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Tue Mar 20 14:37:06 2012 +0000
491ada0b739cc6882a69e5de2ca69522641a565fChris Coulson — Bug 733802 - Fix various issues in webSearchProvider.js, make it work properly. r+a=Standard8
5c92b414af33d37f5cc0a3862c5da7d6da513969Mark Banner — Bump test pilot version to incorporate latest changes (bug 717262), ready for pushing to AMO. a=Standard8, no bug
45159577008de5dde2436e9597e7731711a2b619Mark Banner — Bug 717262 - Test pilot notifications have broken / transparent UI in Thunderbird. Adapt styles for the core changes in bug 497995 r=mconley,a=Standard8
64a9433733cad55c71193d1e667b4b407fd67ef2Mark Banner — Bump the test pilot version for the latest changes, following bug 731532 and others. a=Standard8
9502ae8490b06603d9ff2aafbb9955a868354605Irving Reid — Bug 731532 - Fix issues in test pilot validation. r+a=Standard8
6c906871129de19a1f7bce7a8950d8ea6b2de2d0Mark Banner — Bug 730803 - Don't ship unnecessary files with test pilot. r=irving,a=Standard8
7196a9fd07f465c6eff9b475e2289e685cdd15deMark Banner — Bug 728936 - Drop jquery*.min.js from test pilot. r=irving,a=Standard8