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#include "msgIStructuredHeaders.idl"


 * An interface that can extract individual headers from a body of headers.
[scriptable, uuid(a9222679-b991-4786-8314-f8819c3a2ba3)]
interface nsIMimeHeaders : msgIStructuredHeaders {
  /// Feed in the text of headers
  void initialize(in ACString allHeaders);

   * Get the text of a header.
   * Leading and trailing whitespace from headers will be stripped from the
   * return value. If getAllOfThem is set to true, then the returned string will
   * have all of the values of the header, in order, joined with the ',\r\n\t'.
   * If the header is not present, then the returned value is NULL.
  ACString extractHeader(in string headerName, in boolean getAllOfThem);

   * The current text of all header data.
   * Unlike the asMimeText property, this result preserves the original
   * representation of the header text, including alternative line endings or
   * custom, non-8-bit text. For instances of this interface, this attribute is
   * usually preferable to asMimeText.
  readonly attribute ACString allHeaders;