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Tue Nov 21 11:24:20 2017 +0000
c1f5d46aa9613ef790fa73dbfdea95fd0f9a7536Jorg K — Backout bug 1413413 [Remove support for extensions having their own prefs file] - temporary and experimental. a=jorgk
13d12c3d65e9464dae131d35ee464a8e25d91658Tom Prince — Bug 1418566: Remove unused MOZ_ALLOW_LEGACY_EXTENSIONS setting in linux64 debug mozconfig; r=me a=jorgk
9dfa6e34661d2c1c90fa32831c9ddb8f67917fe3Tom Prince — Bug 1418566: Turn on MOZ_ALLOW_LEGACY_EXTENSIONS even in local builds; r=Fallen a=jorgk
0f467bb1b52e93eff6a45e297d4074cafdb8fbceRichard Marti — Bug 1419133 - fix text contrast on buttons in multimessageview's header. r=aceman a=jorgk
1dd5a1fc29d3ac51d039fd4723b34f04c2b28d0bRichard Marti — Bug 1418088 - Use the edit icon in "Edit Draft" notification bar. r=aceman a=jorgk
213382307782599fb20d6bbaef38eb4c50cb296balta88 — Bug 1418666 - Bug 1411699 follow-up: Fix regex typo causing commas to be missing from feed content. r=jorgk a=jorgk
b622c91383b8d1420b86786fbd8048461f846979Jorg K — Bug 1411699 - Remove possible unprintable ascii 00-1F from non-formatted tag values; remove same except for CR, LF, TAB from formatted tag values. r=mkmelin a=jorgk
be8285843861cdd63f770e7046e540865db8514faceman — Bug 1416469 - do not call the inline spellchecker if compose window is already closing down. r=jorgk a=jorgk