created 2010-07-04 07:33 -0700
pushed unknown
David Bienvenu David Bienvenu - CLOSED TREE bug 575740, r/sr=standard8 adapt to component mgr changes
created 2009-03-19 15:31 -0700
pushed unknown
Dan Mosedale Dan Mosedale - When binding to an LDAP server, Thunderbird should attempt GSSAPI (Kerberos) Authentication if available (bug 308118); thanks to Simon Wilkinson <>, r=Standard8,bievenu, sr=dmose.
created 2008-07-22 14:21 +0200
pushed unknown
hg hg - bug 437643 - Build Thunderbird and SeaMonkey from comm-central, initial import of code from CVS tag HG_COMM_INITIAL_IMPORT at 2008-07-22 05:18:47 PST, imported and tagged modules: mozilla/directory/xpcom/ mozilla/mailnews/ mozilla/mail/ mozilla/suite/ mozilla/other-licenses/branding/thunderbird/
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