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Sun Nov 09 21:15:35 2014 +0000
52827cae72f6137d525af88732d612c1a9fb8bfcPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 1079783 - OAuth2 forgets token when offline and a few other minor OAuth2.jsm fixes. r=mconley,r=clokep,a=Standard8
0c70f8c7a8643bde38702bc671810c15370d3c90Magnus Melin — Bug 1043784 - after confirming autocomplete suggestion with TAB key combination, Thunderbird adds a new addressing line, does not move focus to the subject text box. ui-r=paenglab, r=mconley, a=Standard8
56fe4fac57d0916883a373cb7640681631ee0fe0Patrick Cloke — Backout part of 2f79b0b939ed that's unrelated. a=Standard8
ea0299069557db7a989088789f08e2cfcbdef8abaceman — Bug 1036592 - save that we have already shown Search integration dialog even if user clicks Skip integration. r=mkmelin, ui-r=Josiah a=Standard8