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Tue Sep 15 01:43:32 2015 +0000
3db4218c150aa0882a95c66b63ab3c1221d5bc6caceman — Bug 1152743 - Re-implement "Search" field and "Clear List" button in Saved Files tab (version only for TB38). ui-r=ThomasD r=mkmelin, r=rkent, ui-r=Paenglab, a=rkent
1d6740a71280b3e045fa5d42ecc6b1982b050083R Kent James — Bug 209189 - Don't do transaction on non-existent message. r=jorgk, a=rkent
661436d7a39d4e557cf611c35eae4a7e59ddd0cbJorg K — Bug 209189 - Clear undo stack after permanent deletion. r=rkent, a=rkent