author Mark Banner <>
Mon, 01 Oct 2012 21:33:18 +0100
changeset 13467 f521dad4966d897becf28c7f976455677bda2459
parent 5448 e67e32453a8b9f3615a4690f9a93f92594588724
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Bug 674742 Improve error handling to do our best to avoid removing folder files when rename fails during the compact process. Based on a patch suggested by Andrew (skm) r=rkent,a=Standard8

depth = ../..
all = calendar/locales/all-locales

dirs = calendar

# non-central apps might want to use %(topsrcdir)s here, or other vars
# RFE: that needs to be supported by compare-locales, too, though
toolkit = mozilla/toolkit/locales/l10n.ini


type = hg
mozilla = releases/mozilla-1.9.2
repo =
l10n.ini = toolkit/locales/l10n.ini