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Tue Feb 14 20:07:18 2012 +0000
f1f57e95314c50a862cbfae578eed557b92e482cJonathan Protzenko — Bug 726301: SummaryFrameManager logic is wrong r=squib,a=Standard8
5e76697585898561fce46452894e91d8a4ffa548Richard Marti — Bug 723863 - Standalone Message window toolbar doesn't show personas. r+ui-review=bwinton,a=Standard8
1257dccef3801a8b29f12dd1cd07937f6e01cd8eMark Banner — Update the test pilot version shipping with Thunderbird to incorporate latest changes from bug 723583. a=Standard8
b6fad7040c8eedebf0bb07303fab39435193300cGregg Lind — Bug 723583 - test pilot thunderbird 'all your user studies' shows each more than once. r=squib,a=Standard8
66d01c6ae24489154dc693e5d18290a4edf985e0Jonathan Protzenko — Bug 705431: make sure a MIME part with content-disposition: attachment is displayed as an attachment nonetheless even though it doesn't have a filename r=squib,a=Standard8
6fa3d8b42adeb4f861f7a3bcb6efb43a1433a6d8Mark Banner — Bug 636014 - [autoconfig] Align labels and textfields on the existing account wizard. r=bwinton,ui-review=andreasn,a=Standard8. Patch by Standard8, theme tweaks by Richard Marti