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Wed Feb 22 02:55:52 2012 +0000
5b08357336fb99dba4e07ed494aabf973ba1bb56Mike Conley — Bug 728309 - Re-enable mail toolbar in message tab and Gloda search results list. r=dbienvenu,ui-r=bwinton,a=Standard8.
52d70cf70e062ba69ca24c0207c11d664401bb61Mike Conley — Backport of Bug 729197 - Make Quick Filter Bar toggle work for glodaList tabs. r=bwinton,a=Standard8.
17b0b1d4af4d70c55c14b4e2b6266dd07d0c2fc6Mike Conley — Bug 717264 - Move Quick Filter Bar toggle button from tab toolbar to mail toolbar. ui-r+r=bwinton,a=Standard8.