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Tue Feb 25 15:19:19 2020 +0000
541c7a9fd7f3d6a8a5b69d4a697d0fb8c412bb3cRob Lemley — No bug - Pin mozilla-beta version (FIREFOX_74_0b7_RELEASE). a=rjl
aade030db497ef2b73acf128dbdbefa2799a732eJorg K — Bug 1614796 - Body search: Strip soft line breaks in QP parts when assembling HTML body. r=benc a=jorgk
2aeba9647436e354e4e61bf3e37f492e0728dafaGeoff Lankow — Bug 1617742 - Enable opening of composeAction popups by onBeforeSend listener. r+a=mkmelin
181293f406d7683dd257aba18d32a89528fca0ebGeoff Lankow — Bug 1617514 - Give tab info and click info to *Action API events. r=mkmelin a=jorgk
3cfca362ac8cb85053b45811a2bda1e7dd333252Ben Campbell — Bug 1610406 - Make nsMsgWindow::GetMessageWindowDocShell() fail if docshell is being destroyed. r=mkmelin a=wsmwk
75481e886915fdb1299f4ff0437dd21f79ec44e6Ben Campbell — Bug 1610406 - Remove superfluous 'if' in nsMsgWindow::GetMessageWindowDocShell(). r=mkmelin a=wsmwk