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Tue Jul 05 19:03:23 2011 +0000
90e2a8a9bf0f96913797860689b3565526d1bf81Mark Banner — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=betamerge
1be20a148a24cc3c03c6af2c0301901c913f89e2Mark Banner — Added tag BETA_BASE_20110705 for changeset 0d7f09a3495b a=betamerge DONTBUILD 1be20a148a24 AURORA_6_END
0d7f09a3495b0bcd96419ee6c9f54e02bf2a5b23Mark Banner — Bug 669151 - LDAP connections are not cleaned up until shutdown; r=bienvenu,a=Standard8 BETA_BASE_20110705
709cca34605481c91630b4ecac1314fe43d9e0a5Richard Marti — [Bug 573360] qute theme: tabbar background blocks lightweight theme image (with personas add-on not enabled) r=protz a=standard8
21ab5eff17d93e5976a396e613d293e8ace1af7eJonathan Protzenko — Bug 611458 - Add Ability to Print Summary of Collapsed Threads in Message Pane r=squib a=standard8
167637e28effafe39a970df7d7d68e859659b476David Bienvenu — fix bug 661774, handle error fetching all imap flags, don't throw away hdr cache on such errors, r=neil,a=Standard8
b26c7969544ff51cb593618558084af29579791aDavid Bienvenu — fix bug 655578, some custom header filters not working r=rkent,a=Standard8
bea702dd04267cbf2f3f4430ba96a174d3d76227Jens Hatlak — Bug 666840 - Rename left-over mimeAttachmentName after bug 544984. r=bienvenu,a=Standard8
ca127682741383a60698b9595af85c49fea8453bDavid Bienvenu — fix bug 662792, imap marks messages read when falling back from partial download to full download when all parts inline, r=protz,a=Standard8
2fc9664a3b7a749cdfc3dc25b78645aae7711979Richard Marti — Bug 659730 - Option window-->Network & Disk Space has disk space textbox for cache too little; r+ui-r=bwinton,a=Standard8
f1d1a1749b12f127cb7016ae77c5fe3dbda348c7Opera Wang — fix bug 600140, unread quick filter hides some messages, r=bienvenu,a=Standard8
59df0ed227cc8a00e16a152cd445aab7b0b72518Ricardo Palomares — Bug 582715 - Five message views, not four, and more can be created. Fix wrong number missed from previous check-in. r=InvisibleSmiley a=KaiRo
9dab0be417868e1a10d541dc2b51998fa31b1827Jim Porter — Bug 667391 - Restoring to default toolbar state changes to text below icons; r=bwinton, a=standard8
01ee10211fe3bfbeb2a0d0e127d5af5bb67ff41dNeil Rashbrook — Bug 665313 - Opening message attachment does not work r=mnyromyr a=iann for CLOSED TREE
6577b0df4dc3e2acbe8660eaff38bd3ac27248bdEdmund Wong — Bug 582715 - Five message views, not four, and more can be created. r=InvisibleSmiley a=IanN
406211d8a2dd02a74dce485014c50d511410b9bdEdmund Wong — Bug 638816 - Update Help for FAYT changes. r=InvisibleSmiley a=IanN
63e7cb634c4a59c97489d28b86a4f351341bd854Jim Porter — Bug 666978 - Tree twisty in folder pane doesn't update when expanding; r=bienvenu, a=standard8
554478ca620450432aacd0a7ecfcc3dc01db8b3aMark Banner — Bug 666994 - Update blocklist for latest changes; rs=bwinton,a=Standard8
f293f6c073c292144f394091002e5a7ee9502d91Jim Porter — Bug 662015 - Dualbuttons in message header have no right margin; r=bwinton, a=standard8
81aa6615798af107316e7a9e2b4ce09ade699703Philip Chee — Bug 666555 Add mozapps/skin/plugins/pluginHelp-16.png to Modern (missed out from Bug 601562). f=ewong r=Neil. a=Callek.
d586bcb76abd1f12c5671f0c838720094c7d5a93Ian Neal — Bug 662855 - is null (unable to view feed entries) f=jh r=neil a=Callek.
f606bd2859cab8182da11876c5b8a6b84c337323Justin Wood Bug 666518 - Stop making extensions optional in SeaMonkey's installer. r=KaiRo, a+=KaiRo (for aurora and beta)
1cb7425596bfcea155e1e77a4d16ba02d7b24eb9Ian Neal — Bug 657214 - The Composer status bar doesn't display the correct status r=neil a=kairo for CLOSED TREE
f362e79303f2bf8389c1c3f3a1f9de2064dfd432Jens Hatlak — Bug 665336 - SeaMonkey clears all LSOs (Flash Cookies) when clearing cache only. r=Neil a=KaiRo
3b13a97481204f289b83ec8636631b9f025941dfPhilip Chee — Bug 662062 Add resetProperties method for messageHeaderSink (added to nsIMsgHeaderSink in Bug 659925). r=Neil sr=Neil a=KaiRo
e01613d2db15507f8e068c085fb9ea6d794ceaa7Jim Porter — Bug 652318 - Email sender is displayed as quoted when name in from is quoted; r=bienvenu, a=standard8
d8ffaea3495a3b3c49290fedbc21e3f7fb7f8778Edmund Wong — Bug 603213 - Rename MailNews-related ToC entries that only refer to Mail in their title. r=InvisibleSmiley a=KaiRo
4aead44e95c26a22ea4d4bf94e642cb9bcf55da0Mark Banner — Fix xpcshell bustage from bug 659925 - add missing function that is now required. a=Standard8/bustage-fix
f3d1a844ec10d63abef12eaf20a5f689da433817Jonathan Protzenko — [Bug 659925] msgHeaderSink properties are never reset after streaming r=standard8 sr=bienvenu a=standard8
e83472b1eef66cc11ae4d778de58683d9a79b936Blake Winton — Bug 663687 - Make the folder text visible when dropping something on it. r=Standard8, a=Standard8.
71f7414a852078c8d388976334268db0bcd057b9Mike Conley — Bug 661906 - Add a waitForEval to poll the address book tree until it's ready. r+a=Standard8
49d9e37601683ce73f867ad60b35a2f0736bc655Jens Hatlak — Bug 664569 - Next button on Account Details page does not get enabled. Fix enabling. r=Neil a=Callek
e2050a2ff32a3e53f6bccf12dcb93d85a02b738eJustin Wood Bug 663636 - Missing addons, directory distribution/extensions is not there. r=KaiRo a=KaiRo
0585fb0f861900587549dc7f5936779c312ca109David Bienvenu — land fix for bug 596567, crash in nsMsgSearchDBView::InsertMsgHdrAt, r/a=standard8
5ed7f7110e85b566613a9df85206216785ef1754Andreas Nilsson — Bug 664794 - Update branding for Thunderbird's aurora equivalent channel: Earlybird - Change the wordmark on the About dialog; r+a=Standard8
3fd1e4cbd4f469ef1c2ef43d6f18e6c3893c13e7Mark Banner — Bug 664794 - Update branding for Thunderbird's aurora equivalent channel: Earlybird. Change the default branding used for the aurora/Earlybird branch. rs=bwinton,a=Standard8
97f096756ec9a84949d6e70860f2bd65ab4137c4Mark Banner — Bug 664794 - Update branding for Thunderbird's aurora equivalent channel: Earlybird - Initial text changes. rs=bwinton DONTBUILD
2ac9780d8fbe99a9f8089b687afa57771dfb624aSiddharth Agarwal — Bug 663971 - Make account wizard look at MX entries again. r=BenB, a=Standard8
f36b60bb5ed1c962d53cccbb4045e6e32000a5bcJim Porter — Jim Porter - Bug 657446 - Archive Options button in Copies & Folders should be hidden based on target, not source account; r=bienvenu, r=standard8, a=standard8
eef9226b31ebbde1289a2c9ff4a0f8fffa96a08eDavid Bienvenu — land fix for buh 578104, a=standard8, handle data uri's without file names
027a1bf18740171ec5b0614fcb79c58fdcdaf57fSiddharth Agarwal — Bug 661363 - Port bug 562753 (On upgrade, old win7 taskbar entries should have their app model id upgraded, based on install path) to Thunderbird. r=Standard8, sr=bienvenu, a=Standard8
45330ef6aa2a83d025298365bc63218639623babMark Banner — Bug 660809 - Fix about links on about:license when accessed from the about dialog and also fix Bug 659527 - the manual update link opens a new mail compose window, instead of in the browser; r=protz,a=Standard8
565662e5adb8a4d7c5e72a8659ecd72061efd0e0Gary Kwong — Bug 654402 - 'Copies & Folders' page in Account Settings is cut off. Original patch from Alexander Ihrig. r=bwinton,a=Standard8
45ba9b39b15cf8500b8d5040e69a1e83754cee28Blake Winton — Bug 661795 - Properly handle the IMAP/POP radio buttons. r=BenB,a=Standard8
0b9e76f868ba14aa00090163b99440b78f3e6338Jonathan Protzenko — [Bug 644983] is null (unable to view feed entries) r=standard8 a=standard8
f2d5fc07af4876a2ff1e762e4f1aeba553e06270David Bienvenu — fix bug 632011, a=standard8, crash in nsIMAPBodypartMultipart::Generate
5af4d0099eaa7b9980aa25a19a2457340cac3d76Edmund Wong — Bug 503248 - Use nsISound::EVENT_NEW_MAIL_RECEIVED r=iann_bugzilla a=kairo for CLOSED TREE
03f3ff9a5c3e5297320fcce44fa1d71c99b88aafPhilip Chee — Bug 660581 Packaging fixes for TelemetryPing (Bug 585196) and native cursor manipulation from OOP plugins on OS X (Bug 621117). r=Callek a=Callek
24d3702c1ba675e96b0260421468d18b7f97ae81neil — Bug 657343 - Vertical misalignment of message headers which don't have an associated link r=mnyromyr a=iann CLOSED TREE
f0c67fd1c114a70a13dc80f977e696eb0cb2223bJens Hatlak — Bug 660882 - search window does not allow to open message from result list [currentHeaderData is not defined]. r=Mnyromyr sr=Neil a=Callek CLOSED TREE
00d7788a15d7a94fe98fc9390675116cdb2908c9Ian Neal — Bug 658060 - The Preferences Popup Windows Sound play button is not enabled r=mynromyr a=philip.chee CLOSED TREE
1f5bbcd8bdca5eea51abd01ede31047d63f46609Jens Hatlak — Bug 659277 - Remove microsummaries support from SeaMonkey. r=Callek sr=Neil a=IanN,KaiRo for CLOSED TREE
ba7244526210113383a4b0c73dd105e050a0920dRobert Kaiser — bug 662280 - Bump SeaMonkey version numbers on new-process repos to new version scheme, r+a=council for CLOSED TREE
6df12c4bc8be0d70a6c286366409681b75c239a5Ian Neal — Bug 660942 - Account Copies & Folders page uses h as accesskey which will conflict with help button r=neil a=kairo CLOSED TREE
d1604275086fd9384bc22653a4b9ce73d3e4e10bIan Neal — Bug 660501 - Fix Threadpane context menu after nsContextMenu clean up r=neil a=philip.chee okay for CLOSED TREE
786e2e73ceb79a40509b130e2389664e2ce3006dDavid Bienvenu — one more attempt to disable hdr chunk fetching test just on ewindows, CLOSED TREE
0e7a5ae2d182716e6bea71958132fdf3f16baf17David Bienvenu — disable test because of strange failures, CLOSED TREE
3f8cb2607a099e5584ab275117dcb68f9c6b2e8aDavid Bienvenu — disable test on windows to get around bustage, CLOSED TREE
0cb9bf0d23c5b2299e8a6eddcbef5cf1a20bcfecMark Banner — Follow up to version number bump, sync the checkCompatibility prefs for MozMill tests so that the tests can run properly. a=bustage fix for CLOSED TREE
a139e21e4a4123b7de0b1ce917721b448cacf7c4Mark Banner — Sync version numbers for Thunderbird with Firefox and Gecko as per the change discussed on tb-planning. CLOSED TREE
affc84c82d8705ee5295ea9da46b9148850f89afRobert Kaiser — Bug 659219 - [dashboard] Add sm_central, sm_aurora, sm_beta to the L10n master - fix the aurora and beta paths, r+a=release for CLOSED TREE
691cb5645564dd7cfe3690a890a00403ce5d98f3Justin Wood — Added tag COMM_BETA_BASE_20110524 for changeset 330096d71695
52bb79c5f6fc56810e452ee8def7aba8d2ff9f40Mark Banner — Update to pull from mozilla-aurora on the aurora branch. rs=Callek CLOSED TREE and DONTBUILD
da275ef7cb0ab6e6ca44b407e243bc151a465a76Mark Banner — Added tag COMM_AURORA_BASE_20110524 for changeset f314c7f8580f, landing on a CLOSED TREE for the Aurora merge DONTBUILD
f314c7f8580ffec4f3eca80bef21ede7650a13fbRichard Marti — Bug 655975 - display glitch on buttons previous and next on tool-bar when an account is selected; r=andreasn a=Standard8 COMM_AURORA_BASE_20110524
bda8ab34845bef9320d6eee13133234bc8aa6af0Richard Marti — Bug 655110 - Error in mailWindow1-aero.css; r=andreasn
02c7badcf034002695a20c78898dcc0d0edafd9fRichard Marti — Bug 643262 - Update the appearance of the Contacts sidebar; f=nisses.mail r=bwinton ui-r=andreasn
3115956e3f0fc1fe9d085afa278ffbc7a84b338bgekacheka — Bug 573352 - qute theme: tabbar background shadow image not shown; r=andreasn
c0dae37dd87289927ae613d5607d83b1b90fed3dRichard Marti — Bug 535129 - (Windows 7 Theme) Thread-watched icon is cut; r=andreasn
e79d3d86eab02ff857b142562ae063615019679cMike Conley — Bug 526541 - Please add a "confirm on delete" option for address book entries...; r=bienvenu ui-r=bwinton
2171a0890992610ce1ed20e0c2a3ff122b9d3afcJonathan Protzenko — Bug 656590 - Implement channel selector UI for updates; r=Standard8
8b7cdb6dd35786138888fe69645d88dd4cd81dc3Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 637064 - Local changes v2 - Update to libical 0.46. r=pmartinak
c68b4de81618d8208a2f3d2cbeee8fd44547b13bPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 637064 - reference libical - Update to libical 0.46. r=pmartinak
212a62f8c1ffca0d530bec530ec1bcecbf2623aaMark Banner — Fix capitalization in, a=bustage fix for CLOSED TREE
ab3ace782235d83e2d6e4bf17c4f50bdab808aabMark Banner — Port bug 621117 (Support native cursor manipulation from OOP plugins on OS X) to fix Mac build bustage - update package manifest and port the pref. blanket-rs=philor CLOSED TREE
0d1c875f3997f86ab5c26a351303bfe5c05867b6Ian Neal — Bug 659205 - tier_platform_dirs doesn't include APP_LIBXUL_DIRS (mailnews/ etc) -- mailnews, xpfe autocomplete etc aren't getting built r=neil/bienvenu a=CLOSED TREE
45c1585e47a2640830de35c5ac168e9a02eaae4bJustin Wood — Merge commit
f5cf5a4445409724abba0976dd1cae7ae3ccaa5fIan Neal — Bug 658878 - [SeaMonkey] comm-central busted due to bug 616999 and bug 658666/ switching xpcshell to manifests r=neil
5d098294efd2601777dcdb3afa0748049a463f03David Bienvenu — use append uid returned by imap server when possible, bug 646225, r=neil
9d85ed1b2cc2d702750591391943e7478b0ee233Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 494138 followup - fix string and rename the module to Thunderbird standards.
cbd35a34432ce5ddbfeb9fc0a37a2e73001adae1Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 494138 - Add basic support for Windows 7 jumplists. ui-r=bwinton, r=bienvenu
95ae2e8fd68321103e3ea5bcdf77f9b93cefcd1cDavid Bienvenu — backout fix for bug 243833 unable to see p7m attachmetns of type pkcs7-mime
cafd2739fe9e78cd712fe894a1757fb6259a50f0Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 494788 - Error: "too much recursion" when quickly reloading remote calendars (calIStatusObserver, calendar-statusbar.js). r=mschroeder
cddbd4154e9132bc4035ea1a4520146e50d83d77David Bienvenu — fix build bustage, bug 65887
b656d0bd1cfc656320a114ec52613e294031e1a1David Bienvenu — fix build bustage, bug 65887
3d6a55d85b66154af903f93858c1036a2d8395f5David Bienvenu — compress commit imap folder .msf files after offline store compact, r=neil, bug 658415
e545b6accf995657ca270f4666ae9aebabbc0cf4David Bienvenu — fetch imap hdrs in chunks, newest headers first, r=neil, bug 464126
802908081687e4a188bd331390716b84e8da04a2Mark Banner — Fix MozMill test bustage by changing the category names that we're checking for because mozilla-central bug 595848 changed them. r=bustage-fix
6591bfe0dac001e73a65e818348d03168a2d5a59David Bienvenu — CLOSED TREE nomac -> notmac, part of build bustage bug 658666
f3d345164ea89258a6fb5fd4753b650d0dd48aa6Mark Banner — partial fix for bug 658666, add xpcshell manifests to fix bustage CLOSED TREE
bdd15a91b82544d643a1c9b1f2bb761089d21daaMark Banner — closing old head, a=betamerge
6476800b44b50da6fdc29a1446caefdd0e4873afMark Banner — Added tag BETA_5_END for changeset 1167a08ced50 a=betamerge