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Mon Sep 09 21:26:50 2013 +0000
340434e8f9e75af1d8c2dc60c6317639a0497acfMark Banner — Disable test_listSubscribed.js / testZimbraServerVersions due to backout of bug 799821,a=Standard8
119a80893dab03174a9bba99b0c26cbf31591699David Lechner — Backed out bug 799821 / changesets: b8f425be58ed and efbc490f42c9 due to causing bug 859269 and bug 858062. r+a=Standard8
02fdbdf2c518816d0f0d6469131e26b8e2a36741Sebastian Hengst — Bug 913964 - Don't show 'Ignore Thread', 'Ignore Subthread', and 'Watch Thread' menu items on non-mail, special tabs like 'Troubleshooting information'. r=Standard8,a=Standard8
a7ff46d7c19240439bcaadb0e6334d3efdb4e4b1Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 902370 - Fix and Unit test for renaming imap folder. r=Neil,a=Standard8
24b90b84740fed265466883aa8f34817624c0d42Magnus Melin — Bug 814382 - Can't change encoding for source view in TB17. r+a=standard8
2bb1ce0050b7d2c14cacb3a15cac158d64a71215Magnus Melin — Bug 741158 - "Always load remote content from ..." fails to work with Thunderbird on OS X (Picks up contact from OS X address book, rather than local) r+a=standard8