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Tue Jan 31 22:15:45 2012 +0000
54945f5d278d6f85a68aff2216d66bf13c89d84aMark Banner — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=betamerge CLOSED TREE
75682133bd202899b1c9ca6c022d2c51704d3da2Mark Banner — Added tag BETA_BASE_20120131 for changeset 415d430378aa a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE AURORA_11_END
415d430378aa27647621b438ba84e4d3d475b84aMike Conley — Bug 713919 - Toolbar buttons dragged onto the stand-alone window menubar should have text-beside-icon. r=sid0,ui-r=bwinton,a=Standard8. BETA_BASE_20120131
2247f3164ac8bd01597e8988c8fac24144529f40Mike Conley — Bug 721378 - Bustage fix for permanent orange on OSX, caused by redundant throbber patch (bug 715565) landing. r+a=Standard8.
015e0052d398c7fc60be3a8706b52368a4ab392dMike Conley — Bug 715565 - Remove default redundant throbber from menubar / mailbar. r=sid0, a=Standard8.
0dd648cb208c8e46eefbe043122542b636b14291Andreas Nilsson — Bug 710831 - Fix transition between tab selector and message header. r=mconley,ui-r=bwinton,a=Standard8.
6265ae02ba1945d896ba8067652a0892c9e50fafRichard Marti — Bug 516970 - Attachment toolbar borders need a bit more styling on Windows. r+ui-review=bwinton, a=Standard.
f1b04433ecf7d0177efaca7576740e39c3fde9b4Benoit Girard — Bug 721285 - Add NSSupportsAutomaticGraphicsSwitching for better MacOSX support with Gecko. r=Callek,stefanh a=IanN
81ff7636686ccc1a068fe7e1ca019abb1a1da469Justin Wood Bug 715802 - Move mac quirks triggering into nsSuiteApp.cpp. r=BenWa a=Neil
4552e57d535aa8fa00d73bb5f7da2b8cf9633d97Edmund Wong — Bug 704836 - Update because update.locale has moved into omni.jar. r+a=Callek
5499067065fea1ec515ff5e1c152b4fc2abc4dadseabld — Automated blocklist update from host - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
070572a7da3de6da3fc0c3883cf4bc38b0ecf180Mike Conley — Bug 718486 - Make Account Provisioner XML handler only request XML once. r=bienvenu, a=Standard8.
b808530327a54771ac180368e824ac6e23b61b91Mike Hommey — Bug 701371 - Rename mozutils to mozglue. comm-aurora part. rs+a=Callek
3bcc9a4ea559d1870a0cde55cf9e8d7b87e6d0d4Serge Gautherie — Bug 714257 - Package 'necko_websocket.xpt'. r+a=Callek
bf09f397bca728ba74de203e13a9796dcfe33c41Richard Marti — Bug 720120 - Apply button ID only on calendar-event-dialog and remove unneeded CSS rules. r+a=Philipp
d82c472d13aea0e199d6bc4b34cfadad10723a7estefanh — Bug 713445 - [Mac Default] tabbrowser tab title text styling is wrong in Lion. r=Mnyromyr, a=IanN.
67f886f2f49ab44ac1c0d50427bd67a3fd1418aaMark Banner — Bug 715254 Add Croatian (hr) to the list of locales for Earlybird. a=Standard8 DONTBUILD
86e637b83cbdd511364cf5adde50215fa90587f0Mark Banner — Backout Bug 697964 and its follow-up bug 698405 as the core bug was backed out from mozilla-aurora. a=Standard8
de5589a5f7fbde02d128fce859bdc6b0e5e84277Mike Conley — Bug 718640 - Link to view providers in other languages in Account Provisioner should be hidden if no such providers exist. r=bwinton,a=Standard8.
265bf7f9a16891b3693c2b0649efbdaf6eaebe0bMark Banner — Bug 704722 - Incorrect regexp in OpenSearch. r=squib,a=Standard8
c14dcbbdb4b21344d38aeada7b3750a597c1da99Mark Banner — Backout part of bug 697943 / changeset b6160b9a2dc4 - disable test_offlineStoreLocking.js on windows again due to permanent failures. r=bustage-fix,a=Standard8
e9e9a97f4717f42a014ebae0469105f325ab22fcDavid Bienvenu — fix offlineStoreLocking test failure, and turn test back on for windows, r+a=standard8, bug 697943
1ce579a2554423acaa40725c723fb891f6feeee6Mark Banner — Bump version of TB's test-pilot add-on to cover latest changes. rs=bienvenu,a=Standard8
ba2f0d434933f3c8a6b36a973c5194b31c94c034Mark Banner — Bug 720341 - Fix error downloading Test Pilot tests and fix the endless "Loading, please wait..." message. r=mconley,a=Standard8
93f5b1f340bbdb8cdc26fd4355a464acefe8060eSimon Montagu — Bug 677111 - utf-7 encoded characters are not interpreted properly in TB 5.0. r=bienvenu,a=Standard8
da70672b466aa1ce1c30a8f0d939c03d81826f9bRichard Marti — Bug 719006 - Move the Lightning buttons to tabbar-toolbar. r+a=Philipp
ed09e1575902553d5cd654fef10f92955b1142ceNeil Rashbrook — Bug 717111 - Plain text editor context menu broken (regression from bug 702019). r+a=IanN
d27f4570cdce5d99b01eeff525c6f5f3d9c1f6b6Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 700637 - fix minor issue,a=philipp
ee492eaff0e3301971b2e6fdcdf44efbf9cda57dPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 720253 - Zimbra uses different conflict code 409 instead of 412. r=release,a=philipp
d68585c44d7352d83aafdfb3bdcf93f48aa2fbbdPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 700637 - this.mItemInfoCache[] is null using caldav cached calendar. r=release,a=philipp
e2828114a2d94d72de9898e75b4d1dda8058fc33Philippe Martinak — Fix bug 428022 - Category color indicators should be printed. r=philipp,a=philipp
e460d9c46d64a1b8de66a258bd21f21cb71fdfbeseabld — Automated blocklist update from host cb-sea-linux-tbox - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
b70f9ff58d400c0c7cdc6ca961914f0454b33ae2Justin Wood — Bug 714495 - Port - |Microsoft.VC80.CRT SideBySide errors, browsercomps.dll| to comm. r+a=Standard8
e745a2e5db840c45d41a401ef08e8539a3ab5224Philip Chee — Bug 719050 Lightning aero #button-delete style makes the SeaMonkey Mail delete button image disappear a=philipp.
8e05a7b2b59316bff698ec7f1bd048b6c18e3d9aWolfgang Sourdeau — Fix bug 719016 - responding to invitations as an attendee fails to set the "SENT-BY" attribute. r=philipp,a=philipp
e8183d8c8b02a941545d329c93ee3e20778c2cfaWolfgang Sourdeau — Fix bug 718387 - Accepting an invite fails (NS_ERROR_OBJECT_IS_IMMUTABLE). r=philipp,a=philipp
df6e759ba85c2e2f000e46c6ecc416ae55d5e25cWolfgang Sourdeau — Fix bug 714431 - Extra Fix comment 30 - New Event... and New Task... are always disabled (regression). r=philipp,a=philipp
e8df1f3d2202e3bcd7ed453666df03421d5c7708Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 719197 - Rename "Reload Remote Calendar" to "Synchronize Calendars". r=paenglab,a=philipp
18b9e02b159a32cd63fa73a6042409c29226a02bRichard Marti — Bug 709572 - Add Calendar and Task toolbar for tabs on top. r+a=philipp,ui-r=andreasn
9f72fdf1b86067467ee9aee70067599f49117291Mark Banner — Bug 718812 - TEST-UNEXPECTED-FAIL | test-install-xpi.js | timed out waiting for modal dialog. r=mconley,a=Standard8
df426b0ca04312d90354297ad4e483b9588066d0David Bienvenu — fix deadlock in imap ssl calling isAlive, r+a=standard8, bug 711787
1bfd207d1339c3f5baa2b2cd72b152189d67a25aIrving Reid — Bug 706798 - 'Tune' the time to wait before displaying the update been downloaded / restart notification. r+a=Standard8
e039f47e9b7333b96123ebf46ac1afd5f46f13d4Mark Banner — Bug 705660 - OpenSearch tab looks weird with some Personas. r+ui-review=bwinton,a=Standard8
9f60299d73ec63cecb83ea5b5a6d3384eaf00b79Stefan Sitter — Bug 713380 - Fix error "property is not defined" in msgHdrViewOverlay.js. r=standard8 a=standard8
34866c3575877c650213d6532d7463d2ab84407aJens Hatlak — Bug 700162 - Add mozapps/extensions/newaddon.css to Modern. r=Neil a=IanN
17f718dfee5694dee68b9303a52427bc96805bc1Alexandre Demers — Fix bug 657763 - [PATCH] There is an uneeded (F) next to Event in the Event window. r=philipp,a=philipp
23e01469104de36485c582bca1fd1e98694fc8edMarkus Adrario — Fix bug 351870 - unable to unselect single event from a group of selected events in main view. a=philipp
e00b8e4f29702c574185e034d0ab5a8a060bba5cJoshua Cranmer — Bug 695309 - NNTP protocol objects can become doubly initialized if there are pending URIs, r=bienvenu, a=Standard8
f5cf00dfa02f8bbccd4cbe63bfd0c10cbeb6118fRichard Marti — Bug 718278 - Remove chromedir attributes, use -moz-locale-dir instead r+a=Philipp
d9df36db99a34156d7b982ae5c5c0e2914699372Richard Marti — Bug 714448 - Today pane closes when attempting to scroll message preview r+a=Philipp
c27a041a2ce40a4134127e469eb62d5f8cea3898Wolfgang Sourdeau — Fix bug 715890 - useless refresh of the ACL entry during initialization. r=philipp,a=philipp
98f65cb2e5cb5179b49d6394b1d2ff0c2f3b3b13Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 717081 - Get rid of extra onLoad during cached calendar sync. r=redDragon,a=philipp
4326aa65d49a129bafd5477666f5c95317e35668Florian Quèze — Bug 712938 - Polish tabs-on-top theme on Mac OS X, r+ui-r=mconley, a=Standard8.
e1158a0f23b0fa7571cbb4523d35e6a63f50ad59Jens Hatlak — Bug 717355 - Port bug 716868. r+a=Callek
19f2edf25ef9ad622c87dcda61718850d9eab97dDavid Bienvenu — bulletproof fix for crash in mime_parse_stream_complete, r+a=standard8, bug 715810
2f1c07cca30f0530bee4be3115529bad39367f55Mark Banner — Bug 669925 - Wrong "From" shown in message list when email address contains Unicode. r=bienvenu,a=Standard8
f03fea92e7fc72d13653c4af32b7b44be4af2529Florian Quèze — Bug 713008 - Tabs shouldn't flicker when hovered. r=mconley,a=Standard8.
f0040534a14ae74873d2671317bf7aeab771244eMakoto Kato — Bug 715807 - crash CMbxScanner::CleanUp. r=dbienvenu,a=Standard8
67482f1a531763bd84d2f0b902288414e70dd377Mark Banner — Bug 707329 - Folder panel has no content. JSON.parse: unexpected end of data Source File: chrome://messenger/content/folderPane.js. Correctly handle a corrupted file. r=bienvenu,ui-review=bwinton,a=Standard8
3ddbfbd0db43d918a845405ce7afa49786a63699Wolfgang Sourdeau — Fix bug 716933 - Can't invite/add people to an event (regression). r=philipp,a=philipp
9907a8d0e3a659cb2dcf16628aa090c872b28e00Richard Marti — Bug 709718 - Vertical lines between off-time hours have the wrong color. r=bv1578 a=philipp
b0157434c3f2ac7521738ec465d2a91ec660ce09Wolfgang Sourdeau — Fix bug 714431 - New Event... and New Task... are always disabled (regression). r=philipp,a=philipp
f9ec15220d709021ffe3b75c50e28026cfad292dRichard Marti — Bug 707315 - Add bottom border to the views. r+a=Philipp ui-r=Andreasn
40bea90c6d2e5fb8b503afcd9f5749aec091cc5dRichard Marti — Bug 651805 - [Month view] Distinguish "All day events" from other events. r+a=Philipp ui-r=Andreasn
0a227516d030a6882571364e9fe76694c7239e28Jens Hatlak — Bug 716382 - Update Help Peer Support User Newsgroups link. r=IanN a=Callek
44a93d2f172d9a3d640d57d7eda6928ec93a9ce6Andreas Nilsson — Bug 713071 - Unbold the active tab text on Windows and Linux. r=mconley,a=Standard8.
d03ac4350cd776a48ecae6e475dcec7bb08ada2cAndreas Nilsson — Bug 712285 - Fix throbber styling on Windows Aero theme. r=mconley,ui-r=mconley,a=Standard8.
e39e86f75d02121781a9b1e54d994eaf45472b42alta88 — Bug 709247 - Fix to sync feeds database on folderpane moves. r=bienvenu,a=Standard8
40db7b14d2b00cd41362703983656419d979cc98David Bienvenu — bullet proof removing of rows when collapsing thread, bug 629487, r+a=standard8
7bb46c5d477b02bb1ace2972b7af877fe51ae69bseabld — Automated blocklist update from host - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
83b039581185e9168507a3b6d735a3e46880a3eeRichard Marti — Bug 714510 - Fix offcolour Viewpickerlabel on Windows Aero theme. r=mconley, ui-r=mconley, a=Standard8.
1873588c54edb3a4b45c641cbdba930b4dd64996Richard Marti — Bug 714456 - Fix theme of navigation-toolbox on Windows Classic. r=mconley, ui-r=mconley, a=Standard8.
531634694cd6d836626cf0059402adbef9228f33Mike Conley — Bug 712395 - Fix random folderPaneBox collapse by unasserting collapsed property in localstore.rdf. r=sid0, a=Standard8.
aa55a1688b6f79dce30a34ba7824bb7233707445Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 714431 - New Event... and New Task... are always disabled (regression). r=wsourdeau,a=philipp
04db92f7d62707f291e219e58d1d95946da72e1bPhilip Chee — Bug 713563 gPromptService is not defined trying to add empty contact from sidebar r=Neil a=Callek.
7595b1a85c472d218ed5377bcc87e0a07a00d38fPhilippe Martinak — Bug 428022 - Category color indicators should be printed. r=mschroeder a=philipp
883966da7ec7f80251f64443570480347f07c30aStefan Fleiter — Fix bug 588799 - The latest thunderbird and lightning no longer work with chandler projects server. r=philipp,a=philipp
589748a1858bfec2444514cb31c0316614796e83Matthew Mecca — Bug 537456 - Disable paste command on task context menu if clipboard empty. r=philipp, a=philipp
91020d76ce97fb6a4c8e777f88ef22443fd18d89Serge Gautherie — Bug 714253 - Stop packaging dead 'dom_threads.xpt'. r+a=Callek
9d6100849a9d9eb18307d1dc657e098d64ac158cSerge Gautherie — Bug 714249 - Package 'dom_battery.xpt'. r+a=Callek
5fa9199c6ffdf021ba75fcd5fa92832a7479b8c0Serge Gautherie — Bug 714251 - Package 'dom_apps.xpt' and 'Webapps.*', Reorder bug 576970 additions. r+a=Callek
964118909d38d1fcf0294985714d7d87e847c3f1Serge Gautherie — Bug 714248 - Package 'dom_sms.xpt'. r+a=Callek
cb0d432e0c1e24c59fc8e213642474171e6391b3Armen Zambrano Gasparnian — Bug 707742 - Add Armenian to Thunderbird's all-locales' file for mozilla-aurora. r+a=Standard8 DONTBUILD
bfc2a749cd707b799f5f1ff97810f486d176669aPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 714432 - Lightning not working on some Windows XP [Failed to load native module at path ...\calbasecomps.dll]. r=Standard8,a=philipp
f55e1e6dc97de03e5ea39a746d4d37119ab784b3Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 711715 - gdata-provider versions should increase from release to beta to aurora to trunk. r=Standard8,a=philipp
afe3fbe2d3246f257195c631ab19dce29567e608seabld — Automated blocklist update from host cb-sea-linux-tbox - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
994869ef8fad30fb56437ad0a8aef9332daf6b53Philip Chee — Bug 713671 addressingWidgetOverlay.js uses non-existent gPromptService. Branch patch r=Neil a=IanN.
00a50ae8e19ebf8545541fcf460a942498a291ffSiddharth Agarwal — Bug 711980 - Fix permanent oranges caused by interpreting xpcshell tests as UTF-8 (bug 687679). Originally by David Bienvenu <> and Mike Conley <>. r=bienvenu+mconley, sr=bienvenu, a=Standard8.
9f5de3098224cea64467782f97055af3d509496bRichard Marti — Bug 710838 - Make selected tab titles easier to see with dark Personas. r=bwinton,ui-r=bwinton,a=Standard8.
e432f4f1d797feec871986bc47b552438d0f5747Richard Marti — Bug 713058 - Polish the tabs-on-top theme for Windows XP. r=bwinton,ui-r=bwinton,a=Standard8.
9bec4ba93f62df9efa24ea9e8c650370a8cccf9bRichard Marti — Bug 713061 - Polish the stand-alone message window under Aero. r=bwinton,ui-r=bwinton,a=Standard8.
72ae945fade351610650b3ac322d29f5d422ebfdRichard Marti — Bug 713457 - Fix menubar styling for gnomestripe when using Personas. ui-r=mconley,r=mconley,a=Standard8.
1fd00fb881baf9c8513b0c4626fb855988f2eff9Mike Conley — Bug 712560 - Add a comment about how addons should interact with the tabmail element. r=squib,a=Standard8.
8d390f8116cf0886f76af3a2bfac488e20a1028eMike Conley — Follow-up for Bug 644169 - undo regression on Undelete button behaviour. r=squib,a=Standard8.
e5d240a676e78c724b54d6d43d4a179ce2b2dec7David Bienvenu — fix filter lossage regression, bug 713429, r=neil, a=bienvenu
56a69133e5f07564c2fa1d2348a83b9457b605e7Stefan Fleiter — Fix bug 588799 - The latest thunderbird and lightning no longer work with chandler projects server. r=philipp,a=philipp
c9b3e9818b494894f6bdaa61cebb1eb681d6b9e4Philip Chee — Philip Chee — Fix bug 684518 - (bustag fix 2) Task view rows get a border after restarting (aero theme not applied). r+a=philipp
5d3111addc2475cfbf6c27c1e32a9864afe5ff30Richard Marti — Bug 684518 - Task view rows get a border after restarting (aero theme not applied) r+a=philipp
ecfde2597ea16d46e7cbfc6b98af0460340eebfaseabld — Automated blocklist update from host - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
90b62372bc88ca6252365a60ab684475a063d70aJens Hatlak — Bug 713119 - Port |Bug 682356 - Make AddonRepository.getAddonsByIDs() not send performance data|. r+a=Neil
2c80985a812d15f7dd69364607e3f4bc8248cdd5Wolfgang Sourdeau — Fix bug 586276 - Hooks / stubs mechanisms for Mozilla Lightning. r=philipp,a=philipp
229f9bf65df325b89677c225b13e29c36e38c81bMark Banner — Bug 698702 - Symbol packaging problem in Socorro symbol store - change the executable in the Spotlight mdimporter to be a lower-case name to fix symbols packaging issues. r=bienvenu. a=Standard8
ae083d2568ed2127e9118ba1e34c8b47be388bdcMike Conley — Bug 712624 - Bustage fix for permanent orange in test-autohide-menubar.js on Windows. r=sid0,a=Standard8.
e8cc8494cf09a806a4756fc9cf8e15b5a4759c60Mark Banner — Bump versions, and add extra test preferences following merge to aurora. a=auroramerge
670da84f3c33c80f33df5d6c7c9712613b93c6ceMark Banner — Re-add ast to all-locales, missed during the merges. a=auroramerge DONTBUILD
d7bb41c06aa10e14499146bc3f439dea7469c0b7Mark Banner — Added tag AURORA_BASE_20111220 for changeset b37a9a98d2ba a=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
b37a9a98d2ba0b1fa1db769e4a27bc4c9d7b42b7Mark Banner — Follow-up to bug 709737 - Fix busted test-pilot add-on UI caused by the toolbar overlay fixes for CLOSED TREE. a=Standard8 AURORA_BASE_20111220
0dd28e137266bb772b641cf8cf729f983aceea3eAndreas Nilsson — Bug 712159 - Remove line between window title bar and mail toolbar in stand-alone window on pinstripe. r=bwinton,ui-r=bwinton.
c48dcb162b4c7c6550ac8fd673c449cd8431728dRichard Marti — Bug 710867 - Make inactive tabs opaque under Aero. r=mconley,ui-r=bwinton.
3f507b7d7ee675b220490292a88d8d291bcb2ed4Mike Conley — Bug 644169 - Implement Tabs on Top for Thunderbird. ui-r=bwinton,r=sid0,sr=Standard8.
8b6248df4f243ced60000704b94894ce4fbef3d9Andreas Nilsson — Bug 711968 - Make buttons in Account Provisioner wrap long text for CLOSED TREE. r+ui-r=bwinton, a=Standard8.
d6a6a2bd4a31d5f590d4a5ed36a8083a98e1fd6aMark Banner — Bug 704830 - Clears missing file complaint on startup for chrome/messenger/content/messenger/webSearch.js for CLOSED TREE. r=mconley,a=Standard8.
7e6c0779450e210e7dc29db19efa5a36afefaab6Mike Conley — Bug 712312 - Fix Troubleshooting Information regression caused by patch for bug 413521 on CLOSED TREE. r=sid0,a=Standard8.
9d178b93e86df4d76e5120b4f129108c8fcecaa0Justin Wood — Bug 712298 - Fix Mac Info.plist generation. rs+=Standard8 over IRC
4210984aef0b4993b619daff56e3311b5d497a76Philip Chee — Bug 485686 Page Info does not display any information about video stream from video tag r=Neil.
26104d8798a2715415d0e21af67ab07d45ec26aeRichard Marti — Fix bug 712103 - content/preferences/general.xul not processed. r=philipp
de2f178475b90ca6c0eea14ff8bb188bdc4fdc7dPhilippe Martinak — Fix bug 459021 - Invite Attendees dialog: automatically expand address book mailing lists. r=philipp
d33123c68cf2515f8a2c30b4ec1cff4373944b3fDonna Oberes — Bug 458454 - Add the ability to customize vanilla Thunderbird with a group of settings, through distribution.ini. r=sid0, a=Standard8 for CLOSED TREE
547dd26213afcec78397408301748cbc8c22692caceman — Bug 708315 - virtual search folder can't be deleted ("bundle is not defined" error in folderPane.js). r+a=Standard8
fbe171af8a1e23a5a2abfebf977359611d4b4eb1aceman — Bug 708274 - Remove 2 deprecated PR_ABS() uses in MailNews Core. r+a=Standard8
5cca813898ccab9547f30c693a46e85e31e38b11aceman — Bug 707306 - add null-arg checks in nsMsgFilter.cpp, nsMsgFilterList.cpp, nsMsgSearchAdapter.cpp; r+a=Standard8
c12dd46941ce5a8df2a9792750b457adc17b17b1Nomis101 — Bug 700175 - Port Bug 697881 "XCode 4.2 no longer provides a gcc-4.2" to c-c. r=Callek, a=Standard8
587bf3f19e32568a1e8451fbf6fc0d169d2f2685aceman — Bug 413521 part 2 - add null-arg checks in nsMsgFolderCompactor.cpp and nsMsgPrintEngine.cpp; r+a=Standard8
d84500876a3cd07c92e24b57579f1140dfe599d7aceman — Bug 413521 part 1 - add null-arg checks in nsMsgFilterService.cpp; r+a=Standard8
04e8dbba80bce186966a4153628e5b3cb3d0456bPhilip Chee — Bug 705452 BrowserSearch.loadSearch() uses the current search engine if the search sidebar is selected even if the sidebar itself is hidden r=Neil.
3f9d9e6e5c0ced77d72b4ddccec18edd457bf704Serge Gautherie — Bug 709829. (Av1) test_clearHistory_shutdown.js: Remove obsolete 'places-connection-closing'. r=Callek.
b9f97ed7e628af7f5e3dee862d19f7459dc5be7fEdmund Wong — Bug 675589 - Group all session restore menu items together. r=IanN
76e1d919b99192d44f7e9285c122e7a084f42b43Matthew Mecca — Bug 537456 - It is not possible to copy/paste Tasks. r=philipp
3c900f7b83d8556c3e14e500d0215f0b96696365Matthew Mecca — Bug 697639 - Add unit tests for calRecurrenceInfo clone. r=philipp
53896297893abcb0319be16cce91b38578a06535stefanh — Bug 677667 - [Mac Default] Make use of the new nsNativeTheme toolbarbutton styling in DM and PageInfo. r=Mnyromyr.
0ca6c359d3c7167b1d771a2a13df5ea818790580Edmund Wong — Bug 708703 - Spelling mistake bustage fix. r=dao
7978a944e54d5114eaa7419ec08d94c6d3daf7c0Edmund Wong — Bug 708703 - Use defaultPrevented as getPreventDefault() is deprecated. r=Neil
cfabf39d7be52b05b42f0f95abcd2cbcd8f03fc2Philippe Martinak — Fix bug 428022 - Category color indicators should be printed. r=philipp
55b341cdcf8261e7b4f1637c44036df76e019770Stefan Fleiter — Fix bug 605378 - Fail to parse supported-calendar-component-set results from Chandler PROPFIND. r=philipp
2086df5c1eaba8983c32d9caddb0ec76ce1e4f39Mark Banner — Fix Mac and Windows build bustage from bug 707576 landing in mozilla-central. r=bustage fix
f30f0689390255760e7e20d11eb10a1408077616Richard Marti — Bug 671119 - Calendar widget colors do not adapt to GTK high contrast themes - preferences part r=Decathlon
31541cf7e95176d8605c4a4bfe9acf194e795a86Richard Marti — Bug 671119 - Calendar widget colors do not adapt to GTK high contrast themes - calendar-views part r=Decathlon ui-r=Andreasn
9d14819617719f3edd6fd18e9eda461f41650a9eRichard Marti — Bug 671119 - Calendar widget colors do not adapt to GTK high contrast themes - minimonth part r=Decathlon ui-r=Andreasn
e1a82e86b2192742753eeae1e9b8c5c14fe146b0Jens Hatlak — Bug 709717 - Send the compatibility mode when using AMO Search API. r=Standard8,Callek
9d95f09dada7b04e44ce36049e9fbf9f78c3f5c0Justin Wood — Bug 711718 - Mac64 builds failing during packaging. r=Standard8
69926c6f425c0b0b6c7a6f9832154407e38bfe03Edmund Wong — Bug 675431 - Changed accesskeys to avoid duplications. r=IanN
9a410ad48bb0cfafac6965179660c84cd7cc6490Mark Banner — Follow up to bug 709737 - fix error in previous bustage fix by correcting the element tag for the toolbox overlay. r=mconley over irc.
b7656cc4ed0494269772de2cb2c2cd14af19068cJason Yeo — Bug 665142 - mark read by date should use a filter enumerator. r=bienvenu
de32f9b38feadf7aabcb3af73dea1617c8b31191aceman — Bug 697740 - "Run Junk Mail Controls on Folder" quits early with error gMessengerBundle is not defined chrome://messenger/content/junkCommands.js. r=bienvenu
11f70d4e462424990ee57f5ab346c50581d3a6d7aceman — Bug 652555 - Search... on folder context menu should be Search Messages... r=bwinton
29264fa15183fbe499ff7278f3d1a913f6e287e0aceman — Bug 650798 - Contacts sidebar: Missing accelerator keys on context menu. r+ui-review=bwinton
7fa1fb316de0bcb0120f8a71509bcdc4729fad3aaceman — Bug 545780 - mimeiimg.h: update comment about supported types. r=asuth
9ca714b1e2f318f1a3e524eb0a018428993bb26caceman — Bug 481682 - Thunderbird Message Filters enabled with spacebar won't save enabled/disabled state on close of filter list window. r=bienvenu
38998e0b621d661072ab65aec98b7d597c196f98Jens Hatlak — Fix Windows nightly bustage by including gkmedias.dll in the package. Port of bug 709721 from mozilla-central. r=bustage-fix
20b6eae32a23695533f2ba4314621576f35ee198Mark Banner — Fix Windows nightly bustage by including gkmedias.dll in the package. Port of bug 709721 from mozilla-central. r=bustage-fix
a3bfe58a7e428f60ad6907d4a765d7717d88b3fcMike Conley — Bug 710912 - Fix Mozmill test bustage on Linux caused by Bug 700536. r=bwinton.
2368d15d14bee2532a1db202c5fc85fc4bc15e91Mark Banner — Follow-up to bug 709737, hook the notifcation panel into the menu toolbar rather that the button toolbar to avoid breaking the migration assistant. r=test-fix.
8461a3a0d9709dfee79689bea872e73acea767caJim Porter — Bug 708982 - Fix review nits; r=mconley
51098d68a6f30351a6594ab389212f362dba5cbcJim Porter — Bug 708982 - Provide listenable events for attachment operations in the compose window; r=mconley
d8c25e08ba23acd6fd66c8f4d057af33d615f6d1Mark Banner — Bug 705808 - TestPilot first-run tab shouldn't open for Thunderbird. r=Standard8,ui-review=bwinton
30263aa049c5a5ffe8236518fde4fb222574868bMark Banner — Bug 709737. Fix some issues in Thunderbird's test pilot - get notifications working, make sure test pilot looks and builds the same on all channels, remove the unnecessary preferences button. r+ui-review=bwinton
5d1ce217c59310534f7ffa3751f6211aa17ec0b0Mike Conley — Bug 700536 - Account Provisioner UI and behaviour polish. ui-r=bwinton,r=bwinton.
823216c45b77778370f5b35db1a3e4012bdb7fc5Edmund Wong — Bug 697379 - Bustage fix from previous patch. r=Fallen
f72675b4a48f99caf7f6c92723467ec80840ed62Kyle Huey — Revert changes from Bug 709193. r=me
a81f79bead23378a47a8c224a149a264b328116eSerge Gautherie — Bug 710295. (Av1) test_autoconfigFetchDisk.js: Fully disable it on SeaMonkey. r=mbanner.
136c73144a58384e586dad4f2c900568058e3f00Stefan Sitter — Bug 710239 - Minimonth and Timepicker mousewheel support is broken [Error: NSUIEvent is not defined] r=philipp
67e067b6c9d6cfdb8125fbe2b69d9a848547f34fJens Hatlak — Bug 707225 - Addon update check should take into account compatibility preferences. r=Standard8,Callek
9652bb00432de062112f3f3b85a531dd381215adKyle Huey — Bug 709657: Start packaging the new uconvd.dll. rs=Callek
808503d44ba122847f9dd3702091e7dba30064fbMartin Strnsk — Bug 708577 - ldap/xpcom/src fails to build (gcc-4.6.1). r=bsmedberg
a2cd7e37802fc1a4b75695eef5d2e4f22655d554alta88 — Bug 705504 - Ensure feeds are deleted cleanly and completely. r=bienvenu
d2d1125046e9fbde6f88996fab68461c6dd0b079Jason Yeo — Bug 635993 - Attachment reminder doesn't recognize file names with matching file-type extensions. r=bwinton
b1363ce4fd80c3c62fd4a0841d196c8153da95c6alta88 — Bug 606818 - RSS Subscription stuck at "verifying the feed" r=Neil
bcf4d6cb534101be8177ff478d73c0f49e2b6ec2aceman — Bug 555105 - SMTP pref dialog should say Port Standard: 587 - not 25. r=Standard8,r=bienvenu
78ef1297c71dc1a63e895c86c20f972dcf3e46dbMatthew Mecca — Bug 709549 - Adding a new task selects the last item in the task list. r=philipp
c1e60860f7bfa18a025024370a02d63cf8ce8a2aMatthew Mecca — Bug 697639 - Editing the Start Date of a series of repeating items with an UNTIL date can leave invalid occurrences in the views. r=philipp
17574f0443d1fa9833b54e7d030fc9aa1093e53dRichard Marti — Bug 563177 - No tooltip shown for Calendar and Tasks toolbar button r=Fallen
4f0da54378088014b79a0583586b832f558de6b8Mark Banner — Bug 706905 - Pull in the latest ldap/sdks tag to pick up bug 693141 to allow LDAP C SDK with pymake on windows. r=bienvenu
10a67c180dab01aa13ba575c5b7656d997988701Mark Banner — Bug 707122 - Fix packaging of msvc dlls (add support for 2011, remove others if necessary on upgrade). r=sid0
bfb6c2f5a153ad04abd32c4f713d543100712380Mark Banner — Back out part of bug 707021, the obsolete "-MANIFESTUAC:NO" workaround appears to actually be necessary.
9256a778fe82bca0aae48924baedc92c6087ed71Serge Gautherie — Bug 686278. (Bv1-SM) Remove useless '-DMOZ_MAIL_NEWS'. r=mbanner.
7814c0f2732db09c21edc4784844a80bf11c918bJustin Wood — Bug 698437 following - fix it properly for suite. r+=Neil over IRC
1afd843a67b122114438dfb7f9cd3f6524bf78d1Justin Wood Bug 689437 - Drop support for migrating from old profiles (drop usages of libreg) r=Standard8 sr=Neil for landing on a CLOSED TREE
5d6b25eda12e22f97ff3165f187bedb79d426e36Ed Morley — fix libreg bustage
e490369977e676f9288b27bec53b19e8acab6015Edmund Wong — Bug 697379 - Fixed buildsymbols target for lightning on Windows. r=Fallen
045ed5e786193f7edc5cbdc5cbe6faa32d059c02Edmund Wong — Bug 701683 - Port |Bug #698248 - Remove FORCE_USE_PIC| to SeaMonkey. r=Callek
75669e449485d980f1c9576577c9b516c17f0fbbEdmund Wong — Bug 670561 - Show profile path in profile manager. r=Mnyromyr
3d2c908c293836474a79e285c36cb9315aae68b9Philip Chee — Bug 708640 Should be able to open a new tab by middle-clicking the "Go" button r=Neil.
64444f3864749db306d4d97c989db2444e7d3b80Philip Chee — Back out Bug 708640 forgot to add r+
e1f1b4c63c8039f7ebed4764587a1917670634f8Philip Chee — Bug 708640 Should be able to open a new tab by middle-clicking the "Go" button.
fabe9b1451e24b4513442dde239dfe06a64af6a9Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 707992 - Upgrade to virtualenv 1.7 for MozMill tests. rs=Standard8
43e23be10e39e79d9221c20e4c5fe6c3fb6dc5b9Jason Yeo — Bug 635938 - Support more common ms-word extensions for the missing attachment query. r=bwinton
a52dab6b64f43ac237f1904b9e1aa8df866daf6caceman — Bug 521209 - Alt-S and alt-D access key twice in Options/Display. r+ui-review=bwinton
ed4ec1672b6e91d79ea876f159e2d0e1b21b8becMark Banner — Bug 709020 - Remove unused "failedDuplicateAccount" string. r=Neil
6e7c802ef298c40eca62cd03a03070657dc05976Jim Porter — Bug 680192 - Port bug 617528 from Firefox and make html5 context menus work in Thunderbird (important for Conversations); r=protz
5343a0b4104ee1c1382ff3d8ca5cdb88bd6e0837Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 561618 - SMTP Protocol Failure. r=dbienvenu
64a900fced079949eeea35135fca687b9300b178Edmund Wong — Bug 702297 - Removed unnecessary line. (p2) r=Neil
a5059b3c07fb56373520e045f4b3a10e575c0dc2Edmund Wong — Bug 102275 - Number untitled pages. r=Neil, sr=Standard8
778c81627f48a7370d1ba5a2cec42e43229ecff3Mark Banner — Bug 707792 - Port bug 549561 to Thunderbird to speed up mailbloat tests. r=jhopkins test-only patch
95672521fc3bb2099e3de890486a41892587fb33Neil Rashbrook — Bug 705553 More frozen linkage fixes for Windows builds r=Standard8
cd77f678aa1c82bafa9839e9c513fee3715a9d21David Bienvenu — fix rss feed stores getting out of date, r=neil, bug 687430
38490f18f9600a4511e58f8e20a038687d03a356Mark Banner — Bug 557047 - Replace mailnews specific ifdef (MOZ_MAIL_NEWS) in cookie code with tests for a protocol flag. r=bienvenu
84a560e0d84e4a5365391bd4fedf8722991cb4e1Serge Gautherie — Bug 523573. (Av1) pageInfo.dtd: Remove obsolete 'linkNo' entity. r=neil.
06c532c43f91a53d2a63a4f2381fdfb7b27fb3faFrank Wein — Bug 705141 Fix silly typos in SuiteBrowser.manifest r=Neil.
4bbd139f57d30b9ff3875d703ead6b8718f41ea8Edmund Wong — Bug 78357 - Account wizard doesn't have a place to enter port info. r=IanN
0fe60a45c85fe52e785d728ab1c0826bc59b087aaceman — Bug 376546 - Wishlist: Message Filters should have "Mark as unread" action r=bienvenu r=IanN
f1cec15376bedef7f0a15f3d409863a66dd2c2b9Jim Porter — Bug 595654 - MultiMessageSummary and ThreadSummary should ensure multimessageview.xhtml is loaded before proceeding; r=protz
f8fff89bfabcff63b7bcf3437ab4a124499d26b7Neil Rashbrook — Bug 703503 Followup fix to support compilation with external linkage r=bienvneu
24a39254d6a8000e571a5cec0a45bec9c66c968dRichard Marti — Bug 687836 - An amalgamation of several bugs that alter the themes and underlying structure of the tab selector. r=bwinton, ui-r=bwinton.
62f30caedd94bd4c2aa82e0328a3b058ccbfd323Serge Gautherie — Bug 707021. (Bv1) Remove obsolete "-MANIFESTUAC:NO" workaround, Add support for MSVC 2011 compiler. r=mbanner.
478cd65b1e96fcba47d21077324a1ea03fb5c61aSerge Gautherie — Bug 442838. Unfork (TB) <msgCompSecurityInfo.xul>. r=mbanner.
e9a00fadaf6c0d78c03c622f0081470b76601a66aceman — Bug 518504 - Replace PR_MIN/PR_MAX with NS_MIN/NS_MAX, in comm-central - final part. r=Standard8
4c6da25500c1d46a93e3a62c9ca766d67b9bd009Richard Marti — Bug 677882 - Bug 486320 not fully functional with Lightning installed. r=andreasn
eeab443cdb4907ffe587887c33779334a63a37abJim McDonald — Bug 687520 - Add DSPAM, Bogofilter and POPFile to "Trust junk mail headers set by" Option. r=Standard8
bb873519e2498de59006acaf7acaaf9b446a33d0Philip Chee — Bug 698187 pluginCrashedUI Additional fix: Don't use addLinkClickCallback as it uses preventDefault r=Neil.
97dfc499d575cc3e0c4b009c9aa2e606d049349aJim Porter — Bug 701261 - Emails with body as "attachment" appear blank with no option to save attachment, and is shown as attachment by Forward; r=bienvenu
c746aa0555d8341ec97211d419fe90cd5ddea6aeJim Porter — Bug 698272 - Long attachment file name screws up message reader UI for messages with single attachment; r=bwinton
ae36b40292562cc8267f75bddbdbfc32951fb5b3Serge Gautherie — Bug 707021. (Av1-SM) Package MSVC 2011 dlls. rs=Callek.
4d583d242668ff22f66f35c6686427bb751daee5Serge Gautherie — Bug 694464. (Av1) add --disable-dbm (NSS_DISABLE_DBM) option. r=Callek.
5e2c9c9d03b539e42490fcf14db6612d38d92e92Serge Gautherie — Bug 694371. (Av1-SM) Use != (as in m-c bug 681893) instead of ==. r=Callek.
0999ba0a3515ae02daa5715247d86ae7d189030cDavid Bienvenu — get rid of eudora/outlook import dependence on nsIEditor, r=standard8, sr=neil, bug 681647
1263a80679867cc5d8a91bfe4969e289ee708d33David Bienvenu — implement numMsgsInView for special views to quiet error console exception, r=neil, bug 704451
9b9931394d81ed57881ef4cf9df9657013c6cd53Neil Rashbrook — Bug 705573 More frozen linkage fixes for debug Windows builds r=bienvenu
2ffa45bc67d245daf5a9f2a43bdbe4ea3cf34c9dMark Banner — Bug 706797 - Make AddonRepository.getAddonsByIDs() not send performance data. r=mconley
974e76df52ceffc1323f2e291625db14e38f86e4Mark Banner — Bug 706796 - Addons that haven't been updated for an extremely long time should not be compatible by default. r=bwinton
e946196ad32844ba141b5ccfa977a3a2dff768e6Mark Banner — Bug 706794 - Add extensions.strictCompatibility pref to Thunderbird to make addons compatible-by-default. r=bwinton
c410db14ee60b95f76fba30d18de1f326cd4c191Philip Chee — Bug 706421 Implement Application.platformIsMac in order to support Lightning Bug 316916 r=Neil.
ad8deace7f05d3216ec07fa5cd12cb396042b8bfMartin Schroeder — Bug 700079 - calItipEmailTransport does not set default SMTP server. r=Fallen
af64c8bde4096820b82c6bfffed9d3d84a230cefPhilip Chee — Bug 701428 Include hyphenation dictionaries in omnijar - remove old files from builds on update r=mcsmurf.
d5f1b6accdee26e3d5062447385043567d8f0a9cNomis101 — Bug 705532 - Remove typo'd ENVIRONMENT_MAC_OS_X_VERION_MIN_REQUIRED define from c-c. r=Standard8 a=Standard8 for checkin to CLOSED TREE
ee9ec0063b738f41225d08c5c408a4c6f6200b2dNeil Rashbrook — Bug 703522 Simplify focus-restoring code r=IanN
7603a7f1fc08467ad607abec3c9e8b7f6fddb16eEdmund Wong — Bug 612031 - Follow-up to removal of region.dtd r=Fallen NPOTB(sunbird) so DONTBUILD
58cf9351cc23ad1d0df3b89e429652b44d9daa14Philip Chee — Suite bustage fix for Bug 688860 Cannot switch spell check language with multiple compose windows open r=Neil.
1d4e052858dfcfdfd5ece66d10345fea2f5e6e9cEdmund Wong — Bug 702297 - Disable Recently Closed Tabs/Windows in the Go Menu when empty. r=IanN
1d249939cafe573acb771763b868240409a30f11Siddharth Agarwal — Bug 689742 - Disable hardware accelerated layers and direct2d in Thunderbird. r=Standard8
aa5b97afb1f251f6426a78e4db5cc2c253abcad9Jesper Kristensen — Bug 688860 - Cannot switch spell check language with multiple compose windows open. r=Standard8
a632f8d8ff816fb08cae4fc230353da118010299Wolfgang Rosenauer — Bug 704234 - Don't show the update channel if the updater is disabled. r=standard8
c38d6dd2c8b7de7c75079c7c934d48fc18931df9ABE Hiroki — Bug 675593 - nspr4!1.pgc path misstake on nspr pgo build (c-c part). r=ted
60b1179ae6b93eafd3e7ad67a3d3eb479e7b949bHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 703503 - Additional tests for charset detection of attachment file. r=mconley
aed166a284ff2a646d67ff923a996ce2de180143Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 703503 - Charset detection function should be moved into mailnews/base/util/. r=dbienvenu
68838a580fb7a9af30beb35065f9a3c491dbc103Richard Marti — Bug 434009 - Replace Task Progress bar colors r+ui-r=Fallen
c6acde681f6316aff5cf82a5daf08dc4e68549cbNeil Rashbrook — Bug 623155 Force URLbar to update when displaying an error page r=Torisugari
2d85ecaf36c6f5133b29ca52ebba641db31bcebeJoshua Cranmer — Bug 670935 - Fix handling of news URIs when group names contain `&' and other characters. r=bienvenu
1330950c8ae4aca1c5290d792ff60364edb1971eJustin Wood — Bug 698916 add Danish locale for SeaMonkey, r=me a=DONTBUILD
16b5f81c65f54e2a85f316407994cb0d47cfc9c6Magnus Melin — Bug 39121 - Unspecialize Trash folder for IMAP "Mark as Deleted" & "Remove Immediately" modes; r=bienvenu, sr=neil
fbbb89f6e1ee5e96db2f3558c0ebf5fc057fed19Jens Hatlak — Bug 702800 - Port |Bug 700854 - {Media,Image,Video}Document should reference an external stylesheet for use in styling their contents|. r=mcsmurf
6b15b03415a491ee7e3119805be6d7422b2de75cPhilip Chee — Followup fix for Bug 701051 Reduce CPU load in the Download Manager UI during downloads r=Neil.
36004cdd06bb634e4d66ca751c7ebad201b36c8eJens Hatlak — Bug 702019 - Port UI parts of |Bug 617528 - implement the HTML5 "context menu" feature (contextmenu attribute)|. r=Neil
0a2f988070547d2ee1b3a385216c0cdfe664be5eJens Hatlak — Bug 704016 - Enable View Source for .eml files and port |Bug 550478 - Attached .eml - Other Actions --> View Source - only shows body|. r+moa=Mnyromyr
3ab8b701b57eb14d205e528c2503c005baf3baacJens Hatlak — Bug 700899 - Port |Bug 193281 - Ability to import/save e-mail messages from .eml text files to folders (Message|Copy)|. r+moa=Mnyromyr
3769878d4f39d283997c78810baec91df73e854aJens Hatlak — Bug 702792 - Port |Bug 700201 - Addons that haven't been updated for an extremely long time should not be compatible by default|. Part 2: Enable compatible-by-default (port bug 698653). r=IanN
64bbe1a9d9887c24f574093a3de14dc68be0be67Jens Hatlak — Bug 702792 - Port |Bug 700201 - Addons that haven't been updated for an extremely long time should not be compatible by default|. Part 1: Add prefs, compatible-by-default disabled. r=IanN
ef4201e5a83804719b85a07ed0bfe2c1040d0339Jan Horak — Bug 306324 Build system changes to support --with-libxul-sdk r=Neil,Callek
2606d4d378c826eab102cc5b3f43680818362904Edmund Wong — Bug 625272 - Port |Bug 617787 - Stop offering uninstall survey to users| to Sunbird. r=philipp
c016e832aabb8c66e333736740e5f894b7949414Jan Horak — Bug 590494 Move ldap/xpcom/src to frozen linkage r=Neil
a1d41a4a5c1149d87a19a07a3d86c39ba5706b21Takanori MATSUURA — Bug 704797 - Port |Bug 650476 - Build --with-libxul-sdk is broken| to comm-central. r=Callek
52091c6aa7f98513172a1ead3ace271c76c2ffbdHiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 702881 - Fix the comment of GetSampleData. r=dbienvenu
9696f60a3def0036ba014a4c4d1c01ef860e126dPhilip Chee — Bug 701051 Reduce CPU load in the Download Manager UI during downloads (Port Bug 397424) r=InvisibleSmiley r=KaiRo r=Neil.
227e3ebe67b3170789b7183fe1c1958bfa312f3bNeil Rashbrook — Bug 657394 Partly move mailnews/import to frozen linkage r=bienvenu
3296869cb2c5a1679a6b7d9ce7146d50b0417cd8Richard Marti — Bug 687453 - Event dialog: No icons in customize toolbar r=Fallen
9dd36e4b323117911f4418455ce4e7eb8b605842Mark Banner — Update Test Pilot version to 1.3.1 to match that uploaded to AMO. a=Standard8 DONTBUILD
2ce3df66398ee4480401bdf01843531023148f89Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 702475 - delimiter, the third argument of nsTextAddress::ReadRecord and ReadRecordNumber, is not used at all. r=bienvenu
1052fda15cbcd80858c3634784220b44412b232eMike Kaganski — Bug 690207 - Skip IMAP folders on import from Outlook. r=bienvenu
da62106ad30b132ff43a2c515d07e4f5114f39f4Jim Porter — Bug 704436 - "Get next N news messages" never works. r=Standard8
fac3f825a13b57fb0bbf5b59d9b23ac74a5aa9fbSerge Gautherie — fix bug 611233, r=bienvenu, add NS_ENSURE_ARG_POINTER to various imap interface implementations
e57a9c880238b71e2c87144402cbfe5e7d709f7cJoshua Cranmer — Bug 226890 - Thunderbird doesn't handle news URIs properly, part 10: Make command-line news handling work. r=bienvenu, sr=neil
874d9533b2d8444d93929e4dd30b9c82b1df4fd3Matthew Gertner — Bug 657394 Partly move mailnews/import to frozen linkage r=Neil
4b427d4f3721b8fd69ea7185bd8b9c00a185bd5bDecathlon — Fix bug 624662 - Event dialog: start/end timezone get lost if 'all day' checkbox is ticked/de-ticked once. r=philipp
4bd62c62b092d47f7e26fc9bc5bf61bb44ab572eJim Porter — Bug 702201 - Clicking the "Delete" toolbar button with an attachment focused should delete the message, not the attachment; r=bwinton, ui-r=bwinton
f7ba3c3bb06a2aced02a680479ca332a48791106Matthew Mecca — Bug 701659 - Alarms fire but cannot be removed from the Alarm Dialog for occurrences of repeating items starting more than 6 hours in the future. r=philipp
d1148138dfe5633d6b8661bd31690f604d75deccPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 703308 - Replace call to isSameNode() in agenda-listbox.js (method was removed in mozilla10). r=ssitter
030e1a66b572a73664d1abbee54a617ca89abb40Philip Chee — Back out bug 701051
af611683d127330f55876d95adc735767f04b250Philip Chee — Bug 701051 Reduce CPU load in the Download Manager UI during downloads (Port Bug 397424) r=InvisibleSmiley r=KaiRo.
806680a1df408a20d6facf2d107a3aaff0f227f4Richard Marti — Bug 697413 - Usage of progress bar for visualizing imap quota is irritating - details window only. r+ui-review=bwinton
18fb544d19c1f64de1948c1c4514db6c855d0dd7Mike Kaganski — Bug 687848 - crash in TB when import email from outlook 2007 due to OOM. r=bienvenu
9c8c54d9963c2cc52ff68448f40268af330cceefaceman — Bug 585308 - change access key for account settings to S to match main pane. r=bienvenu,ui-review=bwinton
410f1fa9ebc6b8d8ad2c8925f21c91f78a82a810Serge Gautherie — Bug 696572. (Av1) Replace WRAP_MALLOC_* with WRAP_LDFLAGS. r=kairo.
5698086670e5834055c915b58fc6362faf5e53e9Serge Gautherie — Bug 696455. (Av1) Sync' WRAP_MALLOC_* per m-c bug 680373. r=kairo.
993275bb462b219b4984d6fca840b0bd56309b5aPhilipp Kewisch — Related to bug 406579 and discussion in dev.l10n: report strings, but don't cause an error
e4c895f1d7596ad5bfda5bf7632109c33f9890f7Jim Porter — Bug 702094 - Dragging attachments from the compose window doesn't work anymore; r=bwinton
336a01b5aa31999eae6a8bca1f8a3c36f2e1d96cSiddharth Agarwal — Bug 695468 - Upgrade to MozMill 1.5.6 for Thunderbird. rs=Standard8
825d9b87e96c2be0680583c1bb448e122b9f98e1Nomis101 — Bug 701671 - Entity messengerWindow.title seems not to be used in Thunderbird. r=bwinton
5fcf49d5c631927e19a5c09ae9077f4c8529f735Samuel Müller — Bug 702137 - genericPhotoHandler saves wrong photoname. r=mconley
415929bb2436d8b4d7dc8582f427f9acb8f91046aceman — Bug 488971 - 6 * |mailnews/base/test/TestMsgStripRE.cpp(102) : warning C4309: 'initializing' : truncation of constant value|. r=Standard8
92b016a6e2790387158fe1ee722c6769731db4beaceman — Bug 666202 - import subscriptions and export subscriptions differ about opml extension. r=myk
69b52d8af4fa416abefb01a68c1dd967e790e652Irving Reid — Bug 535103 - Thunderbird does not (offer to) remember authenticated proxy password. r=Standard8
99d3461b94890e32d57a90d0b044322007f172fdMike Conley — Bug 690655 - Fix regression caused by bug 664726 that prevents users from editing their identity vCards. r=bienvenu.
a17719df870ce9c71f11e7f68e238d277682f78dDavid Bienvenu — fix bug 696913, r=irving, deadlock in nsIMapProtocol::SendData if UI thread calls CanHandleUrl
67d404aad8a7b3002fb34d669d8f9918d5c27767Mike Conley — Bug 702349 - Test Pilot study details window no longer has transparent background. r=squib.
a0f50ea34c777fa44919c5273a99216bdb2ae31aPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 647232 - Update internal timezone database from version 2011b to version 2011n. r=ssitter
fb100e360ac66242018ae6eef14601eb1303f3d0Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 406579 - Update story for timezone database. r=mschroeder
aeb7f4dbcb2e1061f7322fbd4746d9d16ae1e8eeaceman — Bug 649268 - msgReadSMIMEOverlay.xul: 1 s/observes/command/. r=Standard8
e87e557567924852609d33023fb731ce89cab207Hiroyuki Ikezoe — Bug 701213 - some mistakes in comment. r=bienvenu
1532d5425ddc7345e6271d21754ad9f199283f15Nomis101 — Bug 700745 - Remove -fpascal-strings from mac build options. r=Standard8
6183e7eb32db275e50c8ff6b3b09965f28eca110Jim Porter — Bug 702086 - Don't throw when version is null in specialTabs.splitVersion; r=standard8
90db9e545b04a0beaaa6ef2ed87b2752613ed9d4Mark Banner — Bug 702209 - [testpilot] Disable feedback buttons in Tools -> Feedback menu for now. r=bwinton
0288e8d3096505fa5fdc140e30052a3020661929Andreas Nilsson — Bug 583197 - Fix hard-to-read To/From/Subject field labels on grey backgrounds on Windows. r=bwinton.
2320a8ec2c1ed63a8939b8bcf3b04cfa2fdcce9aJonathan Kamens — Bug 696621 - Fix accidental global variable creation in mail/base/content/folderPane.js. r=squib.
ae8606c83944aa251c3955d76fe953bb62f4cf46Jan Horak — Bug 306324 - Convert some bits of mailnews to frozen linkages. r=neil.
117365595f1576f1c5725f353d4b53dceb7171a9Adrian Kalla — Bug 632922 - Port |Bug 579175 - services/sync ignored in| to SeaMonkey. r=KaiRo
49ad02f10384bd955a3f90bc08f1ee1de18ca710Philip Chee — Bug 700604 Sync Feed Preview with Firefox as at 2011/11 r=IanN.
259ba99bda297a75e5c7e3993adfa95101fc0881Michael Wu — Bug 701875 - Rename omni.jar to omni.ja on CLOSED TREE, r=Callek
18d9e519334f64b46bc44674bbc1f0e257c5de17Edmund Wong — Bug 608103 - Message Display clipped on Windows 7. r=IanN f=stanio
b9b3da006a5c6e3d2ec65be9886b2148b21027b3Ian Neal — Port |Bug 311007 - Add aFlags arg to onLocationChange(...), to distinguish between same-document and different-document| to comm-central (missing change)
846450e2dfe4d719ac83768e68e613bbbce3455cO. Atsushi — add aFlag to state change events, r=bienvenu, bug 701679, editor changes by bienvenu CLOSED TREE
64edaf61ed76c946996e35fb55412fdbf988fbcfJens Hatlak — Bug 701540 - stop test_multi_select.xul hanging on Windows. r=Neil
ae509ec7b1233f136f6b3625782ee132ab7aa798Jim Porter — Bug 700054 - Emoticons not displayed in pull-down menu using GNOME desktop; r=bwinton, ui-r=mconley
8867ea4e1147f3ff5c507ab05a5c65823843f72eDavid Bienvenu — fix reply/ forward inline/edit as new for .eml files with inline images, r=neil, sr=standard8, bug 351109
8cb20fb12d717cf6b3816fe89a09214dc8151b0dIan Neal — Bug 694027 - Move Editor toolbar buttons from editorOverlay to editingOverlay r=neil/standard8
fba69840e3d710c323e8204cb340a0f04c1260f4Mark Banner — Bug 700947 - Really hide the feedback button this time. r=protz
b09edfb0a96b894050e608bb2be7e2e971b2d659Jonathan Protzenko — Bug 700993 - Chrome tabs broken after landing of bug 677421 r=squib
6db37beee5dcdf66d0e4c847e7bc2c7802dd6923Mike Conley — Bug 701016 followup - change the ID of the "more" string so that localizers can see the change. r=Standard8.
40dfb97a7e81b7b7cebe40372ae07c9b25826b23Stefan Sitter — Version bump for Lightning r=me
92b24860c777df12489e852bf3b05c2b4540ee9bMike Conley — Bug 701016 - Remove hard-coded "Free" string, and add plural form support in Account Provisioner. r=sid0.
b171104392c3d4b16574de0a6a95f4147ce5f0e1Jim Porter — Bug 700947 - Hide Test Pilot Feedback button on Aurora until works for Thunderbird. r=Standard8
45c94710b32b13476c7cabeda559021da6ddc023Jim Porter — Bug 550478 - Attached .eml - Other Actions --> View Source - only shows body.; r=bienvenu
d8ca97163b221ae793781cabc9b8c19a971d5b43Jim Porter — Bug 193281 - Ability to import/save e-mail messages from .eml text files to folders (Message|Copy); r=bienvenu
2420b360a49f013b7b0751c986a507ae7d8665ceMark Banner — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=auroramerge CLOSED TREE
c4e50565e7def2aa53d3c925574e1bb0e8b3cd5fMark Banner — closing old head a=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
b8b55beb2fffee378cb558bde4afba43651704b5Mark Banner — Added tag AURORA_10_END for changeset 7d00efca8e97 a=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
e904baa11ec3f2ef4f4b307ee85e605fe685f76fMark Banner — closing old head a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
cbf51dd965ca8598711fdbfbb0d53d2fa54e8985Mark Banner — Added tag BETA_10_END for changeset 1c6ac0edc23e a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE