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Mon Jul 21 20:52:37 2014 +0000
84d8ef10a50366c0d5fdb86a9eff00b153f80952Justin Wood — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=betamerge,ba=betamerge CLOSED TREE
6d6c7db9d3c69970f675674d3463362a12fc6f18Justin Wood — Added tag BETA_BASE_20140721 for changeset f5a6cda17edf a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE AURORA_32_END
f5a6cda17edf26b6361e8821651ab7f282b7a090Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 1041566 - Lightning 3.5 broken with 2014-07-21 update (regression). r=ssitter,a=bustage,a=philipp BETA_BASE_20140721
a59d8984dc0410a8b5dfffb8bb1163474e5f13a4seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-4 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
1f3fef3cad58c0f548c78d1157ee9383a06ef752rsx11m — Bug 903439 - Disable Geolocation service while we are waiting for an API key. r=Neil, a=Callek
f1120f0c82596d450617bac62e98c98845beb941Joshua Cranmer — Bug 966053 - Recipient area mishandles display names with commas in them (e.g. "LastName, FirstName"), during autocomplete creates dysfunctional extra "LastName" recipients without email address. r+a=Standard8
86e2d9a46a577723f148ed75a96582c8d1844f4fGeoff Lankow — Fix bug 682109 - Today pane: Today's date not automatically updated. r=philipp,a=philipp
35bebddb9fa0ee1567f8595cb658a9aa0327c98bPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 1021684 - Update Filelink implementation to new APIs - interface extras for extensions. r=clokep,a=Standard8
3fa89a20d1cf93f99a83d9e6720b5f81e943206ePatrick Cloke — Bug 1021684 - Update Filelink implementation to new APIs. r=mconley,philipp,a=Standard8
0cb152347ca3d3480fad101985f214cca537c48eMakeMyDay — Fix bug 998281 - Default status new event is available, should be busy. r=philipp,a=philipp
babc3a08e7f9fd450521ae2b9600cce8180eaf20Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 1007040 - Autocomplete for event invitations: Use uppercase and lowercase of name like in addressbook card (regression). r=Decathlon
faa7a9683cfc5977f3f6d09184c93a956f9a5679Philipp Kewisch — Bug 1026623 - Backout f0bdccb91e50 for double commit.a=philipp
9334a332531a41ec1c999132ef93a37a70581319Merike Sell — Bug 1031715 - Converting email to event shouldn't fail when Thunderbird Conversations is installed. r=philipp,a=philipp
f0bdccb91e50ca850512d13c8e216aa398408865Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 1026623 - Set em:strictCompatibility to ensure the right Lightning version is used. r=ssitter
05a977be5c702eb9a367cd79a6dc8c3ba6a078a2MakeMyDay — Fix bug 1002024 - Sending separate invitations to attendees onlys send email for first invited person. r=philipp
0664cbda9968b3170039d212a2f654c7ec570b56Neil Rashbrook — Bug 1009451 Destroy the Aero Peek controller before the preview r=mcsmurf a=IanN
bce43c6ef5f1896c2acdfc10635faeae68a06428Neil Rashbrook — Bug 1018263 Fix Selection list properties dialog r=Ratty a=IanN
6ebeda3f772f739536835720abe4cb2f85983428Neil Rashbrook — Bug 1018256 Fix Save and Change Character Encoding dialog r=IanN a=IanN
2711be4f28a38b632f0ad9e49f63152490ff165eNeil Rashbrook — Bug 1016132 Don't mutate the [[Prototype]] of Application.prototype r=IanN a=IanN
b53c15b39a7ceb91ee243918b64ca635c5d29d1aNeil Rashbrook — Bug 825127 Update Modern theme for about:memory CSS changes r=Ratty a=IanN
135de3391f57f5101ccd6ef6b5fb0736f2c24e03Neil Rashbrook — Backed out changeset ed8c317c7a96 (bug 970121) for causing a regression a=backout
4f540121ea177b276af09fb4a056c080a31b7e6dseabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-6 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
8a344d493bfc841dc488761de36d559da77001dcaleth — Bug 788137 - Nick for XMPP chatrooms becomes 'null'. r=clokep, a=standard8
1041f0fd1498e3bc390d815c03cb60a5ad84cb93Gijs Kruitbosch — Bug 1033568 - adjust pref for tests, r=mconley,a=Standard8
124e7a95b41fb58427136d6022339470d9ccbb59seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-3 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
8ef57f6f159d1d53359a8ed017e6e3c5efc2e1e4tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-329 - a=blocklist-update
4a4c078209fd3490570ad093c3b2943d14e13de8seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-6 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
fa139a736eee55df3dcea86d72df1a7c5f4bf26dKevin K. — Bug 1019021 - Fix packaged builds throwing NS_ERROR_FACTORY_NOT_REGISTERED when trying to run for .. in .. loops on the content window object r=Ratty a=Ratty for comm-aurora and comm-beta
1e2d938df3732c3fff49c7a90fb3d8baecafdd69Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 1026623 - Set em:strictCompatibility to ensure the right Lightning version is used. r=ssitter,a=philipp
186cd7da6169bf257376b551770714b9d3795384tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-032 - a=blocklist-update
ded4b057ab844835a52538e9cde2b784483182daseabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-5 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
681006a86b3dc5e6587adb72bc8a8927fe21b38bRichard Marti — Bug 1026382 - Remove the background gradient from splitter with LWTheme enabled. r+a=philipp
ce671cd4d70f74547086f343fce3b4e7af2ed79brsx11m — Bug 1019583 - Enable notifications by default again for using offline storage. r=Neil, a=Callek
9ee683deb2ab3886504f051718ac29a33794fe77seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-3 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
a293048deaae2d22aa701ef68f6f920667510b9ctbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host b-linux64-hp-0030 - a=blocklist-update
304c77df9a71741275d6671f11dbb98a7aedb696Mark Banner — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=auroramerge,ba=auroramerge CLOSED TREE
4e1e0850f0a15ae94ba4559ba7257e239aab34a4Mark Banner — Added tag AURORA_BASE_20140609 for changeset a56084a67047 a=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
a56084a6704764480ed4c5aeec77dd4c0f8d585eMagnus Melin — Bug 880261 - Attachment reminder triggers on "attachment" in a (formatted) URL. r=bwinton. a=standard8 AURORA_BASE_20140609
1ac4de6dc08154e1bafc2405d90eb8c6cf1381e0aceman — Bug 964377 - Make waiting for notification in test-attachment-reminder.js more robust. r=mkmelin, a=me
ec1a45397e17d922dbdc19d27ca18fd94d1b2566Mark Banner — Port bug 1014976 Make MOZ_NO_DEBUG_RTL builds actually disable the MSVC debug CRT everywhere - to attempt to fix xpcshell bustage. rs=build-system-peer-port for busted tests,a=Standard8
dfe18de037d7fa8a6ccf31b603d4895b8ce63d4dSuyash Agarwal — Bug 1018542 - Modify test_movemailDownload.js to use Promises. r=rkent, a=me
a319e32034e63b9896b882e13d1f74a6ab844d2aalta88 — Bug 1005064 - Errors in FeedUtils.jsm when fetching favicons. r=mkmelin, a=me
3003e97f7fca0f76ce99095cfe38bfe0b1957407Philip Chee — Bug 1017696 - Use a JSON storage back-end in the Login Manager - SeaMonkey part r=Neil
f54c834090c20ce9ba38a0d49534351ff8c4be56Honza Bambas — Bug 1022133 - Disable HTTP cache v2 for Thunderbird. r=jcranmer, a=me
92045640e8b3c6f622569a8236666446b736c4f5Mark Banner — Fix typo from port of bug 1014976 / changeset 79a088faa9e4. rs=bustage-fix for CLOSED TREE
37140ce93570d2e753a817adca02e6dfb275d4e9Neil Rashbrook — Bug 1020630 Geolocation and Desktop Notification permission prompts don't work r=Ratty
79a088faa9e484087c7d3a0cb809b6f6d8327faaMark Banner — Port Bug 1014976 - Slightly clean up ICU setup for windows debug builds. rs=port-by-build-system-peer for bustage fix for CLOSED TREE
54d3f853c2f8e84503ed054a35b8144922150f3aMark Banner — Attempt to fix bug 1022449 (windows compliation bustage) by porting bug 1013014 - disable trace-malloc on tinderbox builds. rs=port-by-build-system-peer for bustage fix for CLOSED TREE
4b8ed969933d31b46dc29077ce58263f21ad7b71Merike Sell — Bug 1017812 - pref.defaultemail.label and pref.defaulttext.label unused. r=philipp, a=me
75c7a452afa8088751ef7c8f2a8f8ebeb3582da8Quentin Headen — Bug 1013034 - JS-Yahoo: Conference messages aren't broadcast. r=clokep
8395f38cfba11df714dce9ec57f8bc277eb03d63Richard Marti — Bug 1022346 - Port bug 894224 - Australis tabs separators are too faint. r=josiah, a=me
4775099e4d955619878f5dced66f7ef2f35fa724Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 1021362 - /msg foo tries to send the message "foo" to a blank nick. r=clokep
2be89f58a671e9cb4e9fba4122958f5f71896ae3alta88 — Bug 942638 - Fix typo in "gMessenberBundle" in displayNameUtils.js (found by alta88). r=squib
9c0ca191027ab4e96f6c18e9fca1eecf2654651cPhilip Chee — Bug 1001071 XBLify folder-selection menus in FilterListDialog and SearchDialog.xul r=Neil
2711f19445fbbed0f469897bbd141bc86fae34d2aceman — Bug 177206 - Optimize nsAbView:SortBy to not sort if not necessary. r=standard8, a=me
5e650196589ac835d855ca37ff0881d33eb92164tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-054 - a=blocklist-update
ff295b78aced6b51448fe60fa74cbacd8699494aseabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-1 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
7f8eb9f73fe21907a3eb0e610fdc6b85b39a1ccdaceman — Bug 1018199 - Remove unused smtpServer-SecureAuthentication-Type-* strings. r=mkmelin, r=Neil, a=me
f66dffcd46173f7f0cb1b3723cc623c9a2f392f2rsx11m — Bug 173465 - Add UI for mail/news "network.protocol-handler.external..." preferences. r=IanN, ui-r=Neil
321e89baf21e6247b55f3cfbbc58af7350e857fbJoshua Cranmer — Bug 1018624, part 4: Wait for the login manager to start before triggering auth dialogs, r=Standard8, a=me
24156b0458cdc6aa9d3d30168d79a7cfcebed524Joshua Cranmer — Bug 1018624, part 3: Kill the NNTP legacy credentials migrator, r=Neil.
9f96a0305c9f9ff4d790ee6bfc294d3174259c78Joshua Cranmer — Bug 1018624, part 2: Use json storage database files instead of sqlite, r=Standard8.
9477e9a40a038f4bf7d80a07ec5d3468bd4fe8d1Josiah Bruner — Bug 1015779 - C-headers Remove whitespace in mail/ r=jcranmer a=jcranmer
09f077f965ef2f5de45a563f594096b101c4bf5eJosiah Bruner — Bug 1015779 - XML Remove whitespace in mail/ r=mconley
7e23a0acc5e86e2f19560950dbcbd1c735f038faJosiah Bruner — Bug 1015779 - XUL Remove whitespace in mail/ r=mconley
f5bcaef84129bb5de37d646d1102283dbbbc7be4Josiah Bruner — Bug 1015779 - JS Remove whitespace in mail/ r=mconley
9f37dabe70cb9afb8092351ac3e2beca499e9489Josiah Bruner — Bug 1015779 - C++ Remove trailing whitespace in mail/ r=jcranmer
f6c069c7563cb3aec88f21b1cfa9808168a26d44aceman — Bug 1019945 - Replace numeric strings IDs in r=standard8, a=me
68cf71f2f6d811118b41f90ec7ab7b3676b7902arsx11m — Bug 1018718 - Capitalize accesskeys correctly in colors preferences. r=mkmelin
61c798cd7cb8608f94efa10ba099b6d034180ee8Sebastian Hengst — Bug 1017700 - Port bug 1014282 from m-c: ssl errors should not prompt users to 'report web forgery'. r=mkmelin, a=me
c01fd1da06d5827b9373acea92c5dd1b9a502582aceman — Bug 1017183 - In steelApplication.js, determine running under Linux via Cc[";1"], gconf service and gio service. r=standard8
7c14b91b3088331f017c9e456fc21b3aca6bff64Suyash Agarwal — Bug 1016767 - Modify test_imapID to use Promises. r=rkent
ab579f902236494c9ba4f206f1a2e490151c4643rsx11m — Bug 1015924 - Focus cursor on address bar when opening new private window. r=Neil, a=me
177fe519c1eecc28f55aef79cd109afb9dd75a93aceman — Bug 1015775 - Fix exceptions thrown when creating first new account. r=mkmelin
fa19c31d7e11c5da13e462028d2c6d2551e04e99Josiah Bruner — Bug 906741 - Completely dismiss window after sending a message in fullscreen mode on OS X. r=mkmelin
74533c39aff7d3e99bfeb0cb6f06ede1ffde9407aceman — Bug 571030 - Properly decode non-ASCII message subject in activity manager. r=jcranmer
f7ab709f43b55977dffb5e98259d616dd405307cKent James — Bug 1019851.patch, Do not assert when asking for folderURL of root folder, r=standard8, a=ryanvm
2608fae8b13be280012b5561bbdab12824a8f95aPatrick Cloke — Bug 1017946 - Kill usage of hasOwnProperty global, fixed interdiff. r=aleth a=RyanVM
8877b30a38c31bd79ef3cdde696a0392d3c5d95bJoshua Cranmer — Bug 790855, part 2: Implement nsIMimeConverter in JS, r=irving, a=me
29d10e5f69abeb6109790c23b74a6e49c6755224Joshua Cranmer — Bug 790855, part 1: nsIMimeConverter needs to return AUTF8String instead of ACString, r=Neil
a8d1e10d39b77de6b13e9fff8843feb3d27ec12eJoshua Cranmer — Bug 858337 - Implement JS header parsing in JSMime, r=irving, sr=Standard8
babb5e26c4edd036f094099b027687ea9a0a6b8cNihanth Subramanya — Bug 1018602 - "Your account has been reconnected" message not displayed in private conversations if the other party is not a contact. r=aleth a=RyanVM
1023b47fd0ffbadab9f9bfa99bd46f811d72d6bdPatrick Cloke — Bug 1017946 - Kill usage of hasOwnProperty global. r=aleth
80203d332229ea83fd1e4e33e10e6b5df09adeeaPatrick Cloke — Bug 1017946 - Kill usage of hasOwnProperty global, XMPP part. r=aleth
1012dfcd9ec2f114415fbc3d1822a7cc58ce4778Nihanth Subramanya — Bug 1009284 - Joining throbber sometimes only shows top left corner, r=florian.
4d0cc29b6341436b6045c74867786b2c21264249Patrick Cloke — Bug 1012666 - Fix up checking if IRC topics are settable, fix regression when joining a channel as op. r=aleth
546a24b91d054693f02fddea98b3e5c16197af9bJoshua Cranmer — Port bug 861425 to c-c to fix check-sync-dirs bustage, rs=port by build peer. CLOSED TREE
30b5a6ab6780da64461fc5a554a325e94b4f8940Joshua Cranmer — Bug 1018624 - Asynchronously load password storage in tests, r=Standard8, a=bustage-fix for CLOSED TREE.
9bd77606066e0cc65f916c93c9fee49056bd9a6cNeil Rashbrook — Bug 794749 Vertical view doesn't persist splitter positions correctly r=IanN
5dd3c0e27d09e302d8806f5164a99abfb3d1609baceman — Bug 61059 - fix javascript strict warnings in directory.js. r=Neil
16295350aca308bc504d102aa7010880bab795acNihanth Subramanya — Bug 1012666 - Fix up checking if IRC topics are settable: fix typo causing bustage. r=clokep a=DONTBUILD chat-only regression fix on CLOSED TREE
114feac4036f4ae23000c49b208b8cb2ff1e7eafPhilip Chee — Bug 1017696 - fix make package bustage from Bug 853549 (comm-central) rs=bustage CLOSED TREE
74c3004f6627277ff9cfffccaa0aa1de101914f1Merike Sell — Bug 1015748 - Extracting task from email fails with active selection. r=philipp
a9c18429042ce6c4c4aee05c4f6f91c92b53397dPatrick Cloke — Bug 1012666 - Fix up checking if IRC topics are settable. r=aleth
8b21e2011df4827bd9fa11ca8423c6d83ce1c6d8Philipp Kewisch — Bug 1011287 - Check if debugger server loading needs to be done differently for Thunderbird after bug 859372. r=mconley
86a5d8565b168d108b4b389c805ed3875ea9faf1aceman — Bug 1010145 - Enlarge text area to input or edit signature in the account manager. ui-r=bwinton, r=mkmelin, r=Neil
40fe87433749fc6e3a44278b0d81ca2c83ceaaeaJosiah Bruner — Bug 1014950 - Remove some unused graphics in themes/osx. r=richard.marti
57ec47cea66e855d72a6cca695b92af2f9ee2829aceman — Bug 984875 - Improve performance of compose window autocomplete of recipients. r=standard8
78e61031f8d42729233b2313941fe6e397bc1d2faceman — Bug 978592 - Fix toggling of folder modes and add tests. ui-r=Josiah, r=mkmelin
753d0e637a7d1dd1dd3e464099494d22abf22fbcaceman — Bug 853159 - Merge hex decoding functions throughout mailnews. r=Neil, r=Standard8
abcc4ccdf1ed7c67dcfe18986274f646e5db2e8crsx11m — Bug 844098 - Update about:rights content for Safe Browsing based on Toolkit bug 514817 and separate inline scripts. r=IanN, ui-r=Neil
6d68e92d14036de5847271fa821242e9abe0fd77Suyash Agarwal — Bug 1011402 - Make test_localFolders.js work with maildir. r=rkent
d7b020cfc07264e9f862080c8e5733950f981544Thomas Düllmann — Bug 738569 - Focus Quick Filter search box when Quick Filter Bar is shown from Quick Filter button. r+ui-r=squib
17cf0c79b4fe193322b4c58078b81c23494b853fThomas Düllmann — Bug 687324 - Enable Shift modifier in contextual UI locations for composing to recipient in non-default format (HTML vs. plaintext). r=Neil, r+ui-r=squib
536222e65010de74f5d29cb44da19ea42c9749b3aceman — Bug 609674 - Don't remove pop3 activities in Activity manager that are not shown. r=mkmelin
307f05454f74b529e9fae2ce429cec0773ccdd8aaceman — Bug 363982 - Make FilterListDialog.js::refresh() function take arguments to allow it to swich folders if filter dialog is already open. r=mkmelin
68da72a28bb3bda92986d29826606119c1350bddIan Neal — Bug 1008596 - No SeaMonkey 2.28a2 nightly aurora builds, likely due to wrong relbranches in configuration r=mcsmurf on a CLOSED TREE
7826852a36b54deb975f56c0ed073d7f580189ebEdmund Wong — Bug 1005566 - Hovering mouse over a link causes SeaMonkey to send packets to the link's address. r=IanN on a CLOSED TREE.
8b1266430b26a344817ce7952fe5338f817d5a77Jim Porter — Bug 942638 - Clean up the multi-message summary code, part 7: Move FormatDisplayName and friends to a JS module (to help Mail Summaries); r=mconley
d5cc7852fef946deb916322893cc95318b8fc7d5Jim Porter — Bug 942638 - Clean up the multi-message summary code, part 6: Improve the localization; r=mconley
626d1149552c63dda969aa525ce67aece0a81650Jim Porter — Bug 942638 - Clean up the multi-message summary code, part 5: Make the MultiMessageSummary object stick around forever; r=mconley
8a65cd57e6792c5a33d1564e3ea400ae6d0473b1Jim Porter — Bug 942638 - Clean up the multi-message summary code, part 4: Create a single function for making summary rows; r=mconley
cb607c912206bb5a449d89f4cdad461c35143f1bJim Porter — Bug 942638 - Clean up the multi-message summary code, part 3: Move summary-specific code to multimessageview.js; r=mconley
56b1b0815ef0c989979b74f3115d2ee78f25fc08Kent James — Bug 1014350 - disable (reluctantly) failing on console errors in testing, r=jcranmer
0e9cac0a39c763d63e5f1286609fae85adddf2f5Josiah Bruner — Bug 1015741 - Remove trailing whitespace in CSS files in mail/ r=Paenglab
b9b60216226f27f63bca6f93ad6e96b9fb6e73e0Richard Marti — Bug 1002370 - Include primaryToolbar.css in primaryToolbar-aero.css. r=josiah
962fc2cb27ec5d2ed1a926fe8738c7960a332de4Richard Marti — Bug 1014190 - Include tabmail.css in tabmail-aero.css. r=josiah
a9e7296c86c1b3cd215afbfea579b1251ddf644etbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-1061 - a=blocklist-update
859d2a35aad8dfbfbe03087396b3689ecb1d0433seabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-4 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
7f20f6b479daf4104a6252f3111e5b72b36a7e49Philip Chee — Bug 916865 Revert the part of Bug 906083 which changed the r=IanN
e39749aee0cea6aef103c6499146acd3d64cde18Edmund Wong — Bug 1014977 - Backout suite portion of r=bustagefix
dd042f1e688ea17353b017ab86226ec7a6ee00acPhilipp Kewisch — Fix bug 1006536 - After a (caldav) password change multiple password dialogs are still shown after bug 991723. r=redDragon,a=philipp
12a22d36aea5ef85300984a7cff02a1831f15533Josiah Bruner — Bug 1010714 - Give the correct padding-left to the From field. r=Paenglab
c848885fb654ce6f095739df595ba18c50df111fPhilip Chee — Bug 1005679 Remove cruft from the viewLog dialog and and bring it up to spec. f=Paenglab f=JosiahOne r=IanN
dea58e7127f8a6519c6c4725a93bd93c218b76eeRobert Kaiser — back out bug 1006615 (blocklist domain change) as data collection systems aren't completely ready yet
5104c2afa11cf73674be21b2941f652eef3c6673Jim Porter — Bug 943116 - folderDisplay.selectedMessages is too slow, part 2: create nsIMsgDBView.getSelectedMsgHdrs(); r=standard8, r=iann
14d7baaa3a7d79e2240dade7e4ad4bf2b4594a83aleth — Bug 1013236 - Status indicator stretched in tooltips with user icon. r=nhnt11, rs=florian
678a0897be2aa84567244d40da17e161f230f38aPatrick Cloke — Bug 1011616 - Port |Bug 955417 - Fix breakage in Join Chat dialog from typo| to Thunderbird. r=aleth
c72af32003645c2808c81d178a4a519c2ed1ad32Ryan VanderMeulen — Backed out changeset 8d3c3420986b and Windows changes from changeset 0943558ecc1f to fix Windows bustage.
8d3c3420986b7785a46f68d130115de5946b1f7eRyan VanderMeulen — No bug - Add no_tooltool=1 to Windows mozconfigs to fix bustage. rs=jcranmer
0943558ecc1f1a476653c797b0790cfbbd2c0577Ryan VanderMeulen — Port bug 1013055 - Update sccache to e27061a, to c-c. r=mshal, rs=bustage
007931222e161a87ffa7c1865fc8fc8973f82354Richard Marti — Bug 1003295 - Win8: Change text color on inactive tabs depending on window color. r=mconley, r=philipp, ui-r=josiah
0568cdefd554e3e5d32261b5f5a762db90d7bfe7Patrick Cloke — Bug 1012660 - Remove _chatRoomFieldsList from IRC code. r=aleth
a218c71265fa9b7d12d4ea3153fc672ea3332a7fPatrick Cloke — Bug 955328 - Use Javascript default parameters where applicable. r=florian
ae1820f9f3fab851a5de846a70ad92688a862a88Patrick Cloke — Bug 955328 - Use Javascript default parameters where applicable: XMPP part, r=florian.
1f0d20ca745f44e5cbf32539690b9ac8d8e77e9aNeil Rashbrook — Bug 1008925 Port plugin crashed handler changes from bug 981237 r=Ratty
abfea2c23414e3223e01c8673cb6518d5e6120f4Neil Rashbrook — Bug 1008585 Fix popup blocker fallout from bug 933462 r=Ratty
68dbbff90bd5708909906d045c13fa384d389a12Neil Rashbrook — Bug 1008835 Unable to defer a new account to the Global Inbox r=IanN
69ff925f41a21da7dc77cd3fc44cf8cd83d19a9bNeil Rashbrook — Bug 1007303 SeaMonkey should fix common scheme typos r=Ratty
b533f0b61aef7cb41159205416d91603f9f60ad7Neil Rashbrook — Bug 998171 Clear the Aero Peek favicon when the document changes r=mcsmurf
3d39586bb4723b18a7e4c4ffdf612c731cbdda25Neil Rashbrook — Bug 999462 Support the HTTP cache v2 API in the UI r=mcsmurf
7a929459a778ed69bde1e64c40dacd377323e93cNeil Rashbrook — Bug 998724 Stop using an explicit sandbox to create the feed preview r=IanN
2c7560d1333945771b1c65d8541073901e05b617Neil Rashbrook — Bug 914610 Consistently reference plugin placeholder anonymous element anonids r=mconley
a6618c8ea3a232333493b073ea11870274e09c53Joshua Cranmer — Bug 1013453 - Port bug 1011458 to comm-central, rs=build system port by peer, a=bustage-fix to reopen a CLOSED TREE.
d853681a4c050c1ff9b7a22917b2e88ce8809026Philip Chee — Bug 797240 Update app-license.html to refer to MPLv2, add links to the SeaMonkey Project and about:rights r=Gerv r=mcsmurf
d08a2b3e73e9ed30cde836771b6ea3a30d2f20e1Philip Chee — Bug 993971 Preview lightweight themes from the Apply Theme menu r=Neil
48b00c92a686eeb9397159d4b162733fc919366fstefanh — Bug 1006068 - Lightweight themes: title bar overlaps toolbar and no window title is displayed. r=Mnyromyr, sr=Neil.
52b964909365ea732582ea5b375827c5bba0b07cMatt A. Tobin — Bug 1008725 - /suite/installer/ needs to handle lack of mapi files when --disable-mapi is used. r=mcsmurf
eb1f16aaeb50bdfb7ec1d30c8475ba032280c8e1Suyash Agarwal — Bug 749099 - Show the space that will be or has been saved after compacting folders. r=Neil, ui-r=Paenglab
83d9d43c13c5bc908af30be54a8c6ce249e5b61aRichard Marti — Bug 738916 - Remove the filter on attachmentList icons. r=squib
8200f186be4653d8762fd056f548c1bf6b8110e1Kent James — Bug 1011597 - Use promise-based listener in test_imapPump, r=jcranmer
3cb370e6812d4a42337f53d55be8f10ec82b6930Patrick Cloke — Bug 955366 - Use Maps and Sets in IRC code, convert setModes. r=aleth
9001c159773fb2ee682287bb70db0472aaafade9Patrick Cloke — Bug 955366 - Use Maps and Sets in IRC code, convert conversations. r=aleth
6ee809fb4c458bbbf0b4c946c418c00d085c986ePatrick Cloke — Bug 955366 - Use Maps and Sets in IRC code: fix removing modes. r=aleth
bcd505d238393fe60d7c9ffe0c452d267ef75d9dPatrick Cloke — Bug 955366 - Use Maps and Sets in IRC code, fix when topics are settable. r=aleth
8297e3902054305269e88aa1a501ca210394fa6aNihanth Subramanya — Bug 1007422 - IRC channels prefixed with "##" are difficult to filter in the awesometab, r=aleth.
6c52a4703dcd6fe6f1e63e9abac05b3c140b1f57Patrick Cloke — Port |Bug 1003758 - Error when building Thunderbird/SeaMonkey: FileWriteWord is only available when building a Unicode installer (regression)| for im. rs=bustage-fix
fede43de894a4548070aa74fb3be3106425c40c7Ryan VanderMeulen — Port Bug 1006956, Bug 1007991, and Bug 1009359 to comm-central to fix check-sync-dirs orange. rs=bustage
89b7a9974c32e34ac81d3296bdeb77de7ca8a682Mike Hommey — Port Bug 1009981 - Switch non-windows in-house builds to us-west-2 bucket for sccache. rs=bustage
db700c5b26b649937fdfdcf718aef8ea7f248173Philipp Kewisch — Fix bug 680203 - Make Lightning tests work with packaged-tests. r=standard8
23794caa2fd4a4e9c074dd28c950da97b2680587Saurabh Anand — Bug 998609 - Support topics in XMPP MUCs. r=florian
9f5b1f06702d545071e343d57ede6e72584c17ddaleth — Bug 1009504 - Throbber persists when disconnected while joining. r=clokep
66e6235a22012b38c6bc990892ce822a7331a437aceman — Bug 957495 - Add new error message if adding message header to database fails. ui-r=Josiah, r=irving
b0b68d22439b9b17298bd599f9b7ce338c4d717fJosiah Bruner — Bug 1006869 - Allow [type="checkbox"] menu items to show the checkmarks in the appmenu on OS X. r=Paenglab
827ecdb1b55e08108bcf60c80c331ce93fb30ad2rsx11m — Bug 1004685 - Rename all occurences of "check" attribute in mailWindowOverlay.xul to "checked". r=mkmelin
49c168fc8c535811a4926c93610abc57b62101e1Robert Strong — Bug 1003758 - NSIS installer file changes to support NSIS 3.0a2. r=mcsmurf
c0d49e4668ce56c001c0b10e865281762385480aDecathlon — Bug 467172 - Document the space in and event.freebusy.previous.slot. r=markus
d7b54421771a87961c5cdc65888efee9db2ac0b2Joshua Cranmer — Bug 1006498 - Use the charset manager to resolve aliases, r=Standard8, a=bustage-fix to reopen a CLOSED TREE.
a232575572bb136e311042cd0b9a42d666bc57ccPatrick Cloke — Bug 1002621 - Unfork buddytooltip.xml: remove status.css for Windows aero. r=aleth a=DONTBUILD im/ only bustage-fix on CLOSED TREE
311b89b24c560871eb291eb437e3b97ddae911cePhilip Chee — Follow-up to bug 1006498 - package the new commuconv xpt file. rs=bustage-fix for CLOSED TREE
b06cb0627a3684282d69f670f26b6eebe2686973Mark Banner — Bustage fix for bug 1004098 (m-c), cast the length field to make it non-ambiguous. rs=bustage fix for CLOSED TREE
ac9aa13e8d1cc67678d8267414b824ba704142ddMark Banner — Follow-up to bug 1006498 - package the new commuconv xpt file. rs=bustage-fix for CLOSED TREE
e41e714750eb242b1a6022b346717076d91f0bb3Joshua Cranmer — Bug 1006498 - Import nsCharsetConverterManager into c-c. r=Neil, patch originally due to Henri Sivonen. CLOSED TREE.
06bdc6dad628f6d107292696f69850990ce2415cPatrick Cloke — Bug 955366 - Use Maps and Sets in IRC code: fix typo when deleting participants. r=florian a=DONTBUILD chat-only regression fix on CLOSED TREE
27968692278f363fb3fef3fd13bb1b065036a098Joshua Cranmer — Bug 1008444 - Fix nsTArray usage in mailnews after bug 1004098 landed, r=Neil a=partial bustage fix on a CLOSED TREE.
4fc074034d477ecc5e32080cda723642c94fa79dRyan VanderMeulen — Port Bug 1007010 - Don't include mozconfig.cache twice in android debug mozconfigs. rs=bustage
da34b03c7e5718d4f1d10487d100dafc1d33d266Patrick Cloke — Bug 955328 - Use Javascript default parameters where applicable: IRC part, r=aleth.
ffcaadc29781221084cc697e0c23a321fa33a4a5Patrick Cloke — Bug 955366 - Use Maps and Sets in IRC code, convert _participants. r=florian
9c05e894da1e6e96537892c3ff9988e06fbc1eccPatrick Cloke — Bug 955366 - Use Maps and Sets in IRC code, convert modes. r=aleth
fe529f9dd6975c6ba574e0a083363c8aa5292efaPatrick Cloke — Bug 955366 - Use Maps and Sets in IRC code, convert whois information. r=aleth
c6b03e55cb0ffe097bb33e8452ca9b32fe9f7767Patrick Cloke — Bug 955366 - Use Maps and Sets in IRC code, convert buddies object. r=aleth.
fe1feb4737361f3e6b13543959d0a8073a66d7a3Patrick Cloke — Bug 955366 - Use Maps and Sets in IRC code, create a NormalizedMap object. r=aleth,florian
75cacce22b79a016d8f218e444f55594e8d2fb87Richard Marti — Bug 1007225 - Hide titlebar-placeholder when not draw in titlebar. r=josiah
c711ef16d7ee31e4f7ef1e0f1e3f00f7e6de6f9balta88 — Bug 1005064 - Errors in FeedUtils.jsm when fetching favicons: 0x80070057 (NS_ERROR_ILLEGAL_VALUE) [mozIAsyncFavicons.setAndFetchFaviconForPage] and dom.head is undefined. r=mkmelin
0450f5bc266df8b25a51ce3254193b472013baeealeth — Bug 1002621 - Unfork buddytooltip.xml and its dependencies. r=florian
396fbef065179083ae6907017f42a825155583a8aleth — Bug 1003200 - Add throbber to chat tabs that are in the process of being joined. r=florian, clokep
0927618bbc2e0aee2f56ba2a82923c33df0f70b3Robert Kaiser — Bug 1006615 - Update extensions.blocklist.itemURL and extensions.blocklist.url to new blocklist domain, r=Standard8,Neil,jason
4e25b8ca7e533b337403dd1a5d9fd182ff6bb71dPatrick Cloke — Bug 955528 - Rename l10n entity that was changed. r=florian
65aef767086c152f65e45b4f5dec8c30c115dc50Mark Banner — Port Bug 1005495 - Move sccache stats out of the build log. rs=port-by-build-system-peer
6ac3f24133f3771ec7ff24b1a3eda6d0f1cefb12Quentin Headen — Bug 955528 - JS-Yahoo: Add /conference command to create Yahoo conferences. r=clokep
2a377e4fb5997fc1e7a26be53ef9d26eba3d1b35Quentin Headen — Bug 981884 - JS-Yahoo: User icon upload fails due to removed transfer host settings. r=clokep
3901e35cec729d705af460db3ee621366b2b6ec8Patrick Cloke — Fix Windows bustage. Port bug 999260 to comm-central im/. r=florian over IRC
459b1b91a901be35d100611fd1495a3baac7657dEdmund Wong — Bug 1005630 - Port |Bug 999260 and Bug 1003812| to SeaMonkey. r=jcranmer a=bustagefix on a CLOSED TREE
5c08b80e0dafcefb0759708b4c6c6e5a69a968bdMagnus Melin — Bug 1003856 - Selecting address from recipient autocomplete broken for all scenarios except {Name beginsWith} topmost match (selecting from dropdown list disfunctional) r=standard8
6717ec2e2e11656b34c79f7197361dd479f04988MakeMyDay — Bug 1002611 - Autocomplete widget for entering email addresse of invited attendees/participants: First one in invitation dialog shows 'null', values get ignored. r+a=philipp
65dd73825280f40db35c2090cf5b29c29389d312MakeMyday — Bug 1002415 - Imip bar button type is not adjusted automatically. r+a=philipp
7f9651bfe1a49f5b2c9901ab223f88cbfc066f69Philipp Kewisch — Bug 998760 - Make sure cleanup functions are run. r=redDragon
b0fe02f08f35a57f0e23dac5194ce0f5bc195594alta88 — Bug 996690 - Enhance tag management given implementation of autotags - suite. r=IanN
88f351932b28e4ee83156e5cd8d66eb11860873calta88 — Bug 996690 - Enhance tag management given implementation of autotags. r=mkmelin
cdbaa2cbb94234cd87a7287e46adc591549c4451t-master — Bug 986936 - No update to iCloud caldav possible since March 2014. r+a=philipp
736f538aa2fabdf1626cc1525d2dc8eeff19b077alta88 — Bug 966418 - Undefined behaviour of folder pickers in Account settings -> Copies & Folders. r=squib
2fd9a6acce69d02befae583dabc6556f57f7b8b1Richard Marti — Bug 1005577 - Add QFB button text color on Win8. r=josiah
11426f1e3a1e28ce7e975ad2329953e4855e3e44Josiah Bruner — Bug 1005575 - Remove the bold font-weight on OS X tabs. r=Paenglab
90137d612f5b2fb0a1ee5ac42fb3f0bd079579b9aceman — Bug 1003525 - Fix renamed createNewHeaderView function. r=squib
ff44362c86bc01f2f7a72c43d230c5b4e471bb14Richard Marti — Bug 1002550 - Win8: style AppMenu. r+ui-r=josiah
c64774094c45b77e44c52ae64d142479645b5b47Philipp Kewisch — Bug 964025 - (Un)collapse panes in setup/teardownModule instead. r=mkmelin
17f71d9c0fc638dee408036044912c5a873e2c14Chen Wei — Bug 872063 - (optimization) The calendar view should only be refreshed if clicked date is not already displayed. r=philipp
26c3baf7b5564f030684a2010353a3d7e381f4fdJosiah Bruner — Bug 768516 - Add the ability for tabs to be moved into the titlebar on OS X. r=mconley
64fffde951930dd105e5f77105dad1e5a2b0a8a9Philipp Kewisch — Bug 1003705 - Unread/Typing/Attention colors are too bright, r=florian.
c9552299a4e7f98c68fdf5f192ba1a129baa9b37Patrick Cloke — Bug 469477 - Move fromRFC3339 from calGoogleUtils.js to calProviderUtils.js, r=philipp.
8903d7cc81af9a9054ff9bb0c926a7a234808067Thomas Düllmann — Bug 1005687 - Scam/Phishing alert no longer showing when links in identified scam messages are clicked/followed. r=mkmelin
5b43432cf4cd0daad9594d6451ba6881ca78a436Richard Marti — Fix Windows bustage. Port bug 999260 to comm-central. r=jcranmer over IRC
822aa6af5869915d0892183be5056d4cbf4efc49tbirdbld — No bug, Automated blocklist update from host bld-linux64-spot-408 - a=blocklist-update
de394de0b7fea3fede687cedf61ba9679f58ec8fseabld — Automated blocklist update from host sea-vm-linux32-1 - CLOSED TREE a=blocklist-update
80f0080632ddc45815a5c37ec976643a25b68fe6Patrick Cloke — Fix Windows bustage caused by bug 1003812, disabling gamepad support in the buildbot config, r=bustage-fix. CLOSED TREE
7c49081689a7490ec027bb36fc4a427ac9fec665Mark Banner — Port bug 1002606 - Enable sccache for mac try builds - to fix check-sync-dirs bustage. rs=build-system-peer-port. CLOSED TREE
4291a8d2ae267c2f19e9d27bf588ccf92396fc08aceman — Bug 978592 - fix test failure in test-unread-folders.js::test_newly_added_folder. r=Standard8 CLOSED TREE
a72763da6793995f9afa43944d12de1d27251583MakeMyDay — Bug 1003137 - Imip Bar is not longer displayed after string update;r=philipp a-comm-aurora=philipp
dd11c187b2ab679824561e48046bec0332219108Mark Banner — Port Bug 1002614 - Update sccache to 2f4c9a98. rs=build-system-peer-port. CLOSED TREE
5ae7a8e138920529b0b392ecce60fa7537009f12Edmund Wong — Bug 992561 - Fix typo in viewCertificate.label, r=Neil
eaf636d4603dbf467a0d587fccba8b298cbdd940Mark Banner — Version bumps for SeaMonkey and Thunderbird a=auroramerge CLOSED TREE
ceeb5d76f0cb3a94771c7b2d63b0de6f724be7cfMark Banner — closing old head a=auroramerge ba=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
cc37aa27758bbd786bda83901cacf9c8a8727e8cMark Banner — Added tag AURORA_31_END for changeset 4c2cfc3ec00c a=auroramerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
cc7c1aa7c54d55d54075628e216489d8ca632e92Justin Wood — closing old head a=betamerge ba=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE
3fff6b01c9879265926dfcf53103ea3102385731Justin Wood — Added tag BETA_31_END for changeset 65d4015ac385 a=betamerge DONTBUILD CLOSED TREE