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Fri Feb 21 21:05:01 2020 +0000
a376c45565b713903b4984559a2f414736c6c920Paul Morris — Bug 1615453 - Fix calendar tabs when they are focused at startup. r+a=darktrojan
d21a540ff744421e3acb19f2cf27d48534a8c0a6Paul Morris — Bug 1612190 - Improve the DIRS logic in calendar files. r=darktrojan a=rjl
498037e1ef0f9f987c98f879fc430c1ad42c1734Paul Morris — Bug 1612190 - Remove MOZ_CALENDAR build config flag and related code. r=darktrojan,BenB a=mkmelin
35335f53d59d9512e0d177da2633f81f37793e63Magnus Melin — Bug 1615714 - fix hiddenwindow errors on macOS - include the scrips and dtds that are in messenger.xhtml. r=pmorris a=mkmelin
6c48f4d075d24ef29340b04e143325ecee60b629Rob Lemley — No bug - Pin mozilla-beta version (FIREFOX_74_0b6_RELEASE). a=rjl