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Fri Nov 28 16:21:42 2014 +0000
219e12aa22c12358d14d4fea1421084886c20380Mark Banner — Follow-up to bug 999524 - Stop L10n builds using hgtool as this currently doesn't work correctly. a=Standard8,ba=Standard8 CLOSED TREE SEAMONKEY_2_32b1_BUILD1 SEAMONKEY_2_32b1_RELEASE
bdeb33bc6bc7a90ab0da54fd1740d170181cb669Mark Banner — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=betamerge,ba=betamerge CLOSED TREE
d6332c463d327303857237e85cb238dd702a9713Mark Banner — Added tag BETA_BASE_20141128 for changeset 7e27d02d16a7 a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE AURORA_35_END
7e27d02d16a7c00f685556ed1e33533835a69173Mark Banner — Port Bug 1061335 - Part 1: Rename mozconfig.vs2010-common to mozconfig.vs-common. rs=port-by-build-system-peer,a=Standard8 BETA_BASE_20141128
ba8f526de514a820df5dc03c9846b289a81f1d2bMark Banner — Port bug 1084163 - Remove 'make check' from automation/build to sync mozconfig.automation. rs=port-by-build-system-peer,a=Standard8
8d798926def3ffadbc8d4179815165f79efe227bNeil Rashbrook — Bug 1101978 Deal with removal of the plugin finder service r=Ratty a=Ratty
60e0190c61803513364e02094d8dc286ab7d2024Neil Rashbrook — Bug 1061990 Cache size does not update after clearing cache r=mcsmurf a=IanN
884f2101fff332c9c7d2dbc28d53e4fecc223756Joshua Cranmer — Bug 956101 - Thunderbird telemetry is largely missing, r=vladan, a=Standard8
82727a0ffd305fd2a26914a7a8bee479c4759510Philip Chee — Bug 1094694 Uplift typo fix to comm-aurora a=IanN for comm-aurora a=typo fix CLOSED TREE
1d0cf76d033677648e278ed3c384f8420d274516Neil Rashbrook — Bug 1073968 Restore compact menulists to the Modern theme r=rsx11m a=Ratty
6d2d158a7f3e3600c3faba972cde68c007a77f99ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 1085003 - Fix JavaScript error in systemIntegrationDialog.js. r+a=Standard8
8d2e3f265f7361ca0726f24c977bfb618c558683Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 1079783 - OAuth2 forgets token when offline and a few other minor OAuth2.jsm fixes. r=mconley,r=clokep,a=Standard8
a22b167c6957e780827a043ae12c9dd148bed94fMagnus Melin — Bug 1043784 - after confirming autocomplete suggestion with TAB key combination, Thunderbird adds a new addressing line, does not move focus to the subject text box. ui-r=paenglab, r=mconley, a=Standard8
19390ffe1de152324b90b06f04860c0b4b68730dPatrick Cloke — Backout part of 2f79b0b939ed that's unrelated. a=Standard8
1f5c6fd5bf65376c84c7bab1dfbe72b240619de8aceman — Bug 1036592 - save that we have already shown Search integration dialog even if user clicks Skip integration. r=mkmelin, ui-r=Josiah a=Standard8
49d7c18fa0a1b29f60b1d0c3ce26f87fd12403d8Richard Marti — Bug 779714 - Check also the autohide pref for draw in titlebar. r=bwinton,a=Standard8
d8c36ca11fb1df1fe8011d710ce850fcc27af04aMagnus Melin — Bug 1045753 - Compose email LDAP erases text (autocompletes to blank entry when email not set). r=standard8,a=Standard8
b89d2b3b63094a3b6bad8956872cb40085c95005Nomis101 — Bug 1081400 - l10n packager error since new file structure. r=Callek,a=Standard8
a53876abc12b096cbe64f81d507177ea3cb5da32Joshua Cranmer — Bug 1087627 -- Port package manifest changes to c-c to fix xpcshell bustage, rs=build-system port by peer,a=Standard8
c286aae15d961bcd2f91dd4134489fbd57844761aleth — Bug 1080838 - Participants not removed on leaving a channel. r=clokep,a=Standard8
1995aa350f35ee5f247a49ebb1870e1b45d1b38aaleth — Bug 1078223 - Errors handling IRC WATCH messages 598 and 599 on moznet. r=clokep,a=Standard8
1238fbdc3cc899860b641c61e4ae93dda0faf7f8Frank Wein — Bug 1081519 - Linking SeaMonkey currently fails with: "error LNK2038: mismatch detected for 'RuntimeLibrary': value 'MT_StaticRelease' doesn't match value 'MD_DynamicRelease' in nsSuiteModule.obj, r=IanN, a=Ratty
c0a7ee6426b385eae148825317aa039269a5438dMark Banner — Bug 1085762 Use absolute directories for mozmill to fix bustage on Mac. r=jcranmer,a=Standard8
6c3e74ff624e1ad0602c9cc385286c00f46d2dcaJustin Wood — Bug 1087089 - Fix repacks for OSX. r=glandium a=Callek for CLOSED TREE
dc183e0df1fc36cac0089e40dd89e67fa0a93aebstefanh — Bug 1085093 - Toolbar buttons lacks label margins. r=Mnyromyr, a=Callek.CLOSED TREE.
3d197173417bb35310307546bc12eb5b04f2cbb4Irving Reid — Bug 902158 - don't null out the socket security callbacks on the main thread; r=rkent,hiro a=standard8
5f378a1aa24c3af140a0efa362e76f9260456287Edmund Wong — Bug 1048872 - l10n broken on comm-aurora. r+a=Standard8 on a CLOSED TREE
e97c2afe7c8575008df35d43813e3c14b1185c3cJosiah Bruner — Bug 1074011 - Thunderbird's preprocessed channel-prefs.js file needs to be the same for each build. r=Standard8. a=Standard8
895fc3beeb012fa77dae980f659eddfac6c92d71Josiah Bruner — Bug 1072652 - Update removed-files for the move from Contents/MacOS to Contents/Resources. r=Standard8. a=Standard8.
899d3c254de4e691f7cf2225408775a941773a55Edmund Wong — Bug 1067567 - Fix |make installer| for SeaMonkey. r=Callek a=Callek a=comm-aurora a=comm-beta CLOSED TREE
319ab9965c8155358787e13a64e21457c321262fJosiah Bruner — Bug 1074006 - Cleanup nsMailApp.cpp due to new GreBinD directory key. r=RattyAway. a=Standard8
e5dd01e8191de8d1a0e56c9c31f23ed0ca35c31eJosiah Bruner — Bug 1074006 - Get Thunderbird to launch with new .app bundle structure r=josiah a=Standard8
495dc41ddfd510cda8839cdbdee94daa4a4f0723Mark Banner — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=auroramerge,ba=auroramerge CLOSED TREE
81f5920a6346dd1abf6ecd3582068906004f1681Mark Banner — Added tag AURORA_BASE_20141013 for changeset 4f0fdac06b0e a=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
4f0fdac06b0ec26d985660f6c7aa9ea98c3463ceJustin Wood — No Bug - Update chatzilla branch for localization stability. a=Callek for CLOSED BRANCH AURORA_BASE_20141013
ebf02afd49030bca3e7b38b99f66ea2acaf02f2fPhilip Chee — Bug 698310 - Spell Check Dialog to small for long words. Make it resizable r=Neil
ca39d5d2c88c1f305a12f2e52030625687e66115Philip Chee — Bug 1080774 - Search bar binding shouldn't set IDs for menuitems r=Neil
3b37a416b96be057a01263de1237d42b8334612cRobert Strong — Bug 1074025 - SeaMonkey's preprocessed channel-prefs.js file needs to be the same for each build r=Neil a=Neil a=CLOSED TREE
c4fab6b6c38607f6358d252be3d4ee203cc3fb76Robert Strong — Bug 1074021 - Get SeaMonkey to launch with the new .app bundle structure r=stefanh r=Neil
316848ae2904b6e64c5263903c3cc64d6bf0b1b7Robert Strong — Bug 1074019 - Modify file structure of to allow for OSX v2 signing r=stefanh r=Neil
a44af8b4bea52699f58fb5ba2d56647c78d33ca1Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1080351 - Part 3: Fix compiler errors caused by bug 1076698, r=Fallen, a=jcranmer
858860c20523eb63a7d06ce446879f2744cad6ccHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1080351 - Part 2: Fix compiler errors caused by bug 1076698, r=Standard8
5d0c2ffb5559fb617ef2533c2f90511b4f7d0baaHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1080351 - Part 1: Fix compiler errors caused by bug 1076698, r=jcranmer
424cb021b0afeed1b9f43b7df917e51ccc5beca9Justin Wood — Backed out changeset a9647b61c001. dual-landed by accident. r=callek a=callek for CLOSED TREE
a9647b61c001a142e1fc30896fa181ae25a765f1Edmund Wong — Bug 1055928 - Update mozconfigs to disable gamepad on win32 builders. r=Callek. a=Callek for CLOSED TREE
53235754028bff32dfb5abf7ee71a104e45d7fd5Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1078524 - Set intl.charset.detector to pass the test_shiftjis_csv.js test. r=standard8 a=jcranmer
ef6c43405ced932d3b59cd81d4b2cf93e84fa771Philip Chee — Bug 1066520 Fix bad merge caused by 0e090c9f14d4 r=bustage a=Ratty for CLOSED TREE
0e090c9f14d43b012ad7ee499ce2e9c7d36f9dd5Justin Wood — Bug 1066520 Desupport the ability to build a repack without chatzilla cloned, intended to fix repacks. r=bustage a=Callek for CLOSED TREE
febe3f66674b7afe179767b4f4e11f4edb686df1Edmund Wong — Bug 1066412 - l10n win32 mozconfig fix. r+a=bustagefix on a CLOSED TREE
f2b1c64ab6c39de278ce518f69d30721e4189c63Justin Wood — Port Bug 943728 - Replace double quotes with single quotes in Makefiles (or remove them when it makes sense) - to try and fix L10n build bustage. r=ewong, a=Callek a=CLOSED TREE a=bustage fix.
13472cf11a5c8792d51c7fd62149a70a2eadaf97rsx11m — Bug 1078306 - Add Windows 10 as supported OS version to SeaMonkey's exe manifest r=Neil
0d54c78a3cfc05ffed14c35869349ca3c54a4bdcRobert Strong — Bug 1072663 - Update removed-files for the move from Contents/MacOS to Contents/Resources f=Callek r=Standard8 a=CLOSED TREE
b5a7d13b312bd7380f6e99eaccc9ac801edc7f91Josiah Bruner — Backed out changeset 86199339bfe8 for Linux bustage. a=bustage-fix
86199339bfe80d5a9dc6f3eb25658b2826c5abccJosiah Bruner — Bug 1074006 - Get Thunderbird to launch with new .app bundle structure r=josiah a=jcranmer
e8b40904de39691e7de5f3cd978eabe65ce516daJosiah Bruner — Bug 1074002 - Modify file structure of to allow for OS X v2 signing. r=josiah a=jcranmer
c49e5cc3a39156d0b45122abcabcf0ac44c14751Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1071069 - Thunderbird PFS removal to fix MozMill tests: Small comment fixes. r=mkmelin a=comment-only-fix
fdfc4f1a8c6e19d7c95274e5df58c27dceac0dddMagnus Melin — Bug 1074585 - TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /builds/slave/test/build/tests/xpcshell/tests/mailnews/compose/test/unit/test_detectAttachmentCharset.js | "Shift_JIS" == "UTF-8. r=jcranmer, a=jcranmer
7c4d1085437d982e5808a1a202529d31cf155b66Stefan Sitter — Bug 1076859 - fix compiler warnings in libical r=philipp a=philipp
ef1a562c5d12e82be3a937e712fe6127f2458d71Magnus Melin — Bug 1071069 - Thunderbird PFS removal to fix MozMill tests. r+a=Standard8
75d4ca0905b61251d5bc54e676eb7ade2e75c6b3Philip Chee — Bug 1068846 - Enable generational GC for SeaMonkey plus some minor updates to r=KaiRo a=bustage fix on CLOSED TREE
71b770250d00129f0288beb617a88f8a46cba0d4Justin Wood — Bug 1066412 - Fix for Win32 mozconfig to disable gamepad. r=Callek, a=Callek for CLOSED TREE
8d4ad6998bcc8ec2440f005ef5146e02944cdd1cMike Hommey — Fixup for bug 1062235 - Add missing slashes on a CLOSED TREE. r=me
358616dd22abf030355e8245d91c890bc34a3e80Mike Hommey — Bug 1062235 - Port bug 1062221 to c-c on a CLOSED TREE. r=jcranmer
fedb0ee602073baca12ca90c7c8a502a833d44b0Stefan Sitter — Bug 1061768 - Lightning BuildID in em:updateURL and UI is empty, read it from application.ini r=philipp a=philipp CLOSED TREE
959757d9032cc75b248a6eb4e756765f286cc56dstefanh — Bug 1068997 - Implement keyboard shortcut for composition's 'Find and Replace' on Mac. r=Mnyromyr, a=Callek for checkin to a CLOSED TREE.
f0cdd57bbbf464f0fdc49f90f2969c37625be92astefanh — Bug 973644 - Port bug 967970 - Set NSDisablePersistence to prevent disk leaks. r=Mnyromyr.
da3b3e2c7afc73d8f64962c5d2f9c6fee872141eRichard Marti — Bug 1057124 Sort the xulstore component in alphabetical order (Followup to Bug 559505 package xulstore) r=Ratty
e09d309ad19a9f75b7a3ea94af522e21b6e09c24Philip Chee — Bug 1040771 Allow about: pages to opt in to IndexedDB optionally specifying a desired origin r=Neil
ca595f3973093843d5f20b971e22e74768b64269Philip Chee — Bug 1041327 - Record submission event for plugin crashes [notifications] r=Neil
3a8e98f52f91fa3708ba1793bbb251f813fa120fPhilip Chee — Bug 1009890 Port Bug 581470 - Ctrl+P and Ctrl+W not working from Print Preview window r=IanN
d9ef713a866e688f9af378b2ce332e9b6c3a112fJoshua Cranmer — Bug 1074034, part 3: Use mozilla-central's instead of forking it, r=Standard8. a=jcranmer
2bc3fa56968298764f14f05b0779ebd43a14b66cJoshua Cranmer — Bug 1074034, part 2: Replace $(MOZDEPTH) with $(DEPTH), r=Standard8
fa89bf616d7ef7cf02ecba846fa3edac84ec49fcJoshua Cranmer — Bug 1074034, part 1: Remove vestiges of comm-central traversal, r=Standard8.
4823bbd4a723c025889c330128951b2da7e7f81aChristoph Kerschbaumer — Bug 1071497: Use new API to create channels in comm-central, r=Neil, a=jcranmer to reopen tree.
2b6f0a6859958c9b57b3975001ee7aac257d9ae8Arlo Breault — Bug 1070953 - Message style preview is broken, r=florian.
e78fb70d94195692f78b8465dc5efbf7f00f1f0ePhilip Chee — Bug 1035171 - Switching tabs triggers onLocationChange with LOCATION_CHANGE_SAME_DOCUMENT flag r=Neil
a989882e01da9f0ee64dc7e78f2647bcc9b623b2Philip Chee — Bug 1039933 - While composing mail, there exists an empty line in attachment context menu when right clicked on the attachment area r=IanN
9717f3be5a201c0b40bdf4c99282231d9dff27a1Ian Neal — Bug 1061341 - Port |Bug 895248 - Move --enable-stdcxx-compat in build/unix/mozconfig.linux| to SeaMonkey r=callek for a CLOSED TREE
13dab8f5de88bfed7c6936b822e97283f4c20859Ian Neal — Bug 1061336 - Do not source mozconfig.common multiple times in linux in-tree mozconfigs r=callek for a CLOSED TREE
03bec28ac213bab4232c64a83d059bda15968339Ian Neal — Bug 1061029 - Port |Bug 815219 - Default to building with all available cores| to SeaMonkey r=callek for a CLOSED TREE
07b5639ec5b96d1eea60e80b078e1d168400a545Ian Neal — Bug 1061011 - Do not package .mkdir.done in XPIs r=callek for a CLOSED TREE
9fb82ca1eaa035ec8f0e4c244a60ec717bb404b0Ian Neal — Bug 1060848 - Static-link the CRT into SeaMonkey executable (/suite/app/ Port Bug 1023941 Part 1 f=neil r=callek for a CLOSED TREE
55427f943059b2e21691c37811416d571323a957Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1068853 - TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | /builds/slave/test/build/mozmill/testLocalICS.js | testLocalICS.js::testLocalICS. r=Standard8 CLOSED TREE
e885bc1e385d7668023edf21617d175cb52e5b66Mark Banner — Bug 1064698 Fix failures in test_windows_font_migration.js - remove the migration testing for various types as these have now been merged in mozilla-central in bug 756022. r=jcranmer. CLOSED TREE
f1e58fccab148fbde9367ea349aeb21d9baaa0a0Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1054357 Part 3 Update c-c to address non-backward compatible changes to JS let semantics after bug 1001090 landed in m-c. r=Standard8 CLOSED TREE
e5a9b312e9da136804876b8f65a9a95b6171b82cSebastian Hengst — Bug 1054357 Part 2 Update c-c to address non-backward compatible changes to JS let semantics after bug 1001090 landed in m-c. r=Standard8 CLOSED TREE
507a692b707c73939072ba86dd442e437f454d4cSebastian Hengst — Bug 1054357 Part 1 Update c-c to address non-backward compatible changes to JS let semantics after bug 1001090 landed in m-c. r=Standard8 CLOSED TREE
76a498138f3698ec53c3d55819cc19027162d036Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1068075 - Fix two remaining repeated 'let' declarations. rs/a=bustage CLOSED TREE
e2d2b3848901be70fe04d813170d6a2340bbe4b2Stefan Sitter — Fix bug 1068075 - Fix failure caused by [TypeError: redeclaration of variable ...]. r=philipp a=bustage CLOSED TREE
11f5d66a8e1bbbd92a87cadd587bab78802be124Frédéric Wang — Bug 937809 - Add DuckDuckGo to the default search engines list. r=IanN a=Callek CLOSED TREE
c3677b3109785f205534368b57b5b1fbe1def3d9Florian Quèze — Remove duplicated 'let' in test_logger.js to fix bustage from bug 1001090, r=clokep over IRC, a=bustage-fix on CLOSED TREE.
b64e243a840143e3fb5af42815bf08fed28ce6a5Florian Quèze — Bug 1067496 - Tweet context menus broken (prplIMessage.getActions throws) since landing of bug 983347, r=clokep, a=Standard8.
af60f4d05eaa5cfd339b8f88de0bcd34a9d33388Florian Quèze — Bug 1067493 - move the 'color' field from prplIMessage to imMessage, r=clokep, a=Standard8.
5b274079f635441ecfc04b9afc9873427774e9c0Neil Rashbrook — Bug 1060047 Use Plugin Host to enumerate plugins r=IanN
335dea6bd1785c74fd5101f17f7aedf44e22cf09Neil Rashbrook — Bug 986935 Dispatch restoration notifications asynchronously r=IanN
c4935789ba202b09f9ec0271a440c7775da16d36Magnus Melin — Bug 1065885 - (no-jschar) Remove jschar from mail and mailnews. r=rkent, a=standard8
c4465beae1b5c52651457dccb4bd60665e5bd58bMagnus Melin — Bug 1024578 - attachment notification no longer collapses duplicate keywords. r=aceman, a=standard8
bf38e999b0d8b03523d05d5558c2fd04c0528232Magnus Melin — Bug 332639 - force display of Sender header if S/MIME sender is the signer. r=standard8, a=standard8
574f4f9a619c51fea29277bda9efbb41efd6c904Patrick Cloke — Port |Bug 920731 and MOZ_FOLD_LIBS=1| to Instantbird. rs=florian
f1fe79198f96db21dd007ba7ac75fbdd9ac41cdfPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 1067007 - [mozmill] tests do not work after TB build changes. r/a=Standard8
0c3c6ce0353fda9ba680349442c1c1445ed2f9b1Patrick Cloke — Bug 983347 - Need different paths for displaying to the screen and sending over the wire, fix tests. rs=test-only-bustage-fix a=bustage
e2c85d70fda266eb3db5e2dc2e2fc95b7f12fcd1Arlo Breault — Bug 983347 - Need different paths for displaying to the screen and sending over the wire. Correct version. r=florian,clokep a=jcranmer
a27468ae784665edbba48f15a76969ee950f3023Patrick Cloke — Backout Bug 983347 - Need different paths for displaying to the screen and sending over the wire. Obsolete patch committed.
d2a0c6d324fa77a2cf9f258b4c64693bfc9eb2b0Arlo Breault — Bug 983347 - Need different paths for displaying to the screen and sending over the wire. r=florian,clokep a=jcranmer
383642a78e4053d4dbe0448efb7b8b05dd2fdf16Joshua Cranmer — Port manifest changes for bug 918317 to comm-central, r=port by build peer, a=bustage
b3e999a728822bda08716948b6e179277533c522Philipp Kewisch — Backout bug 501689 - Investigate making storage asynchronous a=bustage
a1abfc82c23ea54dfe3e0e7276ac7246eeb07c03Philipp Kewisch — Backout bug 1043171 for test failures
1544be0a17321e7afab8f788015c3ab5eeadb985Edmund Wong — Bug 1053081 - Do not set the -static-libstdc++ LDFLAGS/HOST_LDFLAGS in debug mozconfigs. r=bustagefix in a CLOSED TREE
74a135a7eff4c8f76c4bc3d4be2253ad1976c2a3Philipp Kewisch — Fix test for bug 1043171 - Editing events last selectable category in listbox is shown twice a=bustage
bf09861f800278026b48db8e0f6a62559e1010dcPhilipp Kewisch — Bustage fix for bug 501689 - Investigate making storage asynchronous a=bustage
538a83acca21990ec9d24a04d15c6c6545eacfe8Reid Anderson — Fix bug 501689 - Investigate making storage asynchronous. r=philipp,a=Standard8
19f995a8be86f7dcf8f06d2d69a23f17d5668aecDecathlon — Fix bug 1045223 - Creating events per drag doesn't take default status values into account. r=philipp
67470d6e08f9e1157bb513a626297d4c8073248cDecathlon — Fix bug 1043171 - Editing events last selectable category in listbox is shown twice. r=philipp
42cfdd0c2047e5ae12fe811da07feb5432a5aa61Decathlon — Fix bug 1048878 - Events' order In the Unifinder doesn't persist across Thunderbird's sessions. r=philipp
d11154756a94ae8e259777a8d476061d5f757a92Patrick Cloke — Port changes from |Bug 903433, Bug 992894, Bug 1038991, Bug 1021172, Bug 1020440, Bug 1023484, Bug 1020865, Bug 648407, Bug 540380, Bug 913807, Bug 853901| to Instantbird. rs=build-system-port-by-peer a=im-only
17422c1f7444d216320f2b9bd91a9cd7245bf526Decathlon — Fix bug 1022120 - Week-view: labels in the day headers don't change from long to short format (regression). r=markus,a=Standard8
0b42bf6eea8a915fe07412a101f1340f5613e6c2MakeMyDay — Fix bug 1041299 - Sending invitations with configured cc/bcc is broken. r=philipp
078e78571a9251f7b78034c453b5efe4a24f2f4eMakeMyDay — Fix bug 1045417 - Event attendee with a comma in display name gets splitted in two attendees. r=philipp
5e34658ee5c086f0884c66dfc7b56ef4b1190bb2MakeMyDay — Fix bug 1047227 - Lightning 3.3 no event cancellation button. r=philipp
41a04ec58a443341f3ce6851dbeb0cf9799ee50cMakeMyDay — Fix bug 1049341 - Cannot edit meeting attendee list once invite created. r=philipp
fd62d39bb448b4578719f84c5fc5c34201d23e66Reid Anderson — Fix bug 1054679 - Make the CalDAV provider async safe. r=philipp
3acb165c0f863e01d0ab3dcd2b3cdf0778977d20Reid Anderson — Fix bug 1055111 - Make calCachedCalendar async safe. r=philipp
86a44b43b55561c32df68dfd152c88754c21a06ePhilipp Kewisch — Backout bug 1024578 for test failures a=bustage
cfeb888030d51809dfb953233bf60e9d1f7cdca0Magnus Melin — Bug 1024578 - attachment notification no longer collapses duplicate keywords. r=aceman a=standard8
051d4e9d6d9276c7ec6e4242fbf5ab9df6d8135cMagnus Melin — Bug 1059474 - update certificate exception handling in lightning to deal with bug 940506. r=Fallen a=standard8
7abf6e8e73a5484eb6aa16700ca6c667effb6714Magnus Melin — Bug 1062833 - tooltipUsernames is not defined. r=josiah a=standard8
bd3e230740277a886549b40decaaedfd72a5a377Joshua Cranmer — Bug 1020696, part 2: Add header emission compose tests, r=irving, a=jcranmer
3e58da216369a64b5b55bc5b819138b6ef05cf5dJoshua Cranmer — Bug 1020696, part 1: Use promises in compose tests, r=irving.
0c8175a0fba29de1eddaab7464f1e58ed2517e68aceman — Bug 1063469 - fix some trivial "assignment to undeclared variable" warnings in TB core. r=Standard8 CLOSED TREE
39cdeeaee00fe4c75aa6ff09d235acd7d4f7d5e2Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1039452 - Wait for the composition window to be focused before poping up menu. r=Standard8 CLOSED TREE
4436fd41e4be54c0ac0b209c9631a30ea2a347e5Mark Banner — Port Bug 920731 - stop exporting JS symbols from libxul in Firefox builds to fix Mac bustage. rs=port-by-build-system-peer for CLOSED TREE
cb30b3acc3634dac6f133c916802ec4049e01c24Philipp Kewisch — Bug 1064552 Fix Lightning's postflight_all after the objdir move. r=Standard8
61dd7dc61dc4fd0b3afb7e8d3fcae4a4d666dda4Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 1063085 - Get rid of calIDateTime::jsDate. r=Standard8 CLOSED TREE
a8b23b49d30ff867b802dc8081961a63cf033a8eNeil Rashbrook — Bug 1005336 - startup or shutdown crash in nsObserverService::RemoveObserver(nsIObserver*, char const*) via nsMsgIncomingServer. reference to nsImapIncomingServer released off the main thread in destructors, due to preferences no longer use threadsafe refcounting. r=irving.a=Standard8 for CLOSED TREE
91c36d25d1130cf5fd72d89fb7070b3d7a3217f1Ian Neal — Bug 882968 - Clean up and move DEFINES and friends to in comm-central - Part 3 v2: mail/ files r=cranmer for a CLOSED TREE
4ec1bfcdda824ea2fc3a487379128f287b426503Ian Neal — Bug 1063919 - windows bustage: calbasecomps.dll : fatal error LNK1120: 13 unresolved externals r=philipp for a CLOSED TREE
5baf3a87af2d120b517693071f1ab799e3b92e08Philip Chee — Bug 1062630 - Port bug 1059113 to c-c MAPI part r=Standard8 a=CLOSED TREE a=bustage fix
ff2bec889729f491f73ca7e5e8241262c6d83efbPhilip Chee — Bug 1062630 - Port bug 1041941 to c-c r=jcranmer a=CLOSED TREE
3fe94160f168a4afbf73b60e99e9f885a12058c5Mike Hommey — Bug 1062630 - Port bug 1041941 to c-c r=jcranmer a=CLOSED TREE
54d373ca636e0decc241fb7e2beeaec25584ef3dMike Hommey — Bug 1062630 - Port bug 1041941 to c-c, r=jcranmer CLOSED TREE
2c5502aea9af8e5f0c7ee4e8916fc720b8c61785Mark Banner — Port bug 992894 Add a native file watcher component to notify about file/directory changes. rs=port-by-build-system-peer CLOSED TREE
2a0931247e635c0b497e30c3e0ef0442b58258feHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 1039453 - Ensure drafts folder empty after tests run. r=Standard8 CLOSED TREE
bccf1119a409b35b99dc8b11429654c6627cdc43Suyash Agarwal — Bug 944526 - Include account name in status bar messages when sending/receiving/getting/downloading/fetching new News messages. r=Neil,ui-review=bwinton
82ea94ece3eac42b6d80bb48262220a3dc608a14Suyash Agarwal — Bug 994655 - Allow ESC key to hide automatical attachment reminder notification bar when focus is in message subject. r=mkmelin
3fafdae610c9060bb5b2b2752e40f53d561f9785Ian Neal — Bug 882968 - Clean up and move DEFINES and friends to in comm-central - Part 6: calendar/ files r=philipp for a CLOSED TREE
f1a862465033dc9e49c8dbfd483d121224cc0025Ian Neal — Bug 882968 - Clean up and move DEFINES and friends to in comm-central - Part 5: im/ files r=florian for a CLOSED TREE
7f8be51ebb195bb4380bae2b882b043aa18590eaIan Neal — Bug 882968 - Clean up and move DEFINES and friends to in comm-central - Part 4 v2: suite/ files r=callek for a CLOSED TREE
77c907e1b6bac0df293ad03cd8d96ed52c048957Ian Neal — Bug 882968 - Clean up and move DEFINES and friends to in comm-central - Part 2: mailnews/mapi files r=cranmer for a CLOSED TREE
2a2d2bf985dd99e04956f923a941876b85c9f7dfIan Neal — Bug 1055867 - Move RCFLAGS and RCINCLUDE to and hardcode manifest name r=jcranmer for a CLOSED TREE
5540d3b4eb234376fcd74a6a9022f57bba8dc36dIan Neal — Bug 1060959 - comm-central/configure: line 544: test: : integer expression expected r=jcranmer for a CLOSED TREE
1575d08812cb7032866262a1bb7c5de93cdc65baMark Banner — Backout bug 1018259 / dcc6a567b46e due to windows linker bustage CLOSED TREE
9f8ef4f974ea28b76e5d3a9045031f410b3ef01aMark Banner — Bug 1060890 Port static linking of the CRT into the Thunderbird executable from bug 1023941. rs=port-by-build-system-peer for CLOSED TREE
f2a455fd8e80444dfe77fbd43e3f9ac01036592fJavier Rueda — Bug 1003716 - Update character encoding-related pref UI not to use the nsCharsetMenu RDF data source. r=mkmelin
dcc6a567b46ed61564ff5010760fbc2fdebfd167David Cooper — Bug 1018259 Stop using sha-1 when signing messages - select most appropriate hash algorithm based on key type and size. r=jcranmer,r=mkmelin
4f47656aa273e61eeffa887fafb8de283db20ff8Josiah Bruner — Bug 1056285 - Fix the title bar on OS X Yosemite. r=Paenglab
b473e9f8b1d96f039a5b845ca4d0e2ef77e989d7aceman — Bug 1022209 - Do not update "Get messages" button tooltip when it is not on the toolbar. r=mkmelin
94017aadf8b15816cb0bb66dcffac2e787ee0305Mark Banner — Bump versions post merge. a=merges CLOSED TREE
0a0a929bb76a0fd32b55bb872b5a963693d16462Mark Banner — closing old head a=auroramerge ba=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
a4dea26bbf761c4e801b8684035debe4d9202672Mark Banner — Added tag AURORA_34_END for changeset b4b9e0045a6b a=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
c586b5e936dea38cb7bebaab9924c209a2557c5fMark Banner — closing old head a=betamerge ba=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
22aa2cbbacd0673a949b4f8fd14c8ac3da3d6a53Mark Banner — Added tag BETA_34_END for changeset 7a0b2103590f a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE