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Sun May 17 18:03:23 2020 +0000
f78f85f503c0fda54b976b607f827fc43d9f38a2Kai Engert — Bug 1634532 - When deleting a public key, also delete the acceptance decision. r=PatrickBrunschwig a=wsmwk
099d4b4bb77c368a5477186037fc68af757f2cc3Kai Engert — Bug 1638142 - Hide OpenPGP notification bars when moving away from a message. r=PatrickBrunschwig a=wsmwk
1e4fca1274f33c5ceca5dd9f8363a339e16d853bKai Engert — Bug 1637458 - Implement "message security info" for received OpenPGP messages. r=PatrickBrunschwig,mkmelin a=wsmwk
9fca35e15ac48caa904855c1a32eaf3133892bd0Kai Engert — Bug 1636791 - Add a pref to allow the use of external GnuPG for OpenPGP secret key operations. r=PatrickBrunschwig,mkmelin a=wsmwk
eb57edd569a7ea66dffcaf87c37ec810dff1ba90Kai Engert — Bug 1636778 - Remove SKS CA install code, remove GnuPG keyserver access code. r=PatrickBrunschwig a=wsmwk
a4c6822ef10da51179aea767abb0b4487e7b86c4Kai Engert — Bug 1636290 - Initial user assistance for OpenPGP problems in message composer. r=PatrickBrunschwig,mkmelin a=wsmwk
70da4ae3946486e8723aab361efaa4afe3e1d6c0Rob Lemley — Bug 1634158 - Update rnp.symbols using r=kaie a=wsmwk
6b1e598df3175bd2d9cd0893d19a097907971ffeRob Lemley — Bug 1634158 - Update RNP source from git as of 2020-05-06. r=kaie a=wsmwk
8d538e189906fbb1d29408184735f3ac4ec52bcbRob Lemley — Bug 1636240 - Add error trap to to revert changes. r=kaie a=wsmwk
4b214d7ec3a6489586d335147b1e48ab7f6c4851Rob Lemley — Bug 1634887 - Drop use of -fcxx-exceptions flag - makes RNP build with gcc. r=darktrojan a=wsmwk