb4fbbNihanth Subramanya — Bug 955479 - Starting conversations on unrelated keyboard- or mouse-events, r=Mic.
0a72890deac2484462dad69bf1087fa36ab1652cNihanth Subramanya — Bug 955545 - Fix theming of the overflow "+" button on Windows, r=Mic.
1cdec0b4c212d2b35f34987d752461a6ac79d2edaleth — Bug 955592 - Make UTF-8 conversion warnings less noisy, r=clokep.
90f0530e4872397170b1a4b0fc0aba3497333ecaNihanth Subramanya — Bug 955600 - UI lags while stats service is receiving chat rooms, r=florian,aleth.
9c110e087ddc1fb6ecc22c407e3f3a8d26334626Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 955602 - IRC's /list command should use the requestRoomInfo API, r=aleth,clokep.
008675d233ff81cfcb9c871b036b45c65c25bcfbFlorian Quèze — Bug 955603 - Displaying a large conversation log freezes the UI for a while before the first messages get displayed, r=aleth.
93fc5bbacff90c93fd4ac8ed136de7e9c84a3824Florian Quèze — Bug 955605 - Socket.resetPingTimer shows up in LIST profiles, r=clokep.
a394755d1dc7d801c3e4a5d3b64864b847f3f5a1Florian Quèze — Bug 955607 - JS-IRC spends more time than it needs in hasOwnProperty calls, r=clokep.
879caace64ddfd87a6deeaa1e7f91fde366e93dbNihanth Subramanya — Bug 955608 - Update theming of the "+" buttons on OS X (non-retina image), r=florian.
bc7e10b4bf049794d0f8ebdbbcae58bed4e05ed9Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 955597 - Call getChatRoomDefaultFieldValues lazily for awesometab roomInfos, r=clokep,florian.
6a78d23516026bf6321f45ca1f98638252b33192Patrick Cloke — Bug 955549 - Yahoo Web Client Causes Endless Typing Notification, rs=bustage-fix.
23d5aa58c72d242d5ab957049dc7b1cecdb65ad4Quentin Headen — Bug 955589 - JS-Yahoo: Conference invites don't work, r=clokep.
b6e8a136e21527eaa34da766ac0c00aa9249fd3bQuentin Headen — Bug 955549 - JS-Yahoo: Yahoo Web Client Causes Endless Typing Notification, r=clokep.
0d0b13b9cf40eb1781fda5dd4b30cdfeee24f806Quentin Headen — Bug 955530 - JS-Yahoo: "Adding chat buddy twice" error when inviting someone to a chatroom, r=clokep.
7a9848a5594706784e02792f3c05510a137dd8abQuentin Headen — Bug 955526 - JS-Yahoo: Debug logs are binary only, r=clokep,florian.
4fa473389683872b4851ff577dd4a98029a6e2e4Florian Quèze — Bug 955601 - Bubbles' updateLastInsertTime function wastes a lot of time setting and clearing timeouts, r=aleth.
c19784c782c1c0e7c8ee2e3a91da4861b62ae13ealeth — Bug 955581 - Allow tab completion of nicks which have left the room, r=florian.
a91e5387352474ca99fb8d02b5292846c640b1fdQuentin Headen — Bug 955570 - Sender name not set in Yahoo conversations, r=aleth,clokep.
400ac71b45653055f34a90c4ea891989badeae21aleth — Bug 955580 - Don't include ib-sender span in magic copy, r=florian.
e2ceb3e9995cb8a751979025995a7048fc0bc785Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 955503 - New conversation tab should suggest chat rooms - Implement parsing of LIST data in js-irc, r=clokep,aleth.
f5ada9a0b8a8d801fb6c286d0187fc5a3da2fd93Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 955503 - New conversation tab should display chat rooms, r=florian,aleth
f8fc64e1a05a87c0712d9bad7f7c9c4abda9fca9Patrick Cloke — Bug 955469 - Port |Bug 862986 - Part 1b: Remove references to ipc/app/ from comm-central|, r=florian.
d1de9c2260d4c48836b599096fdc4c6aa5bc58c7Florian Quèze — Follow-up to 'Bug 910226 - Adding finalizations to imContacts.js' to fix bustage, r=bustage-fix.
b0df2d742c7733fe63ce6bf196287c8f779c0e6caleth — Bug 955578 - Add ib-sender class to %senderScreenName% and %senderDisplayName%, r=florian.
536aa9b42e0954608ace6063516c9f54a865a4aeFlorian Quèze — Bug 955577 - A conversation on hold should open itself in a tab when the user is pinged, r=aleth.
2a5f27e886249a41ba9702f5472671bbaca3bef7David Rajchenbach-Teller — Bug 910226 - Adding finalizations to imContacts.js, r=flo.
707ddca9b0b355adef5b952eaa85323d8569e1aaaleth — Bug 953891 - Participants Need Context Menu, r=florian.
a6fb09a42352b65234203f082f334e3713da8515Florian Quèze — Bug 955564 - Simplify system message collapsing, r=aleth.
3ef372229469e3355b337f7870128992c5b837bcQuentin Headen — Bug 955550 - Yahoo: Abstract Buddy Request Code Into jsProtoHelper.js, r=clokep,florian.
a3b1bf9e085bfca689f03d5394747435ed8c02a7Florian Quèze — Bug 955567 - Account displayed connected and with an error at the same time, r=aleth.
cef378d462bb9cb09aaf7181cae20b9c01efd079Florian Quèze — Bug 955566 - Chrome file doesn't exist: messages/papersheets/Variants/default.css, r=aleth.
9fdc547dfb834a89b5d9b550b016f688217fc19cFlorian Quèze — Bug 955565 - Fix 'Details' links of the 'Update History' dialog, r=clokep.
836e65a24709790d2943b1c3d07bd789d9c8d007Florian Quèze — Bug 955568 - Warning: received presence stanza for unknown buddy <user's JID with another resource>, r=clokep.
44366ae7d246d15c05edb8a246b982f0fa5371a2Quentin Headen — Bug 955555 - Yahoo: /invite should print a system message to show it's done something, r=clokep,florian.
5db69f5cd39f5beeef9128f2178b49f3a1381d26Florian Quèze — Bug 955182 - Warning: Use of Mutation Events is deprecated. Use MutationObserver instead - Instantbird UI part, r=aleth.
10a7874c850efea391e09a0d74bc176903aac175Florian Quèze — Bug 955430 - Account reconnects after using the /quit command - follow-up to fix a shutdown warning, r=clokep.
324ae07e47810885b6ad1683bdb94b4d7503d37daleth — Bug 955430 - Account reconnects after using the /quit command, r=florian,clokep.
41845d417b24ef583c52b7557ad3609d8a40702baleth — Bug 955445 - Accounts don't automatically reconnect when back online if the 'offline' status was set while the computer was offline, r=florian.
d46730024ac6d57d24198f56d83a354ec5ea1ed6Florian Quèze — Bug 955563 - Opening the newtab causes the whole conversation window to be leaked, r=nhnt11.
8219eb3299380bb9af0f608908c84b059fb2abafFlorian Quèze — Bug 955105 - 'function does not always return a value' warnings - fix macgestures.js, r=clokep.
d981d6313daf62c1a7a94e832e14f3ea9dd431ccFlorian Quèze — Bug 955182 - Warning: Use of Mutation Events is deprecated. Use MutationObserver instead - fix message themes, r=clokep.
8ef9c8102b7ad069694a425e69069f6163036c43Florian Quèze — Bug 955561 - 'Unhandled CAP/ISUPPORT messages' warnings are too noisy, r=clokep.
368e9f7dc106dd6d78d6d99221a2faf825b7b0e7aleth — Bug 955559 - The /join command shouldn't send a JOIN command to the server if we are already in the channel, r=clokep.
580a289375a66e2d7874c459feaccfa7d60eb553aleth — Bug 955558 - Spurious "You have rejoined the room" on being invited into a channel, r=clokep.
d12261e1b2d6d16b311c15dc78ae3b6ee3ef4ec8Quentin Headen — Bug 955531 - Required key 52 wasn't found, r=clokep.
36435c475be13cb6f9022e9bdc37adc04185cca1Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 955502 - Double and middle-clicks on the tab bar should open new conversation tab, r=florian,Mic.
c3ef05a2fd9d719b8e9f42dcdf643fb201f0a5e0Florian Quèze — Bug 955552 - Chat rooms on hold should stay on hold after a restart, r=aleth.
47f62d932298338475009de99ba1820b8cbe073eFlorian Quèze — Bug 955433 - Update to Mozilla 22 - Fix building with --enable-extensions=inspector, r=clokep.
8ea84e6043404b8ab07279c35ffee68f9419fe92Quentin Headen — Bug 955532 - MUC participants don't leave the MUC when they go offline, r=clokep.
237ba16e6bb51b2d450ec588c64f4df1fb427769Florian Quèze — Bug 955551 - Buddy tooltips have incorrect sizes - Add a Mac ifdef, r=nhnt11.
19c8ba3cc81b77dde50ee32df2d889cc02871a37Quentin Headen — Bug 955548 - Formatted Incoming Messages Always Shown With Large Letters, r=clokep.
c3024ff6e1e131d522781faa903498de64ed7981Quentin Headen — Bug 955527 - /invite command is broken in private conversations, r=clokep.
5c4abe97b164422ba6b208c865fbd2a8c54cf1b0Florian Quèze — Bug 955551 - Buddy tooltips have incorrect sizes, r=nhnt11.
40116080dd37f8ff34765c7311d3ad7737ce7801Quentin Headen — Bug 955543 - Tags Service Should Provide a Default Contact Group, r=clokep,florian.
7cbe54aed38d01eb7e3cc1cf7291312c05171c93Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 955515 - Home/End in newtab filterbox don't work as expected - fix breakage, r=aleth
f87a4d147ae40cc69c47bb3bece21f1a699931c0Quentin Headen — Bug 955546 - Test Fail Due to Bug 955507, r=clokep.
6af5272212777147baa3a6533b12b8bf49960290Quentin Headen — Bug 955507 - Add Support for getting Buddy Icons, r=clokep.
99f7a7e8e90271c0894e798875e7a29e39ba6259Quentin Headen — Bug 955507 - Add support for setting Buddy Icons, r=clokep.
8634790720e30b81118390f9f82a325d3479a03bQuentin Headen — Bug 955525 - New contact does not get added to the correct tag, r=clokep.
6e1837af6b9891645a4e17584939f8831f6f9825Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 955488 - Styling of new conversation listbox, r=Mic.
02f0fb0176861687de720f13c70849c9ef6ecff5Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 955435 - TypeError on moving the mouse over the close button on a tab on OS X, r=florian.
40a9f73152f34e7d9563f6ce14c36e73716d5aa8Quentin Headen — Bug 955524 - Accepting an invitation to chat can end in a loop, r=clokep.
ee4430ed7a9dfd04f5d698a50c8d7450314692edNihanth Subramanya — Bug 955541 - Update tabbrowser images for retina displays, r=florian.
98a7fb68b01982f7ffc82f016aa7a2a10f7a36afQuentin Headen — Bug 955516 - JS-Yahoo has no protocol icon, r=clokep.
fa1bda31852452b20a640f5073a5251d163b3588Quentin Headen — Bug 955534 - Yahoo: Chat Message Handler Can Throw Error, r=clokep.
716b7123c3205655a1cc5bd993e3dde48ecd374cFlorian Quèze — Bug 955433 - Update to Mozilla 22 - Use only for mozilla/, r=clokep.
46db1225f7ca900332c115e6669d57c7e89c2c16Patrick Cloke — Bug 955433 - Port |Port bug 852950 to comm-central - Kill xpcom.dll/ - to fix bustage|, r=florian.
52b85f372c20c2ef9cd904011d25de395a1db09dQuentin Headen — Bug 955520 - Account created with username@yahoo.* instead of username is handled badly: tests, r=clokep.
179f637724c66abe1f9fcfb14bdd96b4d3757f10Quentin Headen — Bug 955520 - Account created with username@yahoo.* instead of username is handled badly, r=clokep.
04a5139c572ab4611946cb109ffd5b0b16fb4953Quentin Headen — Bug 955523 - Could not decode UTF-8 message into UTF-16, r=aleth.
0a2f93d744339e403e2850ead644df901e73e508Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 955519 - Error when opening a new conversation tab when a conversation exists with someone not on the buddy list, r=florian.
0a851bbe1d0a05baf9c7255a41ad685806a9fcb6Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 955505 - Mobile icon missing on items of new conversation tab, r=Mic
f94dbad3dc6789446e2b0e70af2068af9808a544Quentin Headen — Bug 955517 - Buddy Authorization Handler Doesn't Work, r=clokep.
92487510ee5ccf7281d0787763854405b0239d07Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 955515 - Home/End in newtab filterbox don't work as expected, r=aleth.
472d6d0cfeb5d2d4941495ae09b2b263dac56c1cNihanth Subramanya — Bug 955512 - TypeError: setting a property that has only a getter, r=aleth.
c7fa9a31f8401fb4e384085464faf56b067afcb3Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 955492 - New conversation tab needs to display open conversations and those on hold, r=clokep.
70b6d5ce6606472ca13e96c6ab88e2aacf3281e0Quentin Headen — Bug 955511 - Yahoo Plug-in Doesn't Show in Nightly Build, r=clokep.
0753ff4bc2bd076583bc9ebb0dbd96f521668cb1aleth — Bug 955481 - New tab styling not optimal on Linux, r=clokep.
4e2488508ab86dee14c05afc59eba6ad2c46db9fQuentin Headen — Bug 955419 - Create Yahoo! Messenger Protocol Plug-In, r=clokep.
6c15e451a8d573e9525914f70b2b2657522961edNihanth Subramanya — Bug 955492 - New conversation tab needs to display open conversations and those on hold, r=florian,Mic,aleth
a23947f2be24f176e3eb95a8f3db62f099321cb2Florian Quèze — Bug 896652 - Special chars (eg umlauts) in password break xmpp login, r=clokep.
0895d8e8abc2822ef8076db983cb776810cd888cFlorian Quèze — Bug 954406 - Mark GTalk users on Android as "mobile", r=clokep.
805ea6d5af1883d76e42515a9fd128c2de55919bNihanth Subramanya — Bug 955482 - Update theming of the "+" buttons on Mac, r=florian.
f634ca744e421df09ff9439853bc757df5f268ffNihanth Subramanya — Bug 955500 - Mouseover selection of items in the new conversation tab is erratic, r=florian
a92c9e759bc1fb954f69d8903d68ee2cdead794caleth — Bug 955499 - Magic Copy should heed the clipboard.autocopy pref, r=florian.
d471ebfe43a5ecb8c2f3068a53dce9e394249196Florian Quèze — Bug 955241 - Update fake, r=clokep.
6b965205e7ee0a6b46c7b0ce676079877985b10ealeth — Bug 955491 - Today/yesterday entries in log viewer don't work for text logs, r=florian.
ad46e2119009d2e6734652d74f9a3af9bc74c191aleth — Bug 955498 - Section scroll doesn't find all sessions, r=florian.
751b9a6b504e736c2a29cd61711fb47ffa230d17aleth — Bug 955496 - Failure to remove selection listener after switching logs in log viewer, r=florian.
670b2805b55437c58d1c605678d0e9e80f766609Patrick Cloke — Bug 955418 - Make socket.jsm more binary friendly, r=Mic.
e6af13a818170e53a1107567c9198df00378a87dFlorian Quèze — Bug 955019 - Replace libpurple XMPP with JS-XMPP - enabled JS-XMPP pref'ed off, r=clokep.
94d4c97336abb10f3a5c7b3ee835cd6519e32a23Florian Quèze — Bug 955489 - Add a way to pref off JS prpls, r=clokep.
f5e9d2047b821009ab153c1357d0cb4f3da6e1d0Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 955478 - "Enter" always opens conversation with first contact in the filtered list, r=florian
79771ce94a7a300e5d8557cc4f4ff67fafd0c32dNihanth Subramanya — Bug 955484 - Escape key should close awesometab, r=florian
68f6f9c3a0a462c436c45d8e68ef003f974dcfaeNihanth Subramanya — Bug 955480 - Icon sizes are totally wrong on Windows Aero in awesometab - follow-up to preprocess the aero newtab.css file, r=clokep.
eede739dd80d10450decd11f1d13ddc4326b8f90Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 955480 - Icon sizes are totally wrong on Windows Aero in awesometab, r=clokep
9bad34afe1fef714d17e2312b6a97a266526f543Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 955477 - New conversation tab has generic placeholder icon (a.k.a. the Firefox 'New Tab' icon), r=clokep.
e1865d60739bacc8a963b3d1c4fb722c14e4d0bdNihanth Subramanya — Bug 955452 - Display buddy list in a tab, r=Mic,aleth,florian.
7886981be23ed17b59ff9fd7f122374cd44bdfd3Florian Quèze — Bug 955416 - 'Typing' indicator is never cleared / Hangout users are shown typing when they aren't, r=clokep.
a48c0cd5c426add13975de6bf4f6cf31b81adb01Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 955473 - Section scrolling with swipe gesture broken in the log viewer, r=florian
fdcf30bb3fcad69899b71ba139b4a2010750d153Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 955472 - Tabbrowser tab needs an attribute that tells CSS what kind of tab it is, r=florian
f7ddedb5c6bcbb3253af06652cff9926e0f5eaebMasatoshi Kimura — Bug 876054 - Remove getPreventDefault() usage from convbrowser.xml. r=florian
87cce8300dd5743ded7d9f2fd0205b07b4d30163Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 955468 - Move rules for 16px status icons from conversation.css to status.css, r=Mic
75514a4bdc9e6170e8026907abbac01cad2b578dNihanth Subramanya — Bug 955465 - User icon overflows its rounded border, r=florian.
09cab6e72fe24f6f6c3738071bb06d20d81840afNihanth Subramanya — Bug 955463 - Filter out empty contacts in Services.contacts.getContacts(), r=florian.
ddc2ac9d10ed07f8926dbb5d482c747b22acdaacNihanth Subramanya — Bug 955467 - About pages opened in tabs should have content privileges, r=florian.
6941243fb451a7200732901a6f29fc78dcc8f311Patrick Cloke — Bug 955442 - The /invite command should support taking more than one nick as parameter, r=aleth.
4941897264c8cb31c0a76b5b1e8c32e9e6cf6cffFlorian Quèze — Bug 955462 - Add Retina Display support to Instantbird, rs=clokep.
13dac703fe9a528a02ec8ba10803adbd9aba7ec9aleth — Bug 955378 - Fix errors/warnings on detaching/reattaching conversations, r=florian.
8052a7d77642728ad04905759b4228b7172ba48eMook — Bug 955459 - Support mIRC-style italics formatting, r=clokep.
a4d4cbf8049f7544726b3d850f161fd573533ef9aleth — Bug 955460 - Services.cmd.unregisterCommand is broken, r=florian.
83d12977fdfa078d0129e8a59c82d8ade8e7ed30Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 955458 - Add method to get all contacts from ContactsService, r=Mic,florian.
0d346eea10bfa2edef81b25b33013817a7ef1db8aleth — Bug 955457 - Fix typo in socket.jsm documentation, r=clokep.
6993f5c52e39de5048dbaf2da7e056955682eb8aaleth — Bug 955456 - JS-strict warnings in tabbrowser.xml, r=nhnt11.
9e38d856619123ea60a24786d6b64fa00e5e7521aleth — Bug 955380 - fix sending of IRC pings, r=clokep.
e3f7e6924f846e5469e294d8899ca6382dbcc864Alexander L. Slovesnik — Bug 955201 - Make names of protocols localizable, r=clokep.
1b734a2c4994634af34ab70d320e6e3d2c9194eaNihanth Subramanya — Bug 955449 - Add method to select and focus a panel in tabbrowser, r=aleth.
1e72434937ef1a2ab24d5d5e7574cb60ff5768c4Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 955438 - Add an /about command to open the about:* pages, r=clokep,florian.
e66c41fe9b48559f3e439810465e40afbfd541ddNihanth Subramanya — Bug 953867 - Add support for tabs with arbitrary content in the conversation window, r=Mic,florian.
6382b153ac35277b3c61e9267823122496299b3aFlorian Quèze — Bug 955410 - Fix bustage (add missing commas in imILogger.idl).
ad4ff37b0a1a83788fb770a4c57f79c5c03debd2aleth — Bug 955410 - Concatenated logs don't work for buddies and contacts, r=florian.
f125bf018af2766c2dc72b6f6c7554d0d11d4109Florian Quèze — Bug 861454 - Fix handling of accounts with the unknown protocol plugin, r=clokep.
74361ed871edc79c8d737f0510bdaa30e8e27455Florian Quèze — Bug 955446 - Some JS errors when joining some IRC channels - better debug messages, r=clokep.
0f929b07f5c169159452f6f43071d42db364cbcdPatrick Cloke — Bug 953926 - Missing Commonly Used Emoticon, r=Mic.
59ba250cbdebe4c121b87e4a0188f16cf61c282dPatrick Cloke — Bug 954986 - IRC should notify the user when messages couldn't be sent: fix test bustage, r=bustage-fix.
71c58307be7b9c2050be3af85b64d222554c5373aleth — Bug 954986 - IRC should notify the user when messages couldn't be sent, r=clokep.
4cfd3b38f792b647e19209ee7aa683abcb9f7a94Patrick Cloke — Bug 955417 - In IRC account properties, Auto-Joined Channels doesn't support non-ASCII symbols, r=florian.
bcaeead3dd74b82ba3d9e99575470707db410067Patrick Cloke — Bug 955425 - Port |Bug 659788 - Add icons for Windows 7 jumplist taskbar items|, r=florian.
cb33a6781ca8cfd894ef7ff1c76b04e5ad04947bPatrick Cloke — Bug 955394 - Port |Bug 851117 - comm-aurora changes required for repacking l10n on win64, using mozconfigs, objdirs, and pre-built mar tools|, r=florian.
7aecf96c5cb26fe3625fd292606dc61eb37156a8Patrick Cloke — Bug 955394 - Port |Bug 842254 - Thunderbird/SeaMonkey comm-central builds fail with "KeyError: 'MOZ_APP_VENDOR'" - add the missing keys.|, r=florian.
fa66ff88639d4d59278adbb0a43d8d80c830accfPatrick Cloke — Bug 955394 - Port |Fix Thunderbird windows bustage due to bug 837568 by doing the Thunderbird part of the port of bug 808785|, r=florian.
ec9b408a0020798f480340ae117123315311cb70Patrick Cloke — Bug 955394 - Port |Bug 825872 - Port bug 780561 - Overhaul the packager - and bug 785871 - make config.status importable.|, r=florian.
d5ed2692b0162fb8eab084a229f7b59b6801c815aleth — Bug 955189 - Nicks starting or ending by a non-alphanumeric character aren't detected correctly for pings, r=florian.
091b036a0e16e401e76278b618c8ccac4e4e20f4aleth — Bug 955189 - Nicks starting or ending by a non-alphanumeric character aren't highlighted by the Show Nick feature, r=florian.
8586f17259634d790bbfb2179a4e902e144d94fealeth — Bug 955411 - Log window is not focused if it already exists, r=Mic.
bfe3889410ad6be483c90e5a414ca02d826dd9cfNihanth Subramanya — Bug 955399 - Backslash is stripped from incoming action messages, r=aleth,clokep.
f7b87dac3e6cb213fc83afe1478a3674355e858aaleth — Bug 954607 - Add-ons need a notification when a conversation is detached and moved to a new window, r=Mic.
3bb67a3d90a68c174554e1dff97cb09f77b96bffBenedikt Pfeifer — Bug 954914 - Style visible tabs in all-tabs menu like Firefox does, r=florian.
2a8c89809bbe454615a4de33dc3eaff4c28bad4cPatrick Cloke — Bug 955405 - CTCP quoting is broken, r=aleth,nhnt11.
e458f2e5115bf0c09eb41463488b66da1067fbd3Will Nayes — Bug 955395 - Directory change in Makefile to locate app-license.html causes file path problems, r=florian.
b08788b5beef74215d190ae589cf6759d6d45b37Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 955278 - Message notifications do not take /me into account, r=aleth.
b56427984c3df88cac3c102e37b5dbc66b98143dNihanth Subramanya — Bug 955404 - Ci is not defind in ircNonStandard, r=clokep.
9d4179279e79cfc09f0f120a72252b6310615eadaleth — Bug 954804 - Avoid flashing the wrong case when double clicking on a participant with JS-IRC - Followup to fix bustage, r=clokep.
ed4808ccd1676f6e70c9da36572bfcb2e379866bFlorian Quèze — Bug 954804 - Fix JS-IRC's usage of normalizedChatBuddy getter - fix bad patch merge.
e9c6009f6d00f15c0f37d818c2c3e35bdd5b375ealeth — Bug 955313 - Clicking on "status dot" to go Online does not work, r=Mic.
0e4bd6a5f3c669fd51d530fd3345da0653d6268cPatrick Cloke — Bug 954804 - Fix JS-IRC's usage of normalizedChatBuddy getter, r=aleth.
1c0371a9536598d50240bf7c32c8a9be2d537fb2Florian Quèze — Bug 955382 - XMPPSession shouldn't keep copies of the account's password, r=clokep.
f39760ef59e6c2cf57e2b18864abe58ce4bafb70aleth — Bug 955388 - Completing "/me" shows the list of suggestions as action inside a system message, r=Mic.
2c78900f2fa036cd89738d753eefdefc8df5ee7bQuentin Raynaud — Bug 955392 - Follow-up to fix win32 installer l10n repackaging, r=florian.
65401d06263d64a5284a9e1672d5ac04343f3bceFlorian Quèze — Bug 955392 - Follow-up to fix l10n repackaging of Mac universal builds, r=Even.
8f5a71bf016a6a28f7372a7ebb49369d7cae9b9bFlorian Quèze — Bug 955392 - Broken complete mar files generated during l10n repack, r=Even.
b5aed35a19bcaa9a1fdfb6b8692d96ba0941bd1aFlorian Quèze — Bump the version number to 1.5a1pre for nightlies.
92b2cdbf100ba583c9521e096368edd3401c639eFlorian Quèze — Set version number to 1.4 and add shipped-locales.
60ce74aa689d8d786e1116bb4ba812c143176898aleth — Bug 955386 - Reference to undefined property this._account.maxMessageLength, r=clokep.
e343842544a5c7fa463ba7ba0c3687ea750085c4Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 955373 - Blackslash not handled correctly in CTCP messages, r=clokep.
bf38b682b4ffbbc604c8e9cc64eca31502d4cfe1aleth — Bug 955128 - Contact selection is messed up with selecting the contact below the selected contact on an unfocused contact list, r=clokep.
8b6b25bdf9125a6fde593e5344608d850fc51f16Florian Quèze — Bug 955381 - irc.js should use lazy getters for localized strings, r=clokep.
d07b9bec82ccd74d9f9f6140e048c1c0961581bealeth — Bug 955379 - Some characters lost when splitting messages - follow-up to fix broken xpcshell test, r=clokep.
df9d26d5c41cb313a6b9ae9bb46ef891628cc436aleth — Bug 955379 - Some characters lost when splitting messages, r=clokep.
d968a19476b5b25f9607325b4a88b58e6d32a705Florian Quèze — Bug 955375 - Context menus broken - package dom_system.xpt (required by OS.File) in an attempt to fix, r=aleth.
87c949fa1c6b4df2ddfce8be00dd909173dc49b4Florian Quèze — Bug 955323 - New messages not displayed after detaching and reattaching a conversation tab, r=aleth.
1d6416dfc2076907e00a0d38cc4f1129c1bb9561Florian Quèze — Bug 955376 - Accounts are reconnected during shutdown, r=clokep.
e3642cb6eb21cd5324096ef506a808a3bd8037baFlorian Quèze — Bug 955377 - Warning: ReferenceError: reference to undefined property this._encoding, r=clokep.
0fe250710809149857502b168d565a3c2ccfd01ealeth — Bug 955363 - "Last week"-group in log viewer containing one day too many, r=Mic.
f92a6b7c00f0e74ad1ecabc1e3b790aac7edf84daleth — Bug 955371 - Improve the two "weekly" group strings in the log viewer, r=clokep.
bcef11ba968982f8b2bafdd18cb3cbb8b12bf0d0aleth — Bug 955345 - Account manager scrolled to (dis)connect button, r=clokep.
2d7fa8ef37177aca9a528ab8b6939126700d0e97Patrick Cloke — Bug 955364 - Add hidden option to allow using Facebook beta server, r=florian.
2396aa4a235434d06433c05ab352a9ad39b6cf1dPatrick Cloke — Bug 955262 - Update to Mozilla 20 - changes to imICommandsService, trayToolkit.cpp and purpleSockets, r=florian.
d8bd82fb071b900d36c25dbbdcae1db3868a2611aleth — Bug 955372 - Make max message length for IRC smarter, r=clokep.
2525da97e44da08f98c1a6954379099bf2bedbb5Patrick Cloke — Bug 954994 - Remove WINCE support, rollback WINCE specific changes, r=florian.
b1c1b9e9e72ba00f410f666890e1228eb0c4e830aleth — Bug 955275 - Add pref to set length of debug logs, r=florian.
a7263ec72f0788da285e99ad33ee342bdda3faf2aleth — Bug 955326 - Tab completion does not always update the character counter, r=Mic.
c83f06e3be056ead1479f7c787ac4954e917708baleth — Bug 955359 - Use weekdays instead of dates for "last week" group in log viewer, r=Mic.
8b4b0241ef7b6d7337c6ed28043e22218c66382cFlorian Quèze — Bug 955081 - [a11y] Tooltips are missing in log viewer - follow-up to fix tooltips on text logs, r=florian.
272dde639a7628a032e400664fec1bef8db05b55Patrick Cloke — Bug 954484 - Take account of URL shortening in twitter character count - follow-up to fix XMPP, r=florian.
0976dd6bd035cbaf9893f9cccf3ebf5cc02e29fbPatrick Cloke — Bug 954534 - Use Firefox untrusted cert dialog for "SSL Handshake failed" errors: instantbird/ part, r=florian.
92729751e278fbeb192a4e9112b7995b352f59f2Patrick Cloke — Bug 954534 - Use toolkit untrusted cert dialog for "SSL Handshake failed" errors: chat/ part, r=florian.
165f6c37d10b837dad05a97d79e65afc0484a2c2aleth — Bug 955081 - [a11y] Tooltips are missing in log viewer and message theme preview, r=florian.
4dc14a57dc7fdef369f2f83101b241d373405e56Patrick Cloke — Bug 954484 - Take account of URL shortening in twitter character count, r=aleth.
4f1ef4dc21711a1c1d7b34f87dfc553b4eafe8f9Florian Quèze — Bug 955162 - Port the log tree and concatenated daily logs from TB - follow-up to fix tree row background on Mac, r=aleth.
34de5d3e566e51ef07867ddf9ece616ed66064bealeth — Bug 955162 - Port the log tree and concatenated daily logs from TB, r=florian.
e0e7773c67b21fcf6f746768d1c6ba30651324bcBenedikt Pfeifer — Bug 954822 - The 'Copy Link to Tweet' action should be in the context menu even when the twitter account is disconnected, r=clokep
458a2b9a5ccb10ae116a8c354ef3c1e19a38468caleth — Bug 955321 - Friends don't get added as participants when reopening a closed timeline, r=clokep.
e87db54309fc2d6231629734276d4ec3f2c7b4edBenedikt Pfeifer — Bug 955355 - Sort channel list in IRC tooltips, r=clokep.
138429bd06eca36ad334b2990567b7a66e3a9984Benedikt Pfeifer — Bug 953705 - Pasting in the conversation input box doesn't send typing notifications, r=aleth
fdd37badc7d917ab85d6c15e7f49793ef679f6b4aleth — Bug 955338 - Change behaviour around unhandled CTCP messages - follow-up to fix the target the ERRMSG is sent to, r=clokep.
b2a4a6b0d8c7dfa630bd56b59b8495703d1a7e1aFlorian Quèze — Bug 955342 - Keep the 50 debug log messages just before a disconnection with an error, even after the account is reconnected, r=clokep.
18fab26281e1f4b0e4b7a38f05f9bdee898130ccFlorian Quèze — Bug 955341 - Stop including venkman in debug builds, r=clokep.
371af6cd6a891b6e8de377140f12ad5a82a377b9Florian Quèze — Bug 955340 - Changing the selected account with the up/down arrow keys works only once, r=Mic.
2b8f77583afe4aaf11e2468f36ac249aeffb7c1aaleth — Bug 955314 - Nick completion should add punctuation after complete nicks, r=florian.
41e9bec14f023777338d0800d0c75a5b18fd9e76Patrick Cloke — Bug 955325 - Update Twitter to API v1.1, r=florian,aleth.
15a56f0c27635edcba59bfccaa3a57d433f14a67aleth — Bug 955338 - Change behaviour around unhandled CTCP messages, r=clokep.
087a5a71c065a8a897018231efd1939ed8aad2aaPatrick Cloke — Bug 954284 - Twitter commands, r=aleth,florian.
a5a72fcd15dcb0d854f76c4c01748e51d11216fbPatrick Cloke — Bug 954112 - Reopen Twitter stream when track preference changes, r=aleth,florian.
77eaca36d80dd0b5e86a0c10819432daccaff819Florian Quèze — Bug 955334 - [Mac] Missing menus on the Error Console and Software Update windows, r=clokep.
24de50cabcf3268fbac44086fec5fa8133898d17Florian Quèze — Bug 955261 - Update to Mozilla 19, set the PYTHON environment variable in the mac buildbot mozconfigs to use python 2.7.3 installed by brew, rs=clokep.
eb8eed454270ce03508967620d740cc0818f0115Patrick Cloke — Bug 955261 - Update to Mozilla 19, Port |Bug 773143 - Rename MOZ_ANGLE to MOZ_ANGLE_RENDERER [Port |Bug 772457 Remove compile-time option to disable ANGLE, replace it by an option to disable WebGL|, r=florian.
00148d73de46014fe13257e7d604fbc9a422367cPatrick Cloke — Bug 955261 - Update to Mozilla 19: update patches, r=florian.
4f7f00873635687a8c7874b44f95d85557ae6cb5Florian Quèze — Bug 844175 - Twitter stays on Connecting: Requesting user timelines... - follow-up to fix FileLink bustage, rs=mconley.
2d2a35cbf777424065f705735d9851af64dfdf9fFlorian Quèze — Bug 844175 - Twitter stays on Connecting: Requesting user timelines..., r=clokep,mconley.
410bd53cd9629c85e18105fdb089d4246b12cbc5Florian Quèze — Bug 846706 - Username is confusing in the context of creating an IRC account, r=clokep.
a77059d5477ceb928bcefddfd9943008f06ff5e1Patrick Cloke — Bug 955320 - The topic of a Twitter timeline disappears if you close the conversation, r=aleth.
1cdbef7c73808833f998b213ae77a1a48e514ceePatrick Cloke — Bug 954473 - Add followed people to the participants timeline, r=aleth.
827e1bfa106e1e0cb9890fd6e477d2e315ef6812Florian Quèze — Bug 954342 - Prepend # automatically to IRC channel names if no prefix was specified, r=clokep.
ae49ef7c15ceaaa27944bb16db12d93b87b9523cBenedikt Pfeifer — Bug 955318 - Use unprefixed page visibility API, r=clokep
70c3e7b6ee7c78902a4114c6dcd96dd6bac4ad6bFlorian Quèze — Bug 955311 - Warn when receiving script and style tags in IM messages, r=clokep.
9e1fe6a71f9422661a528fb56a3f18c1f4942c7ealeth — Bug 954331 - Copying text from conversations removes leading indent, r=florian.
b01c8f776b22b7fc80e18cc587afe2945a997ec5aleth — Bug 955303 - Leading whitespace is lost from messages, r=florian.
7d70e6a10e3d2bee3076f006c828337490c0d536Patrick Cloke — Bug 955302 - Fix spacing in account.xml and accounts.xul, r=florian.
ae97345ea5509f95a2c9e06390a0fb50b18ef5b4Sebastian Hengst — Bug 830456 - Code cleanup in /chat/: Use new String methods like startsWith, endsWith, contains, remaining Services.jsm switches and querySelector use instead of NodeList calls. r=florian
f860f7ade2ee70d47d5835b7966ad23332baf67cSebastian Hengst — Bug 823449 - Chat: Services.appshell should be Services.appShell. r=florian
a901dddda07eb12ae36166822f509bfa7b151a9dSebastian Hengst — Bug 795152 - Switch to Services.jsm: What's left: chat. r=florian
a32d9a3aade26e3561b5efc7311c3c57e4b55f45Patrick Cloke — Bug 842024 - Thunderbird Chat can't connect to EuIRC, r=florian.
029bbf945bfec772fa15df14953573101bb7cbd7Benedikt Pfeifer — Bug 955308 - Rearrange context menu items of conversations on hold, r=clokep
196433c58d9e36d5c4bfdd6b0e59f5752c7cf55aaleth — Bug 955109 - Add a hidden preference to minimize the contacts window on startup, r=clokep.
cc6e54589928decadc5a2b7759aa11b1dfeeb33cPatrick Cloke — Bug 842024 - Thunderbird Chat can't connect to EuIRC, r=aleth.
c4fa034acf619659fc42f008df8214b2a69004a6Florian Quèze — Bug 955037 - Update to Mozilla 18 - Attempt to fix the linux bustage by disabling gio.
4e8b4324c3fbad02b6cf9f66b3b0cc9feb3a105bFlorian Quèze — Bug 955037 - Update to Mozilla 18 - fix building on Mac with clang, r=clokep.
79e8c91ebfb45e82ffd30d9ee2c79f64305f3b3eFlorian Quèze — Bug 955301 - Twitter accounts shouldn't keep references to all received tweets, r=aleth.
44c7525cfe4a2927d0b8df19f2816365b8453a9cPatrick Cloke — Bug 955267 - Handle InfoServ, r=aleth.
f082b8cb7fe46c9e5ede59b5f42d9cbd36d1ec7dPatrick Cloke — Bug 955138 - Unhandled IRC message: 335, r=aleth.
0907824b08f04ac04dcbe7fca20c7bba2fd7eb63Patrick Cloke — Bug 955118 - /whois in a private irc conversation should support being parameterless, r=aleth.
1c99a0bf42102ebfaa4417b5d09b1a9c9e38d509Patrick Cloke — Bug 955297 - Update copyright year for 2013, r=florian.
5d5564d89b577a6226b71f0d759ec1eeb2f05f46Patrick Cloke — Bug 955296 - whois replies displayed in conversations should have the noLog flag, r=aleth.
f4541e74aa3ec2493ba2c6f046e3fa9d6f9fdd36Patrick Cloke — Bug 955280 - The channel password shouldn't be displayed each time I join a password protected channel, r=aleth.
0667d44ee828d5f5c4b37ce24299946b2e534387Patrick Cloke — Bug 955258 - Unhandled IRC message 321, r=aleth.
1d8ae90afb8aee992e2590ca4cf7e48c4febf3c6Patrick Cloke — Bug 955185 - IRC says messages are unhandled when they are partially handled, r=aleth.
7ab8f49b9d8cf6466bc1f290360ab5aeb87017b9Patrick Cloke — Bug 955090 - Reconnecting with IRC causes nicks in ISON messages to duplicate, r=florian.
66c05e8a91da0f47e7b23b0649c61a844ebe6b75Florian Quèze — Disable elf-hack on linux builds to try and get working linux builds, rs=clokep.
414668faa698e11c2bee16daa91dc8ee871e5512Florian Quèze — Bug 955295 - Cleanup Bubbles's CSS, r=clokep.
9b30d1054aa5ddcc6e7002205db50f7a34f62553Florian Quèze — Disable unit tests on Linux to work-around bustage while linking C++ unit tests since the Mozilla 17 update.
651ca4d26f277f985475f56744490dcdd422950cFlorian Quèze — Re-enable tests on Mac now that we no longer build on PPC (backout ce19d6a4e4dc).
e45e1241c273b1eabadfd4fe6ddf21b9aa9222e0Florian Quèze — Bug 955124 - rewrite Bubbles' timer handling so that timers are used only when actually needed, r=clokep.
4fbe20e130a359b13e4005be67aef8be856623fbFlorian Quèze — Bug 955293 - Bubbles shouldn't call getComputedStyle for each message, r=clokep.
48714ec4c6f0afab076e74e56b70cd733b8f4129Patrick Cloke — Bug 955245 - IRC accounts should timeout when the connection to the server has stalled, r=florian.
8c8d286ec4cb059ddbab7aa6f42f9e44b99d1987Benedikt Pfeifer — Bug 955012 - Update Instantbird in the background, r=clokep
bf3068e4ad4d2298264eeaa8aacc13a85145ea97Patrick Cloke — Enable WebM on Windows to fix broken build.
13cb588ab9b0d2c83fbd89b3bf53a03413ba8eb1Patrick Cloke — Bug 955036, Update to Mozilla 17, port bug 780357, bug 781446, bug 705532, r=florian.
6fbf6950480a07418e185b821f1dd8d9801e7bb9Patrick Cloke — Bug 955036 - Update to Mozilla 17, patches part, r=florian.
713c1a08e98ecf684c30e76fee4935d1ac1e4eb4aleth — Bug 955273 - Errors in handlers lose their location information, r=florian.
b236d78a0e0b70f4803b884b37d0d54997e4d902aleth — Bug 954576 - Collapsed participant list sometimes loses listitems, r=florian.
3deabdae6340efca5156ad3976f93d859f6fdc5baleth — Bug 955279 - follow-up to fix reconnection timers, r=florian.
b0c81a21d7838fcbe9183acb09a3bd6437dbde1ealeth — Bug 955283 - Fix indentation of conversation.xml, r=florian.
8ee7ada1a88ca425b073e156a54cbc28232593c8Florian Quèze — Bug 955288 - Crash [@purpleDebug::ReportMessageWithLocation], r=clokep.
81539792df537a97e44841ce876706554865eb43Patrick Cloke — Bug 955018 - Drop PPC support, r=florian.
34188fd2e449c08542d451a65726ce93b353b343Florian Quèze — Bug 955018 - Use clang for mac universal builds.
2fcdce46f6a61bc11de59b2f9280b1e6507d7584Florian Quèze — Bug 955281 - IRC buddies take longer than other accounts' buddies to be marked as status unknown when disconnecting, r=clokep.
7ff5e37d8f3dec588e17cf186b462bef686145a0aleth — Bug 955243 - Fix erroneous nickname error message when nick contains spaces, r=clokep.
49ce37b812fef8cedd2fe6463cd1531406069a5baleth — Bug 955279 - Changing the status to available while an IRC account is in the disconnecting state doesn't reconnect it, r=florian.
e3e405c1b18570d81007df30db3cc67d70ec9fa3Will Nayes — Bug 955257 - Add a startDate attribute to prplIConversation, r=florian.
0d33bd4459fbbb6619a8b162d80280efafe68eebaleth — Bug 955272 - Don't log to console unless loglevel is set appropriately, r=florian.
fb608ad5ec65b5b4b89952ecaeffcc06dcb02b63aleth — Bug 955263 - Twitter parse error after reconnect caused by a stream error, r=florian.
35d979338b510521ab95356c00f2eb1efd83d8b1aleth — Bug 955271 - Missing account on ERROR call, r=clokep.
5dcdaeffaf9533e791cfbc230f1b54d1b86de5b8Florian Quèze — Follow-up to bug 955260 (3da2d24bcccc) - fix bustage of the test_tryNewNick.js test, r=clokep.
741e6f2684e6763a88efcf2571bc6114706753b6Patrick Cloke — Bug 955260 - Add an easy way to copy an account specific debug log, IRC protocol, r=florian.
0bb47f36a1704aaefcfaa9b26deef97d5d8eba78Florian Quèze — Bug 955260 - Add an easy way to copy an account specific debug log, r=clokep.
2054465456efc407f1280c1823e293725548e848aleth — Bug 954854 - Handle the user's user mode, r=clokep.
c36af04ae4b0e4f19eb09778ccbd049cd2558995Patrick Cloke — Bug 955179 - Add NAMESX support (to get all user modes of someone instead of just one), r=aleth.
bd614f7a8b9db15c2d88bae864b2062602cd44a7Patrick Cloke — Bug 955250 - Don't disconnect when failing to parse a message, r=aleth.
dfa402a7ed50e534f71753a94a777bbdaa504971Patrick Cloke — Bug 955244 - IRC password does not work with ZNC server password auth, followup to fix breakage, r=aleth.
62bf123931ed50ecb6abd01d85742e15ad692f0caleth — Bug 955248 - Tab completion for nicks that start with "funny" characters, r=florian.
cf8668658114a534b741b41a442c556ae59ff493Patrick Cloke — Bug 955251 - "Couldn't parse message" due to trailing spaces, r=aleth.
6d4106c5093dde1104b4ff5d6bfdc1ab81082410Patrick Cloke — Bug 955247 - Fix ISUPPORT (Watch/Monitor), r=aleth.
c4e9131f34caded680e5aec8600b34df97309267Patrick Cloke — Bug 955244 - IRC password does not work with ZNC/server password auth, r=aleth.
3fe0e5157a6bad66e106512696a9933bc110d1f3Patrick Cloke — Bug 955242 - Minor cleanup of IRC usernames, r=aleth.
20c9e1fcee40473fdc5641c247ea24d8f15ec4c6aleth — Bug 955198 - Automatically authenticate when changing the nick to the account nickname, r=clokep.
28bab1d4bb3f7982063087dad06fc6ec3ae931c3Florian Quèze — Fix xpcshell bustage from 735829d0bdc9 ('Bug 955183 - No feedback when the /nick command fails'), r=bustage fix.
2356b871c90a83291a59710cb5b9dddc15bf62e6aleth — Bug 955218 - Don't log password during SASL auth - follow-up to improve the logged string, r=clokep.
5c37ae2e76a33a6bae8d922d461a1706d64226c3aleth — Bug 955183 - No feedback when the /nick command fails, r=clokep.
80e0cf24b9e5d4b561b49df6f022e21fcf3c0897aleth — Bug 955233 - Improve the exception on opening the "show all protocols" page when a protocol plugin failed to initialize, r=clokep.
d2ea1083991b38ebbea2e9d33a8b998375fec692Florian Quèze — Bug 955238 - WARNING: no (useful) preprocessor directives found, r=aleth.
49272edc5ad43e658e31f14f1f147bbf74382ec3Florian Quèze — Bug 955237 - JS error at shutdown when exiting with the Command+Q shortcut in a conversation window, r=aleth.
1b2676033fa3b613092f9540a131e4651bde68c9Florian Quèze — Bug 955236 - Shutdown leak if there was an active IRC channel, r=clokep.
4361ae19774dface24a3dbbfd71a21f6f68adc02Florian Quèze — Bump the version number to 1.4a1pre for nightlies.
ec492690ad5e5d022b85c3a5927949d384a7b718Florian Quèze — Set version number to 1.3, change default revisions in and add shipped-locales.
4bc42590cf08d730a0683eb006e0aaf2593d4397Florian Quèze — Bug 955205 - Fix the background of the Mac disk image for compatibility with OS X 10.8.
3862638ed20286df62dd87f78a1b7f7c7f09454dFlorian Quèze — Bug 955223 - Changing one's status retries to connect accounts for which the user clicked "Cancel reconnection", r=aleth.
a84766472a1f922959ad38deb9aeceb5f801523bFlorian Quèze — Bug 955221 - Google Talk (JS-XMPP) accounts should timeout when the connection to the server has stalled, r=aleth.
c2acf18df669c2c3834b79c3ad18accb64577ca2aleth — Bug 955218 - Don't log password during SASL auth, r=florian.
5ed1ff1cf18edc86119d58681278dfd6e9f484c1Florian Quèze — Bug 955043 - Twitter feed stops receiving incoming tweets (without disconnecting), r=aleth.
3fd359bf41433b9290622e9f8563643f51c1120eFlorian Quèze — Bug 955215 - Typing notification never goes away for tabs in a detached window, r=Mic.
97d858c113fe6c1314735ef763dc2fe96d55151baleth — Bug 955211 - Focusing Instantbird by clicking an unselected conversation tab doesn't mark the current conversation as read, r=florian.
0942ef82ff6ba28af8113704789e1186d64db500aleth — Bug 955219 - [Bubbles] Change Show nick border radius to better match the border radius of the bubbles, r=florian.
feaa385592ecbda7cac657f4c2a4540ee597c1a6aleth — Bug 955216 - Atheme Nickserv auth success message not recognized when using grouped nicks, r=florian.
2b31f2caae4943fa70fbe68ebdc9ab8952cee709Benedikt Pfeifer — Bug 955207 - Background of element containing the nickname not snuggling up to main bubble border, r=aleth.
3b11fa208263d971d1aea01afe55f8b67cf74e6bPatrick Cloke — Bug 955196 - Drop ForwardProtocolPrototype, r=florian.
a9674239894281758d9da2474227d211593fd019Patrick Cloke — Bug 955199 - New nightly can't auth with ZNC server, r=florian.
7481339b18bd851a6cb87165fa5a965aee48c1dfFlorian Quèze — Bug 955209 - Wait more than 1s before showing NickServ's messages, r=clokep.
0b1d2711cf6e8638f81c02fd589bf4ceeb2c3c96Patrick Cloke — Bug 955204 - IRC account disconnects on receiving action messages containing line breaks, r=aleth.
33fc56cf0ffac5b3d69bf78f687c7d0b305cff9ealeth — Bug 955197 - Fix IRC authentication on reconnect, r=clokep.
8abf36c27b2ca2e31ec853f090782164c02f1454Florian Quèze — Bug 955040 - Display a correct error message in the conversation when receiving a message type=error stanza, r=clokep.
3ce64ff729d373b4c4b62c19022395b4baa2a3c8Alexander L. Slovesnik — Bug 955173 - Add Odnoklassniki protocol - follow-up to workaround the lack of DNS SRV support in JS-XMPP, r=clokep.
9bf60f575508968246729c92e37aa7bdabd084fbaleth — Bug 955193 - Correct Simple message style Show Nick CSS for context messages, r=florian.
989025a719080b03808c57462e472b37371e6524Benedikt Pfeifer — Bug 955038 - Replace "buddy" with "contact" in user-facing strings, r=florian
f6b570be66d0fe435dc48e3dbb41bf305b997e35aleth — Bug 955151 - Unhandled IRC message 328: RPL_CHANNEL_URL, r=clokep.
1cb30ad1cb1a187a2e3a87f163732c58e8794b4fFlorian Quèze — Bug 955186 - No location information for messages logged from imXPCOMUtils, r=clokep.
01baaaee6fd69be8e566649962bdfcf57fad538dFlorian Quèze — Bug 954993 - Integrate Show Nick, r=aleth.
7240fa28fb28d4286ce69df0b7d4b252e0cdbda2aleth — Bug 954530 - Add "Visible tags..." entry to contacts listbox background context menu too, r=florian.
e9beb466d0d4ed486a62d4b60072546d0ccff1bcMook — Bug 955113 - Allow logging to be used in non-global scope, r=florian.
38a14826cbcaa8c752ef559e9f973b64e6872d3aaleth — Bug 955122 - Use twitter icon for twitter tabs, r=florian.
85e50f5e5044bc14a1e9926246c0a0d0867ba8baFlorian Janssen — Bug 954266 - Add accesskeys missed by fix for bug 954362, r=florian.
062c483bdf7a98ac7ce9699c22ef6654563f0082aleth — Bug 954925 - Rename purpleConversation -> prplConversation where appropriate, r=florian.
718a8d665086163357069598b2c4307229d22432aleth — Bug 955156 - Separate strings for channel and user mode system messages, r=clokep.
9a76093e1312e627c8aa928db4271d51f32cfdddFlorian Janssen — Bug 954542 - Names of folders and files are not checked against forbidden names, r=clokep.
a973d8fba7ba0e3ddfd9005b1e8c422f771f58edAlexander L. Slovesnik — Bug 955173 - Add Odnoklassniki protocol, r=clokep.
5444ede3acefca80b1ef99bcce9e2207e9d2c873Patrick Cloke — Bug 955126 - NickServ help message eaten for no good reason, r=aleth.
32f5479da8e7689e1aed98f6d452328fb4ca5216aleth — Bug 955177 - Recent shortcut change eschews cursor shortcuts to moves tabs instead, r=Mic.
b57db614d2de9a0796519026b07e7ebe86a97d18aleth — Bug 955114 - Nicklist speedup: low-hanging fruit, r=florian.
96a5b83aa407a8ca6fe0b2cf75368efb04fb7addPatrick Cloke — Bug 955004 - Support SASL for IRC, r=aleth.
0bb63fb163373eccca520ebcf34712b0a4dc0e63az — Bug 806581 - Localize the Facebook chat name. r=clokep
3cfe0f01773983d2ce4b2190fede35690345a00aPatrick Cloke — Bug 955140 - Send long IRC messages in several parts, r=florian.
09f5a3b942dac6290157b768cecb6d55892d07c7Florian Quèze — Bug 806228 - Fix login to XMPP servers that implement XMPP v1.0, don't support SASL, but advertise iq-auth support (eg. fastmail), r=clokep.
824fe32a4584367b1c7fa92da42be1287d27a8fealeth — Bug 955178 - _originalMsg property not set on message following unread ruler when rejoining bubbles, r=florian.
fe3e2b528029701566d89a16ea94a92493785792aleth — Bug 955087 - Improve keyboard accessibility of the contact list, r=florian.
f10efb6da1f3051c5d8fefeb6b345cb35b10f4afAlexander L. Slovesnik — Bug 955130 - Add VKontakte protocol, r=clokep,florian.
24cd68b6a4e71f80ff465883ba9022fda2a8d795aleth — Bug 955155 - Part and join system messages are asymmetric, r=clokep.
2fb2549ab0991a5d3f5c814831fa5e530ef8b67baleth — Bug 955125 - Update /mode command syntax, r=clokep.
1f95b1a0578a83b68a5393376b4b6eed1b54fbfdaleth — Bug 954903 - Reply to tweet only auto-fills the first (of possibly multiple) nicks, r=clokep,florian.
ac4f1adf7330c1e0e3d146d977e9ea98131722f0Florian Janssen — Bug 954908 - "Connect this account now."-label for checkbox misleading, r=clokep.
e9e22326b97abb71a6785d8055c25aae68fb79a7aleth — Bug 955164 - Smiley regular expression problem in custom smiley themes, r=florian.
8aa22d6bbb8fc4e88b7778e97fa8f67fd82b7cd9Patrick Cloke — Bug 955170 - Founder should be considered higher than operator, r=florian.
db6759281f0c792f5807160df46f0f25dde15064Patrick Cloke — Bug 954890 - Make use of all WHOWAS 312/314 response pairs, r=aleth.
19123117a892e3668d9dd7d9f3369830b18da715Benedikt Pfeifer — Bug 955103 - Accesskey for Add-ons manager not localizable, r=clokep.
d7c03418ef5478372f2d88d8e52a04eafd17b304Benedikt Pfeifer — Bug 953924 - Re-ordering conversation tabs with the keyboard is broken, r=clokep.
3287b0ae3ad674c1cdd49b25ae63eeaf886c6b7aFlorian Quèze — Bug 955154 - L10n repackaging doesn't work on a build from a source tarball, r=clokep.
0155db2e78da12b856e19af959cb96031d768a80Florian Quèze — Bug 955166 - Shutdown leak if there are opened conversations at shutdown, r=aleth.
0df761f4a02c6965f46af9670257819cb9deff81Patrick Cloke — Follow-up to bug 954922 - Port Bug 765596 - Error in macro InstallOnInitCommon on macroline 152.
c5ee36a44b9aef3eb43ec4cb023ef7ac92d991ffFlorian Quèze — Bug 954922 - Update to Mozilla 16 (original patch by clokep).
4eac2fcc07b2308f6fe4f1dbcfd39072edb362e5Florian Quèze — Bug 954921 - Update to Mozilla 15.
3bb78e5ed8e447d5fa67b764ef60dc1647a4e22daleth — Bug 955150 - Warning: "applying the 'delete' operator to an unqualified name is deprecated", r=florian.
d0b952d42fc4864723ade67c679002f41f2aaaa4Benedikt Pfeifer — Bug 954801 - Suppress errors when running without libpurple, r=florian.
8645b87c557a46f92bd63246cd4a726f0d0e730cFlorian Quèze — Follow-up to 'Bug 955097 - Enhance imXPCOMUtils debug logging to have module-specific prefs' to fix a JS warning.
e2ed3505d61a19f69dbac80892a4f6d623014a63Florian Quèze — Remove the MPL2 header from chat/protocols/irc/test/xpcshell.ini to match the comm-central file.
2dc2afe6ca24effbfb64a392aad26d7d4d947efePatrick Cloke — Bug 955149 - Refer to channel passwords not keys for IRC, r=florian.
f9f0b1b9a73caeb70719db212c8caa6ec9a16d9aPatrick Cloke — Bug 955148 - Follow-up to account preferences layout changes, r=florian.
3f800add32fd16cf7390d560aed6c5d24495307faleth — Bug 955111 - Restore participants' active status if still appropriate after a reconnect, r=florian.
42580c42ec5664445627aed803eb286072047023Patrick Cloke — Bug 955084 - Unhandled IRC messages around bans, r=aleth.
1471a76f23b8613f77d2dc53aae5c25492df9471aceman — Bug 795971 - fix JavaScript strict warning: logger.js, line 453: assignment to undeclared variable entry. r=clokep
d4e40eb325c3b1e4cd47cc0e3934133e6f1a4a30Patrick Cloke — Bug 955132 - Port Bug 787640 - XMPP: Account wizard and account settings window dimension too small, input fields cut off/cropped, port input hidden, r=florian.
709cc99c0615451a292691142da6ebb64e5c297eRichard Marti — Bug 787640 - Account wizard and account settings window dimension too small, input fields cut off/cropped, port input hidden, r=florian.
bd4b18344fa52e2b3cbcfd08562f69454a99d019Patrick Cloke — Bug 955146 - Error: ERR_NOTEXTTOSEND: No text to send for PRIVMSG, r=florian.
34dac6ebed703a74ffe407f65c655536f42aab48Florian Quèze — Bug 789745 - Cannot connect to XMPP servers that don't support SASL authentication, r=clokep.
d45f486feb5326fb3f597329a3496e35b2c7e295Will Nayes — Bug 954953 - Keyboard behaviour in list of popular networks, r=florian.
4e0ae1939996d1442becec4f04f8dd618e4b0eb3Patrick Cloke — Bug 955137 - Remove purple specific property from prplIChatRoomFieldValues, r=florian.
3305148f2e96e103f62974ee2c9c62b16e88f90dFlorian Quèze — Bug 795959 - Typing '' as part of the username shouldn't be required when setting up a gtalk account, r=clokep.
37360d95e802e1d38f342954e64d86f9a7da5339Florian Quèze — Bug 786684 - JS error (TypeError: match[1] is undefined) when parsing a JID without a node part, r=clokep.
bf5d448afac0c8059f989f3e1d507df98d006159Florian Quèze — Bug 795078 - Thunderbird does not see user online and can't receive message from a contact with a singe quote in its resource, r=clokep.
9e88ad2e590864817b85ac0315b1223c666def2faleth — Bug 955141 - Tab complete code ignores mouse interaction with inputbox, r=clokep.
5066c058a6a5745188c8fe5417d9f1e6632c6286Florian Quèze — Bug 795296 - Include the string that couldn't be parsed in XML parse errors of the XMPP stream, r=clokep.
bc7b162af8aac15f651ea4782ab239bce41c2733Florian Quèze — Bug 955136 - Easy access to about:memory in debug builds, r=clokep.
1e9985f53f9ddecfb2a9149158bbf4b16de6e9e3Will Nayes — Bug 955131 - Change use of var to let in older code (accountWizard.js), r=florian.
bddbc370e2b31711d4d223b6cd950dddc6030edbMook — Bug 955129 - XMPP should strip whitespace around JID, r=florian.
70f9e37344f99ba84edf5a26095d1094880ecfb9Mike Conley — Bug 787149 - Change Chat log tree so that it aggregates logs into days. r=florian, ui-r=bwinton.
6fba4a8a02771ab45342342d0d75d3ce6d826ecbaleth — Bug 954882 - Handle bad log files properly, r=florian.
951669f0105652fb1cfce7198db983dbb6af9409Florian Quèze — Bug 777873 - Viewing some old Twitter logs breaks log viewer. r=clokep.
15bf941273eb6f6b7073b40b0d4869077f028294Florian Quèze — Bug 792046 - Improve the error message when failing to connect an XMPP/IRC account because of a broken certificate, r=clokep.
031a046ae54f51806b485d759716499e89c1c936Florian Quèze — Remove duplicated debug log message in irc.js, r=clokep over IRC.
8a84801afb342361cbb3c8c5a720cd7efd8779cdBenedikt Pfeifer — Bug 954628 - Chat tooltips should contain the topic, r=clokep.
04b53bd883adcb355311d0d512f52cf059c0e5c6Patrick Cloke — Bug 787433 - IRC component should return a proper CTCP VERSION response, r=aleth.
e95d37f46c7314a4f57f192b6e648c19ec1799fePatrick Cloke — Bug 954973 - MODE fails to handle when a key is set and we are in the room, r=aleth.
f169ceb3b6a2abca916c4785420e28fb08151ac8aleth — Bug 955123 - Ping only for twitter '@' mentions, r=florian.
cc7714ee8162c3d114ce71eb7c1c1599507ce5f0Cyril Glapa — Bug 779976 - Set priority with XMPP, r=clokep.
c1a513e4936f82fff97b967ef6bac1b0c730e39ePatrick Cloke — Bug 955088 - Unhandled IRC message 442: You're not on that channel, r=aleth.
5515fabb40c177e583762e323249869356df1a7faleth — Bug 955095 - Set twitter topic to the user's self-description, r=clokep,florian.
4baff754e56368d08021f74ce286c8dd58bbff69Florian Quèze — Bug 787984 - Add tests for imContentSink.jsm, r=clokep.
bad7acaa2e2edc434d2bf8f4a8bb1fd57c8aecfcFlorian Quèze — Bug 787046 - "Not authorized" error when connecting to an OpenFire XMPP server with the correct password, r=clokep.
c84d50105328503457ac5dec021ca602bd890ea0Patrick Cloke — Bug 954990 - IRC should abide by messenger.conversations.autoAcceptChatInvitations, r=aleth.
564c476e7a6260dc65b433f4aff0fd7c2481d28aPatrick Cloke — Follow-up to bug 955045 - Fix display of new lines to match outgoing messages, r=florian.
d9d7679e2303dc44747f650accd144c87200a438Patrick Cloke — Bug 955112 - Name of the inviter not correctly displayed when invited to join an IRC channel, r=florian.
893dbccf400fd0b6f4391f1ef45e7e6fc5482d2eWill Nayes — Bug 955079 - The value of list type options is not always preserved, r=clokep.
f192469e2bd6cdb1762c96e7c457a11c5c6b9497aleth — Bug 955056 - Some screen readers say the word "frame" a lot when moving the selection in the contacts list, r=florian.
863656462ca7944f6dc1c342b31d86c3692aba9ePatrick Cloke — Bug 955045 - IRC CTCP messages break if there is a line break, r=aleth.
af62531938453c248882f4653d7705a386d3698caleth — Bug 955105 - Fix some 'function does not always return a value' warnings that became visible with Mozilla 14, r=florian.
8b71247e6e7e7aa6c5ce077d9deb4b3f55710979aleth — Bug 955100 - Include twitter users' names in tooltips, r=clokep.
e249f39d944d6c349dfd46a0253e437fe2f503cdaleth — Bug 955083 - accessibility: Make it clear that topic control in conversation info toolbar is actionable, r=florian.
01b33bfb9b3f7ced40d6d80e5b4d8c938f3fbac3aleth — Bug 955062 - Mark participants as inactive after XXX time, r=clokep.
1b84c3952a1d031bbdd131c04acdb07b0e75a7b2Patrick Cloke — Bug 955086 - Unhandled IRC message 475 ERR_BADCHANNELKEY, r=aleth.
4e36f691de1e9dd9e51cfa829553446f8fad231bPatrick Cloke — Bug 955058 - Unhandled IRC message: 330 RPL_WHOISACCOUNT, r=aleth.
5d2b6860298c7386f55927c18a4a93f3c86537b9aleth — Bug 955101 - Truncated RTs don't always show the full original tweet, r=clokep.
6e592cc4730a5f61628ddd0430bb673de0aca983Mook — Bug 955097 - Enhance imXPCOMUtils debug logging to have module-specific prefs, r=florian.
07cf20bdf3e6676bf17b0b0853cf6e7eee4d201fFlorian Quèze — Bug 955094 - Statically link libpurple into purplexpcom (+ some build system cleanup in purple/).
ee1ca891dbca491f5eb6b3c0dbaf0fb5019f793dFlorian Quèze — Bug 955089 - actually stop preprocessing conversation.xml.
4ced366f5ed36b0d70b1df0f5329aa6fb32d8474aleth — Bug 955089 - Remove ifdefs from conversation.xml, r=florian.
5412a4cf0f26ecbc97aed6989a4015c492f71b0bFlorian Quèze — Fix the color of the selected tab on Mac OS X 10.7+ (port a change from bug 681425).
bcb967da8e305d84510d4127c60475fe05d5fdcePatrick Cloke — Bug 954992 - Remove libpurple's pretentious /wallops help message, r=aleth.
0e8c01deb819d842dbdd2a79bb9be71008295c6baleth — Bug 955071 - Pressing enter or escape after editing display name or status message causes focus to be lost, r=florian.
79a9dc08df9978d974f1892cb8ee3628e017fe36aleth — Bug 955064 - The /join IRC command should work without argument when typed in a parted room, r=clokep.
5e5b24b91aa41f4d46984290ebf6a34b0b08f4ebFlorian Quèze — Follow up to 'Bug 954771 - Connect button is disabled after an account spends more than half a second in the disconnecting state' suggested by mconley while reviewing the Thunderbird version of the equivalent patch. r=aleth.
b148c5653bfd5577abd63788eb1f37780e8492c1Florian Quèze — Bug 955050 - If the external protocol service is misconfigured, the thanks page shouldn't load inside the about dialog, r=Mook.
694ea57236f7d3b145177e023a4deca8f4984ebbFlorian Quèze — Bug 955067 - accessibility: Lists in main window are unlabelled, r=clokep.
69c74959d1235be7556e5e85f31fe1fda9995a28Florian Quèze — Bump the version number to 1.3a1pre for nightlies.
f6e25c0f580fbf30de04f1bc830af60886385364Florian Quèze — Set version number to 1.2, change default revisions in and add shipped-locales.
a9c12aca8206b5336277d81895ee5c9813d8a73cFlorian Quèze — Bug 954663 - JS-XMPP should display HTML messages.
ca30001e371a42805ccb9dfdbb8fd90e8d13d24eFlorian Quèze — Bug 954956 - Moving a JS-XMPP buddy from a tag to another should work and save this change on the server, r=clokep.
0f01c13ea253b2ab069a80282609b9843dc959efFlorian Quèze — Bug 955048 - Tags are never really removed from contacts, r=clokep.
b2dfbcf12ce6b5053eab2c7ceba61caab4102e0ealeth — Bug 954668 - JSON log viewer conversation bubbles should have the same colors as when the conversation happened, r=florian.
fed14454829b719201dec4eaebd804f016b6e121Patrick Cloke — Bug 955047 - Set minimum required OS version for Mac builds, r=florian.
e9db73eb68a700df7983d9ad9065756abeafb1a2Patrick Cloke — Bug 955044 - Update the credits for Instantbird 1.2, r=florian.
2c507de4bd09c9860557bfb6509413f8aeb8dcf0Patrick Cloke — Bug 955790 - Improve the Windows 7 support in the installer, and set the minimum compatible version to Windows XP SP2, r=florian.
810e82771046a6c032fd5267e949e57afa942e63aleth — Bug 955046 - Unread ruler in split bubble just before an action message hides the sender name, r=florian.
aa148363060ef9070dada466644f5fb1be17829bFlorian Quèze — Bug 954771 - Connect button is disabled after an account spends more than half a second in the disconnecting state, r=aleth.
e7737943d5e22c8df7b9d3b6efb4cb16a2ede856aleth — Fix JavaScript strict warning: chrome://instantbird/content/blist.js, line 153/235: variable a/b redeclares argument, r=florian.
d91c67dc57fabbeae2e1c242efc9b78e24c645afaleth — Bug 955041 - Unread ruler movement can cause spurious Bubbles gap time text, r=florian.
1ce096dcc7023708af89f7e31126638e6c65751aaleth — Bug 955034 - Don't show unread ruler if all the context messages were system messages, r=florian.
0778919cc9376d902641cf6ca4deb3b7915506b0aleth — Bug 954962 - Autoscroll broken after moz13 update when restoring from hold and using Bubbles, r=florian.
84399379b2c1dc8c29f85cb8333ff71a3b6e1c4fFlorian Quèze — Bug 954920 - Update to Mozilla 14.
c463abd090334ceaea8ac29d4c12e949b9c91b18aleth — Bug 954930 - When starting with necko offline, connect accounts as soon as the network is back. Also avoid connecting accounts when starting with "-status offline" on the command line, r=florian.
3e68face7e2749d3597b3a91713370cef8e1a9d0aleth — Bug 954541 - Contact list section header styling for Linux, r=clokep.
35ff9f98f00e0af0bf9f50d2332eb0c23aebcfaealeth — Bug 954904 - Log viewer content is missing context menu, r=clokep.
fe6f8f6a7ac5dce9222de97902703032e511ef05Florian Quèze — Bug 954978 - Fix packaging of license files, and include the Apple Bonjour and the GPL licenses in about:license, r=clokep.
de498fd05d65b96a2dafc9e0359017378764686fFlorian Quèze — Bug 954955 - Aliasing a JS-XMPP buddy should store the alias on the server, r=clokep.
9035c3abf8b13c7b9f39a5edb1bf68d49018d075Florian Quèze — Bug 954907 - Port Mozilla Bug 494311 - Remove the locale from updater.ini, r=clokep.
2f48ee166b11582d2e8c4a3f80da6c65b3c66d75Patrick Cloke — Bug 954873 - Make unambiguous command prefixes work as command aliases, r=aleth.
20d21e1a10b04e841bddcc775d897524c9863482Patrick Cloke — Fix a confusing comment in irc.js, rs=florian.
b0d94b09da2f01c136463752bffd4aa5eedacd6eFlorian Quèze — Bug 741536 - IRC and XMPP connections fail when there's a system HTTP proxy, r=clokep.
f8a5b25e60b6555373d1813642ab4e019078848cFlorian Quèze — Bug 954999 - JS-XMPP should handle message type="error" stanzas instead of displaying the messages again in the conversation as incoming, r=clokep.
7a14576a7cf7ecacf42bc24bea7739178c766f18Florian Quèze — Bug 955039 - <presence type="subscribe"/> stanzas are ignored when the JID is already in the roster, r=clokep.
2d3f95d94d0b588ff89e366edb9678545178cdb5Florian Quèze — Bug 954988 - Download the user's vCard before uploading an avatar, r=clokep.
36dbb85f2399ee2d542cac4109de6a4b705cd658Florian Quèze — Bug 735642 - Move the twitter OAuth key to the preferences so that Thunderbird can use a different key, r=clokep.
a3999707002fc3da732010217dd81e88afc219ccFlorian Quèze — Bug 776528 - Chat tab title not correctly updated after closing a selected conversation. r=clokep.
71f2f9886b5ca4bdf9d1a1da7b2e2d893722582fFlorian Quèze — Bug 776474 - Make Twitter account setup less fragile. r=clokep.
03219882360fa5329df23f67e768aab10076b1f6Florian Quèze — Bug 740499 - IM conversations aren't indexed in gloda on the fly, r=asuth, clokep.
dcafe050d0c579710b8f2547cba9705568e9b607Patrick Cloke — Bug 954910 - Handle NickServ messages follow up for more cases, r=aleth.
8644fe5ce2b45ef87562b04f1e4514f151e0fba2aleth — Bug 954219 - Close tab option doesn't work properly when using the tab drop down button, r=clokep,florian.
75420928cba73b86aa4fc93f15f9588c1d3b8c6fPatrick Cloke — Bug 954910 - Handle NickServ messages when authenticating with PASS, r=florian,aleth.
191432df3bca7896b3ff3f577960233f36b31c3caleth — Bug 954884 - Only remove unread ruler when switching away from a tab if tab has been visible for a certain time, r=florian.
c7c5eff44a825ec8938186ba10620b2cb5846343aleth — Bug 954292 - Add context menu to 'conv-top', r=clokep.
5befb4f3ea9e6e14b56f6bf40bd2fc93e58f4aa8aleth — Bug 953904 - Unread status doesn't disappear when the tabbar-tab (instead of the content of the tab) had the focus when the selected tab changed, r=florian.
b34e9c364016c8f585cce39c706253d955b5a267Andreas Nilsson — Bug 768525 - Update the twitter logo, ui-r=bwinton, r=clokep.
2c1ccf6509cd24dea49de6c298a2207467bb1531Florian Janßen — Bug 953922 - Instantbird default theme has no preview image, r=Mic.
54689165b2afad6c54740ac4af82db8763720c05Patrick Cloke — Bug 954972 - Handle 432: Erroneous nickname tests, r=aleth,florian.
aae66ebd805a862443af33f52a3c933a6f058454Patrick Cloke — Bug 954983 - Remove whowas command, duplicate of whois, r=aleth.
252904c605a657ba584f8db8910c295b84a79813Andreas Nilsson — Bug 768525 - Update the twitter logo, ui-r=bwinton, rs=clokep.
641f86ecb3b15eac3f3963a0e884be8e183b8f4cFlorian Quèze — Bug 755718 - There should be an audible notification when new messages are received on IRC - add a new-directed-incoming-message notification, r=clokep.
63dfcae48a14c1769f423a8a4e409631d3570c3fFlorian Quèze — Bug 754824 - The highlight is off by a few characters in the search result view when some characters are UTF8 encoded on 4 bytes - Follow-up to only match UTF-16 surrogate halves, r=asuth.
38eddd00acf6be561459f4fcd2318cb25c0ca24dPatrick Cloke — Bug 954984 - Handle 329: RPL_CREATIONTIME, r=aleth.
452ed9c35bdfb43a65c70c2a98293a4d4a92578bFlorian Janßen — Bug 954968 - Add an exception in for the topProtocol.prpl-*.description strings, r=florian.
ab2c5ae56a339a9b034f597bd2b5345069efe525aleth — Bug 954972 - Handle 432: Erroneous nickname, r=clokep.
1282977ac1e53c422c1db73ea3a9452eea4c52daaleth — Bug 954970 - Don't reset nick at reconnect if the last nick change was user initiated, r=clokep.
5e562cae99421d5cc7eed37aa54c9352b9e6acb9aleth — Bug 954948 - Target selector context menu icons have the wrong size, r=Mic.
65bed8ebc069643783f003fca170ee38074ec76fPatrick Cloke — Bug 954728 - Unhandled IRC whois response messages 307 671 317, r=aleth.
dfb31897d9bfb7fddac0c198ba0a909d99118508aleth — Bug 954839 - Add "Your account is reconnected" system message, r=clokep,florian.
d7b0564cd88fd7031cde36b1eb593b4182b6eacePatrick Cloke — Bug 954929 - test_ctcpFormatToText and test_mIRCColor aren't executed, r=florian.
e675cd3c642e2b838db4b260c5de70d61b5b3fefPatrick Cloke — Bug 954971 - Error when attempting to read plaintext logs, r=florian.
688283053f17603a6f70845e07f07e6543001c47Florian Quèze — Bug 954702 - Missing keyboard shortcuts for "Put conversation on hold" and "Show logs", r=clokep.
c8c472a0f9d9f0c0cb603f422277fedcf50e50b1Patrick Cloke — Bug 954378 - Support for Bonjour, r=florian,Mook.
0babe2e694de028480d77120e9f199da9a378458aleth — Bug 954480 - Account window shows up on disconnect/reconnect, r=florian.
7c61df9c95e0f0b456050e83eaaec702352a5eb4Patrick Cloke — Bug 954966: Allow using a custom username for IRC, r=Mook.
9f4b07f7bae5a26c24da6fafafd8d0c20ae22c00Patrick Cloke — Bug 954951 - /invite doesn't work, r=aleth.
7024e9b2c5c3ecb53e0c9b9167af70a163b34902Patrick Cloke — Bug 954742 - Do not log channel keys when sending the JOIN command, r=aleth.
742f3470570e1c67b11cd8063df4aa10b73743dcFlorian Quèze — Bug 736437 - Chat accounts without protocol plugin aren't correctly handled, r=clokep,bienvenu.
8b377ec05d6d2e4f87627bc7701203c6ad81a1ecaleth — Bug 954937 - [Bubbles] Change link color in system messages - follow-up to use -moz-any-link instead of a in link selectors, r=florian.
e166e46c689d958af3e9b4550e132af5e6292beaaleth — Bug 954950 - Don't display the topic system message again if it hasn't changed, r=clokep,florian.
04a8819aa0c807c26cdc48e7e42189fa60e19c05aleth — Bug 953828 - Rejoin IRC channels after reconnect, r=clokep.
511c2b96d0f178b9d0d385c8baa528c7a018c791aleth — Bug 954952 - Make autojoin and "Join Chat" handle excess whitespace better, r=clokep.
10876d523c9e6a784181edc513aaf57a4338c0a4aleth — Bug 954941 - Drop target does not reappear after detaching all but one merged buddies, r=clokep.
dee1d9a2d627bc5ffa34800eacc335198d5cc372aleth — Bug 954893 - Do not send blank lines / empty messages, r=clokep.
38e006e47d94371905fe2c882596cd1b3c6a40d6Will Nayes — Bug 954872 - Typing the beginning of a protocol name listed in the top protocols should select it, r=florian.
6cb5b1fa5d75a38a1c6e1d99802fbaf6cba953ecFlorian Quèze — Remove some obsolete style rules from conversation.css.
116c4a4f91aeb840dd54648189bff6b806aabc3aFlorian Quèze — Bug 954919 - Update to Mozilla 13.0.1.
c710aae6332e392af14ff973b3772079f958215bFlorian Quèze — Bug 742793 - [JS-XMPP] Avatar changes are only visible at restart, r=clokep.
f08eba253fb7e35eca7e48740044e145cbf2626eFlorian Quèze — Bug 954816 - [JS-XMPP] Send the user's vCard, r=clokep.
d0ca23034a3d42b1dcde36389113e5c2479ef628Florian Quèze — Bug 954693 - [Accessibility] Add aria attributes to conversation views and contact groups, r=clokep.
78a795413b49dc31ebb64baf68b34407a6826dd2aleth — Bug 954937 - [Bubbles] Change link color in system messages - make links visible only when hovered, r=florian.
238eced2834aed8508802a15911df8ea508e5231aleth — Bug 954939 - Target selector not disabled when there is only one account to select from, r=clokep.
a680cec7ad2efee18da43ebfcfecf7659901ed52Florian Quèze — Remove dead code in the ibCore.jsm (the uninit method was never called), r=aleth over IRC.
ac8b54e7207ca75002baf800ad00be5fd98efa06Florian Quèze — Bug 954635 - Fix logging in to Facebook Chat when the username contains uppercase letters, r=clokep.
3db208e7e7f7abfeb697aa5125f69d2ee89df037aleth — Bug 954937 - [Bubbles] Change link color in system messages, r=clokep.
a715092dccf1faa46278649c66ee7b85aad09f40Florian Quèze — Bug 735998 - HTML entities in the latest tweet should be decoded before it is used as the topic of the timeline conversation, r=clokep.
ab08bb9b972b14df8d037b403316411150b88a12aleth — Bug 954809 - Improve the margins around the unread ruler for the Bubbles theme, r=florian.
bcff4a36718701bf8425a1d980838e431c573410Patrick Cloke — Bug 954924 - MPL 2.0 for random (mostly build system related) purple/ files, r=florian.
4b6de36900cef627d29450cbb98399c9c3bc3235aleth — Bug 954932 - Avoid attempting to connect accounts while offline, and disconnect connecting accounts when going offline, r=florian.
94b3f94cc0babd44a7ff9af671817a496e049001Patrick Cloke — Bug 954650 - Twitter Search API queries need some escaping, r=florian.
5dbf497e11cfcd605d0c1d2873835a448971c633Florian Quèze — Bug 954934 - Twitter's stream should the the moz-chunked-text XHR responseType, r=clokep.
5a364777af5c31f2b3ada1043d345fd4a433f13dFlorian Quèze — Remove reference to obsolete mozapps/content/preferences/preferences.css file.
1c502cf80dbeed326fa159d506df9f71acda61bfPatrick Cloke — Bug 954862 - Fix up order and formatting of IRC tooltips, r=aleth.
23c9ab502000d15181f42ba19bf309f497732fbdaleth — Bug 954917 - Incorrect shutdown leads to the same tweets being fetched twice, r=clokep.
a134a87fe7cb2b1a0b1aa262d5379e96d14c4875aleth — Bug 954509 - Default message styles lack context message support, r=Mic
b5a55adc2c7345568e593e8d14fbcd6caae86b01Florian Quèze — Bug 761688 - Call removeController in convbrowser.xml only if it has actually been inserted, r=clokep.
5efcaebbf7086d6dcf7365da1645556239d68264Florian Quèze — Remove nsDockTile now that it's part of the platform (upstreamed in bug 697546), r=clokep.
9c5e92bfa1bee2c2056543f674b4df5184437b0dFlorian Quèze — Bug 954811 - aContactA/B errors when buddies sign in or out, r=clokep.
4f9f35e846cae7cf6d6bee9dccaf8b9ee2a8ebbfPatrick Cloke — Bug 954906 - IRC /topic help text is incorrect, r=florian.
8f8b3045e43550cb31d6d32dd1e8832668a47a32Florian Quèze — Bug 735215 - Enable Jabber / generic XMPP protocol, r=clokep.
f2de91d58d99b6a09a757b31e6f31fd84b72b58cAndreas Nilsson — Bug 735215 - Add icons for generic XMPP, r=florian, ui-r=bwinton.
9c34e5e9ed76cc2fe5969605787453a3744bdd17Florian Quèze — Disable sps profiling on Mac universal builds as having it on i386 but not ppc makes the unify step fail.
daf6ecf8c2bf9ca27840467a83f7f1a74182dbe1Florian Quèze — Bug 954825 - Update to Mozilla 12.
0f8f4f44f25026d81208ccae4c872d9dc0e9384ealeth — Bug 954859 - Warning: GenericConvChatPrototype _init "setting a property that has only a getter", r=clokep.
513b391a26e832e0bcc370b3ba63fb34b3d98c90aleth — Bug 954912 - [Tab complete] Remove trailing ": " suffix when pressing backspace before undoing completion, r=florian.
f45b930430e62d8525795b441d016700fd5a7754Patrick Cloke — Bug 954793 - Abstract the shared methods between ircChannel and ircConversation, r=florian.
d6bf6dced08cf3015ba2134fc7465818e5426659Florian Quèze — Fix the wrapping in 2 MPL2 license headers.
d2d0dbc309ceeb62555db827dbe1c603ad913e8ePatrick Cloke — Bug 954905 - Handle a ChanServ entry message, r=florian.
a1099ec3ec7b098945b3fa10bc0a5e5e3929a09aFlorian Quèze — Fix copying the username of a message from the Bubbles message theme, r=clokep.
ccc08a17fe804811222a53ebfbfee895de727b35Florian Quèze — Send a MessagesDisplayed event from convbrowser.xml each time messages are displayed (port chat/ changes from bug 754914 and bug 759699), r=clokep.
e2835df49f17e90118906b03388084d743f54d50Gervase Markham — Bug 759808 - MPL 2 upgrade: Instantbird, r=florian.
5a1af7ad13f6b358491147d6d61085ffef6d1054Rafael Ávila de Espíndola — Bug 758688 - ensure the storage connection to blist.sqlite is always closed at shutdown, r=florian.
f88fc94569e8eebc3eef2fbf0a4754d654a0492ePatrick Cloke — Bug 954902 - Add unit tests for building IRC messages, r=florian.
d8dee5613614a45c0e0bae6eb16670028fe0d0bePatrick Cloke — Bug 954901 - Fix failing test from bug 954880, r=florian.
bc595db2b8210134626d0579d32478a2c4b6beafFlorian Quèze — Disable tests on the mac buildbot mozconfigs, as they fail on the PPC builder.
34e4ff7435c77e8e4de049e3ac142fd8d05ce27eFlorian Quèze — Run our xpcshell tests during 'make distribution' on our buildbot slaves.
81c66af90e6d674254f3dbbff3ef6857494d0513aleth — Bug 954896 - [Tab complete] List possible completions only on second tab press when pinged, r=florian.
33bc90dc54d94d0a769033e090b437170790a9caPatrick Cloke — Bug 954899 - Clearing the topic doesn't update the UI and instead displays the previous topic in a system message, r=florian.
998bc4ec06132b00c2354e40bd2ee037dff02ccdaleth — Bug 954880 - Reset nick when reconnecting and ensure conversations are notified of nick changes, r=clokep.
13ce606c1f6eb90f2564c06c28245972437fea4bBenedikt Pfeifer — Bug 953853 - [Accessibility] Add accessible text for the status icons and other purely graphical info, r=clokep.
2edeb6a0e10a25593f3fd64cb81a176c37d4956fPatrick Cloke — Follow-up to Bug 953761 - Check if topic on IRC channels is editable and make UI respond accordingly, r=aleth.
7ce3a3aaae816192d405f87c0cf3c5e34b8277beFlorian Quèze — Bug 954898 - The first connection attempt of new accounts with non-default settings shouldn't be aborted immediately, r=clokep.
b68dab10267f787a558f44afa9f116b48a526afdFlorian Quèze — Bug 954897 - this._proxyCancel is null error from socket.jsm, r=clokep.
fadf5baa954552dff5e8f883c6788dcf7687614bFlorian Quèze — Bug 954888 - IRC accounts connected through SSL cause random hangs, r=clokep.
723daa164f74a53112df84c02585bd07b42c551fPatrick Cloke — Bug 953761 - Check if topic on IRC channels is editable and make UI respond accordingly, r=aleth,florian.
6d7ecebcf28b99c00783db8b5b34dd5b697d3f1fBenedikt Pfeifer — Bug 954506 - Improve look of contact drop target, r=florian.
deaab9e75e2e17c339fe70b6d92649a911a5ea08Benedikt Pfeifer — Bug 954883 - Make initialization state of Core available and send notification when initialization finishes, r=florian.
ee834142ac49caeca686448ec8472518a08c578ePatrick Cloke — Bug 954881 - Stop requesting WHOIS information when offline, r=florian.
22f2b3560ebfc2f95e274ace1181a0d304362a17aleth — Bug 954868 - Switching status from OFFLINE to UNAVAILABLE actually sets status to AVAILABLE, r=clokep.
e3b9b0f8ef2a42ce635cbe5b50c208f774adffe0Patrick Cloke — Bug 954876 - IRC messages that need a : for the last parameter broken, r=aleth.
a7065a4bf1f72eed647c3ac7e05b02016c5c3334Florian Quèze — Bug 954870 - Summary page empty due to Top Protocols page modifications (fix regression from bug 954826), r=wnayes.
79841f5d7ccc44dbcf22c91efd0874ae55b09402Will Nayes — Bug 954826 - Suggest popular protocols during account creation, r=florian.
9523938b4a9c47589dcb52829ab468bd124ad850aleth — Bug 954815 - Unread ruler confusing when coming back to conversation with no new messages, r=Mic.
d51b72c7a4b4ace41f7ca5d96a6617fedf0e566baleth — Bug 954740 - "Adding a chat buddy twice" errors (JS-IRC sending bad chat-buddy-add notifications), r=clokep.
18925dd128f38fd5bd17db7991c6863889648e35Patrick Cloke — Bug 954803 - Support WATCH and MONITOR for IRC, r=aleth.
1efe15733db55021ef14912cd1e2fb1fd364e254Florian Quèze — Bug 742644 - IRC's username empty text ('and server') in the Chat Account Wizard is confusing, r=clokep, ui-r=bwinton.
b187ffef2582f0e343fb1398ab8d439a48a8e584Florian Quèze — Bug 754824 - fix charCodeToByteCount to correctly handle UTF8 characters coded on 4 bytes, r=asuth, r=clokep over IRC.
a926170eb6577b2bf3cfb30db8a5ea564c3c6dc7Patrick Cloke — Bug 954843 - Handle (dis)connects better in IRC, r=florian.
5ee10b1476384ec83d81e5554a176b024dc3d1c8Florian Quèze — Bug 735219 - Fix conflict between BigFile and Twitter's http.jsm files, r=bienvenu.
be48f94b7b41443373cfcbe385d767ee25a796b6Florian Quèze — Adapt imTextboxUtils.jsm (with ifdefs) to use the Thunderbird specific spellchecker preference when built for Thunderbird, r=clokep.
bd166fe26b1108534c501475b4ad9b6425743f49Jim Porter — Bug 747800 - Fix code causing |Warning: function xyz does not always return a value|; r=standard8
54ddc922321bae4d98c821375cba5d95095e4426Florian Quèze — Bug 954864 - Failure to start when there's less than 500MB of free disk space, r=clokep.
c595a78f44c93ac9db77665090e3049c1d30b64baleth — Bug 954787 - No user feedback when sending a message in a conversation of an offline account, r=florian.
bd35dc84f505fd4ee79e8f1fa64d594b781d6f03aleth — Bug 954850 - Unread ruler should also appear after last context message, r=florian.
dbc1205dfdab10da13fc03674001405455079098Benedikt Pfeifer — Bug 954568 - Log date is not translated, r=florian.
c39a2305ce2b0fa0efe5985795d84c105402d797Patrick Cloke — Bug 954853 - No/incorrect error message when joining a channel fails, r=aleth.
4c13eca224d5a2f8133c5d49bd8106236d0f4965aleth — Bug 954556 - Tooltips of IRC contacts don't show whois information, r=florian.
ded9c14ffd41c856ce5824161665d2c3e61bab78Florian Quèze — Bug 954784 - Put back the version number in the default IRC quit message, r=clokep.
bcad7b2156ec40cd15a73bed07dd77f3c8b01578Florian Quèze — Bug 954851 - JS-XMPP MUCs are duplicated after rejoining, r=clokep.
774be1ec376600356644ff51e59cfb71688f68cealeth — Bug 954850 - display the unread ruler at the correct place even if messages were queued for asynchronous display when the first unread message arrived, r=florian.
525a2362fb0889360d39b004348d2156ce6bde5caleth — Bug 954791 - Add unread ruler to section scroll, r=florian.
acbd7aa6d8028017ded01e15ab24e9ab2cb456a4aleth — Bug 954844 - [Tab Complete] Pressing tab while cursor is in a nickname produces garbage - follow-up to fix regressions, r=florian.
6abe62d35209332f92b13f28c30ddfaff352a964Benedikt Pfeifer — Bug 954690 - Replace JS animation code in messagestyle themes by CSS, r=florian.
2d612ae1ba9373b19917437f5b0df501ddffb2b0aleth — Bug 954840 - follow-up to avoid adding several times the same nick when double clicking messages, r=florian.
811d159a00ce03aa78ceba1eabebbf4cce3058d6Patrick Cloke — Bug 954800 - Inform the user when attempting to send a message to an offline nick, r=aleth,florian.
4584d984195ac41b7376694504ba9642d082ed91aleth — Bug 954840 - Reply-to-nick: Multiple nicks and compatibility with tab complete, r=florian.
e02d2b5fb67e3484f2e45a6fdd3b604461dac85aaleth — Bug 954844 - [Tab Complete] Pressing tab while cursor is in a nickname produces garbage, r=florian.
4a624a9ae2cbbe340327bd0d420f1a367cb48b37aleth — Bug 954674 - JSON log viewer scrolls to end of conversation on opening log, r=florian.
1f8a6ab05a17e582c665cede273d5562de8fce46Benedikt Pfeifer — Bug 954692 - "Paper Sheets": use media queries for conditional CSS instead of JS, r=clokep.
32cf1768ab9129c2cda3a2b1e535bfc1ad9f7ba9aleth — Bug 954829 - [Tab Complete] Does not cycle through inactive nicks, r=clokep,florian.
8993496d40409d17d488c4e5aed3084f5751c9faaleth — Bug 954614 - Fix 'Warning: reference to undefined property this.changeTargetCommand' in conversation.xml, r=clokep.
938254e4855f8da68f58358735717d5546ea8762aleth — Bug 954834 - [Tab complete] Don't add trailing space to completions in the middle of the line, r=clokep.
f0b27cc3b65f8d35aff972e4f607aadda4515287aleth — Bug 954824 - Warning: reference to undefined property this._lastScrollHeight - fix bustage caused by 2eeb8a68d5a3, r=florian.
0fa99a7d325df5fc9a83d372180c9dc8d92106a7aleth — Bug 954824 - Warning: reference to undefined property this._lastScrollHeight, r=clokep.
9f99663641ed1b2979bbde0cc6ee3b3333969a11aleth — Bug 954828 - [Tab Complete] Do not allow a nick to be completed multiple times, r=clokep.
aa02fe0720cc7806a452a04d70e3e5713ca2358daleth — Bug 954830 - [Tab Complete] Cycling backwards through list of completions, r=clokep,florian.
bfa80eda85c4721fdf9f8d7b0db29a6d81752205aleth — Bug 954833 - [Tab complete] Regression: Don't take the first active nick when there is more than one active nick, r=florian.
7354dcf96454366f20200f807515dfc782f8bc07Patrick Cloke — Bug 954813 - Avoid sending empty nicks when changing modes with tab complete, r=aleth.
82ecebcd11c51531d6226d38c4f1c77eba4a74fbBenedikt Pfeifer — Bug 954790 - [Message style selector] Warning: Undefined property this._name, r=clokep.
08a288a2c40a10f6b466813c734c16cdb3d3a7f7Patrick Cloke — Bug 954737 - /mode messages don't work on JS-IRC - follow-up to handle more cases, r=aleth.
6b77355430089c616cc2813f7a068aad9d4e8275Benedikt Pfeifer — Bug 954268 - Addon manager doesn't persist size and position, r=clokep.
a46569826b5bd9ddae08d3812a7b27f0a53b9a63aleth — Bug 954820 - [Tab complete] Smart Undo and Cycle through alternative completions, r=florian.
96c078404927ce5ae2d98271811a5319361e5a48Florian Quèze — Bug 747743 - Mojibake in context menus on the chat conversation, r=clokep.
7de07aacc62dfb9e093a03f85fde97a493db0b70aleth — Bug 954753 - Follow-up to 81717e6f64bd to fix some bustage when opening a private IRC conversation, r=florian.
4eefd75e1e35651f0a56f321cf616faf4f2dc06bPatrick Cloke — Bug 954807 - CTCP ERRMSG is handled poorly, r=florian.
d6beb3dd16102020f54977fe6fce99cb6b29cc5dPatrick Cloke — Bug 954758 - Stop trying to send the action command if an empty message is given, r=aleth.
4246797c730249266cd98279d08862261c3a62f1Patrick Cloke — Bug 954806 - QUIT command with no message causes an error, r=florian.
ceb9c9014fa824810c5e5ca31ece373e3bf139a3aleth — Bug 954293 - Add reading position marker line to conversation, r=florian.
a250bd3ccca7695e73ef183e93dacff6c66dc611Patrick Cloke — Bug 954737 - /mode messages don't work on JS-IRC, r=florian.
330250307698a389af89985b184abc57f83f6788Patrick Cloke — Bug 954738 - Joining a password protected IRC channel via password set in autojoin doesn't work with JS-IRC, r=aleth.
db11edae39e05dde3ffbd7ede7c6175510854a70aleth — Bug 954753 - Display name is lower case for IRC DMs, r=clokep,florian.
2f6dcec4a1e5feac47cac2770e2f08d4ad28849ePatrick Cloke — Bug 954780 - Replace alphabetic increment of last letter on nick collision, r=aleth,florian.
a9aedeb34b6e05d5551831d1a22263a66d168c57aleth — Bug 954735 - Update the status of IRC contacts immediately when we know they they joined or leaved a channel where we are, r=clokep.
113bb819f296a38baa91d06632cf2039061725c7Patrick Cloke — Bug 954735 - IRC contacts don't get their status updated when no IRC contact is online, r=florian.
33f75d056a6642eb4b3b2a25ab026e9271c2cde0Benedikt Pfeifer — Bug 954794 - Contact list position on new profile wrong when Windows user has taskbar on top of the screen, r=florian.
9bde51f24390d168369e87a2e85203ba57a595d7Benedikt Pfeifer — Bug 954713 - Sending typing notifications even tho the option for it is disabled, r=florian.
171ea20a4c5b3f9f49a7c9396f3dc5589e89f261aleth — Bug 954762 - Tab complete: Be smart about multiple completions, r=florian.
23bcdfcbba1971e3fa4f1d623eeb330668380ef2aleth — Bug 954761 - Tab complete: prefer sender of the last ping, r=florian.
9d2651c85a7d72d1cd52cc019baaff2616a3aab5aleth — Bug 954746 - Own nickname (for pings) detection broken, r=clokep,florian.
c0b9a8532a8816f603eedd37db68e429bb47e2fbaleth — Bug 954764 - Implement /whois and /whowas commands, r=clokep,florian.
b8e1cdff538fc02e8b768f49c3a1fe507831281bPatrick Cloke — Bug 740749 - Starting a conversation with an IRC contact does not remove it from the online contacts list. r=florian
cc3f19e73451329a6d9bb8eb5e89bec46e247be8OHZEKI Tetsuharu — Bug 740680 - TB-IM: Remove #! from copying Twitter's tweet url. r=clokep
9dee68bd35e4cfaad9425998a2a0454e2ffab417Andreas Nilsson — Bug 737466 - The Twitter icon should be their bird logo rather than a "t". r=florian, r,ui-r=bwinton
d6358f7776d335c19edb4b35206db0271ecf83fbFlorian Quèze — Fix Windows crash when playing a sound (since moz11 update 16ba4b39b811) by including gkmedias.dll in the package. Port of bug 709721 from mozilla-central.
dfe5c66c382ee7e1b4fc6d46eb52e0adc5ba8ccfFlorian Quèze — Bug 954788 - JS-protocols should close their conversations and remove their buddies when they are removed, r=clokep.
e9db22a3e65048078ace4d31cec2f5548197c951Florian Quèze — Bug 954785 - Tray icon missing on Linux after moz11 update (port a change from upstream mintrayr).
30d6509d985893c2b07700a76b629f592bff768dFlorian Quèze — Bug 954782 - Update to Mozilla 11.
fee12b37e267071af7b4176072ec5028af896f52aleth — Bug 954740 - Errors on joining channel: 'Adding a chat buddy twice': improve the error message to help debugging, r=florian.
bd5e231ace6a50d58368dfa82cbf1d9384aa5351aleth — Bug 954725 - Tooltip improvements for IRC: tweak the order of tooltip lines, r=clokep.
39ec33d8a35d79880c75cd2904b6c1f11c5c24c3aleth — Bug 954759 - Commands are "not supported" when missing parameters or returning false, r=clokep.
2c26a112579c2e693c1230fd8aa34b31ccccef58aleth — Bug 954760 - /msg <nick> should open an empty conversation tab: Follow-up to 2ea0ec22990e to fix the case of trailing whitespace after a nick, r=clokep.
c85c86898d1b6b76de90e884421067112c4dd915Patrick Cloke — Bug 954723 - Source displayed in "entered the room" system messages for JS-IRC is too verbose, r=florian.
cd112a1d4e16b82ab4bb30c932629831a9968f02Florian Quèze — Bug 954716 - Update to Mozilla 10.
2fbaf72ac568ea10d9bfc704fe9d60bea1700c29Florian Quèze — Fix the account properties dialog in the case where the protocol plugin is missing, r=clokep.
51fe1cde58479000b734bc96a56767cb2cf761d9Florian Quèze — Fix bustage from 3d80c9187ca2.
e4e612fcae9d0e5181a5543ed17f705a83a3de71Florian Quèze — Improved localization notes in chat/ and fixed the message, r=clokep.
f833aba382ee0ae7bea34c66c3b5bc063fa35701Florian Quèze — Cleanup chat l10n stuff.
13a68f07582f9543c505ae76eb9359afe396d451Florian Quèze — Add usernameEmptyText for JS-IRC and JS-Gtalk, r=clokep.
07aa75a7557cfa2b25dfbd07c14eff120134b3dcFlorian Quèze — Address Blake's comment in the review of the chat strings (bug 714733), r=clokep.
e7a1fd10e045731d3089265ffbb93ad342a8c0b7Florian Quèze — Use a docshell-less document in imContentSink.jsm.
fae7bb032b05ce408092f0e94b88dd0c53a791fcPatrick Cloke — Bug 954725 - Tooltip improvements for IRC, r=florian.
ed7b791a16c0c70bfa4b465826c2fdcd7ae4cfadPatrick Cloke — More XXX comment changes in the IRC code.
f7caa93f74ca4d95412800222deecaceb9a2e048Florian Quèze — Add a getSimilarLogs method to imILogger to enumerate all the logs in the same folder.
8fa2710152f256e0a647446dd0e7dbce0d26ed40aleth — Bug 954760 - /msg <nick> should open an empty conversation tab, r=clokep.
39d9b3cd6f2dde69664b51240582c4e1860289dbBenedikt Pfeifer — Bug 954705 - Pressing 'Enter' on a participant in the list doesn't start a private chat, r=clokep.
96a97a32811c3b224b8e09e41e1372e7178a6b40Florian Quèze — Bug 954597 - Accessibility: Add a title to the chat log document in the conversation window, r=Mic.
54e04eabf28d0e59538ffb8198fc26b0e0208ed3Patrick Cloke — Avoid trying to parse CTCP time response because JS Dates lose all timezone information, r=florian.
f9862b82860589fbf60a01001a83ac44ab86f56bPatrick Cloke — Reduce the number of XXX comments in ircBase.jsm to please bienvenu (see bug 714733), r=florian.
a4d622b5d5b5bae50afbec57d88db6bb2c4dff7fFlorian Quèze — Send the account-removed notification after removing the account from the account list, r=clokep.
1ba6095d073a3a3fb3c543e54961fe36fe1ea39fFlorian Quèze — Fix spelling of 'attachment' in comments.
09260adfef0fa57f3cfb4052370512367c97f30dFlorian Quèze — Disable the OK button of the 'Add Buddy' dialog when the username input box is empty, r=clokep.
c0498aec3bd73132d8f7a13631c8c31ed61bad63aleth — Bug 954731 - Remove explicit fonts from default message styles, r=clokep.
53470b4da0e87fc325660b94e11c9b2e7810751aPatrick Cloke — Bug 954735 - IRC contacts don't get their status updated, r=aleth,florian.
890e06d0b0c673d13474f65e3ceef92dac7d465bPatrick Cloke — Bug 954752 - The CTCP time response is calling the wrong property when localizing, r=florian.
7c6a593448e3abf1aa2a7785e3bba6b9c352e077aleth — Bug 954302 - Contacts window forgets screen position when closed, r=clokep.
bc5ea54f2636a8dba4f8df91d16b84b2fab578f5aleth — Bug 954748 - Input/output error on quit when closing Instantbird, r=clokep.
0cc308ab3532a84f11a9a78e2098c9687ad0313eFlorian Quèze — Auto-joined chats should be handled by imAccounts.js rather than ibCore.jsm, r=clokep.
788c125bb6ae7f4e5ce726a9368d8277f2e48cb3Florian Quèze — Avoid firing the 'ui-conversation-closed' notification twice for the same conversation.
2566893ca20f2b7b9a711b61f802dd50ab5c20edFlorian Quèze — When disconnecting a JS-XMPP account, forget the resources of all buddies.
2d483e3862c36fe664ee349d10205c9b93ff4c34Florian Quèze — Follow-up to bug 954206: remove some dead code.
b91764d7246ed57cb3793ef129c86328387a682fFlorian Quèze — Rename the 'finishRemoveNode' method of the contact.xml binding to 'destroy' in an attempt to make this code less confusing, rs=clokep.
7171ee7ad61643af6da9fad88bdfce22617b3315Florian Quèze — Bug 954610 - Regression: renamed contacts disappear from list, r=clokep.
43cd7de17a854dba26cbd6cc410b6dae1e2c578aPatrick Cloke — Bug 954732 - Server message when closing tab of an already parted MUC, r=florian.
7ed35d212dda2d343736bdfd1009e5045fb4715bPatrick Cloke — Bug 954727 - Remove the double 'Quit: ' from quit messages, r=florian.
7055e81e06a0536197bcda603c25d14c9a43b6deFlorian Quèze — Follow-up to bug 953944: rephrase obsolete comment, r=clokep.
651d73c16c5cf802f7040fc36ff31040de6c3ffbPatrick Cloke — Bug 953944 - Implement IRC in JavaScript, r=florian.
78159a65573df8ce633e5a96334d276ba614d131Florian Quèze — Bug 954714 - fix handling of the offline status when necko thinks it isn't connected, r=clokep.
d1583e0ed671c984d0897a97717bbc31fdf86ddfaleth — Bug 954683 - First listitem in log viewer never shows that it is selected, r=florian.
a01655ef4da58f1e1f7fc0552f02c9e86134b9e8Florian Quèze — Rename account.css to menulist.css, r=aleth (over IRC).
a175d2164978dc84e49667591b2fca25dc399058Florian Quèze — Bug 954637 - Propertly UTF8 encode string preferences, r=clokep.
8055c0b8eb017fc888c5d98efa928a959a5f9c97Florian Quèze — Bug 954682 - part 2 - Show buddy authorization requests for JS-XMPP, r=clokep.
be6b7cca72ea0c49bd998abb0238818a3d7093fdFlorian Quèze — Bug 954682 - Implement adding/removing buddies in JS-XMPP, r=clokep.
05fdb440864513a3f694b15d688004c773a27a78Florian Quèze — Fix the test for anchors without href in convbrowser.xml.
a89262652b9e6c5267c0d07fcbbe443895b5b627Florian Quèze — Escape HTML special characters for contact names displayed in conversations, r=clokep.
5518d3802159a9da7d7c81ca4a715c5c6c2d0da3aleth — Bug 954687 - Remove timestamp tooltip from URLs, r=florian.
6ac6c33c45bb7bc0eb6d8a81cbfa4856f24a3eebFlorian Quèze — Cleanup convZoom.js, r=aleth.
48096f4ef3a84829eee5e63dd6e49643974e6213Florian Quèze — Remove the MOZ_CRASHREPORTER ifdefs in our code.
fe56161b9db02cb27f8800c7ff006bdceb999b71Florian Quèze — Ensure the front-end can use the aSubject parameter of the user-info-received notification however it wants.
895dd034c3dd159f46a09c8b61ce5b88a74d17a7Florian Quèze — Use 'const' consistently (instead of a mix of const/let/var) for the EXPORTED_SYMBOLS symbol of JS modules.
08230f5588302df76dd59025bef31122e8ebd78aFlorian Quèze — Stop using NSPR types for integers in chat/ idl files.
198c9ae2f845e6befd27322346d1d179507a1811Florian Quèze — Cleanup of the chat/ directory, based mostly on bienvenu's review comments in bug 714733.
adf88824ec53638d10974d0dac1a70ffd21fb911Florian Quèze — Use brandShortName instead of 'instantbird' as the default XMPP resource.
81350bb71b3b2405fa51394dacff9a15a1c11b8eFlorian Quèze — Rename the logger contractid ( ->, like in 1c6fbc25f7fc.
1568e64c3275db36df0ce10aba07a42f7e97f3e9Florian Quèze — Back out e9129718bf4e now that our Windows build slave has a correct Direct X SDK.
b5dea6012482a9cba299cbf8e2cf99ada87ff25eFlorian Quèze — Remove -j4 from the Windows buildbot mozconfigs, as gmake randomly fails with it.
a0e8ee46904ca46db1420aae673a190399bfd804Florian Quèze — Rename the contract ids of XPCOM components living in chat/ to names that are suitable for use in Thunderbird ( ->
8a5c9b35ed654bffae73b833f9f8d0288475cf1caleth — Bug 954594 - Focus contact window on 'Restore' in tray context menu, r=clokep.
7b0eb55d089ee97e3c6a43e5edcc7bc73c067ad2aleth — Bug 954666 - Improve keyboard navigation, r=florian.
dcb8f1d714e387d3c58ea8cb38472b68b0541eddFlorian Quèze — Fix shutdown crash @ purple_connection_get_state.
2e22f35a357569ba24f3109c8d6726b5218e3925aleth — Bug 954675 - Only show progress bar when necessary, r=florian.
36621ac71303f0c9eddf487d10419621baa38fdealeth — Bug 954451 - Quit warning is hidden when conversation window lacks focus, r=clokep.
a2a44dff8a5ff8e713da001888ace6f1128ed3eeFlorian Quèze — Bug 953875 - Use toolkit password manager, r=clokep.
2f998822f3aad6793c97ba2e6b1306f5d7dab091Florian Quèze — Fix the ib rule of
6eff20a4f25d314c0edca61277bfb6c167c6703bFlorian Quèze — Bug 954452 - Avoid shutdown crash when some JS code holds a reference to a purpleAccountBuddy instance after libpurple is uninitialized.
5c6c9d5a540b5c07d438b8e155d3d77c11d8a60ePatrick Cloke — Bug 954667 - sortComparator is sometimes called with the contact element instead of the contact object, r=florian.
abc3bc15fe428e55cba1691d245df21cb693fb4fFlorian Quèze — Remove the whispered prplIMessage attribute, as it wasn't used and caused a warning in logger.js (because jsProtoHelper didn't implement it), r=clokep.
b74cabf0c61559bd5aab4deabe2ae4f85320074fFlorian Quèze — Ensure scrolling to the previous section always centers a non system message.
d2e0b992749dd1b5724a1bb60844e786f0ff9786aleth — Bug 954641 - Make section scroll symmetric, r=florian.
798d0f7e6171b3d67d7491b7e98b6d8cbd02160fPatrick Cloke — Bug 954118 - Handle deleting messages on twitter, r=florian.
53359932c156375ae2b23b14351281caf73d74efFlorian Quèze — Return early instead of throwing when attempting to initialize the imCore several times (this simplifies some code for Thunderbird).
005aeeec08d0228f4a37fa1de503b11d0c3ccf91Florian Quèze — Add a way to build a Log from an nsIFile (useful for indexing logs by crawling the logs directory).
cb2a4107127578f9d6811399de90fafa98044a91Patrick Cloke — Bug 954648 - update copyright year to 2012, r=florian.
7414b0c30a46653f506b17636ebfab07a9bfe541Florian Quèze — Log conversations in a JSON-based format.
e38f877fcfe8b28a397f92c48832b83f088f2fddFlorian Quèze — Bug 954618 - display conversation messages in chunks of no more than 40ms to avoid blocking the UI thread; display a progress bar if we need to display messages in several chunks.
bfeb1dc9931fb191be262c23c68ae1070435d4a7Florian Quèze — Fix aero packaging.
f5acee57fa79bbf087d64bbde5786bd8b6ff9caeFlorian Quèze — Avoid crash caused by 033dfcf2e107.
db8bc10c718b8d9877593d3d25da2dcdf1566348Florian Quèze — Bug 954193 - reorganize purplexpcom - move files (mostly icons) around so that chat/ doesn't depend on chrome://instantbird/.
ac087a70708f3b9eb52e92dbefd4dda30f826118Florian Quèze — Bug 954644 - contact status icons not shown on the Windows aero theme (regression from bug 954561).
d95278adf5fe031863912c9a35581f9ebbac190bFlorian Quèze — Bug 954193 - reorganize purplexpcom - package chat locale files in chrome://chat/locale instead of chrome://purple/locale.
8ca2ad889fafc873eedd4d9feaac88f86782db26Florian Quèze — Avoid leaking JS conversations.
fc0c9d417a1b591b321b1ed3455a97f216b09c4fFlorian Quèze — Fix JS-XMPP to not leak XML parsers.
8f1e127abaa9592ff674d5a75f6682b610ce3439Florian Quèze — Avoid shutdown errors when conversations were still opened.
9700ffdc8b6784e645dc2d6eb345809faa65b620Florian Quèze — Disconnect JS-XMPP accounts when they are uninitialized.
c567b7444fa34c5766abe551a72db22dc44f9c3fFlorian Quèze — Correctly disable account manager buttons when going offline.
4a7b8c84cfe696011fa98d5e4c3384da8c45de82Patrick Cloke — Bug 954631 - Only notify prplIAccounts of status changes when enabled, r=florian.
0261aa7ee7ac90f7e0b8fa19b1d0e6b9032d8a63Florian Quèze — Avoid infinite recursion if an unread-message-count-changed observer calls markAsRead.
4bcacb1bf982102b6e3a8fddbe0507491c83355aFlorian Quèze — Cr is used but not defined in imXPCOMUtils.jsm.
b1cff8756c439e0a11ca5dc03fd32ed975e14284Florian Quèze — Fix the jsTest protocol plugin for compatibility with the changes from bug 954193.
ae06db3dc83aa814654a936146e1fb524fc1d486Florian Quèze — Move the default values of logging prefs from purple-prefs.js to chat-prefs.js.
3cc4ee85565ac613164515b25c147182660f10c4Florian Quèze — Bug 954193 - Reorganize purplexpcom - Handle connection info changes in imAccounts.js instead of in the UI, r=clokep.
e98852fd541bcde21e01230a3d704f0a264e26e7aleth — Bug 954467 - Scrolling to the first unread message is too difficult, r=florian.
e78ad173aedbcc7e7495bcd28a46ebd334fbaf14aleth — Bug 954617 - No tab completion after brackets etc... r=florian.
57edda86e0c3b6b91b6dd2465186f2bae84520cealeth — Bug 954561 - Contact list CSS inheritance cleanup, r=florian.
b9f20f642eb2d2db613a14b5e6c5cd45a8de4502Florian Quèze — Bug 954636 - buddy icons missing in JS-XMPP messages, r=clokep.
5d9b9d3fe2a488da27b9ab20f88ab6f4311ac4e4Florian Quèze — Bug 954635 - Handle the password as an UTF8 string for the DIGEST-MD5 SASL method of JS-XMPP, r=clokep.
680c5ab5595240be2b870f058cd668d4a9a518caPatrick Cloke — Bug 954193 - Reorganize purplexpcom - Move imIStatusInfo and imITagsService/imITag to separate files, r=florian.
d90e1667cecc2c464e322ccae26265439c5f5f93Florian Quèze — Bug 954532 - Authorization loop if the lastMessageId preference has an invalid value for a Twitter account, r=clokep.
f46d1b896caed92f2a86ee6b11cdbdaef1afd1beFlorian Quèze — Bug 954614 - Fix 'reference to undefined property' warnings from imThemes.jsm, r=clokep.
f2a4d0ccbd4926b7aa170ad106a90e7a4327f677aleth — Bug 954614 - Fix 'Reference to undefined property' JS warnings in buddytooltip.xml, blist.js and account.xml, r=florian.
c597c2eb65f622723ccb8aa310cfa1f5d57e94d8Florian Quèze — 'undefined' proposed as status text when switching back to an online status from the UI at the top of the contacts window after being offline.
4bb5a1a646035107e8371dc1860ae6535a50542fFlorian Quèze — Move the default preferences of all-instantbird.js that are used by code in chat/ to chat/chat-prefs.js.
3403ada304e335105a015de19cae7535a58f94ddFlorian Quèze — Fix handling of the default value of boolean advanced account preferences in the account wizard.
1afad8d7966c0bc952854d1e042594314ca6cc7bFlorian Quèze — Stop using utilities.js for the account manager, r=clokep.
5aa45651396ddf77a52502301d967837c3b928ddFlorian Quèze — Reconnect JS-XMPP accounts automatically when the user is back online.
1d9d3e80fd8c281fa1b2e7e04ee02072837bc8b1Florian Quèze — Bug 954193 - part 3 - mass rename purpleI XPCOM interfaces to prplI (except the purpleIProxy* interfaces), r=clokep.
d89b12dedece87c6ce9d0ebadfbe878660967987Florian Quèze — Bug 954614 - Fix 'reference to undefined property' warnings in accountWizard.js, r=aleth.
e6e65ceac1df0d672baf375659f001ca75953dc2Florian Quèze — Fix removing the statusText of a JS-XMPP buddy.
b3f560c1484bf872f0d604856781678ee7c41db8Florian Quèze — Bug 954603 - Add a JavaScript implementation of the XMPP protocol; use it for Google Talk and Facebook Chat. Based on the code developed by Varuna JAYASIRI for Google Summer of Code 2011. Partial reviews by Mook, clokep, aleth, Mic.
88e2f1caaf2502d76d24938104bb5eea7f369a4eFlorian Quèze — Bug 954614 - 'Reference to undefined property' JS warnings in account.xml, conversation.xml and tabbrowser.xml.
ba819a44106e670224eb8b006061e664ec098e68aleth — Bug 954614 - 'Reference to undefined property' JS warnings in accounts.js, r=florian.
788184b31c27210da9f95536530b2fc73471fb1fFlorian Quèze — Fix the win32 buildbot mozconfigs for compatibility with MSVC10.
4ea81fd21d518db1188492e461757702473a883aFlorian Quèze — Bug 954195 - JS-Socket fails to properly handle SSL error (+ a few other bug fixes in socket.jsm), r=clokep.
1400e0b1ffaa28cc0cf6abca8835e7c5b2ca093cFlorian Quèze — Report an error in the console for another kind of blist.sqlite corruption.
63813fc45ea5d999ff2b2b42b20fbdbfd070f861Florian Quèze — Bug 954614 - Warning: reference to undefined property this._findField in findbar.xml.
1b6b77033a857f90b2721ce41a4393f08e46f994aleth — Bug 954616 - Warning: _showOffline undefined in group.xml, r=florian.
08a545033c0a957d1dd1560f39c7ac9af0301fb5Florian Quèze — Bug 954402 - Avoid duplicating account_buddy database entries (with broken prpls) and ensure account-buddy notifications are always forwarded to a buddy.
f8fe47fec6b749505bb743971d2d7e7664bfabf4aleth — Bug 954615 - Warning: this.mCurrentConversation undefined, r=florian.
9a4571c64f156b6cdc107ebfd255a30856dd9b71aleth — Bug 954609 - Remove occasional warning on tab completion, r=florian.
5fd5bb4d9fb83d8d6492fd3f22955e2974af3415aleth — Bug 954606 - Own nickname shouldn't block completion of another, r=florian.
c2242062c52935711fe1243190ab0f2a95a1bcb3aleth — Bug 954591 - Follow-up to bug 954545: names not matched when alias is set, r=florian.
c5e8dcc04587bb22ff859027409336afc8884ed0Florian Quèze — Bug 954612 - Add a preference default value that is now required by the add-on manager (fix regression from the recent update to Mozilla 8).
7d9ec338d4ec4fbf2d8dcf1baad7153e278e2f2bFlorian Quèze — Bug 954611 - fix packaging (follow-up to bug 954593 - update to Mozilla 9).
11a3ae8c569139e0200f215fa538873ea09cb1dcFlorian Quèze — Fix breakage of twitter caused by the update to Mozilla 8.
905259b60ab85072ca9e0220f16dd1b51854bad5Florian Quèze — Follow-up to bug 954601 (favor active nicks in completion) to unbreak the completion of commands in IM conversations, r=aleth.
5b4c47c0ac536ed78615a41a8f4c30da277b7504Florian Quèze — Fix bustage caused by bug 616999.
d26de274f22c45501743b1ae7aa0184c85e28aa4Florian Quèze — Bug 954593 - Update to Mozilla 9 (based on attachment 990 from Quentin Raynaud).
0d0ca0533998f4bf027952b6ab8df6fd58fc03e5Quentin Raynaud — Bug 954595 - disable angle on Windows until we have a new compile VM, r=florian.
48d11f055f81945a4b1638ce4d796bfe139f236eQuentin Raynayd — Bug 954593 - Update to Mozilla 8.0, r=florian.
e6e9b2de78983241369a47415db88b11f2028203Florian Quèze — Avoid issues with the hasOwnProperty nickname.
b521d3e38f042107752822a8c6cb94cf65a56cebaleth — Bug 954601 - Make tab completion favor active nicks, r=florian.
43aa38d32a4e59e0a92e75a9639af0dc3bd1360cFlorian Quèze — Bug 954604 - Throw a descriptive error message when the expected id of a JS protocol doesn't match the one the implementation knows + add some comments on the addBuddy/loadBuddy methods.
5731ec112c89891e03611dff2fcc9494966c1a58Florian Quèze — Add a default value for the color attribute in GenericMessagePrototype (fixes a CSS warning visible in Simple and Papersheets message style previews), r=clokep.
b56b88bf83fcd606519eb2febf7af07f53caa582Florian Quèze — Follow-up to bug 954193: correctly select a free account id.
2a9e89ebb6150ee7814da8e9ac73ed4e8c9a9ce0Florian Quèze — Follow-up to bug 954193: fix the parameters of the example getAccount method of GenericProtocolPrototype, r=clokep.
473a0024e60ea73613454617b364de2dbeabc3dbFlorian Quèze — Bug 954600 - Follow-up to bug 954193: fix the fake account used to display message style previews so that it has a statusInfo attribute.
c4e25dbdb11d9b4ed2d11eab482e8b6c82db58c3Florian Quèze — Follow-up to bug 954193 - fix auto-reconnect timer times.
fed7e418cc86f6afbd07a5253c68c124abe6cb86v17al — Bug 954206 - Use a sortComparator function on groups to allow easy changing of the order of contacts, r=florian.
302987eca345342fbc86cfcb081c49652504bf1baleth — Bug 954557 - Some minor conversation CSS improvements, r=florian.
027cb371d4e7111f008597c6c691f4aef81aeadfaleth — Bug 954545 - Only show active nicks in color in participant list, r=florian.
2ac947e7440bb39d65e66cb153fad2cd237fe7d5Patrick Cloke — Bug 954518 - The copyright year shouldn't be localizable, r=florian.
93660b39fdf181adeaf5857654d0c0faea64fb7fFlorian Quèze — Follow up to 40d3eaad9fe6 to actually fix the creation of twitter conversations.
fa5c8041ed00413927704c02ac2eb8bc5932d6d6Patrick Cloke — Bug 954554 - No longer possible to double click a tweet to reply to it, r=florian.
8c74b0cde2c5ed75d88c820bfb73d81c1b0c2fdfFlorian Quèze — Avoid a JS error while loading an empty account list.
99bb3bdd0abdd94d285e26516e41e3cda819f625Florian Quèze — Actually process auto-login at startup (fix regression from 48709551a8bc).
4f25b12eab6dcf972809220b23c3040476292c95Florian Quèze — Package new components added in 48709551a8bc.
c2abdd4a9b379786574f530a4e0ec85d2b1fa1caFlorian Quèze — Fix twitter brokenness after 48709551a8bc.
b8402474dd532ae716c165f45af73153282d2ab8Florian Quèze — Attempt to fix build bustage.
466e354185cf4e97d5604c3403b3205f2d389e57Florian Quèze — Bug 954193 - reorganize purplexpcom, part 2: rewrite the core service, account list, status handling and protocol plugin loading in JS components that don't depend on libpurple.
9d0c3d6cdf63063b630180d701e0e3a9ea227059Florian Quèze — Bug 954193 - create a chat/ folder to contain the core code that isn't related to libpurple.
3534126430dbe6a51d87c10804b2fc9d71cdf70dFlorian Quèze — Avoid having an horizontal scrollbar in the Contacts window when the 'Conversations on hold' string is longer than the window's width.
aaf499ba2f03dfa2c2c52dbaaa7fba10a02bfcb8Florian Quèze — Avoid cropping the name of conversations on hold that have a very long topic.
4fcf11dc3de16e1c39d813c37dde43601a5fc442Patrick Cloke — Bug 954184 - Expand Tray Icon context menu with commonly used actions, r=florian.
38e42d65bee291b4d9c64752345a14835890e848aleth — Bug 954531 - Tab complete should be case sensitive only if at least one uppercase letter has been typed, r=florian.
994fbdfaef21f680c941592c402206c67d1199c2Patrick Cloke — Bug 954472 - /say does not have help information, r=florian.
5289a5a0de933cb4d512f89636f6a8aed910e3f7Patrick Cloke — Bug 954498 - Add 'Copy Link to Tweet' to tweet context menu, r=florian.
16cc067b2e4042c19320e91e9d776173da957dc6Patrick Cloke — Bug 954521 - No entities in outgoing tweets, r=florian.
6441ee6f46df32a05846776472111591f2513108Benedikt Pfeifer — Bug 954466 - Remove the optional last parameter from addEventListener calls, r=florian.
20be083550a549298c86405aef180199c430a048Benedikt Pfeifer — Bug 954508 - Follow-up to bug 953941: remove a now unused field from group.xml, r=florian.
15618b9a196ceef7d05368b805c3066c32f6611bv17al — Bug 954197 - Allow middle-click on IRC nick, r=florian.
8c2653604ed898ac71fe86e76e89dfdd71a64b5cv17al — Bug 954382 - Add hidden prefs for finer control over sound notifications, r=florian.
db4c8a36c4d0a10e81e6a59a184a43cf04917f35aleth — Bug 954516 - White variant of the Papersheets message style isn't white in MUCs, r=florian.
52545b036f4c27e16adea85ec26dcb672ce3de2aFlorian Quèze — Bug 954522 - Twitter timeline's normalizedName shouldn't be localized, r=clokep.
77eb4384c1a4941ee7db45391ba0fef1555dcee2Florian Quèze — Bug 954529 - No notification when the user's nick is mentioned in the twitter timeline, r=clokep.
386e63111a4ad3124a1596339aa7759bd1d7d25eFlorian Quèze — Attempt to fix Windows l10n repackaging bustage caused by changes from bug 313956.
794aa87172fa171c9ac43946d151a0b64a66f2bcFlorian Quèze — Do the l10n repackaging from a clean locale repository.
962ffdd3ef8f86b07166a9019458f3a3403d904fFlorian Quèze — Bump the version number to 1.2a1pre for nightlies.
f2d08e630cc978086fc8fb8a59180e84aecba29dFlorian Quèze — Set version number to 1.1, change default revisions in and add shipped-locales.
1b75ed519e38d36545710592437c7982b6dce2dfBenedikt Pfeifer — Bug 954413 - Improve theming of the 'Conversations on hold' and 'Contacts' section headers on Windows aero, r=florian.
b35ed206e8cb09d710354c000e54a23b2bcf27c3Florian Quèze — Ignore focus on buttons that are part of the contact binding (should fix bug 954501, 1067 and 1068 + an accessibility issue).
97e2d683731f8b03e8805ec21aa9456696724a2eFlorian Quèze — Set the 'connect server' advanced parameter to '' only for Google Talk for Google Apps accounts.
0a83859bc4846616459fc5f56d36bdcd5745a5e8Florian Quèze — Accept chat invitation automatically by default, r=clokep.
ac5018246ad014d66669f214b35f51a28ba484e5Benedikt Pfeifer — Bug 954420 = Improve theming of the unread counts, r=florian.
cf191a71d823eb40993eaeb681dfd11a1a6a709baleth — Bug 954494 - Horizontal border missing in tab strip, r=florian.
5f3ef4b79d5bb8ab90b5f8eefcd9c82c5720f4b1Florian Quèze — Bug 954476 - 'More info for this update' links don't work.
9b83516910cdf34be677f67239615a9c3f040ddaFlorian Quèze — Avoid attempting to show a tooltip for a conversation that's no longer on hold (prevent a JS error).
7d301328df193ebd1f6598c5fe0c7f3634f76f1fFlorian Quèze — Bug 954493 - Focus broken when renaming a contact.
a9f2aed4bb6b5b4797a111ad6e99807405bc9008Florian Quèze — Remove the duplication of the code sending the 'new-text' notifications to the observer service.
bd4b1dd0133b1b1efc362d5c8a6e9927d96af008Florian Quèze — Bug 954362 - follow-up to add a controller to handle disabling the joinchat and addbuddy commands.
682d1c734cccb424e4535fe1e64f7ce6d27f2bfeFlorian Quèze — If we receive at least 2 '401 - Unauthorized' errors while fetching the twitter timelines, reopen the OAuth dialog, r=clokep.
1328d68a712995e1f0050a5f58542578cf33dfcfFlorian Quèze — Bug 954486 - Fix search API results (generate user mentions and hashtag entities), r=clokep.
e26cf75ee1f8d90b8ec22c09e3bc2aaf45c3f9daFlorian Quèze — Bug 954487 - Closing a tab using the [X] icon doesn't focus the newly selected conversation on Windows and Linux.
a4760454bd8e67bf3ef5cffd891c304614a1584bFlorian Quèze — Bug 954362 - Add keyboard shortcuts to menu - Change the 'Join Chat' command key from 'i' to 'j'.
e05f7a84c457cb3da65eacc0f468237a6aebce6aFlorian Quèze — Bug 954412 - turn on the 'hidden conversations' feature by default.
a41a608d9296531b979f1e1b69db7c9d4654090fFlorian Quèze — Bug 954413 - Fix appearance of section headers in the Contacts window (at least on Mac).
94c91f705a8a66385c1da001c4b98a7b423847a8Florian Quèze — Adapt context menus for the 'hidden conversations' feature and address localizability issues of related strings.
16a03019049a3829e6232d86ed77edf71e496cc0Florian Quèze — Bug 954424 - Closing conversation tabs with unread messages shouldn't warn if the 'hidden conversations' feature is enabled, r=clokep.
01188b2f51d21e3cbd1df9ea92977a8ff3d5c591Florian Quèze — Bug 954485 - Sort hidden conversations, r=clokep.
a64b36a598b5a20f4bca749860e9a7f87c30a8d2Florian Quèze — Bug 954462 - Allow to turn off the 'double click to reply' feature, r=clokep.
8677d6d4925d91bc1404f73afe6affac09f48e66Florian Quèze — Avoid showing buddytooltip above a context menu (workaround a mozilla7 regression).
a0ac67d221ed11a6a19096d5bde9831172661771Patrick Cloke — Bug 954457 - Twitter RT display/RTs are cut off by character limit, r=florian.
30b661d18db1e283e933ad20fbbc66add6f91221Florian Quèze — Bug 954435 - New messages shouldn't be merged into a context bubbles.
2963f84494d9142447776d7ea5060e648ae03441Florian Quèze — Follow-up to bug 954455 (IRC sends unrecognized commands to active conversation) to restore previous /me behavior on XMPP, r=clokep.
c20dff5734c7f54fdcc44739a6a3d4e90e96a8e3Florian Janßen — Bug 954479 - Twitter hash tag urls don't work, # should be url encoded, r=florian.
c145838a0a5e1ae12a450d1e2902675516e63a09Florian Quèze — Bug 954285 - Removing the last visible tag of a contact should trigger the 'other contacts' group.
1fa65dcac0bce0bb4d9a5fc84979fef927cdb475Florian Quèze — Bug 954477 - Credits in About-dialog only taking up a small fraction of the available space.
bb7da16ee7fde21fcea6e740fed92888bb864f2dFlorian Quèze — Bug 953651 - Auto-complete nicknames in multi-user chats (MUCs), r=clokep.
be4ad60403572fa34ee51c3b075e979c89152754Florian Quèze — Follow-up to: Bug 954283 (Twitter should start from last known tweet) to ensure tweet ids are always treated as strings, r=clokep.
ddde8e2df118e2b564ed2318e189b2c999bdf76eFlorian Quèze — Improve the appearance of the selected contact when the contact list isn't focused.
52ef5d25c2333ad4567c9ef824c970067953d807Patrick Cloke — Bug 954481 - Twitter should start from last known tweet for searches too, r=florian.
d06fb8e34c2d747e15d12e1a1c85af925f0e62fcFlorian Quèze — Fix warning 'resource:///modules/imXPCOMUtils.jsm, line 118: reference to undefined property'.
398b25b579c02058e0bd82e5a933031ecc4d3aa6Florian Quèze — Bug 954265 - Differentiate commands that work only in MUCs for /help.
b01c252479ada37df44f859cce2e6e842fb55c60Patrick Cloke — Bug 954455 - IRC sends unrecognized commands to active conversation, r=florian.
432f09dd6c254228046488296dfac8b29a7c8bb6Florian Quèze — Bug 954308 - Unable to OAuth authenticate multiple Twitter account in a row (disable cookies to fix this), r=clokep.
5713a6da1fe85feb68042bdf22b1a5ad98b348eaFlorian Quèze — Bug 954119 - Offer a way to manager the list of followed accounts on twitter, r=clokep.
12b8bdc72918acd68efbddeb993e3ab884045d79Patrick Cloke — Bug 954458 - Tooltips for Twitter participants, r=florian+clokep (for florian's additional changes).
d8fddf2f6d158f10f36020d96bdc8a810db82d7bFlorian Quèze — Fix misspelling ('occured' -> 'occurred').
fdcd2a09147a645da3a1497ba3dc0993e6b7717eFlorian Quèze — Bug 954434 - Add an interruptions manager (extensibility hook), r=clokep.
a26790c420037b2e173e0e6bad19cdf8a422ccb5Florian Quèze — Hide the 'Hidden Conversations' and 'Contacts' header when the last hidden conversation is closed.
306c4c39437b7c42a1157bd05ff245d4a2b88cf5Florian Quèze — Add an executeSoon function to imXPCOMUtils, r=clokep.
3a72754e87994d65c2574f486404144649db9277aleth — Bug 954461 - Email addresses are filtered out of conversations content, r=florian.
435fdf138127a586edb95ea81cf0df0dd617e025Florian Quèze — Remove obsolete purpleIOverrideProtocol interface.
6712c8b9693ce931a7be5f298256e1f048b86da4Florian Quèze — Bug 954418 - Joining chat should unhide conversation if already existing, r=clokep.
d07370d3ec74e246e332a642638bab8a0ac38ba7Florian Quèze — Fix getting Mozilla localized files (compatibility with the new release repositories).
747997a1d342c26843a2502b0b7c25c362365e17Florian Quèze — Show the context menu on the whole buddy list area.
6b3882e0a33f5fa30f62d8a31d3db0ee68510349Florian Quèze — Normalize chat buddy names before calling requestBuddyInfo or creating a private conversation. Needed for XMPP MUCs.
e7dc8c1ab2285c68a28fcb580da5fcc7b27f4a2fFlorian Quèze — Bug 954117 - Reply to and retweet actions on twitter, r=clokep over IRC.
e7b6c312a99d60be203ac0d1e9101b5af423c789Florian Quèze — Bug 954156 - Follow-up to address clokep's review comment.
90361f6bf9a7164e24b35d09d5715696a8f2a9c1Florian Quèze — Bug 954454 - Participant tooltips do not appear if tab bar not shown.
667231c750f19e19eb0bbda6e5b82aefd4e0dfaeFlorian Quèze — Bug 954156 - MUC Participants need tooltips.
038e1fc34986d0f70d8c576321df61156a06a23aFlorian Quèze — Bug 954335 - add an empty line in the empty chrome.manifest file to prevent unify from failing (Mac universal builds).
a2e9dac4bd178f82c47cf5094dd16072e806addbFlorian Quèze — Bug 954335 - Attempt to fix the bustage from revision 77fc053940ed.
47272d54a9fb9c24bcde2d9f75ef91a5dcadcdc4Florian Quèze — Bug 954449 - Message style preview in Preferences has context bubble in wrong place.
dd43fd998668a9a508c54062f03df3a0919e6acaFlorian Quèze — Bug 954447 - Regression from f257ef9adab9: missing borders on the contact list, r=Mic.
c6c29b0ea816dc63b0ae800064a6d2f362704d0aFlorian Quèze — Avoid letting the Contacts window steal the focus back after focusing a conversation window during a click on the unread count of a hidden conversation.
0b8e8864729c61694d964d2c3a062acca79489f9Patrick Cloke — Bug 954335 - Could not read chrome manifest file '[...]\extensions\{972ce4c6-7e08-4474-a285-3208198ce6fd}\chrome.manifest'
521675a8a40adb665b02a3a5a3bcdb9e24502717Florian Quèze — Reopen hidden conversations with a single click on the unread count.
6e8431aae792316ae21398e33ec2b3701d8bc3d9Patrick Cloke — Bug 953553 - (Re-)Add support for the Sametime protocol, r=florian.
5f2ffb60aa1052cae8f5615f296288e677d19357Florian Quèze — Show pings count for MUCs in the 'Hidden Conversations' list.
d04922d0ee48594a31dae2474890fc096741e609Mook — Bug 954386 - Account list has useless 5px padding above first item, r=clokep,Mic.
6af41dddc1d48479b175ded4bbcd9136b90f412aPatrick Cloke — Bug 954283 - Twitter should start from last known tweet, r=florian.
e7550308ea30bee9f25539fd67fec33dd8a71c58Florian Quèze — Display tooltips on conversations of the 'Hidden Conversations' list.
3fada9153b1c74b649c2cce9ce6ae392c70c305aFlorian Quèze — Bug 954431 - Unread message warning on quitting the program doesn't count new messages in hidden conversations.
cb9fbc8ceadae170233132f8ee963f3c60046d6eFlorian Quèze — Bug 954422 - A long list of hidden conversations can make the contacts section unusable.
8f5d40a9504c3774d7563a46afdd801061ed6c1fFlorian Quèze — Bug 954413 - part1: fix alignment of icons/labels between the 'Hidden Conversations' and the 'Contacts' sections.
bfcf0ea68fa3f8a82875c3205016e41a5278b351Florian Quèze — Bug 954416 - Make the 'hidden conversations' list keyboard accessible.
babe112706f285d9a15efdbfba9eb248937b701aFlorian Quèze — Bug 954425 - Show status icon (and status text) for hidden conversations.
afe1c63e82834be626c1ccba3d753ce0cbe3b20bBenedikt Pfeifer — Bug 954429 - Replace Bubble fade-in animation code (javascript) with a CSS animation, r=florian.
29c1260e89ab4eea21c38717d6a446355097dcafBenedikt Pfeifer — Bug 954428 - Desaturate context messages in the Bubbles messagestyle, r=florian.
fbd86d52cf267249f63d498fe89538a9fdb869beFlorian Quèze — Bug 954427 - Hidden conversation unread messages look like restored messages.
34c8c1fc30327d2d5a2eddc419345cee6a723931Patrick Cloke — Bug 954183 - System Tray Icon should persist even when Buddy List is open, r=florian (initial patch from Nils Maier).
2ebcb9e04ee1a7d84755da813a1d0123c89cd942Florian Quèze — Treat already displayed messages slightly differently than unread messages.
bdd169a9455ef42b887fb2e6bdfd2f62e9edf6f8Florian Quèze — Small improvement of the unread count theming (avoid scrollbars on Mac, avoid cut corners on Linux).
44b6015a72fc8236a2fd37bdbf0ba1d5905eb8ecFlorian Quèze — Bug 953749 - Emoticons are not displayed when a message is displayed several times.
f5d48eacab18b2b320e6cb5ea94941870c612028Florian Quèze — Bug 954417 - Re-showing a hidden conversation (by user interaction) should focus it immediately.
5b681bd76a458ff7348e0e3ec09ab9455382e3c3Florian Quèze — Reopen conversations automatically when receiving an IM or a ping.
53ba7e45e4e9ec9ba7b5a8276c6080fbeb3f8c68Florian Quèze — Fix the redisplay of the 'Hidden Conversations' list when reopening the Contacts window.
2947f08fd2fea64a162d70ef94f6faf3b2b6c3d5Florian Quèze — Fix two 'assignment to undeclared variable' JS warnings in imSmileys.jsm.
645a90ad100c3403914ac8f61a1cbfd96e79b749Florian Quèze — Put multi-user chats in the 'Contacts' window instead of really closing them when the conversation window is closed.
154a18c52104b897d9df3923b008ea9169a0157aFlorian Quèze — Update to Mozilla 6.
046d3a9812d424a8cddb82db2212376dc6235a20Patrick Cloke — Bug 954192 - Follow up to fix systemMessage, r=florian.
9f1f49954e055814680d2b9ac7207c238c1affebPatrick Cloke — Bug 954192 - Clean up jsProtoHelper, r=florian.
939b271f067e97e46831c7a3fdf2ede2edc8fb1fMouhamadou Moustapha CAMARA — Bug 954362 - Add keyboard shortcuts to menu, r=florian.
95315b81a85b13bd85b92eadd75e0b91fa9af863Patrick Cloke — Bug 954311 - Do not log UI system messages, r=florian.
1cb430e420b9ee030938c14a0fb17f4a07112341Florian Quèze — Avoid taking '/me' as the beginning of an italic string (+ fix escaping of '&' characters).
ac3d5ec141e95da96d79f123c50b326406a1c2b7Florian Quèze — Bug 954351 - Hide the 'Check for updates' menuitem if the updater was disabled at compile time.
1d64c60f99a7a544704fdc3a36918f0d4b627614Florian Quèze — Fix the 'about:config' menuitem of debug builds.
9a6cb00a1ec842d8eb502a54b380e4725adffcb8Florian Quèze — Import 'Services' in preferences/connection.js.
bf764137b6ced24aa6a1514dd01e4c934249d01eFlorian Quèze — Prevent loading web pages when a descendant of a link is clicked in a conversation.
9efe37a4ba7cf5dd197e039fe5e9ceb23a7c9dc2Nils Maier — Bug 954354 - Crash [@ mintrayr::platform::WndProc].
821874ec86ef197c5c9acd9070ba9a30d2f734acPatrick Cloke — Bug 954303 - Single click (not double click) on tray icon should toggle the Buddy List on Linux, r=florian.
238a49b87b4e18ebf67eb3b0a9f452380603b907Florian Quèze — Bug 954326 - Support twitter entities, r=clokep.
79ad9743bfb5bf5f5d31f8cd010e8d2336103dccFlorian Quèze — More regexp fixes for mozilla5 compatibility.
0ad8bc35a7e1f07247e283c0b4b73d0e6ff3cf09Florian Quèze — Another attempt to fix the Windows packaging bustage caused by the changes in: 'Bug 313956 - expand installer .exe contents to make complete mar'.
332847368c8ac86a4bc3847492a073fb7e0841e2Florian Quèze — Attempt to fix the Windows packaging bustage caused by the changes in: 'Bug 313956 - expand installer .exe contents to make complete mar'.
a2267dbf2189d2ae08cf936f2470ac7007ebbd66Florian Quèze — Force building of shared libs for purplexpcom and mintrayr (fix regression from 52b6afd667ee).
0cb691e93074dbb49cfb1d6164f04fe14431d74fFlorian Quèze — Port the build system changes from bug 659205 (remove BUILD_STATIC_LIBS).
5683211ce48ad8d9aafdacd7ad08bd3229e3e62cFlorian Quèze — Port the changes from: Bug 584474 - Stop building intermediate static libs with fakelibs.
41a03877201f2944d2ed415b0810ca13ef104b63Florian Quèze — RegExp objects are no longer callable with mozilla5.
0389d1ffbec208403705425180585d83a6ebf411Florian Quèze — Remove an obsolete patch (upstreamed in bug 591341).
b36ddbf3ee1e50ed932575b277f6da7f43b88e77Florian Quèze — Bump the version number to 1.1a1pre for nightlies.
29c26f47956b4a3e4345f40f9e4a4eaed9261adfFlorian Quèze — Update 'Fake' to match what was displayed on the 1.0 screenshots.
122d0aeec7dbe85b586aa4dc0c1912a16b417a50Florian Quèze — Set version number to 1.0, change default revisions in and add shipped-locales.
a53a0a844f1673bbdfd0c79e7a7d3adb67b1052dFlorian Quèze — Update the credits for 0.3.
707945923ac67c25c100b9cc9fea738801ec38d0Florian Quèze — Bug 954110 - Add timers to ensure contact CSS transitions always finish.
41aa0e03e4bea61d8bde4553101d8917286fd2ceFlorian Quèze — Avoid race conditions in buddy animations when expanding/collapsing contacts.
80d4fedddf7b40912a5623beb6af1dd51fcb617cFlorian Quèze — Attempt to avoid some pointless '<display name> is now <status type>' system messages in XMPP conversations when the status changes on another resource.
dc93c12cbc9b028cb4b23eb10b1119c590d68e1aFlorian Quèze — Bug 954279 - Blank spaces when a contact signs off that was in a collapsed group while signing on.
efaa201b304ed3e0edf209519a20c5abd20bc619Florian Quèze — Follow-up to bug 954085 to avoid connecting several times the same twitter account.
baa75b879fda2677a853b7862047983bce69d956Florian Quèze — Best effort attempt to display error messages returned by the twitter servers.
e85e0afc3bbe2ebb75cc4a647ed12acdfdb6cad0Patrick Cloke — Bug 954085 - Twitter accounts should reconnect automatically when going back from offline, r=florian.
2552b3187da66739cd0d48b624c42d79258485eeFlorian Quèze — Attempt to improve the appearance of expanded contacts and their drop target.
34e42418274cf44ca9ec44ae55a08e8475e7208cFlorian Quèze — Bug 954237 - [Aero-only] Do not stretch protocol icons in the conversation target selector.
6f3f5f21f9ee681743df501e0904537d9b71f804Florian Quèze — Bug 953737 - Also disable the 'Show Logs…' tab context menuitem when there's no log for the conversation.
667dd2144ab453a11ff2b62a43076146e51ad2eaPatrick Cloke — Bug 954227 - Twitter timeline conversation should have a topic, r=florian.
78730d0dc4d2d24e89773b9ef92607d320ba3086Patrick Cloke — Bug 954274 - Fix Windows Jump List code, r=florian.
6dd7232cb5dfe22d182fb459dca3557f1fa068c7Florian Quèze — Bug 953737 - Disable the 'Show Logs…' context menuitem when there's no log for the target buddy/contact.
8bbc79c2b59462c7644c2fa2f245e32f674b4954Florian Quèze — Bug 954256 - Avoid stretching the status icon in the small version of the conversation header.
9cc49e24fcb18770e1e7f7bb7e95a5951b442889Florian Quèze — Follow-up to 9fb2ea78e742 ('Bug 954166 - Add buddy and join chat dialogs poorly positioned when there's no buddy list.') to fix a trivial mistake.
d4d8e73bf65484492f4827288d60473fdab2e744Florian Quèze — Follow-up to 'Bug 954128 - Copy paste failures in conversation history.' to handle the caps lock case.
54c26a194e9e294e2637ca6be4373319117dee03Florian Quèze — Bug 954070 - Remove dead code related to richtext editing in conversations.
c857a64361d07636151185b2470aa646d0c3585dFlorian Quèze — Bug 954128 - Copy paste failures in conversation history.
e4f551f0aade1df4b211cc5dbc378549fad6de89Benedikt Pfeifer — Bug 954258 - Finetune Aero theme, r=florian.
ffdb6d9d6d19c1dfa407c1072ebbd5bb28f4e5b9Florian Quèze — Fix updating of the 'Other Contacts' tag's content when tags are removed or added on contacts.
bfb972c9848c4e458af4afebdc8d76c3f7a3972fFlorian Quèze — Bug 954235 - minimum conversation window height for buddy icon to appear is too high.
9bcd621696ac9b58fa032ab04eb9bdd5c130dfc3Florian Quèze — Bug 954166 - Add buddy and join chat dialogs poorly positioned when there's no buddy list.
ff0b9f62f161e0bac080af7f914f61f2a463e275Florian Quèze — Bug 954255 - Better window positions at first start.
7f0ca039f3e2b04ce0918170af0f0b58952b3d87Florian Quèze — Bug 954180 - Set status from the menu bar doesn't work when there's no buddy list window.
077fc42792e16ff2cd2c3fe2d1b5f0665eadff76Florian Quèze — Avoid calling clearTimeout with an invalid id in the buddy list (for compatibility with the jsProtoHelper module if an add-on ever wants to include it there).
3b5dc60703e38c3cf09ede28bb25f0004f45121eFlorian Quèze — Bug 954116 - Reduce the amount of data the twitter plugin logs into the Error Console by default, r=clokep.
c61c5f89fa20a856e7a1b407f9802e64004b20f2Florian Quèze — Fix l10n repackaging (import of several fixes that landed in the 0.3b1 branch).
40b8b5ecce7002140646cbc1523f3079aaa5d633Florian Quèze — Bump version number to 0.3pre on the default branch.
f64ca9caa67f98a001249cebb28a3fdf76f5d307Florian Quèze — Set version number to 0.3b1, change default revisions in and add shipped-locales.
de18d74e1c4b431b62c89588b8d86dc69e8f37e3Florian Quèze — Bug 954218 - Use placeholder icon that can obviously be changed for the buddy icon (icon by Idechix).
95273416a8433e85184ea8c2f6604afcd9b85e98Florian Quèze — Fix the default font size for x-cyrillic ('uk' locale).
abd4b6356739ce976bd5780fd958f50971be969bFlorian Quèze — Follow-up to bug 954115 (localize twitter code): export the 'LOG' function in jsProtoHelper.
6927e4e60c46af4a1d787a15e35c6c14081f5c61Florian Quèze — Update 'Fake' to work with Instantbird 0.3.
54b3211c951ffb249cd91202933889ac57c457ddFlorian Quèze — Fix typo in the 'extensions-discover.description' string.
e22934c59b33a04ea2baa65b3c3014f9be40968bFlorian Quèze — Bug 954214 - Avoid freezing when adding several buddies to blist.sqlite, r=instantbot.
02869d3824531661093e7a4f85815e638d4246d4Florian Quèze — Bug 954260 - Update copyright year to 2011.
d526fc98ceaf27989b48aa0c418dd1bef4be2ebeFlorian Quèze — Bug 953967 - put a XUL page in chrome for the 'discovery' pane of the new add-on manager (+ fix a related pref, see bug 953998), r=clokep.
46dd968f663af80d16afc62565f24a01076444a8Patrick Cloke — Bug 954132 - Commands no longer work in protocol overrides, r=florian.
449c97ed9c7ba05f5cab77adb02c8accf147213eFlorian Quèze — Fix link opening from the add-on manager window, r=clokep.
7579c87c2a9aec8d81f0af606fdc5b731aded111Florian Quèze — Bug 954226 - Need empty text for topics.
e455963c8c61a9a55fb9eaaca2232093940c2a64Florian Quèze — Bug 954177 - Larger and more discoverable drop targets for merging buddies into contacts that currently have only one buddy.
54ba0b2070223296230dbb95580337188bb61080Benedikt Pfeifer — Bug 954254 - [Aero only] Improve readability of the menu bar and status selector text, r=florian.
3ad968b74834e504dc42a4094f38783d53a08262Florian Quèze — Bug 954252 - Change the way the 'textbox vertical overhead' is computed in the textbox sizing algorithm so that it still works when the conv-bottom deck has a border.
1db267c51828389e0a0ebcb4574db127ade6fdd5Benedikt Pfeifer — Bug 954253 - [Aero-only] Remove triple border at the bottom of the account list in the account manager, r=florian.
506f164daad9009663f33094de009c36f00330f9Patrick Cloke — Bug 954115 - Localize Twitter code, r=florian.
9eec9fe37ab34addfef23f957484bc738a71f797Florian Quèze — Bug 954242 - UI to add/remove tags.
16786c89190bf13d082222aff8e4fee71ad2f2dcFlorian Quèze — Define MOZILLA_DIR before including in to avoid errors in the path of
73463ea16977700ced5824464d0af1315f5b58b0Florian Quèze — Bug 954245 - List the tags a contact have in its tooltip, r=clokep.
a61b439411114a4dd8f51d14622ddf920920db16Florian Quèze — Special case the system messages displayed when a status is changed from 'unknown', to avoid misleading the user into thinking the person's status has just changed.
2f3e5701c6cf112242331507ee6ffcf02f4fa9d4Florian Quèze — Bug 954153 - Error console links to libpurple source code are broken (port the comm-central ce2bbf8d11fd changeset).
3507a0dbd5e32be5ffaad94d04fc7403f20a374dBenedikt Pfeifer — Bug 954056 - Use Glass on Aero (Windows Vista and 7), r=florian.
03b1c3d94557638e0837360bdebe515d9400a7e2Florian Quèze — Follow-up to bug 954054, addressing Mic's review comments.
15ea03e050692d37d2fb525624551a9a092db6ecFlorian Quèze — Follow-up to bug 954246: hide the character count when the textbox is empty.
3f1bd40bc29f8e5e8e6aaa2bc690f9bd700c9474Patrick Cloke — Bug 954054 - Basic Jump List support on Windows 7, r=florian.
23c63dae968a177332ddbfd1383c2720a6b23ad7Florian Quèze — Bug 954246 - Display the character count while typing a tweet, r=clokep.
d335798ee0b1bbc8fac461237e552b1c2339539fFlorian Quèze — Make sound for contact events rather than buddy events to reduce pointless noise for contacts with several buddies.
9c4270f4e15bb92d9fdac78f045c87303a109498Florian Quèze — Port 'Bug 517097 - make enabling debug symbols more sane' and 'Bug 554024 - switch mozilla-central Linux builds to use -gdwarf-2 instead of -gstabs' changes to mozconfig files.
8e06f0286dea69677fa1c60684a202ea20fa5821Florian Quèze — Bug 953941 - Use the CSS3 name (without the '-moz' prefix) of the border-radius, box-shadow and background-origin properties.
92d2f239318b02c55531f2427f9d568e761bfd0bFlorian Quèze — Bug 953970 - Disable advanced options for the Facebook and Google Talk protocol overrides, and disable 'Join Chat' for Facebook.
5ecf44fda7b295cdcdc5a5e4566be18fecfde72fFlorian Quèze — [Mac] Disable history in the hidden window to avoid a warning.
320013714e27242c09442114c4121f51e2de19abFlorian Quèze — Integrate Time Bubbles' features into the default Bubbles message theme.
22efd3c340e6f2fb7d35f2a6143e6143eb45b681Florian Quèze — Follow-up to bug 954084 - purple proxies should not be in the way of JavaScript protocols: override protocols should have the same proxy behavior as their base.
228e8ebb66f44706c7a19d6d7cc9e5630654fc0eFlorian Quèze — Bug 954111 - Display user icons in twitter timelines.
54b90ada9c060b5354726efe890df40060dd6480Florian Quèze — Bug 954178 - Tooltip for the alltargets button.
e95caed80d5d710f48b54ee6a3b32a0f99e64534Florian Quèze — Bug 954225 - Wrong conversation header size after moving the splitter and resizing the window.
825dfef87c7d47d6f2c5f1e401006df6ece3e367Florian Quèze — Bug 954178 - Move the top of conversation UI into 2 separate bindings (fixes a regression from c856c0b1cd19 where the topic was no longer editable).
1fd5ed0368da8115e4eb2f824bc4fdd7fb313ccfFlorian Quèze — Bug 954017 - Use Function.bind instead of 'self' variables and getBindingParent calls.
5200938534ebaedaf935199c705a1a4f55244efdPatrick Cloke — Bug 954231 - Add help strings for Instantbird commands, r=florian.
df26654c20775adb2942b0df7e736d272e17d9a3Florian Quèze — Bug 954178 - top of conversation UI (contact info) - part 2: protocol icon giving access to an 'all-targets' menu.
a39d5eb5c64705c259b45797e53f19515eb5e76fFlorian Quèze — Remove ugly top margin on Linux conversation windows.
168ccf087780c6012ac417b8acbaa3ce74d2cdadBenedikt P. — Bug 954229 - All-Tabs button not displayed correctly on conversation windows, r=florian.
d3617535c7b34c082286345d9577052a5d5dd353Patrick Cloke — Bug 954126 - Implement /help command to get information on registered commands, r=florian.
5c45f208389dfeac2cd0738732e35401228f1fe2Florian Quèze — Bug 954178 - top of conversation UI (contact info) - part 1.
017b2122277d3f0a16f97961cec0e9d563efaee0Florian Quèze — The 'topic' attribute of purpleIConvChat should be settable.
4aacaa855454308a8289db14954b26c4b474cdcfFlorian Quèze — Hide the 'getAnonymousElementByAttribute' calls in conversation.xml to improve readability.
3b4d2a9b9b190457634ac102e10f2aa4564742aeFlorian Quèze — Bug 953888 - allow message themes to show the user's own icon.
88d34a281cd1fc7718a74505c9e20a69d0423f30Florian Quèze — Fire 'icon-changed' notifications on account-buddies, buddies, contacts and conversations.
a5dacb99bb194ef903695a651a44680c54975247Florian Quèze — Port the changes from 'Bug 592133 - Installer always includes |Minefield is a Trademark of The Mozilla Foundation|'.
a94645ed4249a181c6aac6ca17db268c654c4ca4Florian Quèze — [Mac] Dragging the tab strip should move the conversation window.
c730aababc3625107de8761a3e34a18ce9b6163dFlorian Quèze — Follow-up to bug 953777, correctly reapply the empty text when no display name has been entered.
5ad73d7c4d14ed1bf5e578686ddb85256e59ef5eFlorian Quèze — Bug 954165 - Sounds should work even when the buddy list is closed, be asynchronous, and be controlled by 2 separate preferences for messaging and buddy list events.
83dee3f7b2707e96551ff4a0d560f777a29fd181Florian Quèze — Bug 953777 - Give the user a way to set a buddy icon and a display name.
80dd062f8c7a695c5311b43ad6270545e7e92e76Florian Quèze — Bug 954018 - Instantbird (default) is incompatible with Instantbird.
84e26eb8b73e076bafc60959a2e57a501843952eFlorian Quèze — Move the UI code into a 'content' directory inside the omnijar.
a319a22658bb34d6e4213f31ff1669b011dee192Florian Quèze — Avoid various JS errors caused by 'Other Contacts' group notifications fired before contact notifications.
8feafa43ec9c13db35b78d1803af8a642b07f089Florian Quèze — Report all errors while delivering buddy list notifications to the Error Console.
f767c433241c61eb52f8207291727b63c9ad7986Florian Quèze — Correctly remove contact DOM nodes removed before their insert transition has started.
16f9741c0d17d4c94fa8fa3e6ce45240eacf29beFlorian Quèze — Fix JS errors when merging 2 contacts displayed in the 'Other Contacts' group.
07874dadb6c6e4c62bcba24de03fa0f015538a84Florian Quèze — Bug 954199 - unknown.png missing on the Aero theme.
f00995954f5298c4f2f5aea72d28803ec8a283a7Florian Quèze — Bug 954202 - Make conversation tabs look like Firefox 4 tabs.
7f2081355ac7f3f4b9ff8451a5ddca16820d8709Florian Quèze — Bug 953933 - Add shortcut <modifier>+<number n> to access n-th tab in conversation window.
f3c28a18a93084130f8690f324daf36fb3c226feFlorian Quèze — Closing an already uninitialized UIConversation shouldn't do anything (and shouldn't fail). Prevents some shutdown errors.
9363155c30575a97373ddab6d45897d8f60c9d92Florian Quèze — Cleanup Twitter accounts at shutdown.
865b8388b45b3927ede8a94c8c311cc43259794aFlorian Quèze — Implement the progress listener of the OAuth request in a way that will work with several simultaneous requests.
f1566c6723991edaa92aeeb58244542ab4524db7Florian Quèze — Discard the OAuth authorization dialog if the user clicks on the 'Disconnect' button of the account manager (+ some simplification/dead code removal).
4a6bbbebc09455847cb37aeba914ab37867fad37Florian Quèze — Remove the 'Your account is disconnected.' system message from the twitter code (follow-up to c9c8b62ed323).
88e4eda6c1bac3aff02336d50ff2545b2baa0109Florian Quèze — Bug 954175 - Fetch the tweets with @ mentions and tracked keywords when connecting a twitter account. Original version and review: clokep.
748d74c0b7e46a5d9d5999c2e74c2e91467d1885Patrick Cloke — Bug 954188 - Restart button on notification bar of add-ons window does not work, f=florian.
8894c5c967333ba45e3ad6235fc8ceddf78d1b76Florian Quèze — Avoid a JS error when libpurple sends a display-name-changed signal for an offline buddy, r=clokep.
acabd40fd25f5415758b60a2e3e22c07b5818cbaFlorian Quèze — Bug 954194 - [Mac only] Clicking a growl notification should activate the application, r=clokep.
8ff1cdc553f043418d6e7d76b67f84f23c9f6ff0Florian Quèze — Bug 953786 - Sort contacts alphabetically.
acbd74f66709a63c58a8392bfbb3fe209b940a79Florian Quèze — Left and right arrow keys shouldn't open/close a contact while it's being aliased.
33783a070298354f2c0e5164f53bc87f3e864268Florian Quèze — Bug 953809 - Alphabetical sorting of group names.
af00f16a6fe7e1fcf70a5cc8217d8fab4fbd3e6bFlorian Quèze — Avoid duplicate status change notifications in conversations.
76dafed5812395756a022c3b91a5cc11fdf87eacFlorian Quèze — Implement the system messages related to status changes in JS so that JS protocols can share them.
de741f361d72fcc6d260c110c99cf481f5259c67Florian Quèze — Bump version number to 0.3a3pre on the default branch.
afa7071e1d0264f92f3b05f62f91ee738e66eacaFlorian Quèze — Set version number to 0.3a2 and change default revisions in
6d038afe360b450f74a7ed6f3eb0abd93d07f607Patrick Cloke — Bug 954147 - No UI feedback when attempting to install an incompatible add-on, r=florian.
d328bc849f4536fb2550e6c38a99179d3e714213Florian Quèze — Bug 954185 - libpurple commands not working.
a5801351275fa6cb0837a70e047ddd19aecebbfbFlorian Quèze — Follow-up to bug 954133 part 3 (c119343f2f9f): remove conversations from the conversations service and not the core in jsProtoHelper.jsm.
2544152a85d3bab323e670bb0369b2c05d0921f4Florian Quèze — Avoid overflowing the tabbox of the Themes prefpane when a theme has a long name.
f53e717fc03f84f6c63626d1e9078d29192dcc57Florian Quèze — Attempt to fix the compilation of trayPlatformGtk2.cpp for GTK+ versions between 2.10 and 2.16.
36943035470df112841e926d596f102c76b338b0Florian Quèze — Bug 953899 - Simplify some window titles.
8ac79c0ae4c00ecd3d4f3e0ba9d0b030833b860eFlorian Quèze — Bug 953598 - Minimize the contacts window to the system tray instead of exiting the application (Windows and Linux).
09dd8b5c50765c4af2ce7ec45f9c50cc67a0a699Florian Quèze — Show the list of buddies in contact tooltips for contacts composed of several buddies.
a15c158c79109926d35b20cabc2dfc0acd049219Florian Quèze — Fix the height of group twisty icons on Windows.
6d9ea621e0349d57d8d3521f77fe0d1f689115e3Florian Quèze — Avoid a 'not enough arguments' error on contact observers in imContacts.js.
1d8b6d7e62b702a29660a612750cd197f42128c6Florian Quèze — Support hiding some tags in the buddy list, and add an 'Other Contacts' special group for contacts which aren't in any visible group.
5ff8ea28fe01f4e0bb9b7dc2c557e421f9257340Florian Quèze — Workaround Mac-only regression from bug 953475: convert <br> tags into <br/> so they can be parsed inside an XML document.
cfe9e6636085068ff514d96d551109761deffac4Florian Quèze — Collapsing a group should not stop the collapsing contacts from being removed.
ac888c1bac5e941dcd21fb2be77c79ac262cc924Florian Quèze — Do not modify (especially avoid the 'splice' method) arrays that may be in use by a for each loop.
1565d16fbc82c9aa8f62edc46d1a2826140d0b6aFlorian Quèze — Bug 954133 - Provide a way to merge buddies into contacts, part 3: conversations handling changes.
67244f867eae9ad68a76af20748fbec750c7a2ceFlorian Quèze — Bug 953908 - conversation windows title should be updated when the selected tab's title changes.
86f40478eb30649b93497665c656ae9c85f95ab8Florian Quèze — Move the mac dock badge code out of imWindows.jsm (new ibDockBadge JS XPCOM component).
1852dab926cbb0670ffc94917403233d0c686707Patrick Cloke — Bug 954108 - Implement a general Sockets object for JavaScript protocols, r=florian.
b1334d8d641a8c757f3877a3e8d501951c447058Florian Quèze — Move the notification code out of imWindows.jsm (new ibNotifications.jsm module).
a1765b4e2e9170c2e4b17903739f5304fdd69375Florian Quèze — Bug 953475 - Command-W Does Not Close Buddy List Window.
b1ba8f8385de5ef0b7734bcf5f58d1a39b221b8dFlorian Quèze — Compute the nick color for each received message when the nick is not in the participant list (this happens for XMPP MUC history).
f164232b238434c291c81e8c5fca4048772f4c86Florian Quèze — Avoid dragging contacts or buddies that are not fully visible, prevent merging into no-longer-existing contacts, ignore invalid contact ids stored in SQLite for buddies.
ee834e85b612903481a7683f9dc673a46fd6cb07Florian Quèze — Add a small icon (created by Idechix) for the 'Unknown' status.
ef899bdfaf45f389e7f57e1fdb5ab19e93267d23Florian Quèze — Bug 954158 - not possible to switch to the Emoticons tab in the Themes prefpane: Fix broken setTimeout implementation in jsProtoHelper and scope the jsProtoHelper import in messagestyle.js.
6dc55a17537d5d2ef5e4adbd52486a7cdb77c2faFlorian Quèze — Remove obsolete anim.xml file.
ffb2e361c06f307e85d3ed2f367d5485bac5077eFlorian Quèze — Display the status type in the second line of extended contacts. Reduce code duplication in status handling. Fire signals correctly during unknown->offline status changes.
43c7ec480cc68d4e86ea3a353a715fe6fc8ec22cFlorian Quèze — Avoid loading external links inside the conversation when the external browser is misconfigured.
6d35db8030558190f8a796e06ba641560a7a4272Florian Quèze — Bug 954160 - usernames are shown instead of aliases in message theme previews, r=clokep.
05b25dadec138edd51d04a687456fed712b431efPatrick Cloke — Bug 954114 - Add license header to browserRequest.*, r=florian.
7f20c33b44ead76ddf76960a389e2befa18525b2Florian Quèze — Bug 954134 - [Mac only] Conversation tabs no longer have a close icon.
0bd9afc147452a7d74c06bf735d137236d08e103Florian Quèze — Bug 954133 - merge buddies into contact: package expand.png and collapse.png for aero too.
eefde4014f3f27982f7472cdaebeee3232e3ad28Florian Quèze — Bug 954133 - Fix appearance of contact buttons and of droptarget highlight on Windows.
e304baadb9f5c711512c43948d24f0ee64f20cd6Florian Quèze — Bug 954133 - provide a way to merge buddies into contacts, part2: buddy list UI changes.
943a6c0b3ebabb3d5e6ad66d7e9518063ec66b02Florian Quèze — (Debug builds only) Open DOM Inspector on the XUL document of the current window.
c47a51337c2da9a5f896b895dc5d4edb8787d838Florian Quèze — Bug 954133 - provide a way to merge buddies into contacts, part1: back-end and minimal UI.
f6feb476b7f8a264fc7a5bd51e2cc78e49401239Florian Quèze — Focus the buddy list richlistbox when loading the blist window so that CSS transitions don't prevent offline buddies from being visible when the window appears.
b8042a355cc7428c3ee3c471abaaafd737ab1352Albin Jacobsson — Bug 954145 - Dark variant of the Simple skin, r=idechix.
00de2df3aef4b31eaa7c74fab909c0c713dc814aFlorian Quèze — Use jsProtoHelper for the message and conversation objects of the message theme preview in the preferences window.
c4f5b1538ed7375c75829aa3100eb97553c5bf85Florian Quèze — Fix jsProtoHelper around adding buddies and normalizedName properties, r=clokep.
035e57f678d378cc9eb083877a2817309289625cPatrick Cloke — Bug 954125 - jsProtoHelper could help registering commands, r=florian.
1aec07afb48db04205b0a7732a8507807c8ddf8dFlorian Quèze — Add a 'closing-conversation' notification, fired before conversation attributes are destroyed.
689dcf37566c71da92ff810b3e5b78ceec4b2362Florian Quèze — Fix bustage caused by 4e8ee81dc102 (bug 953569).
84c41d8b73fc49b3d34e0b06cdc0d16f663df842Patrick Cloke — Bug 954121 - Implement default chat name for getChatRoomDefaultFieldValues for js-proto, r=florian.
968d009309f998705cc885b648a930f075fa7a18Florian Quèze — Bug 953569 - Extensions should be able to register commands, r=clokep (for the JS part only).
609cd7121774e727d8f12f846b835dc60194e09dFlorian Quèze — Bump version number to 0.3a2pre on the default branch.
08e15aa80612a95d02db321e13850cfcc9ee836fFlorian Quèze — Set version number to 0.3a1 and change default revisions in
695774c477bddea1181a51ca2afc71d808a975f7Florian Quèze — Include the nick in twitter timeline conversation title, and match the nick in conversations only when there's a '@' before the username, r=clokep.
58fe129e033e1cfb5a0115ae4da5585e08bc0517Florian Quèze — Assign conversation ids in purpleCoreService::AddConversation instead of in the purpleConversation constructor and jsProtoHelper.
9c1e524d2f782d14470143e68fd89bc31eb932cdFlorian Quèze — Disable HTML in tweets.
9d00dfe2d85c9e29bdd8be3bb0378cbdd7e2356aFlorian Quèze — Fix the path to jsProtoHelper.jsm in twitter.js.
625fb1697512889a2dc3e94f51c655a8882ec2a5Patrick Cloke — Bug 954073 - Remove code duplication from conversation.xml (add a _forgetConv method), r=florian.
dc98a7a1f1d19fd672a93f423f4168e5ee17cf08Florian Quèze — Add icons for the twitter protocol plugin (icons provided by idechix).
f827a1ac6c345808dd7a27a511f223d5d6555c7fFlorian Quèze — Package the twitter plugin...
7209aa9a1edff251349e55696f64568093504b0aFlorian Quèze — Bug 954035 - twitter support, r=clokep.
fc9280a02666e077e3d2002a52db02c99dc0e93eFlorian Quèze — Ignore the password while saving account details if the protocol doesn't use passwords, r=clokep over IRC.
d7e0e1d9d9a3f706fb4d90900b13ccaae18af5eaBenedikt P. — Bug 954094 - Missing accesskey for 'Sign-on at startup' checkbox in the accounts manager, r=florian.
538f20e280896a4c693a0c51ac76450f07df5841Florian Quèze — Bug 954096 - JavaScript protocols should handle the containsNick attribute of messages automatically, r=clokep.
1bd830885a368491bbafc61fa878b8b5bcae139eFlorian Quèze — Bug 954095 - Accounts of override protocols should not use GenericAccountPrototype, r=clokep.
0868e461673e2fa50066e43cfc45e06113a2ed72Florian Quèze — Add a localization note about contextMenuSearchText (patch from 'Bug 571129 - contextMenuSearchText should have numbered arguments').
a6a6afa36218ebfc5811a46f2a428fd848802159Florian Quèze — Bug 954084 - purple proxies should not be in the way of JavaScript protocols, r=clokep.
5198894a74759bb3ab7831d6e4702d7b5f838c46Florian Quèze — Use the Windows 7 SDK.
fab48164ca12cd4d5742e72e2d2dcdfb488d31a6Florian Quèze — Share the nsIClassInfo implementation between all the objects implemented in jsProtoHelper, r=clokep.
e734850f33950bbd66c56cf598dd5d0a9ccba6c4Patrick Cloke — Bug 954083 - Provide a default JS implementation of purpleIChatRoomField, r=florian.
5aa05c6a4d311e22a1675cb655fd1ebb8f7a8d1bBenedikt P. — Bug 953957 - Unable to tell if a MUC is connected, r=florian.
38b30a1276ac979351f2661b02c388d179dac415Florian Quèze — Bug 954082 - Username split for JavaScript protocols, r=clokep.
9d3014189bcd6b1980dad4906b4495858940394ePatrick Cloke — Bug 953932 - purpleIAccount cannot access preferences via JavaScript protocol, r=florian.
0117c98da4007a04e0eacad26762b3a3af28e299Benedikt P. — Bug 953807 - Show in the Themes preference pane which theme are disabled, r=florian.
a3c42011a5576ec68eb322b5b75f70be6b43e39fBenedikt P. — Bug 953882 - Minimize conversation windows with escape key, r=florian.
331f285362dfd0705a760ef8c55f880a36ee13daPatrick Cloke — Bug 954030 - JavaScript component does not have a method named: 'onBeforeLinkTraversal', r=florian.
92499e03ffe0e39c94b5a7cf9cd181e48548e0d5Patrick Cloke — Bug 953912 - JS Logger line breaks don't play well on Windows, r=florian.
55839e82811be22f99aebe4e8244ed42ccd1a1faPatrick Cloke — Bug 953956 - Extend jsProtoHelper to implement purpleIConvChat, r=florian.
14ff9bf8b30f6cd8e259ac6022c47c2b3bc28d72Florian Quèze — Fix the 'Check for updates' menu item on Mac (regression from bug 954058).
e4f6377363a8418c8b296a4a9585861e5a8331aaPatrick Cloke — Bug 954065 - Remove workaround for bug 503048, r=florian.
adff3b531b3439334fb084ea9c3f6b41e71268c0Patrick Cloke — Bug 954061 - Findbar broken on Windows (aero only) in Conversation window, r=florian.
d3d74e4b8b86fb64e3f05403871a24d10c4a9bd5Mook — bug 954058 - move menus into overlay and clean up, r=florian.
c41693c27b1c1ca7409fef4564ff73904348621cBenedikt P. — Bug 953830 - Make wording of 'Use separate windows..' setting less ambiguous. r=florian
0f6a91719ba6d255ed2462a613f9293d8de7556cFlorian Quèze — Auto-hide the status bar of conversation windows when the window's height is very small.
631744e3f363c7289ee0a79090bd8527f7e368a5Florian Quèze — [Mac] Reduce the height of the splitter between the input box and the conversation history.
ec8aa397071e1d5f65a6fd6b9c5b208ffb925b58Florian Quèze — Let conversation textboxes accept a background.
37504f2487d952e0351af115f24560d51c211d4bFlorian Quèze — Bug 954036 - Right click on links in conversation browser broken (regression from 8c4bcf263a8d), r=Mic.
0f017d38be696e364146c723ae021c0c5daab116Benedikt P. — Bug 954026 - Contacts and Buddies have null/undefined buddyIconFilename.
9e64a3d39c5930a9dd6016c3bfe8d57421377628Florian Quèze — Let browser elements nagivate through links (somewhat similar to bug 516776).
86848537d33484ebc11a260f51ec28e6e9e29b5dBenedikt P. — Bug 954023 - join chat dialog broken (fix regression from 2a42fc158bfd).
7fe01e71950fe84ba7dd5c1e5e9438f7bbdf6f43Florian Quèze — Hide the protocol specific options groupbox in the account wizard when a protocol has no option.
36635804e285c41bc14289c1c45cdc618abfb369Florian Quèze — Fix JS Strict warning caused by missing usernameEmptyText in JS protocol plugins.
54b9a9c1426dd85bf01df490ee86c4593bcfb22fFlorian Quèze — Fix Windows build bustage caused by the patch in bug 610556.
920cb701cf97c9925b8b0756b906a52138d100f9Florian Quèze — Bug 953941 - Use CSS3 - reimplement the buddy list animations using CSS transitions, r=Mic.
9ccd3e4d24dc1f3cbfef703361e3bd27fb2c221cFlorian Quèze — [Mac] Improve the appearance of the unified toolbar in conversation windows.
89b4d2d03e0f80d71af183a829920e4dfc0950ebFlorian Quèze — Start using Services.jsm.
bd5f22180a4756e8fa5e23de0a2d89864be26a89Patrick Cloke — Bug 953981 - Text Modifier for plaintext formatting, r=florian.
2a342b2639746128d43f58dec5fa4496b6a8c95aFlorian Quèze — Bug 954002 - Show Logs does not work from buddy list with new backend (bug 953992).
179506638c5c486442aa894eb60642d04ef5a4c7Florian Quèze — Package the new files (imContacts.js/manifest).
ce55a11a964798631ae74d767741c49e3a626a10Florian Quèze — Bug 953992 - new buddy list backend.
00142e13a0a8460136d3218ab0e34bab069255f1Patrick Cloke — Bug 953984 - Fix opening the add-ons manager from the preferences dialog. r=florian
598696b430895fcaf4bb21f515cbde0849b93850Patrick Cloke — Bug 953653 - URLs should not contain Smileys, r=florian.
f31949da313dbefd0851bc58273a12a43241eceaBenedikt P. — Bug 953923 - Improve the tab icons of the preferences window, r=idechix.
759c46154ff84527ca8a11956931453d44c23775Florian Quèze — Better fix to keep building ppc/i386 universal builds on OSX (copied the fix from bug 599796).
2b7c446042eee17ae8514c186dbf9bd4a6a4cf41Florian Quèze — Fix reading the list of variants of message themes that are not unpacked (jar file inside an xpi file).
277e1b79f18908cebb15c5f8aee5955f2b63228eFlorian Quèze — Remove the setBaseURI workaround now that bug 209275 is fixed.
dab00f6ddb24cddf9bba50b01a048396247f35a5Benedikt Pfeifer — Bug 953945 - Missing variable declaration in blist.js, r=florian
3c9b869272c5a35c14ff2e66abbeb26be6fd030fBenedikt Pfeifer — Bug 953919 - Stop the reconnection timer when deleting an account, r=florian
756b567872ab45ee2854aa30f4d3ead6395945e6Benedikt Pfeifer — Bug 953901 - Add missing accesskeys in the preferences window, r=florian
2a514e34cc15498b0e37a7b5c2946771a5b4b17cBenedikt Pfeifer — Bug 953849 - JS strict warning in the account manager when removing the last account, r=florian
2238e15da53187a575c9e2b04c988f0da7edc4f5Benedikt Pfeifer — Bug 953823 - Always show the findbar in log viewer, r=florian.
96d08313c3a145e03a26c83146c88fdd2a1b0a89Quentin Castier — Fix the background color of the Bubbles message theme on Ubuntu 10.04 and later.
93d7d37e0d73f069e243780b3c0c5d769eedd186Florian Quèze — Package the ibILogger interface.
e46052c721a340788db64b90004cdc58d36bdcb4Florian Quèze — Additional fix for compatibility with the changes from 'Bug 407875 - Unprivileged users are not notified of security updates'.
bccb12812835523f275e08634eb51f2fd75d2d8ePatrick Cloke — Bug 953935 - Participants is 'undefined', r=florian.
6d9d83f014f9e802140fa58e964e03e475116b41Florian Quèze — Fix the tab close icon on Windows (see bug 569255).
8183103e851d14c48eebe3cab134141f1eff54dfFlorian Quèze — Port the change from 'Bug 407875 - Unprivileged users are not notified of security updates.
3ef65355a8abbc4438545e03a09a8a151d217d76Florian Quèze — Fix the credits.
92d7c1771ec4fd63cdf6a44f24d5eec8c26d1f9aFlorian Quèze — Fix the path to the mar.exe binary on Windows.
1eacbfbd8bcaac5a1a3c99b2d65cb448105a3aceFlorian Quèze — Attempt to build an installer only on Windows, don't rely on the INSTALLER_DIR variable (bug 595616).
d7de6a89a0c357bce3c3e121180b78323781f8faFlorian Quèze — Use the patch from bug 590996 to fix Windows build, and revert 71343d64da5f that didn't work.
d4643db9349be27d6a52127e9d2e7ec844466df8Florian Quèze — Fix build error for Mac universal builds.
72e90ade18b7eb1f5edfc76f52235245ec8966dcFlorian Quèze — Fix JS error in imTextboxUtils.jsm (query the nsIPrefBranch2 interface in the prefs getter).
599cf4d0985a446ffd63d4a9eb090e7061100765Florian Quèze — Fix errors in the package manifest.
3b001e1ad06d043db2a91abc67daeb02c5fa1b0aFlorian Quèze — Disable webm on Windows (attempt to fix the build bustage).
ca30c50a67093906a0d486f175ee7fff1bc86306Florian Quèze — Fix path to universal mozconfig (Mac).
5908e34f39d6bab8cd8ec0053ba74da4dd71218eFlorian Quèze — Merge the mozilla2 branch.
a051a1ccd3ba5060e455b75e9c5d18bf85c7aa24Florian Quèze — Disable PGO in Windows mozconfig to workaround bug 590996.
f13606e0c440d57825cc0d1975b2e238efd96691Florian Quèze — Use a package manifest on all OSes.
f90e943df92431482d50e0551620b3f3dbafb0bbFlorian Quèze — Fix 7z stub to say Instantbird instead of Thunderbird.
b09082e1a4b932983bc5a326fb171497118e41baFlorian Quèze — Port patches from bug 367539, 566125, 570689 and 586849.
684802d3a7f1fd5f7e679a1e145f18f45257ec78Florian Quèze — Use omnijar.
8312af216c3bd14e7e1dcc0e48656b2c9e562069Florian Quèze — Insert messages after potential scripts of Footer.html have been executed.
d251ae0813a1078de4f59bc7b3367638533dcaa2Florian Quèze — Remove obsolete xpcnativewrappers directive in branding files.
ea39255fa5a7f8a2d906cffec06d6e123537f0c8Florian Quèze — Initialize the conversation content in a way that is compatible with the new HTML5 parser, and executes scripts contained in Footer.html.
3b6490643a34ff66e9d646d90bf5fce59cad3451Florian Quèze — bug 953900 - unable to reorder accounts.
ec2f594df4f349efbbb56a64c0caf439cd7b6f27Florian Quèze — Rename the 'popup' XUL elemnts used for context menus to 'menupopup' to have the correct style applied.
aebaafd71bc657afdc18cee846640e779703e8a8Florian Quèze — Fix for compatibility after the removal of the 'active' attribute (bug 508482).
ff8aeb781f8222405b506452f699583295868030Florian Quèze — Fix compatibility with Mozilla 2.0 (upgrade comm-central build system using 9f4d6e54923d as the reference).
d041cc17586b11fa54a9d36ff9ec8516c8100cc9Florian Quèze — Merge the js-proto branch.
6b1a1853201e9f74191f43c46792c80cf162de35Florian Quèze — Fix regression from 9f03801289c1.
ef07fb155ff3b6f01ac017c09fb31f07a52a7146Florian Quèze — Fix a few issues with 'make distribution'.
16589d4d103280a2f6548a9a75cfdc0714d3f790Florian Quèze — Bump version number to 0.3a1pre on the default branch.
b6898b4a4cb12c9a00f1c497066a16074f13415fFlorian Quèze — Set version number to 0.2, change default revisions in and add shipped-locales.
06aca25cd091bca436bbb2f59a9121ac61352067Florian Quèze — Remove patches related to the old update system.
a92c6636571d7e20468d88db73cb74dc0bd96f2cQuentin Castier — Add an 'embarrassed' emoticon.
47e0a6222e2663928701a798d6e46c04ca024cc6Florian Quèze — Upgrade the 'fake' code to work with Instantbird 0.2.
25e9b7ff3b772b16c0601989fdf6bd1d5de06e19Quentin Castier — Change the font used for the logo.
55fdd37836a818ef7ebd7aa131a03921582ead5dFlorian Quèze — Port bug 522065 - PCA complains when installer is cancelled.
ac2d75ea6cd067e3460c7c795ea5dc418fb6dc17Florian Quèze — Port patch from bug 567497 (avoid Win7 compatibility mode).
a06797881b23cd18e89e400989d52d8e07dec9bdFlorian Quèze — Move the tag related methods from purpleICoreService to a new purpleITagsService.
322fcf1c4baab3b28c77ac97e7c852a78bf1a75dFlorian Quèze — Reimplement purpleOverrideProtocol in JavaScript.
c1009499e7145eee5dfe961c330a40bd9cdaf720Florian Quèze — Remove purpleProtocol::GetInfo.
0a54a87073d7551fd2e926a4057dccfebaec4389Florian Quèze — Remove createPurpleAccount.
e28b32723aac79903f9b1ef676b401820effd1d4Florian Quèze — Merge the create account and load account code paths (this partly breaks protocol overrides).
dcce718b62809471e8b31839d93333112e1ba67eFlorian Quèze — Turn the 'JS Test' protocol plugin into a way to talk to /dev/null.
e4bf6fbc5edba8bd5fc365a9e299c1db3ccbc164Florian Quèze — Add jsProtoHelper.jsm module.
99d317a6b035c15605da950a3db329d1bd49bf75Florian Quèze — Fix typo in the Conversation object in messagestyle.js and fake.js.
cbb00383c9c09b186b867d76466fa44fddc1d961Florian Quèze — Split the code of purpleAccount into 2 separate classes so that one can be reused by accounts of JS protocols. Add the purpleIAccountBase interface.
dfc3f1bd17049b949575988110fb54410042d7f0Florian Quèze — Add a 'distribution' target in
58ba2657eea53824504a597a4a51f72a21c6c093Florian Quèze — Always sort the list of logs before displaying it.
6d06eea0ffaea605c660b4160116ce95c198acc0Florian Quèze — Update the credits for Instantbird 0.2.
e08a567d8b029d7efd9c0d1bc8a00472120c4300Florian Quèze — Bug 953661 - Fix accessible name of account items in the richlistbox of the account manager.
cee2521dfa6a198c06bdba73cece854a83d96c30Florian Quèze — Set the default font preferences for the x-central-euro group too.
11918ba07a5dcc5f41beb224898636df17d7d5deFlorian Quèze — Bug 953776 - there should be a LICENSE file in the root directory of the source code.
c7e52bbcd0fe9f85e9b8c7be6006d3ca562d1f56Florian Quèze — Follow-up to fix error in changeset b1a595fb0b57 (Bug 953831 - 'Check my spelling as I type' preference not functioning at all).
f026ffde02c572329435c3de5a0f48ed5e82e85dFlorian Quèze — New message notifications should be clickable.
fa26c5b244506c0c9bfc6cd60f97f082b422749eFlorian Quèze — Check spelling on the status message textbox.
54642ea8fa31f42a4665d4518e9e4d7e62a423a9Florian Quèze — Apply the spellcheck preference on edit topic notification bars too.
2804091a4c64c62910a58cc5a00897fd5f46de44Florian Quèze — Use Unix line endings in topicNotification.xml.
ab95ab2013872d112ab143792043292b8b567b7aFlorian Quèze — Factor the code using getAnonymousElementByAttribute in topicNotification.xml by using properties. r=Mic
fa2f99b8a6f06a7894c46817c1b8c9f1533892e9Florian Quèze — Bug 953831 - 'Check my spelling as I type' preference not functioning at all.
eb68b7a457f680cea10e264063a49b156bc19c4cFlorian Quèze — Use the editor property instead of a getAnonymousElementByAttribute call each time the textbox element is needed (and a few other cleanups) in the conversation binding. r=Morian
e4af9e4676da1e48c98a571557e04da8647f612cFlorian Quèze — Move the textbox autoresize pref observer from the imWindows to the imTextboxUtils module.
52b32fe461044d161a393df8531be83afbefbc36Florian Quèze — Move the code applying formatting preferences on conversation inputboxes from the conversation binding to a separate JS module.
0175c59240b548a95c70de7c6640963e1ced2decFlorian Quèze — Update/cleanup
18db4fe3bdcfb40c6c964f9c2b219d1df2ca35f3Florian Quèze — Match the ':-P' emoticon with both uppercase and lowercase 'P'.
60825c25f2df1db60512b39a9c26671915933a24Florian Quèze — Export MOZ_DEBUG_SYMBOLS in buildbot mozconfig files in order to have NSS symbols.
4e002bb8b1d8596aa38d5144876cb19ccbd2dd49Florian Quèze — Replace libpurple logging by a JS XPCOM component.
755d7dbbb6b054b615298e70d47cbe41f4b536edFlorian Quèze — Create purpleIAccount instances from the purpleIProtocol implementation instead of from purpleCoreService.
455eff7fa6db50454f210178e077c4d3245784ceFlorian Quèze — Move the 'addBuddy' method from purpleICoreService to purpleIAccount.
acdef63cd1e8bf55daeb1ebc956139f0cebd4983Florian Quèze — Replace the 'purple-override-protocol' category by a 'js-protocol-plugin' category usable by both JS protocol overrides above libpurple plugins and JS protocol plugins.
7e6e80b2286f5110a03dfc2aa763635c375e406cAzat Tymerkaev — Bug 953845 - Add aero theme files for Windows NT >= 6. r=florian
4f3517b43cb9fe9cffa2d2e71d8556f02e96f296Florian Quèze — Port 'Bug 508861 - [electrolysis] Build/ship the C++ runtime with MSVC/jemalloc'.
860e1e2a0c3d248bbcaf642b1e338ed5bfc6d823Florian Quèze — Add a 'timestamp' replacement in message styles.
e6795339998c0332ab66b423192cd6f66b5711d9Benedikt Pfeifer — Bug 953825 - New IRC status icon. Patch created by tymerkaev.
d67e2573c8b79879a500c5c5ff87d958d5891168Benedikt Pfeifer — Bug 953834 - Setting the delay for 'idle after...' allows a value of zero minutes. r=florian
46361679d2ff51a5db62bd02925a395fbdb5a815Florian Quèze — Ignore '\r' before '\n' so that line breaks in MSN messages are not duplicated.
7fe0a611668b996310b46c7363dc364f7b643693Florian Quèze — Bug 953843 - Fail to properly update status icon on tooltips.
8884903eeb88dd0e76894bc4e4db5289fd17f202Florian Quèze — Send HTML that is more compatible with AIM, Yahoo and WLM.
fa9c34beba0531db0df825e8bbe80fc1113355efQuentin Castier — Add a set of Grey variants to the 'Bubbles' message theme.
76f0eb5649cb9edf651d3562ad817da060514a3eQuentin Castier — Improve color handling in the 'Dark' message theme.
7e2c2119baea42e570df72b75a862e2b74438a06Florian Quèze — Bug 953818 - Split the instantbird skin package so that 3rd party themes don't have to include sound, emoticon and message themes.
52b8718bed3d29832f651e1b0f4b3267eda4a478Florian Quèze — Avoid keeping the previous status when displaying the tooltip of a conversation tab whose buddy's status is unknown.
7e7c51de2bdf6bafa11361ddb86cb10d192bd768Florian Quèze — Don't leave the aliasing mode when the selection is changed inside the alias textbox. (Fix regression from 56ab68db2e4d)
5c75fa6668e9f98b7877a441eb2cabd6c535d683Florian Quèze — Better colors for the splitters in conversations on Mac.
e2115ca7a18e76f2b7a33b77b5fb6629c6b89416Florian Quèze — Make the tree twisty before the group names look less 'packed' in the buddy list (Windows only).
e73e975bf573b438c9b36e02fc16aba78e5307ddFlorian Quèze — Remove duplicated 'general.useragent.locale' that wasn't changed during l10n repackaging.
1f34bdeec14624c1cf5f601e90f0df56466ce79eBenedikt Pfeifer — Bug 953806 - Fetch the list of add-ons only once while initializing the Themes prefpane. r=florian
28516972a27b5e5e21c85310172f97621c4c8d21Benedikt Pfeifer — Bug 953781 - Notification bar should never appear above the 'no accounts' message. r=florian
f2ca5b339fa01c01971049047bb808c7b276fe4cQuentin Castier — Reduce the margin-top of the first message in an event bubble
f9484e286ce40df652ef415ad2d6b57b02d2247fFlorian Quèze — Fix the 'time before idle' preference on Windows.
5017fde4c81d5702b3423ae0c70f696568e1a2aaFlorian Quèze — Fix l10n repackaging of universal Mac builds.
8eff1ac8a7085b4eaa58bec790750eabac03b18eFlorian Quèze — Use '..' as the base l10n dir for releases.
1d4718e5f4e63eef150c2f932e5561603e4537e4Florian Quèze — Stop using the INSTALLER_DIR variable, and build the installer only on Windows NT.
e7b218b1bf2c068055c4d22c19124feada23ecaaFlorian Quèze — Produce Windows installer, and do l10n repackaging during 'make package'.
80137658396615943b7d255ccdf7d8a1969fe824Florian Quèze — Bug 953811 - Remove check mark on status type menuitems (except in the menu on Mac).
5a890f6ad27404057729756f337994f7a543706aFlorian Quèze — Fix packaging of localized files in the Windows installer.
0b2bcc486042d0167a532913bd741d0779a742b4Florian Quèze — Bug 953811 - Context menu items displaced.
57df32d1a92cb25cda0edcd3b695a36c0c567e44Florian Quèze — Fix packaging of the custom CRT in Windows installers.
fa91a96b67c7cbf0ec58e0108dda84e14d4389dcFlorian Quèze — Fix langpack creation.
08b486fd2f4544cc55c997339dfa7bef8166f43cFlorian Quèze — Fix l10n repackaging (works at least on Mac).
20aeb78321f5e442233e1da0e1a1ab4d055a68d9Florian Quèze — Bump version number to 0.2pre.
e3cadbc365f3f92fab6474eec684566e677f39c1Florian Quèze — Set version number to 0.2b2 and change default revisions in
f8fe5d6e521e95a9681efbc8883be1f3a46e33cfFlorian Quèze — In the buddy list, use transparency on the protocol icon of offline buddies.
45c2647db272a7598922e2150eddd8b1d19e3812Florian Quèze — On Windows, add margins so that the checkmark of the currently selected status type doesn't replace the status type icon in status menus.
78af596da6c1600ce6aa5983815685cc2768b83cFlorian Quèze — Bug 953738 - No spell check on the first opened Tab.
bdccfe54268b29ba6db953017a0f3aae2ccf3060Florian Quèze — Make 'Search for text when I start typing' pref work in conversations.
6e9932b40b6ad336bf7f46c9d2ef1cb4485472f5Florian Quèze — Remove leftover from the Firefox application manager.
55772efe3e2a19900de28d08ac2a6198af055025Florian Quèze — Bug 953753 - The 'add buddy' dialog should have a default group.
1d228ca47652981621843143cf675f5834460ea5Florian Quèze — Bug 953709 - The warning when closing multiple conversations should respect plural rules.
9e44431d78f13871dbe84ad12790a4795b9a5c4aFlorian Quèze — Bug 953717 - Popup a warning when closing a conversation window with unread messages.
02c8752883c95eb842e0e3391f28145a332aa173Florian Quèze — Bug 953730 - indicate in the account manager when the password for an account is missing. r=Morian
8257aff9725f5cbea0cccde885291613638460e2Florian Quèze — Add a 'Force Online' debug command.
da57401a5c9e7ed434bdf3aae10251705ae9247bFlorian Quèze — Avoid JS errors when the buddy list receives keypress events just after the selected item has been removed.
2d9627003c5d773e3fd258ee77f22f58baf97198Benedikt Pfeifer — Bug 953798 - Change '(no themes installed)'-list item labels to make it obvious that this is about 'extra' themes.
0b0f5f9031d0a874d999cfaa4ec6998ceb49f7c0Florian Quèze — Add alternative text code for the 'cool' emoticon: 8-)
bee161cb52904ef548d59c6e4fbb0acdf6bd3ab0Benedikt Pfeifer — Add a 'Get More...' link at the bottom of the protocol list in the account wizard. r=florian
59b2ba6dc69af45c55f3067e9e48a458cd46d2c9Florian Quèze — Keep the last non-offline status message to reuse it in the status selector when going back online.
097b242c46d14f3e3a3995334d6a20ad3791b49eFlorian Quèze — Prepend a localizable text to auto-reply messages displayed in conversations.
dd9e84975ea8c333a8bece673f43c7fe31bccb21Florian Quèze — Add 'Remove' item to the buddy list context menu.
08793ebe6a261d3b24124e5a535bdd814722eac9Florian Quèze — Avoid a JS error and displaying an empty tooltip when hovering a not yet loaded conversation.
6df4b66ab1ffd23ee05ff360677092861c0dda6fFlorian Quèze — When turning off the display of offline buddies, cleanup buddies that are seen online by some accounts and offline by others.
58c4f2f7fcbf1029c675238f255b31c8da96ab5fFlorian Quèze — Fix removal of buddies from their original group when moved while offline buddies are displayed.
ac533510ed6b692501b702cd0e1bae3e7aa98af8Florian Quèze — Add id attributes to the statusbar XUL elements, so that add-on authors can use them as hooks.
949eb6f441449200360b4b07c07cf7d9c19d8022Florian Quèze — Don't display the default variant twice in the list of message themes variant (fix regression from 98580df13744).
38030159e41dc36f05ea332145b39ae9fa90ef8fFlorian Quèze — Set the connect server to by default for the Google Talk protocol.
da627828bd450aa1af585c2317b81cc271ea5264Florian Quèze — Rework idle and auto-away features.
b3f6bd9e2af5a4dbc131ef62fab37c02ea69203fFlorian Quèze — Prevent unwanted scrollbars in the account wizard.
6701e71cd7270e629870830b6fd41caf15a8e184Florian Quèze — In the prefwindow, make sure buttons are not vertically stretched when they are in an hbox containing a long description that needs to wrap.
27a67c22276ad66dc70c493e1c84e4265dde5ec2Florian Quèze — Add a menuseparator before the 'Offline' menuitem.
786637efb36704b5aed772805ac49e786b323eb9Florian Quèze — Make the libpurple status 'invisible' usable from addons.
4c7c8c57d84ea1d69b512520e486bcbeb09394c8Florian Quèze — Make the '/away' command really set the status to away (not unavailable).
7daf586be3fa5e839bd5b74cef2656dce8c91074Florian Quèze — The background of the status type icon in the status toolbar should be transparent (it was visible on Windows 7).
0faf0bea5bade66f1bb642c33260a9b120e986e3Florian Quèze — Handle 'Offline' status.
9c0c513cdcd52f31442c12fc8f3e780424a535b9Florian Quèze — Bug 953776 - Fix the content of the LICENSE.txt file.
07592399e1176437cdf5a03e3af1cba1c8b8fb25Florian Quèze — Fix the inclusion of the app-license.html override.
112a8c5fdcf101fe555cc087d99c81db4c9771f0Florian Quèze — Update the Windows package-static manifest so that it doesn't attempt to package libraries that are now statically linked into purple.dll
c8c47fd1cd97b7f24b56c97de300edae7757047bFlorian Quèze — Link protocol plugins statically by default.
ff45acd205bd6c194e03f1969ad3b35ce5eee452Florian Quèze — Statically link glib and libxml2 into libpurple (Windows and Mac).
da68802ce2a0689c1bb6324f16e07719b42bf9c7Florian Quèze — Use the standard statusbarpanel appearance on Linux (otherwise the resizer looks odd).
ac7f441c0d4222f876ade083c55143807af00841Florian Quèze — Add a status toolbar at the top of the buddy list.
7e37880556882691b5d7e1ea6633dc9dd55b96faFlorian Quèze — Avoid a warning about missing chrome://prpl-null/skin/ in debug builds.
367e42ba391c33e89565d781a3c833b06c5103ddFlorian Quèze — Sizing issues with long account names or connection progress messages.
b2966dc3a1df7b86d8f19f04abf74237e84190e9Florian Quèze — Package facebookOverrideProtocol.js on Windows.
7ccd0f879c4950ee2071aec42e76db414f3df096Florian Quèze — Add a 'Facebook Chat' item in the list of protocols.
c88863f51f3d31e74980a9e1ab0ca85a0104a8c5Florian Quèze — Combine consecutive system messages even when libpurple thinks they are both system and incoming messages.
83b639553263c88d32d9a9385da5e97b2fcd72afFlorian Quèze — In the Bubbles theme, prevent double clicks on the expander of hidden system messages.
8b3be8fe50e14f5e84a34c9dd8f710ce25667e5cFlorian Quèze — Sort variants in the menupopup of the Themes prefpane.
7745ab16916f7c448f91365f5dfc6aa2209e6318Florian Quèze — Integrate default message themes created by Quentin Castier (
3d16094b2a3bf4a0836e0e3ae8a8994144a32540Quentin Castier — Integrate new default emoticon theme.
b8daa8f94fa5b30c796b404146677dd37ab4f7dbFlorian Quèze — Make Accel + Shift + ',' open about:config in debug builds.
f71c3a150bc02ea7a8dc91f5b305c7697967f7c5Florian Quèze — Include the 'Fake' add-on by default for debug builds (define the environment variable FAKE to turn it on).
70cc03589b51a54d4ce34cb951073193ec656995Florian Quèze — Stop using instanceof checks to know if a conversation is a chat (it didn't work for conversation objects implemented in JS).
6063f963bfb07bcd0fe8346919a36cbd5f8bb786Florian Quèze — Add a windowtype attribute to the account wizard so that the 'Fake' add-on can close it.
429a059d3ffcb2b7f3c4c1bff2988b3d91394212Florian Quèze — Simplify the markup used by the default message theme, and make it look exactly like the pretty printed copy/paste.
4e76baca6be593220c928fc6c2d07f8168003021Florian Quèze — Do not take into account the time when regrouping system messages.
cc20ac24bbde283e181e1d01697fcca902cbed73Florian Quèze — Bug 953766 - Guard the aliasing mode against re-entry.
b6ace6ddafb64377e5bb27e450eee06f5d085cfcBenedikt Pfeifer — Bug 953765 - Add ellipsis for menu items that require further user interaction. r=florian
376c52a0b963321b52a90e8703db11cc45eed932Florian Quèze — Add a 'Show offline buddies' context menu item on the buddy list.
211c420505bef738b74cb429e1ce962c873fc860Benedikt Pfeifer — Fix typo in id of a menuseparator...
48660d0563074d97505e1b38a1ff75222c36142fFlorian Quèze — Add a 'New Group...' menu item at the end of the list of tags of the 'Move to...' menu.
3ed722fae4f68808d7448d8640f0b5664f58ffc9Florian Quèze — Sort the list of tags in the 'Move to...' popup menu.
f943ee259ce1c9183d4230cf966f88e249da0a23Florian Quèze — Add a way (from the buddy list context menu) to move buddies between groups.
917d9cc39502cf0151c443a4127d405aa7cee185Florian Quèze — The 'escape' key should close the log viewer.
fb662c12954dcd35923d69e0999b70966cde9328Florian Quèze — Update comment documenting purpleIConvChat notifications.
fafca548683d3490ae8d2e9d3be5acc802975759Florian Quèze — Remove duplicated strings.
2c185cc09f030c77b9991f37e52dd6dd36057c7aFlorian Quèze — Allow formatted messages by default.
ec87c3868596474d99f38b683effb592518dbbc2Florian Quèze — Fix metadata of the default UI theme.
0d9cc9a0fb9eb00b93eb6aed7142bd3d43410dd8Florian Quèze — Fix handling of the 'Variant' preference menulist in the Themes prefpane.
14e4e98927cd20118dc2da22da424ed52a705326Florian Quèze — Remove unused duplicateBookmarkMsg string.
0274b047b87a70319368e88f758fcd97b1d70abbFlorian Quèze — [Mac] Make sure the selected conversation tab is of the same color as the title bar even on Snow Leopard.
be075c1d81c37b435cc0944a4d04f1690ca914adFlorian Quèze — Don't leave the aliasing mode when another window takes focus.
0078962dffe1d043ee339d5b1cae9765d286911cFlorian Quèze — Leave the alias mode when the selection in the buddy list changes.
e8fa607a7b5b647b6f3c6265a91a09ba2b3e9ec8Benedikt Pfeifer — Add a 'Show log folder' button in the Privacy prefpane.
bccefd0bf1d2766dbb49c49d75ff30097f2d6feaBenedikt Pfeifer — Add disabled '(no themes installed)' menuitems at the bottom of the emoticon and message theme lists in the Themes prefpane when no themes are installed.
c58ace2e6c7ad42f7ab21e551027b8d4517005fcFlorian Quèze — Add a short makefile rule in to rebuild only Instantbird.
3ecbaa73ba17535f5d00c7f783dcf02061a50684Florian Quèze — Alias buddies.
c2483afbfa4c721098f5f3e4583af4375a19a2eeFlorian Quèze — Handle buddy list keypress events on groups and buddies separately.
262b5aa12c3ec5685fead9f26c48628c9aeff62eFlorian Quèze — Update displayname correctly on buddy list nodes when the server alias changes.
1dce85d8f1b46ad02b063fc1ad62aa40e8966950Florian Quèze — Fix the uninstaller so that it correctly cleans up the HKLM/Software/Clients/IM/Instantbird registry key.
b343ef1484b9fe0663aadd6d31d8774e7f50b801Florian Quèze — Mozilla should not be listed as the 'Publisher' of Instantbird.
ae2ac9bfff04aee1d1df2eba02c4a90695a464edFlorian Quèze — Remove the duplicated 'Use Instantbird as my default instant messaging client' checkbox and comment out the remaining one (until we can make it do something useful).
3e2d6d5d14a86a291ebdc42ab0f33e739ef9f360Florian Quèze — Make the swipe gesture do something useful even when there's no last selected tab.
0fb4b38d56387d9a63291a0abe47ee9ea8990743Florian Quèze — Update copyright year to 2010.
eadf76e0f6046931f871de5c11aa446f556129a6Florian Quèze — Better handling of libpurple commands (should cause less HTML special char escaping issues).
9d65055ae9144fe01275223100e078da884e901aFlorian Quèze — Fix regression from 6b62ecdc72b8 (JS error when detaching a tab).
da73d15f4df995a632c883a9e108075e5ec685ddFlorian Quèze — Add a preference to disable magic copy in conversation.
3d0aa20887b33bbbf1b35cf26b19b17cf5a03d56Florian Quèze — Export the getMessagesForRange function of imThemes.jsm so that extension authors can use it.
c877f66992a3773b0acd0e63b52b183c916fcb60Florian Quèze — Add a Command+u keybinding in debug builds to view the selection source in conversations.
7edee9d6f9738659a1aef67362442ea65eaacd48Florian Quèze — Change the account manager shortcut so that it doesn't conflict with 'Select All' (add the shift modifier) and make it close the account manager when it is already focused.
708a4e69620df4b5b0f494f4c1579ad2f878d2d3Florian Quèze — Add some preference default values for easier debug.
87929ca3a1cb7b7ced426234e2f571e1686868f4Florian Quèze — Fix textbox sizing weirdness.
9ce1728b7b12f0461e9f930179e8c91daea4fd1aFlorian Quèze — Remove obsolete convtab binding.
2857b6aa6f557148f36f3ab5b67850d2ea56be6aFlorian Quèze — Refresh the UI when libpurple indicates that the alias of a buddy has changed.
2afb13cb2bc540c3eb086f2615a9df4559e9689cFlorian Quèze — Make purpleTag handle observers, and let group bindings handle changes to their content themselves.
d3322e51f4a4ac28db39623a357252fdb7ca4894Florian Quèze — Add a debug function to dump the whole buddy list.
c6304b51d66957455a5bf04644765e1a434eeff7Florian Quèze — Expose a scriptable way to get the list of tags.
a49df4b36e574f23b252b07d61c6ffb3ad661e58Florian Quèze — Use hsl values for senderColor in conversations (back to the behavior before c0737335cb8d).
c2e508fe35815f883d35a3a82327548fe7fee215Florian Quèze — Fix regression from c0737335cb8d. (message theme previews used 'undefined' as senderColor).
8f32f32252c1063539cfd77173ebf222f844e3afRomain Bezut — Bug 953732 - Javascript error when resetting the font size to default. r=florian
708bc4b1358fe609479269621950a36e1a6c712aFlorian Quèze — Revert the sorting order of logs viewed from the buddy list to make it consistent with logs viewed from conversation tabs.
1cd066a6845eaa9bf7472b1db4685b0df88dddb0Florian Quèze — Add a basic log viewer.
aca7dcd44f9c21613844182b58e26acdf0a2845cFlorian Quèze — Fix JS error in buddy tooltips.
18f5123d13a111c9e2540fa9149e4ecbc14028f1Benedikt Pfeifer — Disable the 'Use separate windows for Multi-User Chats' checkbox when 'Open new conversations in tabs instead of windows' is unchecked. r=florian
1484e4bcf12943121442ceea94ed13304841f074Florian Quèze — Bug 953728 - Make tab tooltips also work for Chat conversations and for IM conversations with someone not in the buddy list.
c00ac614b90a81620e1e3c8ec7404e8f0d3999a4Florian Quèze — Stop using the 'idle' attribute on buddy list items.
aee3f472f0d0776827b77467af2360eb5d1536b9Florian Quèze — Fix vertical align of labels in 'Join Chat' and 'Add buddy' dialogs.
78841f782beeea36384367fe146357dddd5a06b7Benedikt Pfeifer — Bug 953685 - Sizing issues on 'Add buddy' and 'Join Chat' dialogs. r=florian
d17a2053239eecb2984d52fe6ff76c870cf6575aFlorian Quèze — Add a context menu to the buddy list (usable as a hook for extensions).
c2e12704d3e55ee7188115e9e9a43327195cc2e2Florian Quèze — Change the priority between the 'idle' and 'away' status in buddy.xml so that it matches the behavior of the code in conversation.xml
150477185c0ec5cf7f827d5f25eb12ba5f9309daFlorian Quèze — Refactoring of the buddy tooltip code so as to use it on conversation tabs too.
1cd54a9373f3df0c1e99f8d47a633803b7177449Florian Quèze — Fix some JavaScript strict warnings.
1019a3307c3dc645d2fcebe2527112d6dfe786a0Florian Quèze — Replace the hack around the sender color in Chat conversations, so that %senderColor% is no longer replaced in conversation content.
feecf223d7e923fcd885f6428ae474603760b3deFlorian Quèze — Make the 'copy' key binding in conversations less error prone.
82d8daea2926440cb5b9698a77183df1ec91aa40Florian Quèze — Improve Mac theme of the top of the nicklist.
7322462351017decc31ae87dea9ad236fc010d8bFlorian Quèze — Move JS components and modules into their own directories.
d0e6fc75055beb23d37372f02355cdf12c146608Florian Quèze — Creating the application bundle (mac) should be the last thing done for the libs target in instantbird/app.
59afadf802e5fd0b77693e4c3a576f22ff3d3df0Florian Quèze — Remove useless folders 'winstripe' and 'winstripe/instantbird' in 'instantbird/themes'.
ccb38bd790ce2ba4c3c843a2a2d8d8c38e332858Florian Quèze — Remove useless folder 'instantbird' in 'instantbird/content'.
3975920d0043152a27931deaa1ae09e80f5da5d4Benedikt Pfeifer — Add 'Get more emoticons' and 'Get more message styles' links on the 'Themes' pane of the prefwindow.
d2dc6f79bdaebe9ae1572fcb8876e04ec3d2d9bdBenedikt Pfeifer — Theme the message style preview area like a listbox so that it looks similar to the emoticon themes preview area.
cdbfa12cc5ae2ecbca663461beb50717b5190e5fBenedikt Pfeifer — Change the wording of the caret browsing pref, so that it doesn't talk about 'pages'.
3e56e8252a4304cfe45446811f95cb56010a6188Benedikt Pfeifer — Remove the leftover parts of the 2 separate emoticon themes and message styles dialogs. Merge the strings into a single themes.dtd file.
c80c578e8dc3f1ea06064efef45c1bf1cd3f720eFlorian Quèze — Bump version number to 0.2b2pre.
286d620d251206cf787529fdf79cd6613db84582Florian Quèze — Set version number to 0.2b1 and change default revisions in
5156c83d95d7a6f6ddb6c9df587a8137489f2414Benedikt Pfeifer — Shorter wording for the preference to turn sounds on/off.
cad4fae2c63cf3bdda900e45e718aa73c3545486Florian Quèze — Show a message when a message style preview is not available.
91f8f791b3f3b3bb5f743420999d7a9767e891fdFlorian Quèze — Refactoring of the 'Themes' preference tab using <preference> tags so that the changes are saved only once OK has been clicked (on Windows).
b0bf9b120347fde126909f145ca71cfff52324a8Florian Quèze — [Mac] Bug 953712 - CSS improvements on conversations (especially the nicklist).
ed82a87591f1aa229acfd815842446a0408bdf23Florian Quèze — Remove workaround for 'bug 494901 - label and textbox misaligned when using align=baseline' now that it is fixed in the mozilla-1.9.2 branch.
7b2e110bb5dd65df5b0a15253f9be979f73db5f7Florian Quèze — Fix emoticon theme loading (regression caused by rev 89941cb4274d).
37866d186575bc5c46d147dbe1583807dcdef244Florian Quèze — Add a -preferences command line parameter.
a3c517cb6e3c980f84dbdcf219dcf5373835c657Florian Quèze — Add a way to get a list of emoticons in any emoticon theme (used to be possible only for the currently in use theme).
956301e4a7b4c6da545024c90ff24cd9866f4eb1Florian Quèze — Handle more classes (error, delayed and notification) in the messageClasses replacement of message templates.
b02a1df0e5cbfc3197377bb630c93301f123d94cFlorian Quèze — Fix wording of a comment.
e2c95f87ab02dd9bd5f985e302b4b35faa85cba1Florian Quèze — Add a way to load a message theme by its name. Fallback automatically to the default theme if the current theme is broken or unavailable (safe-mode/disabled extension).
e326a1e2ae816dea7777995d11c0ff4c03c46d52Florian Quèze — Fix sizing issues in the Themes tab of the prefwindow.
0861bdd2462aca40f6867e1a77c7681082a2843fFlorian Quèze — Make sure emoticons are not vertically stretched in theme preview.
f5a9afbac35e47397d76eca5c342db16e95c5b15Florian Quèze — Fix selection serialization bug in non-debug builds.
ef7929a9377e2486b35dbaa0cdd6ea86e942f5a6Florian Quèze — Sort the theme lists in the prefwindow.
8776af5efc54f744ffdce5068063ac66aae46188Florian Quèze — Fix the command of the 'Get Away' menuitem so that it works from any window, not only from the buddy list.
d13ed55432d51d3cbd21d22ce13358ca46462eafFlorian Quèze — Fix build bustage at least on Mac and Linux.
662e7f45c07c52b70078cb046d4dabd0ec66c3f4Quentin Castier — Put an appropriate icon for the 'Themes' tab.
be2d6e7867104bc6a2922065d70c5f644ef8dff9Florian Quèze — Windows installer.
339cc18ac8fc492e8840a1ca17066079ea5f1e72Florian Quèze — Add a check for updates button in the startup error dialog.
ef7a4b2d35493eb994ed41955d66d7af125eaa6fBenedikt Pfeifer — Fix typo in variable name.
392d7494e3c57ef80519ea4e9b2e8d2712c8b0c2Florian Quèze — Make menus behave correctly on Mac for most windows.
f9ec2ddbff85233ffeb8c00d740ac73879fa03e9Benedikt Pfeifer — Add a button in the advanced tab of the pref window to open the search engines manager.
ea43701a2217ad4ac3626478d1a867f2bb15045aFlorian Quèze — Refactoring: cleanup the handling of disabling the 'Join Chat' and 'Add Buddy' menuitem, and the handling of the autojoin feature.
bd035a4297edb60ab749d591b2050a09e7822be5Florian Quèze — Persist the account manager size.
cbdfcf71de999f2beeaea838ced877b2084a9e44Benedikt Pfeifer — Update the label of the 'Check for updates' menuitem at the right time depending on the platform.
615aab40ffb75725376a6484f26b6726aec4fd2eBenedikt Pfeifer — Remove the 'Sounds' menuitem.
d90a4fc4eebecbb371ddca93f4bef66d7a821540Florian Quèze — Give access to about:config from the Advanced tab of the prefwindow.
739cb2f98f04946881197497a6b13b70b142323dFlorian Quèze — Fix the Linux css of the preferences window.
f4253531b070dcb825ef26501bfa442d06ab24c5Florian Quèze — Remove one line of leftover code in the advanced tab of the pref window.
ee8c6fb702c35d4af403ed50e8c35292db37b5a4Florian Quèze — Split richlistbox.css out of accounts.css so that proxies.xul only gets the parts it needs.
29632926f392fdc6fe7e2368c91edd98220f1b10Florian Quèze — Preference window.
5323773ad87ebe14624219046a3c4ec6444c6ae8Florian Quèze — Change the gradients of the account manager to the new gradient syntax. (Fix after the 1.9.2 landing of bug 513395)
df1405c247b3a5e0a449a65f8ba1652bd33bfeb7Quentin Castier — Fix the resolution of the new message icon so that it is correctly sized by Growl.
d7774d56f83243a44765b35740dcdd32411ee6d2Florian Quèze — Fix MacOSX build breakage after the 1.9.2 landing of bug 520494.
d66a7c48441b4cf81ba111e96abbffb99929385bFlorian Quèze — Fix the font-size unit.
c7f7795ffaa040a9bae6752ddaf7a923ebe25decFlorian Quèze — Allow setting custom default font size, color and family for outgoing messages.
ac0a56728a2c72ebeaf552d6ce6e20fa312c2e77Florian Quèze — Fix the flickering of the tab drop indicator when dragging a tab over the end of the tabstrip, make the tab drop indicator more visible (Windows and Linux), and simplify the padding at the extremity of the tabstrip (Mac).
1a4fd76b06a866393b8073f032e40240ca08a151Florian Quèze — The time has come...
2aac30279bc6fdb966210abca89119face22bfcaRomain Bezut — Bug 953708 - 'Connected for ...' sometimes disappears after moving an account. r=florian
8f36dc46f9cba8d80996410576e7fd3ab87fac80Romain Bezut — Bug 953707 - Border between accounts sometimes disappear after dropping an account. r=florian
6212417682d108a2c810572ed1d30eef8fd9af03Romain Bezut — Bug 953686 - Textbox expansion on window resize. r=florian
59deada00be229cd314c2987897918140100d240Florian Quèze — When quitting Instantbird, make sure the conversations are not closed before the accounts are disconnected.
c7170244920146ff8cde62399985098f13cec8b7Florian Quèze — Remove useless duplicated google talk icons.
1eec238da18623f3ca49da7fdd2ea7861ce88049Florian Quèze — Take into account the format (if provided) for the timeOpened replacement in headers and footers of message themes.
5c76c2d029c29297b109c6c18b9403b673f5b741Florian Quèze — Attempt to get rid of the horizontal scrollbar in the account manager (remove the display of the alias, and increase the default width of the window by 50px)
b8dac1938ec84892efaf15b77eff46d7ddad7b75Florian Quèze — Remove useless 'pluralRule' string in
422019ee705564cde3785288f49cd00757a78166Florian Quèze — Improve the way some HTML special characters are mishandled in conversations (should fix most problems related to &apos; and &quot;)
66bfc3797788143746277c609dbd7e03789e4ddaFlorian Quèze — Make the 'magic' message selection serialization use Windows linebreaks on Windows instead of Unix linebreaks.
7490ee824df3ef3a2ef76cedd261edee115c0aebFlorian Quèze — Upgrade libpurple from 2.5.9 to 2.6.3 (+ some MSN crash fixes of 2.6.4devel)
f9c93dc2d29d1c6bf068c56f3bea268fbddb0481Florian Quèze — Change the IRC-specific code of the Join Chat feature, so that it can also be used with other protocols like XMPP.
7cbf298f8152a82f9f5bdc6288855b5923ff735bFlorian Quèze — Account manager redesign.
b5f1129d514a65a24fcec756407647ae05601334Florian Quèze — Revert erroneous change from changeset aac5d4e598cf.
92985e1e7261157635d5fd2b620fe8d0b834c828Benedikt Pfeifer — Bug 953695 - Menu cleanup. r=florian
c392e64173fc3a91fd15c2e6bf59fd423f12bfcbFlorian Quèze — Preserve more information when detaching a tab.
9d273c2bc2f9907d8cd1d146a09501e08bd6be90Florian Quèze — Handle 'mobile' status.
90a39b7ce1c7bac072edecd1c10c8cfb2c954985Florian Quèze — Fix instantbird/ so that it doesn't look for a 'base' folder with doesn't exist anymore.
0b1fe2b7879c3f0022e5dd80acb9bbc15d63e540Florian Quèze — Disable Windows 7 SDK requirement in buildbot mozconfigs.
28a55318502ad657c9cb39614148b95f09914cdfBenedikt Pfeifer — Fix the protocol icon in the join chat dialog.
083f68d498147399a97b39bdf99cce40420ab586Florian Quèze — Remove dead code in buddy.xml (found by Mic on IRC). (bis)
af954698a65ee277e6121ad1290ed6efd92d4495Florian Quèze — Make the proxy selection dialog usable without argument so that it can be used to select the global proxy without changing the settings of a specific account.
d08638fcdac19f4bdceb436adca8713472c37970Florian Quèze — Remove dead code in buddy.xml (found by Mic on IRC).
da78c921be0fe82e3ec6ea7eb679a32155e10038Florian Quèze — Have http, https and ftp by default in mimeTypes.rdf.
09bcb64b30896fd2f6629b89ec65f107e7c122e1Florian Quèze — Clear the status bar when the alltabs menu is closed.
21ee836319afabbb4b4b964e560b40068ca96194Florian Quèze — Popup a warning when closing several conversation tabs at once and some of them have unread messages.
1ac51e8d41138f974877662bd7162f32a0722324Florian Quèze — Focus the new conversation when starting a private conversation with a participant of a chat.
ae9d0304f678804c2392646b56d74f389839f931Florian Quèze — Add a preference to separate IM and chat conversations in different windows.
a0d8d3bbf9bea1c83c3173642273202b94ace41eFlorian Quèze — Add a preference to control whether new conversations are opened in windows or tabs.
035ef64c703973e4a0fb185cf97f6f2f005f559cFlorian Quèze — Allow conversation windows to refuse the addition of a conversation. If all existing windows refuse a new conversation, a new window will be created for it.
735d23e577e3fd5d93d4fba05e264d5b4252a091Florian Quèze — Add an observer in tabbrowser for the autoHide pref.
8a8d970b6103f9bf4f6687b0388a046873a49173Florian Quèze — Add a (pref'ed off by default) popup notification for incoming messages when the conversation windows are inactive.
8b6c8e0a7692567199fa95213897c3dd81d3fd70Florian Quèze — Make sure we don't display '0' in a dock badge after the pref value is changed.
52110af8fd204990061b75d148d45dde247a2148Florian Quèze — Add a preference to control if a conversation window with a new message attemps to get attention.
5624476536655581be0be06d56617d802151bb04Florian Quèze — Add a pref to control the behavior of the unread count dock badge (mac only).
26625c32348b4e888901f182dc241d262d35d766Romain Bezut — Resize the textbox properly when resizing conversation windows where the browser has already reached its min-height. r=florian
e62279d534e9b61098c43a842aa24ba14ba3ac05Florian Quèze — Use new typing, typed and unknown icons from idechix in conversation tabs.
04054d4f37e45815d725dcae1b4442f3d8c58128Romain Bezut — Use a preference for the maximum default height of the textbox in conversations. r=florian
ce162f3c9f3596ca243b377855c4fdc30bce87ceFlorian Quèze — Add a preference to disable automatic connections at startup.
0b72ad96c9731378dd02d43930c80bdc08488b3dFlorian Quèze — Take the position of the drop into account to place the new conversation window containing the detached tab.
0e33cf08d032a1633fa3e21babc06c2d4f48f23cFlorian Quèze — Fix autoscroll (with middle mouse click) in conversations.
f492b0fd2eba1298064f0b050f6a609b7f0719b3Florian Quèze — Fix selection clipboard on detached conversation tabs.
55948b7609487ec538a2de8fd89646bf10d9c8e7Florian Quèze — Fix the findbar in detached tabs.
afff24a702a66bfaea9914d4ed413e0eaf1ff44eBenedikt Pfeifer — Close the last conversation tab like the others (middle click, close button, context menu). r=florian
ac22c7d04eb4b3d1e74fe0e3005a1f1678bddd5eBenedikt Pfeifer — Bug 953595 - Remove ugly borders on notification bars in account manager (linux and windows). r=florian
5a867f1e91cd39faa579ef05112a2817e83958b1Florian Quèze — Workaround the brokenness of the textbox when it has been focused just after the activation of the conversation window. r=Morian
952eb366e8a9b7a2fa7e2632aa487c878663e74dRomain Bezut — Bug 953681 - Resize the textbox automatically in conversations. r=florian
3795d02e949f07d75c2bf8aae0da3d3b7d24d53eFlorian Quèze — Remove useless 'base' folder.
d7c085f371de06916db21c03662a62b78d9caa69Florian Quèze — Better color for the border at the bottom conversations on Mac.
ca5440912d36e8b2d125a7a77b0eec9bd49d0ba5Florian Quèze — When attaching a conversation tab to an existing conversation window, compute the index of the new position before adding a tab.
1ab555a3c2ebc50c747b41c0dba538690f1bb3a7Florian Quèze — Remove progressListener before swapping the docShell when detaching a tab, to avoid obscure and hardly reproducible JS errors.
edab9def3e34016f36bcb52943646c9a6c933f69Florian Quèze — Fix the Mac unread count dock badge to work with multiple conversation windows.
46935b542d25814db535e27fadb3d0a4ce5a47bdFlorian Quèze — Various minor style improvements in conversations.
37743b5ba1a8084798bb0093677186d01ff5f8b4Florian Quèze — Follow-up to a3ea67f3841f: fix nicklist and topic bar brokenness.
093b912083f051379754124e7f0ed992b7be36f2Florian Quèze — Get rid of leftover tab drop indicators.
f7b1a011aea0750a1263998f03c6b75176b2e6e7Florian Quèze — Do not use the default cursor while dragging a tab.
afb324ba66b03a901395b015e028568c6c90943eRomain Bezut — Display tabs while dragging them. r=florian
5a6b0c1282f23f54c985b32e8388e96129ca2261Florian Quèze — Hide the all-tabs button when all the tabs are visible (no overflow).
6fef4448a5ca0b850f61f66f26615211bf00d25cRomain Bezut — Bug 953677 - Replace 'Connected' by 'Connected for <time>' in the account manager. r=florian
167807e2449253eec1f3155129abe1bd134d1c3aFlorian Quèze — Remove no longer needed WinCE workaround.
b9abc607ede3ed67480ad9cc0c13d5a950922ab1Florian Quèze — Fix localizability issue in the credits, and update copyright year.
e0ab344584ed7b27562c274ad71d98abc0aeaf7eFlorian Quèze — Hide useless and ugly bugos horizontal scrollbar in the input textbox of conversations.
09d8adc507525b5250b728d39014b1d0f2271575Florian Quèze — Bug 953680 - hidden pref browser.tabs.autoHide doesn't work at all (doesn't hide the tabstrip when only one tab remains).
f182225baa9fd01d9525a301c44fb4ff0553f18fFlorian Quèze — Prevent tabs from displaying briefly a gray icon before changing it to the status icon.
aba755cc5119d5d44adc2a4d98cfdc0a199cfb32Romain Bezut — Use an opacity of 0.6 for icons of unselected tabs and center tab titles on all OSes, not only on Mac. r=florian
baabafb4f843db295dbd04fa0dc8566f66cad12bRomain Bezut — Remove unused tab related preferences from the default preference file. r=florian
8177099436ffb08c33d76772d72d1bdfa5ca0e7bFlorian Quèze — Handle a 'selected' attribute on conversations, so that the workaround for wince tabs still works.
03c2c0b6dc4391a5e7cc66bda5d2b2d065e05868Romain Bezut — Mark a conversation tab as unread even if it's selected when the window is inactive. r=florian
383bcbbc20c53708284ca25402b9f9560be794eaRomain Bezut — Apply zoom settings on the first conversation tab too.
978d4c997f2c4d81da79a819c3b63d3c448792cdFlorian Quèze — First tab of conversation windows should honor tabMinWidth and tabMaxWidth settings.
ae2ef0e09a5d9dbc180e9970008b2e3647fecbefRomain Bezut — open new conversations in the most recently active window. r=florian
a07a7dabb70e3c3ecb77240341b63114065c2aa8Romain Bezut — Morian's whitespace cleanup patch of the year! rs=florian
45189ad5f7db07b193e555820fe510a0ca25e50dRomain Bezut — Fix the quit confirm dialog prompting about conversations with unread messages to work with the new tabs and multiple windows. r=florian
d6a8319ecbf75c8bb9f102ff3fc48b84c2ffd00cFlorian Quèze — Unified titlebar on Mac, and handle inactive conversation windows theming.
ef7911bc280cbc18803610ec20d0a0286c189db3Florian Quèze — Fix macgestures for the new tabs.
e1cd0bb96e575b1e4c6c7d406e374fddaa12bcd6Florian Quèze — Follow up to bug 953578 (fullzoom): cleanup the onselect handler. r=Morian
5e298f7a467eef96e56590a0f5afe4523c941827Florian Quèze — Fix Command+w with new tabs.
3c011fb7ce69a2801247e63dd482acefa8efd3f1Florian Quèze — Fix usage of the findbar with the new tabs.
b09938b252cdb8cf90603f31c784b0bf8565079cRomain Bezut — Bug 953578 - zoom level should be saved in a preference and be consistent across all conversations. r=florian
5d28bce44941cbe909d8b1a0b221d75f59ab9d39Florian Quèze — New tabs (similar to the tabs of Firefox 3.5).
3a3f76e23243c2e064bafc68b6d29f44a7f9587aFlorian Quèze — Bug 953673 - Prevent the smiley theme system from freezing the application when a bogus theme leads to a regexp matching the empty string.
560dc77592e59a6b0ec13026c21b12f311e20c34Romain Bezut — Remove workaround for bug 506491 now that it is fixed on the mozilla-1.9.2 branch.
f61b3ecc034552285a26d45b64c3d77e85171285Romain Bezut — Bug 953628 - Accounts reordering (shift+up/down arrows, context menu, drag&drop). r=florian
861ec1cbff7d8ca55acfcdde248d4230935d65e2Mitchell Field — Bug 953659 - Fix various strings (that looked awkward to native English speakers). r=Morian,r=florian
870cfcb0f99655d065b856bd510f135e6b3793c0Romain Bezut — Bug 953666 - Display a helpful message in the account manager when there's no account, instead of an empty rectangle.
9d40907d960ac469bcf612c9ce3ea3ae51c56a35Romain Bezut — Bug 953669 - Disconnect button not disabled just after clicking on Connect. r=florian
82546a5f8e43a8fb61ed46cd169ff0c3fdc24fb8Florian Quèze — In the account wizard, display a description of what a valid username is when libpurple provides one.
f7dca74640b19157365ccf366c8c52aa2effbb35Romain Bezut — Bug 953668 - When restarting, the 'Quit' button should be 'Restart' in the prompt notifying the user that there are unread messages. r=florian.
d0e2f187193f046bd8a2c4e68e887a2186e1a8f1Romain Bezut — Follow up fix for bug 953585: fix the selection of the first account when opening the account manager.
09ad42e3b7ca7219e48d854201a1b5e746c4fa54Romain Bezut — Bug 953585 - Add a preference to track accounts crashing during their first connection, so that only the faulty accounts get disabled at the next startup. r=florian
eee0286de97d7e3445e8dcb7d617a7f1f146d227Florian Quèze — Improve the margins in the buddy list to reduce wasted space.
a3f47ab1d2501636c79f968f63d0b058517cebb1Romain Bezut — Bug 953662 - (accessibility) Edit field including the count of chat room participants is not properly associated with its label. r=florian
4075e940bc7b896ceaac11317474f013c4c442c6Florian Quèze — Fail more gracefully if purpleConversation::SetBaseURI fails.
56f085bbb9d0a3863e5d8e2e2ef49fe207451ed6Romain Bezut — Bug 953663 - Javascript error when sending typing notifications in a conversation that has just been closed. r=florian
f798a93db0c8abafcc03060f093918b81fdb63a2Romain Bezut — Bug 953658 - Groups not collapsable/expandable by keyboard. Original patch by Peter Vagner <>, r=florian.
75d232f1de3d441e8d47660826c0a80e013e4a5cRomain Bezut — Bug 953648 - Don't do signon/off animations of buddies in collapsed groups (for perf reasons). r=florian
94177a6d29956878e284280577fdf725daa724daRomain Bezut — Bug 953627 - make auto-reconnect cancelable/stoppable. r=florian
07f892413501ced5ac514cdb24ef92daf4ef9397Romain Bezut — Bug 953626 - account manager refactoring, and add a context menu.
c6a0fe30dc89521e95f3512b634f240690ab7467Romain Bezut — Follow up to bug 953629 - disable buttons in account manager when offline. r=florian
8541b2932cfb52ed0b41bb56c576be9ebd49341bBenedikt Pfeifer — Bug 953619 - Improve topic notification bar. r=morian
08fe2d6ade6c1e0d8971024756ee5ec23bed1086Romain Bezut — Bug 953629 - disable buttons in account manager when offline. r=florian
fd15bb022da956c0306d92132c56f88007bf47d2Romain Bezut — Follow up to bug 953622 so that chat messages that don't contain the nick are really ignored when deciding to popup the prompt or not.
08a490741ddd5a4344e802717bbdaeb72085d40dRomain Bezut — Add a flex attribute on username textboxes of the account wizard to avoid ugly horizontal scrollbar that appears sometimes on Linux.
97cbf0aaba8f2bdfe61b03a7d35482fad5aab407Romain Bezut — Bug 953616 - Change default actions when double clicking or pressing enter on an account in the Account manager: connect or disconnect the account. r=florian
4dc1ea1a57a57ce36cd1e41d45b380cc2dafcab1Romain Bezut — Bug 953650 - Changing the selected account with up/down arrows doesn't work when the selected account is of an unknown protocol. r=florian
a55143eb75944b80aee18066d66d84c36d48904dRomain Bezut — Bug 953572 - Instantbird should try to reconnect while connecting and the proxy settings are changed. r=florian
4f2a3a25a6ab56807bfa86eaa4c4d9409d6106ecRomain Bezut — Bug 953625 - wherever the focus is, make sure the up and down arrow change the selected account in the account manager. r=florian
cef82bc6fcabf8e15d66d656b5e20b125343000fFlorian Quèze — Bug 953624 - (follow up:) Focus the Connect/Disconnect button automatically when it appears and is no longer disabled.
8ac7f713581d3f9ed68644961698b7bd5ac3ea8dRomain Bezut — Bug 953624 - focus the connect/disconnect buttons automatically in the account manager. r=florian
f7e5fc86b243c51c4ab676d0baa6670561fb2b4bRomain Bezut — Bug 953649 - Default action when deleting an account should be "Cancel". r=florian
98638678ead851f81a525f19535226f98cf1ae7eRomain Bezut — Bug 953630 - update the alias in the account manager when it's changed from the properties dialog. r=florian
66d4ec8d606e5bc2d038cc2299f540ceea7f4645Florian Quèze — Disable the dialog saying on startup that the update was successful.
65feb4f93ba4f05ae8f2458ee0358f82208138edRomain Bezut — Bug 953622 - Request confirmation from the user before quitting when there are unread messages. r=florian
6644984b04ab7845f3581915add3da34b81f651aFlorian Quèze — Enable addon updates (for real this time...).
4f1a5a44c11d756517e8c988809fd6f4a0cde12cFlorian Quèze — Bug 953643 - Buddy list groups should have a twisty to close/open them and closed groups should show a count of online buddies. p=Romain Bezut <>, r=florian.
ea88061cae91b9973e05ab61d14da37b72873433Florian Quèze — Disable 'signed-on' animations on WinCE. They make the startup feel even slower than it already is...
e730906ffc4406766453f1a18a3de80faa8d84d2Florian Quèze — Add an example of mozconfig for Windows CE.
3f3a1634aacb63ac24797c2ad8437514e6020bfeFlorian Quèze — Add --disable-necko-wifi to our linux buildbot configurations.
a088db4445674a202de93c703465fe59e3c5d711Florian Quèze — Add (optional) splashscreen for Windows CE builds.
0cf4db4cfdfa5f72278156b67ec8a6354de1342bFlorian Quèze — Fix the way we create cab files for Windows CE.
2a4bfe979c8361c5a467d0c92c3b5d0fda5187e7Florian Quèze — On Windows CE, put an icon inside instantbird.exe.
5189e79b4d5aa6f97ef0c877ab4c1264f05b25cbFlorian Quèze — WinCE: Add a border around the list of accounts in the account manager.
b278d6f7174176b45c80a2ce2457cc6428a0808bFlorian Quèze — Fix the WinCE workaround for tabs brokenness, so that it also works when clicking by a tap on a touchpad.
b2a068c4f7ff2804d87e5775d12c956dc6251244Florian Quèze — Bump version number to 0.2b1pre.
0ec381ee2c1f11ac7bdc65bc533c6bcd81313eebFlorian Quèze — Set version number to 0.2a1 and change default revisions in
6b427ac98e103bc4eae82c2c3e70e9902ec64f97Florian Quèze — Workaround for 'bug 494901 - label and textbox misaligned when using align=baseline'. This is not perfect and flickers on some platforms.
e0c2f41af53fc624054ddc363b84cef281f164b0Florian Quèze — Revert workaround for bug 502383 now that it is fixed in mozilla-central.
ab1fe61989238514c5ac5b1fe9f831ad42c2b57aFlorian Quèze — Improve localizability: make the strings used for typing notifications and the default width of several windows localizable. p=idechix, r=florian.
9d3506abe0202f436280abeb5c82d853d8b5b3a8Florian Quèze — Destroy the findbar when destroying a conversation, to avoid leaking the whole DOM window.
ef32e3668c1b404d514fe47f5e546b0650c14b5cFlorian Quèze — Disable the message theme selector when there is only the default theme in the list, and simplify the code filling the theme selection menulist in both the Message Styles and Smileys windows.
76a19ebfe41c3f03fee2f0a1c3306da3ddef64a1Florian Quèze — Fix warning: Illegal character in window name Message Styles.
15c1e680bddbd31f90af81b0936cc6fb3414c3e9Florian Quèze — Fix a bogus case of selection serialization in message theme so that it doesn't output raw HTML markup in the plain text serialization.
4e1a7372797489c1d0527a522d2df16d7cd4f62aFlorian Quèze — Fix typo in venkman menuitem, oops.
0c335c210a6e640de0b80ee0bbf1980c9e506cb5Florian Quèze — Add some default pref values so that they are visible in about:config.
cddb1145e8b91e3b2ba57e4fdf902af91b92c1b3Florian Quèze — Avoid the various bugs caused by ireflow when inserting a new message in a conversation.
35aa4faec386d75a38f094efbf7c415fd7e41321Florian Quèze — Add a 'Quit' menuitem in the 'File' menu.
799216b7e9f3dca99caf01592474e9bc5cbe9511Florian Quèze — Don't enable caret browsing by default.
6a24a114d8f109ceec0c53bfd2f07bbb6ace1163Florian Quèze — Remove dead code in messagestyle.js. This code doesn't implement nsIWebProgressListener anymore so QueryInterface is not needed.
e501cbbe946de595b4ed6e53a58f942026dca230Florian Quèze — Handle action (/me) messages in message styles that don't provide an ActionMessageTemplate by adding a start at the begining and the end of the message text.
42ee5b442983e12b111b999576dd608358b22567Florian Quèze — Handle action (/me) messages when copying the selection.
9486e30e4854bc4bfb2aaec8d4f381040e10060fFlorian Quèze — Add a window to select and preview smiley themes.
fb99f8121b6d312dcfdbc717f4f5519848f22781Florian Quèze — Do not add an ellipsis at the end of a copied message if only a line break is not selected (a <br/> node at the end of a <span> node is not displayed anyway...).
a0f09792ef17c88d1ac183d074a697b5695a7bf1Florian Quèze — Make it possible for an extension to register a text modifier with the convbrowser binding.
67092c02a8fdf087a90e865fc7e95b8591032548Florian Quèze — Make autoscroll in conversation areas less fragile (used to be broken when doing in this order: scrolling up, scrolling to the bottom, resizing the window, adding a message).
6c45853ce3778b0e6482eb38fbba76633ab5eacdFlorian Quèze — Release the conversation window as soon as it is closed (it used to be kept alive until another conversation window was opened).
113e013609e29e9c0e0ba1a3522344e1a463da51Florian Quèze — Add a 'Force Garbage Collection' menuitem in the debug menu, and add some shortcut keys for debug tools.
e1ab624ed8da518a5d37d76409deaefd1102d32aFlorian Quèze — Ooops, the conversation binding refactoring broke the zoom. Adding markupDocumentViewer to convbrowser to fix this.
2b56a160dd04ba8d6780d4938545b74c55b23989Florian Quèze — Stop leaking conversation tabs closed before their window.
b654bb286c22db4ca38a26b88bc00033b120b227Florian Quèze — Refactoring of the conversation binding so that the code to use message themes is shared with the theme preview window.
930db1e5d70eedd56a4cf8d1811ea0ae23f4b1feFlorian Quèze — Replace smileys during the same DOM traversal as the filtering on messages added in a conversation.
5c5f106c52163b09f12a74e549722314493189b4Florian Quèze — Port Bug 501457/501574 - echo -n isn't portable (especially not to 10.5.x) so we get bogus creator codes
8a42bc8854c25fa7508f371dae9cbc667e947d05Florian Quèze — Fix focus issue in conversation window when using ctrl(+shift)+tab to change the selected tab.
cabcaf9a22227e94d0be921aca8da38cb16e1479Florian Quèze — Make sure smileys appear in the message style preview area even after the preview is refreshed.
c7ae1a49a323469a8fe400cdc07e329a09c6672fFlorian Quèze — Better fix for the Linux bustage from bug 494490.
00f83d2ff534f08080193f5cd4fd0753b657e7c6Florian Quèze — Yet another linux bustage fix...
2ae5782a8e6f868b7ba2e44237f105830593b383Florian Quèze — Fix the version information bundled into instantbird.exe and purple.dll.
37c702502251f7955b5fd4a43083c4a8ecbd90a7Florian Quèze — Make the collapsable groupboxes of the advanced options tab of the account wizard keyboard accessible, and remove the ugly border of closed groupboxes which was visible on Windows.
240e8bf89b01d653e3c48cb51d5d2a1237fc1ca2Florian Quèze — Hide the ugly status bar borders (they were visible only on Windows).
dab1bbd9b4a0155f8915e327c2980434928ec87cFlorian Quèze — Workaround horrible focus bug on Windows. When the focus was given to an already opened conversation tab from the buddy list, the textfield of the conversation was unusable until the user manually unfocused and refocused it.
5cf5cb56513ef44c9b977a9cbb114c09b24282f7Florian Quèze — Fix pretty printing of message selections in the case of grouped messages with the <div id="insert"/> placeholder not at the end of the template.
35b09ef8d4dbd392e340ec7d584db03732b4c36fFlorian Quèze — Make the conversation selection pretty printing work with selection clipboard on Linux.
ad0bc498dba1f34ce08ae0cb2c14223a48366179Florian Quèze — Fix the '__count__ deprecated' JS Strict Warning in the buddy list.
ba2ac26aa68216c3aaf899ab0009607288e0b71dFlorian Quèze — In the buddy list, animate when a buddy is added or removed, so that the user has time to see it after hearing the sound.
9a10754875405fc9d6a9abce6f0cd7b665f29063Florian Quèze — Use the unicode ellipsis character instead of 3 dots.
6eaf3e203f127ea9fc06515113526538648e353dFlorian Quèze — Fix the remaining focus issue in the conversation window. Now clicking on a tab with a touchpad also sets the focus to the input box immediatly.
dcbd56fc0f331dfc1891299cc9f9d51eb29c15cdFlorian Quèze — Better display of libpurple messages in the Error Console.
bb5d489322a1bc6d08494a82aa0c05165abfc50eFlorian Quèze — Resolve focus issues in the conversation window.
da8e309ae66490e4f59a3452cfffd9e3065e32f5Florian Quèze — Port of bug 452426 - application.ini should supply mercurial changeset.
252abea65cf8f844b7746c28ecd73e349e9d4dc9Florian Quèze — Remove the colons in the buddy list tooltips.
2c74c6788f464d516c75f44248ddbd18fcf37ed0Florian Quèze — Fix typo in the string 'Do not ask next time'.
72b3e32a7abe7b041b96a44fa10de6d7d00a821eFlorian Quèze — Add back spaces around ellipsis in copied selections.
18d5f275b44dd57cbace0d64a68a90aeecd7c2f0Florian Quèze — Fix our Info.plist to stop registering mailto, news and feed URL types on Mac OS X. Also, update the copyright year.
40c951cb74296bb6f82ff5b96954158d2bec15ffFlorian Quèze — Make the buddy list window a singleton.
7c0fd6ab8b2952764327d230ba1b54dbbfe3a0c1Florian Quèze — Fix langpack generation (fix the preprocessing of version numbers in install.rdf, and do not fail when no specific branding directory was specified by configure).
fab014d579dd9baca9992776578d25169a9e29f8Florian Quèze — Fix message selection in non-debug builds.
27cfc070b31b47d72dbd00d2451f411a34663b3bFlorian Quèze — Remove leftover entity in accountWizard.dtd. Should have been removed in dc6560cf5e99.
ce81528fcf419e60f5ed05a260c05eb85a909e50Florian Quèze — When copying to the clipboard from a conversation, detect what is selected (which parts of which messages), and pretty print it.
d469fb75c138b72a72f553f500267ad2edb9c1e4Florian Quèze — purpleIConvIM.buddy can be null for conversations with people not in the buddy list. Fix a JS error in the theme system in this case.
28ba33e072eb2e126de8e6ece94130f8980110bdFlorian Quèze — Store the purpleIMessage instance in each of the 'root' DOM node inserted into the document for a message.
5ceb0bf750cc893c5a61f7501487a0b4fda714a3Florian Quèze — Disable CSS overflow propertie for message themes until bug 42676 is fixed in Mozilla. This bug prevents from selecting messages in conversations when overflow has a non-default value.
bfa3e1f6b81f74250cb47f57f6061ae9ec299695Florian Quèze — Cleanup the positioning the smileys in conversations.
48f264729a36477607531f398759f3457986480dFlorian Quèze — Fix the conversation name displayed in message style previews.
dcb812e2c4f8ff8ea34433af132ab099cf4de858Florian Quèze — Implement nsIClassInfo where needed in purplexpcom, and remove QueryInterface calls that are now useless in Instantbird's JavaScript code.
26f28a6e9dbe76066beb1bbed0356df5c6930104Florian Quèze — Take PURPLE_CONNECTION_NO_NEWLINES into account when sending messages.
04df8631fd0c8d06cd620735d6e063cbc9a52a22Florian Quèze — Show chrome errors by default in the error console, and show strict warnings in debug builds. Also remove the warning page when accessing about:config from a debug build.
a4f3c0382321aa5dba445ecf125bd2d3ab48c92fFlorian Quèze — Allow message styles to use javascript: links.
7b7c924254da4540fb62b00075ecdf3abdef3925Florian Quèze — Do the linkification before cleaning up the content of messages, so that links with undesirable schemes don't end up clickable.
fa4ce60c532060796e073af5588ba7c42bc737fcFlorian Quèze — Send line breaks as <br/> tags in outgoing messages if HTML is enabled on the account used and remove the workaround we had for incoming XMPP messages.
1c0116576f3f3232430d11f92814b6ff7d3ba535Florian Quèze — New idle icons (with a different position of the hands on the clock). Icons by Idechix.
dbdd1aae7efdc402da88eccc044cf78aa3e3e5ceFlorian Quèze — Sort protocols in the list of the account wizard.
22433f2dcef4a1a7717d9c64e70adec1a021604dFlorian Quèze — Add the Google Talk protocol in the list.
d250a47383a42409ef546894a33223fbe9962d2fFlorian Quèze — Add a scriptable way to clone a protocol and override some of its attributes.
6a3f82027a222c5b02f219c71e902a2099f94a79Florian Quèze — Make sure purplexpcom always uses purpleIProtocol and not directy purpleProtocol.
592f4d1b22a916bd29c5d4371c597a4e07d3f971Florian Quèze — Fix about:logo that uses the chrome URL chrome://branding/content/about.png (move about-logo.png to about.png in our brandings).
b8cd99d16c66d4ba88bf044e6cf29919ae7ab1cfFlorian Quèze — Fix compare locale (remove false positives with a script).
affc6241e778270a1616c8c51dc63048c2343c7eFlorian Quèze — Handle an ActionMessageTemplate metadata entry in Info.plist to customize the display of action messages.
d38821dcd03243429c0d428c4756a218dff1b8f2Florian Quèze — Handle %destinationDisplayName% replacement in headers/footers.
bee4261cae3fe1f28fa167333c04174016df18e6Florian Quèze — Handle variant specific metadata (like default font family or size) in message styles.
602d9f2e17aa9c02525f8e94e71fdb4d52f051d7Florian Quèze — Add a 'Message Styles...' entry to the 'Tools' menu that opens a window allowing to preview and select message style preferences.
7d04ed2b2f81b648c4b59f1741f4528bd5177c2dFlorian Quèze — Add a %statusIcon% replacement for status messages.
8be75294faf3d2e28103ef3b2dfc9f030e2ed107Florian Quèze — Use a different status icon for idle buddies in the buddy list.
e84118d01c823736e17dfc7cd0372107671e4212Florian Quèze — Make more string replacements do useful things in message themes (there used to be lots of FIXME strings going to the conversation...)
21d40ac5ddb7460247449443c9a23bc7398d1319Florian Quèze — Add more status icons (available, idle, offline). Icons made by idechix.
7b26e4f45fd285c570127b55f153e482812ae848Florian Quèze — Fix usage of multiple %time{%format}% replacements in message themes.
6b0db12d4ddd574e92017f51c3dfcdb8b411030dFlorian Quèze — Simplify /me replacement, and make sure it works for multiline messages.
c1c6818cc32c82ca09f52a8abc0d65072562ca3aFlorian Quèze — Avoid sending typing notifications when the user is typing a command in a conversation.
b0aaeb04a8948c0be10492924dbd885b30ec5d37Florian Quèze — Add some default search plugins (copied from Firefox).
ab88d7a34815af90f6d82d9772129c04add73a8bFlorian Quèze — Update/fix various URLs pointing to the addons website.
924da462984b3d4122d9613ebb56737c0eed3cf5Florian Quèze — Fix escaping of the '$' character in the smiley theme system.
030160553e2bc36f1c24f575f62c2833d0e7daedFlorian Quèze — Fix handling of missing Incoming/Content.html file in message styles.
727e6457a246f4b5b97eaf991eaf7de14ce6283aFlorian Quèze — Make long status messages wrap in buddy list tooltips instead of increasing the width of the tooltip to the whole width of the screen.
ba296c871f2a86d576564ff5963508a6ec511359Florian Quèze — Crop groupnames to avoid needless horizontal scrollbar in buddy list.
0c743ca243b50ec19b289bc5ca403163d6c1820bFlorian Quèze — Fix the function listing message style variants in the case where there is no Variants/ folder.
edc9751b01f37dad7f830bcaf86d8a7548d24676Florian Quèze — Update URLs for the update and crash reporter services.
5c96a09e7cd85739508e876efcd750061bda848dFlorian Quèze — Remove the workaround for scrollIntoView now that bug 492760 is fixed in mozilla-central (backout of eba061b09ebf).
cfb6ff72167bbda4e647733e5e5d623a5229ba36Florian Quèze — Add a way to list message theme variants.
f70c9550b7c3a6f789f599662340f36cbe2d04afFlorian Quèze — Handle gestures on multitouch touchpads of new Macbooks in conversation windows.
1eb883751bf9f57104fe7d3a83ce154138610c75Florian Quèze — Rewrite the username step of the new account wizard to handle purple username splits.
c41a232df07473ea133a96e6ed54db7c18c3133cFlorian Quèze — Make about:crashes work in Instantbird.
bab21b475892ff4f3cf882adbf3ebfdd6f337eb0Florian Quèze — Fix the build system to be able to build language packs.
6e2dd090019fb715eccbde633b3ebad4df7a2569Florian Quèze — Add the merge-<locale> target in the Makefile of instantbird/locales/
42bb2757073544b5738fb9b1897053766758fb58Florian Quèze — Remove some unused entities in instantbird.dtd
8ef0d6e95a03935bea24063e8045d777b2d645c7Florian Quèze — Temporary workaround for bug 492760 (scrollIntoView bogus since ireflow landed).
178d24e6291d1201c778ce3bb8f85648396c8141Florian Quèze — Add search engine manager. (Copied and modified from the Firefox one)
1ef7e34f024fcc55e2a3fc4071cad5296181049dFlorian Quèze — Handle PurpleAccountUserSplit in purplexpcom.
961fc9bdd2b908e82ebb22caa5ef898041127560Florian Quèze — Improve the 'Check for updates...' menu item.
cb27ccf3f6b947abdd47cc168c5ce9edd5e2708aFlorian Quèze — Fix handling of account options of type 'string list'.
8865e6d1e13ac5dd1cb57c40342a89c2c7a6d3c9Florian Quèze — Add 'Hide Instantbird'/'Hide Others'/'Show All'/'Services' to the application menu on Mac OS X. Also add a Window menu (only visible when the buddy list is selected for now).
418bd82d89f564c1c12fff5e84eeba9abdd42267Florian Quèze — Add a 'Search <default engine> for "<selection>"' entry in conversation context menu (currently not visible because the search engine list is empty). Fix the build system to handle search engines.
e7f60b255117d35b6b19c3ad6becfe498617f60aFlorian Quèze — Add link related items to the conversation window context menu.
221cc05c62e5a01d143b1353e360ee691188e692Florian Quèze — Optimize operations (bulk add/remove) with the list of participants in chat rooms.
f5e374d7560fcb152f2d5d7524dc74e2350f9af5Florian Quèze — Add a context menu in the conversation window, with currently a 'Copy' and a 'Select All' entry.
5231b7470eb370e71819369ad45332caf869e3a8Florian Quèze — Display link's URL in status bar of conversation window.
e94775842ce3a1e6c6b41e62ead3c1fbde7eac75Florian Quèze — Display title attributes in tooltips in conversation.
27027fe582cbe0abc8fd8e03bfe41632cdc7254aFlorian Quèze — Handle NextStatus.html in message themes to please Idechix.
57783dd74a7186a9b9ac70c920af4b04f1277b03Florian Quèze — Add the Mac OS X Dock Badge implementation from Prism. Use it to display unread message count.
aeee2cf94e383f443d73c9e716dd2984f44c0231Florian Quèze — Make sure insertHTMLForMessage returns an HTMLElement. Auto-scroll was broken for some themes because of whitespace included at the beginning of the NextContent.html file.
c2351c36c2d4bd101c98b86b0a25601acc3d65cdFlorian Quèze — Work around the brokenness of <tabpanels> on WinCE.
fef75d5400557b15f6034512bef7d057238f3c79Florian Quèze — Combine consecutive messages only if they arrive with a relatively short (5 minutes by default) time interval.
d88be85d6f9a2fc9082ba8d23abc984bd3fe1052Florian Quèze — Implement date formatting in message styles.
8b59767b97694bd16a49856e12524615659a3346Florian Quèze — Put an 'Error Console' menu item in the 'Tools' menu.
ed710b37cde0224d0c6a6ffc6ef7b38d930c3cf8Florian Quèze — Attempt to use the first name of the contact in the tab header. If not possible, fall back to the full title of the conversation cropped after the 15th character.
db55ba47379df07f5c51087df663359a1a097a92Florian Quèze — Preprocess out the license header in the credits. This solves the encoding issue (there was a mismatch in encoding between the license header and the content of the file).
e976178b7ed88e02cf5c81655947f75a0d04b67aFlorian Quèze — Update copyright year in the about dialog.
16fe144cbb5e730144e06d46db0f8759f43627a1Florian Quèze — Fix protocol icons in the add buddy dialog.
77702afa463bac4b3ab0912d60d20353fc77e9d1Florian Quèze — Display accounts in the account manager even if the associated protocol plugin cannot be found.
534a77cb6b11f0559df46514e272c4004264dc63Florian Quèze — Add the necessary stuff in the build system to produce .CAB files on CE by just calling 'make installer'.
a32816febece3df8bc69c33fc8b920758c8a441bFlorian Quèze — Message styles improvements: handle DefaultFontFamily and DefaultFontSize. Add preferences to control the grouping of consecutive messages and the display of the header.
d17fae8066cb5f41ac8327302e8587f1522a7f63Florian Quèze — Unused parameter aIconsHash in getRegexp (imSmileys.jsm). Spotted by Mic on IRC.
e2fd773ef2a342496b5ac7221232a9fa9a2125bbFlorian Quèze — Fix an xml parse error (unknown entity) in the credits.
83d2088bedd4d1edf7bad9508889f620b965427eFlorian Quèze — Fix compilation of instantbird/ on CE. Some fixes come from bug 477727 and bug 422771.
cc02b5f4abe3b1bd91dab67e112cb82905be5e81Florian Quèze — Handle NextContent in message styles (grouping of consecutive messages from the same person).
1d8f51fe1dd1865da8b755dcb45e0a932dca630fFlorian Quèze — Add support for variants in message themes.
4d2b17cfe21280ce2bc0a291b32cd6b341f64b67Florian Quèze — Add buddy list observers before initializing libpurple to make sure we don't miss any notification.
8193b31c66964ae5a20e5171d675bb2b8f84b256Florian Quèze — Register protocol plugin icons in separate chrome packages so that protocol plugins added by extensions can register icons. Add generic icons for protocol plugins that don't provide icons.
8a97b32b36c140c7a09616ce75b1c75f87da4212Florian Quèze — Bug fix for message styles.
17085a027282d90f50df6347f61bc2bd35127a38Florian Quèze — Fix handling of the default variant of message styles.
178c30c14774669111bf9f039d45d157b5662676Florian Quèze — Modify the default conversation style to apply the CSS rule 'white-space: pre-wrap;' only on the text of inserted messages. Fix the default margins of smileys.
150f1f37edcf1d3de21f9d7030404b01d1519fbcFlorian Quèze — Begin implementation of message styles.
c733f42149d6adde6d436ce6c56cf72f49f1d37eFlorian Quèze — Enable full zoom so that smileys are zoomed too.
3ab733b973d5610953ddc21d6c97e382265c6b51Florian Quèze — Fix a JS Strict warning when breakpad is disabled.
fcc9e4d0cbc8874e067f28c20feac44cbda9435aFlorian Quèze — Add smileys.
64ed9ca37427b4a404be96cbf1e31cce205a020cFlorian Quèze — Allow hr tags in the permissive mode of filtering. (and remove a useless QueryInterface call)
785e8c96fb46f171b53938035dbb777023b65a1dFlorian Quèze — Remove duplicated notification of new-conversation.
284b64770b7853aa4fac187dce7ab50afdbac4bbFlorian Quèze — Filter incoming IMs before displaying them in conversations. A pref ('messenger.options.filterMode') was added to choose how much formattings is allowed.
fa9efac2b2d7035c3a2d807e54e9fd9c64398b6aFlorian Quèze — Fix a JS string warning in blist.js ('line 111: reference to undefined property')
5d97f8401a3e5f7befde7acd294dde3f533f8efbFlorian Quèze — Change the names of the 'away' and 'back' notifications to 'status-away' and 'status-back' to avoid naming collisions with the notifications sent by nsIIdleService. Also, send the purpleCoreService instance as subject instead of null, and pass the new status message to the 'back' notification.
caff8baf36f64073f2211e1697222e3db60198eeFlorian Quèze — Add the default values of the browser.preferences.{instantApply,animateFadeIn} preferences to make the usage the preference bindings possible.
1c1900f55b5905bc4d42c51c256ffb63a8bd56e3Florian Quèze — Change Mac mozconfigs to have dwarf2 symbols and some more warnings.
f7f3b79adcd15a1d85c07fdb309b8026889e3e3eFlorian Quèze — Ignore buddy related signals for buddies which haven't signed-on. This used to cause JS errors when receiving buddy-away or buddy-removed signals for offline oscar buddies.
6333f302c00c0b33010c70753bfeb1f4c900b2fcFlorian Quèze — Change purpleIConvChatBuddy::buddy from a purpleIAccountBuddy to a boolean so as to reduce the size of our diff with the official libpurple.
94665eecc7d6f020210c871836a8d0a63ed65dbfFlorian Quèze — Generate the file module.ver used by instantbird.exe from the value of instantbird/config/version.txt. There is now a single place in the tree containing the instantbird version number.
9dc3a88e74ecb84783f9db771527dd200715c3deFlorian Quèze — Fix account wizard for protocols that don't use passwords.
adb51ea8f6807b2279bb72f4e4c9b91db271f1faFlorian Quèze — Port: Bug 399153 - Software update should support unicode strings for the UI.
446448403b034fb68c2249f56f73047ff0e61fbdFlorian Quèze — Port of: Bug 470392 - Update installer for Unicode support and locale verification
0f5b6b02b7ed69f11facb1c2b368678deebb3da0Florian Quèze — Add in the string of the account wizard that was removed by mistake when removing
10e8b694a4c84ea68b59b4ea1cada833e2043793Florian Quèze — Get rid of the file.
a3e1df0e9d916900463adf9691a1c478139fa8e3Florian Quèze — Fix startup failure on Mac when loading data from compreg.dat instead of registering XPCOM components.
5661b069040b0c6a7ed6ee5d631697c6d0a2092dFlorian Quèze — When changing the away message, the notification in the buddy list should be updated.
9afaa69024c3d3874091fde42ff81a9461c3b8b6Florian Quèze — Bump version number from 0.1.3pre to 0.2a1pre on the trunk.
8506b6a7a23455a66c46afecdc01250d9ad6980dFlorian Quèze — Bump version number from 0.1.3pre to 0.1.3 for the release.
c44ca80b4ba04fbeb8032860ab28e7677889b5b3Florian Quèze — Adding mozconfig files for releases.
d184c63f58851da97f6108e5ac3de6803b304719Florian Quèze — Prevent a JS error about history in the browser binding (noise reduction in the error console :-)).
13a61ef7d4fd7040f7cdfb17f563c7e31beb79e9Florian Quèze — Fix typo in the name of a non packaged file.
be854dfe780e43374d29220fbcae46d3f5322de5Florian Quèze — Do not attempt to send null messages. This removes a JS error and noise on stderr for debug builds.
2f63c546f289dc557993b82586bcc0c3f65023beFlorian Quèze — Do not package useless files (js.exe, ...)
fe2ae8e85c1f017511f4bb98d2afa6e712325707Florian Quèze — Update the credits for Instantbird 0.1.3
d4094bd1eb56dceba619866b40229380171c306dFlorian Quèze — Add /away and /back commands to change the status directly from the conversation window.
f62ffa7a0c2ab5f9f28c5ac8524d3348b3f9fd53Florian Quèze — Crop the end of display names in order to prevent an horizontal scrollbar from appearing in the buddy list.
f6c781719f9465654ed1e960c15d5a431a9e8a0aFlorian Quèze — Ignore connection failure at the end of the new account wizard (so that the wizard closes even when we are in offline mode)
30bc82e8cd37176c55c910cdba5e37df1b83dc6dFlorian Quèze — Change the brandMotto of nightly builds. After all, geeks can also do magic!
50ccc2048e10408b7d13e0aaea7f8241a311fa5dFlorian Quèze — Do not auto-hide tooltips of the buddy list after a few secondes.
ebc0483001568263e287c1e06ce01b5e6d2e8f75Florian Quèze — Bug 953543 - Double clicking on a group in buddy list should hide / display it
23ecfa6ff2fac2dafeaca435a1909c8e139dfb82Florian Quèze — Remove the halloween branding from the buildbot mozconfig files.
ae41682f3e478e5a36c0f1078a0e2a57ec8b412cFlorian Quèze — Move the brandMotto string to brand.dtd which is inside the branding folders.
afea365889b98627fe8b57031778fe0668b794a8Florian Quèze — Fix Makefiles of locales branding folders so that the files in them are actually used.
86c74f71ab5607d40d43961afdbf0a1029839f11Florian Quèze — Land the images of the halloween branding for the About dialog.
dc0eef145e7fef6a5119c8de2a0cab808f1ab7e4Florian Quèze — Use the halloween branding for today's nightlies.
728fb66fbe7d0434514ab21a4fad7013bda0ec7dFlorian Quèze — Adding the halloween special branding
c9b21a3f99a887fd14ab1b9e7444e55b20bea5c5Florian Quèze — Bug 953514 - Add automatic-reconnection of accounts that were disconnected with a non-fatal error.
8d602250d235994973e1b534e11d152b3b24e89eFlorian Quèze — Use .textContent instead of the setText function.
22f252952aeec00dd7a40a3f944fb743279f984eFlorian Quèze — Observe account related notifications (except account-added and account-remove) from account.xml instead of accounts.js. Separate the code displaying connection errors from the code displaying connection progress in account.xml.
f2df35a5b49649d94906c5d7dca7698a31f871a9Florian Quèze — Expose connection error reason from purpleIAccount and separate connection error messages from connection progress messages.
2c5ca63cdf1bc417a76692628b50d051cbc22024Florian Quèze — Bug 953594 - Disable auto-login when the 'Work Offline' checkbox of the Profile Manager is checked. Also make sure we won't try to connect accounts, watch sockets or do DNS resolutions while we are in offline mode.
1984e5989b2114c5d88a6f84244f7c017cd0fb4aFlorian Quèze — Bug 953587 - Sort nicklist in chat conversations. p=goulagman, r=florian.
b535ff476eb69bfb1024b1b70aa81c684364f599Florian Quèze — Bug 953511 - Follow up patch to fix a typo that broke the scrollbar.
f503a215fad954484842380736cd37d39677e4a2Florian Quèze — Make sure the JS code computing the color associated with a nick doesn't throw an exception when there is no alphanumerical character in the nick.
cc247c5fa6cb16cef510ca5ad645532003de6327Florian Quèze — Bug 953511 and bug 953515. Scrollbars move around when the conversation area is resized. Auto-scroll is not reliable (when displaying large messages in the conversation area). Add a tolerance of 10 pixels for the detection that the scrollbar is at the bottom and that auto-scroll should be enabled.
bf67068e1be6480b497edb13881085ee841f6d1aFlorian Quèze — New disk icons for Mac OS X (work by idechix)
8556e22d3c8ec626966dcc67cdba5e23360415dbFlorian Quèze — Write <Auto-Reply> after the pseudo when the message is an auto response.
8e72bca3bb07012ab33b8d217391eddf00abe0c4Florian Quèze — Cut the name of the buddy after '@' when displaying the typing message in the status bar.
f00446542e3b93c4e3f2b3eafa214b95dba771edFlorian Quèze — Fix margins in the account manager around the notification bar
b947b167f2503f8e26a9f5bd2ec4974feaa1d34dFlorian Quèze — Add back the class='conv-nicklist' on the listbox of the nicklist. (Fix a regression from bug 953580)
3d538a2a76d9dbda1ca7f00667affc60738d77eeFlorian Quèze — Bug 953592 - Add a notification box in the account manager. p=Morian, r=florian.
e0051b6106fcb90e6bd3801bad4267d1147389d2Florian Quèze — Display typing notifications (with colors in the conversation tabs, and in the status bar of the conversation window)
672c3a364c8c3b5436cc6215a87403f42f7cb452Florian Quèze — Send typing information to the server.
b0e9f4f3f0e5238369a7b34d7b0c0e1cfb85d7f0Florian Quèze — Remove useless variable in autoLoginHandler.js
b2be637162619a438ee921e82a8e80f0fd9fec6dFlorian Quèze — Bug 953580 - Handle double click on chat buddies in the nicklist of chat conversations. p=goulagman, r=florian
8a2762808a2271067def1a4be1a7b50a6a3cd5d8Florian Quèze — Bug 953591 - Provide more information about why autologin is disabled. p=Morian, r=florian.
253f592e7817b259f2862e302785166acaade30bFlorian Quèze — When a keypress event is sent to the browser of a conversation, focus the editor and resend the event instead of messing up with the editor directly.
2cc79a92d2aab8f9d7cfab65edc0ff78de0f0843Florian Quèze — Remove all borders and margins around the buddy list.
769f47af78ccb361bbfa4de4d7b2ec45b7b190dfFlorian Quèze — Bug 953583 - Add a command line option to prevent autoLogin. p=Morian, r=florian
fba8d0551a802a9f914cf9be6150bbca43b06037Florian Quèze — Use 'Instantbird' and not 'Instantbird Nightly' as MOZ_APP_DISPLAYNAME for nightlies.
71c63acbfd63b25d88d57b1aca6ba76e144863b4Florian Quèze — Fix build error on Windows.
7578605ef022e0528fed0287668cb027902f749dFlorian Quèze — Move the various files of the branding to instantbird/branding/release (this is mostly a port of bug 443351). Add a nightly branding, which is enabled by default.
480c5b97ebde0eb496a0b27615750edfdd43f58aFlorian Quèze — Do not call close for PurpleConversation if we are in the process of exiting. This will fix bogus 'left the room' messages that were displayed when someone closed Instantbird.
9a80dab6d3ff8ca052b386a1c965115a36858155Florian Quèze — Bug 953576 - Separate the css rules of the conversation binding and the conversation window. p=Morian, r=florian
33e2ce7588fe2810f825373e88fb5143b7eda963Florian Quèze — Bug 953575 - Shift + Page up / Page down keys should scroll the conversation history. p=Morian, r=florian
87260ac30e105ee752578b8300883002036e3620Florian Quèze — Bug 953574 - vertical scrollbar (Mac and Windows) on the Advanced Options step of the new account wizard. Close the 'Proxy settings' groupbox by default. p=Morian, r=florian.
6514d5541a88e18917ce27932ed0f956410001d3Florian Quèze — Theme improvements for the conversation window.
a4f2ad4df90df4a781ef189347a7539a8bd97c98Florian Quèze — Bug 953537 - Add a findbar to the conversation widget. Add a try/catch to remove an harmless exception.
dc765a8737e332eadb1a97bb7fe6a53bebaefb75Florian Quèze — Add a default value for the pref extensions.update.url to prevent the Extensions Manager from throwing an exception at startup.
bffa93de1c9ff7bf1b9ac812e68ab66ea7df3a39Florian Quèze — Fix the install.rdf file of the default theme: s/Thunderbird/Instantbird/ and set the minVersion and maxVersion numbers (this will prevent the Extension Manager from hitting an assertion in RDF and trying to restart twice).
a7f19875b54eed45945895461f5dc318a1130eefFlorian Quèze — Bug 953566 - Fix typos in en-US locale. p=Morian, r=florian
dc35103bb5a7f5c39579d183b3d731ef0524b5dcFlorian Quèze — Bug 953571 - When deleting an account, the 'Ok' button should be 'Delete' instead (in the confirmation prompt). p=Morian, r=florian
ddc5cf80b33f6aa232de442b653f98dfdf555459Florian Quèze — Add a findbar in the conversation area. Initial patch by Romain Bezut <> in bug 953537. Also add a patch to allow reversed find as you type.
64e2844c86755339a5f489c5a1777728d748faaaFlorian Quèze — Bug 953534 - Add a 'Check for Updates' menu item.
c12ca6618eefa776eff6a96b72d39dcdb3ea4787Florian Quèze — Fix the handling of the /me command of incoming messages. It was broken for incoming messages starting with HTML tags (for exemple google talk messages)
4624358c3dc0ffdd282ceb08ef624ad1c7b9661eFlorian Quèze — Display chat topic in a notification bar at the top of the conversation. Handle chat topic updates.
df628411c910c142c670394fcc734887bc812e6bFlorian Quèze — Add the flag slashCommandsNative in purpleIProtocol. Replace the purpleProtocol::GetBoolOpt inline method by a macro.
189e2871b5b1da5567e1b82098f206b5b5cfae8fFlorian Quèze — Bug 953541 - When the error message is displayed on several lines, the buttons aren't well displayed. Change the min-height from 2.5em to 2em (this new value looks OK on Mac, will need testing on other OSes)
9c909b7d29aa98007718902460bac395f5f38c9fFlorian Quèze — Port part of the changes from bug 453840. Upgrade our patch for the complete mar name, to still work after the changes from this bug.
21d1800574dc0963dcb24da3d452e29306875ce5Florian Quèze — Fix typo in
f284db0dbc297cc651dc77c027d6b358c5212c1bFlorian Quèze — Disable dbus so that our 32 bit builds also work on Ubuntu 64 bit
5e44d8907314ecc86a025f79838305ed007f7e73Florian Quèze — Fix the location of updater.ini on Mac (port the fix from bug 436719)
2aab06562fd3f8d1caaa08153b3fb4a4191d9099Florian Quèze — Make universal builds on Mac OS X.
f756e76b60bab16b3799ffe3215f7eb8309d1899Florian Quèze — Enable ccache for linux on buildbot
d1e50c34fa1364444c8908dfc67d5f1e5629ef74Florian Quèze — Disable Mork (seems to fix build breakage)
f72195aa282fdd5424a4eb7556ca8058aa9a54d6Florian Quèze — Fix typo in the Windows buildbot mozconfig
205f780880c936976c1e19bcfca41b131e01e41eFlorian Quèze — Disable signed/unsigned warnings for C code, to reduce the noise on buildbot logs.
bca0107ad21e01afdbbdc120ca6c134bd8a5fc5cFlorian Quèze — Bump version number to 0.1.3pre
de49b095ec4e9c7f3c09f7309922f7f80ea737b4Florian Quèze — Removing the old HTML page that was used as a template to display conversations
4de6e6f257b9e7ae4875770996cb21dab435a1fdFlorian Quèze — Implement nsIContentPolicy to block remote image loading in conversations but allow local images.
da6b1a570edf9f78fa19841af85ddd871fa6edf3Florian Quèze — Fix notifications for incoming messages (broken with the nicklist push, because of JS operators priority between ! and instanceof)
e8d41fb11c04b12953b365ce2aa2cddedaf25e9aFlorian Quèze — Fix sounds for incoming messages (broken with the previous push, because of JS operators priority between ! and instanceof)
7c98841f9e3ed05b92db1763c6d9865dd689f3afFlorian Quèze — Bug 953521 - Display a list of participants of chat rooms.
d06b90de21e38765857f06a9c5beff0e257fb000Florian Quèze — Better icon for accout errors in the account manager.
950b815062a9205e5eb0e3511245b12c13744f9cFlorian Quèze — Cleanup in instantbird/app: recursive make install is deprecated, we won't support OS2 and we won't use CVS or SVN anymore.
72fffae92c08014b608631a9f385fda4d86a8002Florian Quèze — Add separate icons for the buddy list and the conversation windows. Fix the Makefile in instantbird/app to handle gtk icon stuff correctly.
770ae23afd9811bbd4ff892301e96140057799b6Florian Quèze — Add an overlay error icon above the protocol icon in case of connection error in the account manager.
16808dbc9d19dc2e04f3c67ce3581120256ba422Florian Quèze — Add a --with-macos-sdk line in the macosx mozconfig for buildbot
6f38f435f94845c27adb2c0e7b567e2a382354ccFlorian Quèze — Be more --with-libxul-sdk friendly :)
753e7c0a1e1e8251ea0a92e63bd16bec2f147a7dFlorian Quèze — Bug 953542 - When the user types, focus should be given to message area. Follow up to fix it on Mac.
d8c044462cef326942debd011b62cf3ac237f2fbFlorian Quèze — Add mozconfig files for nightly builds
f444b7b74b5ec54ac414cc28e6ad334f8e11c046Florian Quèze — Better font in conversation window (at least in Mac)
e77bc68f799491a7643353f14c79a10d059a1763Florian Quèze — Bug 953454 - report startup failures in an understandable way. Patch by Romain Bezut <>
99a0c022b45a1e4d01c4e490f2c6996f21ca0cbbFlorian Quèze — Fix visibility warnings in purplexpcom on Linux.
af5fcd0bae6ec71dbc5fc3ab200b7812a92c7f3dFlorian Quèze — Fix Windows build bustage (caused by the changes to adopt a build system like the one of comm-central). Also do some more s/mail/instantbird/ in the related to Windows packaging.
87134a45d7f0ce801806887cd7ecf7911da21c8aFlorian Quèze — Remove the msnp9 protocol plugin.
0c9b75977da22873f58ed71de8f7c2de9bdb42e6Florian Quèze — Bug 953555 - Tabs should be focusable (in conversation window)
5dc6bc1feb34dbf59b003be7542eca88790cda88Florian Quèze — Make DOM Inspector and Venkman usable in debug builds (--enable-extensions=venkman,inspector is needed in the mozconfig file)
381e2c4e6decfc83fa14ca46da53762c39edefffFlorian Quèze — Don't collapse white space in messages (this is useful to keep indentation when copying & pasting source code over IM). Break long words to prevent horizontal scrollbars from appearing in the conversation area.
0348c97702d9ed15849ceb089da031c8541ba7eeFlorian Quèze — Bug 953546 - updater.ini file missing (update progress window was not displayed, and there was a JS error).
2ccd01b3c8b7a1dbaac5e19b2a6228e7209d424bFlorian Quèze — Bug 953551 - Proxy support localization. Fix the jar manifest.
31ba3fc43c67269316d54d469e9ca45e9b1f4e59Florian Quèze — Build system copied from the one of comm-central to build Mozilla from mozilla-central instead of CVS.
9f8329a79c6ec72515e69d196de7d8f273d9fb99Florian Quèze — Bug 953551 - Some of the strings of the proxy UI are not localizable. p=Romain Bezut <>,r=florian
f6b0fb6cb069dfecfaeae03cc47d83eff0aebb5bFlorian Quèze — Bug 953554 - Use WAI-ARIA live regions while displaying incoming messages. p=Peter Vagner <>, r=florian
89f5b7b41f4534204d7d86a3ac3efd770075bbd1Florian Quèze — Bug 953535 - Add Key bindings (and handle mouse wheel event) to zoom in the conversation window. p=Romain Bezut <>, r=florian
ff3420259c6741dd38b62015fa7710b93529f2d7Florian Quèze — Remove debug output in the account manager. At this point it is just some noise.
e98bdabb97f3099be4d58016cd0d520a7c011c35Florian Quèze — Fix account wizard breakage (caused the move of protocol specific options to a collapsable groupbox)
ebec9723713c4f20695dc7181136e60d65e78e2eFlorian Quèze — Bug 953538 - User should not be able to double click on connect / disconnect buttons of the account manager. p=Romain Bezut <>,r=florian
3eb77b2c6770e7e177257605b15a9ed2ea3661e1Florian Quèze — Bug 953545 - conv.css: font-family property is misplaced. p=idechix
705db44df8e55efc99e7b948e4b4d816c4913eddFlorian Quèze — Bug 953542 - When the user types, focus should be given to message area. p=Romain Bezut <>,r=florian
b03375c4e9fe85a2fed5b94051f5beffe01f41fbFlorian Quèze — Bug 953541 - When multiline error messages are displayed in the account manager, the buttons (connect, delete, properties) become too small. p=Romain Bezut <>,r=florian
87aafeac65b48184d066f0c56874dd7b77911c2eFlorian Quèze — Bug 953536 - Manage double clic on first step of accountWizzard. p=Romain Bezut <>,r=florian
084f1d5a41e66e4f2d936724f717657dfb440ddfFlorian Quèze — Bug 953533 - No prompt for confirmation when deleting an account. p=Romain Bezut <>,r=florian
b024da59854564cd89ca9b81f859176476bdf504Florian Quèze — Bug 953528 - Double-click on Disconnect opens acount properties, r=fqueze.
108f58fadd66ad070a4c167066b46cf056ebea1eFlorian Quèze — Bug 953464 - Add Proxy Support.
3cea5aea8b2231b2f46218e3cd59564de9e39d38Florian Quèze — Fix the updater (some .xpt files where removed but were still usefull)
871ecbb69a17fafe72ac4258a82060208fe4d898Florian Quèze — Fix for Windows build
18d0c2495bf0b533c17e3da579488cef79555a54Florian Quèze — Fix the breakpad submit url
a5e883f455230f20ef0c4423d9c27981c3cc2271Florian Quèze — Don't block the initialization of libpurple if setting the vendor info for breakpad fails
a50b76ba05cd7e4f75fcf04d71f6c8598aa0f5e1Florian Quèze — Fix dmg file for Mac OS X (use artwork).
1e2ed7af8bd6aef097db81469590afeaabd6b24aFlorian Quèze — Comment out the packages-static thing (Windows only) for now...
d658952c68e08fd4628af655e6a91200d032985dFlorian Quèze — Use instantbird icons for the 2 mozicon*.xpm files.
562275a5dcfcd23979c3c26aef9a897368e13847Florian Quèze — Fix 0.1.2pre --> 0.1.2 in two more places
a547825a2b49979cddea45d5ac95b4e18f80752bFlorian Quèze — Put the real instantbird.ico file
134d75c70e9504d0739b93be80904b1ef53dd4ecFlorian Quèze — Set the Vendor string for breakpad. Do it for real this time ;-)
ff1531bbf922fa01951424203abab17fea010814Florian Quèze — Adding a vendor string in the application.ini file for breakpad.
80bb429bf6586dab62f2ac7dd0533a30b3fd190eFlorian Quèze — Setting the version number to 0.1.2 final
58654fd05fee3acedd06acfbd1fa90eeb5907997Florian Quèze — Set the correct url for crash reports in application.ini
932fcb10703b4c82ec24c34030806a3abf0f2032Florian Quèze — Fix contributors link
3a320867c55388c9c725e6b6a63d6775431f3004Florian Quèze — Fix license headers and the generated license.html file
49d02418f3e5ba620cdbfb538afd81e4addbd5daFlorian Quèze — Make the license link clickable in the about dialog.
3a02364b044f1e9da6b25718a2483641dd420a1eFlorian Quèze — Close the account manager when receiving the purple-quit signal, even if a modal subdialog is opened. Close the modal subdialogs (new account wizard and account properties dialog) of the account manager when the signal purple-quit is received.
df7d8a6486fee832e94e15801ec080a8114c4e71Florian Quèze — Bug 953497 - Make sure the account wizard won't try to create duplicate accounts
c793d384f630c751602db41b121122f1377e1acdFlorian Quèze — Move nsMailApp.cpp to nsMain.cpp, this has nothing to do with a Mail Application :)
e2fd93613464e23f01e740130f373a7a1d9e7b47Florian Quèze — Bug 953509 - Profile folder migration. Fix for Windows where there is a 'Profiles' intermediate subdirectory.
2b597acf5a1b8703ed871201ec912aa0b5308102Florian Quèze — Bug 953509 - Profile folder migration. Add a JS XPCOM component to create a new profiles.ini based on the content of the old one.
90448ed28af63267218ade7903c2cbe799bada5aFlorian Quèze — Fix (files containing the add_makefiles calls)
056f5663eea1c9c71f7dd75e27b9f7290c2d6086Florian Quèze — Enable application updates. Fix the general.useragent.locale pref. Do not hardcode the version number in the default pref file
520a894d1f38f4e9c90f779a76d299c504892046Florian Quèze — Bug 953525 - Crash [@ aim_locate_finduserinfo]. Fix the crash by adding a null check in the oscar prpl. Call getTooltipInfo on the right purpleAccountBuddy instance. Update the content of the tooltip only when needed.
6986b6db290c744ce81faa98cb5d31225bc0efddFlorian Quèze — Fix JS error when getTooltipInfo returns null (happens at least with the IRC prpl)
473e0a311ca247baee12a29bf52082be346452daFlorian Quèze — Display detailed information in buddy tooltips. Original patches by Vincent Ordy and goulagman.
b8709e33dbb3d9f749efb29dfc7565ac47de92cbFlorian Quèze — Nicer tooltips in the buddy list. Initial patch by Oliver <>
edd412da73e2f9f77d766ee5f909d3010949c143Florian Quèze — Bug 953492 - Fix account manager accesskey (follow up patch)
e2ae21c3f53ab00df67922c2fef3faf943b3dbeaFlorian Quèze — Bug 953500 - Exception and crash when starting two Instantbirds. focus the previous buddy list
a42c3c594207ec8dcf1b5a852fb79ca851200bd2Florian Quèze — Bug 953510 - After closing a tab, the tab on the left is selected
598c3b9559c4cde1b838bf29b951507139c3e99bFlorian Quèze — Workaround stylesheet loading issue caused by bug 397791
36b6ae602f2a533c8a31083e1184352607d87ab5Florian Quèze — bug 953506 Crash [@ purpleMessage::GetConversation]
904445d786f0d5b86bd6a94f3741f8d9a647ea84Florian Quèze — Add Netsoul in the build system.
9c671413c5ed6c58e0e01338797d2517addd7b37Florian Quèze — Remove .svn directories from the .app bundle
db9eb480224fb4c3e72d535dbe108bca0bbc136cFlorian Quèze — Fix linux build breakage due to half removed thunderbird gtk icons.
a188e8f4518118387b96ddefa3d4abf56d7a2101Florian Quèze — Move everything to a 'mozilla' directory to make the build system happy
83f02a6537e1a13adac55cff915a2752c58297ebFlorian Quèze — Add the Instantbird application in the repository.
f1b0dcc6ead016e96596a27a1852108a0afa744cFlorian Quèze — Add libpurple 2.4.0 in the repository and a part of the build system
1ff2e2690c2992326ff43d74bcc8fc84e2d4668bFlorian Quèze — Move current code to a branch
ab4ff162cd440ff2bebf4c89da8ff7ee17ea9e88Florian Quèze — Bug 953498 - Add double click functionality in the account manager. Patch from Bryce Verdier <>, r=florian
ec51ddf75f15b71c2632463450c63c55d73abf4eFlorian Quèze — Bug 953493 - Starting a new conversation should be keyboard accessible. p=goulagman, r=florian
d6456d707f2c5c368a7d91d8af0d48f5aa36f571Florian Quèze — Bug 953492 - add accesskeys in the menus of the buddy list. patch from Bryce Verdier <>
cfeb6942f219e6b90dad98b4457ac1a91bfb4c48Florian Quèze — Do not do the linkification on chat messages if libpurple has set the noLinkification flag on the message.
e29eba2e06ab1881936fa16462853d2db5d88071Florian Quèze — Linkification on incoming messages.
52c9b25e600260eb7508e3476b6d84ae0aee8e4aFlorian Quèze — Update version number and copyright year.
c667814bea36a600790c9eb7bfbc39186f4f5137Florian Quèze — Make the group menulist editable in the add buddy dialog. It is now possible to add a group.
3fdfd97b36638238b77efe1de8631afbec9f3007Florian Quèze — Fix typo in the name of the dtd file associated with the join chat dialog
df159a226b2893354c44224d47ede713040174c9Florian Quèze — Add an (un)checkable menu item to turn sounds off.
4907b40bf3d318a74f4c18d2aa00e8f535824922Florian Quèze — Add a 'Join Chat' dialog. Add an auto-join feature.
b1690aa289263198addad235075bf6232226dfabFlorian Quèze — The sounds are played synchronously on Linux. Workaround to mitigate the effects of this bug.
6166b5ecb41b2151c9e520b8c38c364b6aa80087Florian Quèze — Display aliases in the buddy list. The username is still visible as a tooltip text.
a67cf2783954a6905d133529cf3fbd3f34d56047Florian Quèze — Color irc nicks in chats.
b225ab7fd29d3021ae10541a33259425a574393eFlorian Quèze — Don't play sound and don't get attention for incoming messages in chat that don't contain the nick. Turn the tab title into blue when an unread message contains the nick.
a3f68ee631abdda5343a6b447db8addb9f517ea7Florian Quèze — Move the code generating the ugly html used to display a message from instantbird.js to conversation.xml. Some cleanup instantbird.js. Don't mark a tab as containing unread messages if the new messages are only system messages.
34a32bead9d55e0b4ae23348eafd0e373ba99330Florian Quèze — /me should only be matched at the beginning of a message.
d927ec16174f3f60e0515fe8cca8393e1ae517a0Florian Quèze — Better display of messages. /me is in italic. Server messages are in gray. Messages containing nick are in bold.
ec3bae61f4cb85131dd6f5d3975fc0187c3602cbFlorian Quèze — Autoscroll the conversation view only when the scrollbar was already at the bottom.
e63616f481e3d419ecedba7378a19bc4cfa6aa89Florian Quèze — call purple_conversation_destroy when closing a conversation tab.
70a5a92523a597e4d32bd5f661a7baccb3c8f7d3Florian Quèze — Make it possible to join an IRC chan
6f1d33c6432bc720c183fce720499e9590d994d8Florian Quèze — Fix bug 953457 'Conversation window does not take the focus'
0b7f1957537515166d76d0f4646c16e483d82e0bFlorian Quèze — One more bellow vs below typo
366605f819ecd9fd80124162e141d789e2228e93Florian Quèze — Fix typo in english locale 'below', not 'bellow'
259c6d4328c1f313ac88f62c07ea4c7a41916ef4Florian Quèze — Instantbird shouldn't be the first word of the title of every window.
0150e1d94cd53095b176d6e6a25d5dde788c9a6aFlorian Quèze — Add ids on menupopup elements to improve extensibility.
f5e793caa91d1d040f6059c8df686b791973eb55Florian Quèze — Disable extension updates by default
f23adccc9c3db92402e5add4ce93549e6d4c7571Florian Quèze — Fix for a bug in accountWizard (advanced preferences were not saved with the good pref name).
efc91b2492e1fbeba46ecbe54f75cb7b96c2066fFlorian Quèze — Fix the menulist prpl icons on the addBuddy window (at least on Linux).
361a3a2e4bb2ea5ac81747f27b3183b39c0c30b8Florian Quèze — Display only the text before @ in the title of the tab. The full text is in the tooltipText.
0d4faa9557654db159aa60c589b79aaa914dbe59Florian Quèze — Add license headers
506540b70ae57fff01a589e6f09f3eee0ec724f2Florian Quèze — Enable spellcheck
9283c1b6eff761892db8f156fba70016ab9ee237Florian Quèze — Make it possible to get away.
4c311679e335e5ea0f7954e04d533f7c9d0c9cd8Florian Quèze — Fixed default pref values for extensions update and typeaheadfind
0626332ac7e451066a0de1910f55ff4cb92bee95Florian Quèze — Convert \n --> <br/> before displaying messages.
c18b48ad70542faee811ea2dfd4e928b0da7f28cFlorian Quèze — Handle away/idle status on the buddy list.
72671980261e1c38f929c8247eb4357c6108c74fFlorian Quèze — Mode debug prefs out of the stantard default prefs.
d5bddb5defa45d18bb7b1db25a59f605e75a3732Florian Quèze — Localizability issues in accountWizard
76de3bfc13a642ae5306b84cbc26f02cf66782d3Florian Quèze — InstantBird --> Instantbird
956456d6e2360bf237c4ab93ddf51ed67633de13Florian Quèze — Fix typos: InstantBird --> Instantbird.
96a701cf0390be6afa3e0b4bf2491b54c3738b77Florian Quèze — Ensure the help menu gets hidden on mac only.
d55932e9ed6393f2ce808c2d3babc59b847f7a0eFlorian Quèze — Fix two nits in the about dialog.
7e91e1b1ef7b3239e2f883ac6849c016bcd3e375Florian Quèze — Fix footer in the credits part of the about dialog.
f10ad3f4028f78103b2355c3737bb6d7d08eba14Florian Quèze — Handle middleclick to close a conversation tab.
f74d1b028751c0c4b050ceb52fffef610e546923Florian Quèze — Oops, forgot to save the file before cvs ci-ing
88318cc8d74d2725fee54f6051e64957f9d5f9bdFlorian Quèze — Make it easy to close the account window or a conversation tab. When the last conversation tab is closed, close the conversation window.
0d519d9a227ff4f0dd1cc59a749f1f736dd2a21aFlorian Quèze — Display the windows when it makes sense. Add menus in the buddy list window.
e861bd5d7dbb4ff999aa69bb442a7f1a8d8c8a4fFlorian Quèze — Make the about dialog look less empty.
7964491f63f092f30549228134e6eec4ef05c805Florian Quèze — Use real 32px icons instead of scaling the 48px ones for the account manager.
975410188a12850c625c19076decb30161b9a2d3Florian Quèze — Add about dialog. Mostly a copy of the Thunderbird one.
681a3d762a9f95222589c77fcce6c30ce5bf068cFlorian Quèze — Fix ugly bug that made the string &account.connecting; visible.
6d929e6be87c835767d642bdd3dfad06bdaa8a5cFlorian Quèze — Escape html special chars in outgoing messages and add a /raw special command to send without escaping (in case we want to send HTML code directly)
3f6fd8ff880a7b4c3a67c8e7df205c18135fd7aaFlorian Quèze — Fix bug: when an account is disconnected and reconnected, buddies won't appear in the buddy list.
24c31a19132204acd23b30c5ac418a9b9a1f937eFlorian Quèze — Disable image loading, javascript, iframes, etc... in the conversation window. Load links in external browser.
cac7356e30abe0c31ba060d9675c7f607e075608Florian Quèze — Display nicer tabs in conversation window. Allow to close a tab with a context menu.
445af54dac3f062b9249689d676616be1a80d499Florian Quèze — Update the account in the Account Manager when the account-updated envent is received. Add code to open the account wizard and the account properties dialogs. When an account is created from an account manager window, select it.
a2e6d2bcdc51da0b28720c3f71e751599663b6b6Florian Quèze — Change the old new account window in an account properties window.
5ec54e0f7084c6d289248a6bcc4822110e6132b2Florian Quèze — Add account creation wizard.
8aac5610ae26dffb527c259ac0db6c5a955921fcFlorian Quèze — Add the addbuddy window.
f132908fe39efa41f97ee1622f6b0b2de824f9f4Florian Quèze — Fix removal of buddies.
c84260d59251d1eb3cbad11d888021f9f3d3bbfbFlorian Quèze — Start the conversation with the account actually corresponding to the selected buddy, not a random one.
13b9bc81454eb567d58a14013d58fca8ada442e8Florian Quèze — Handle groups in the buddy list. (UI part)
0c4f10c49e9408a140d7568352eddea7abf59fbfFlorian Quèze — Add authorization request message window.
70fb1162856e4a1e6dbb1cc8e8173eb349371d19Florian Quèze — Display connection progress messages and connection error messages in the account manager.
631dd8f89e86038953d515a904b409bb358f3c84Florian Quèze — Color the tab as red when there is unread message(s) inside. Focus the input field when a tab is clicked.
d16625d5117c81b7463a020cab757c39f4138c31Florian Quèze — Add sounds.
4d18e7a25251a6723b632a9d8405a83c576a9f21Florian Quèze — Enable addon manager.
df306eb3ad37f701094cf64c0844eedcc463a531Florian Quèze — Fix segfault with last trunk nightly.
8c7af10ae905d6ba988fb88bccf76c300236bed0Florian Quèze — Add purpleIMessage interface to provide more info on the messages.
478b7c3e5ff4e0253a07ae0167e2d4f25fc5a0f2Florian Quèze — Remove buddies from the list when they get disconnected.
d80aa87c829eea15504fc26572a7de4aee6a4ad0Florian Quèze — Fixed various style little issues.
9dd4b1c2d8e0df2cba21a70d4616d87d4089ffacFlorian Quèze — Adjust default window sizes.
f0d676b0dea2d06869640404b060ef0ddaa0700dFlorian Quèze — Add buddy list. For now, it only lists online buddies. It isn't stored locally yet. The displayed list comes from the servers.
80f5f33788da00e666d868cb01642d75c0b20aa8Florian Quèze — Now using a wrapper function getIter to create a JS iterator from a nsISimpleEnumerator object. Created helper functions for adding and removing an observer for an array of topics.
b0eaafd90546e48768d2457985a09635949a9f58Florian Quèze — Send a purple-quit notification just before calling purple_core_quit. Close the account manager window when libpurple is uninitialized.
ff7459580ef0bf22e3a3437e71990eaacfcfadc8Florian Quèze — Make the animation on the protocol icon of the account manager work even if the account manager is opened while the account is already connecting.
d04f124b198e06e7bc14ce2f334c47e00c4a0723Florian Quèze — The conversations are now in separate tabs.
7b8c4914bde92a522b09ff8f9412bbce02966e16Florian Quèze — Fix to the protocol image animation to that it cleans the timer cleanly once the animation isn't displayed anymore.
dcc115e8daf44907eb1d53088e1c2544106551c9Florian Quèze — Fix js error when deleting an account: ignore account-disconnecting and account-disconnected event when an account-removed event has already been fired for the same account.
b64c14113551fe52f074309e0621344ecedc2e0fFlorian Quèze — When disconnecting a newly created account, it is not possible to reconnect it without restarting instantbird.
a730e07c42b5c329d92f5af0c99486ddc69406f6Florian Quèze — Add a nice animation on the icons of connecting accounts. I love it :-]
4e7d21d8ef53ccd5464fb7bd4fa386e9894538abFlorian Quèze — Handle sign(ing|ed)-(on|off) signals. Update accounts in the update manager as needed.
b493b406cde8b6a8e6772e941346d5cde7c32de5Florian Quèze — Fix the Delete button.
3cf823910dd2e72298a91cff951964e9be391775Florian Quèze — Handle autoLogin.
258aa35c46245068b9f676f80d1f1c765116beaaFlorian Quèze — Add the Account Manager window. :-)
40a8b6afd38af3c126f1aafad34b4f4843fb9c87Florian Quèze — Created accounts are saved. Saved accounts are loaded automatically at startup. It is possible to delete an account. The accounts are stored in the preferences, under a messenger.account. branch. The list of accounts is in the preference messenger.accounts
1212c55d7c57c87011116ea3b4226b208079d6e8Florian Quèze — Return an empty string instead of throwing an exception when the default value of a string pref is NULL.
dd0ce9d81974cfc7f43cb67d7f231c7736257955Florian Quèze — Create and connect the new account when on dialog accept.
bda8cd8449c63ceb7f0d5f2da41f80b76951e649Florian Quèze — Add control attribute to textbox used for protocol specific options.
ddf2cdf0ca98bb4408f72ad106b3bc28ce2c10a1Florian Quèze — Populate the new account dialog.
614944af3a637dfd915d7d59ca3c4c70c0cf349cFlorian Quèze — Working on the onselect event of account.xul
2cdab105c7aa390b7abb0518bd00939977b7fad9Florian Quèze — Fix icons in the menulist of account.xul
c1537be28a2cf77a06139cc03405e44fd7da63feFlorian Quèze — Remove toto from description and a useless dump call
30fe93cb92f687d87f2215041498528d06ab5bc9Florian Quèze — Add an account.xul window with a list of the supported protocols.
40aa5b77ae5f2b4956686f36887ddf0ee15fb501Florian Quèze — Update icon and logo.
a86a99608c6520a6ee6638ba1cdb33c881bc82c9Florian Quèze — Fix debug_enumerateProtocols. Also rename obj to pcs (purpleCoreService)
279a7aa9624ffb41326b021ff7d8bc68b9b89551Florian Quèze — Add the ability to create an account from scriptable XPCOM.
2c08cb7c5af1f750e662a4237b5ae1f451b2b61dDecathlon — Bug 956544 - The Edit Event dialog shows wrong date-times with timezones enabled after closing and reopening. r=mmecca
13d313915cc4117f34b883976cf3adbbca1d0517Florian Quèze — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1050 - Take account of URL shortening in twitter character count, r=aleth. - fix encoding of the twitter-text.jsm file.
c47bab814b047d10b44954e3bd26d0d7b20903dbRichard Marti — Bug 956579 - Port Bug 955121 - Show participant tooltip when hovering nick in conversation, r=aleth.
8ef98b3e48ab7f842489a3f175af0cbdb7ee57f2tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-161 - a=blocklist-update
241a6e72af883d52df13da0eb90d7a0e86136c54seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-3 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
f444666b101c5e434472a124f06fd7913a8fe7beMagnus Melin — Bug 956586: tooltip modernization - FillInHTMLTooltip is deprecated. r=protz
88420197ae6bdfbf5fe9e5cb02f2a40242d16fd2Jim Porter — Bug 544315 - When the birth year is empty, thunderbird put 1900 and in english language; r=mconley
6fbb12597c38e89f33c6ded3ed08a34d32ba6e2dJim Porter — Bug 943116 - folderDisplay.selectedMessages is too slow; part 1: use selectedCount and selectedMessage where possible; r=standard8
deca128253aa24b799e19181460d203f1a763061Richard Marti — Bug 957974 - Change "Message > Edit Message As New" to "Edit As New Message". r=squib
b55d96af36a441e3d1c5c012d18daf32047cd19aRichard Marti — Bug 882761 - Package all theme files in a unified XPI. r=philipp
643ded75fc336bc0cf25ca44ad45a781e492e7b1Patrick Cloke — Bug 957918 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 7 - Bug 955599 - Port |Bug 884319 - Add http.jsm to toolkit for usage by Thunderbird FileLink, Lightning and Instantbird|, update YMSG to use new API, r=qheaden.
b7cb6717287ccc295293783a0c60d47c3353da74aceman — Bug 844148 - Do not leak m_customFlagsHash members in nsImapFlagAndUidState::ClearCustomFlags by converting char* members to nsCString. r=irving
232b82d14cff3dcfb2c650a9544970e236039f04Quentin Headen — Bug 957918 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 7 - Bug 955708 - JS-Yahoo: Shutdown error: this._keepAliveTimer is undefined, r=clokep,aleth.
3e51cee75e698799ed80a8796edd408ed35287d1aleth — Bug 957918 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 7 - Bug 955734 - this._account is undefined on connection reset, r=clokep.
1b7f677bf70461a992b1d364554b10276ee33afaPatrick Cloke — Bug 957918 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 7 - Bug 955720 - Fix up Yahoo strings, r=fqueze.
5254fe2f869bbaeae013b1394541846068f6e42daleth — Bug 957918 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 7 - Bug 955703 - Open conversations when joinChat is called for better responsiveness, r=clokep.
377fa3ca3c6c3b14fdced03aaacc1c2b0d7f09e0aleth — Bug 957918 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 7 - Bug 955655 - Stats ids are not set consistently, r=fqueze.
14b7d6c3943ceb6c8a0b66816a2878a77e68f806aleth — Bug 957918 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 7 - Bug 955711 - Buddy disappears when detached in the Other Contacts tag, r=fqueze.
1df70105f72441a5ae6618524d456831f448fc5fPatrick Cloke — Bug 957918 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 7 - Bug 955587 - Remove VKontakte protocol, r=fqueze.
9e85476447c484ba41a9cf48a7a5e3ccf2dbd76ePatrick Cloke — Bug 957918 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 7 - Bug 955553 - Provide a way to obtain the normalizedName of a nick, add imAccount implementation, r=aleth.
61c749cdb7eeb0283472385cd4cde59deca47c74Patrick Cloke — Bug 957918 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 7 - Bug 955553 - Provide a way to obtain the normalizedName of a nick, r=clokep,fqueze.
d6d29a5b93f8cf1d8c36a6374055a8249734528aaleth — Bug 957918 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 7 - Bug 955700 - Accounts stuck in the "Connecting…" state, r=fqueze,clokep.
40b9e93fc824f03400ac54a86733b4e46add7522aleth — Bug 957918 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 7 - Bug 954887 - Add explanatory comments to document normalizedNames, r=fqueze,clokep.
5761c271a566d786f52e6b2e4b19c861c24353a1aleth — Bug 957918 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 7 - Bug 955420 - Default normalizedName normalization is too aggressive, r=clokep.
2b7baea71ce36a136b93a494f09fb1f18276dbaealeth — Bug 957918 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 7 - Bug 955030 - RTL messages on the receiver side, r=fqueze.
e869c1947d4b5ed673312dcfcb5ec1deb754eb10Florian Quèze — Bug 957918 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 7 - Bug 955671 - Follow-up to fix shutdown error / unit test bustage, r=bustage-fix.
6a78de7882a4ccf911e77d2541fdb4ab4754dedealeth — Bug 957918 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 7 - Bug 955621 - JS Error when reordering buddies inside a contact, r=fqueze.
5179bcfa7ed5d1c29b55d09a02da262e7195d926aleth — Bug 957918 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 7 - Bug 955676 - Don't handle incoming data synchronously, r=clokep,fqueze.
68b591988493b87d1af5f9f0bd23283d2adcedebaleth — Bug 957918 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 7 - Bug 955671 - Awesometab fails when you change the protocol being used in a conversation, r=fqueze.
4647dbea9a0894fafa083c1a39aa66fe281370b7aleth — Bug 957918 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 7 - Bug 955623 - this._account socket error on disconnect [regression], r=clokep.
6ecb18d9226ea9f24d49b9614461ded366c8ee34Quentin Headen — Bug 957918 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 7 - Bug 955522 - JS-Yahoo: No handler for Yahoo! packet 83, r=clokep.
0a0283eb485b443f109c1f4b1e469c7024fc79acPatrick Cloke — Bug 957918 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 7 - Bug 955537 - Ensure that commands that only work in channels use CONTEXT_CHAT, r=aleth.
ac862ddf83a16c6766ab63d23648df68e36c75a5aleth — Bug 957918 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 7 - Bug 955003 - Contacts added directly to "Other Contacts" don't show until collapsed/expanded, r=fqueze.
3441ad6a11d66e856158aa47cf0c0b5783e0a02aPatrick Cloke — Bug 957918 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 7 - Bug 955606 - IRC ping does not properly send a timestamp, r=aleth,fqueze.
cd1951a166ba74e1be14829dc3bad953c4856485Patrick Cloke — Bug 957918 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 7 - Bug 955672 - Use defineLazyModuleGetter instead of defineLazyGetter, r=fqueze.
146cbcce89e5b6ed2b84e10b4ee40d90dd1b0669aleth — Bug 957918 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 7 - Bug 955667 - Unhandled IRC message 263: LIST refused, r=clokep.
41222a7998eda59c1dd96bc270c49d1a6e63a925Quentin Headen — Bug 957918 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 7 - Bug 955569 - JS-Yahoo: "Would you like to be my chat buddy" sent on accepting buddy auth request, r=clokep.
90a9432fa20a94ebfb485a4ad6e00791ff571853Patrick Cloke — Bug 957918 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 7 - Bug 954088 - Configurable alternate IRC nicks, r=aleth.
98d52441b2bbcdf6a900a94dda8bbae47617b308Patrick Cloke — Bug 957918 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 7 - Bug 955661 - Warning: Unhandled IRC message 042 and 338 when connecting to, r=aleth.
1ebfad4f3c62f117ec90a5800e9a503740e437daPatrick Cloke — Bug 957918 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 7 - Bug 955599 - Bustage fix for Yahoo tests, r=fqueze.
355a62935a44fa65c0100330a1d1d7920080d26dPatrick Cloke — Bug 957918 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 7 - Bug 955648 - Max length is incorrect for MONITOR, r=aleth.
5ca9c32c86b0321997ce27936e9de28d07a82fa2Quentin Headen — Bug 957918 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 7 - Bug 955575 - JS-Yahoo: Yahoo! Mobile status not taken into account, r=clokep,Mic.
f19623bc19a442312d845230dbee99b4c318e4e1Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 957918 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 7 - Bug 955627 - Overly greedy regexp butchers topic on LIST responses, r=clokep.
ffe3d8c378adc673b8162c2dd5f8415488404567Richard Marti — Bug 929279 - Starred messages (with black star) much harder to see in Thunderbird 24. r+ui-r=Josiah
32dea0094b418889cdac862a0cecac8b8b1710e7alta88 — Bug 497809 - Non-sane feeditems.rdf not recognized/deleted/rebuilt. r=mkmelin
700728425136f76f3f5719a38a0b52187ffc1946Joshua Cranmer — Fix fallout from bug 514173, r=Neil over IRC to reopen a CLOSED TREE.
fd36606ca0a1172c65bb826e5f18e336bc0a317aJens Hatlak — Bug 955830 - There is no prompt window on a return receipt request. r=Neil
81acbc96e463e784e114441e7d5f773b480c5b64Edmund Wong — Bug 952883 - Backout patch as Bug 936790 is fixed. r=Callek on a CLOSED TREE.
9571cb0f87a2ca66ec0bffb7158dd8aa30805a04Patrick Cloke — Bug 956767 - Can not set Auto-Join for channels in chat. r=florian
6e2eb12e181bd9231989c892df4b57ab7f830962Richard Marti — Bug 956481 - Remove ellipsis from some Message menuitems. r+ui-r=squib
0c8f6b80f939225e0a94bbc4d39cf8652042b020Richard Marti — Bug 956485 - Inverted Print icon is too wide. r+ui-r=josiah
9eb3e41bab9bff569c7c6b939e593b390c67c287Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 956493 - Replace PRUnichar with char16_t; r=roc landed on a CLOSED TREE
117ad84fb83e393e9cec56347c13e634c7c5d454Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 945045 - Remove nsISupportsArray in mailnews/import. r=Standard8
79082bf84f95ecd8966bc61d73ff03c4e2e81c2fHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 786936 - Use MockFactory.js to register/unregister mocks. r=Standard8
a8155385a420ee7e6c9fc7cf5058cef93e3e86f4Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 786936 - Implement utility methods to register/unregister mock. r=Standard8
4b1338309c260cf48cb300ac019f5e85dc1e7e97alta88 — Bug 664697 - Convert newsblog util.js into a module. r=Standard8, r=philip.chee
08b8cae1f27e6e959e0819864fe58d4df853705eNeil Rashbrook — Bug 953295 Arrow keys don't work in restore session page r=Ratty
ff2f997e1b3233e398555cef67228ee616ed95afNeil Rashbrook — Bug 947619 Tabs bookmarked in private windows have no titles r=mcsmurf
97e4cad8ce7b36565bf91823b13177076d712b64Richard Marti — Bug 956487 - IM: Pseudo is messed after landing of bug 920801 r=florian
8198dbdebd96ff8a9a6044e28eed1fd57c6e1875Patrick Cloke — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Disable JS-Yahoo tests until JS-Yahoo is packaged on Thunderbird, r=fqueze, a=bustage-fix for CLOSED TREE.
25da8068636015b371ba381735527b04dfe1cf85aceman — Bug 949981 - Disable controls for mark_message_read and offlineCompactFolderMin if the relevant prefs are locked. r=mkmelin
004bbca2f2bd652b159de34109e1f1be5a27671eaceman — Bug 831190 - Check for empty folder name in createSubfolder() of local message stores. r=Neil, r=Standard8
e91ae242d0e9b5f4ca78804549a190f3f689ad04Patrick Cloke — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2010 - Some JS errors when joining some IRC channels - better debug messages, r=clokep.
01a788d85004870df4a482bbbcbd2ff92bb1034bPatrick Cloke — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1980 - In IRC account properties, Auto-Joined Channels doesn't support non-ASCII symbols, r=fqueze.
d86cdb0344e24f1ac0cb3ae9a14351cd75cc9558Patrick Cloke — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1050 - Take account of URL shortening in twitter character count, UI part, r=fqueze.
17414d672f5de729b5aa412ed74f68b21a9942a0Florian Quèze — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1906 - Keep the 50 debug log messages just before a disconnection with an error, even after the account is reconnected, UI part, r=fqueze.
b52a6febc68de85a02cebc33685c1d5471cd3729Patrick Cloke — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1100 - Use Firefox untrusted cert dialog for "SSL Handshake failed" errors, UI part, r=fqueze.
75e8768c941d7c8078c9483f37ed8dea47fbe0efFlorian Quèze — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1827 - Add an easy way to copy an account specific debug log, UI part, r=fqueze.
1d7c27dcd3c08ce1115200b9a1da6a26d87068f0Patrick Cloke — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1900 - aPhotoNode.getElement(...) is null when connecting to LiveJournal, r=fqueze.
4ee1299a54bd181bd93bf158dcd8c1e5a6c546bealeth — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2147 - Bubbles' last message sometimes doesn't auto-scroll, r=fqueze.
b07d3f67e9406f03ac4946c520e509ff9589f4d1Quentin Headen — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2102 - JS-Yahoo: Support Server Pings, r=clokep.
9468904a2b53974ceca4f3bb71acc7ea2bf19330aleth — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2173 - Clicking the topic in the header of an IRC channel with no topic and focusing something else without typing anything clears the topic, r=clokep.
c47804c65bb49b7def37f785eaebe046bb785fbfFlorian Quèze — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 608 - Exception from buddies of an unknown account type, r=clokep.
7f24d4cea1c92cb5a97b5b3f8b1ed7af339641a7aleth — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2153 - Make UTF-8 conversion warnings less noisy, r=clokep.
a0fde7f219422e90c6c0f53bef678c15224deb61Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2162 - IRC's /list command should use the requestRoomInfo API, r=aleth,clokep.
aa9648134550e6db85749307076b908fe9868b42Florian Quèze — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2163 - Displaying a large conversation log freezes the UI for a while before the first messages get displayed, r=aleth.
1e5ced179bb7b5b047cdc1393deb3b821dc3e28eFlorian Quèze — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2164 - Socket.resetPingTimer shows up in LIST profiles, r=clokep.
4b685a9e7383b9f87e09b33b7693a88cef8fc874Florian Quèze — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2166 - JS-IRC spends more time than it needs in hasOwnProperty calls, r=clokep.
e0d71fb168b4c9655467826e170b6e76caf5d568Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2157 - Call getChatRoomDefaultFieldValues lazily for awesometab roomInfos, r=clokep,fqueze.
a1e9e803c610a0c6beefc5811a9ca10a315a039ePatrick Cloke — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2111 - Yahoo Web Client Causes Endless Typing Notification, rs=bustage-fix.
2ed4a880cd09e27fd236ba34c93a608d15aea97cQuentin Headen — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2150 - JS-Yahoo: Conference invites don't work, r=clokep.
f34ff51816f2af4e5b3e82a4a93cc809e0e013f0Quentin Headen — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2111 - JS-Yahoo: Yahoo Web Client Causes Endless Typing Notification, r=clokep.
032fae55ffafd406c993944dc6045389759b6a5fQuentin Headen — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2093 - JS-Yahoo: "Adding chat buddy twice" error when inviting someone to a chatroom, r=clokep.
6feec0fae9f137ab170cc6a75086878b8286de72Quentin Headen — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2089 - JS-Yahoo: Debug logs are binary only, r=clokep,fqueze.
497e40cc9e019b8564fe4658daf342d6a7600342Quentin Headen — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2132 - Sender name not set in Yahoo conversations, r=aleth,clokep.
3f26bb17ff2b3c4d04b762d1ff86bf3c91f0dad3aleth — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2141 - Don't include ib-sender span in magic copy, r=fqueze.
0ac184902c8a4a18733af1590aa1a8540fa45626Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2066 - New conversation tab should suggest chat rooms - Implement parsing of LIST data in js-irc, r=clokep,aleth.
256879537b8d5e5162a803e04a6b1cc335dc7360Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2066 - New conversation tab should display chat rooms, r=fqueze,aleth
a03020deadf51c7820052c53a51c116f721d8badaleth — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2139 - Add ib-sender class to %senderScreenName% and %senderDisplayName%, r=fqueze.
298db19d0ab72fb959a668df9f01a519d30f60f6aleth — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 451 - Participants Need Context Menu, r=fqueze.
b933b6e6702d527c7fb5dd02c7025fe5591a56ceQuentin Headen — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2112 - Yahoo: Abstract Buddy Request Code Into jsProtoHelper.js, r=clokep,fqueze.
6454c88449851b16acc79fe003e245f9c56a265bFlorian Quèze — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2130 - Warning: received presence stanza for unknown buddy <user's JID with another resource>, r=clokep.
b0b495a3e1dec396e7efafa76ffa39f9cb7c4687Quentin Headen — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2117 - Yahoo: /invite should print a system message to show it's done something, r=clokep,fqueze.
e7c5ad420731f9e264343f9ac740c7e4d4904572Florian Quèze — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1994 - Account reconnects after using the /quit command - follow-up to fix a shutdown warning, r=clokep.
d375722ec3b7f95ed5bf9c0f1dc6118a262d8eccaleth — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1994 - Account reconnects after using the /quit command, r=fqueze,clokep.
cc73c057d07e566e2e1694fe1f23f2818f3a74dcaleth — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2009 - Accounts don't automatically reconnect when back online if the 'offline' status was set while the computer was offline, r=fqueze.
4abf922d5e23bc2f9f99e35982a664193f884bdcFlorian Quèze — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2123 - 'Unhandled CAP/ISUPPORT messages' warnings are too noisy, r=clokep.
ea76e1013f60a4744a36f79d9e49d2632f6bf796aleth — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2121 - The /join command shouldn't send a JOIN command to the server if we are already in the channel, r=clokep.
ad7f12617fd60aa5a6db08f86630271feb480d94aleth — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2120 - Spurious "You have rejoined the room" on being invited into a channel, r=clokep.
70c3e2c1bc0e220ece21d5c77b67584a290be204Quentin Headen — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2094 - Required key 52 wasn't found, r=clokep.
f3efffc251fd9c388245e9fe4aea8703d671c614Quentin Headen — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2095 - MUC participants don't leave the MUC when they go offline, r=clokep.
2ac98be60ecf57b22db5d2820b28a3b032253cf5Quentin Headen — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2110 - Formatted Incoming Messages Always Shown With Large Letters, r=clokep.
3dbce16f96f17d83ab39e4688ba32e66e071f163Quentin Headen — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2090 - /invite command is broken in private conversations, r=clokep.
6954f01c576c01adbcb00adc2dffa87ae22a7b60Quentin Headen — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2105 - Tags Service Should Provide a Default Contact Group, r=clokep,fqueze.
0b47d1b6e3339cd00396e4942d8a2509eb765b69Quentin Headen — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2108 - Test Fail Due to Bug 2070, r=clokep.
4118c32453d9fc810dcd9d8d0a1c23c72510766fQuentin Headen — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2070 - Add Support for getting Buddy Icons, r=clokep.
58ce0ebc197c32b8efd18de618fef9dbb5159cb9Quentin Headen — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2070 - Add support for setting Buddy Icons, r=clokep.
2664294510bd2f43be49696047060ca9798ffa94Quentin Headen — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2088 - New contact does not get added to the correct tag, r=clokep.
a387c35d05cd47cd7583a41ec1c122995347a01aQuentin Headen — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2087 - Accepting an invitation to chat can end in a loop, r=clokep.
d2bb806f7e34f52f8acdccc884f3d05c606494e2Quentin Headen — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2079 - JS-Yahoo has no protocol icon, r=clokep.
4cec969a5e08c48aa6cd88f4bba430116243fca4Quentin Headen — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2096 - Yahoo: Chat Message Handler Can Throw Error, r=clokep.
7c17f3271bc120d910708b21bd51373f6ca99c44Quentin Headen — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2083 - Account created with username@yahoo.* instead of username is handled badly: tests, r=clokep.
af852c95d503a68bae415aa48d9beeab444467a1Quentin Headen — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2083 - Account created with username@yahoo.* instead of username is handled badly, r=clokep.
6d17bdadec9af246e2019363fccc005daf24767eQuentin Headen — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2086 - Could not decode UTF-8 message into UTF-16, r=aleth.
ef20b332dcb5270ff4a46c07b098130246b33433Quentin Headen — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2080 - Buddy Authorization Handler Doesn't Work, r=clokep.
747ff789d4b065c27698a0b5eead2d3715ef6db9Quentin Headen — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1982 - Create Yahoo! Messenger Protocol Plug-In, r=clokep.
a500f206d3a6d553b34532e638ddb2889af14e8dFlorian Quèze — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 972 - Mark GTalk users on Android as "mobile", r=clokep.
bea37b48ad83630f76eface403e5437b1fee56d2aleth — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2062 - Magic Copy should heed the clipboard.autocopy pref, r=fqueze.
ed664ae37a8514c4207f6e664b5dbf607a24b4bbaleth — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2061 - Section scroll doesn't find all sessions, r=fqueze.
db45cbc73ef1fa4e9f83e5cedd6e58d02f9ca3aealeth — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2059 - Failure to remove selection listener after switching logs in log viewer, r=fqueze.
4c9351bd59181e4fe1129af019010e1b70b9b30ePatrick Cloke — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1981 - Make socket.jsm more binary friendly, r=Mic.
a30b5531163e4b056a6b2fb4a4ce900d0c89d85bFlorian Quèze — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1589 - Replace libpurple XMPP with JS-XMPP - enabled JS-XMPP pref'ed off, r=clokep.
6a9af75f4e29c203fe16f2cc6fe342b4ca1acc9dFlorian Quèze — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1979 - 'Typing' indicator is never cleared / Hangout users are shown typing when they aren't, r=clokep.
8324c18b0f4bb8ee12548a2cb45c80aedb674b3cNihanth Subramanya — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2026 - Filter out empty contacts in Services.contacts.getContacts(), r=fqueze.
e4effea05461d494da21e31f3774597dc99f4b16Patrick Cloke — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2006 - The /invite command should support taking more than one nick as parameter, r=aleth.
04fa099d4be24089ddbbf8a579a64bd87d576a5baleth — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1940 - Fix errors/warnings on detaching/reattaching conversations, r=fqueze.
db018b285737272293536bcb1e62cb4218395862Mook — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2022 - Support mIRC-style italics formatting, r=clokep.
2aa2ef15e7d6f434ad9a152e8839d027632e7dd1aleth — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2023 - Services.cmd.unregisterCommand is broken, r=fqueze.
78b30c1b29a4b9d8effc955f2b0166a0f453e7d9Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2021 - Add method to get all contacts from ContactsService, r=Mic,fqueze.
6cccd568970cc53459f870a6c80515794b9ced08aleth — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2020 - Fix typo in socket.jsm documentation, r=clokep.
8a4529b48a6e428f12ca91e09118df8293f17a5daleth — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1942 - fix sending of IRC pings, r=clokep.
a375d55b4148c0e52362e0a7985e5869ca1e9169Alexander L. Slovesnik — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1769 - Make names of protocols localizable, r=clokep.
e2d63b7923bd6a956aed7f54e2e8bd7eb4a67bf4Florian Quèze — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1973 - Fix bustage (add missing commas in imILogger.idl).
014c02dbc7a03f0dc93f2b31d15cc9bf1e6a39adaleth — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1973 - Concatenated logs don't work for buddies and contacts, r=fqueze.
782a4fb25d4afc686aab8469ff1df225200f5d0eFlorian Quèze — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 2010 - Some JS errors when joining some IRC channels - better debug messages, r=clokep.
09ee46fefd5f0a436d0ea142ca3d464bdaa98667Patrick Cloke — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1554 - IRC should notify the user when messages couldn't be sent: fix test bustage, r=bustage-fix.
e2e4cb76fc312efbe0d98c226a6b473b3b517220aleth — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1554 - IRC should notify the user when messages couldn't be sent, r=clokep.
b2e3053e472d07697ab4a64d8d7de29658a1433dPatrick Cloke — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1980 - In IRC account properties, Auto-Joined Channels doesn't support non-ASCII symbols, r=fqueze.
3396b2463b3fbbbfb103182674837ae401bd27c7aleth — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1757 - Nicks starting or ending by a non-alphanumeric character aren't detected correctly for pings, r=fqueze.
ef4b6648fe747969836deb2d513a2f4576052219Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1962 - Backslash is stripped from incoming action messages, r=aleth,clokep.
8101d8833521f78d26a798b4518830042f79f445Patrick Cloke — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1968 - CTCP quoting is broken, r=aleth,nhnt11.
f26eaf0b284f998c8db121f1e8d1b70f6ace4462Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1967 - Ci is not defind in ircNonStandard, r=clokep.
47409da51f6a7033ea658fd886213299ac39edadaleth — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1370 - Avoid flashing the wrong case when double clicking on a participant with JS-IRC - Followup to fix bustage, r=clokep.
b97a22cab358d55ff339d9c8f09b2275bca1f16fFlorian Quèze — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1370 - Fix JS-IRC's usage of normalizedChatBuddy getter - fix bad patch merge.
939855b11ec60dc5591b017e1ee126c9e61e1eabPatrick Cloke — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1370 - Fix JS-IRC's usage of normalizedChatBuddy getter, r=aleth.
7ff40d7a00a1826b643b3d0b5991ec26e37620e7Florian Quèze — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1944 - XMPPSession shouldn't keep copies of the account's password, r=clokep.
c55b40e46558cedb15e1c0e698af65c6f7243a7aaleth — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1950 - Completing "/me" shows the list of suggestions as action inside a system message, r=Mic.
06cdc5f8ea077be6eec98003f0671f09c6b2aad7aleth — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1948 - Reference to undefined property this._account.maxMessageLength, r=clokep.
350e6ce586d4e0bc93c39273c04fe59b3fad76cbNihanth Subramanya — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1935 - Blackslash not handled correctly in CTCP messages, r=clokep.
2923892b1616504b8b0eecf58a29ea8f273ee0d4Florian Quèze — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1943 - irc.js should use lazy getters for localized strings, r=clokep.
2b2189cb9952ad2df925b5d8d9bf8692e7cd865daleth — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1941 - Some characters lost when splitting messages - follow-up to fix broken xpcshell test, r=clokep.
93c4d396678351da1432ec9d10644cc19f8fedcealeth — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1941 - Some characters lost when splitting messages, r=clokep.
03aafd631eb7426ba5a84c392dff62dc7f501a54Florian Quèze — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1888 - New messages not displayed after detaching and reattaching a conversation tab, r=aleth.
f2d3130ef0874990a64d24b09b41f386959ad467Florian Quèze — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1938 - Accounts are reconnected during shutdown, r=clokep.
fcfb779036f8ce4f974ab176f7cf7990d48b50fbFlorian Quèze — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1939 - Warning: ReferenceError: reference to undefined property this._encoding, r=clokep.
60160e0235f66786aafcc7ded70d451f580da5b8Patrick Cloke — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1927 - Add hidden option to allow using Facebook beta server, r=fqueze.
57e093d9a07a0e08f84c7fffd8499abf2c239059Patrick Cloke — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1829 - Update to Mozilla 20 - changes to imICommandsService, trayToolkit.cpp and purpleSockets, r=fqueze.
c9f507debfdda880ed5a6647576ca764c68ef516aleth — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1934 - Make max message length for IRC smarter, r=clokep.
3f97f11a9f93e93ac1f53cfc80663e1e1949bb84aleth — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1842 - Add pref to set length of debug logs, r=fqueze.
fb9d89b5ab52da417c0382f5f69c01e8cffd09c4Patrick Cloke — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1050 - Take account of URL shortening in twitter character count - follow-up to fix XMPP, r=fqueze.
ebef4f1285c8ab65b3754e7997bfaa895e9931ddPatrick Cloke — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1100 - Use toolkit untrusted cert dialog for "SSL Handshake failed" errors: chat/ part, r=fqueze.
557b36fa2897f54e8f6442f1f2da627f0ab01d7faleth — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1652 - [a11y] Tooltips are missing in log viewer and message theme preview, r=fqueze.
1bfad1b005f04563d72988767506fb553f224483Patrick Cloke — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1050 - Take account of URL shortening in twitter character count, r=aleth.
b0968f4a94fd02d9a3dff40c199eb8a5619c5e72aleth — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1732 - Port the log tree and concatenated daily logs from TB, r=fqueze.
13308220344060c30ff53ad14a1c96c4849edb36Benedikt Pfeifer — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1387 - The 'Copy Link to Tweet' action should be in the context menu even when the twitter account is disconnected, r=clokep
72567e4d363afa199fb760f92812c660e7d6c688aleth — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1887 - Friends don't get added as participants when reopening a closed timeline, r=clokep.
5ea24c395b34f5e040d0e33b117c98db40d7982fBenedikt Pfeifer — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1918 - Sort channel list in IRC tooltips, r=clokep.
ea3659ab611c438cfdcf67f8ccd983c40b92ba04aleth — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1902 - Change behaviour around unhandled CTCP messages - follow-up to fix the target the ERRMSG is sent to, r=clokep.
bc65956b1d135c91bb4084ee2a68a2930b398b47Florian Quèze — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1906 - Keep the 50 debug log messages just before a disconnection with an error, even after the account is reconnected, r=clokep.
a2f06b8473a1df2efc75827215cd639682e9e69aaleth — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1902 - Change behaviour around unhandled CTCP messages, r=clokep.
ce66b3977e6eab7749454f4a189056b6dea5193fPatrick Cloke — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 851 - Twitter commands, r=aleth,fqueze.
174e953530d48cb770d8c5afeb0e20b3d1278a6cPatrick Cloke — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 677 - Reopen Twitter stream when track preference changes, r=aleth,fqueze.
aa5fbdd584dc69f2e84460703898ad819481e795Patrick Cloke — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1886 - The topic of a Twitter timeline disappears if you close the conversation, r=aleth.
5387ac2aed9d3c393a97115c930bdc954c73468aPatrick Cloke — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1038 - Add followed people to the participants timeline, r=aleth.
c31337c6004218376a9b7a62aa4c043afb390871Florian Quèze — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 909 - Prepend # automatically to IRC channel names if no prefix was specified, r=clokep.
c696530a607a7eb43fd42e9af28a098c9dd3166eFlorian Quèze — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1878 - Warn when receiving script and style tags in IM messages, r=clokep.
e720381b4638a66a10ce883d9af0953cf52583e2aleth — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 898 - Copying text from conversations removes leading indent, r=fqueze.
3e81cf3efd98f5fb7bd458f9dfb3a3635529f81baleth — Bug 920801 - Port chat/ changes from Instantbird to comm-central - 6 - Bio 1870 - Leading whitespace is lost from messages, r=fqueze.
cd42f16a4f113b6a44352264f1f81960f6afbd3dJosiah Bruner — Bug 956153 - Remove the inset shadow shown in the message viewer. r,ui-r=Paenglab
f7d112b75ac6110e9e5e63c8a633961a26e4e8e6Edmund Wong — Bug 952883 - Disable WebRTC until bug 936790 is fixed or we have libs supporting it. r=Callek on a CLOSED TREE
dcdaf7115ff87900d75b1c93d18949248da7396balta88 — Bug 953165 - Picture in feed not showing. r=mkmelin
f0958a2158b8b89a3ff4379a527787889ffae13fSuyash Agarwal — Bug 936877 - Display ellipsis for very long "From:" field. r+ui-r=richard.marti
71a51089b521b8bb87328d667ef737a30f174db9rsx11m — Bug 926473 - Menu label "Disable scam detection for all messages" is ambiguous, too easy to hit after bug 562048 redesign. r=mkmelin, r+ui-r=bwinton
3201941f3f959f003d59cb7f3b45eca855ea0b6dZach Nickell — Bug 881073 - Remove "Click here to..." clutter from message list column header tooltips ("Click here to sort by recipient" etc.) for ux-consistency with other tooltips. r=bwinton, r=Neil, r=mkmelin
06e78a6cb543dc48d00a4a8ac8eae1b268e2ec0fRichard Marti — Bug 876635 - Thunderbird cannot be dragged on always active menubar. r=JosiahOne
e85ea148b04d62c08c29ebd814f712e58a9cca6calta88 — Bug 760157 - Determining what is a feed message should use the new FeedMsg flag. r=mkmelin
0c46aa59fd71662b7700a6b32170c650f1d75081Antonio Miras — Bug 707489 - About Thunderbird dialog "Check for Updates" button disregards user prefs - available update(s) are downloaded and queued for installation. r=mkmelin
15eac4288d80d669d8db2763b018f30767feceb9alta88 — Bug 955869 - Two feed parser fixes; prevent duplicate atom enlosures and feedburner:origLink. r=mkmelin
25f9d632291219c19d58c3633c34d2d454af0ba8Suyash Agarwal — Bug 952431 - Replace a bunch of NS_LITERAL_STRING uses with MOZ_UTF16. r=Neil
e304453cd7c7e2deaa53e528b5b9d422c07c39e0ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 951520 - Check treeSelection. r=mkmelin
2bee8b8fbb29a38a468ead39efc3149c1ca3c9bfPhoenix — Bug 950450 - Port |Bug 867957 - Location bar became empty if both web search and prefix/suffix addition disabled| to SeaMonkey. r=Neil
b68211fc52a3683f29c2647c23d7d2908f2ae9a4MakeMyDay — Bug 948967 - Menu command status is not updated on calendar property changes. r=Decathlon
3950ef135724518871bc5bf4f5923eb8a759be9aHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 933633 - Avoid timeout of updating blocklist. r=mconley
42969141a75036b9b52a6c1897e066af69ea9b26Sebastian Hengst — Bug 677276 - Numbering of access keys for attachments list in the menus should start at one, not zero. r+ui-r=squib
336db05c6bd8c266873256419909c1d716cd2d2fJosiah Bruner — Bug 953011 - Move mailWindow1.css code to shared/ r=Paenglab
f17645888cd0d912f9fc8576addd289b80a8a739Josiah Bruner — Bug 950190 - Rearrange To, CC, and BCC button layouts in the contacts sidebar. r=Paenglab, Me
1e30fba76792859f7e38141cb853aacf57957eb9Richard Marti — Bug 953403 - Open sidebar messes the print preview in compose window. r=mkmelin
db809ca1f1d24190f9d410120ceab3a7b76d26fbSebastian Hengst — Bug 953375 - Replace undefined gPromptService with Services.prompt. r=mkmelin
b9c5173920e019f7f895f83f666181ebbc97de99Richard Marti — Bug 953249 - Add the flag-col.png to Linux. r=josiah
7b60380cdd8f84029825fe3faf3f99370a1c3d6fPhoenix — Bug 889410 - Wrong identity chosen when replying to my own sent e-mails. r=IanN
2f9897b6b7bdeea60b91a569dda68bad4b2083d8Phoenix — Bug 869900 - Part 3: Port |Bug 867118 - Remove browser.__SS_data and use a WeakMap instead| and dependent bugs to SeaMonkey. r=IanN
698afc56b07604a2ebcafad9df208bd16f306158Phoenix — Bug 869900 - Part 2: Port |Bug 867118 - Remove browser.__SS_data and use a WeakMap instead| and dependent bugs to SeaMonkey. r=IanN
d2d859bc4a1bfafe394e518cc8efc04af9757401Cykesiopka — Bug 801718 - Make mEnv_ErrorCode a nsresult. r=Standard8
0c99b0c0c9e790c652e7ad93da5f0f77b9ad5a65Suyash Agarwal — Bug 648256 - Use ESC as a shortcut key for closing attachment reminder notification bar. r=mkmelin, r+ui-r=JosiahOne
f27e938cc2af4bd55c09cb92634897647fcf450cProjjol Banerji — Bug 318955 - Create a Print button in the compose window and has a provision for Previewing via a menu popup. r+ui-r=richard.marti
0a5498810947b5f54a7571aa76daa2fd2750dc4dMagnus Melin — Bug 933555 - "Reply-to:" not honored for To=From with different Reply-To. r=standard8, a=Standard8 for CLOSED TREE
c2b7a79bf4fdb0a9be1cd54322578ce6dd6411bfMark Banner — Bug 955875 Change the fake server hostname to avoid conflicts with those defined on slaves to help. r=mconley,a=get-a-perma-orange-builder-green for CLOSED TREE
96da5e8ea9e0f5abb21588d0cf2215ab5d79eb6eMark Banner — Bug 955842 - Disable OS X Address Book testing in xpcshell-tests due to 10.8 and later issues. r=mconley,a=get-a-perma-orange-builder-green for CLOSED TREE
edb466c19b8b7d15195185677182aa41e214c6f7Mark Banner — Bug 951318 Enable sending of telemetry reports (and fix xpcshell bustage in test_TelemetrySendOldPings.js) r=mconley,a=bustage-fix for CLOSED TREE
a0f7637836c4994363ae4d1fd3577435ce3a4994Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 951800 - Port bug 853973 to avoid test-plugin-crashing.js failure on linux opt builds. r=Standard8. Part bustage fix for CLOSED TREE
ac4eeae9174612362acd7af287775c55b029e808Mark Banner — Port bug 888373 - Simple API for detecting startup/shutdown crashes. rs=build-system-peer-port for CLOSED TREE
da1f55933db0dbab723a2e52fcd3e7f5c830aeddFrank Wein — Bug 953133 - Remove dead code from nsSuiteGlue.js which causes "LoginManagerContent.onContentLoaded is undefined", r=Neil
2242984765ce6faf87fd5cddbebee7d54b650dedPhilip Chee — Fix bustage due to Bug 951352 (Disallow XPIDL_MODULE if no XPIDL_SOURCES are defined) rs=bustage fix a=CLOSED TREE
21a03e3b7e620dd95438e9ff9871fd85a5c4f65cseabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-3 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
c1bb1f98c4c50f32cf820cc3954d296fce9efddfRichard Marti — Port Bug 951010 to c-c - Move under mozbuild. rs=Standard8, a=bustage-fix for CLOSED TREE
eae926f6c5c3970fd25a6a24bf01bc7131b36a51Mark Banner — Port bug Bug 944813 - Fix test-package-step after bug 926906. rs=build-system-peer-port. CLOSED TREE
3a7d75675c1b6800c4f8211c67d0ce15ad841afdMark Banner — Port bug Bug 944813 - Fix test-package-step after bug 926906. rs=build-system-peer-port.
d1042ffd0d764c5525daa52ba749fdc472adad28Mark Banner — Port bug 926900 - Remove msys-make specific mozconfig. rs=build-system peer port.
0792a3bf3a2677667be466419ca1c81423bc1820Mark Banner — Port bug 774572 - Define JAR_MANIFESTS in files - to fix bustage. rs=build-system-peer-port.
2e48a9153f8dae51e537ae3873cd063b7c09c060Magnus Melin — Bug 919247 - crash in nsMsgDBView::SetThreadIgnored(nsIMsgThread*, unsigned int, bool). r=standard8
c5be7d3cd6100da65979935025f8766cd2cc5dbeMagnus Melin — Bug950333 - Bug 842632 broke the external api builds. r=jcranmer
5e8d1a2a0b857b8b59f980db3ba062a6ad2d1954Sebastian Hengst — Bug 946788 - Crashes in about:support ('Troubleshooting information') have wrong date because |getDay| has been used instead of |getDate|. r=Standard8
aa63e2ff56a331e42fb855f105f44a83cb6582e5aceman — Bug 794303 - Add test for compaction of local folder above 4GiB. r=irving
4ddaf8f98984a62ae8734cdc2ee003ace2e67d5eCykesiopka — Bug 471012 - Remove |#ifdef UNREADY_CODE| code. r=mbanner
1f890b59ac387094c867dd8653e7172567699218Joshua Cranmer — Bug 940204 - Use FINAL_LIBRARY in comm-central, r=Standard8
8d82423a804fb0b5cfd97d18645ab0ffd6304723Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 940402 - Calculate Lightning version from Thunderbird version. r=jcranmer,a=Callek for CLOSED TREE
04892ed33bd6862bb3e7b72998af40330cacf416Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 946800 - Duplicate registration of global Inspector and Style Editor actors in Thunderbird (regression). r=me
a89e4b3be6e9cba80b9e66623b6e9c25b0ce772ePhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 729648 - homepage link in lightning extension is broken (404). r=mschroeder
985c8c6b102b9f06cbc20446dfca51f542757f0eEdmund Wong — Bug 738786 - Port |Bug 284379 - Enabling middlemouse.contentLoadURL and middle clicking tab should still close tab| to SM. r=Neil
0addb26b07df1c0831771b3cef7a8af6bb6a3684Philip Chee — Bustage fix for Bug 950360 (Fallout from Bug 944442) rs=me a=CLOSED TREE
c3a1e5e522fb536529f2688dfa6db5af46d7640cseabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-3 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
bdb9a7e9058827ecd78947b67c2b8eec24db3394tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-304 - a=blocklist-update
e979c0479a3430c8eaf16ef2a6c201cf350f01a6Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset eed75aaebc9b (bug 533775) for mozmill orange.
c8a8ba69b2be7e96e661301361133db469f1903dMagnus Melin — Bug 201581 - Top-signature results in body being deleted. Option to not strip sigs on reply. r=benb
840b157215fa6d7411ccacd5938eace862bfa6e9Josiah Bruner — Bug 935023 - Remove the use of noise.png on folder panes. r+ui-r=richard.marti
8c88c75fb2ff9b54ee8b179451e3fc0ad2028b1bRichard Marti — Bug 948568 - Use inverted chat toolbar icons with dark Personas. r+ui-r=richard.marti
8fa2139015c98e78a9c9c878abef46a75aded480Richard Marti — Bug 948384 - No chat icon when unreadMessages="true" with dark Personas. r+ui-r=richard.marti
eed75aaebc9b50d1b9e4e3e3b947b14ba02c5ec3aceman — Bug 533775 - Keep Favorite an Unread folders view in the same order as All folders view, show account name nodes and do not persist open state for them. ui-r=bwinton, r=mkmelin
2d3862e59d330ad433ec753c0c9b1c3fe9a1d16eJens Hatlak — Bug 949921 - Port |Bug 912183 - context menu shows all possible options when only feed accounts are set up|. r=Neil
6d963893aa3ec79b3f5a54789f391f487e657c30Joshua Cranmer — Bug 950133: Re-enable hardware acceleration in Thunderbird to reopen a CLOSED TREE, r=Standard8.
fb99ca2bed04e4d50054017398188fe121c011ddEdmund Wong — Bug 949884 - Disable pulseaudio until we have libs installed to build it. r=bustage-fix on a CLOSED TREE
f7e1fc4cf45bce3934da8b9812792a1e2e296bf2Joshua Cranmer — Port changes due to bug 943511 to comm-central, rs=bustage-fix to reopen CLOSED TREE.
60e32a30435d7f89bb3c668d10195716fae3c477Frank Wein — Bug 949154 - update extension revs for next train. rs=Callek a=Callek for CLOSED TREE
b7a800c5a21167ef5587213c576b831762811e3ePhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 947350 - L10N string "removeCalendarsText" needs pluralization. r=mmecca
50c6f7838caef23ecb612322dc344f75ea586715Joshua Cranmer — Bug 842632, part 3g: Use the C++ API elsewhere, r=Neil.
c7ecb1bd06aed1c50c634d9844ae42ff6a43bf05Joshua Cranmer — Bug 842632, part 3f: Use the C++ API in db, r=rkent.
6ff312f950a6d129c7d6935f0e46cc58ca1d5582Joshua Cranmer — Bug 842632, part 3e: Use the C++ API in base, r=Neil.
fbac0bdddf0b0b72f80dc997f1a159b713f2a3b0Joshua Cranmer — Bug 842632, part 3d: Use the C++ API in mime, r=irving.
be0e3519af0513271ba0c0a118826ca846bf6170Joshua Cranmer — Bug 842632, part 3c: Use the C++ API in addrbook, r=Standard8.
b099d1f7bb4860e9ca4448185642dc15f0c77ef9Joshua Cranmer — Bug 842632, part 3b: Use the new API in search, r=rkent.
1faf83808bb585c9a43852f3f1eb76a69f72f45bJoshua Cranmer — Bug 842632, part 3a: Use the new API in compose, r=irving.
a2dbd27f958455a7dbb597891cda531d8a5b0a3aJoshua Cranmer — Bug 842632, part 2: Implement a C++ API for nsIMsgHeaderParser, r=Neil.
456daa4ede27c302eb5e2e1edcf81cfe60a7d73bJoshua Cranmer — Bug 842632, part 1: Distinguish between building address strings for display or MIME, r=IanN, sr=Neil.
6f0f0c57a0a459a4b35cfafa5ef0f2767ef29fc7Joshua Cranmer — Fix libical fallout from bug 944935's removal of HAVE_SNPRINTF, rs=bustage-fix to reopen CLOSED TREE.
0697d16f37dface8e06cbe0013bcc31cc0a447a2Joshua Cranmer — Port bug 947798 part 1 (rename NS_MEMORY_REPORTER_MALLOC_SIZEOF_FUN) to comm-central, rs=bustage-fix to reopen CLOSED TREE
a958e35a81196d6bc95fb26f40723c7281db9468rsx11m — Bug 939481 - No sync preferences defined for some Privacy & Security settings. r=IanN
f4b4f9f6d6e9eac8f3a9ee34ed566223195959f1Thomas Duellmann — Bug 925774 - Change composition's access key for File | Attach to "h", for consistency with accesskey "h" for message reader's Message | Attachments. r+ui-r=squib
94cee1248591e178eba38cd3261f27458460c585Misak Khachatryan — Bug 948293 - Build bustage after bug 713082. r=bustage-fix applying on CLOSED TREE
c0c4547ed69a9cd1638350d33e287bc8293d4e0fMark Banner — Version bumps for Calendar, SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=auroramerge CLOSED TREE
d648c0a603882d6c5376a8e7ed38ba26cc1bdf8cMark Banner — closing old head a=auroramerge ba=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
7a9af304902e5c7099679a12333b0f907364d885Mark Banner — Added tag AURORA_28_END for changeset aa916fd70fee a=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
94472c7c3d50bbc206d3c183ffd1fd06abd78858Mark Banner — closing old head a=betamerge ba=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
a5a5ad13f82e0f9a11e65ced04b87220fc8bde06Mark Banner — Added tag BETA_28_END for changeset fd4b2b4ff046 a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE