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Mon Mar 25 10:52:11 2019 +0000
009e7920f8607c326e6d3c1c6f68f11c435911c4Tom Prince — Bug 1491371 - Update decision task image. r=dustin a=jorgk
fe65720478f1bfed05751016e9a8661b270bd753Rob Lemley — Bug 1491371 - Update .taskcluster.yml to run comm-task-env. r=dustin a=jorgk
e8b82a0fa34f0973d17c8ee990e5aa470d94d4d7Rob Lemley — Bug 1491371 - Add config file for pinning to Mozilla repositories. r=darktrojan a=jorgk
6bbf829da9c19d9b3bb1ab7c5749bbb579771201Jorg K — Bug 1536517 - Add missing scripts to show custom element datetimepickers in reminder and print dialogues. r=darktrojan a=jorgk
02a3b053ba8beff02763e996825e6818a02dc530Richard Marti — Bug 1537939 - Use a flat button hover/active button background on tabbar. r=mkmelin a=jorgk
ff526625abe9653e45c739d02a999a061bfaa2f8Geoff Lankow — Bug 1538593 - Prevent filter list check boxes from having focus. r=aceman a=jorgk
6360477e63b526c0babdf30bda7f4ddfc54e6748aceman — Bug 1538520 - make 'Enabled' filter property in filter list stick by properly checking the state of the checkbox. r=darktrojan a=jorgk
26606ff7a3f6089c08f88cc6a4527dddf89cb1a3Ben Campbell — Bug 1529792 - make nsNntpMockChannel pass loadInfo on to nsNNTPProtocol to fix crash. r+a=jorgk