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Bug 574264 - "Bookmark This Link" does not work, fix remaining cases of linkURL() that I missed in bug 562339, r=Neil

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 * A helper to large offline store tests on Windows. This:
 * - Detects whether the volume of the given file (provided using argv[1]) is
 *   NTFS. If it isn't, then it returns the error code 1.
 * - If the volume is NTFS, then it proceeds to mark the given file as
 *   sparse. It also marks the first 4 GB + 15 bytes of the file as zero.

#include <windows.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <winioctl.h>

#define SUCCESS (0)
#define UNABLE_TO_RUN (1)
#define FAIL (2)

int markFileAsSparse(HANDLE hFile)
  // Mark the file as sparse, and mark the first 4 GB + 15 bytes as a sparse
  // region
  DWORD bytesReturned;
  FILE_SET_SPARSE_BUFFER sparseBuffer = {0};
  sparseBuffer.SetSparse = 1;
  if (!::DeviceIoControl(hFile, FSCTL_SET_SPARSE, &sparseBuffer,
                         sizeof(sparseBuffer), NULL, 0, &bytesReturned, NULL))
    fprintf(stderr, "Unable to mark file as sparse, error %d\n",
    return FAIL;

  zdStart.QuadPart = 0;
  zdEnd.QuadPart = 0x10000000fLL;
  zdInfo.FileOffset = zdStart;
  zdInfo.BeyondFinalZero = zdEnd;
  if (!::DeviceIoControl(hFile, FSCTL_SET_ZERO_DATA, &zdInfo, sizeof(zdInfo),
                         NULL, 0, &bytesReturned, NULL))
    fprintf(stderr, "Unable to mark region as zero, error %d\n",
    return FAIL;

  // Move to past the sparse region and mark it as the end of the file. The
  // above DeviceIoControl call is useless unless followed by this.
  if (!::SetFilePointerEx(hFile, zdEnd, NULL, FILE_BEGIN))
    fprintf(stderr, "Unable to set file pointer to end, error %d\n",
    return FAIL;
  if (!::SetEndOfFile(hFile))
    fprintf(stderr, "Unable to set end of file, error %d\n", ::GetLastError());
    return FAIL;

  return SUCCESS;

int wmain(int argc, wchar_t* argv[])
  if (argc != 2)
    return FAIL;

  // The volume path should be at most 1 greater than than the length of the
  // path -- add 1 for a trailing backslash if necessary, and 1 for the
  // terminating null character
  size_t volumePathLength = wcslen(argv[1]) + 2;
  wchar_t* volumePath = new wchar_t[volumePathLength];
  if (!::GetVolumePathNameW(argv[1], volumePath, volumePathLength))
    fprintf(stderr, "Unable to get volume path for %s, error %d\n", argv[1],
    return FAIL;

  wchar_t fsName[MAX_PATH + 1];
  if (!::GetVolumeInformationW(volumePath, NULL, NULL, NULL, NULL,
                               NULL, fsName, MAX_PATH + 1))
    fprintf(stderr, "Unable to get volume information for %s, error %d\n",
            argv[1], ::GetLastError());
    return FAIL;

  // We're only going to run the test on NTFS
  if (wcscmp(fsName, L"NTFS"))
    return UNABLE_TO_RUN;

  HANDLE hFile = ::CreateFileW(argv[1], GENERIC_WRITE, 0, NULL, OPEN_ALWAYS,
                               FILE_ATTRIBUTE_NORMAL, NULL);

    fprintf(stderr, "CreateFile failed for %s, error %d\n", argv[1],
    return FAIL;

  int rv = markFileAsSparse(hFile);
  return rv;