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Tue Apr 18 16:38:40 2017 +0000
6b755b36d0c531753919b08574ec8107d4879c2bPatrick Cloke — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=betamerge,ba=betamerge CLOSED TREE
4baa39ba286ec874dc1daa5080120b83d8dae14dPatrick Cloke — Added tag BETA_BASE_20170418 for changeset 05d563fd17e9 a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
05d563fd17e9f1ef436ea1c1664439f317b91e98Philipp Kewisch — Bug 1176399 - Multiple requests for master password when GMail OAuth2 is enabled. r=mkmelin a=jorgk DONTBUILD BETA_BASE_20170418
f3570179a3683f82ed9725ef81daaa88f5cd5454Philipp Kewisch — Bug 682474 - Lightning hides Thunderbird master password prompt + multiple password prompts. r=MakeMyDay a=philipp
7614dd8b69a923709f745b379a09fbea3f1e8d65tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-306 - a=blocklist-update
9d19a9b732a01570b748931f63bfec1dadf97fb3Jorg K — Bug 1355462 - turn file link chrome icons into data: URLs. r=aceman a=jorgk
78171c3a96f29b17349f60b56eb23e99e5ec509dJorg K — Bug 1356245 - implement fallback when content type can't be determined. r=mkmelin a=jorgk
d8949acb05a315407e2b06cc78600f3590c8393aJorg K — Bug 1356300 - shorten data URL for background images. r=aceman,jorgk a=jorgk
1694f6f2b300fdf05656df93a651c3c05bfcd578Jorg K — Bug 1356303 - Process background image into data: URL. r=aceman a=jorgk
d6ba4d8b1bcf52ad9dc42bc2b663d0e0becf30a6aceman — Bug 1356306 - Additional fix: make nsIInputStream.readBytes() loop while data is available. r=jorgk a=jorgk
b850fc61a632926efeeadd3479245c05a73cf62dJorg K — Bug 1356306 - fix restoring large images from draft. r=aceman,jorgk a=jorgk
509cbae906af8f1ece3a8f68b42ab1232abe6856Tony Mechelynck [:tonymec] — Bug 1344411 - Lightweight themes are not supported anymore in SeaMonkey. r=IanN a=IanN
a393a71df2386f8ec09aef7aece8b2bb680f5208Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 912031 - Use Asynchronous FormHistory.jsm in Data Manager. r=IanN a=IanN
cd96715bc14aced48d61f05d02cfc96d72df1116seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-hp-linux64-4 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
6abb0416d6976ef7177e0fbc5a760ceb2143658btbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-389 - a=blocklist-update
d3970dc6cd9c385fc9d05a223e8efcbd431b3aaeRichard Marti — Bug 1354263 - Set a fixed width/height for GTK-icons. r=aceman a=jorgk
a96b63bf7d0fc8613c77fa7ca71c9ee8ec35cf25Richard Marti — Bug 1354217 - Apply the menuseparator rule only in menulists. r=jorgk a=jorgk
3ba871050cc772c5dd35bc024407177300f29395Jorg K — Bug 1354822 - For an empty group, like undisclosed-recipients, display group name in the thread pane (and other misc. fixes). r=aceman a=jorgk
bd921bdc8b03b3bef9c79733117f531acdb9eba3Jorg K — Bug 1354452 - set text/plain clipboard flavour in onCopyOrDragStart(). r=mkmelin a=jorgk
14adadd2aca78d6803e43535fd59af4ac5fdd1b2Decathlon — Bug 1355007 - Drag and drop events in multiday view causes a persisting drag shadow. r=philipp a=philipp
d5050ddfdc5c0d1e5cf1c98063008bfce2eabc90Jorg K — Bug 1354007 - Wrap PlacesUtils.asyncHistory.updatePlaces into try/catch. r=aceman a=jorgk
e75d6aba10660f1a96b562de9b90c0fa15a911catbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-384 - a=blocklist-update
c279c6123be7e651248074829b70bc910b513be5tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-306 - a=blocklist-update
ab46d9f454a6f225f65d65c539d3872695b6bbffseabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-hp-linux64-3 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
856a6dd6477dfc237c0de19479b3a752f0d6ee2ftbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-301 - a=blocklist-update
88f358a9920569abf06e4fb2fe768cb54ed00af1Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1352964 - Fix typo for making the Help button in the publish dialog work. r=IanN a=IanN
928361d1d390cba893ab5d36dbef71ab8dbbe86bPhilipp Kewisch — Bug 1349813 - fix Thunderbird 53.0b1 Macosx64 repacks. r=mkmelin,clokep,ewong a=jorgk
fce9a35d41ea8409a6c1004147285e8c0b940965Edmund Wong — Bug 1353046 - Bug 1345422 follow-up: Add $(topsrcdir) to SFX package path. r=jorgk a=jorgk
78de811e436e1c50926905ebe9c331a8dfd21aefEdmund Wong — Bug 1345422 - Specify the right sfx package and installer path for TB/IB/SM. r=jorgk,clokep,IanN a=jorgk
209c56091fe0e6aaebbf21b62e026bb39fddd833Richard Marti — Bug 1352865 - Fix the brighttext selector for #calendar-tab-button and #task-tab-button. r=philipp a=philipp
08d51aa0055a987e15e01d56b37c1084fa561999tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-394 - a=blocklist-update
5f5ba5e17056755dc32475a79f5ba7c92b886865Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1352812 - Enable ALSA for SeaMonkey on Linux. r=IanN a=IanN
6a9f301ae03586a1526a1a4b4a54419052d15b59aceman — Bug 1352872 - fix module names in some mozmill tests. r=jorgk a=jorgk
65a133709b61bc766418476b762d55b017d1e52bEdmund Wong — Bug 1345422 - don't disable compile environment for l10n on Windows. r=jorgk a=jorgk DONTBUILD
20110b0634fb5de1afeb5095841976ed0a63266bJorg K — Bug 1349300 - Bug 1346020 follow-up: re-establish compile environment for Linux. rs=bustage-fix a=jorgk DONTBUILD
a9ee8125fc57adb5d8e3e0eac9e7e96670f523ddseabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-hp-linux64-7 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
d37f0a1d5fbb6fb4d71f886fd45489f6a361342cNeil Rashbrook — Bug 968342 - implement check for mailnews protocols before allowing load. r=jorgk a=jorgk
aaa1a42a4334910500af6c29f5f106cfd80792c2Jorg K — Bug 1350687 - fix crash when protocol is aborted before fully initialised. r=rkent a=jorgk
2294382e95803d5dcbe9b66933c6295eb3bcab12Jorg K — Bug 1350607 - Improve error handling when ReplyWithTemplate() fails. r=aceman a=jorgk
8fef874d911a6b6919731c3234674c978c07493bAlfred Peters — Bug 1350080 - Prevent decoding (base64/quoted-printable) when saving or forwarding message attachments. r=jorgk a=jorgk
d5b331fe189834e81be139d2babeb509e02d2681Patrick Cloke — Bug 1348283 - Matrix protocol isn't packaged (not available on nightly builds). r=florian a=clokep
c5606d9e980fb23dbc123ecd8be5e81c483e0337tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-304 - a=blocklist-update
4ca576309d53df1d35b6cedefd3ced5b183705e5seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-hp-linux64-4 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
a480f4661a295b7ccf7a95e40f38bb62adc05645Jorg K — Bug 1349878 - remove unused includes of nsILocaleService.h and nsILocale.h from mailnews. r=aceman a=jorgk
3e65bf875b72f18cdab91902f7a06f560e3c0c72Patrick Cloke — Bug 1348907 - Allow builds on this (empty) commit. rs,a=bustage-fix
001ce687b7cf16c00723bbc88e0849c2033ab833Patrick Cloke — Bug 1317743 - Backed out changeset e808efc45600. rs,a=bustage-fix DONTBUILD
29ee49bcda39a72d5d28f5960e45a3602795aeb6Patrick Cloke — Bug 1317743 - Backed out changeset bccab5fc1a06. rs=,a=bustage-fix DONTBUILD
e808efc45600aef8ee7484399e57f6bc0cd8c15eJorg K — Bug 1349300 - Bug 1346020 follow-up: re-establish compile environment for Linux. rs=bustage-fix a=jorgk DONTBUILD
5aa9e909f6b5cbeb6a888b9002ab40176112379bFrank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1331203 - Whitespace fix rs=whitespace-only a=frg
7abca4531ba32e48d9a94a3cbd0dee0f2a545256Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1332899 - Port Bug 1329926 and remove getURIForKeyword API from SeaMonkey. r=IanN a=IanN
02b43fc9af4255a0125309e527c3a5db3caf2215Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1331203 - Port Bug 1243643 ["Save Image As..." Not working] to SeaMonkey. r=IanN a=IanN
8df8cc285f24da9f2fe86c08b9147b37e226d3c9tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-096 - a=blocklist-update
e278354e4c609b1f2f2f57609bf8fb2b79ffd019aceman — Bug 1349021 - CC addresses configured in account not working due to typo in MsgComposeCommands.js. r+a=jorgk a=jorgk DONTBUILD
48de8f8524b74f4867bcc5b647e4c72e0e10291aPhilipp Kewisch — Bug 1346020 - Consistently use disable-compile-environment in all mozconfigs. r=jorgk a=jorgk
6de7e3bb5102ae9756b2b1df056823f29c70c00eMagnus Melin — Bug 1348691 - fix filelink uploads. r=jorgk a=jorgk
fc0aa14fc381d4269defcb11eb7386dd0ad24823Magnus Melin — Bug 1348663 - fix setting image file as background. r=jorgk a=jorgk
0aa8d3fae0349e31482008b9f52e8f93b713fcd2Jorg K — Bug 1347868 - Fix crash when accessing last character of empty string. r=rkent a=jorgk
4924f4bdd777fdeb59fff28fff31ab7800ee246bRichard Marti — Bug 1346496 - Make the .msgHeaderView-button border less prominent with [brighttext]. r=aceman a=jorgk DONTBUILD
b6e64aef8ddddc08446658426b5b1fcbedae2039Kevin K. — Bug 1345563 - Call devtools frontend for context menu Inspect Element (fixes regression from bug 1154645). r=frg a=IanN
5f1f732ea4e0874bac9fab4315f3de03e14ffdd8Jorg K — Bug 1344538 - follow-up: Fix failed compile on Linux/Mac. rs=bustage-fix a=jorgk
4b95007deedb156e83d64527827e1310b0cfc3dfJorg K — Bug 1344538 - Bug 791645 follow-up: Fix error handling in OnProxyAvailable() for all protocols. r=rkent a=jorgk
9e504bb64b31e2f5c54c8db0597166d3a988c8caR Kent James — Bug 1133892 - proxy release URLs on main thread in IMAP protocol. r=jorgk a=jorgk
115384194ff91b14ba9675f7549ae2ea80b3ee84seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-hp-linux64-3 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
2856d86092df3c1f72f7d8d003da67e469b0f152Richard Marti — Bug 1345553 - Remove toolbar appearance from menubar. r=jorgk a=jorgk
c863d053b130d746c5d63af8bcd01540683fe9a1Richard Marti — Bug 1345219 - Bug 1343983 follow-up: Remove unneeded stylesheet in messenger.xul. r=jorgk a=jorgk
39eaa29525624f85ed1bc0fdb7e71be54d4c2b06Jorg K — Bug 1346338 - Bug 1337865 follow-up: use refcounting to fix crash. r=aceman a=jorgk
f39570e06e1ede693a2c48c82592601dd1bda5bdtbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-301 - a=blocklist-update
5c9c74ff61313eb7bc3eeaf306adf6e768121ec2Jorg K — Bug 1317630 - Allowable calendar duplicates: Prepend 'distribution' to path. rs=bustage-fix a=jorgk
ecedf2f0d1b4ff1c9d86ff4787721a5337a398d1Patrick Cloke — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=auroramerge,ba=auroramerge CLOSED TREE
3cb7c01e80ba781e96e503c0751550dbfe165c44Patrick Cloke — Added tag AURORA_BASE_20170307 for changeset 1b4780c4e439 a=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
1b4780c4e439b8ef32b82c3a353d90d7dae45c97Richard Marti — Bug 1344570 - Port bug 1344307 to TB [Clean up lightweight theme footer handling]. r=mkmelin DONTBUILD AURORA_BASE_20170307
8be1ae77d2644e401fa6480a05ff234e70d0ccdfRichard Marti — Bug 1343983 - Port bug 864562 to TB [Use CSS Variables for lightweight theme styling]. r=mkmelin
495489dbbfa52f82c5b82abddd2256219aabbc2cEdmund Wong — Bug 1311209 - Update all-locales for SeaMonkey. r=KaiRo
cbc772c7b1b4f0608a6fddc315e0fff65503abfbJorg K — Bug 791645 - Follow-up for IMAP: added error checking. r=rkent DONTBUILD
b4440b22bab0de75b39f274a840731561bb8536cRichard Marti — Bug 1344293 - Give the menubar with LW-Themes the gradient back. r=jorgk
529f410b37590ce54b015dc10578e4e321662bc1Sebastian Hengst — Backed out changeset c1c3e2898163 (bug 1344293) for breaking lightweight themes and background of toolbar. r=backout
a263d7290af0172fbcb1f5ccf4f89e2732e9b714seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-hp-linux64-6 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
c1c3e2898163f48022f291a1e30682ccc47aa158Richard Marti — Bug 1344293 - Give the menubar with LW-Themes the gradient back. r=jorgk
ea1e52084df0c3fe832fe46ac36e8649f627c6d3Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1344245 - Port Bug 1339892 to C-C [Refactor mozIntl to have a nicer API and thin logic]. r=jorgk,clokep
476139ec861993d52b89ad53f43477c02672dc68Jorg K — Bug 1344250 - Port bug 1342303 to mailnews [Add ranged-for loop support to nsCOMArray]. rs=bustage-fix CLOSED TREE
463a141f321cbadeb7b9d143fd288d32525ebaabRichard Marti — Bug 1343188 - Port bug 1334716 to C-C [Make process selection a service and implementable in JS]. r=clokep,jorgk,frg
e32e7215e0e726eeef616940d4e57b3db70755e6aceman — Bug 1326494 - Remove some remaining nsISupportsArray references in Seamonkey. r+a=IanN
04a1176052ddeab18e98a680dc90b55502c1eaf0aceman — Bug 1326494 - Remove some remaining nsISupportsArray references in Thunderbird. r=jorgk
f6a8a506a1c95767ae64e65101a83ea866dd5cdfFrédéric Wang — Bug 1199855 - Add Matrix as a supported protocol: Part 3 - Implement new Matrix protocol. r=clokep
b99d93143c49b92aaf252143ff1a64a8c38ec28bFrédéric Wang — Bug 1199855 - Add Matrix as a supported protocol: Part 2 - Add basic setup for a new Matrix protocol. r=clokep
bd5460ae6c1ca6be12e12fbe804ef8d5a12255d3Frédéric Wang — Bug 1199855 - Add Matrix as a supported protocol: Part 1 - Import Matrix JS SDK from r=clokep
84e007d226a212a9e79d93fb644aa6a7e57d60a7Jorg K — Port bug 1341967 to TB and SM: Remove MOZ_RUST_MP4PARSE. rs+a=bustage-fix
c26182d4b4d9134ad0448178bf98b10d76654795Jorg K — Backed out changeset 67c398c134df (Bug 1340395 since causing bug 1322703 was backed out). rs=backout a=jorgk
998987cc390842f7473f0f12a193a84782b73377Richard Marti — Bug 1343503 - Port bug 1339729 to C-C [Remove wow_helper from Windows process sandboxing]. r=clokep,jorgk,frg
417a5d45d130379d57a9b5502c1089e3a6f50d32Jorg K — Bug 1332717 - Remove the external string API from comm-central. r=mkmelin a=jorgk
f0451b35ac4ab672c0f383f08c56d8fcc099ab00Jorg K — Bug 1332717 - remove MOZILLA_INTERNAL_API. r=mkmelin
e0b1fb0cdc2930373a2b694b913f33e62db1ff80Jorg K — Bug 1332717 - include nsString.h instead of nsStringGlue.h. r=mkmelin
c9ecf72b2ee3cfdbdcae751ff7ccfb05431d098dtbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-037 - a=blocklist-update
a06318cd8f9c14cf7734873e63c5a7cf749fc556alta88 — Bug 1343304 - Handle some cases where no identity exists in TB profile. r=jorgk DONTBUILD
a434b490db8607f31330dff84ee465623a003854Pavan — Bug 955348 - The help command should trim its argument. r=clokep
8aa38511b468ae26a1d3d7213a250fd77516bd9cJorg K — Bug 640909 - Fix local scoping of nsITimer in mailTestUtils.js that is susceptible to GC before firing. r=aceman DONTBUILD
d5445bc2de975968c8beeb7cd1ec1a1633b201d3Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1343238 - Dropdown for setting default addressbook directory should be focused after accesskey used. r=aceman
12954899022214532ab4d38d4054c4936411b2a5Jorg K — Bug 1338798 - Silence JS TypeError in folderDisplay.js. r=mkmelin
68b03a27f0f349b5d54053aca4efe39ea3247e2daceman — Bug 1338798 - use treeBox.view instead of this.view.dbView in folderDisplay.js::ensureRowIsVisible(). r=mkmelin
a86e8d3d24caae6845857a108b17e91bfa308f98tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-096 - a=blocklist-update
a4027b8e95e6c8a850e22e2e142e974fd910c8afaleth — Bug 1334874 - Avoid treeselection.view cycle leaks. r=jorgk,aceman
67c398c134dfc7b092b73b8abf2c35f40eb37ef4Edmund Wong — Bug 1340395 - Append -FS to CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS and use generated.pdb for all the linking. r=jorgk
19fdf87ad6387611db4af35bb7fcf4b788044d09Richard Marti — Bug 1342806 - Port bug 1342144 to IM [Remove version parameter from the type attribute of script elements]. r=clokep
a4c510e01d6fd831ac80bcb936165ff1986e08a3Richard Marti — Bug 1342806 - Port bug 1342144 to mail [Remove version parameter from the type attribute of script elements]. r=aceman
a50c72c9bbc72bfad9ab1be877a53f01ab89d690Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1342676 - For plugins only support Flash. r=IanN
23d4272c269c1df846f17300b7a8a3c998c6c88bJorg K — Bug 286283 - fix titles of detach attachment dialog (suite strings). r=frg a=frg
eb90c44e468e1be1a2f0078e89d004244da67298Dwayne Edwards — Bug 286283 - fix titles of detach attachment dialog. r=jorgk
62593187578ad6392b027b3b521b2225fdd30ba8alta88 — Bug 1342838 - MIME emitter needs to use asciispec for external link urls for IDN domains. r=jorgk
801bea3a7743f9c1fe88531ca788ca04c4418746Richard Marti — Bug 1342755 - Port bug 1037166 to TB [Convert the "Show Update History" dialog on advanced pane to be in-content]. r=mkmelin
abb720f671051534799f598a131ea7ac26a36987Edmund Wong — Bug 1342826 - Update macosx64 release-l10n mozconfig. r=frg
3b0b98c11b7bb7ccb0d52599cd8dd04518c8b872aceman — Bug 1339811 - update mail/components/test/unit/test_about_support.js. r=mkmelin,jorgk
bfe91c4a64fe642e55a5957fc7fd5a6a0063516dFrank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1342629 - Remove obsolete Lightning OSX universal build files. r=IanN
63e348c30e234cce9f07acd76eacf99896ea47fbRichard Marti — Bug 1334070 - Remove the buttons definition in <dialog> to make the dialogs Retina ready. r=jorgk
39ee657ffbfd508614ff577604ab750b18cf5061Jorg K — Bug 1337865 - White-space clean-up in nsNntpIncomingServer.cpp. rs=white-space only
ef7420896e68b4a9ffd30c7ad50ac0cb9c25b990Jorg K — Bug 1337865 - fix some leaking objects in mailnews/news. r=aceman
5f72602f1ff089df3a141c104facc656efdc6cd8Jorg K — Bug 1337865 - Force release of subserver's listener. r=aceman
d4e70f7093cf4a40c7d17c6c80bdf7b39ff8db37aceman — Bug 1337865 - do not keep an object reference to nsIMsgIncomingServer from nsISubscribableServer (idea by rkent). r=jorgk
be76c64ff8568f7c896d0ab143bfadea21d2b91aPhilip Chee — Bug 1334163 Part 2: Update Wikipedia Search Plugin (Update icon and sync wth Firefox @201701123) r=IanN
d09401c3cd89764fb48747e693518132ede3a58cPhilip Chee — Bug 1334163 Part 1: Merge rel="searchform" into the main <Url> like in Firefox. r=IanN
996f420f761c3d6b022e3c0834ca1f6ba6ab3efdaceman — Bug 1339811 - update test-about-support.js. r=jorgk
e474c682bc73ff980a0716d4239aaa4e959b1657Richard Marti — Bug 1339811 - Align troubleshooting information (about:support) with M-C. r=jorgk,aceman
bbeb17bcfd6ef5651d91c444d29601e1d883c18aMagnus Melin — Bug 13454379 - Make events with non-lowercase mime type, like text/Calendar show in IMIP bar as events. Also make it IMIP bar work for .eml files. r=jorgk,MakeMyDay
303fc1060ea8baa6ec931edb12f9a09c5a48cce1alta88 — Bug 1342670 - Ensure content-base (website) header is uri decoded for display. r=aceman
a23c9cbe5de187e5fdcdc2c2bb7822ccf916b7ecFrank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1319212 - Make drag and drop into the tabbrowser work again. r=IanN
4b1fc11b94209e7cf767f4805a0b774b209f7a98Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1342575 - Remove superfluous variables from SeaMonkey r=IanN
836c4adc56091868c7d52b34f772960e120e47b9Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1331477 - Part 2. Always close permissions db after an error during migration. r=IanN
0dc9c80964b914640523c449ee0bd2cc286e4978seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-hp-linux64-3 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
16a0684e9fb60dd2cdf02996cbdf2aec070cb662Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1342566 - Port bug 1284897 to SeaMonkey [Add mechanism to libsandbox_s to track names of files that have been given special sandbox access permissions (PermissionsService)]. rs=bustage-fix
89391861d7730b89d41b899e675c5cd4bb844952Richard Marti — Bug 1342151 - Port bug 1284897 to IB and TB [Add mechanism to libsandbox_s to track names of files that have been given special sandbox access permissions (PermissionsService)]. r=jorgk
6dfc28af12ab67c3bcea447270294bf25c646bdetbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-058 - a=blocklist-update
27b56804b7e3fde261ad910b1866e78736621442Edmund Wong — Bug 1342291 - Add MOZ_RUST_MP4PARSE=1 to r=frg a=ewong
819fc5b85f129d9ab1c4ab222c68ce4aba65ae7aRichard Marti — Bug 1341790 - Remove superfluous variables from and add missing MOZ_RUST_MP4PARSE. r=jorgk CLOSED TREE
b5d9d971165dce327ad943061fb9c0e0243e9ed0aceman — Bug 1328367 - make open_message_from_file() in test-folder-display-helpers.js check whether the wanted file exists. r=jorgk
6d82814c0d1ab8c9ecb7b12a8d0edd6a4b6abb35alta88 — Bug 1340915 - Stop shipping rss.rdf in Thunderbird. r=mkmelin
b3cdf98b16ef062856ad86526c8635e5eff27ac6Richard Marti — Bug 1341370 - Use our own r=clokep
c207ee1de2c7aaf9f375328c49e53b95785a8991alta88 — Bug 1340897 - Do not open account manager when clicking Address Book button for new profiles. r=aceman
d25229d4bffc347ee9ca14f7ac384611a176b81calta88 — Bug 1340902: Do not throw in nsIMsgSendLater if an Outbox (nsMsgQueueForLater flagged) folder does not exist. r=aceman
32c3c3a8274fdacce3e75b9f4aa790f0dfbf8cd4Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1334910 - Make SeaMonkey support moz://a and redirect to project homepage. r=IanN a=IanN
b71b7e1bddce4bed681d887aad080bcc216d5cacFrank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1334780 - Support triggeringPrincipal and principalToInherit in SeaMonkey sessionstore. r=IanN a=IanN
978a52e9d40f3103e57d30729e4c5e87740c8534Jorg K — Port bug 1286865 to C-C: package sandbox.xpt. r=frg,Paenglab a=jorgk
2c5390afd3dd9514e5337521739f44a27929c1e2Serge Gautherie and Jorg K — Bug 282512 - Clean up nsMsgGroupThread.cpp and nsMsgThread.cpp. r=jorgk,aceman
56f686a5c3c0da25c08d6542149bbe66eafca5c3aceman — Bug 1340845 - convert nsIArray.QueryElementAt() to do_QueryElementAt() in mailnews. r=rkent
4bcbe883f3f2a5bb6f58943a30d95ba37041c934aceman — Bug 1340835 - fix uninitialized variables in nsMsgSearchValidityTable::ValidateTerms. r=rkent
e37dc49884ddf30eda2aa67cb947fb3e5922ff70Jorg K — Bug 1341060 - Don't flag NS_CP_GetDocShellFromContext() returning a nullptr as error. r=bz rs=mkmelin
f76125523411a56c3bd1635cd763beadb30840e8makemyday — Bug 1338264 - Double closing parenthesis in gdata-event-dialog-reminder.js. r=philipp
567601fc64d9e8cd4f2e417cf35d90d4cc48140faceman — Bug 524863 - disable Write button if there are no usable accounts to compose msgs. r=mkmelin
aa0e3b9c8e18982724f0754fe25ca5ee86a217c4Jorg K — Backed out changeset 27e021adf35e (bug 1334874) for causing bug 1340517 and probably test failures (bug 1340857). rs=backout a=jorgk
afa0caf4012c5beb229866dfee8af236d2f0dfd4Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1338934 - Exclude autoconfig files from installer if not compiled. r=aceman
1d004608b57f98aab13e93a31b874879210302a7alta88 — Bug 1339668 - Show account creation rows correctly in Account Central for a new profile. r=aceman
74c720dd3c6f0b71e0846f1df98fadf035cfc93aJorg K — Bug 1340829 - Bug 1322402 follow-up: Don't run mozconfig.common for l10n. rs=bustage-fix
541879fbcbe89ae7827850d6807e17ca95013eb2aceman — Bug 1340755 - fix format specifiers in mailnews after bug 1060419. r=jorgk CLOSED TREE a=jorgk
a0b08cd9413318c9df52e05f747ea42c64dc04fbaceman — Bug 1340724 - fix SMTP server name output in SMTP logging. r=jorgk
6be063cc8da18b80f5f90db4fbc4206837298a92seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-hp-linux64-2 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
6ee27a7af6cd3e7bd25f392048fd40160910275aPike — Bug 1322402 - Drop support for universal Mac builds. rs=bustage-fix
c52f5a6cdd14fa2c1d605889d24bd9b40a111c42Jorg K — Bug 1318776 - Silence JS TypeErrors in folderPane.js and messageWindow.js. r=aceman
a3073627bd7bee94973b5d9cb8d0fb8d66f82b84stefanh — Bug 1340280 - unprefix last left-over -moz-border-image rule. r=Paenglab
7930ad6ac1b16801c8f10aaf8222a7f81d30432btbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-308 - a=blocklist-update
45293a726fc3b519b1081c393c95908c361c077bJesper Staun Hansen — Bug 791645 - Use nsIProtocolProxyService::AsyncResolve() for IMAP. r=jorgk
f99ba4305a4a89614a0328dd850ff26945a669c9aceman — Bug 1338777 - close compose window in test test_window_quit_state_reset_on_aborted_quit. r=jorgk
7f13bea6c8b9e441ffa060c1948b772daef0bb19tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-307 - a=blocklist-update
931e397b74a79ca2e29628e4d05b683564f2624bRichard Marti — Bug 388191 - Add aria-checked to the filter checkbox for accessibility. r=aceman
adeb300547b0e721a1d7b8b54c0f2c6fca283385Jorg K — Keep mozconfig in sync (Port bug 1335411: enable-address-sanitizer for Mac cross-compilation). rs=bustage-fix DONTBUILD
0dd78c1841a9e0f5a797a95dfa7383869eee504eRichard Marti — Bug 1339712 - Port bug 1310703 to C-C [Introduce the pingsender executable]. r=jorgk a=jorgk
becf847f864ca2765095ea5f22a4cd6f99d35729Edmund Wong — Bug 1329379 - Drop universal OSX64 builds from the mozconfigs. r+a=RattyAway
a7db0899f6a4eb581aca3e63668823a416111503Jorg K — Bug 1339436 - port bug 1335296 to TB: adopt string name. r=Paenglab
bc46559b2c2b72539fbe85febe552607709f6b03Jorg K — Bug 1338794 - Assume image/png if the MIME type can't be determined when unblocking image. r=mkmelin
b5041e0f8650c191de652edfdcb2440c4877c0d3Jorg K — Keep mozconfig in sync (Port bug 1329355: Remove MOZ_AUTOMATION_PRETTY*). rs=bustage-fix DONTBUILD
25bcbef564df0d888cf5cc90f9c277b97a575f3eaceman — Bug 1338674 - close compose windows in cloudfile/attachment tests. r=jorgk
d7b2c30e906ef8fc9c8e8d9fcd9fe74c753c0de9Jorg K — Bug 1325745 - Backed out changeset 65c295598322: Allow kDateFormatYearMonth and kDateFormatWeekday again after bug 1329841. a=jorgk
da2e8137b3dfe320d00c5b79f5f3c07e82225efeFrank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1328156 - Support disable-ldap in Thunderbird installer. r=aceman
a25600ed9d2e8630919133744622e33956e2e3adJorg K — Bug 1336531 - Don't put <br> before signatures in paragraph mode. r=aceman
4095f1ae7fdfeb5ba724b925d1860a022da1c5edEdmund Wong — Bug 1338948 - Update rustc to 1.15.1. r+a=IanN
48ae18fba5c319af6a68b9a4ac2399e803a9d3f0Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1323332 - Remove gdata shims for older Lightning versions: remove Loader.jsm. r=Fallen
6b66969ce4b53aab7f525b6818dba8c6ba92519eSebastian Hengst — Bug 1323332 - Remove gdata shims for older Lightning versions: shims directly in Loader.jsm. r=Fallen
e3c8f099a8eecf8b1799969bec5e168f484c437dSebastian Hengst — Bug 1323332 - Remove gdata shims for older Lightning versions: Calendar.jsm. r=Fallen
6f15756a061b7884ffde0806ac7181b2364192b7Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1323332 - Remove gdata shims for older Lightning versions: Promise.jsm. r=Fallen
cc9e6891d1e8a01475d7c234bfe830ce6103749cSebastian Hengst — Bug 1323332 - Remove gdata shims for older Lightning versions: PromiseUtils. r=Fallen
59a7c73780ff8a13a345806e3bc344f0f7630683Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1323332 - Remove gdata shims for older Lightning versions: PromiseExtras.jsm. r=Fallen
aac39809d0e8faf52eccf7f6b1cff88b9bd6adfeSebastian Hengst — Bug 1323332 - Remove gdata shims for older Lightning versions: Task.jsm. r=Fallen
10dd259226ef1da586f5eabd0875511f5f61711dSebastian Hengst — Bug 1323332 - Remove gdata shims for older Lightning versions: timer. r=Fallen
230f1d8906d4846ad7251727749ccb9ef6b6fb02Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1323332 - Remove gdata shims for older Lightning versions: Http.jsm. r=Fallen
5fcd2c9f91653f277ff8153b27e4f0d531f1c390Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1323332 - Remove gdata shims for older Lightning versions: Preferences.jsm. r=Fallen
71895f2bdade1d69039d6c0814213791fe0f9097Paul Morris — Bug 1326248 - No inverted icons in Event dialog with dark toolbars; r=philipp
5c33fa867d03e8099ab69b795f9967382eba80d2Jorg K — Bug 791645 - Follow-up for SMTP: Make progress bar work. r=jorgk
0186ecd2dfab4e5754de6f88ddd988f4bff990dcTooru Fujisawa — Bug 1337872 - Remove remaining Iterator consumer from gloda. r=aceman, f=asuth
bfdc0da4b7e4d38aecb573ce7dca5239c0818e84Richard Marti — Bug 1338715 - Remove the Outlook Express importer test. r=jorgk
085844c49579d07fc010bfdd2ad07586af2eb522Richard Marti — Bug 1338715 - Delete all traces to Outlook Express importer. r=jorgk
e9e57c02ee31e7e3b48be05295f58101203dec77Richard Marti — Bug 1338715 - Remove the Outlook Express import files. r=jorgk
424cdd3c5239dd57a3110b6468bb79ca9d005eaaseabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-hp-linux64-9 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
da132ad0ba30fbcf94638ceebc1a81149e2a61c1Richard Marti — Bug 1338715 - Port bug 1325368 to mailnews [Assume Win7 or later when testing Windows version]. r=jorgk
0ec7548be636af8b174e081c66a12aea39fc0274Richard Marti — Keep tooltool-manifests in sync (port bug 1338311: Update builders to rust 1.15.1). rs=bustage-fix DONTBUILD
a81dbcf91a42c909817cf47aa9693c20fcfe02a6Jorg K — Backed out changeset 6f73de9faa96 (bug 1337872) for causing Xpcshell test failure. rs=backout
5a3b041cbe1615d68c25d5f9ec8a98f5d0516b4fJesper Staun Hansen — Bug 791645 - Use nsIProtocolProxyService::AsyncResolve() for POP, SMTP, SMTP. r=jcranmer,jorgk
3a925dc53d92ab7c4fbf04c19cc9c7d918adaa72Richard Marti — Bug 1324754 - Fix the paddings in EmailWizard. r=aceman
cb631957f0df8544737186e625f8ea9794e38cb0Jorg K — Bug 1335638 - Fix crash when accessing invalid IMAP URI. r=rkent
af8b038015d28ece2f449163d3331bc8d1ee32b7Jorg K — Keep tooltool-manifests in sync (port bug 1336155: Repack of the upstream builds of the rust 1.15.0 stable release). rs=bustage-fix
009752635869e308f08ee9819abf80e1159e6b2daceman — Bug 1337713 - attach a local file in test_attachment_vs_filelink_reminder() to prevent sending error. r=jorgk
56f01236297049e3895d11c7f763481545c46722Cykesiopka — Bug 1334942 - Port bug 1331983 - Avoid non-smart string IDL types in nsIX509CertDB.idl to mailnews. r=jorgk
247903d556cec7f4a1aab92495c8ef21f5cedacdalta88 — Bug 1312813 - Follow-up: Minor adjustments. r=mkmelin
af32a353227ef5633d06be9ffee8fd491af3350dalta88 — Bug 1338138 - Follow-up: Replace deprecated File.lastModifiedDate. r=jorgk
e00f019317f5bb73702c5f54d28b8b84a2ca78e5Paul Morris — Bug 1332340 - Cannot Close Event Window Once Thunderbird Closes. r=MakeMyDay
e5b59ae458f1c9620edad6c53fca4e9e511cb2d8Jorg K — Bug 1338138 - Make call to createFromNsIFile() async (port bug 1335536 to mail). r=mkmelin
8887137884e779ea23f3f5cb711c9d27b8949c4dMarkus Adrario — Bug 1329957 - [mozmill] calendar recurrence tests regularly failing on linux r=makemyday DONTBUILD
6f73de9faa96ace32345213be22656e91d336e93Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1337872 - Remove remaining Iterator consumer from gloda. r=aceman, f=asuth
c585bb3bb888eb6bc051b244f05766e7384831a1aleth — Bug 1337071 - Keep mail.biff.play_sound.type set properly on OS X. r=paenglab,jrueda
8290de02b1381a49d669121fe1bcf4e362521e4ealta88 — Bug 562965 - Ensure folderpane properties for nsITreeView methods are returned from a cache and not msgDatabase. r=aceman a=bustage-fix
1ccbbcce1fce0eeebb230a35e1b35f2e6b4442f2Jorg K — Port bug 876002 to C-C: Remove nsFormHistory.js from package manifests. rs=bustage-fix a=jorgk
d406e5ce548c2e80f2dcb82b14207f088e921355tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-388 - a=blocklist-update
9a82837cc5fb575f5559cb31c3573dbe26a16ff9Jorg K — Backed out changeset 450c53f428f5 (Bug 562965) to diagnose Mozmill failure. rs=backout
35a7e5a45137d5a45d28f5be2ac0b71b9263a547Jorg K — Keep build config in sync (Port bug 1337233 - Part 2: Update cross-compile OS X builds to clang 3.9). rs=bustage-fix
450c53f428f5a590658ab880b8cf28d590c59ae9alta88 — Bug 562965 - Ensure folderpane properties for nsITreeView methods are returned from a cache and not msgDatabase. r=aceman
4944dabbaff492fb673ea59f092def622418df36Richard Marti — Keep tooltool-manifests in sync (Port bug 1337239 - Remove an unused tooltool manifest). rs=bustage-fix DONTBUILD
dae4f5ac532c2f224bd2f900c6795731a898c596aleth — Bug 1334874 - Fix database leak in nsMsgLocalMailFolder::UpdateFolder. r=jorgk
752aface26cafc254abf8871b6bc479cded5fccaaleth — Bug 1334874 - Fix nsMsgTemplateReplyHelper leak as detected by test_autoReply.js. r=mkmelin
495a38b840265114c336b51877d0e3477dd524e8aleth — Bug 1334874 - Fix leak in MaildirStoreParser. r=mkmelin
27e021adf35e5b68d36a1ff9d2122070e8a6bebeR Kent James — Bug 1334874 - Use weak view reference to avoid JSTreeSlection.view cycle leaks. r=aleth
50e1f832608564d859d9a1cdb64591bdebc4689dJorg K — Bug 1337713 - Disable test-attachment-reminder.js:test_attachment_vs_filelink_reminder(). rs=bustage-fix
03dfa060aa19752c83105fe63eed57230555d1b1Jorg K — Bug 1337734 - Port bug 1335983 to mailnews and calendar: Remove locale parameter from call to CreateCollation(). rs=bustage-fix CLOSED TREE
c0719df30af65ddccec6af1d8bdb60f12f36a3f5Markus Stange — Bug 1332246 - Don't expect kABInstantMessageProperty values to be NSStrings. r=mconley
f9c681da2d3121e7dded4e41044cc895ada64722aleth — Backed out changeset 24488ee6afd1 (bug 1334874) to separate the mozmill issue. rs=bustage-fix
ca2a414d8738bbfb6b6fe56092437e77a552dbe4Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1337431 - Port part 1 of Bug 1336230 to SeaMonkey. Rename macsuppressanimation to be platform agnostic. r=stefanh a=stefanh
d28d4429f6faa8bc5a1e48278e530efa05b1d086Jorg K — Bug 1334874 - Backed out changeset 6483fa45f5b2 for causing Mozmill crash. a=jorgk
6ba5dceb464c7853076ad781e10b34c61539bcceJorg K — Bug 1334874 - Backed out changeset 65e6288d5b01 for causing Mozmill crash. a=jorgk
f9d29f77e862738ac7d6bfab1bb12823666c818bJorg K — Bug 958393 - don't encode feed attachments as base64 (test). r=mkmelin
f57f050f3abcf5bdb7fe39ff437089150f3ac814Jorg K — Bug 958393 - don't encode feed attachments as base64. r=mkmelin
1d0683ac7b096db2c99988c9d8cdf4423abdf87fJorg K — Bug 609406 - don't block image inserted into reply (test). r=mkmelin
6483fa45f5b2330a94edbb24ff7235170bce7830aleth — Bug 1334874 - Fix nsMsgTemplateReplyHelper leak as detected by test_autoReply.js. r=mkmelin a=aleth
65e6288d5b01073c7e2a0e9c83055c1457eccdc9aleth — Bug 1334874 - Fix leak in MaildirStoreParser. r=mkmelin
24488ee6afd1dc2c1e3f88aba010fedb42687c0caleth — Bug 1334874 - Fix database leak in nsMsgLocalMailFolder::UpdateFolder. r=jorgk
1eae202f7efacdce5ccff2bac1fb0b79dce30425Mike Kaply — Bug 1336972 - Port bug 1328713 to TB: add regionOverrides to search/list.json. rs=florian a=jorgk
f4a143f3ced4dccd1479e61c3f523e85880a20caDecathlon — Bug 1335447 - Event Dialog: error "rule.untilDate is null" when changing recurrence rule from a "custom" rule. r=MakeMyDay
8571f68411c759762160b13257eb68626b9b00eaalta88 — Bug 1312813 - Implement user configurable per feed update interval. r=mkmelin a=jorgk
41590e369c5c6cae8a892fd0238c456ecf9da69aJorg K — Bug 1336789 - remove MsgExamineForProxy() as immediate bustage-fix. rs=bustage-fix CLOSED TREE
cedd5f2f7fa64aeb7eae002f4b1ee7503c938d35Jorg K — Bug 1336789 - remove call to DeprecatedBlockingResolve() as immediate bustage-fix. rs=bustage-fix
2537a3a08ebd52eaf485d95fe693a1c50bd3f3acMarkus Adrario — Bug 1329957 - [mozmill] calendar recurrence tests regularly failing on linux r=makemyday DONTBUILD
25eb5fc185536e83d8d54a019ba77a7427d9f0c6Jorg K — Bug 1329957 - Backed out changeset 56625e348834 for landing with the wrong bug number r=backout
56625e348834cc35cb8c8333efca97fc77ed113bMarkus Adrario — Fix Bug 1329967 - [mozmill] calendar recurrence tests regularly failing on linux r=makemyday
72a4e24c90fdf9c130b86f54cf6ba2af2b7f6f44Richard Marti — Keep the tooltool-manifests in sync (Port bug 1331957 - Update clang static analysis builds to 3.9). rs=bustage-fix DONTBUILD
d20d222b859b9b8e7ffa63151ee6282f153a7ef4Richard Marti — Bug 1335857 - Synchronize the TB Maintenance Installer and Uninstaller with the Firefox version. r=jorgk
584c4519de6bf1521a6eadee0c07d185541c2aeaR Kent James — Bug 1336641 - crash earlier with null IMAP sync helper receiver. r=jorgk
84718664672cc6451b3fe7d136f4788235af8107Jorg K — Bug 1334937 - Bug 574989 follow-up: Return call to mime_find_class() to previous state. r=frg
f3b5625cd5a1eae37df4563cc40c766d8cdba239seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-hp-linux64-11 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
ca5f57cbe502fa561f667282abfd0914f522eb3fJorg K — Backed out changeset a2e039a852d7 - Bug 1334937. DONTBUILD
dca11f96a228ccdcc9ec5a0123f82d6f8348139eJorg K — Backed out changeset 3cbd2f30207c - Bug 1334937
3cbd2f30207c05929b94af61fea9b9f4184aa8ebJorg K — Bug 1334937 - Follow-up: Correct comment. rs=bustage-fix
a2e039a852d7c66b373d7020847f30bc15783e8aJorg K — Bug 1334937 - text/calendar is not rich text but plain text. r=frg
2945ffabba5d22ed6382495d4cec193000263c0bRichard Marti — Bug 1335218 - Use other accesskey for the "Replace" button because the old is used by "Highlight all". r=jorgk
320e1e60076e8f73004fcdcac8d83dbe8e2c14a8Richard Marti — Bug 1335348 - Add UninstallServiceIfNotUsed funtion to uninstaller. r=jorgk
756fa9e390ab08f995382c9a9dfc6bf4b72421catbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-139 - a=blocklist-update
db95224361f0b3b4216fd9553b8070167a2a2465Richard Marti — Bug 1335344 - Remove Windows Vista code from installer. r=jorgk
b681f689b05faafdea20254fec618d87a6c36ea8Richard Marti — Bug 1335344 - Remove Windows XP code from installer. r=jorgk
7519e880103bf5d1673b0b07300fdd91f5c7a7d3aleth — Experimental mozconfig change to attempt to fix IB OSX nightlies. rs=bustage-fix
6eeaa5555802a5545f03e497b239f8e46c2ad9c4Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1335028 - Use only https for connections to in SeaMonkey. r=Ratty a=Ratty
fd1bd7431d81f9fba0dd1979720f00183bd770d4Frank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1335028 - Use only https for connections to in Thunderbird and Instantbird. r=aleth
80c9d015ac2972b3259af7711730fb0f1d7fce5baleth — Bug 1334897 - Followup to add the duplicated file as well. rs=bustage-fix
94b3591d66ad1ed9ed87cc0475da55e89393e075Richard Marti — Bug 1335113 - Port Bug 1333826 - Stop building/remove the Mozilla SDK support. r=jorgk a=bustage-fix
4d39e74d202ec52babe230464670bea8c33ea042Jorg K — Bug 1332997 - Stop deprecation warning from mimeJSComponents.js:443. r=aceman
ca581be5ebfff3d76f292e32d2233a896a78a330aleth — Bug 1334897 - Fix up allowed-dupes for Linux builds. r=clokep
8857b7a3a4cc3ba7c689945676eed3ff5b6c4a19R Kent James — Bug 1334954 - Eliminate nullptr in out parameter for nsIURI calling StreamMessage(). r=jorgk
df433119b59c2f4881bc2748f579fec4ab2127e7Jean-Luc Bonnafoux — Bug 488973 - fix warning in nsMsgProtocol.cpp. r=aceman
07ccae5d880ba9f0e798b061abfe00fb100568d0Richard Marti — Bug 1334814 - Remove <hbox> around description to let the line break. r=jorgk
fdc6a3e536479536fffdfd057d41e65aa191d871Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1334214 - Port bug 1332245 to C-C: Add dom_bindings.xpt to r=jorgk a=bustage-fix
e1b5ba1424d2360fa40a427f7bc82c5af1a4af1baleth — Bug 1334771 - Use lazy getters to fetch atoms in Gloda to avoid a shutdown leak in precompile_cache. rs=jorgk bustage-fix CLOSED TREE
5723e169a8f2ba512caccde4ac84aab83349b57eJorg K — Bug 1334558 - Follow-up: Remove unused variable. rs=bustage-fix CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD
a891516b976bd58497b2f4d6a6f5cce6d074013caleth — Don't attempt to package a nonexistent components.manifest. rs=bustage-fix
f469e0a1b35e13268d0a8ed06240cc364258a5f0Jorg K — Bug 1334558 - Remove use of NS_RegisterStaticAtoms() and only use dynamic atoms. rs=bustage-fix CLOSED TREE
aa9ec692549119aac1abf473af2056adb97ad7cbFrank-Rainer Grahl — Bug 1334489 - Port bug 1325299 to mailnews: SHQueryUserNotificationState is now defined in shellapi.h after increasing WINVER to 601. r=jorgk CLOSED TREE
d6585ebd163b42175016754385622df94bfe036aJorg K — Bug 1334464 - Port bug 1333564 to C-C: [Stop supporting ';' as a valid comment character]. rs=bustage-fix CLOSED TREE
c0e5b93e1369ec16a2c0747df816fbcae5084fffaleth — Bug 1333878 - Don't include local-mozconfig.common for OS X release repacks to avoid setting compiler vars. r=Fallen
1994d82f97322ab5fc42601ad49a859a6844e96bJorg K — Port bug 1328693 to C-C [Extract debugger preferences]. rs=bustage-fix a=jorgk
ccb3cee77ef2530de35ba83ee6a64f957271ccbbJorg K — Port bug 1294650 to C-C: Package qipcap dlls. rs=bustage-fix a=jorgk
d289a51e1fcd544c7f38646030167fca8d17c731Jorg K — Keep tooltool-manifests in sync [bug 1332147 - update makecab to a newer version]. rs=bustage-fix
06666873a81d1b12cd0f82cf8406015499db1609Jorg K — Bug 609406 - don't block image inserted into reply. r=mkmelin
c59a7076fb4f9427516ad8b55469f9e8f0d51f79Jorg K — Backed out changeset 4f7f9152fbfb - Bug 1333692 for causing bustage. a=jorgk CLOSED TREE
8e836ed136c6a62d90ba5e8ba754564f66e1b588Patrick Cloke — Bug 1313745 - Use Assert.jsm in IRC code. r=aleth
10c135cab7c433f0c12f64155d38c002e894c91dRichard Marti — Bug 1333747 - Port bug 1333296 to C-C [Rename MOZ_ENABLE_PROFILER_SPS to MOZ_GECKO_PROFILER]. r=jorgk a=jorgk
4f7f9152fbfb9446c4fed53e5e9cc841785acd65Jorg K — Bug 1333692 - Bug 1318447/bug 1313045 follow-up: package services-sync.js. rs=bustage-fix
68b7413336d04301cfbc19d1c2032cd03867568etbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-017 - a=blocklist-update
0e51f36ee7eb906e9131ea71e0f67d5439bf6667stefanh — Bug 1318447 - Stop packaging identity.xpt (toolkit/identity was removed in bug 1313045). r=frg, r=aleth, a=Ratty.
60e4648f97111ce2d5cc2fd46b49c00fdfeda06aaleth — Bug 1333511 - Port bug 1277968: Use the executable for non-plugin child processes on Linux. r=jorgk,clokep
ebbcdc168ef5de1b525b924815057e3207bc552ealeth — Bug 1333557 - Use the extensions mechanism to set MOZ_PURPLE. r=clokep
15701d60fb80e69788ab625abc3c7a1a1d9ffb00aleth — Bug 1321656 - Temporarily disable building purplexpcom. rs=bustage-fix
19de69153c7de940bad692a0e7472a6e5b399633aleth — Bug 1333016 - Port startup changes from bug 1332017, bug 1332827 and bug 1332898 to Instantbird. r=clokep
2561d4ea944045fd2aac483950b3d86cf4fe4989tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-388 - a=blocklist-update
491bd73c0d1a672499f60687338391802ae4d6b1Jorg K — Port bug 1330827 to TB: additions to rs=bustage-fix
5baa7ec4d3baa9d86ddfa2a955fe87acb39b6663Douglas Bagnall — Bug 1310467, Fix URL unescaping in LDAP, r=rkent
7ba36ba7b364288dbaeb7dfd14555de84b99a885Patrick Cloke — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=auroramerge CLOSED TREE
0d75d9006c8dc42e15327d1dc1115a54563a5097Patrick Cloke — closing old head a=auroramerge ba=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
4f32e573e473bf1dfe0015c25bbd0dd1e845e001Patrick Cloke — Added tag AURORA_53_END for changeset 9b0415c5e482 a=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
08fc7d5a2cc068105239c03735b0331665c1a538Patrick Cloke — closing old head a=betamerge ba=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
ed988c8bc67d4f0bef80203997060fcfc7e5d9a9Patrick Cloke — Added tag BETA_53_END for changeset d2e5870e7949 a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE