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Tue Feb 19 18:11:16 2013 +0000
ecc3ce2d7daaf29c73ede1f1c28e86c0dd9da22bMark Banner — Disable lightning builds by default, as we're not ready for them yet on release branches. rs=Fallen,a=Standard8,ba=Standard8 CLOSED TREE
9c2d809d344759716aa4040ee255153153878001Mark Banner — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=betamerge CLOSED TREE
276997ac465480a97fb2117339c45aead3643914Mark Banner — Added tag BETA_BASE_20130219 for changeset aac8b93f9cf6 a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE AURORA_20_END
aac8b93f9cf6e66bd752ed193747635b9df507e4tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-609 - a=blocklist-update BETA_BASE_20130219
e5bc1e8200212e6df7cf1a4b19bf29576ad7476eseabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-5 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
03bac50b08eb17bd66913258ee64e92462ab503dMatthew Mecca — Bug 821595 - No option to remember password for CalDAV calendar. r+a=philipp
ec4828fcca96eb6be1fbacd1024be78628f5fd53aceman — Bug 807848 - use 'toolkit.telemetry.prompted' pref as Int - stage 1, cope with the pref being Bool or Int and save it as Bool for transitional period. r+a=standard8
3c479c9f8c57c2a43e418d18190e4ecb69051f68Nomis101 — Bug 835002 - Add back Growl support for TB19/20/21 and SM 2.16/2.17/2.18. r+a=Standard8
82a84f2fa6c5ef4bdf0ef312874222b633829257Richard Marti — Fix bug 829962 - Lightning breaks mail toolbar delete button icon. r=philipp,a=philipp
8496b69a738789be4a726430cb67eba494cc4189Decathlon — Bug 814799 - Invite Attendees dialog: lists do not work, only first list member is added. r+a=mmecca
06f49a35fc6559c885ce46d24630a76ee44e3190Decathlon — Bug 700775 - Wrong buttons whether to send email confirmation or not. r+a=mmecca
d6f1faa961a605718474c01179554c2dd842a732Matthew Mecca — Bug 827078 - Items deleted server-side still appear in cached CalDAV calendars - part 2: ensure meta-data at load time. r=redDragon, a=mmecca
c6e12759e3fe636482941160552abf4048d4ba25Matthew Mecca — Bug 827078 - Items deleted server-side still appear in cached CalDAV calendars - part 1: preserve meta-data when items added. r=redDragon, a=mmecca
ed5f1c59ead348d1401f666a93f9cdce62692c22Philipp Kewisch — Bug 813476 - Enabling offline support for CalDAV calendar breaks dialogs or makes calendar disappear. r+a=mmecca
0bdf9bee78635342c6cb0fa98196c2662d44d0f3Philip Chee — Bug 831348 messenger.xul: ReferenceError: gDisallow_classes_no_html is not defined r=Mnyromyr sr=Mnyromyr a=Callek.
33208d8bf464db477a4a9fc0d5dcfbc8c91fbe99tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-centos6-hp-012 - a=blocklist-update
675d4b4ce733952393ac9defd723dca05331be01seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-4 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
5c432757a60465f8d74a29b764b5ab3c502ec806Edmund Wong — Bug 830096 - Add release-l10n to aurora tree. r=Callek a=Callek
83a3bdce3c23ae8ed089cefee79dd5433d4d744aPhilip Chee — Bug 826771 pref-applicationManager.xul is broken because Services isn't defined in the scope r=IanN a=IanN.
0c3f165260b6d99431ecbe444432a54786bc52f2tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-centos6-hp-018 - a=blocklist-update
ed42bb4571d3e9745498804a75e82d02db75b125seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-5 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
c7cf156f150a63d0200a234447e6c9fd0a970260Matthew Mecca — Bug 828754 - Error applying Incomplete Tasks filter in Task View [Error: getRidKey(...) is null]. r+a=philipp
a5d714bf142e9286d4cd71ab51e0e90025dcf0fftbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-371 - a=blocklist-update
d34f36d0e03219e376de1a69e91051c6843986c1seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-2 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
1f3b4fd70db8b9f815108b8f691c881e87ef6dbbJens Hatlak — Bug 830413 - Port |Bug 827303 - Firefox core and crypto services components assume services/sync is built|. r=Neil a=Ratty
393e5984679589d32d252657b49fd2dedee04cacMark Banner — Port bug 827303 to Thunderbird to fix xpcshell-bustage by adding missing package-manifest entries. r=bustage-fix for CLOSED TREE,a=Standard8
0f515db1c69a87d3d0c28a4cb5d34877751527b8Mark Banner — Dummy change to forcibly incorporate latest changesets in build for Lightning. a=Standard8
198ed4f01f7bd757a91b7a3e0b18480a243a5a22Stefan Sitter — Bug 827132 - Fix fallout from Bug 617532, incorporate nsITransactionManager interface changes. r+a=philipp
d65d5df382af74de53a36f8f7edb4f23cbe5ce7aSebastian Hengst — Bug 823446 - Fix 'Services.appshell', should be 'Services.appShell' (documentation was wrong). r+a=philipp
6eafbba68d75f0eda2b93da93660db91e170d524Frank Wein — Bug 828957 - Port |Bug 824330 - Enable services in xulrunner and don't build under services/ when building against a libxul SDK| to SeaMonkey, r=Neil, a=Ratty
131f2f3e65b84366d921cd777351a2aa79dc7bdaFrank Wein — Bug 827513 - Remove services/notifications parts from SeaMonkey, rs=Callek, a=Ratty
157da067ff016fc0d67ef53039d62ff6cbf35816Mark Banner — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=auroramerge CLOSED TREE
8a653ea4f0827a96cba146491c255f187fa1fc89Mark Banner — Added tag AURORA_BASE_20130107 for changeset 76552c3680b5 a=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
76552c3680b542957ac8e757a07e1b264d2458c5Neil Rashbrook — Bug 817441 Turn SSL-related warning prompts into notifications r=IanN f=various AURORA_BASE_20130107
a976311210e4ec115c877f4a1e6cc2c87f9acb9cNeil Rashbrook — Bug 696716 'Get more search engines' link doesn't work r=IanN
847222e889c330e36cc469b2655293a14b17a3e1Neil Rashbrook — Bug 827018 Bogus context menu for disabled textboxes r=Ratty
35004deee5b1459f2b9120ac38c844d1db3e785aNeil Rashbrook — Fix fallout from bug 617532 harder
ae2ca7eee9c3f54b5cddd8a62f93c538bd075c78Neil Rashbrook — Fix fallout from bug 617532 r=bustage
f54ccbd9d422124bcbd185d4d5552bbc0c31f005Brian O'Keefe — Fix bug 823977 - Events are missing from the calendar in recent lightning nightlies. r=philipp
c8bbd750e1b4c3354025a35edf22dadc5e4f24caMagnus Melin — Back out changeset 057219336b07 due to orange (Bug 29593)
86ee7f86d3fe9ca0673f8a65fe2490a873cebf59seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-6 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
54796cd32c2e7417780c04ae2bae484047bfd804tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-centos6-hp-008 - a=blocklist-update
fabf83f68caa0f5a0546c731e5281e82875b5652aceman — Finish incomplete backout of bug 813218. r=mconley.
057219336b079986c417aaf641539d3f24b85e4cMagnus Melin — Bug 29593 - [autoconfig] pre-populate the users fullname in the new mail account wizard. r=bwinton
4ed677746d790819cf508a589ebf766b7d2023d4Magnus Melin — Bug 525900 - Wrong plural form for unread when selecting multiple messages. r=asuth
d0a4dcf22c147795495f72d4ed53a4ea2971a618Karsten Düsterloh — Bug 823526 - Empty newsgroups list when trying to subscribe to a newsgroup; r=IanN, Irving
2862496cc60c3bb982dcb5ae6ac4f31b6723e549Frank Wein — Bug 814967 - Fix include in mailnews/ .idl file so that SeaMonkey builds no longer fail randomly, r=Standard8
849480ea2efcebab610e64b0a612914d83426e66Frank Wein — Bug 804979, r=rstrong
54a7a86bf2503a3c4ff12f40a6fe1f3b5da1570cMark Banner — Bug 563908 Re-enable test-columns.js test_apply_to_folder_no_children and test_apply_to_folder_and_children on Mac as they are now passing. r=mconley
bc6d82e4d41fe69d7c129f37a29b2ea1cf544649Mark Banner — Bug 532567 - Update details open in a message window as editable HTML. r=mconley
8895d1a0a3f130a332a752b979e5f46ebd085253Mark Banner — Bug 825853. Port bug 818394 - Universal symlink not created correctly. r=Callek
30a6d21a5ec2f3479d18049f1b41122c6bebb8fcIan Neal — Bug 823819 - Deleting all messages from folder generates errors r=neil
fb8ce692fcab80862820574ab0523314105e5156Ian Neal — Backout Bug 674246 - Workaround event handler having the same original prototype node r=neil
470f14ee6470da414b173ed46db2ae1fbffbf45ePhilip Chee — Bug 669207 right click in the empty part of the tabbar doesn't produce menu r=Neil.
769d60c09681a5db9285128d999edb7fa794d9ebDecathlon — Bug 797268 - The relayout of the month view is being executed twice. r=philipp
bd61e0315b04798073e08e6710a7505aa3f9ea27David Lechner — Bug 816028 - Workaround for zimbra server crash on LIST (SUBSCRIBED). r=irving
cf44b65f2bf6ebbcbe0907569aeb0e2c10539f40Justin Wood — Bug 825576 - Update clang to match what Firefox is using. r=mcsmurf
83db5d0dd5fcdd4c5a8eb4e55bc27b8cc760e6c9David Lechner — Bug 805626 - make draft message saved in offline mode use fake db key. r=Standard8
78fc9697449ee507baefc77709403e0501e37ab8Frank Wein — Bug 825342 - Replace "for each" with "for ... of" in aboutSessionRestore.js (fixes test browser_480893.js), r=Misak
5b5991b1bef9a1d4652d0a5ba7b47a5b1f59f484aceman — Bug 824296 - Fix some signed/usigned comparison problems and compile warnings in nsMsgFilterList.cpp. r=Neil
8541e218b131ec046fa6b4bf5a60115ad445d006Sebastian Hengst — Bug 823449 - Chat: Services.appshell should be Services.appShell. r=florian
60503161ac00d3cb24f60bb337622979fd922297aceman — Bug 822131 - Remove nsISupportsArray usage from nsIMsgFilterService::applyFiltersToFolders and nsMsgFilterAfterTheFact::nsMsgFilterAfterTheFact. r=Neil, r=rkent
abb6e83e69a8e017c6ea24695236a94279811117aceman — Bug 821743 - Remove nsISupportsArray actionList attribute in nsIMsgFilter and convert all users to .actionCount and .getActionAt(). r=Neil, r=rkent
cd8eeca7ee8083f05aeee4317e1698a7eaaae4c0Jonathan Kamens — Bug 810637 - Memory leak and message DB corruption when saving Received header. r=rkent
ca7a389c26dc13bc6c24ae5449ee462ce5dcd6a5aceman — Bug 809418 - Use nsMsgFolderFlags::SpecialUse constant instead of enumerating all the individual values at various places. r=mbanner
1e7fb10632164c1cb5258f46e004328c285ca7caaceman — Bug 734034 - When deferring an account, automatically defer its junk target folders and those pointing to it. r=IanN, r=mconley, ui-r=bwinton
7f228f4d067286fa189a65c44ec2d0ecb03b88d5rsx11m — Bug 545859 - Signature is misplaced when the compose window was invoked by a mailto: link with body parameter and signature position set to "above quote". r=mbanner
17d78086de57a42453bbcff71645b775c4d4403dMark Banner — Bug 824266 Crash in account manager when account has invalid server @ nsMsgAccountManager::GetIdentitiesForServer. Put back null check that was mistakenly taken out in bug 820377. r=rkent
a0d95d4c22994bc2af490100db9edaca76311f19ABE Hiroki (hATrayflood) — Bug 824459 - Thunderbird build is broken after Bug 807678 (Winsock2.h collision, and function name PostMessage collision). r=Standard8 CLOSED TREE
7af1fdc2fed515cf90f42e7e30d04a9e122e3576Mark Banner — Port bug 824708 - remove unused releng.manifest - to fix make check-sync-dirs bustage. r=unit-test fix. CLOSED TREE
c64fe2c0531f74e9e0ff7298d4707ae3e9a8f1d6Frank Wein — Bug 825236 - test fails on comm-central due to removal of mozconfig.leopard from mozilla-central, r=Callek, pushing to CLOSED TREE to fix test fail
57ba43a4ed08ccb583f5b76472e2a4f54006a783Serge Gautherie — Bug 752548. (Cv1) Fix/Sync' phase on DOMMouseScroll handlers r=Neil.
0a96d40a76b181787dd77a8ec9ee58fa258ba249Mark Banner — Port Bug 823906 - Last clang update on the 3.2 branch. blanket-rs=clang update for make check failures. CLOSED TREE
53cb7687277f85497555decebbb61f1e05fe67d5Phoenix — Bug 823499 - JavaScript error: this.editor is null when opening a popup window, r=Neil
7e37758d13d9a00e0f3b1f41cfe6664e9c3289faJens Hatlak — Bug 823647 - Update Mouse Wheel preferences help after bug 782143 and bug 819652. r=Neil
7cdb0a8d2c9e8d2ef661ae28ab6bcb8f328ac2d2Neil Rashbrook — Bug 822826 Fix fallout from bug 790978 r=IanN
a6aa9df9e3eacb634f5945c0a043b497836ad42aNeil Rashbrook — Bug 819652 Followup to address review comment r=IanN
b50fcc1d50269d3f8b8fea95fe69ff306fa37e3cMark Banner — Fix bustage from bug 807678 - Don't proliferate NSPR DNS types beyond the host resolver itself. Make it possible to easily hook up other host resolvers - landing in mozilla-central. Port the necessary changes to comm-central. r=bustage-fix
1a577ed6eb9a6f148146958d1da7b76d66bf58caMark Banner — Backout bug 769346 due to causing bug 815012. r=backout agreed by rkent,irving,standard8.
c438208883ab217e7e25946db228561bd77976e5Zane U. Ji — Bug 493544 - Reression tests. r=smontagu
11754292111bc638d5bd3d203324b5b6334dee87Mark Banner — Bug 824424 Fix bustage from bug 818861 landing in mozilla-central - remove unnecessary cast to a flat string. r=bustage-fix
860d2e79888d003765b08b692470775b30a40f06Jens Hatlak — Bug 824344 - Port |Bug 804834 - Part 1: Fix tests depending on E4X for-each in content JS| [feed_discovery.html mochitest-4 permaorange]. r=Neil
ea973e3223b2350d7c4c8bece0731a064c9ca67dAtul Jangra — Bug 798663 - Use the presence of X-GM-EXT-1 capability to identify Gmail IMAP server. r=bienvenu
4e4dbac5d4c0da9f6a2abf953c02c05747a895cfaceman — Bug 822822 - mail/app/nsMailApp.cpp:131:78: warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions [-Wsign-compare]. r=Neil, r=mbanner
6bf7b6fdb2c352a91d019f5d3985e8a6f070efb7aceman — Bug 821253 - Remove nsISupportsArray usage from nsIMsgFilter::getSortedActionList. r=Neil
dc8656a6ee72045c281410d1023bb4e41141b9cdaceman — Bug 819271 - Fix test_formatFileSize.js on systems that use a decimal separator different from ".". r=mbanner
e2c3c7cce44866ee5b72c33d2eb3a7a10c81d88dNeil Rashbrook — Bug 818861 Fix PromiseFlat(C)String abuses r=mconley
4bb1940bb6ae8d59397b338c329556846f01fef7seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-5 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
ebc9430e5c6c024fe4a2ab08314df57c715f81e5tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-302 - a=blocklist-update
d0cff14ac3c3a3f76824826f817b886e64d0478fEdmund Wong — Bug 814739 - Rename gMsgCompose in addressbook-panel.js to something unique. r=IanN
7aa1610e2768f096433dc75bdbab06da1e68b7c4Edmund Wong — Bug 768010 - [Messenger] Junk and Delete buttons are missing description text when in the customize menu. r=IanN
1b28d5e4b9bb237219ec346c1a926f7da387062aEdmund Wong — Bug 783715 - Trailing whitespace fix. r=NPOTB DONTBUILD
aa3f7180ac2cf51fea32ec82d49fb7e31c1dee99stefanh — Bug 772342 - Unprefix CSS3 transforms, Transition properties, Animation etc in Comm-Central. r=philipp, neil, Standard8.
17d5ebf698e9c927ef3ce7db0ce0170e47af8971stefanh — Bug 823694 - Unprefix the only -moz-radial-gradient in comm-central. r=neil.
2b20e1c4a3daacb6987e33fbf6f82d13aacd2394Frank Wein — Bug 774296 - Fix default bookmark count in test_browserGlue_smartBookmarks.js, r=IanN
551325d4d6002953d03efc94523a3a497014e97aNeil Rashbrook — Bug 493711 Part 1a: remove transitive nsVoidArray dependence through nsCOMArray r=Standard8
ff830fd6b02af49eb8591846e731ef82277ea8e7Kent James — Bug 615856, crash sending message [@ nsMsgBuildMessageByName], r=irving
95509c6b80328797e811a24974c32a6ca9d90517Karsten Düsterloh — Bug 821914 - Unable to post or save a draft to Newsgroups; r=irving
ec9f4a50e3b480f6ccde8aab627184900c41adb4Mark Banner — Port Bug 822464 - Upgrade clang to 170377 in the 3.2 branch. blanket-rs=clang update for make check failures.
68dcb9af22fbc3bf3f5561884675db9c1739faa8Frank Wein — Bug 820308 - [SeaMonkey] Test test_browserGlue_corrupt_nobackup.js times out, r=Neil
bdc1768c64dfd534b313d4acfc7fbf2a72830b5cPhilip Chee — Bug 820377 Port bug 819940 remove EnumerateForwards/Backwards on nsISupportsArray r=Neil.
992b9cefcb15ef1f1544adaf7dba89f5dd3847bbMark Banner — Bug 823009 Attachment Reminders not triggering due to removal of nsIMutationObserverCallback - fix attachment reminders and all tabs menu for the callback. r=mconley
e7271c5607e9b76020cab25b2a213e5b0ef14af1Edmund Wong — Bug 782243 - dtd style localization note in the wrong comment format. r=Neil
cf6e1013c17534c7ca00c232697e48c5189d05e4Neil Rashbrook — Bug 819652 Restore horizontal mouse wheel settings r=Ratty
13dc8e8c13420dd51041edf6c9f3a7294490262fEdmund Wong — Bug 822581 - Context menu is not shown for form buttons and select elements. (Port bug #433168) r=Neil
998bdef0526951c8a8e9dd5c9402653a98fc79b4Ian Neal — Bug 822316 - Fix clang error with double > in nsMsgAccountManager.h r=standard8
81681b358ce18dcf66e9bcf3ff1a92932135802bIan Neal — Bug 822441 - Fix pre-filling of whitelist from pref-popups.js r=neil
b1d043bedf62e2d3e0b34259736648396f9a27a4aceman — Bug 822447 - Remove Character Encoding menu entries that are not in the Encoding Standard - port bug 805374 to TB. r=Standard8
a51b0d9414fd1d2a290d0b0cf134023da6dc4be2Edmund Wong — Bug 690745 - Unwanted Google searches due to mouse position. r=Neil
892d308596836e84498d7c93a55c0a3b5bff1f83Richard Marti — Bug 795983 - Chrome file doesn't exist: [...]/messenger/messages/Variants/Normal.css. r=florian
8b55bdd4b0a371d33d03a73b57d171a970949322Ian Neal — Bug 822263 - Change nsAbView.cpp to use DebugOnly.h instead of Util.h. r=mconley.
48e23cbddfa87dd61b59b918c38597d6a5d1c2b9Edmund Wong — Bug 783715 - Swithc to new event constructors. r=Neil
a6e24ded8c28130c9659f47a74bc193478e756afRichard Marti — Bug 820306 - messenger-aero.css uses invalid 'auto' value for padding-bottom property. r=mconley
8ff810e42d87990f9e94435811898fd7c1d8866eaceman — Bug 813295 - Fix entity names for keyboard shortcuts for compose window font size changes after bug 738194. r=Neil, r=mkmelin
5dc92dfb08adce1d6f455138197ea00a933602b1Sebastian Hengst — Bug 795152 - Switch to Services.jsm: What's left: cloudfile. r=mconley
4733c850b67c11521edfcc49678e67e6003a7590Sebastian Hengst — Bug 795152 - Switch to Services.jsm: What's left: addressbook. r=mconley
880f9d2706e0df4950efb5b352b021a3b1241149Sebastian Hengst — Bug 795152 - Switch to Services.jsm: What's left: other code. r=mmelin
df332995c5b4249997c830c713fcbf01d99b7563Sebastian Hengst — Bug 795152 - Switch to Services.jsm: What's left: message views. r=squib
4379140e4ffc8578ab682619493561765e02f230Sebastian Hengst — Bug 795152 - Switch to Services.jsm: What's left: chat. r=florian
99481e63615e1630290faef171aa372e8d30b1d9Sebastian Hengst — Bug 794909 - Switch to Services.jsm: Compose code. r=mconley
79a73f336716eb9b780cbe4627d9f6fc981b48f9Javi Rueda — Bug 521384 - Cannot set font size to 8 from Options-->tab Display (but Advanced window work). r=mconley
edb9f86b87dad8b31f3de0d24cdd60b753745c40Neil Rashbrook — Bug 792735 Followup to fix error adding failed favicon r=IanN
38b32ee0414e0311e9666171454b5338f4387aa1Mark Banner — Fix calendar bustage from Bug 820377 missing a change. rs=Neil over irc
ff643eff71544e6f6193a825a5262d69645f4dc3Mark Banner — Fix Windows bustage from bug 821236 - add missing include. r=bustage-fix
248eb4d0013cc00760c56e38b79fb8350682d74eRichard Marti — Bug 814414 - Menu entries for chat still shown in AppMenu when set to false. r=florian
5c47002e482b831a5df67bd1a7e032c72e29485fRichard Marti — Bug 813638 - Differentiate between active and inactive window on Windows Classic. r+ui-r=bwinton
0ea057726c2a62e316ec2b5e1e19649851a4afd4aceman — Bug 802135 - Replace nsresult equality tests with macros - msgdb. r=irving
6d365fc51d1edd556cfd52514562b3bbcf0f5e48Neil Rashbrook — Bug 819798 Deal with fallout from bug 814195 r=Mnyromyr
c169838bf61473f57d2c372808333b0faf6c61c2Neil Rashbrook — Bug 801287 Identify URLs known to be UTF-8 r=Ratty
896c909a20955b23280a78857f66951cc165da9bMark Banner — Bug 821408 Remove a couple of uses of nsISupportsArray.ElementAt. r=Neil
9680c8144755780d37f2fd6f41d983bfaffaa2abMark Banner — Review comment follow up to bug 819940 - remove some trailing whitespace introduced.
84741cb14c578a183f58ee55d9ac9dc5c4d663b1aceman — Bug 820377 - fix last JS caller of GetIdentitiesForServer. r=mconley
bdf948453896b77eebedb9eaaac6e4cbe477b5e5Mark Banner — Bug 821236 Remove some unused functions that use nsISupportsArray and replace some instances of nsISupportsArray with alternatives. r=Neil
3405ec83748bca610c838c7ebc0a42361c87760dMark Banner — Port bug 820256 - Upgrade clang to 169730 in the 3.2 branch. blanket-rs=clang update for make check failures. CLOSED TREE
bef92f7373a52ce7be710af60fc2abd2f98276b0Mark Banner — Temporarily re-enable E4X for Thunderbird whilst we work on a fix for a selectionsummaries issue in bug 820922. r=bustage-fix
03b3bfba6c88d05c9f0ad22da50adfefd50afbbaMark Banner — Final part of bug 820377 Deal with removing of EnumerateForwards/Backwards from nsISupportsArray - Replace allServers use of nsISupportsArray with nsIArray and do some extra nsISupportsArray cleanup. pending-r=mconley,sr=Neil
2a6deae6e55d0483f5cc67d261ec1b208c15ebb6Mark Banner — Bug 820377 - Deal with removing of EnumerateForwards/Backwards from nsISupportsArray - Replace some observers use of nsISupportsArray with more appropriate array types. r=Neil CLOSED TREE
4d81d27528c214d12bb430d82cf26fea061d350bMark Banner — Part of Bug 820377 - Deal with removing of EnumerateForwards/Backwards from nsISupportsArray - Replace mailnews accounts interface uses for nsISupportsArray with nsIArray. r=mconley,sr=Neil
2426db03c517e4e4168f601a24809ffcfdc8a5aaMark Banner — Part of Bug 820377 - Deal with removing of EnumerateForwards/Backwards from nsISupportsArray - Replace mailnews accounts interfaces use of nsISupportsArray with nsIArray. r=mconley,r=Fallen,sr=Neil CLOSED TREE
7b9efef4739130f5116b081d4259d7a5599dc66dMagnus Melin — Bug 799451 - Can't remove attachment with keyboard in forwarded e-mail. r=squib
720ac7edeb08aec933d86e0c86efa7229d50039fMagnus Melin — Backing out changeset 48afd0b23600 (Bug 813218) due to orange.
bb60be2d8d3f1891880c28756c2f389b1024c89faceman — Bug 818250 - Prevent possible crash with null m_identity in nsMsgCompose::ConvertAndLoadComposeWindow. r=Neil
2e4f6c68fce46bd766be7b2dc2b63898138f8b65aceman — Bug 817390 - Make click_account_tree_row() in test-account-manager-helpers.js check sanity of its arguments. r=mconley
566d44a1231ae01ffa6849aab7baa5f0c4cb8c7dRichard Marti — Bug 815220 - Icons are missing in folder picker in main toolbar. r=mconley
48afd0b2360034c07a327a700151886246b43be8aceman — Bug 813218 - Fix padding in the Folder picker in the Toolbar widget. ui-r=bwinton, r=mkmelin
5f82efe1e4b1fd2190c1e6c92e71b6ac89acf5dcRichard Marti — Bug 812630 - When hovering over the Menu Button, hover text is: "Displays the Application Menu". r=Fallen
a86f2efe5ffaa64ceb4c02f885ba0662e27ef209aceman — Bug 817502 - fix Permanent orange: TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | multiple-identities/test-display-names.js | test_no_header_name_in_abook_no_pdn (got 'null' but expected 'My Buddy') - do not .setAttribute("displayName", null). r=squib
65f054d50891ed565e6162744f820cce3f77c18aMagnus Melin — Bug 762594 - Prompts to save unmodified message forward draft. r=mconley
2a546fb885e34bc7866ae2ceb33ad93f25dc5738Frank Wein — Bug 819715 - Only remove plugin permissions that were added before (SeaMonkey plugin test), this way the data manager tests won't fail, r=Neil
62ed8249ff312371cd44d36ea4fd02cae3d8f35bMatthew Mecca — Bug 742528 - Read Only Disabled When Calendar Is Cached. r=philipp
ee58226c6481d58a167b0d27be18d9ff1e5c6419Matthew Mecca — Bug 813948 - Copy/Paste event from a Google Calendar has non-Standard entries in VCALENDAR data. r=philipp
76bb339cdf6324ca6ae8c79f9e6d80901ebbc8a4Matthew Mecca — Bug 734245 - Fix typo in nextOccurrences. r=philipp
01b400c03e9bf191de8e8fe7b1680c6c7d227578seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-6 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
8adf2847959205bf3d36eb5726706a0775fbbf36tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-357 - a=blocklist-update
c8b42073433727a96f887ee687084aff9d9a087aMark Banner — Port bug 818061 - Fallback to systems default clang if CC/CXX is not set. r=bustage-fix for make check-sync-dirs failure.
1fbd802f8ebd1f6781d034b6501b6e0f5147a06bPhilip Chee — Bug 818017 Sync changes in global/alerts/alert.css from Toolkit (Adjust styling of nsIAlertService alert windows) r=Neil.
fe3d197d44c49847b2e1ca4f9ec45cba457444d3Mark Banner — Port Bug 813526 Remove flags from STRIP in-tree mozconfigs. r=bustage-fix for make check-sync-dirs. CLOSED TREE
0228cef8fb832e863f225a27f20828adb922a2f9Mark Banner — Port bug 809803 from mozilla-central to comm-central - Move strip flags into STRIP_FLAGS. Needed to port Bug 813526 to fix bustage
004743024049113ce92d283dc66031c674a8c6b0Sebastian Hengst — Bug 815815 - Minimonth bold days always get reloaded when click onto one of them. r=Fallen
f6aa8845e67bbe75567799582d4d90aca1163b9faceman — Bug 818657 - Fix build failures due to prmem include and NS_InitLineBuffer removals in m-c. r=standard8 CLOSED TREE
636407af0ff42c2d384336614ea3193f98892882Mark Banner — Port bug 817710 - Upgrade clang to 169139 in the 3.2 branch. blanket-rs=clang update for make check failures.
fde7ce3d8e5351880171e658b31ed4d1da1599bbEdmund Wong — Bug 791273 - nsSuiteGlue does unnecessary work when there are no new add-ons installed (Port Bug 727637) r=Neil
1c212e41559a17719e243a32b76102e96ad37b12Jens Hatlak — Bug 817682 - Port |Bug 675037: fullzoom callback needs to handle null currentURI|. r=Ratty,Neil
e4080ff96e9d1067e031a6d9de1724dc5d7e8422Jens Hatlak — Bug 817326 - Set character encoding in browser_fayt.js. r=Neil
eafbbc84bd3dc0e2aba68eff81859d9324ae306aMats Palmgren — Bug 817574 - Replace NS_ABS with std::abs. r=roc
ed3c904b2d9069eaee11912c9347e041e2b44f68Mark Banner — Port Bug 815216 - Upgrade clang to 168596 in the 3.2 branch. blanket-rs=clang update for make check failures
4db7af212d1354133ce28e86f6d91f59818e0ce5aceman — Bug 327812 - Add server name validation for POP3/IMAP/News/LDAP server in the account manager. r=IanN, r=mkmelin
0d15ba91f5a99a872838dce8214ea1e80e984292Decathlon — Bug 807956 - Event window: Early end date warning locks event edit window. r=philipp
118ec2f9e4019d7e5d62ec023fd53c5a9e5fbabfaceman — Bug 807101 - Fix logic in am-prefs.js::onCheckItem of disabling elements when the corresponding pref is locked and convert am-addressing.js to use this common function. r=Neil, r=mconley
7a16616f57290552f8b435ab484d6463baad9294aceman — Bug 804091 - Force firing of 'onchange' events when leaving an Account manager pane. r=Neil, r=mconley
39b7ce3a50a8a2611f3e306e9529ffe81bd0ea8dJens Hatlak — Bug 817315 - Remove libsoundtouch following bug 816576. r=Ratty
21d331588661912c0fa88a8935fdfecf2a00904etbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-ec2-379 - a=blocklist-update
5250ebde16b2f3472cb1c7f9f07ccb5b38bc8134seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-5 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
bd10532fbeae00c1b95d750e2c0391e9087cbc34Ian Neal — Bug 816749 - Port UA changes from bug 815743 to comm-central r=Callek
3eccd275a9c90a2dc1df12fc51d7609a5a71ae5cIan Neal — Bug 815340 - Fix some more nullptr abuse in comm-central r=mconley
9d64c5dc19831e41d705b5c9284b4b5c9f39e04bIan Neal — Bug 815689 - HTML composition broken with nightly 20121127 r/sr=mnyromyr
79689e5b9cc02bd3394a30213c501788e6c1cc0caceman — Bug 802135 - Replace nsresult equality tests with macros - addressbook. r=mconley
9dbbeb38c567ca20e4e8711af758a7841885f615aceman — Bug 802135 - Replace nsresult equality tests with macros - filters. r=rkent
3279270bcb0d68ba1ffe4deb766a44d2f0e45839aceman — Bug 802135 - Replace nsresult equality tests with macros - News & MIME. r=jcranmer
b439022b1aa14f6a8dbb495261b5e1981cee6935Richard Marti — Bug 791957 - New app menu doesn't list keyboard shortcuts next to menu items. r=mconley
b8dcd1c378b4cf88468e455e067ae56da7b04538Manuel Schneider — Fix bug 734245 - Thunderbird/Lightning ignores EXDATEs of type DATE when the DTSTART is of type DATE-TIME. r=mmecca,philipp
59fe5448d2eaefcab03c0560484d4d4a72f04b8bNeil Rashbrook — Bug 813963 Listen to new PluginBindingAttached event instead of previous events r=Ratty f=mcsmurf
14a8939f9f47aa2b91ce920f74af0fe569b4963aFrank Wein — Bug 814967 - Fix includes in mailnews/ .idl files so that SeaMonkey builds no longer fail randomly, r=Standard8
83ac919fe88d6305c4e6eaed42f7c575163a0cd6kwadronaut — Fix bug 605201 - Updating an event results in a PUT to the wrong CalDav URL. r=philipp
efd79c122d2f34316558351c547a4a242643f024Florian Schlichting — Fix bug 761178 - Malformed URL can cause Lightning to delete complete calendar file (CalDAV). r=philipp
b70d8f7a7b2f59290eb1bf016ea1130e4e84fd98Frank Wein — Bug 813963 - Port |Bug 800018 - Click-to-play is broken on various websites like or (2nd round)| to SeaMonkey, fix tests, r=Neil
582d55c0c39558a605e26b564a98a447b224ef8dPhilip Chee — Bug 815127 Sanitizer: Clear Private Data should clear search bar and find bar data r=Neil.
2f6e93e1582c1de33b31a220af29ac994cf28f27Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 815568 - Cannot remove any but last attendee in attendees dialog. r=mmecca
c576ca61d4cf0ba311fed48427d96b45712e2109Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 815151 - Invitation replies are not shown (REPLY method, sender is null) (regression). r=mmecca
9626be2d64b21743aa10bc7a3fbeae1d0dda4154Decathlon — Bug 797271 - In month and multiday views there's an attribute "today" that is not being used. r=philipp
e27059fc27535bcc34b4ad56c8ec5c93c0e5ed57Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 808668 - Upgrade update.php script with new locations and re-enable automatic nightly updates by adding em:updateURL to install.rdf. r=Standard8
2d4a1f0d87e90da545055caf10cfdf499d2ceea5Jens Hatlak — Bug 815801 - Remove all of the site specific user agent overrides as part of backing out bug 588909 [port bug 815743] r=IanN
5a397838e33ed901c236f85ae4ed945ddc9340b6Karsten Düsterloh — Bug 127399 - Allow sending emails with IDN based email addresses (patch + test); r=Irving,Standard8, sr=Neil
b49465fd7e1a2dcd6e6360f213555c201dec8f6cArchaeopteryx — Fix bug 795102 - Use MailServices.js where possible. r=philipp
622cabcbac39b48483be890a52b49d0a98915784Mark Banner — Bug 811227 rs=irving
52dee6ef1b23607229e04c9e0f305345cbf15049Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 816127 - Missing resource icons in attendees dialog. r=philipp
e4e578dc3b4512c1937228b9eb5e7d9a3a4ac112Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 799184 - Multiple calendars with different credentials not working with r=mmecca
7a9edeb46df525ddcf93cb276f1a7ae7dca7e589Richard Marti — Bug 814630 - Thunderbird 17.0 closes all windows if multiple are opened. r=mconley
6d781d7536e00c83db5c0ec1490d6ffa8c8a0756aceman — Bug 802135 - Replace nsresult equality tests with macros - misc. r=Neil
31936f6405bceee6acf831d2fcf65411a2cd0debaceman — Bug 802135 - Replace nsresult equality tests with macros - compose. r=Neil
efbc490f42c9be7152f8d8a403824d0fb12b3a00David Lechner — Bug 799821 - Add test. r=irving
b8f425be58edc831309999e36a4e79c99b525178David Lechner — Bug 799821 - Add call to LIST to get mailbox flags before calling LSUB. r=irving
d8c4fc70e42346730e56242f871fd54a34c7a324ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 809064 - Take care error path to avoid the usage of uninitialised local variable 'fieldType'. r=irving
1591028066303003d4735f1389d78373197fe880Edmund Wong — Bug 484379 - Test fix. r=Ratty
a74f2bbce842196fc05e65191681510850312bc9Edmund Wong — Bug 484379 - Not detecting feed when type has leading and/or trailing whitespace. r=Neil
56b11777b6cccf668898492a9e5d97e762ecb97eMike Conley — Bug 814391 - Permanent Orange: test_cspreports.js hangs for Thunderbird after bug 802905 landed (buildbot.slave.commands.TimeoutError) - Explicitly allow CSP Reports to pass the content policy check. r=Standard8
388b6c8b6ea35a06f607394063199dce55bf1c38Ian Neal — Bug 811117 - Remove GetSelectedMessages from mail window and refactor some mail window code r/sr=mnyromyr
e7a097507d4da3baecdfde1e4a12f6e175fc0533Neil Rashbrook — Bug 814948 Make Reply to List work from the context menu r=InvisibleSmiley
90c30f23e05817efc143dbf008b80f05fc46fc37Neil Rashbrook — Bug 814770 Select Addresses dialog existing recipients failure r=InvisibleSmiley
389b69f005ffd0fd40f39006377d1b1165eabda9stefanh — Bug 806236 - Update info.plist (register svg files and playable media types, clean up icons). r=Mnyromyr.
ba1cf8314ca23194a27311e4e47a37c19768b3d0seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-2 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
7b787e3d602622259866834666e5d340500097fdFrank Wein — Merge backout
7f4abaaa35d7ee2a7b132db2d054aaa081c5c806Frank Wein — Bug 813522 - Back out changeset cc3a7263950f (installer manifest changes) as changeset from Bug 779997 on mozilla-central was backed out, too
e2ec99c4e48a0c6c20996e0a429f23b9f8145d92Richard Marti — Bug 814589 - Thunderbird's Menu button has vertical lines on it that seem out-of-place. r=mconley
b95c3dfb01e3100deae35cbe753e1dac3d35d30baceman — Bug 813299 - Move the '#filter substitution' line in *.xul files below the <?xml?> header. r=mbanner
d04bed4359e398a7dfd29115fdb9602298d84852Andreas Nilsson — Bug 795989 - Cleanup of folderpane icons. r=mconley, ui-r=Paenglab
a9d426e01d37d2a72fcfeb8cd63242982d04adb2Magnus Melin — Bug 808172 - convert Mutation Events to use MutationObserver in mail/ . r=mconley
44d69d59d729494949a6d985f8ccaa2dbccbc5a2Karsten Düsterloh — Bug 814219 - nsMovemailService doesn't build with external linkage anymore; r=Neil
f402639db54124228651f4cd903270183193f813Mike Conley — Bug 813691 - Phishing toolbar needs to be updated to use new nsIUrlListManager interface. r=Standard8.
99fd4744910d132a575d9fbd09d93300ad1a4ccdEdmund Wong — Bug 791238 - Clean up Output() function in nsSuiteApp.cpp on Windows. r=Neil
7c6069ad3b4c98404065f75ac3ce75ddbf0dbb06Mark Banner — Port bug 813076 update clang to 168304 in the 3.2 branch. blanket-rs=clang update for make check failures.
6a818f090e036fa72f7eb1934c3a39a253032373Mike Conley — Bug 813622 Port some of the work from bug 800018 (Click-to-play is broken on various websites like or to fix plugins and their mozmill tests. r=Standard8
5e40b999b002fc8205efe7b0ad4ce72a2afcae12Javi Rueda — Bug 767655 - New messages arrive sound file browser wont select ogg files. r=bwinton,r=Standard8
b9a5461f8fd4a91a1a636826449dd874cd21294cEdmund Wong — Bug 813427 - Fix test by flipping back the true to false for security.warn_submit_insecure. r=Neil
7e707fcf81d37c8cfc98a10a85f80da5d87802f6Andreas Nilsson — Bug 760983 - Add installer graphics in 70dpi. r=mbanner, ui-r=bwinton
2e90f7be913cb2a28f61639808ebf35f5fdf436aRyan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset cec686432d86 (bug 760983) for landing with the wrong patch author.
b8be8ffe9f7af8239594dedb01cfc54ff34c5f88aceman — Bug 808974 - Make the "Recent" submenu of folder picker inherit the class of the parent menu as the other submenus do. ui-r=bwinton, r=Neil
cec686432d8690e9b5bd632789178996007e2ac8Ryan VanderMeulen — Bug 760983 - Add installer graphics in 70dpi. r=mbanner, ui-r=bwinton
cc3a7263950f0e84e85e7c79729b17c633b157cbFrank Wein — Bug 813522 - Remove libsoundtouch from, rs=Ratty
8ae4f568bdddf250932e6b64886ca58a6a7e0944Philip Chee — Bug 812898 Implement plugin preview overlay (Part 2) r=Neil.
6996e05c74ee20a045e320d826345883f379af86David Lechner — Bug 495318 - Implement LIST-EXTENDED (RFC 5258) in impad.js. r=irving
d4e979a1d11d3e7f9d6a93ae3fadc260b60c96afMark Banner — Version bumps post merge. a=auroramerge CLOSED TREE
33c1ac55864f969e2259a97c4d1075a04f2cf629Mark Banner — closing old head a=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
fe73c8c70f5dcb0e498f32f9708ca829decc36ceMark Banner — Added tag AURORA_19_END for changeset 6ab9604c2371 a=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
2f07493e7a3921e58eb8810a9cbe5ae10d261d8aMark Banner — closing old head a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
b2333eeb566c16e1eb0820ab098e404e257a4897Mark Banner — Added tag BETA_19_END for changeset bf8fb2958a29 a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE