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Mon May 11 19:50:21 2015 +0000
2b24a4d6cd0e8e1acc376562fc0a7421b205275dMark Banner — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=betamerge,ba=betamerge CLOSED TREE
2453b8860fa0537f414ec2bc63fd3753d490b489Mark Banner — Added tag BETA_BASE_20150511 for changeset b18b021faeac a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE AURORA_39_END
b18b021faeac1d3570c49aa933e616b90413879aPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 1159682 - Provide a more appropriate "learn more" page on integrated Lightning firstrun. r/a=me CLOSED TREE DONTBUILD BETA_BASE_20150511
89722d50d1f15d676073dbea43fc8a31af87a1c8MakeMyDay — Bug 1159698 - Opt-out dialog has a button for "disable", but actually the addon is removed;r/a=philipp
5f331d8e5a9f5e1a532344dff873ddbfc80a6091Stefan Sitter — Fix bug 1160805 - Missing Windows and Linux nightly builds, build step set props: previous_buildid fails. r/a=philipp
28d5709c389ded4f4207d07d736c892b3c331dfaseabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-hp-linux64-10 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
b838face42aeecc1ae54176917d81d84332e7657R Kent James — Backout 641bb40dff30 (Bug 1154521) to use a different approach, a=rkent
03b2f3f3f02aefcb1f8784f90b42352b2ee957e2aleth — Bug 1138154 - Change default plugin state to "never activate" in Thunderbird. r=mkmelin, a=rkent
b7a2f5e38172179f98193cbaa94b99df0b916d9drsx11m — Bug 1144693 - Disable libnotify usage on Linux until a fix is found, r=rkent, a=rkent
f8df0f149bda5a4756aa0ee5a6f1265f34da3283Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 1154521 - jsmime fails on long references header and e-mail gets sent and stored in Sent without headers (regression). r=rkent, a=rkent
6f83b581985080d8041570514f4461b6d52f180cJorg K — Bug 1141446 - Handle mal-formed rfc2047 encoded From message header better; r=rkent, a=rkent
9cb911a699c93c1bce05d89c717e46ea4f28bfb7Christian Hoffmann Bug 1151782 - Inputting 29th Feb as a birthday in the addressbook contact replaces it with 1st Mar. r=mkmelin,iann a=SM always CLOSED TREE, a=rkent
5a29ac144d71170185c86be9ef3ceddd3f54799fNihanth Subramanya — Bug 1161477 - getLogFromFile sometimes returns the wrong log for grouped logs. r=aleth, a=rkent
b1b14a3738a04d2697830aeaf39105e979b76428aleth — Bug 1161162 - "Join Chat" doesn't focus the newly joined MUC. r=clokep, a=rkent
e0fa5f7f42889ca73cd704f56f4dffbb0e52d820Neil Rashbrook — Bug 1148330 - Font indicator doesn't update when cursor is placed in text where core returns sans-serif; r=iann, a=rkent
49615525b791c363d64e74e1e273296ff5638807Jorg K — Bug 1148330 - Remove Linux system generic fonts that collide with CSS generic fonts from preferences; r=mkmelin, a=rkent
a74742812d519a6dc151f131b91ca1d90a54b5afKarsten Düsterloh — Bug 1069790 - Email addresses with parenthesis are not pretty-printed anymore. r=rkent, a=rkent
c3e582335241e9cf6c8c6d2769a5584fd40dcd75Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 1135291 - Update chat log entries added to Gloda since bug 955292 to use relative paths. r=aleth,asuth a=rkent
6e77ddf85e80421188cc34c2ae304d28183997ddMagnus Melin — Bug 914225 - Support hotfix add-on in Thunderbird. r=standard8, a=rkent
47791aa91427ab3ceac3eaed34b9e35a418d8092Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 745664 - Test. r=mkmelin, a=rkent
080b115a0f696dd115dfbf76bab5cc9f8209df5bHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 745664 - Get localized string from prefs service for adressbook description. r=Neil, a=rkent
62b5abd46440f9d83a6503c7b731a0f94aed85f3R Kent James — Bug 1156669 - Trash folder duplication while using IMAP with localized TB, r=neil, a=rkent
7fc89b45e3fc4ae92f89b91b3f3bc7ed2cc88af8Matthew Mecca — Bug 1151440 - Choose a color not responsive when creating a New calendar in Lightning 4.0b1. ui-r=paenglab, r+a=philipp
f7f421f6c3a2cc61cd97de68cecef030adcb269ePhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 1160728 - Unbreak Lightning 4.0b4 beta builds. rs=release-bustage,a=release
c4fdea68607a2e0b21893d96e6180c78069f92d5R Kent James — merge backout, a=rkent
6e8da969cd36ecf4b996021450d4e7c18287a937R Kent James — backout 16c1af11167f (Bug 968334) due to breakage, a=rkent
eed9922aeaf011f77aee2c7d8d43496d8ae58f3aPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 1130854 - Package Lightning with Thunderbird - Make mac unification work - remove extra a=release-bustage
b66642c8b4de5bd0815358a79192658979fbb942Richard Marti — Bug 1151206 - Add the titlebar structure to messageWindow, AB and Composer. r=josiah, a=rkent
4f1cad9b6bd8e871700cd0d7d1e8ead2bd88a1b7Magnus Melin — Bug 1138220 - some headers are not not properly capitalized. r=jcranmer, a=rkent
16c1af11167f76d2221bf78c6b5a1216d220e841R Kent James — Bug 968334 Disable content retargeting in messages (38 version) r=Standard8, a=rkent
ef2dc070e81444c8c978cd32a841afe7fcbc05d0Mike Kaply — Bug 1109178 - Make OAuth implementation work with Evernote. r=clokep, a=rkent
3d9e603fc3bcdaadcd24b776d316f480571159efSuyash Agarwal — Bug 1152926 - New mail sound preview doesn't work for default system sound on Mac OS X. r=aleth, a=rkent
7721a5c36df997de05abc76aace22517d05931a9aceman — Bug 1152989 - Show the base account manager panels even when an account manager extension can't be loaded. r=rkent, r=mkmelin, a=rkent
9a608494ae0ab5403a598a67d2e6c5adebbbcd68aleth — Bug 1151462 - Send XMPP pings if there has been no outgoing activity to avoid Openfire disconnects. r=clokep, a=rkent
6c54d11a4ed56b918fba35b069d6725ae1658e50Magnus Melin — Bug 1143569 - User-agent error when posting to NNTP due to RFC5536 violation of Tb (user-agent header is folded just after user-agent:, "user-agent:[CRLF][SP]Mozilla..."). r=jcranmer, a=rkent
7203a728a4c90f3643488b6bbba5e06e0389ee68aleth — Bug 1121874 - Twitter authorization fails as cookies disabled. r=clokep, a=rkent
0126951b6e9e88d423b231af9f9981894d7fdf4bR Kent James — Bug 768480 - Mac OSX TB 13 crashes in nsMsgDBFolder::CreateFileForDB when going online. Caused by folder subscribed on server that no longer exists?, r=neil, a=rkent
63334a823610d7cac154e68e762aee275737901cPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 1159447 - TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | xpcshell-icaljs.ini:calendar/test/unit/test_extract.js (regression). r=redDragon,a=philipp
e122397eeb86fafb9cccd53e941a1eaba6e06d79MakeMyDay — Bug 1130852 - Add opt-out notification for calendar integration - Lightning part;r=philipp,a=rkent CLOSED TREE
2e97545a8c1a68baa52bdb3e02e41a85c8668d6dMakeMyDay — Bug 1130852 - Add opt-out notification for calendar integration - Seamonkey part;r=neil
8c326331695068a8bec3912c8f3937ad9bf6fc70MakeMyDay — Bug 1130852 - Add opt-out notification for calendar integration - Thunderbird part;r=mkmellin,a=rkent
9dea3ce821484bb56bb84582c47f2ed3f46c98d7Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 1130854 - Package Lightning with Thunderbird - Make mac unification work. r=jcranmer
e252be6476ccfd0a6536d8ef109617beb3a1c174Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 1130854 - Package Lightning with Thunderbird - Go back to using em:targetPlatform. r=jcranmer
9d9eb9be8ddc7a4498e9f83f9efca72d3a90b9dbPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 1130854 - Package Lightning with Thunderbird - Basic Packaging. r=jcranmer
80b2e529627d01d416fb5e589af07aa15ecc9dbcPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 1153327 - Run compare-locales with merging for Lightning. r=glandium
c02b83de4bd25a3953a5b940635fac8a0b9eb22fPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 1130854 - Package Lightning with Thunderbird - Don't package locales in jars. r=jcranmer
60320b7d5e6caa8f6ccd6ea9eff5987aadafb7cbPhilip Chee — Bug 1155491 - Package OAuth2 components for SeaMonkey rs=Ratty a=Ratty CLOSED TREE a=Ratty comm-aurora comm-beta
8f1e54ffa545f7dee46b901b1252b6cfb163b58aR Kent James — Bug 1155491 - Support autoconfig and manual config of gmail IMAP OAuth2 authentication, r=jcranmer, a=rkent
409c4c0fd0dd6673d8fd1c65cdca8aa97d291223R Kent James — Bug 1155491 - Package OAuth components, rs=jcranmer, a=rkent
95caf9355ce26ee3d4bfde69fc22bbc3a8ba50d0Richard Marti — Bug 1153553 - Add in mail a notloading.png throbber. r=josiah, a=rkent
7640c298db787ffd8726aa07523cd15d85f2b11cMakeMyDay — Bug 1086573 - Lightning and Thunderbird disagree about timezone support in ics files. r/a=philipp
0111428ad28326da39f72f04f9c19790f0693941MakeMyDay — Bug 1003196 - Add icons to more imip bar buttons. r=paenglab,a=philipp
1ed0e357000ecd7324a2af067d14c9194a9f2552Geoff Lankow — Fix bug 1149423 - Add Windows timezone names to list of aliases. r/a=philipp
9a6865acc54ac3670cd0c71e86264ec5098073caR Kent James — Bug 1152364 - crash in Address Book via nsAbBSDirectory::GetChildNodes, r=jcranmer, a=rkent
bf2dfc259a661265548023e0b5bd195995d753b8aceman — Bug 1156691 - Fix typo in this.checkboxOutgoing in FilterEditor.js causing empty filter editor dialog on deferred POP3 accounts. r=rkent, a=rkent
02317417c6742e6dde748b0a68b911cb475b64b4aceman — Bug 1153543 - properly initialize SMTP server menulist for new identities. r=IanN, r=mkmelin. a=rkent
7e07f36a44776ae521feb1ca66a8726bae05059bNeil Rashbrook — Bug 1152045 From address missing if the identityName pref is set r=mkmelin, a=rkent
e4457a5dd5f718fbfc369607d8e624cbba52aa8ealeth — Bug 1109589 - Disconnect accounts before removing them. r=clokep, a=rkent
85bcf1bc0b53c167f46d21e810ecf9863ac056e9Magnus Melin — Bug 1134986 - Address autocomplete sorting wrong - appears to ignore recent use (popularityindex) information in 31.4.0+. r=neil, a=rkent
e149d5f4bcdbe457f53fc1e16b28f23ff6a4f856Joshua Cranmer — Bug 849540 - Log in to Gmail (IMAP/SMTP) using OAuth, backend part, r=rkent, a=rkent
415721b0657ec9e96d5123e5ac1e1141d26fb91brsx11m — Bug 1144719 - Allow the user to decide whether or not to use libnotify for new-mail alerts on Linux. r=Neil, a=rkent
69d873e28d3ae533640289e7682624618b37e698R Kent James — Backout changeset 9d0181083ebb (Bug 1152045) due to mozmill bustage, r=rkent, a=rkent, a=callek for a SeaMonkey CLOSED TREE
976e3ac4f9d90a4bd682f359a7e69c480b5b4e6drsx11m — Bug 1137991 - Remove SSLv3 option from SSL panel in Privacy & Security preferences (without string changes) ui-r=Neil r=IanN a=IanN comm-aurora
7fb6b59a7c2765a3161d81f614b126a68fe72094rsx11m — Bug 1127784 - Part I: Add a preference to enable/disable playback of Encrypted Media Extensions r=IanN a=IanN for comm-aurora and comm-beta
ca6a6ae1306626a414c0fe3f597ff59317204733Philip Chee — Bug 1133355 - The Properties button and context menuitem should be disabled when multiple cards are selected. r=IanN sr=Mnyromyr a=IanN for comm-aurora and comm-beta
cd27a3afabc51f4b2508d399d66653a2830e1652R Kent James — Bustage fix for bug 1151181, a=bustage
dbb131256ac1fa6c1c0c87a076e116a717c7754aNeil Rashbrook — Bug 1152045 - Email address missing from "From" field on emails sent if the identityName pref was set. r=mkmelin, a=rkent, a=Callek for SeaMonkey CLOSED TREE
47a68d5136bb4c7b12d0eadd4041eab744866458aceman — Bug 1151181 - properly initialize error string in mailnews/extensions/mdn/src/nsMsgMdnGenerator.cpp::OnStopRunningUrl for all error codes. r=Neil
196e6833ec40a5e1781b22d7b3fa1ae127b60b82Suyash Agarwal — Bug 1140884 - "An error occurred while sending mail" error message (and other error messages?) garbled. r=mkmelin, a=rkent
a8c343d873ac4508eb163a492b57eade03275c3dR Kent James — No bug - Empty commit to avoid SeaMonkey's CLOSED TREE with a=callek
f0b4be7157e50ed413677c501a2d704e2fe5064bSebastian Hengst — Bug 1152852 - Notification sound for highlights in chats not played if chat tab is selected, even when Thunderbird is not the currently focused application. r=clokep, a=rkent
aed081047c5ed7be975525bfecc6c428e66c1507Christian Hoffmann — Bug 1139167 - Use UTC-base calculations to prevent birthdays in addressbook being off by one day. r=IanN,mconley a=Ratty for Seamonkey CLOSED TREE
620ea4a1d3fe134d45a7ebae24cccc2451da5637aceman — Bug 1138478 - update Write/New message command when showing the toolbar/opening the menu. r=mkmelin, a=rkent
43b9d03659f1b034463a4b85fc69126675fd2d46seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-hp-linux64-13 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
0ea2e2dfe99dde2aa20c4459eaec78bccdc1fde2aleth — Bug 1149275 - Ensure newly opened conversations get focused. r=clokep, a=rkent
2b9678fa786d95745da1b315cf5e4f07f2d35df9Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 1150882 - Lightning incorrectly unified after bug 1143163. r=MakeMyDay,a=philipp
536832ce6ab263742856b8012d117ed51449d3d9Mark Banner — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=auroramerge,ba=auroramerge CLOSED TREE
a415a50bd40d46fc450dbc272d70bceb9800f24fMark Banner — Added tag AURORA_BASE_20150330 for changeset 0dbb2dcc87e5 a=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
0dbb2dcc87e5acfb6f0c3fd8fce7419b59ee7123Neil Rashbrook — Bug 1139965 Add vcf to the list of supported addrbook export formats r=mkmelin AURORA_BASE_20150330
acac3827c58eefcd8c957cc4abeca57c7ae0539caleth — Bug 1148957 - Port bug 1148463 by backing out bug 1144128: temporarily disable new performance tools for Aurora uplift. rs=bustage-fix
3b5fe6239a50a2107c8ac376f26e534bf34e008dNithin Murali — Bug 1137673 - Extra divider in the options menu of new task dialog. r=Philipp
64fc7fc3c435ef15962198de32ae0e9b2f9a448eDecathlon — Bug 1146500 - Wrong first occurrence for monthly recurrence with BYDAY and BYMONTHDAY. r=philipp
45366cd2d72aaf09a16bdf7e3c811cbbec90bb90aleth — Bug 1147526 - Port Bug 1147311: migrateUI() should migrate to a supported value. r=mkmelin
2806c04400e7d08bcc55bedfb22aebd5e6c0ce6bacelists — Bug 872869 - Make nsMsgDatabase::ListAllKeys() not provide a sorted array, as that led to bad perf when the sorting was not really needed. Idea by Derrick Moser. r=rkent IGNORE IDL
66d2ea9ace92e5fcb3070e3fba2a5de0d0344d33Neil Rashbrook — Bug 1135610 Followup to fix typos in test fixes
fb4c85295ffa5aa77d1e3edcce1c03e689c2d19dJorg K — Bug 1139524 - Font indicator doesn't update when cursor is placed in text with this font, r=rkent
7b3479f98b0698f0fff201582eaf59b054e78632Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1147803 - Fix indentation mismatches in lines touched by bug 1146094. r=rkent r=Ratty on IRC a=Ratty for a SEAMONKEY CLOSED TREE
ee69962002d00cd6fcb2020fc463b194bfbf009bSebastian Hengst — Bug 1144269 - Style version information in About Thunderbird window bold - port bug 1139509. r=Paenglab
ab136acc0d9c62ee0495c50af970c08aeefbeff1Neil Rashbrook — Bug 1146168 Find bar should use a system key event listener r=Ratty
b341352f42b9c292df3e5925189bad0cfe68a194Neil Rashbrook — Bug 962910 Findbar only shows status messages for the original tab r=Ratty
232a61c2aefa1563c0a5b4b85c2e939875ca4d5eR Kent James — Bug 1124948 - search folders dont work on maildir, r=jcranmer
4436cbc215dfb83e9ad032e40f98d1529f336b69Neil Rashbrook — Bug 38489 Followup to re-land images that weren't relanded with the other fixes
4707841d802e7fc14c318768d9c272e2bd490735aceman — Bug 1146198 - fix incorrect compile warning that errorStringNameForErrorCode() is unused. r=Neil
e403c3a6938ff6b92d0ec916edc5ef6d3de45481aceman — Bug 1135720 - hide non-working folder and chat operations menu items in the standalone message window. r=mkmelin, r=Florian
fc556ead42bc9f6d1347072aaac176cc66d99f23Jonathan Protzenko — Bug 1096119 - Refresh the code in nsContextMenu a little bit, r=mconley
43811e5e942c23d35025b632fcee1e595de2d234Geoff Lankow — Bug 1137455 - Fix "this.mDeferred is null" in gdataRequest.jsm
8819ea35f0857a6e93cc2f176888a38adf7244ebJonathan Protzenko — Bug 1096127 - MsgHdrToMimeMessage, when used in conjunction with IMAP parts on demand, returns wildly incorrect results starting with Thunderbird 31, r=rkent
831c95685e211f58bbaa5137968aeccee334c5dcISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 1146100: save a to-be-freed value for later use, r=rkent
6adba0a7d7027ac694026f320c94d3105d9e131bSuyash Agarwal — Bug 1064230 - Thunderbird crashes during LDAP search, r=rkent
35d9101cb3b18884c0bcb35503ef714137fafc0eNeil Rashbrook — Bug 1135610 Changing identity doesn't actually change From: address r=mkmelin
8567e72b848bd900271f559a5ff094c66e8ba423Neil Rashbrook — Bug 36489 Combined To/From column in thread pane r=mkmelin ui-r=bwinton
5ec38389ad9ab8255075cff3a8e283697b1fb9d7aleth — Bug 1135588 - Ensure gloda IM cache saves are correct and happen when they should. r=clokep
9907b50b939f02a478d4649697255c2520c9efc6Neil Rashbrook — Backout 88e60fbcd53a (Bug 36489 Combined To/From column in thread pane) due to test failures
88e60fbcd53a126a47903fc2a042e1076903438bNeil Rashbrook — Bug 38489 Combined To/From column in thread pane r=mkmelin ui-r=bwinton
4d339705ffc05e8e62f6395ce91c0580a576b711Neil Rashbrook — Bug 1098350 Update history preferences for fallout from bug 530209 r=IanN
0fbf65dbd8a9338915041e294926a128d5f3285dRichard Marti — Bug 1145972 - Port bugs 1044600, 1055973 and 1128175 to Thunderbird (in-content subdialog changes). r=mkmelin
998ae30aabe8a5e5a5e621e7723dd19dc42b986cSuyash Agarwal — Bug 1143808 - 'New contact' button for adding new card works after first selecting an addressbook. r=mkmelin
f1739bc5332cc9d2d16269b57729988a18e961f5aceman — Bug 1141991 - make account wizard update dependent fields also when values of fields are modified via keyboard. r=mkmelin
94adb5945ec3147c246b55b123676c324274fd25Ehsan Akhgari — Bug 1146094 - Replace MOZ_OVERRIDE and MOZ_FINAL with override and final, as a follow-up to bug 1145631
a5b7321a3e26095b2c4849287423cf6adaf16881Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1143313 - Identical code for different branches CID 1260146 & 1260148 r=jcranmer
484e7fce0c223f8b886ba2c042ef7c4e304be3ecAbdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 954960 - Follow XEP-0045 for creating a new instant XMPP MUC room. r=aleth
13b98804ea47b849e5a672ad6d4af950982d6892Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1146042 - Port Bug 1137000 to comm-central - Move sdk building to moz-automation. r=clokep
58ace5521e3d44bf66d67b6d66412c20b6d33aefaleth — Bug 1140720 - Port Bug 756022: Unify pref font choices for various Latin script-using languages. r=mkmelin
0ed84e17e767de354e0e910b17d02a9425c7b337Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1143233 - Rename mbox message storage label from "One large file (mbox)" to "File per folder (mbox)". r=mkmelin
acb5ef2c6477431d8c22376a19f21b29693da18aSebastian Hengst — Bug 1144645 - Port Bug 1142853 to comm-central - SelectionCaret image handles do not show. r=aleth,mkmelin,Ratty
d796de0a725daa27cdf008e64d5123d461dee79fJoshua Cranmer Bug 1143065 - "TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | mailnews/news/test/unit/test_internalUris.js | xpcshell return code: 0". r=mkmelin
65c0e175a5da6d916e8df999bf584388d4fe13bfPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 1143163 - Rename icaljs/libical manifest files to fool the packager. r=MakeMyDay
f498a21088357bb0749f6a1f861fb5ec33405b95ISHIKAWA, Chiaki — Bug 854172: suite portion of patch. r=Ratty
b924dcfdae951baca8c5250eb4c6e4e0ee1c677dPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 1139679 - Make use of BUG_COMPONENT metadata. r=jcranmer
b46e9e6c94540bc7c140b576127f158a8a744505David Keeler — Bug 1143105 - remove unnecessary nsISSLErrorListener implementations in comm-central. r=jcranmer,clokep
180b769cd6f99e237a9232b2b1e0a45d05bdb96aRichard Marti — Bug 1144289 - Remove the treecol:hover:active rules in aboutPreferences.css. r=Josiah
f5240eb961dc4b1dfe99ff43c52de288a89c9e94aceman — Bug 1144256 - preprocess preferences/chat.js as it contains preprocessor directives. r=aleth
c5a68209251dcb18fab4c733ede68dd4fad1ddd9Diego Casorran — Bug 1140687 - "Remove Attachment" over a currently-uploading Filelink doesn't cancel the upload, r=mkmelin
66ff5297b8cf8dad0451ee4508ec2f2c74f39852Richard Marti — Bug 1092526 - Styles for about:downloads. r=josiah
18eee81947b61ec423f2eef69de1d475e8ef99f7R Kent James — Bug 1044336 - Insert Link by context menu does not work in Thunderbird 31.0 - doesn't show a Paste menu item (original patch by neil), r=mkmelin
3d901426e62cfc2408ad3db2332ef5085ae6d8deR Kent James — Backout f1483d6e7b56 (Bug 1135610 Changing identity doesn't actually change From: address) due to test failures
766993646034160b2c0ee2c2a53466ba99c4010fSylvestre Ledru — Bug 1143474 - Remove some dead code r=jcranmer
63285fa2289ac01b8659e0d55acd6903393c5104Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1114328 - Remove some useless variables r=jcranmer
0ff227238c802c22c3875a2aba7e353a30f748f1Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1144128 - sync mozconfig.common after bug 1123815 landed (enable-devtools-perf). r=jcranmer
bc26aede33ca7c26f52bcbb905e6c718266c8c08Richard Marti — Bug 1066551 - Remove wrong space. r=josiah
424c564b65e343d036335b09caf6688441f60b00Neil Rashbrook — Bug 1140640 Make From: header editable per-message r=IanN
f1483d6e7b56ab8be92007ae1f2f85430e3b471eNeil Rashbrook — Bug 1135610 Changing identity doesn't actually change From: address r=mkmelin
bfba902da43a9ab1e41e10c2c89d822d2968fefcseabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-hp-linux64-7 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
bd104d4b7060370a5fee864214290434ddcc1b84Edmund Wong — Backout changeset df5554bd4991 a=blocklist-update
b91d8b0bd3a2075acf982daa102724e1bd4ba9a8Suyash Agarwal — Bug 1136792 - "Advanced Address Book Search" has no effect on main AB "All ABs" contacts list pane. r=mkmelin ui-r=Paenglab
9992f2609950bef23560388836db20defc84043eMagnus Melin — Bug 1138464 - 'Learn More' links for Telemetry and Crash Reporter in Settings'/Options' Data Choices tab open twice (as tab and in browser). r=aryx
58bf649dc212fc176a19807bd12d8e449617b611aleth — Bug 1143238 - Rejoining an existing MUC fails. r=clokep
e1121167685e4d7b0ab58bc569af62e16426e19fMerike Sell — Bug 1142707 - Converting into event disabled in context menu when no messages are selected. r=philipp
ec7886c5142157148a22634bf866950bf5461bc2aceman — Bug 1135310 - fix closing of inactive folder DBs to work properly, r=rkent
b476a043292bb0aac08da782339eab9b037fbe8dSuyash Agarwal — Bug 1141932 - Chat sound preview doesn't work for default system sound on Mac OS. r=aleth.
dbb0d8ef7e8fa8debdee0aa0acd5fed9cc07bc8faceman — Bug 550411 - improve localization notes for mail.addr_book.displayName.lastnamefirst pref. f=rsx11m r=mkmelin, r=IanN
363685f6874819c225d77be1ab522a693f44ed4faceman — Bug 1128872 - Really use outgoing server username when specified in Account wizard. r=BenB, r=mkmelin
c4617503d250343e8b1d7251221b7c4ca4ac4f82aleth — Backout 08e2fd4c7a0e (bug 1128872) for test failures.
b0d45aade179c645aaee0c236021fc35967246c5Neil Rashbrook — Bug 1133582 Warning box in about:config doesn't display properly in Modern any more r=Ratty
c9452fadc61317145462c49e99c696a596850822Neil Rashbrook — Bug 1133380 about:privatebrowsing doesn't display properly in Classic any more r=Ratty,stefanh
115057dbe1953ae91888bfaf27ee339789cab2b0Philip Chee — Bug 1115572 Backout nsAbout change nsAbout is an about module, not a protocol handler. r=Neil
bc959dd6181feacd1775cc6f14cb3c9338c7f847Philipp Kewisch — Bug 1142261 - Don't split interfaces between libical and ical.js. r=darktrojan
5fa28ac91f5501473061973b8499b09bb4941deePhilipp Kewisch — Bug 1141854 - Fix packager to upload to the right directory. r=rkent
08e2fd4c7a0e378ea7d441015eefd7222729803faceman — Bug 1128872 - Really use outgoing server username when specified in Account wizard. r=BenB, r=mkmelin
357d9913125ce4e6b416d4c0257c06d5255ef5d4Abdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 1050779 - Allow and handle receiving invitations to XMPP room chat. r=aleth
05be474b042d42f358e5b4204ae05947639091e0Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 914517 - Part 2: Suppress popup window for saving attachment file. r=mkmelin
10ae8ea49f4ea4f828600b99e024b39a16dd3b4eMatthew Mecca — Bug 1140802 - Deleting an event in the view after opening the event dialog via double-click causes a MODIFICATION_FAILED error. r=philipp
edafc098a2a36540f08f96b9e24d2c27cd4b769eaceman — Bug 1140368 - properly initialize "View attachments inline" menuitem also in the appmenu. r=mkmelin
d1ca2cc2bd7e42619264362461deb766c9f511f3aleth — Bug 1142335 - Port mozconfig changes from Bug 1141534 to c-c. r=jcranmer a=bustage fix on CLOSED TREE
f04bb162851a1c327797d98f778b3722e02c2ba4Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1141848 - Port Bug 1129650 - Touching navigator.mozId causes an error NS_ERROR_FACTORY_NOT_REGISTERED, r=clokep, rs=jcranmer, a=callek for a CLOSED TREE
e9c72b633b898499db5d4300049f25908fac4ed4Philip Chee — Bug 1141548 - Port Bug 868814 - Fold mozalloc into mozglue, r=jcranmer, a=ratty for a CLOSED TREE
ad7600eae9386fd075806b99eacb0df958bd035aaceman — Bug 1138172 - Fix localization notes for smtpHintAuth* strings. r=mkmelin a=Ratty for SEAMONKEY CLOSED TREE
cb001bea27878c767397aa53f95c168db01f6faaRichard Marti — Bug 1140840 - Use monochrome icons in newmsg button popup. r=philipp
f06d8b2b5f9d0399c1fbda302e9f59e93cffaed8aceman — Bug 1140712 - do not use '=' inside 'if()' condition in mailnews/addrbook/content/abResultsPane.js as it triggers JS strict warnings. r=mkmelin
8b2f80525b326cb6c88271711e2a605c329bbdb7aceman — Bug 1140768 - Fix typo of "gShowAbColumnInComposeSidbar" in abContactsPanel.js and improve the logic of hiding the "addressbook" column. r=mkmelin
f3126fc6d739b9dff7a0c8213fb83172a3e1e216Sylvestre Ledru — Bug 1141066 - Fix a memory leak if vCardHasData allocation failed. r=Neil
94a6184a5646ac8fb513afbfa08d792f3eb144a1Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1138099 - Do no use non-standard flag argument of String.prototype.replace in suite/. r=IanN a=ewong
30f695264e003283297b8a2cbf4c1a34bd03c693aceman — Bug 1138172 - fix mentioning of SMTP server settings in smtpAuth* strings . r=Neil, r=mkmelin a=Ratty for SeaMonkey CLOSED TREE
0dfd511930d255053b1dcfbfd720caa5748de60bEdmund Wong — Backout cset c31c999efa37 r=backout in a CLOSED TREE
4797119ea1cb1873f25eb83b698434b0ac265a2cArlo Breault — Bug 1139203 - /msg, /notice and /query should fire a sending-message notification before actually sending the message. r=clokep
8b047ada221f67d51b65df3423f996f638e340d4Abdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 1087357 - Handle errors on attempting to join private XMPP rooms. r=aleth
c31c999efa37faabfbd310b70707c0a448ba5478Edmund Wong — Bug 902876 - No SeaMonkey langpacks (or localized builds) (firx for OSX65) r=bustagefix on a CLOSED TREE
2bc6eb521e4bf2b12d26a3a8312a40ec1dfa82e9Lukasz Stelmach — Bug 953135 - convertTo("vcard") method of nsIAbCard does not export e-mail address. r=neil
65249101c9ef6046e1095dcb4b71e56a914c48a0Suyash Agarwal — Bug 1136798 - "Advanced Address Book Search" lacks label for "All Address Books" in AB selector dropdown. r=mkmelin, ui-review=paenglab
afdb81ec2f4affac20870f5283ade93ffda5d21eaceman — Bug 1133581 - do not call selectServer() from Account manager if it is not open when skipping Account provisioner. r=mkmelin, r=iann
ece148c2ce411bc15dbc394911e67f751b1ee163Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 914517 - Call nsITransfer.init to create the attachment entry in the download manager, r=rkent
95064b70132ad6c9e6ab9a906541c866d7680be9Josiah Bruner — Bug 1134867 - Add the thunderbird-mdimporter executable to the framework. r=jcranmer
4fa65657ec1fc3db25657724ec30d50d368db9ccR Kent James — Bug 1135294 - Contents of tabs at Preferences->Advanced are shifted, r=mkmelin
816f22bf646f512a90c8617a63a2a7222b9ce84dR Kent James — Backed out changeset b5da9a76aca5 (bug 1089307)
33a9d905aa6ef8a9843f3e442d5cf3cc14fc6be1R Kent James — Bug 1139817 - TypeError: imgs is undefined in TypeError: imgs is undefined, r=squib
b5da9a76aca5f9ab4d0613d8c5878878475a98f2Nomis101 — Bug 1083907 - Thunderbird still doesn't have a valid OS X V2 signature, r=rkent
18c31acd69e5d19b74359d738ea9c23cdee72f3eR Kent James — Bug 1134944 - Move getSummaryFile to folder so that maildir can be selected in imap mail setup, r=jcranmer
02b48110943262a3df1f521bf240019aa90fc969Richard Marti — Bug 1134239 - InContent Prefs - Port recent changes to TB (bug 1128237, bug 1036434 and bug 1044597). r=josiah
a27f018cf6eb25f763a68bb64d46afb878465c5bRichard Marti — Bug 1136326 - Style the LDAP info page in address book. r=josiah
b13e0b51898036431016e2405c148419bcf46462aceman — Bug 1140110 - Fix typos in ignoreincolumnpicker attribute in Thunderbird IM. r=aleth
2cc9dc33526bff5ceb7034885783369961c515d0Suyash Agarwal — Bug 1136801 - "Advanced Address Book Search" has column for containing "Address Book". r=josiah ui-r=richard
16767d0ef710f4663987d3868ad6bc6e89b9b1c7Patrick Cloke — Bug 1139233 - Fix IRC /notice command. r=aleth
49828ad4010ba9ebd357561e0c595dce619811e5Florian Quèze — Bug 1139968 - Remove dead file, r=clokep.
a7bc583a6720fed0e8852baeeb6ebc3328209fa0Philip Chee — Bug 1135604 - Add MOZ_SAFE_BROWSING to and minor updates r=IanN
509aed2cbd10ccf8dc9b281a2e0481a76eb1ac98Philip Chee — Bug 1072751 - Switch SeaMonkey from xpinstall.whitelist.add to using a default permissions file r=IanN
ff495d26d67ccb6d51cae0a2395d8d80184643d0Philip Chee — Bug 1133228 Address book search box should have flexible width r=IanN
85c52bd623942d0e986e7f4717603274186bd97dPhilip Chee — Bug 1133212 - (SeaMonkey) Moving messages from Search Box Results to other folders creates duplicate and phantom email r=Neil
8bb27a4f5408d4f3ff5ca1f6a630e0864820581eaceman — Bug 1136696 - If size of folder is 0, show empty cell in Seamonkey's RDFized folder pane again. Regression from bug 789679. r=Neil a=Ratty CLOSED TREE
8d304929817c46927eb9efee7546655f744d73aaPatrick Cloke — Bug 1139287 - Add a username split to XMPP to split the username and domain of the JID. r=florian
af52234eeaffe8f72c45003fc15346154a971c5aGeoff Lankow — Bug 1139345 - Check of last tasks update time faulty; r=Fallen
dd2d7974c1eea5c3ebb61db8a383ea9fc3537f94Arlo Breault — Bug 1089577 - Debug logs should include displayed message. r=aleth
ecc95ada09d131dae9193b21d7f60d25c570d8d1Richard Marti — Bug 1138964 - Fix the bustage from bug 951695: 'Character encoding' is now 'Text encoding'. r=mkmelin,neil a=Callek
635555c60eb22bbce8a4af1a4f574c17b8d5ca8aFlorian Quèze — Backout 'Bug 1089577 - Debug logs should include displayed message.' for test bustage.
63e433a08b4ebdad9c4faa7a2d89e5ab8fc4ccd2Florian Quèze — Bug 1139528 - Fix l10n paths for the im folder, r=Fallen.
23e852deb53d296b3fe712c19d613c171ed62657Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1138096 - Do not use non-standard flag argument of String.prototype.replace in mailnews/db/. r=rkent
01aa78e6ea74590b328e809f2075f1a53671db32Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1138098 - Do not use non-standard flag argument of String.prototype.replace in mailnews/test/. r=jcranmer
a93f0b6de7fcaf5277b91815baeb1b461f9e35d3Suyash Agarwal — Bug 170270 - Enable search in multiple/all address books: typo fix. r=mkmelin
ceca5f03cf4bde5b4d134ba35a9877339688ceb4Brian O'Keefe — Bug 1137672 - Fix sending event reply emails due to missing composeUtils assignment. r=makemyday
c881bcaa4e7bd181ccde9bcdef17bd7341652800aceman — Bug 1135536 - Restore previous state of folder pane columns when they are again enabled by the user. ui-r=Josiah, r=mkmelin
daa89309effc04372ba1cfe487892eb59b36144aaleth — Bug 1139171 - " is not a function" when renaming a contact. r=clokep
fb222d0daf7c8e76a337b3c7051483e5fc7fe5f1Arlo Breault — Bug 1089577 - Debug logs should include displayed message. r=aleth
85c0fdad76582ece9c5215b4846450ed9621596ealeth — Bug 1138244 - Contact display name changes don't propagate to open conversations. r=clokep
d81874a8fe08e2e0b6f0ea9fc5612900a27de102Geoff Lankow — Bug 1138125 - this.tree.view is undefined when first opening calendar view; r=Decathlon
d5da9c0cd114d346632931fe48c386805dafcf5eEdmund Wong — Bug 1137532 - Upgrade clang to match Firefox. r=Callek on a CLOSED TREE
2074af9468743609aae0c82d08df3c1a865c4ed7Edmund Wong — Bug 1137532 - Disable the export of JS symbols to fix Mac bustage. r=Callek on a CLOSED TREE
9585100af07d6a9910e4485322c2ba328aaf1c0bEdmund Wong — Backout cset 9f9a344d0f24 for OSX64 bustage. in a CLOSED TREE.
22a39ae99b51a5f130ca5edc891c3e4f0e69bc15Alex Henrie — Bug 1135352 - Remove references to GnomeVFS from SeaMonkey. r=IanN a=Callek on a CLOSED TREE
513b765eb104354fb4149e94f84ac9de8a7ced30Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1138094 - Do not use non-standard flag argument of String.prototype.replace in im/. r=florian
9f9a344d0f24ada3c108e5a654e2e4dcd65591dbEdmund Wong — Bug 1137532 - Update clang version to match the version used for Firefox. r=Callek on a CLOSED TREE
21e2455b6b00e6ba36a5a5f3e917be4279224cfcAbdelrhman Ahmed — Bug 1127596 - Allow XMPP conversations with non-contacts. r=aleth
b78dd3d5691667cf5dbbec24cb5efa5079a2d119Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1138097 - Do not use non-standard flag argument of String.prototype.replace in mailnews/mime/. r=jcranmer
da5fd11104e5d0883775fa9a04d3a96648b408a7Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1138095 - Do not use non-standard flag argument of String.prototype.replace in mail/. r=mkmelin
3caaa51155f85d962a00e126029dd68ea8afe6e8Tooru Fujisawa — Bug 1138093 - Do not use non-standard flag argument of String.prototype.replace in calendar/. r=Fallen
0a427480c7c38b330c881391f6b5345e1880a05eaceman — Bug 1137492 - clean up 'for each' loops in glodaFacetView.js. r=mkmelin
292b19a6924e7d0e28b67b3835df8c2e2dae2b97Alex Henrie — Bug 1135353 - Remove references to GnomeVFS from Thunderbird. r=jcranmer
e8602397e3778bf0561b6215a45c78c6ad16a3a4Richard Marti — Bug 1135085 - Change from utilities.png to the utilities.svg icon for the tab icon. r=josiah
90e685c2b38ded64e9d6c5460b829d33ab299415Richard Marti — Bug 1134237 - Port bug 1022581 to TB [Category icons in about:preferences aren't legible when using black-on-white High Contrast mode]. r=josiah
97ae639ce53dd9a87211faad6cdca514a640fbf7Magnus Melin — Bug 1137662 - There's a spurious "to" in the mail/ version of smtpAuthChangeEncryptToPlainSsl. r=sshagarwal
63b159d09aab2fd04b67c5503efb482a2389a6c3Magnus Melin — Bug 1137406, TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | | build file copies are not in sync: differing file: ./mozconfig.automation. rs=rkent
01ebf8e2e5eab0ae17b61fc6f8c66110a31590adDecathlon — Bug 455542 - Make configuration of Today Pane "Soon" duration available in preference dialog too - fix accesskey issue. r=philipp
2717b1d486cfcf91a679faf49279997ddca027b7MakeMyDay — Bug 823498 - Missing Message-ID header in invitation email;regression fix;r=philipp
d4d00354095f34a11fd28a1ddbea2c47c0611c5fEdmund Wong — Bug 1137054 - Change MIME types as XPCOM string and not char*. r=rkent
ac02ec138465be36dd218a4d0a1277a00f2b46d0Justin Wood — Bug 1133428 - l10n repackages should survive searchplugins missing even if listed in list.txt. (p3) r=ewong a=IanN on a CLOSED TREE
638b6524be18f470b22d6f993717a9ee98a98847Edmund Wong — Bug 1133428 - l10n repackages should survive searchplugins missing even if listed in list.txt. (p2) r=Callek a=Callek on a CLOSED TREE
bfc84f424485793625bf006962e9404f46840ea4Edmund Wong — Bug 1133428 - l10n repackages should survive searchplugins missing even if listed in list.txt. (p1) r=KaiRo a=IanN on a CLOSED TREE
8eadeccaf405b78d449727f5fd9c43dd880a7182Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1135892 - Port bug 1035400 - "restart to update" button not working. r=mkmelin
e3d29a059ddf24e5c2484b34cedadccfb1379a07aleth — Bug 1136359 - Backout Array.includes and String.includes usage in tab completion code. r=clokep
c7bb83ed817a2e9df5eb57729a6c80f132e51872aleth — Bug 1003105 - TB IM search results show the findbar with incorrect content and don't always highlight a match. r=nhnt11
ee4444652184323295b7ecdac53a8abaa5e9174dMark Banner — Bump versions post merge. a=merges CLOSED TREE
0b56d238c1b2853044c069b500b92ce403ba3a09Mark Banner — No Bug. Bump more uuids that weren't bumped when the interfaces were changed to fix binary compatibility issues. rs=fix-issues-that-should-have-been-fixed-before-landing. CLOSED TREE a=release
476b284ec83f3bc0e8d34b6d2c6d485520f9139bMark Banner — closing old head a=auroramerge ba=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
48bb4c83ee591eddb82f1d54efc2e31bad5fcb51Mark Banner — Added tag AURORA_38_END for changeset 0fb1ebfb5415 a=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
24fdf5731f2ce228e1b04a69a5ef79763d14fffcMark Banner — closing old head a=betamerge ba=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
6bd997c7a7247b09466596dbda710c2cc502f93eMark Banner — Added tag BETA_38_END for changeset 00dcbcdc92c5 a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE